By AngelDawn30

Second Friday

It was six o'clock Friday evening and Jennifer had just arrived at Joe's pub and was getting ready to clock in and work the evening shift when her cell phone buzzed... It was a text from Emily

Emily: What's up bitch?

Jennifer: Fuck U

Emily: U say that a lot

Jennifer: What do u want?

Emily: I want to fuck u

Jennifer: In your dreams

Emily: Tomorrow nite

Jennifer: What?”

Emily: Fuck u tomorrow nite

Emily: U there?

Emily: hello

Jennifer: Where?

Emily: My apartment

Jennifer: Just me and u?

Emily: yes

Jennifer: K When?

Emily: 8

Jennifer: K address?

Emily: 5480 LBJ # 202

Jennifer: K bitch

Emily: U better show up

Jennifer: U better be ready to fuck

Emily: Gonna fuck U all nite

Jennifer: Hope so

Emily: Bye slut

Jennifer: Fuck U

Jennifer placed her cell phone back in her purse. At last... she was going to teach that big-titted slut a lesson in fucking.

Emily smiled to herself... she could not wait to match her big tits and tight pussy against Jennifer's.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy and Ashley

Tina Morrison strutted into the security room at the Hotel Texas. Tina, still attending college, worked Friday evenings and Saturday evenings at the hotel. She monitored the many surveillance cameras that were positioned though out the hotel. Her responsibility was to watch for theft and/or other crimes that might take place, and if she witnessed illegal or confrontational activity she was to immediately report it to the security staff at the hotel. Tina was a brunette with lovely long hair flowing down past her shoulders. She was about five feet five inches tall and weighed about 120 pounds... when looking at her, you would assume that most of that weight was on her chest. Tina was blessed with an abundant bust that required a 34DD bra. Her big tits were capped with nice half inch long eraser nipples that were almost always erect. Measuring 39-24-34 she always drew stares from the staff and guests... and rightfully so... Tina was a knockout! She sat down in the chair in front of the many monitors as she sipped on a diet coke.. waiting for this evenings soap opera to play out in front of her eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy had already showered and put her make up on and was getting dressed for her rendezvous with Ashley. She had decided to wear the same 'little black dress' that she had worn the day she met Mark at the Hotel Texas. Her dress clung to her body like a second layer of skin, showing an ample amount of her huge tits and her toned legs. Her huge braless tits stood straight out in front of her and her nipples were already straining at the front of her black dress.. She lifted up the front of her dress and modeled the sheer lacy black panties she had chosen for this special occasion.. The matching four inch pumps gave her that added sexy look... she looked hot! She took one final look into the mirror... her long thick jet black hair was perfect.. the upper swells of her big tits were visible as was her deep cleavage. Her makeup was flawless.. she grabbed her clutch purse and headed out the door.. It was misting rain and she could see lighting flashing in the distance .. It was 6:30 when she stepped into her car and headed downtown to the hotel.

Ashley had been thinking about Joy all day... she was very pleased that she was going to have the opportunity to crush Joy's big tits with her own in front of everyone at Girlfriends on Sunday... but meeting Joy tonight was even more important to Ashley. She wanted revenge.. she wanted to prove to Joy that she was the better woman.. that her sexual skills were superior to Joy's... she wanted to out-fuck that whore! Ashley had chosen to wear the red dress that she was wearing when she caught Joy fucking Mark. It had a deep V neckline that plunged halfway between her tits and navel... Obviously she would not be wearing a bra... of course she did not need one.. As she looked at herself in the mirror, her massive tits were sticking straight out and look heavenly without the need of a bra.... her nipples were poking at the front of the dress, but that was ok with Ashley... It only made her look hotter. A matching red pair of see-through panties and a pair of four inch red pumps completed her attire... and just as she had looked that night when she went to the Hotel Texas to meet Mark, she once again looked like the devil in the red dress. It was time to go... time to go meet Joy... time to fuck... and fuck.. and fuck.. until Joy would surrender and admit that Ashley was the better woman. She put her cell phone in her matching red clutch purse and walked out the door... the deep sound of rolling thunder was in the distance as she stepped into her car .. a few minutes later she was driving downtown... anxious to fuck it out with Joy.

Ashley arrived at the Hotel Texas first... It was beginning to rain as she drove into the parking garage, parked her car, grabbed her purse and stepped out of her car. She could hear the rain beginning to come down harder and harder as she walked through the covered parking garage to the entrance to the hotel. Just as she was about to walk through the automatic doors which opened up into the lobby, a loud crack of lighting flashed behind her, the loud boom of the thunder startling her for a split second. She took a deep breath and walked into the hotel.

Joy had arrived a couple of minutes after Ashley. She pulled her car to the front of the hotel and stepped out, handing the keys to the valet parking attendant. With her clutch purse in her hand, Joy waltzed into the hotel and sauntered toward the front desk. Ashley was approaching the front desk from the opposite direction and as she made the final turn from the hallway that led from the parking garage to the lobby, she saw Joy... and Joy saw her. They both felt their clits twitch with deep sexual anticipation as their eyes locked .. continuing to strut toward each other. As they approached the front desk, they silently glared at each other before they stepped up to the counter. A young attractive Asian girl greeted Joy as Ashley, who was standing a few feet away, was greeted by an attractive young blonde girl.

“Joy Antonelli.”

“Yes Ms Antonelli.” the young Asian girl answered … “I have you staying in room 3025 for the night... it is already taken care of.. here is your key... the elevators are toward your left and right around the corner. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, thank you.”

“Enjoy your stay Ms. Antonelli.”

“I intend to.” Joy replied as she took the key from the clerk and began walking toward the elevators.

At the same time that Joy was checking in, Ashley was also checking in, and as Ashley took the key from the clerk, she turned and began strutting toward the elevators, a couple of steps behind Joy. A couple of men stopped and stared as Joy walked passed them.. her huge tits lightly bouncing up and down as her heels clicked across the marble floor... then they stared again as Ashley strutted by... her amazing tits bouncing slightly as she walked passed them. “Holy Shit!” one of the men said to the other one.. “Did you see that?”

