By AngelDawn30

Second Friday

Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Smith started their business many years ago. They made and sold parts for rigs used in the oil exploration business. Over the years, their business flourished, providing a very lucrative income for both men... but, unfortunately, when they found their partnership, they made no provisions for a buy and sell agreement. There was no legally binding document on how one would buy out the other, and what price he would pay. Mr. Hobbs invested two-thirds of the initial operating capital.. but it was Mr. Smith who had the contacts in the oil business, and it was he who built the company to what it was today. Mr. Smith was responsible for at least three-quarters of the income for the company over the last thirty years... and now he was retiring.. and wanted Mr. Hobbs to buy him out. Although his original investment was only one-third of the start up capital, he wanted half of what the business was worth... he reasoned that he accounted for most of the income and fifty percent seemed fair. Mr. Hobbs offered to buy Mr. Smith out for one third of the value of the company, which, he reasoned, was fair, because that was Mr. Smith's original investment. So, Mr. Smith sued and hired the Lincoln Law Firm to represent him... Paul Lincoln gave the case to 'Cantaloupes'.. aka Jane Love. Of course, Mr. Hobbs was willing to give Mr. Smith fifty percent of the company rather than go to trial, but he hired Michelle Richardson.. hoping to get as good a settlement as was possible. and tonight, Ms. Love and Ms. Richardson were to meet and try to come to an agreement that both parties would be satisfied with... The two big-titted lawyers, were hoping to 'settle' the dispute out of court and had made plans to meet tonight and 'settle' the case.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane and Michelle

After leaving Wendy, Michelle drove home where she showered and changed clothes. Michelle was anxious to use her new sexual powers.. she knew she only had twenty-four hours before the special magic would end and she wanted to take complete advantage of every single minute. She slipped on a pair of pink lacy panties and then picked up the 34F bra she had 'borrowed' from Wendy and slipped it on. The big cups of the 34F bra were just a tiny bit too tight... she could live with that.. it was her nipples that were uncomfortable. They were straining at the front of her bra.. as hard as a piece of iron. When a woman has extraordinary nipples, like Michelle's, they are always pushed back inside her tits when she is wearing a bra.. It just happens.. the pressure from the front of the bra will push her nipples back inside her tits.. sometimes all of the nipple.. sometimes part of the nipple .. it has to do with how hard they are. If she is aroused, and her nipples are fully extended, then there is more pressure on the nipples... if the nipples are in their normal state, then there is not as much compression on them. The problem Michelle was having was unique. Not only were her nipples swollen and erect... not only were they as big around as a roll of nickels.. but they were cemented to the front of her areolas.. and they were not going to be pushed all the way back into her tit... not today. This new magic she had was keeping those big hard nipples sticking straight out.. with only about half of their incredible length being pushed back inside her tit... soooo, as you can imagine... those huge nipples were straining at the front of her bra cups... still visibly sticking straight out three-quarters of an inch with another three-quarters of an inch buried in her dense tits... and, needless to say, Michelle was uncomfortable.

Michelle slipped Wendy's bra off... … “Ahhhhhh,” she whispered as the incredible inch and a half length of those nipples sprung out from her areolas .. “Much better.” Realizing that she would not be wearing a bra gave her an idea. Since it was Friday, everyone would be leaving the office on time.. . by 5:30 no one would be there which would give her the opportunity to wear something very provocative for her meeting with Jane. She spent several minutes searching through her wardrobe.... until she found the right dress... a hot pink latex dress she had purchased more than a year ago but had never worn... Every time she slipped it on, she had changed her mind was just too slutty. It showed off too much of her incredible body. She took the hot pink dress off it's hanger and walked over to her fell length mirror, holding the dress up to the front of her sexy body.. “It's now or never.” she spoke softly as she slipped the micro-mini dress over her head and slowly pulled it down over her body. “Oh my.. I can't wear this.” she turned around a few times and then made the decision. “Fuck it... I'm going to wear it.”

Michelle tugged it down over her luscious hips.. the stretchy latex barely covered her buttocks.... if it had been an inch shorter, you would have been able to see the firm lower part of her ass cheeks where they began to swell out from the top of her thighs. Michelle's hot pink latex dress was easily a foot above the center of her knees.. maybe even a little more than a foot. As she looked at herself in the mirror, the dress ended a couple of inches below her crotch. Micro-mini dresses come in four different lengths... short, shorter, “Oh my God', and 'Fuck!' Michelle's dress screamed 'Fuck!' She reached down behind her back, finding the zipper with her fingers and tugged.. pulling the zipper about half way up. She had to 'adjust' the front of the dress before she could completely zip it up. The front of the dress had a deep and wide plunge... a very deep plunge.. ending about six inches above her belly-button. Using her hands she squeezed her new massive tits into the stretchy latex.. forcing those two huge round globes closer together. It took a little pushing, but she managed to get both nipples covered up... although about a half inch of the inner circle of her areolas were visible. The front of the dress was held together with laces that crisscrossed back and forth across her massively deep cleavage. Michelle moved her tits around inside the dress.. trying to completely hide her areolas, but it was no use. They were going to show. She tied the two thin straps together behind her neck.. which gave her huge tits just a tiny bit of lift... as if she needed it. She slipped on a pair of Manolo Blahnik four inch pink pumps and now there was only one more thing to do.... Michelle slipped off her panties and left them on the floor. She grabbed her clutch purse and slipped on a cover-up before walking out the door of her home and heading to her office. It was already sprinkling as she drove to her office a little after six o'clock.

When she arrived at her office she found the note that Abby had left on her desk. ..”Ms. Richardson. I have prepared the settlement documents as per your instructions. Everything you need about the Hobbs case is on your desk. I have also made sure that all of the security cameras have been disabled as you requested. Ms. Love will be here this evening at eight o'clock. See you Monday, Abby.”

Michelle placed her purse on the floor behind her desk and slipped off her cover-up... she felt practically naked which caused a sly evil grin to appear on her face. She sat down in her leather chair, her hot pink latex dress riding up so high that the lower swells of her naked buttocks were touching the cool leather. She picked up the document and read through it a couple of times. Everything seemed to be in order. She role-played the upcoming conversation she would be having with Jane several times, her mind anticipating every counter argument that Jane could possibly have, until she felt very confident about how she wanted the negotiation process to unfold.... and besides, how could Jane possibly resist her persuasiveness when Jane got a look at how she was dressed. As they say, this was going to be a 'slam dunk.'

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane thought about changing clothes for her meeting with Michelle... the conversation they had shared more than a week ago at the Fine Arts Gala was still playing over and over in her mind. She had this wicked desire to press her massive tits against Michelle's abundant tits and was thinking that perhaps she should put on something that was a little more revealing... after all, she was an exhibitionist.... but then again.. this was business and she thought that she should look professional... but then again .. perhaps dressing sexy might help her reach a better settlement.. it had certainly helped in the past.. especially when negotiating with a male attorney. .. they always seemed to have a difficult time keeping their eyes off her extraordinary tits. Obviously Michelle was into women.. she made that point very clear when they first met.... sooooo... the exhibitionist Jane or the professional attorney Jane …. the exhibitionist Jane won.

When she arrived at her apartment she searched through her clothes... a dress? .. a skirt and blouse? … what color? … girls have all these decisions to make... it is important to have that “look”. And how much of her tits should she show off? Should it be just a hint?... or should it make a statement? Or perhaps even scream “Look at my tits.” Jane chose the later …. it needed to be obvious what her intentions were. She quickly showered and put on her make up and fixed her long blonde hair. She looked sooo fucking hot and she knew it. You see, there are women who think they are hot, when they are really not so hot.. and then there are women who really are hot, but don't know how hot they are... then there are women like Jane... women who are incredibly hot and who know they are incredibly hot.

“The black top.” Jane spoke to herself as she searched and found the top she was looking for. She took it off the hanger and slipped it on and began buttoning it up. It fit around her waist like a glove, accenting her small waistline, but as she fastened the buttons one at a time she had to stop. You see, this top was never intended to be worn by someone who had tits the size of Jane's. It was impossible to button the top three buttons... there was just not enough room for her extra-large tits. Jane had purchased the top for that specific reason.. so she could exhibit her massive tits. The last button she was able to fasten was at the bottom swells of her huge tits... all she could do was kinda push her tits inside the top, which pushed her big heavy tits closer together, leaving all of that incredibly deep cleavage on full display as well as about a half inch of the inner circle of her areolas. Jane pulled and tugged on her top, but it was just not going to completely hide her areolas.. a fraction of her round pebbly circles were visible. And yes, without a bra, her already hard nipples were poking at the front of the thin black material.. It had the perfect look. Sexy .. alluring … whorish... it was, indeed, perfect. She slipped on a stretchy red thong that clung to her pussy like a second layer of skin, then she stepped into her ultra micro mini latex red skirt. She squeezed her ass into the skirt and zipped it up in the back. It was every bit as short as the dress Michelle was wearing, barely covering her buttocks... barely... with the bottom of the skirt about an inch below where the curve of her buttocks ended... or, if you prefer, more than a foot above the center of her knees. The front of her red latex skirt barely covered her crotch and thong. Un huh. You can picture it now. Yep. Pure Hotness. Jane slipped on a pair of red Christian Louboutin four inch heels and modeled her outfit in the mirror as she whispered to herself .. “Oh Jane, you hot sexy bitch.. you look fabulous!”