“Oh yeah.” the other man replied.. “That will make your bag swell!”

“No shit.” They stood there, staring at those two fine hard asses until they turned the corner and were out of sight. “Damn.”

As Joy and Ashley swayed toward the elevators, several guests were waiting for the next elevator. They were standing a few feet apart as they turned toward each other and the glaring began again as they waited... their eyes were an open book .. each of them revealing to the other how angry they were... how much they hated each other.. and how much they wanted to sexually dominate each other. As the guests stepped onto an elevator, they waited. Joy and Ashley wanted the elevator all to themselves. As they waited they heard another booming rumble of thunder as a few more guests approached the elevator.... again they waited... the sexual tension growing between them as they lowered their eyes to each others massive tits. Joy and Ashley knew they were going to be titfighting each other on Sunday for the titfighting championship.. and they began to compare the others big tits with their own... each of them getting wet as they stared at each others heavy globes. Joy's clit twitched again and a faint whisper escaped her lips as she quietly moaned... a couple of seconds later she heard Ashley quietly gasp as Ashley's clit jerked. They were anxious to lock up... their nipples were aroused and straining at the front of their dresses … their cunts spasmed .. hungry vaginas sucking at the front of their thin sheer panties... they were overwhelmed with the need to fuck each other.

Tina had noticed them waiting for an elevator for several minutes... and at first wondered why they had not stepped into one of the many elevators that had come and gone while they were waiting .. then it dawned on her... they wanted to be alone on the elevator... “This looks interesting.” she said to herself as she watched and waited. Finally, after waiting several more minutes, Joy and Ashley stepped into an empty elevator and the door closed.. leaving the two of them alone. Joy pushed the button for the thirtieth floor and the elevator door closed as it began it's upward journey They both leaned over, dropping their clutch purses on the floor before hey stepped toward each other, mashing their huge E cup tits together.

“Oh my.” Tina whispered to herself as she watched the proceedings unfold before her eyes.

“You fucking bitch! I can't wait to smash my big tits into yours in the ring.” Joy hissed as she pushed her big tits against Ashley.

“You nasty cunt!.. My big tits are gonna flatten yours!” Ashley hissed as she pushed back with her huge tits.

“Oh my God!” Tina realized that they were talking about titfighting each other. Although she had never personally participated in this particular activity, she had heard rumors about it on campus. She slipped on a pair of headphones so she could hear better and listened in on their conversation.

“You better be ready for some serious compression, whore!, cause I am gonna flatten your big tits with mine!” Joy taunted her.

Ashley hissed her response ..“My babies are much harder than yours... so you better bring your 'A' game bitch!”

“We will just see about that you fucking slut... but tonight I am gonna fuck you sooooooo fucking hard, you fucking whore!”

Ashley snarled at Joy ...“Ha! I am going to drain every last drop of cum from your body, until there is no more cum left!”

Joy moved her face toward Ashley until their noses touched.. their eyes wide open as they glared at each other .. “Fuck you bitch!”

“Fuck you Whore!”

Tina watched... ready to call security at the first sight of physical violence. Suddenly the lights in the security room flickered and Tina's monitors blinked on and off a couple of times before coming back on … The lights in the elevator also went out for a split second before quickly coming back on. “You filthy Cunt!” Joy replied as they began pushing each other back and forth with their big tits.

“Fuck you Joy!” Ashley replied as they staggered around on their heels inside the elevator.. pushing against each other tit to tit.

“Fuck you Ashley!” Joy hissed. All of a sudden, without warning, they heard the muted sound of a lighting strike and felt the low rumble of thunder as the lights in the elevator flashed off and on a few times... then the lights went out and the elevator stopped moving, leaving Joy and Ashley in complete darkness. They were unaware that a bolt of lightning had just struck the main transformer that supplied electricity to the hotel. They were stranded … isolated … all alone.. locked up together in their own little private dark fuck prison.

Tina's screens went dark... the lights in the room went out.. “What the fuck?” She flipped on the switch to enable the emergency lighting... but apparently the lightning had burned some wires.. the back-up generators were not functioning. She picked up her cell phone and turned the light on... looking for and finding the battery back up lights for the security room... she pushed the button and two battery powered flood lights turned on.. dimly lighting up the room. Using her cell phone she dialed the emergency number for the electric company.. and within minutes they had a crew on their way.

“What the fuck?” Joy said as they stumbled around in the darkness.

“Shit!” Ashley replied as she pushed Joy away. Neither one of the hot bitches could see anything but black.... the darkest deepest black. Ashley held her hand in front of her face … nothing but black. “Fuck!” Suddenly she felt Joy's hands reaching... fingers on her chest.. then sliding up to her hair and grabbing... then jerking... “Owww!! You Bitch!” Ashley screamed at Joy as she reached with her hands, placing them on Joy's arms and trying to break Joy's hold on her hair. “Let go!”

“Fuck you Cunt!” Joy yelled at her in the darkness as she tugged on Ashley's hair. Ashley quickly slid her hands along Joy's arms, up to her shoulders and latched on to Joy's long black thick hair and yanked hard! “Owww!! Fucking CUNT!”

They blindly yanked and tugged on each other's hair, stumbling around in the small space of the elevator, stepping on their clutch purses with their heels ... cursing at each other... shaking each others head back and forth until Ashley pushed hard against Joy, slamming her against the carpeted wall of the elevator with a thud. She quickly released Joy's hair and moved her hands to the front of Joy's dress, digging her hands into her braless big tits and squeezing. “Take that you fucking slut!” Ashley yelled as she dug her nails into Joy's dense tits.

“Oww! Goddamn you!” Joy screamed as she let go of Ashley's blonde hair and found Ashley's big tits in the dark, jamming her nails into Ashley's firm tit-meat.