She picked up her purse and briefcase, making a final check to make sure she had all the documents she needed, then she paused... thinking to herself... 'Why not go all out.” Jane placed her purse and briefcase down on an end table and grabbed the bottom of her red latex skirt and pulled the tight stretchy latex up around her buttocks and then peeled her red thong off... sliding it down over her buttocks and letting it fall to the floor where she then kicked them off her heels. she felt sexy... she felt evil... she felt bitchy … and she loved it. She slipped on a cover-up which concealed the short skirt and covered up most of her exposed cleavage. Jane once again picked up her purse and briefcase, and headed out the door of her apartment. It was seven -thirty and she was ready to 'negotiate' a settlement for her client.

It was raining very hard as Jane pulled into the parking garage that occupied the first four floors of the building where Michelle's office was located. She parked her BMW and walked toward the elevator in the parking garage.. thunder rolling through the mostly empty parking garage with a low rumbling sound. It was a few minutes before eight o'clock when Jane stepped off the elevator. She looked down the hallway to her left and then to her right. Nothing but vacant receptionists desks. She walked across the hallway to the information display on the wall. Michelle Richardson's office was suite E … to the right and at the end of the hallway. Jane strutted down the hallway, feeling confident and bitchy as her huge tits lightly bounced up and down. “Oops.” she spoke to herself as her right nipple slipped out. She stopped for a moment and pushed her big right tit back a little, once again hiding her nipple and most of her areola. She took several more steps down the long hallway and it happened again. “Damn.” Jane whispered... once again stuffing her huge right tit back inside her black top. She sat her briefcase down on the floor and spent a few seconds tugging her top together, again hiding her nipple from view but still exposing about a half inch of her areola circle. She took smaller and lighter steps as she completed her journey to Suite E. She walked past the empty receptionist desk, taking a deep breath as she approached Michelle's office. Before she entered Michelle's office, Jane reached inside her purse and turned on her digital recorder. She was going to record every word of their conversation. The door was cracked open .. everything was so quiet as she knocked on the solid oak door.

“Come in.” She recognized Michelle's voice. Jane pushed the door open and walked in.. her eyes opening wide as she saw Michelle sitting at her desk... wearing that hot pink latex dress that revealed so much of her hot body. Jane took another deep breath, sucking in air as she refrained from gasping. Michelle stood up and walked out from behind her desk.. Jane's mind was reeling as she thought to herself .. 'Holy Shit, that dress is the shortest dress I have ever seen.. and those tits... My God!.. I remember them being big, but those things are fucking enormous!' .. Jane smiled as Michelle approached her.. She was not sure if Michelle was going to extend her hand or was going to hug her. She was hoping for the latter, but Michelle stopped a couple of feet in front of her and spoke softly, “Turn around, let me help you take off your coat off.” Jane leaned over to her right, placing her briefcase on the entry table along with her purse then turned around. They both knew that it was not a coat that Jane was wearing, but 'coat' seemed to be the appropriate word. Michelle grabbed the cover-up with both hands, lifting it and tugging as Jane's arms slipped out. Michelle turned and took a step to her left and hung the cover-up on the brass coat rack. They both turned around slowly until they were facing each other... about three feet between them. Both hot bitches took a deep breath as four ultra hard nipples threatened to tear through the tight material that was holding them back.

For the next couple of minutes neither one of them spoke a single word as their eyes moved up and down each others bodies. They were comparing their own 'assets' with the hot bitch that was standing in front of them. They were already beginning to breath deeper and both of them felt their clits twitch as their eyes stared at each others huge tits for a long moment... they both could see the exposed part of each others areolas and their clits twitched again as their cunts flooded with moisture. They admired each others jutting nipples that were barely hidden from view and they began to speak to themselves with their silent inner voice. 'Good God!, Jane thought... 'Those tits are as big as mine.. maybe even bigger.. and those nipples look incredibly long.. and they are so fucking thick!' Michelle was also talking to herself silently.. 'Holy shit!'... Jane's tits are huge and they look so fucking firm.. and what a magnificent pair of nipples!' Their eyes kept roaming up and down each others hot sexy bodies, their minds working overtime as they compared their bodies... whose tits were bigger?... whose tits were firmer and more dense?... Is my ass as tight as hers? .. are my buttocks as hard as hers? .. and how about her legs? Are they as firm and athletic as mine? Are her legs as strong and as powerful as mine?

Their hard clits throbbed as their hungry cunts clenched and pussy juice began to seep out of their wet vaginas. “Do you have a powerful pussy?” Jane thought to herself.. “Is it strong enough to squeeze mine?.. and is your clit as hard as mine is?... is it pulsing and throbbing at this very moment as we stare at each other?” Michelle was also thinking about Jane's pussy... was it hot? … could she squirt?... could her pussy suck as good as her own pussy could suck? Michelle and Jane were both getting very wet with anticipation... with eagerness to lock their hungry sucking cunts together... But there was also business that had to be done. Michelle finally broke the silence... “Let's sit down and discuss this case, shall we?”

Jane really really really wanted to wrap her arms around Michelle and pull her into a tight bear-hug. She desperately needed to mash her huge round globes against Michelle's enormously huge tits... but she nodded and answered with a very calm and polite “Of course.”

Michelle smiled and turned around and swayed her hips as she sauntered toward her desk, but instead of walking around and sitting behind her desk, she leaned over and turned one of the two burgundy leather chairs that were in front of her desk, turning it toward the remaining chair. She then moved the other chair around so that the two leather chairs were facing each other about two feet apart. “Please have a seat Jane.” Michelle spoke softly as she begin to sit down in her chair, deliberately reaching for and pulling her already ultra short dress up a couple of more inches before sitting down and crossing her legs. The back of her short latex dress barely touched the top of the seat.. All of her buttocks were exposed as the hot naked skin of her ass cheeks was all that was touching the seat of the leather chair.

Jane smiled as she responded, “Thank you Michelle.” She then stepped into the small space between the two chairs and tugged her own very short skirt up a couple of inches and slowly sat down. The back of her latex skirt barely touched the leather seat cushion as all of her naked ass was touching leather when she was seated. Jane had heard stories about how mean and bitchy Michelle was, but so far she had been very nice... but that was about to change.

Jane was staring at the exposed part of Michelle's areolas as Michelle lifted her ass up a couple of inches and reached over to her desk, picking up a piece of paper and a pen and began to speak... “I have the settlement already prepared... all I need is your signature and then we can spend the rest of our meeting doing... doing whatever.” As Michelle sat back down in her chair, it was all she could do to keep from gasping as the lower part of her naked swollen pussy lips squished against the leather seat. Her huge nipples began to throb... Michelle needed to fuck Jane.

Jane took the pen and paper from Michelle and looked over it as the lower part of her own extended wet pussy lips were touching the cool leather of her chair. The settlement called for Mr. Hobbs to retain two-thirds of the company value. “No, this is not acceptable to my client.” Jane's big nipples were also throbbing as she handed the pen and paper back to Michelle. .. Jane knew that she had to fuck Michelle.

Michelle smiled. She was prepared for Jane's response... “Of course. I understand. Fortunately Mr. Hobbs is a very generous man. Even though he originally invested sixty-seven percent of his own hard earned money into the company, he is very happy to buy out Mr. Smith... giving him forty percent of the appraised value of the company.”

“My client does not want to go to court Michelle... I have documented evidence that shows that Mr. Smith is responsible for seventy-five percent of the sales... and, being the kind and generous man that he is, he is not asking for seventy-five percent. He would be quite happy to settle for an amount that is equal to only sixty percent of the appraised value.”

Michelle stared into Jane's eyes... “Your client invested thirty-three percent and now wants sixty percent?”


“That is not going to happen.”

Jane smiled, “Then we will see you in court.” She started to stand up but Michelle reached out and grabbed Jane's hand in hers.

“Wait.... perhaps I can make a better offer.”

Jane leaned forward in her chair .. “I'm listening.”

“The company is worth about one hundred million dollars, give or take a couple of million.... Mr. Hobbs is prepared to write your client a check for forty million dollars... forty percent of the company.... that is a lot of money... however, I will speak to Mr. Hobbs, and I am quite sure that I can get him to agree to paying your client forty-five million dollars.”

“Sixty million.”

“Jane, you are going to have to give a little... I have already, in good faith, raised the buy out offer by five million dollars... work with me.”

“No, I guess we will settle this in the court room.”

“Be reasonable Jane.”

“The company would not be worth one hundred million dollars if not for the tireless effort and energy that my client invested in the business every single day and sometimes on weekends while your client was out playing golf three days each week.”

Michelle knew Jane was right.. and if the suit went to court a jury might see it that way. “Ok... tell me what your client has to have to make him happy.”

“Fifty-five million dollars.”

“Fifty million.” Michelle answered... “And that is my final offer.”

Jane knew that her client would be happy with that amount... but Jane wanted more.. so she looked into Michelle's eyes.... “I'll fuck you for it.” Jane's clit twitched as she spoke.

Michelle felt her cunt contract.. as she gushed a little of her sweet pussy juice on the chair. She raised her eyebrows … “You said what?”

“Let's fuck it out. If I win, my client gets fifty-five million... if you win, then we will settle for fifty million, which you have already agreed to. First one to cum is the loser.”

“And if it's a tie?” Michelle asked as her clit began to jerk.

“Define tie.”

Michelle smiled as she spoke ...“If we both orgasm within a couple of seconds of each other.. I would consider that a tie... and then we would have to fuck again... until there is an obvious winner.”


Jane and Michelle both stood up... leaving wet spots on their respective chairs. Since Michelle had placed the chairs so close together, their huge tits were touching as they stood facing each other... but they both wanted more room... so Jane, followed by Michelle, walked out into the center of the office. The floor was covered with a thick beige carpet which caused their heels to sink in just a little. Realizing that this was not a good idea, they paused for a few moments as they slipped off their heels and kicked them out of the way. Jane spoke first ...“I've been wanting to touch tits with you from the moment I first saw you.”

“Touch?... or mash and grind?” Michelle grinned.

Jane smiled, “Touching at first.. then we will see where it goes from there.”

They stepped toward each other.. their eyes wide open.., staring at each others huge racks... as they brought their big round globes of dense tit-flesh closer and closer to each other, it was apparent that their over-sized tits were going to match up perfectly. They gazed with lust at the exposed part of each others areolas as the tips of their covered nipples touched... and slowly pushed each others nipples back enough so that the small amount of their naked areolas touched... “Ohhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as hot sticky naked skin melted against hot sticky skin.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Michelle moaned as they pushed together a little more.. their areolas covering each other as they wrapped their arms around each others waists. “That feels so fucking good.”

They pushed their heavy tits into each other for several minutes... Jane was amazed at how incredibly firm Michelle's tits felt... she had never felt tits that were as big and round and dense as Michelle's. … not Joy... not Amber … not even Wendy had tits that were this big and firm …. and not even Angel's perfect tits were a match for Michelle's huge pair. As they swayed back and forth against each other, it was just a matter of time before their huge tits escaped form their bondage and they were rubbing skin to skin and nipple to nipple. “Oh Michelle,” Jane gasped... “Your nipples are unbelievable.”

Michelle released her arms from around Jane and stepped back.. her huge tits jutting straight out, capped by those enormously long rock hard nipples. Jane gasped again as she looked at those two pieces of steel sticking out an inch and a half from the center of Michelle's pebbly areolas. “My God! Those are the biggest nipples I have ever seen.”

“Lets nipple fuck Jane.”

“It would be my pleasure.” Jane whispered as they lined up their big nipples... Jane could easily tell that Michelle's massive rods were longer and thicker than her own big nipples, but she knew she had an exceptional pair of hard spikes on her big tits.. and felt confident as the tips of their nipples met and sucked together... then she felt it... fire .. burning hot fire.... fire like she had never felt before.... Jane was becoming concerned as they pushed their hard nipples into each other... all four jutting nipples being pushed back into their areolas.... creating the erotic combination of pleasure mixed with discomfort. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as the full length of her hard nipples were completely pushed back inside her tits.. while a little bit of Michelle's extra-long nipples were still visible... then Michelle pushed a little more and Jane's eyes opened wide as she watched the tips of Michelle's huge nipples push inside her areola. Michelle had penetrated her tit on the first push. “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Jane moaned.

They began rocking forward and backward.. stabbing their huge nipples into each other... with almost a half inch of Michelle's big nipples pushing all the way inside Jane's tits with each thrust... and as they continued nipple fucking, slow but surely, more and more of Michelle's big nipples began to penetrate Jane's big dense tits... more... and more... and more... until Jane could feel an enormous amount of hard nipple flesh inside her tits... not only were her long inch plus nipples being completely pushed back inside her tits, but now most all of the extraordinary length of Michelle's hard spikes were drilling deep into her big tits. It was uncomfortable .. it ached... but it was also turning Jane on more and more. Michelle was also getting wetter and wetter as she pumped her huge nipples in and out of Jane's tits... she was actually, by definition, nipple fucking Jane.. again and again she would thrust her big nipples into Jane's big tits,,, driving them deep inside Jane's dense tit-meat... over and over... stabbing … pushing.. thrusting... drilling... they were both moaning and Michelle began to worry... She could feel her new magical nipples burning.. and knew that very soon she was going to be gushing an immense amount of nipple-cum... and she had to win this sexfight with Jane. Fortunately, Jane was also feeling her orgasm building, and did not want to cum first.. so, as if on cue, they both pushed each other away, breathing deeply as they stared at each other.

“Oh Michelle... you have the biggest thickest nipples I have ever seen.”

Michelle teased her ...“You like them don't you Jane?”

Jane was lost in the moment as she replied ..“Oh God yes!... they are fucking huge... even bigger than Wendy's” As soon as she said Wendy's, she knew that she should have not said that... but it was too late.

“Wendy Corleone?”

“Ah,, no.. just another Wendy that I know.”

Michelle frowned .. “Bullshit. You were referring to Wendy Corleone.”

Jane did not like this sudden change of attitude Michelle was displaying ..“What if I was?”

There was anger in Michelle's voice as she spoke .. “Wendy Corleone is nothing but a fucking whore... She's a filthy dirty slut and a gold digging piece of shit.”

Jane liked Wendy... she liked Wendy a lot.. “What did you just say?”

“I said that Wendy Corleone is a fucking whore! A worthless piece of white trash!”

Jane was getting pissed off... “Wendy Corleone is my friend.”

Michelle's voice definitely had an attitude as she quickly responded .. “Well, your friend is a bitch! A big fucking bitch!”

Jane stepped toward Michelle, their big tits mashing together as their noses were about two inches apart .. “No she is not! You take that back and apologize or I am walking out of here.”

“Apologize for calling her what she is? No fucking way. She is a slut and a whore and a tramp... and if you are her friend, then you must be just like her.”

Jane raised her voice as she glared at Michelle... “Did you just call me a slut and a whore?”

Michelle glared back .. “If the shoe fits ….”

Jane had about all she could stand … “Fuck you!”

Michelle raised her voice as she grabbed Jane's shoulders and pushed her away … “How dare you say that to me you little bitch.”

Jane was now mad... “Bitch? You are the only bitch in the room.”

“Did you just call me a bitch?”

Jane was not going to back down... “Yes I did.. You are a bitch... a goddamn fucking bitch!”

Michelle screamed at Jane .. “Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!” Jane yelled back.

Michelle stepped forward and pushed Jane backward again... “You fucking little tramp!”

Everyone has a fuse... some fuses are short.. some are long … while others are somewhere in-between. Jane had a short fuse... and it had already been lit... and now the firecracker was about to “Bang!” She stepped back toward Michelle, raising her right arm.. and slapped Michelle across her face... jerking it to the side.. “You fucking whore!! Don't you ever touch me again!”

Michelle winced... how dare Jane slap her... “Slap me again you fucking cunt.. if you have enough guts!”

It was like a written invitation.... and Jane answered … “SMACK!” She slapped Michelle again... and the catfight was on. Michelle reached out and grabbed Jane's long blonde hair and began to swing her head to the left, but Jane quickly grabbed Michelle's long black hair and she tugged Michelle with her.. both of them spinning around in a circle and falling on the carpeted floor with a muffled thud. “You cunt!”

“Fucking bitch!”

They rolled across the floor, yanking and pulling on each others hair,, ripping a few hairs out by the roots as they cursed each other.. their legs kicking as they spit at each other. “Fucking cunt!” “Whore!” “Bitch!” “Slut!” Back and forth they rolled on the carpet.. Michelle's short dress and Jane's short skirt were bunched up around their waists as their naked cunts pushed against each others thighs.. rolling … kicking … screaming … cursing … “I hate you!” Michelle yelled as Jane jerked on her hair.

“I hate you bitch!” Jane screamed at Michelle as they rolled on the floor with their hands in each others hair.. their huge uncovered tits rolling and wobbling and jerking against each other... hard nipples relentlessly stabbing into each others big round tit globes ...thrusting at each others naked cunts with their thighs... trying to hurt each other's cunts. Michelle moved her face next to Jane's, placing her lips close to Jane's right ear and then bit Jane's ear … “Owwwwwwwwww you fucking cunt!” Jane screamed as she released Michelle's hair and slapped her hard on her face as Michelle rolled away. They quickly scrambled to their feet, facing each other with their claws out... “I'm gonna rip your fucking tits off you bitch!” Jane screamed as she charged at Michelle, raking her tits with her nails causing Michelle to scream out in pain as she stepped away from Jane.

“You fucking slut!” Michelle cried out as she charged at Jane, grabbing the front of Jane's black top and ripping it open, buttons flying through the air. Within a split second Jane was ripping the front of Michelle's hot pink dress open... the latex stretching before ripping apart. They stood there, toe to toe, ripping at each others clothes and both of them getting a few good slaps to each others naked tits before they both dug their nails into each others dense tits and scratched each other hard... leaving deep red marks on each others tits. “Owwwwwww!” Michelle screamed.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Jane wailed as she pushed Michelle away... both of them filled with hate ... glaring and hissing at each other. “Fucking cunt!”

Michelle kept her distance as she taunted Jane ..“You are getting turned on bitch!... look at all that pussy juice running down your legs!”