“Fucking Cunt!” Ashley screamed as she slipped her hands inside the front of Joy's black dress,, her hands squeezing Joy's big naked tits.

“Fucking Whore!” Joy yelled as she reached inside the front of Ashley's red dress.. digging her nails hard into Joy's dense tits. They squeezed each other in the darkness as hard as they could... hands clamping around big tits... nails pushing and digging into abundant dense breast flesh … squeezing … grabbing … tugging … pulling... jerking each others heavy globes up and down.

“Fucking Slut!” Ashley gasped … “You were fucking my boyfriend, you goddamn whore!”

“Unnnnn..” Joy moaned, “You were fucking my boyfriend, you stupid bitch!”

“Fuck you! I was fucking him before you met him!”

“Maybe he wanted to fuck a real woman!”

Joy reached out with her right leg and tripped Ashley... both of them stumbling to the floor with their hands still locked on each others big tits... rolling back and forth across the floor.. slamming their bodies into one side of the elevator before rolling back in the other direction until they slammed into the other side of the elevator... cursing and screaming at each other …




“Fucking Slut!”

Joy finally released her hold on Ashley's huge tits and reached down and jerked Ashley's hands away before getting up on her knees with her back against the wall. Ashley had also pushed herself up on her knees....there was dead silence for a couple of seconds before Joy's face snapped to the side as Ashley blindly swung her hand through the air.. 'SLAP!” “Aww, Fucking Cunt!” Joy raised her hand and swung her arm in the blacked-out elevator.. missing.. “You Piece of Shit!”

“Fuck you!” Ashley screamed as she swung her hand again.. this time her palm ricocheting off the top of Joy's head. “Dirty Bitch!”

Joy managed to grab Ashley's arm, yanking it hard.. causing Ashley to fall forward, their heavy tits slapping together as Ashley forced Joy's back up against the wall. Joy quickly wrapped her arms around Ashley and squeezed her huge tits against Ashley's big globes.. pulling them close together.. each of them had one tit out of her dress as they rubbed together... dragging their heavy tits back and forth across each other.. their covered tits finally working their way free of their dresses so that now all four big round naked globes of dense tit-meat were squishing and rubbing against each other... nipples stabbing into each other... heavy globes rolling back and forth together … their breathing was getting deeper and deeper as their mutual hate and lust for one another was fueling the flames of passion.

“I hate you!” Ashley hissed.

“I hate you more, you fucking tramp!” Joy gasped as they pushed their big naked tits back and forth against each other.

Several minutes of intense tit grinding soon ended as Joy pushed Ashley away and quickly got to her feet. Ashley also pushed herself up so that the two of them were standing in the dark... slowly moving around.. unsure of where their hated rival was. Ashley swung her hand in the air... missing... then she felt Joy push her from behind.. pushing Ashley's massive chest up against the carpeted wall with a 'thud'... momentarily knocking the breath out of Ashley.

“Aww you fucking cow!” Ashley hollered as she jabbed her elbow back.. hitting Joy squarely in her big left tit.

“Owww! You Cunt!” Joy gasped as she stepped back and once again they were circling each other in total darkness.. “Where are you bitch!?

“I'm right here you cheating whore!”

Joy swung her hand in the air, attempting to slap Ashley but she missed... there was absolutely no light as they cautiously and quietly stepped around inside their dark prison. 'Smack!' Ashley's open hand connected with Joy's huge left tit.. stinging her skin.. as Joy immediately responded with a 'Slap' to Ashley's left tit.. Now that they knew where the other was, they began trading slaps to each others big round globes.. blindly slapping at each other's tits... sometimes they would land a good solid blow.. sometimes their open palms would miss.... sometimes they would slap their open hands against each other .. but they kept swinging at each other, landing several hard slaps to each others big tits. It was then that their fight took a different direction as Ashley felt Joy's hands grabbing her own big tits.. squeezing them hard.. Once again, Ashley responded as she reached out and found Joy's huge tits as they once again began squeezing and pushing hard on each others huge racks.

Joy taunted Ashley ...“Too bad your tits are so little.”

“You stupid Bitch!!.. My tits are much bigger than your wimpy little tits!”

“In your dreams whore!”

“Fuck you!” Joy was seething with anger as she slid her fingers over Ashley's stiff one inch long nipples and yanked on them hard.. causing Ashley to gasp.

“Ow!... Fucking Slut!!... so you wanna play rough? I'll show you fucking rough!!” Ashley was pissed off as she found Joy's hard nipples in the dark and dug her nails hard into Joy's stiff nipples... “Take that you fucking whore!”

“Unnnnnn.” Joy moaned from the pain as she pinched Ashley's big nipples in retaliation.. digging her nails into Ashley's ridged spikes... Their huge tits quivered with a combination of pain and pleasure as they pinched each others big nipples.. squeezing and tugging.. pulling and digging... Joy and Ashley were angry.. full of hate and revenge... but they were also anxious to lock their cunts together... they were hot for one another... and the need for each of them to prove who was the better woman and to prove who was the better fuck was overwhelming. As if they were reading a script from a movie, they stopped pinching each others nipples and began stroking them.. sliding their fingers up and down the length of each others ridged nipples.... sliding... rubbing .. jerking each other off... sliding their fingers up and down each others hard nipples.. up and down... up.. down... until they began to moan from the pleasure they were giving each other. For several minutes they stroked each others solid nipples with their fingers before Joy removed her fingers from Ashley's big nipples. Unable to see what Joy was doing, Ashley removed her fingers from Joy's hard nipples... and they both waited.. wondering what was happening... then Ashley heard wet slurping sounds.. and a moment later she felt wetness on their nipples... Joy had put her fingers in her mouth, bathing her fingers in spit and was now stroking Ashley's big nipples with her wet fingers.. sliding her fingers up and down Ashley's nipples. A few seconds later, Ashley had wet her on fingers with her hot saliva and was stroking Joy's nipples.... her spit covered fingers easily sliding up and down the length of Joy's thick nipples... stoking ,, sliding.. rubbing … moving her wet fingers up and down. They were jerking each others nipples off.. pushing each other toward a nipple orgasm and they began to moan with hateful pleasure.