It was true... Jane was mad as hell but she was most definitely turned on.. she wanted to fuck the shit of this bitch-whore. “So are you,” Jane pointed at the stream of girl juice that was running down Michelle's thighs. “You want to fuck me really bad, don't you bitch!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

Michelle stepped back a few more steps and unzipped what was left of her hot pink dress... slowly peeling it off her body and letting it fall to the floor. As Jane watched with lustful eyes, she slipped off her torn top and then unzipped and shimmied out of her red skirt. They were both naked as they stared at each others wet cunts. Jane was completely shaved.... while Michelle's pussy had a little patch of closely trimmed pubic hair above her engorged clit, shaped like the letter 'V' .. an inverted triangle. Both pair of pussy lips were wet and swollen and extended... their pussys were ready to fuck.

Jane dropped down to her knees, then leaned back, bracing herself with her extended arms as she slid her legs out in front of her, parting her thighs and displaying her wide open wet cunt... her clit was already extended... swollen, and Michelle could see it twitching up and down... as if it were nodding to her... beckoning to her.. calling to her. Michelle took a couple of steps toward Jane, her enormous tits swaying as she dropped down to her knees and then to her ass, spreading her thighs for Jane. They stared at each others cunts for more than a minute... looking at each others glistening wet folds... staring at each others big clits.... surveying the enemy cunt. “I am going to fuck you soooo good, you nasty whore!” Jane sneered as she spoke.

Michelle replied as she began to scoot her ass toward Jane on the carpet .. “Come and get you some, fucking bitch!”

Jane pushed herself forward... her ass dragging slowly on the carpet until their legs began scissoring... sliding against each other... closer and closer... until their firm thighs were sliding together.. their starved cunts getting closer and closer... their clits began visibly throbbing... nodding up and down... their pussy lips were engorged.. hanging out in front of their wet vaginas.... closer and closer... until they could feel each others heat. Their clits were well aware of the enemy clit.... a clit that had to be destroyed... conquered... devastated. Jane swiveled her hips slightly to the right, and so did Michelle as they slid their thighs together until their swollen pussy lips touched.

“Ahhhhhh.” Michelle moaned.

“Ummmmmm.” Jane gasped.

Both women had their arms extended out to their sides and slightly behind their upper bodies... supporting their weight as they glared at each other with anger and lust.

Jane humped her hips forward... squishing their wet lips together... it was so fucking hot... and again she gasped .. “Ohhhhhh.”

Michelle slightly lifted her buttocks and pushed forward... squishing their cunt lips even tighter together... they could feel their wet pussy juice being squeezed out of their pussy lips.. wetting their thighs. Again they both pushed together,, their pussy lips completely spreading out against each other until they could feel themselves pressing their hungry vaginas together..... and there was immediate suction between them. “Unnnnn you nasty whore, can you feel my pussy sucking yours?”

Jane panted.. “You bitch! That's my pussy sucking at yours.”

“Fuck you!” Michelle gasped as they began to rotate their hips.. grinding their cunts together.. squishing... rubbing... vaginas slurping and sucking together... then their heated swollen clits met.. “Ohhhhhhhh God!”

“Ohhhhh fuck!”

“Fuck me bitch!”

“Fuck me you dirty whore!”

The tribbing began... grinding their clits together.. pushing.. thrusting.. fucking .. vaginas sucking... pussy juice running down to the cracks of their asses as their huge tits wobbled on their chests... their hands digging into the carpet as they forced their soaked cunts tighter and tighter together until their vaginas created a vacuum between them. Jane and Michelle began to moan as their heavy tits jiggled on their chests,, their powerful glutes flexing as they pushed together... fucking.. tribbing … squishing... grinding... moaning … fucking … throbbing clits welded together... sighing... grinding.. gasping .. on and on and on. They continued to glare at each other as they cursed. Jane would glare at Michelle, then her eyes would wander down to Michelle's huge jiggling tits.. and those nipples.. Jane was so fucking turned on by those huge thick pieces of iron that were sticking straight out from Michelle's areolas. Michelle's sexual fire was burning... hot heat radiating through her body as she gazed at Jane's flawless figure. They were sexually obsessed with each other.

“I fucking hate you!”

“You fucking piece of shit!”

“You are nothing but a goddamn bitch-whore!”

“Fuck you!” Jane yelled as she pushed hard against Michelle's cunt.

“Fuck you!” Michelle screamed at Jane as she ground their sensitive clits together.

Grinding and fucking... minute after minute... their cunts were flowing continuously.. a never ending stream of moisture... a perpetual flood of sweet pussy juice,, and every time they squished their swollen labia together, pussy juice would leak out from between their grinding cunts... sometimes a few drops .. sometimes a fine mist would spray out between their grinding pussys.. occasionally there would be a little squirt.... squirting several inches up into the air and spraying their hot skin with their sexy moisture. .. each time they pushed their soaked pussy lips together they would groan and moan .. their clits were throbbing with lust... their big nipples swollen and erect... bobbing up and down on their trembling tits. Their thighs were straining against each other... breathing deeply... glaring at each other... both hot bitches full of venom... full of hate.... their cunts overflowing with lust and desire... flooded with sexual need as the grinding continued... fucking and grinding. “You are going ... to cum ... first.” Jane gasped between deep breaths.

“Fuck you! … I am going to make you cum first.” Michelle moaned in response.

They had been fucking for thirty minutes.. hard throbbing clits flicking and rubbing... grinding clit head to clit head for long periods of time.. then they would wiggle their hips.. flicking their sensitive clits back and forth across each other.. giving and receiving enormous amounts of pleasure. Jane and Michelle were using all of their will power to prolong their need for an orgasm... but it was becoming more difficult. Each of them knew that the other was getting close to cumming.. and they were also aware that they, themselves, were on the verge of cumming. Jane had to do something... so she flicked the switch in her mind. She had to 'turn off' her impending need to have a orgasm... and it worked... for perhaps a minute. Michelle's pussy was just too fucking hot... too wet... her clit throbbing too much... and Jane could not force herself to resist the immense amount of pleasure that she was sharing with Michelle. Michelle was also fighting back her orgasm.. and it was difficult. Her pussy wanted to explode... her clit wanted to jerk with pleasure. Both women knew the end was near... they were on the threshold of an orgasm and there was only one thing to do... they could no longer try to keep from cumming... they had to use all of their sexual skills... they had to unleash their full sexual power on each other.. hoping that they would induce an orgasm before they began cumming. It was now a race.... a fuck race … a sexual sprint to the finish line. Jane laid down on her back so she could push harder with her hips.. a moment later Michelle had laid down on the carpet.. her hands out to her sides.. Clits were throbbing... hips were straining... tits were trembling... fingers clutching at strands of carpet ..both women gasping and groaning.

“Cum for me bitch!”

“Cum for me whore!”

“Let me feel your cunt squirt!”

“Give it to me you fucking whore!! I want to feel you cumming on my pussy!”

“Fuck you bitch!!

“You fucking cunt!!! Cum for me!”

“Cum for me now bitch! Now!”


Jane's body tensed... her big tits shook... her clit began to jerk wildly... she was going to cum... it was just a matter of seconds. Michelle's body was trembling, her nipples throbbing... her massive tits shaking.... her clit began to flutter... she was going to cum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jane moaned.

Michelle was gasping as their vaginas sucked hard together.. “Ohhhhh my God!”

“Cum for me bitch!” Jane screamed as she pushed and ground her aching clit against Michelle's swollen clit as hard as she could.

“Noooooooooooooo... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle screamed.

“Yessssssssssssssssss yes!” Jane yelled as she felt Michelle's clit jerk hard against hers.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!” Michelle was cumming hard.

“Yessssssssss you fucking whore!!! Cum for me bitch!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Michelle's pussy squirted.. flooding Jane's cunt with hot girl-cum.

Jane was delirious with pleasure as she counted to herself... one …. two …. three... four … then screamed with her release .. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Her hot pussy gushed.. pussy cum splashing up between their grinding cunts. Jane had won.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Michelle's pussy continued to convulse.. squirting more hot pussy cum .. splashing on their lower abs...

“Unnnnnnn Cummmmmmmmming!” Jane yelled as their cunts squirted together.. their big tits shaking... hips jerking... fingers digging into the carpet. She knew that Michelle had cum first. … “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes!” Jane gasped with pleasure... sexual pleasure... and emotional pleasure... she had won her sexfight with Michelle... She knew it.. and so did Michelle... and Michelle was pissed.

“Ohhhhh you fucking bitch!” Michelle moaned... “You think you are so fucking hot... well … we are just getting started.

Jane was still breathing deeply... “Just getting started?... We are fucking finished!”

They kept pressure on their cunts as they continued to push together .. Their thighs were wet and sticky with their mixed girl-cum.. their buttocks were wet, their abs and tummys were wet. Pussy-cum continued to dribble from between their squashed cunts as they lay there on their backs for several more seconds before she rolled away and sat up... “I guess we settled that. I will have papers drawn up and will send them over for you to sign.”

Michelle was angry as she pushed herself up into a sitting position.. glaring at Jane. “No way are we finished bitch! .. there is no fucking way you can outlast me!” Michelle had these new magical powers... sexual stamina along with an insatiable need to fuck.. and she was wanting to show off her amazing nipples... and show Jane how much her nipples would squirt when she had a nipple orgasm... She wanted to drown Jane in nipple-cum and was not about to allow Jane to leave so quickly. “We are going to keep fucking until I whip your sorry ass. We are not finished!”

Jane was now standing as she looked down at Michelle.. “Oh yes we are... you came first... you lost.. we agreed.”

“You have no proof.”

Jane smirked .. “Oh yes I do... I recorded every word.”