Ashley hatefully teased Joy, “I think someone is going to have a nipple orgasm.”

“Fucking cunt! Your nipples are gonna cum first.” Joy challenged her hated rival.

Ashley responded, throwing a kink into Joy's challenge... “Of course my nipples are going to cum first you dumb whore! Mine are so much more sensitive and sexier than your feeble little nipples... that is why Mark loved fucking me... cause it was so easy for me to spray his face with nipple-cum.”

They continued to slide their fingers up and down each others nipples,, jacking each other off as Joy hissed .. “You ignorant whore!... I can't tell you how many times I covered Mark's face with my hot nipple-cum!”

“And I bet he had to suck as hard as he could to get a couple of drops of nipple-cum from those puny nipples.” Ashley taunted her.

“You fucking cunt!!! My big tits can squirt a lot more nipple-cum than yours!”

Ashley teased her again which only made Joy more angry ..“Oh Joy... you have no idea what you are talking about.”

“I guess I will have to fucking show you!”

Ashley was getting turned on and she finally acknowledged Joy's massive rack." Show me bitch! Show me how much fucking nipple-cum you have inside those big tits.”

Fingers were sliding up and down each others nipples a little quicker... pumping up and down each others hard nipples... stroking and sliding... up and down.. their breathing becoming deeper and deeper as Joy whispered ..“You love my big tits, don't you bitch?”

“I hate your big fucking tits!” Ashley whispered back as she took a few seconds to place her fingers in her mouth again.. covering them with spit and then once again placing her wet fingers on Joy's hard nipples.

Ashley felt Joy's fingers slip from her nipples then she heard Joy spitting, and a few seconds later she felt Joy's wet fingers sliding up and down her hard nipples again as Joy gasped ..“I hate your big fucking tits more, you nasty big-titted cunt!”

“You goddamn big-titted fucking slut! I fucking hate you and your big fucking tits!”

Joy and Ashley were panting .. they had been stroking and jacking off each others nipples for almost fifteen minutes... totally in the dark... unable to see their fingers sliding up and down each others nipples... but they could feel each other.. and they could sense the heat from one another.. and their minds pictured each others big nipples.. swollen and erect as they slid their wet fingers up and down each others nipples.

Joy moaned ...“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.”

Ashley gasped .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck”

Joy slid her fingers off Ashley's nipples and then pulled Ashley's fingers from her own nipples as she pushed her heavy tits into Ashley's dense globes... their weighty tits mushrooming together nipple to nipple. “I am gonna pump my nipple-cum inside your fucking big tits!”

Ashley moaned as she wrapped her arms around Joy, squeezing their big dense tits together ...“Fuck you whore! I am gonna pump my nipple-cum inside your fucking big tits!”

Their crazed lust for each other was driving them toward an orgasm.. “Come on whore! Let's pump our fucking nipple-cum into each others big tits!” Joy gasped as she placed her arms around Ashley and pulled their enormous heaving tits even tighter together.

“Ohhhhhhhhh you nasty fucking bitch!”

“Dirty fucking slut!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Ohhhhh God... Unnnnnnnnn FUCK!”

Ashley gasped as she hugged Ashley tight with her arms.. “Get ready you fucking whore!!”

Joy moaned deeply .. “Here it cums you fucking bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!” Ashley gasped as she felt her clit twitching and her nipples began to squirt hot nipple-cum as her pussy began to gush sweet girl-cum... soaking her panties.

Joy moaned as her clit jerked and her pussy gushed. .. spraying into her panties … her hard nipples pumping her sweet sticky nipple-cum between their mushroomed tits. “Ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”



“Ahhhhhhhhh you whore!!! Can you feel my nipples squirting?”

“Unnnnnnn... fucking nasty bitch!!!... I'm pumping soooooo fucking much cum out of my big tits!”

Again their vaginas contracted... their clits pulsing and vibrating with pleasure as they gushed into their panties again... their hot nipple-cum mixing together between their mashed tits.

“Fuck!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“I'm Cummmmmmmmming you fucking Whore!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God … I hate you!”

“You goddamn whoring slut! I fucking hate you!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Joy gasped as she began to cum again.. “Ahhhhh ah ah ahhhh Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Ashley moaned with pleasure … “Ohhhhhh fuck... fuck fuck fuck! Cummmmmmmmming!”

Their hot sticky nipple cum began seeping out around their mushroomed tits.. running down the underside of their heavy globes and down their abs... “Can you feel my hot nipple-cum running down our abs bitch?” Joy whispered in Ashley's ear.

“That's my hot nipple-cum running that's running down our abs, you fucking whore!” Joy whispered back.

“Bullshit! It's my nipple-cum!”

“Fuck you! It's my nipple-cum!”

Their soaked panties were spreading their wetness on their inner thighs as they shook against each other.. tits trembling .. arms wrapped tightly around each other as they squeezed their huge tits together... panting... hips jerking … their big swollen tits sliding against each other in their nipple-cum. Pussy cum was dripping from their wet saturated panties as they held each other for a couple of more minutes.. both hot angry bitches caught up in the moment as they ground their big tits together... loving the feel of naked tit pushing and rubbing against naked tit. Ashley slid her hands down and cupped Joy's hard ass and then slowly began to pull up on Joy's dress... until she had tugged it up around Joy's waist.. then she put her hands back on Joy's hard ass cheeks and squeezed as the low rumble of thunder could be heard in the background.

“Ummmmmmm.” Joy panted as she used her hands to work Ashley's sexy red dress up over her hips and clutched Ashley's tight buttocks in her hands... they continued to grind their big tits together as they squeezed and kneaded each others dense hard powerful glutes... fingers digging into the well developed muscles of each others asses. Joy leaned forward in the darkness.. brushing her left cheek against Ashley's left cheek and whispering in her ear .. “You nasty piece of trash.”

Ashley whispered back as she squeezed Joy's buttocks.. sliding her heavy wet tits back and forth across Joy's, their hard nipples flicking .. “Dirty filthy Cunt!”

They continued to slide and push their heavy tits against each other for several more minutes as they squeezed each others tight buttocks, until Joy pushed her thigh between Ashley's thighs and began humping Ashley's wet panties with the top of her smooth firm thigh.. “How does that feel, whore!?

Ashley moved her thigh between Joy's thighs and pushed against Joy's wet panties.. sliding her smooth firm thigh up and down against Joy crotch. “You nasty cunt!” Their thighs were already wet from their orgasm and now they were sliding their wet thighs against each other.. rubbing the front of each others soaked panties with their wet thighs as they began moving their hips.. humping each others thighs with their wet panties. Their hands still had each others dresses pulled up around their waists as they dug their nails into each others hard ass cheeks.... moaning... humping.. sliding the front of their wet panties up and down each others firm athletic thighs... gasping into each others ear.. rubbing.. riding... humping... moaning... sliding... fucking each other with their thighs.

Joy felt Ashley moving away and bending over... before she realized what Ashley was doing, she felt her panties being tugged down her legs, until Ashley had pulled them all the way down to her heels. Joy lifted one heel at a time as Ashley pulled the wet panties off of Joy... then Joy felt Ashley's hands sliding up the back of her legs.. over her thighs, until, once again, Ashley's hands were gripping her hard buttocks. Joy reached out in the darkness,, moving her hands around until she realized that Ashley was on her knees, kneeling in front of her.... she grabbed Ashley's hair as she felt Ashley's hot breath on her naked cunt... then lips.... then her tongue... Ashley was licking Joy's pussy.. sliding her tongue up and down Joy's wet slit... “Unnnnnnnn.... you nasty cunt licker.” Joy moaned as she wrapped her fingers around Ashley's long blonde hair. “Lick my cunt, you bitch!” Ashley moved her tongue up and down.. licking...tasting Joy's sweet pussy juice.. stroking.. lapping... slurping... sliding her tongue up and down Joy's wet slit... moving her tongue up and down between the sticky folds of Joy's pussy.. up and down... licking.. sliding.. up .. down .. up.. and down... Joy was rocking her hips.. thrusting against Ashley's wet tongue as Ashley kept licking... up and down.... “Suck it … Suck my clit whore!”

Ashley moved her face up.. her tongue licking up to the top of Joy's wet slit and to her hard clit.... fastening her lips around Joy's throbbing clit.. and then she began sucking.. tugging and pulling on Joy's sensitive clit with her lips... sucking and slurping as she pushed two fingers up inside Joy's vagina and began sliding her fingers in and out..pushing .. stroking....finger fucking Joy's hot cunt. “Mmmmm,” Ashley moaned as she sucked and fingered Joy's soaked pussy.

Joy squealed ...“Ohhhhhh you little bitch... yessss... show me how a whore sucks pussy!” As she continued to suck on Joy's clit, Ashley pushed her fingers deep inside Joy's pussy … as far as she could reach.. then she spread her fingers apart inside Joy and began twisting her hand back and forth … rotating her spread fingers around and around inside Joy's tight vagina... her mouth sucking harder and harder on Joy's clit as her tongue licked up and down her sensitive pleasure bud. Joy began moving her hips a little quicker against Ashley's hot mouth and twisting fingers... humping her pussy against Ashley's wet mouth.... “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy gasped as Ashley pulled and tugged on her clit with her lips.... her tongue stroking up and down... licking Joy's clit with her tongue as she sucked Joy's clit with her lips... her fingers once again began pumping in and out... sliding faster and faster in and out of Joy's wet sticky vagina... Joy was going to cum.... she tightened her grip on Ashley's hair as Ashley kept licking and sucking and fingering Joy's hot twat … thrusting... fingers sliding in and out.. lips sucking.. tongue licking... Joy's hips began to jerk.... she pulled Ashley's wet face tighter against her cunt as she began to tremble... “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn FUCK!”

Ashley pulled her mouth away from Joy's clit with a slurping 'pop' sound as she gasped.. “Cum for me bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God!” Joy moaned as Ashley fastened her sucking lips tightly around her clit again and she began to cum... pleasure rushing through her body as she trembled.. her big tits shaking.. her hips jerking... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Ohhhh.. fucking WHORE! … Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Joy's cunt gushed... spraying around Ashley's pumping fingers as Ashley sucked hard on her clit... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Yesssssssss cum you fucking whore!” Ashley gasped as she pulled her sucking lips off of Joy's clit as she slid her fingers out of Joy's vagina... and quickly covered Joy's gushing vagina with her open mouth … sucking … sucking Joy's girl-cum.. licking.. slurping... drinking... swallowing... sucking ..

“Cummmmmmming!” Joy moaned as Ashley devoured her pussy with her mouth. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

Ashley continued to suck and slurp at Joy's juicy cunt until Joy pulled Ashley's face away from her pussy... and with her hands still in Ashley's hair, she tugged.. pulling Ashley back up to her feet as they moved their faces toward each other in total darkness... until Joy's nose touched Ashley's face just below her mouth.. As Joy moved her face up. Ashley moved her face down until their open mouths met and Ashley shared Joy's sweet pussy cum in a long deep wet kiss. They swirled their wet tongues together, swapping spit for several minutes before Joy pulled her mouth away from Ashley. The two hot bitches could not see the strings of spit connecting their lips and tongues in the total darkness of the elevator as they pulled apart. “Mmmm, did you like that?” Ashley whispered in the dark.

“I've had better.” Joy replied with a haughty attitude.