“You are lying.”

“Oh, so now you are calling me a liar?”

By now Michelle had stood up and was facing Jane. “I am changing the rules..We're going to fuck some more... we are going to fuck until one of us can not continue.. the first one to quit or pass out is the loser.”

“Like hell we are. We already agreed... the first one to cum loses.. you lost. This is over.”

Michelle took a step toward Jane, raising her voice, “It's over when I say it's over.”

“Fuck you... we are done.”

Michelle became enraged... she was furious... and she jumped toward Jane.. reaching out and grabbing Jane's hair and spinning her around before releasing her... watching as Jane stumbled across the room before losing her balance and falling face down on the carpet. Luckily, she braced her fall with her hands and quickly rolled over... but Michelle was already there.. and literally flung herself down on top of Jane. .. their over-sized tits meeting head on with a 'smacking' sound. Again they reached for and began pulling each others hair as their legs strained together... fighting for the top position as they began rolling on the carpet.. their big tits smearing against each other with the occasional 'smack'.

“Fucking Bitch!” Jane screamed.

“You goddamn fucking whore!” Michelle yelled back as they yanked each others heads back and forth as they rolled from one end of the room to the other.. rolling on the thick carpet... rolling over their heels... which hurt like hell.. cursing and screaming... kneeing each other... kicking and screaming.

“Let go of me bitch!”

“Fuck you!”

“You goddamn whore!”

“Fucking slut!”

It had been a very physical fuck-fight and Jane was getting a little winded, but still had more than enough energy and will power to fight back....Michelle, however, was still one hundred percent full of energy as they fought each other body to body back and forth across the floor... cursing and screaming vile insults at each other. Their hands were slapping at each others asses.. landing good solid smacks to hard buttocks. They wrestled another twenty minutes, exerting a great deal of their physical strength... Jane was on top, then Michelle was on top.. hands slapping and clutching firm buttocks.. huge tits wobbling and shifting against each other... big hard massive nipples stabbing into dense tit-meat as Jane's breathing became more labored. Finally, Michelle pinned Jane to the carpet... “Now I've got you bitch! .. And I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before!”

“Get off me you fucking cow!”

With their huge tits mushrooming and sliding against each other and their hands clutched together, Michelle and Jane began to wrestle with their legs... each woman pushing a thigh against her rivals pussy. With their right leg between each others legs the squeezing began.. squeezing each others thighs between their own thighs... straining... hot sweaty skin rubbing against hot wet skin... working their powerful glutes... sliding their thighs together... until Michelle managed to get both of her legs between Jane's legs as she executed the perfect 'pussy pin'. With their hands still locked together and stretched out on the carpet above their heads, Michelle began to slide her wet cunt up and down against Jane's wet pussy... sliding.. rubbing... their pussy lips clinging and squishing... hard swollen throbbing clits flicking and rubbing.. . and once again they began to moan and gasp with sexual pleasure... but something else was happening... as Michelle slid her hot sexy body up and down Jane's incredible body, their nipples were sliding together... rubbing and flicking... and Michelle felt her magical nipples begin to twitch each time they flicked past Jane's rock hard spikes.

“I fucking hate you!” Jane whispered as she bucked her hips up, grinding her pussy against Michelle's wet cunt.

“You fucking bitch!” Michelle gasped as she lowered her face down toward Jane's face, and just as she began to part her lips and extend her tongue, Jane spit into her open mouth!

“Fucking whore!” Jane gasped as her spit began to string from Michelle's lips.

“You goddamn fucking slut!” Michelle yelled at her as she lowered her open drooling mouth to Jane's and kissed her hard... pushing Jane's spit back into Jane's mouth with her tongue.

“God!.. I can taste your dirty mouth!” Jane mumbled as Michelle began licking inside Jane's mouth with her tongue. “Fucking whore!” Jane gasped with garbled words before the raised her head up and jammed her mouth hard against Michelle's as they shared a deep long hate kiss... tongues pushing together... trying to force each others tongue back into their hated rivals mouth... their teeth were grinding against each other as they pushed their mouths together hard... swapping spit... licking... tongue wrestling... angry.. mad.... vengeful. Their dirty kiss lasted several minutes, saliva running down Jane's chin.. until Michelle finally lifted her face up... thick strings of their mixed saliva stringing between their lips and tongues.. “Get your nasty mouth away from me!” Jane screamed at Michelle... their connected mixed spit strings wobbling and shimmering as she yelled.

“You nasty fucking whore!” Michelle moaned as she plastered her mouth tightly to Jane's again.. Jane closed her mouth... but Michelle forced her tongue between Jane's lips and the tongue fight began again... jamming and twisting their tongues together in another long dirty hate kiss... Every time Michelle would lift her face up from Jane's, more and more thick bubbly strings of spit would string between their mouths. Jane would spit into Michelle's mouth, and Michelle would spit back into Jane's mouth.. their faces were drenched in stringy spit... most of it drooling down.. gravity allowing the spit to fall on Jane's face and chin and running down her cheeks and neck.

“I hate you.. I hate your nasty dirty mouth!” Jane hissed as she spit again onto Michelle's lips and tongue.

“I hate you, you dirty piece of whore shit!” Michelle hissed back as she again forced their mouths together... again their tongues were swirling.. fighting.. licking... a river of their mixed spit drooling out of the corners of Jane's mouth and running down her face. Their cunts were still grinding.. sliding.. rubbing … hard clits flicking and pressing against each other.. and their nipples were continually stimulating each other as they rubbed and slid against each other,, buried between their huge sweaty tits... tits that were sliding.. moving... pressing .. mashing. Michelle lifted her face again and released Jane's hands as she moved her hands down, placing them on the carpet and extending her arms ...lifting her upper body... until their tits slowly peeled apart... except for their nipples and areolas that were still touching. Michelle arched her back.. applying more pressure on their grinding pussys as she once again began rocking.. sliding their sucking cunts up and down against each other.. rubbing their throbbing clits against each other... and now their nipples were flicking... no longer were they trapped deep between their big tits... now they could meet and push and flick up and down against each other as Michelle rocked her hips.. sliding.. grinding.. fucking.. Jane lifted her hips.. meeting each forward thrust of Michelle's hips with her own upward thrust.. their cunts were making squishing and slurping noise... their breathing was becoming more rapid... nipples were burning... clits were throbbing... and the fucking continued.. minute after minute... rubbing... grinding... fucking.. moaning... sliding... panting... pussy lips squishing... clits pulsing against each other... nipples twitching together... vaginas sucking wildly at each other ... they were nearing an orgasm.

“You want to cum so fucking bad, don't you bitch!? Michelle whispered.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Jane moaned.

Michelle knew that she was about to shock the shit out of Jane.. she could feel the pressure building up inside her huge tits.. her nipples were soooooo fucking hard and were beginning to jerk.... she wanted to impress Jane with her new magic.. she wanted to show Jane how superior she was.. how much better she was... so she stopped sliding their cunts together... and wiggled her hips until their throbbing clits were head to head... then she pushed down.. grinding their clit heads together... thrusting her hips down hard.. pushing their clits together very hard..... Jane began to gasp.. the sensation of their heated clits throbbing and vibrating together was incredibly erotic.. incredibly hot... Jane was on fire... and that fire was about to erupt into a blazing inferno of hot heat as Michelle began swaying her huge tits back and forth across Jane's massive rack. Four long hard nipples flicking back and forth across each other.. again … and again …. and again... flicking … rubbing … meeting and springing apart... Michelle's magic nipples bending Jane's hard nipples again and again... the friction building... Jane began gasping more and more.

“Your nipples want to cum. Show me bitch. Show me how a bitches nipples cum.”

“Fuck you!” Jane whimpered... she was about to cum... she could feel it in her throbbing clit... and she could feel it in her big tits and hard nipples.... her pussy was going to cum... and her nipples were going to cum.

Michelle taunted her.. “Cum for me you nasty whore! .. I want to see your nipples cum.”


“That's it... let those nipples squirt... show me. Show me bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhh God!... Unnnnn you fucking whore!!” Jane groaned as their clits began to jerk violently together. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Let it go bitch!! Let me see those nipples squirt!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnn... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BITCH!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck”

“Yessssssssss yes yes!” Michelle moaned.

Jane's cunt gushed... her clit jerked hard against Michelle's clit... and her nipples erupted ...“FUCK!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Yesssssssssssssss!” Michelle screamed at Jane.

Jane's pussy squirted hard.. gushing her hot girl-cum against Michelle's hot cunt.. her hips were jerking... her big tits trembling as nipple-cum squirted from her milk holes.. spraying Michelle's enormous tits and nipples with sticky hot nipple-cum... splashing their sweaty tits... and running down and around their big round globes.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming! Jane's whole body was twitching... every nerve in her body was quivering … shuddering … “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Michelle's nipples were about to erupt... and she wanted to defile Jane's body... she wanted to sexually humiliate Jane's body... she pushed herself up and leaned back.. sliding her left leg forward and straddling her soaked cunt on top of Jane's sloppy wet pussy... again sliding their throbbing clits together.. rocking on top of Jane. She reached down and placed her fingers around her big thick nipples and began jerking them off...sliding her fingers up and down the incredible inch and a half length of her monster nipples... jacking them off... stroking... sliding her fingers up and down her huge nipples... nipples that were wet with Jane's nipple-cum. As she rocked and ground their hard clits together.. Jane once again began to cum.. Michelle could feel the hot heat from Jane's pussy as another gush of pussy cum splashed against her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Shit! Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Jane panted as her head rolled from side to side on the carpet. “Ohhh FUCK! Cummmmmmming!”