Ashley raised her voice as she slammed their big naked tits together. .. “Fuck you.”

Their hands found each others shoulders in the darkness, and with a good grip on each other, they slapped their massive tits together .. 'Slap!' “I can't wait until I get you in the titfight ring.” … 'Smack!'

“Neither can I bitch!” “Whap!'

“I fucking hate you, you nasty whore!” “Slap!'

“I hate you more!” 'Smack!'

“Goddamn whore!” 'Smash!'

“Fucking slut!” 'Whack!'

Their cunts continued to seep pussy juice as they slammed their huge tits together, again and again.... their lust for each other was incredible... their desire to seek revenge against each other was extreme... Joy and Ashley wanted, more than anything, to out-fuck each other.... their mutual hate fueled their passionate lust... and their lust fueled their hatred.

“Smack!' “Ouuuuuuu.”

'Slap!' “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

'Thwack!' “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

'Whop!' “Unnnnnnnnnn.”

They were really popping their huge tits together... slapping them hard against each other.... grunting and moaning each time their big heavy tits met head on.. Five minutes elapsed as they pounded their over-sized tits together.. slapping and smacking.. whacking and clapping... their hard nipples meeting head on and drilling deep into each others dense tit-meat with each forceful blow.

'Slap!' “Cunt!”

'Smack!' “Whore!”

'Whack' “Slut!”

'Whap!' “Bitch!”

Joy released her grip on Ashley's shoulders and stepped back.. then swung her right hand.. slapping Ashley's big left tit … 'Slap!'

“You fucking bitch!” Ashley yelled as she swung her right hand, connecting with Joy's big left tit with a loud 'Smack!'

'Whack!' “Fucking whore!”

'Slap!' “Fuck you!”

'Smack!' “Fuck you bitch!”

'Slap!' “Goddamn Cunt!” Ashley hissed as she reached up and caught Joy's swinging arm and yanked their big tits together again as she reached around with her right hand and pulled Joy into her... their huge tits mushrooming.. “Get a good feel of my big tits, you fucking whore!”

Joy pushed her heavy tits into Ashley's... “You get a good feel of my big tits, you fucking piece of trash!”

They stood there in the darkness.. grinding their huge tits together... arms wrapped around each other in a tight bear-hug .. pushing against each other.. moving their heavy tits up and down and left and right against each other... feeling and searching for weakness … both of them very aware that they were evenly matched... both of them knowing that the other was a worthy adversary. “Show me some compression bitch!”

Joy squeezed tighter as she gasped in response.. “Ill show you some fucking compression you big-titted whore!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Ashley moaned as she squeezed her arms around Joy as tight as she could.. forcing their abundant tits together until they were mushroomed together as much as was possible. Squeezing … pushing ….. it was no longer possible for them to slide their big tits up and down and back and forth against each other... all they could do was push and grind... grinding their big weighty tits head on into each other.. desperately trying to flatten each other huge tits with their own dense tits.. pushing.. grinding.. shoving .. squeezing together until it was becoming difficult to breathe. Sweat was running down their abs... they were leaning their upper bodies against each other.. using their strong athletic legs to push against each other.. grinding .. their nipples were burning... Joy's pussy was dripping... pussy juice dripping to the floor .. Ashley's pussy was soaking her already drenched panties. … they were on fire for each other.

As they kept the enormous pressure on each others tits, Ashley heard a faint squishing sound... barely audible above the sounds of their deep breathing..... 'Puti!' Joy spit on Ashley's face! “Ahhhhh! Goddamn you!” Ashley screamed as the big glob of spit landed on her right cheek... she quickly spit back.. projecting her own spittle from her mouth.. hitting Joy right in her open mouth.

“Unnn, you fucking bitch!” Joy screamed as she spit back.. her spit splattering across Ashley's mouth and chin. For the next couple of minutes they spit at each other.. back and forth... globs of bubbly spit flying through the air and splattering on each others faces until their mixed spit was stringing from their chins... It was vulgar and nasty, and it was only adding fuel to the uncontrolled fire of lust that was flaming inside their cunts.

“You nasty whore!” Ashley groaned as she released her arms from around Joy and placed her hands on Joy's wet cheeks, cupping Joy's face with the palms of her hands.. A moment later Joy's hands were cupping Ashley's face as they moved their mouths toward each other in the pitch black elevator... slowly their lips advanced toward each other until they brushed against each other... then Ashley spit again... a thick glob of spit landing on Joy's upper lip and flowing down into her mouth... with their wet lips still lightly brushing together, Joy spit a big wad of spit back into Ashley's mouth and then planted her lips tightly against Ashley's as they locked their wide open mouths together in a deep messy kiss... their mixed spit drooling down from their chins.. stringing down into the deep cleavage of their mushroomed tits. Tongues licking inside each others mouths... slurping and sliding in the thick wetness... their wet faces sliding together as they tongue wrestled.. pushing their hot tongues together, sliding.. rubbing .. spit drooling off their lower lips.

“Filthy cunt!” Joy gasped as they separated from their long deep wet kiss.. thick strings of spit looping between their parted lips... “You are so fucking nasty.”

“Nastier than you are.” Ashley gasped as she swayed.. flicking their hard nipples across each other.

“No one is as nasty as I am.” Joy purred.

“Why don't you show me whore... show me how nasty you are.”

“With pleasure, whore.” Joy dropped down to her knees in front of Ashley, her hands moving around behind Ashley and lifting her dress up above her waist.... then she slipped her fingers inside the back of Ashley's panties and tugged them down over her hips.. sliding down... over her thighs.. and down to the floor... then slipping them off as Ashley lifted one heel at a time. “Turn around you nasty slut.” Joy whispered as Ashley turned around... “Now bend over like a good little bitch.”