Jane's orgasm was just enough to push Michelle over the edge... She squeezed her mammoth nipples hard as her swollen clit caught on fire... burning with a scorching heat. Her clit jerked... her vagina clenched hard.. gushing and spraying her girl-cum into Jane's soaked cunt … “Ohhhhhhhh Yes! Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Michelle's nipples erupted... squirting a massive amount of nipple-cum... a long gooey stream from each nipple... splattering on Jane's tits and abs .. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane's eyes opened wide .. “God!”

Again Michelle's cunt gushed and her nipples squirted... one stream of cum hitting Jane's face.. splattering all over her chin and mouth and up between her wide open eyes. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” … the stream of cum from her other huge nipple hitting the underside of Jane's huge right tit.. and splattering down her side.. a thick river of gooey cum flowing down from around the underside of Jane's big tit.

“Holy fuck!” Jane gasped in awe as her clit burned with uncontrollable lust... and she began cumming again … “Unnnnnnnnn Cummmmmming!”

Michelle cupped her right hand over her right tit as her gigantic nipples spewed another monumental amount of nipple-cum... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” The massive stream erupting from her left tit blasting between Jane's huge tits... running down between her deep cleavage as her right tit filled up her hand with hot sticky syrupy nipple-cum until her cupped hand was overflowing .. nipple-cum stringing down between her fingers. Michelle leaned forward.. extending her left arm and placing her hand on the carpet ..bracing her the weight of her upper body with her outstretched left arm as she leaned down... her right hand dripping with nipple-cum... then she turned her hand over above Jane's face.. and let the hot syrupy wetness drool down into Jane's open mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck!” Jane gasped as Michelle lowered her face, extending her tongue, and licking the milky nipple-cum from between Jane's eyes.. off her nose.. licking her cheeks and chin.. until her mouth was full of her sticky tacky sweetness. Then she welded her lips to Jane's and emptied her full mouth into Jane's mouth... tongues swirling in the sweetness... cum-swapping the sticky gooey cum back and forth in their tightly locked mouths. “Ummmmmmmm.” Jane moaned. Once again, their huge over-sized tits mashed together.. nipple-cum oozing out around their mushroomed tits.. squishing out like warm maple syrup as they slid their huge tits together.. spreading the sticky goo all over their massive tits. As they swapped the tacky milky cum, now mixed with their saliva, Michelle began grinding her cunt into Jane's again... She was not finished fucking the hot blonde bitch. Jane was already tiring, and was slowly physically weakening as she moved her hands down to Michelle's hard buttocks and squeezed... digging her nails into her dense hard glutes as she humped pussys with Michelle. Their hard nipples were throbbing and rubbing against each other... their tongues swishing the goo-cum-spit around inside each others open mouths.. their wet pussy lips sticking and stretching each time they would slide their pussys up and down against each other... clits were still on fire.. burning with insatiable lustful hunger … fucking and fucking and fucking... locked together mouth to mouth, tit to tit and cunt to cunt, they fucked for another twenty minutes before they were cumming again... Jane's cunt gushed wildly.. spewing and spraying her delicious cum all over their sliding pussys... “Cummmmmmming!” Her hips jerked... her nipples throbbed... her clit twitching like crazy... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

The hot gush of Jane's pussy and the vicious jerking of Jane's clit, along with the steady uninterrupted stimulation between their fighting nipples triggered another orgasm from Michelle. Her pussy gushed... squirting girl-cum from her vagina into Jane's sucking vagina... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” … her clit was palpitating... her nipples began jerking on her quivering tits … and her huge tits erupted... discharging another huge load of sticky nipple-cum between their heaving mushroomed tits.. it took only a second for all of that nipple-cum to squirt out between their big pressing tits... gushing up between their deep cleavage and out around the sides of their weighty round globes. “Cummmmmmmmming!” Michelle was gasping and panting as multiple orgasms rushed through her body. Her pussy gushing again.. and her tits squirting more streams of hot nipple-cum. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane was also having multiple orgasms... her pussy clinching again and again.. her swollen sensitive clit vibrating constantly... her hard nipples sliding in the nasty mixture of sweat and gooey cum against Michelle's hardened rods. “Cummmmming!”



Jane dug her nails hard into Michelle's tight ass cheeks.. “Cummmmmming!”

Michelle's huge swollen tits and magic nipples emptied another tremendous volley of syrupy cum... quickly squishing out around their big grinding tits. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”... then another powerful squirt of nipple-cum... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane moaned and gasped as the gooey cum ran down her big globes and down her sides.. dripping onto the carpet.... “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmming!”


“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!!” Jane turned her head to the side and panted as Michelle kept sliding her clit up and down her own swollen clit... Michelle was not tired... the magic spell was flooding her body with boundless sexual energy as she kept fucking Jane.. grinding their sloppy sticky cunts together.. rubbing … sliding … tribbing … fucking.. Jane whimpered.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Michelle laid her cheek next to Jane's .. the corners of their mouths barely touching as she kept rocking her hips... her hands had moved up to Jane's hair as she twisted the long strands of blonde hair around her fingers. Michelle was a sex machine.. a fully charged fucking machine.... rocking.. grinding .. rubbing their clits together.. fucking.. clits flicking... nipples fencing inside their enormously big swollen mashed tits. “Admit it bitch.. I am the better woman.” Jane moaned as Michelle continued to drive her hot cunt into Jane's wet cunt.. pumping her hips.. grinding their clits... rubbing their big round globes of heavy tit-meat together … nipples flicking... cunts squishing and slurping... “Say it! I am a better fuck than you are.” Jane was gasping.. she was exhausted... drained... running on empty... “Tell me!! Say it!”

Jane was doing her best to resist.. but she kept moving her hips as Michelle was in total war-fuck mode. Grinding and rubbing.. sliding and fucking... stroking her clit up and down Jane's clit.... minute after minute... Michelle asking her to surrender... asking her again and again to give up... another thirty minutes since their last orgasm had passed... then it was forty-five minutes... Michelle's hips working like a well-oiled machine... fucking and grinding pussy to pussy with Jane. Saliva was drooling out of the corner of Michelle's mouth and into Jane's mouth as she prodded Jane, “Cum for me you filthy whore!”

Jane's gasp was not much more than a whisper... “Fuck you bitch!.. I fucking hate you!”

“You Goddamn fucking whore!” Michelle lifted her head up as she screamed loudly at Jane, her powerful hips shifting into overdrive.. relentlessly grinding as she ferociously fucked Jane... rubbing and grinding.. squishing.. fucking .. rub rub rub grind grind grind...

Jane could not longer hold the pleasure back... a tidal wave rolled through her gasping body. “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

“Yes you fucking whore... Cum for me whore!”

“Cummmmmming!” Jane squealed... gasping for air as Michelle kept fucking.. kept grinding.. kept rubbing their swollen clits together.. up and down.. up and down... rubbing at a quickened pace. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!!... Ohhhhhhhhhh God!”

Michelle's movements were non-stop... grinding her clit into Jane's.. rocking.. sliding .. fucking … unrelenting … ruthless … constant …

“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck!” Jane wailed, “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Give up bitch!... Tell me that I am the better woman.”

Jane was gasping deeply... “Ok … ok … I am the better woman.”

Michelle was continually grinding.. rubbing … fucking Jane constantly... “No... you are not listening bitch.”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Jane cried weakly as she tossed her head back and forth.

“Repeat after me.... Michelle is the better woman.... say it.”

Jane moaned … “Ok … all right … Michelle is …. is …. is a fucking bitch!”

Michelle released Jane's hair as her anger surfaced again. She lifted herself up... strings of sticky nipple-cum stringing between their big tits and abs... pulling their wet sucking cunts apart as she slid her pussy up Jane's body.. leaving a wet trail of cum on Jane's abs before she sat down on Jane's torso... her ass on Jane's tummy. “You are a fucking whore!” She raised her body up on her knees as she lifted her right hand and slapped Jane hard across her face.. 'Smack!'

“Owwww you goddamn bitch!” Jane yelled.

Michelle crawled forward on her knees, pinning Jane's arms to the carpet with her dripping cunt above Jane's face ...“Fucking slut! Show me how a dirty fucking whore eats pussy!”

Jane spit on Michelle's pussy.. “Get your fucking ugly stinking cunt away from me!”

“Eat me bitch!” Michelle groaned as she lowered her wet pussy down toward Jane's face. Jane screamed and panted as she turned her face to the side and began kicking her legs and trying to free her arms from underneath Michelle's knees. Michelle reached down with her hands and grabbed Jane's face.. pulling it straight as she eased her sloppy wet cunt down on Jane's mouth and began grinding up and down.. rubbing her hot wetness over Jane's mouth, nose and chin. As much as she hated Michelle at this very moment in time, Jane was also consumed with lust for this evil dirty nasty black-haired bitch and she reluctantly but also willingly pushed her tongue up inside Michelle's pussy and began licking her. Jane could not resist the opportunity to eat pussy. That is what lesbian whores do... they eat pussy... they lick and slurp and suck... they push their tongues in and out of wet vaginas.. they nibble and suck on hard throbbing clits.. and Jane was a lesbian whore. She began licking and lapping at Michelle's juicy cunt and Michelle responded with moans and gasps as Jane's tongue swirled around inside her wet cunt. “Mmmmmmmmm.” Michelle rocked on Jane's mouth.. sliding.. dragging her swollen pussy lips up and down against Jane's wet face.. smearing her with hot sticky pussy juice.. grinding.. riding. .. face-fucking … feeling Jane's long tongue stroking in and out of her wet vagina. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... yesssssss yesss. Eat my cunt bitch!”