“Fuck you.” Ashley whispered as she reached out into the darkness with her hands... reaching... but she could feel nothing... she took a step forward and her hands made contact with the carpeted wall of the elevator... she then braced herself with her hands.. and slowly let her hands slide down the carpet as she inched her way backwards.. bending over at the waist with her legs spread apart. She momentarily braced herself against the wall with one hand as she reached down and pulled her dress up over her hips and around her waist, then returned her hand to the wall... once again bracing herself against the wall.

Joy inched her way forward on her knees until her face was close to Ashley's naked buttocks.. using her hands in the darkness, she reached for and found Ashley's hard ass-cheeks .. then inched forward until she could extend her tongue and lick Ashley's firm tight buttocks.. licking up.. licking down... rubbing her wet face on Ashley's hard buttocks... first the left, then the right... leaving a trail of spit on Ashley's buttocks as her fingers moved up and down Ashley's inner thighs,, stroking.. rubbing... sliding against Ashley's wet thighs. Joy was impressed at how firm and tight Ashley's buttocks were as she moved her face up and down Ashley's firm tight skin. “Mmmmmm.” Ashley moaned as Joy licked her buttocks.... then 'Smack!' Joy slapped Ashley's right ass cheek.... and again.. 'Slap!' “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley gasped.

'Slap!' .. “You like that, don't you bitch!” Joy spoke softly as she slapped Ashley's ass again .. 'Smack!'

“Unnnnnnn,, fuck you bitch!”

“You like it rough, don't you whore?” 'Slap!'

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley moaned as she swayed her ass back and forth. Reaching between Ashley's wet thighs, Joy began stroking Ashley's wet slit with her fingers.. sliding up and down between the hot folds of Ashley's pussy lips as Ashley moaned... “Ummmmmmmm.” It was not long before Joy had inserted two fingers inside Ashley's pussy and was finger fucking the hot blonde bitch... sliding her fingers in and out... reaching … stroking.. fingering... pushing her fingers in and out as Ashley sighed with pleasure. Both women were emotionally torn between their hatred for each other and their unbridled lust. They wanted to give and receive pleasure … but they also wanted to slap each other.. to physically dominate each other … but then again, they had an uncontrollable urge to sexually destroy each other... so their revenge fight kept swinging back and forth between lust and hate. One moment they wanted to slap each other.. they wanted to yank and tug on each others long hair... and the next moment they wanted to use each other for their own selfish sexual desires. The pendulum kept swinging back and forth inside their minds. At the moment, it was swinging toward pleasure as Ashley moaned .. “Mmmmmm, fuck my pussy you nasty bitch.”

Joy kept pumping her fingers in and out of Ashley's soaked cunt.. jamming them deep inside her vagina with each hard thrust... making squishing sounds as her fingers pushed in and out of Ashley's hot pussy... “Turn around whore.” Joy whispered as Ashley leaned back up and turned around as she leaned back against the carpeted wall of the elevator. She reached down and wrapped Joy's long thick black hair around her fingers as she tugged Joy's face toward her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley whimpered as Joy began licking her pussy.. sliding her tongue up and down and around and around. Joy moved her hands around Ashley's buttocks and began squeezing and kneading Ashley's hard buttocks as her tongue slid up and down Ashley's wet sticky pussy.. licking.. sliding.. up … down.. over and over as Ashley began moaning more and more... “Suck it bitch … suck my clit.” Joy raised her face a couple of inches and fastened her lips around Ashley's hard throbbing protruding clit.. drawing it deep between her full moist wet lips. As she began sucking Ashley's clit with her mouth, Joy moved her right hand from Ashley's left ass cheek and within seconds she was once again pushing two fingers up inside Ashley's wet vagina. “Ouuuuuuuuuu yes.. yes, just like that... Oh you dirty fucking whore.” Joy sucked hard on Ashley's clit.. her cheeks hollowing as she sucked and tugged on Ashley's vibrating clit.. her fingers slamming in and out of Ashley's hungry pussy.. sliding and thrusting.. pushing and shoving... pumping her fingers hard... in and out... the palm of her hand slapping against Ashley's pussy lips each time she pushed her fingers all the way inside Ashley's cunt … 'smack' .. 'slap' .. 'slap' . .. 'smack'... slurping and sucking sounds were coming from Joy's mouth as she sucked hard on Ashley's swollen clit... her tongue licking up and down Ashley's clit as she sucked it deep into her hot mouth. “Ohhhhhhhhh God!” Ashley was getting close to an orgasm... Joy's fingers and mouth were bringing her closer and closer to the point of no return with each passing second.

Joy paused her sucking as she whispered ...“You are about to cum... aren't you whore?” She quickly wrapped her lips around Ashley's clit again and resumed sucking.

“Oh fuck yes.. I am so fucking close.” Ashley panted.

Joy pulled her mouth off of Ashley's clit with a slurping sound ...“Yeah?” Joy whispered as she twisted her fingers around inside Ashley's vagina.

“Oh God yes!”

Joy slid her other hand off of Ashley's ass cheek as she leaned back, pulling her fingers out of Ashley's pussy... she quickly got to her feet as she took another step back... “Fuck you Bitch! .. You can get yourself off!”

Ashley yelled at Joy in the pitch blackness … “You goddamn fucking whore!” She leaped forward with her hands out... but Joy had stepped to the side in the darkness and Ashley slammed into the opposite wall of the elevator .. “Fucking cunt!! Where the fuck are you?”

“I'm right here.. Come and get me bitch!”