Jane moaned as Michelle rocked back and pushed her hard clit against Jane's wet lips.. “Suck my clit whore … suck it … suck it hard... suck it like you mean it.”

Jane wrapped her lips tightly around Michelle's big pulsing clit and sucked... she sucked hard... tugging and pulling on Michelle's big clit... sucking and sucking... twisting her face back and forth.. tugging Michelle's throbbing clit left and right... minute after minute Michelle rocked her clit against Jane's sucking mouth... feeling Jane's tongue licking... feeling her lips sucking and tugging... on and on...until she could no longer hold back her orgasm... nor did she want to … she wanted to cum on this blonde bitches face. She began moaning... then Jane began humming... No one had ever hummed on her clit before and Michelle was amazed at how erotic it was.. she could feel Jane's lips vibrating against her hard swollen clit.... buzzing... humming... whirring … purring .. Michelle's clit began to spasm … her vagina began contracting... Jane kept buzzing her clit with her lips... sucking and humming... and Michelle began to cum.. her clit jerked.. her vagina gushed.. spraying Jane's chin and neck with hot pussy-cum.. “Unnnnnn... Ohhhhh YES! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane moaned as she felt Michelle cum... soaking her face with hot pussy cum. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Michelle was moaning loudly... her hips jerking.. her heavy tits wobbling and shaking. “Cummmmmmmmmming!.. Ohhhhh you nasty pussy licking slut!” She rocked on Jane's mouth for another minute before she lifted her dripping pussy off of Jane's wet face... pussy-cum dripping and stringing between her cunt and Jane's hot mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” It was good. Jane had sucked her very good. .. but Michelle wanted more....Michelle needed more ... her special magical power was reinforcing her need to fuck.. it was stimulating her mind... her body... her soul. She had an unquenchable thirst for pleasure... she had an uncontrollable desire to fuck... an undeniable urge to keep fucking.. to keep cumming and cumming. She turned herself around facing Jane's feet and lowered her body down on top of Jane and buried her face between Jane's wet thighs and began licking Jane's wet pussy. Jane reached up and grabbed Michelle's buttocks in her hands.. digging her nails into Michelle's hard buttocks as she once again shoved her tongue deep inside Michelle's burning cunt. They were locked tightly in a 'sixty-nine' suck fuck. Licking and lapping.. moaning.. slurping.. sucking... tongue fucking each other... sucking pussy lips deep into their mouths and then pulling their faces back until their pussy lips would 'pop' free from each others sucking mouths... stabbing their tongues deep inside each others vaginas.. sucking hard on each others swollen extended clits... the two hot bitches were sucking the fuck out of each others cunts... on and on and on... ten minutes turned into twenty minutes.. then they rolled over... Jane was now on top with her hands underneath Michelle's hard ass cheeks.. clutching and grabbing at her firm buttocks. Michelle's hands had moved down to Jane's hot fine ass and was kneading and squeezing Jane's perfect buttocks. Licking.. stroking... sucking... when they reached the thirty minute mark they were cumming again... gushing and moaning.. tasting and drinking each others intoxicating girl-cum... sucking and lapping.. slurping... eating each others cunts as if they were starved... starved for hot sweet girl-cum...

As the two hot sexy vixens approached the forty-five minute mark they rolled over again.. but this time they remained on their sides... wet thighs locked tightly around faces... tongues licking... lips sucking... hands slapping ass cheeks... big weighty tits mashing into tight hard abs.. moaning... licking … gasping … sucking … squishing together in all of the gooey nipple-cum that was covering their wet sweaty bodies … groaning .. slurping... an hour had now passed since they began eating each other... sixty minutes of nonstop licking and sucking.... sixty minutes of pleasure... sixty minutes of hard throbbing clits being sucked... an hour of hot tongues drilling in and out of wet hot sucking vaginas. They hated each other... but their bodies were in lust... uncontrollable lust.

Michelle began sucking Jane's clit hard... her cheeks were sucked in as she pulled and tugged on Jane's big throbbing clit.. slowly pulling her mouth back until Jane's sensitive clit 'popped' out from between her sucking lips with a sucking popping sound. “Ohhhhhhh God!” Jane moaned as she began tugging and pulling on Michelle's ultra sensitive clit with her lips...pausing briefly to gasp .. “I'm gonna suck your clit off your body, you fucking whore!” Jane clamped her lips tight to Michelle's vibrating clit and sucked... sucking hard.. her cheeks caving in from the intense sucking as she slowly pulled her mouth away.. tugging and pulling hard on Michelle's clit with her lips... until … 'Slurrrrrpppp! 'Pop'... Michelle's hard clit popped from her between Jane's wet lips.

“Ahhhhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle panted.. “I'm going to suck your clit soooo fucking hard you nasty slut!” She grabbed Jane's clit tightly between her full wet lips and sucked hard... as hard as she could suck.... once again pulling her lips off Jane's pulsing clit with a slurping pop sound.

“Unnnnnnnn.” Jane moaned deeply as she again sucked hard on Michelle's big hard clit.... and on and on it continued... first Jane, then Michelle... sucking and pulling .. tugging and slurping ... moaning loudly... Every few seconds the sound of clits popping out from between sucking lips filled the room with wet slurping sounds.. Again and again.. trading hard deep sucks on each others big swollen clits.. minute after intoxicating minute ….Jane was squirming... panting... gasping... and she began humming again... buzzing Michelle's vibrating clit with her lips.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Michelle gasped... the sensation was incredible. She was going to cum. Jane was going to cum. Michelle's juicy pussy was going to squirt. Jane's soaked pussy was going to squirt. They were going to cum together... they were going to squirt together... and they screamed together...

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Hot wet vaginas clenched and gushed …squirting hot girl-cum into each others sucking mouths ... hard throbbing clits jerked … Hands clutched hard tight jerking buttocks …

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmming!”


“Ohhhhhh God!”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!”

They were having multiple orgasms... their big tits quivering... buttocks clenching... clits jerking... hands digging hard into tight dense ass-flesh.

“Cummmmmmmming! ….. Cummmming!”



Several more minutes passed... orgasms flowing through their bodies... one after the other.... deep … powerful … violent … extreme … gushing and panting... gasping and moaning... getting themselves drunk with hot sweet pussy cum... orgasm triggering orgasm.... leaving Jane almost breathless. They had been fighting and fucking for hours... intense fucking … wild fucking … fighting with their cunts and tongues... fiercely battling with their big tits and hard strong nipples... Jane was becoming tired. It had been a sexual marathon.... and Michelle still wanted to race. She rolled away from Jane, pussy juice dripping off her chin as she got to her knees and then stood up. “Say it whore!! I am the better woman... I am the better fuck... Say It!”

Jane rolled over on her tummy and slowly got to her knees... “No... No you fucking dirty cunt!”

“Get up bitch!”

Jane crawled a couple of steps and grabbed one of the chairs in front of Michelle's desk and pulled herself up to her feet before turning around and facing her hated rival.

Michelle stepped toward her until their huge over-sized tits mashed together in all of their sweat, pussy juice and nipple-cum. She reached out with her hands and grabbed Jane's long tangled blonde hair, twisting her fingers in and around two handfuls of hair. “We're gonna fuck until you drop!”

Jane reached out with her hands and grabbed Michelle's long thick cold black hair, twisting it around her fingers tightly... “Fuck you bitch!” She hissed and then she spit on Michelle's face.

“Awww, you piece of whore-shit!... fucking dirty stinky whore-shit!” Michelle hissed with anger as she spit on Jane's face.

“Ahhhhhhhh.” ..”Owwwwwwwww” … “Aughhhhh.” “Unnnnnnnn.” They moaned and gasped as they began jerking on each others long hair... spitting on each other.. cursing each other... and slamming their huge tits together. 'Smack' … 'Slap ' …'Clap' … 'Whack' .. 'Slap' … Jane's huge tits had swollen to an F cup.. perhaps a tiny bit more.. they were fucking big... and she was slamming those two huge dense meaty tits hard into Michelle's massive tits. Michelle's heavy tits, which were usually a full E cup, had also swollen... but with the magic flowing through her body, they were even bigger... easily somewhere between an F and G cup. Huge dense heavy round globes that were smacking hard again Jane's big tits... 'Whack ..'Smack' … 'Slap ' …'Clap' … 'Whack' .. 'Slap' .. their big nipples were meeting head on and quickly disappearing between their huge tits each time they slammed together... and then their hips began rocking... slapping their cunts together... hard throbbing clits slapping together... clit head to clit head... each time they slapped it brought moans and groans from their lips... It was fierce hard smacking... slamming tits together... slamming hard clits together... wet pussy lips smacking together.. spraying pussy juice on their thighs and tummys with each thundering clap. Hand in each others hair... spitting... cursing... slamming their bodies against each other. It was a fuck-war.

'Whack ..'Smack' … 'Slap ' …'Clap' … 'Whack' .. 'Slap'.

Michelle could feel her massive tits filling up with hot gooey nipple-cum as they glared and cursed each other toe to toe.. slamming together.. the front of their wet thighs wetly smacking with each hard driving thrust of their powerful hips. It was indeed.. a nasty vulgar fuck-war.

“You piece of shit!”

“Fucking cum sucking whore!”

“Dirty pussy licking slut!”

“You nasty vulgar fucking Bitch!”

With each powerful thrust of her hips and tits, Michelle was slowly driving Jane backward... inch by grueling inch ..until Jane's buttocks were pressed against the edge of Michelle's desk.. but she kept thrusting her hips forward.. driving.. pushing.. mashing their big weighty tits together again and again. .. wet cunts slapping and smacking.. until Jane's upper body began to lean back from the heavy onslaught.

With Jane pinned against the desk, Michelle began sliding her hot body up and down Jane's sexy body, rubbing their huge wet tits together.. up and down... long hard nipples flicking up and down each other. .. pressing, rubbing, grinding up and down... four huge round globes of dense heavy tit-meat sliding up and down.. pushing and grinding. As Jane leaned her upper body back, it forced her pelvis forward, making it easier for the two hot bitches to rub their sensitive clits together, and Michelle was taking advantage of the situation... dragging her hard throbbing clit up and down against Jane's equally hard pulsing clit.. rubbing. .. stroking.. grinding .. their breathing becoming more rapid. With their hands still tightly wrapped in each others long hair they slowly pulled their faces together... lips parting .. tongues extending … then touching... then licking... then lips meeting... mouths closing together... moaning … gasping... sharing a deep wet kiss. .. tongues dancing together … flicking and rubbing … swirling around in each others mouths. It was a dirty kiss … a hate kiss. Teeth grinding against each other. Faster and faster Michelle began humping her wet cunt against Jane... sliding their ultra sensitive hard nipples up and down against each other.. flicking .. rubbing. “Ohhhhhhhh.” Jane began moaning louder as they shared their intense lip locked kiss.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Michelle moaned as she pulled her face back from Jane.. spit stringing between their wet lips .. “Give up bitch.”

Jane was panting and gasping... she was becoming physically exhausted. “Ohhhhhhhh.”

“Admit it... I am a better fuck than you are.” Michelle whispered as she kept grinding their hard swollen clits together .. up and down.. sliding.. up, down, up, down... her nipples were on fire.. swollen and extended.. her huge over-sized tits were filled up with nipple-cum... her pussy dripping sweet pussy nectar... the pussy juice running down the inside of their thighs... “You want to cum, don't you whore?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Jane gasped with deep breaths.

Michelle began sliding faster and faster... pushing.. thrusting … grinding their clits up and down against each other.. their wet sweaty abs rubbing .. their big weighty tits sliding up and down against each other... sweat running down their tummys... Michelle began to moan... “Ummmmmmmmmm.”

“Ohhhhhhhh you bitch … fucking bitch …. dirty nasty bitch.” Jane was ready to cum.

Michelle hissed at Jane.. their lips only an inch apart ...“Cum for me bitch.... show me how a dirty nasty whore cums.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jane squealed … she was going to cum.

Michelle felt the heat flowing through her big trembling tits..her clit began to twitch... she was going to cum. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

Jane screamed.. her clit jerking hard against Michelle's clit. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” Her pussy gushed.. spraying pussy cum all over their grinding cunts.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Michelle moaned loudly .. her hips jerking.. their big clits fluttering together ..“Unnnnn un unnnnnnn ahhh ah ah unnnn Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

The constant friction between their nipples was too much for Jane... she felt her nipples cumming... spewing sticky nipple cum between their massive tits.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” Her cunt gushed again... her hard clit jerking out of control … “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Michelle felt the hot flow beginning deep inside her huge tits... “Ohhhhhhh FUCK!” Her huge nipples jerked against Jane's.. and they squirted... they squirted hard! “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” A tremendous amount of milky nipple-cum gushing from her big nipples.. splattering all over their big tits.. “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle was screaming ...her pussy was gushing... she leaned her upper body back.. her nipples pointing upward .. as her magic nipples unloaded another massive stream of nipple-cum... one forceful stream hitting Jane's left cheek.. the other heavy squirt shooting over Jane's shoulder and splattering on Michelle's desk.

Jane let go of Michelle's thick hair, placing her arms around Michelle's neck as her hips jerked against Michelle. … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Her body was being drained. She was holding on to Michelle to keep from falling as her body shook with intense pleasure. “Cummmmmmmmming.”

Michelle's wet cunt was gushing again.. her big clit jerking violently against Jane's big clit. Jane began to wobble... she was about to lose her balance... her hips slid along the edge of the desk as she slowly turned, hanging on to Michelle. “Give up.” Michelle gasped as she released Jane's hair, placing her hands on Jane's shoulders as they slowly turned around.

“Ohhhhhh” Jane squealed as she gasped for air... She was ready to give up... ready to quit.... ready to surrender. She was exhausted. She could not fuck anymore. Jane took a deep breath and was about to speak... then suddenly she began to fall forward... turning both of them around so Michelle's buttocks were against the edge of the desk. Michelle took a couple of steps forward with Jane holding on to her.. but Jane's weight pushed her slightly to the left. Michelle's right foot tripping against the leg of the chair.. and Michelle lost her balance.. falling to her side.. Jane falling with her … both of them landing on the carpeted floor.. gasping. They laid there for a moment before Michelle rolled away.. getting to her knees and standing up... She looked around the room for a few seconds before her eyes found Jane's purse. She began walking toward Jane's purse and Jane knew what she was going to do... she was going to get her recorder.. and Jane could not let that happen. Jane, using every ounce of strength she had left, got to her knees and took several quick steps toward Michelle. “Noooooooooo.” She screamed at Michelle. As Michelle turned around, Jane was already in her face.. “Fucking bitch!” Jane screamed at her.

“Fucking whore!” Michelle yelled back as she reached out and grabbed Jane's right arm and began spinning... spinning Jane around and releasing her.. Jane stumbling across the room toward the door. Michelle screamed as she followed Jane ..“I'll show you how much of a bitch I am, you fucking cunt!” She looked like she was about to slap Jane as she raised her right arm and started to swing, but Jane grabbed her arm and yanked as she turned to her side. Michelle stumbled, losing her balance.. and began to fall.. falling forward.. her head smashing into the door with a loud 'whack!' “Owwwwwwww!” She screamed as she dropped to her knees.. her eyes were glazed as she looked up at Jane... “Bitch!” she whispered as she slumped over to her side and fell on the floor.

Jane gasped for a second … Michelle was laying there on the carpet .. she was not moving. 'Oh My God!' Jane's thoughts were running wild.. “I've killed her!” She quickly knelt down.... leaning her face over next to Michelle's. She was breathing. ... She had only been knocked out. Jane sighed as she shook Michelle .. “Michelle!... Michelle!”

“What am I gonna do?” Jane was talking to herself... “Call 911? … How do I explain her laying there naked? …. oh shit!” She remembered seeing a mini-fridge behind Abby's desk... she crawled away from Michelle and stood up, opening the door, and staggered over to the fridge, opening the fridge door where she found bottles of water. Grabbing one, Jane hurriedly walked back toward Michelle removing the lid and knelt down next to Michelle... once again trying to get her to wake up .. “Michelle!” …. Michelle was unconscious. “I've seen this done many times in the movies... it better work.” She held the bottle in her left hand and began pouring the cold water on Michelle's face as she slapped her with her right hand .. “Michelle! Wake up!”

Michelle's glassy eyes opened for a moment before closing again. She was going to be ok. Jane staggered back to Michelle's desk, picking up the box of Kleenex and wiping the sweat, spit and cum off her face and chest, tossing the tissues on Michelle's desk. She turned around and began picking up her clothes … It took Jane less than a minute to slip on her skirt and put her top on, although her top was missing all of it's buttons. She then slipped on her cover-up and slipped her heels on. Michelle moaned as she rolled over to her back.. laying there. Reassured that Michelle was all right, Jane picked up her purse and briefcase and slowly walked toward the door, looking down one last time to make sure Michelle was going to be all right. She had already sat up and was still a little groggy, but she was going to be ok. .. although she was going to have one hell of a headache. Jane walked out of the office, slowly walking to the elevator, still catching her breath. A few minutes later she was driving to her apartment. As she drove home, it was still raining.... not as heavy as it was earlier, but still raining.. along with a few flashes of lighting and thunder in the distance. She thought of what had just happened... about how Michelle seemed unstoppable... relentless... how Michelle just wanted to keep fucking and fucking and fucking... How could she last so long?... How did she maintain her strength? Jane had never been with anyone who could just keep going and going like Michelle had just done. Then she thought about Michelle's huge tits.. and about all of the nipple-cum that had squirted from her massive nipples. Jane did not understand how that was possible. By the time she walked into her apartment she had mostly recovered... her breathing had returned to normal.. but she was exhausted. She took a long shower before slipping into her bed... her thoughts turning to Wendy and Angel as she drifted off into a deep restful sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle sat there on the carpet for sometime before she finally got to her feet. Her head hurt. She was woozy. She reached up and felt the knot on her head. “Fucking bitch! I'll get even with you.. you goddamn whore!"

To be continued