Ashley extended her arms.. reaching out in the darkness... Joy was also blindly reaching out... and it did not take long for the two angry bitches to find each other in the small elevator. Joy's hand touched Ashley's arm and she quickly grabbed it.. yanking Ashley spinning her around and into the wall. There was a muffled thud sound as Ashley's left shoulder slammed into the wall.. she quickly slapped at Joy, hitting Joy's arm with the palm of her hand as Joy stepped back... once again they were in the darkness.. with only the sound of their labored breathing. Ashley was seething with anger as she jumped forward with her arms outstretched to her sides... her left arm smacking the back of Joy's neck. Ashley reached out where she thought Joy's face would be and grabbed Joy's hair in both of her hands. As Joy tried to spin around, Ashley jerked hard.. throwing Joy up against the carpeted wall... with her hands still wrapped around Joy's hair, Ashley yanked Joy's head down, thrusting her left knee up at the same time and slamming her knee into Joy's tummy.. “Uhhhhhhhgggggggg!” Joy cried out as she dropped to her knees... gasping for air. Ashley moved her hands to Joy's shoulders and pushed her backwards.. Joy falling on her back with her legs extended out in front of her. Knowing she had the advantage, Ashley jumped on top of Joy, pinning her to the floor.

“Fucking cunt! .. I fucking hate you Joy!”

“Get off me bitch!” Joy yelled loudly.

Keeping Joy's arms pinned to the floor, Ashley lifted herself up and moved forward, planting her wet cunt down on Joy's face … “Eat me you fucking piece of shit!”

“Fuck you!” Joy mumbled with Ashley's pussy covering her mouth. She bucked her hips up but could not throw Ashley off... so she opened her mouth and sucked Ashley's pussy lips inside her mouth... then she bared her teeth and bit Ashley's pussy lips!

“Oww!!!” Ashley screamed. “Fucking Bitch!!!” She let go of Joy's arms and rolled away.. gasping... “You fucking bitch!!!” She stumbled to her feet and then kicked with her heel at Joy.. hitting the wall of the elevator with her foot. “Goddamn whore! I'm gonna fuck you up!” Again she searched for Joy in the darkness... until she found her.. her hand touching the front of Joy's black dress... and she yanked down hard... you could hear the dress tearing as Ashley ripped it right down the middle.

“Goddamn you!!” Joy yelled as she reached out and grabbed the front of Ashley's red dress.. pulling and tugging... until it ripped... “Fucking cunt!! I hate you!!”

“I hate you!!”

They stumbled around in their heels.. slamming into one wall and then another, desperately trying to keep their balance as they continued to claw at each others dresses... ripping.. shredding... until they placed their nails on each others tits.. “I'm gonna rip your fucking tits off you goddamn whore!” Joy screamed as she raked her nails down Ashley's huge globes …

“Unnnnnnn! Fucking cunt!” Ashley screamed at Joy as she dug her nails deep into Joy's dense tit-meat and raked hard...

“Owwwwwwwwww!!! You Cunt!” Joy gasped in pain as she released Ashley's big tits and swung her hand hard.. connecting with Ashley's left cheek. Ashley slapped back, landing a solid palm to Joy's left cheek. Full of hatred, they blindly swung at each other, hitting and missing in the darkness... standing toe to toe.. slapping each other again and again...

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

Suddenly the lights in the elevator flickered a couple of times.. long enough for them to see the red marks on each others big tits... and long enough for them to see each others torn and ripped dresses... then they were in total darkness again. Hands moving to each others hair as they jerked each other around inside their dark prison... slamming each other against the walls.. back and forth.. thudding sounds... gasping.. panting... cursing each other at the same time...





Again the lights flickered a few times.. then stayed on... and the elevator began moving upward. Tina's monitors came on and off a few times as they security system re-booted. “Where are they?” Tina thought to herself.. then the security screens for the elevators came on.. and they were...Joy and Ashley were glaring at each other as they tried to cover up their naked tits as best as they could.. but Joy's dressed was ripped to the point that there was no way she could cover up her huge right tit... “Look what you did to my dress you fucking whore!”

“Well look at what you did to my dress you bitch!” Ashley said as she managed to get both of her big tits covered up... barely.... she leaned over and picked up her clutch purse and her panties as Joy reached down and grabbed her panties and her clutch purse. They stuffed their soaked panties inside what was left of their dresses … Joy had to cover her exposed tit with her purse and Ashley had to hold the front of her dress together with her free hand as they glared at each other until the elevator stopped at the thirtieth floor. They cautiously stepped out of the elevator, peeking down the hallway and were relieved that no one was there.

Tina was watching all of this unfold on the security screen as Joy and Ashley stepped hurriedly to room 3025. Tina was about to call security and send someone to room 3025 when she noticed that the two women stopped in front of the door. She watched as the blonde grabbed the black haired woman's hair and whipped her across the hallway.. slamming her up against the opposite wall from the door to their room. Tina started to dial the number for security but then paused... “Oh my God!” Tina whispered to herself... the two hot big-titted bitches had dropped their clutch purses on the floor in the hallway and had their both of their hands in each others hair.. jerking each other back and forth...Their big tits had slipped out of their torn dresses and were bulging against each other... hot naked skin burning against hot naked skin. .. and then, suddenly, the black haired woman pushed the blonde up against the wall... pinning her against the wall tit to tit.. then covered the blonde's lips with her own.. “Holy Shit! They are kissing!” It was a hard kiss... Tina could see their cheeks rippling from their swirling tongues that were locked in their own private war deep inside each others mouths. The blonde finally pushed the black haired woman away.. spitting on her face and pushing her across the hall... pinning her against the door to room 3025... She plastered her mouth against the dark haired bitch.. Tina could see their eyes.. they were wide open... glaring at each other as they shared their hard kiss.... Tina's clit twitched .. “Oh my God!” she whispered as Joy and Ashley shared their long deep hate kiss in the hallway. She now knew for certain... these two women were settling things between them... as only two hot bitches can do... woman to woman. Tina wrote down the room number on a piece of paper as Joy and Ashley broke their long kiss.. again glaring at each other. Tina could see them whispering to each other with their noses touching, but she could not hear what they were saying.. although she could read a few words that escaped from their lips... like 'bitch' and 'fuck'. For more than a minute they remained nose to nose as they continued their catty conversation before the black haired bitch pushed the blonde haired bitch away and turned around and slipped her key card into the slot and opened the door. The two hot big-titted bitches leaned over, their huge tits gently wobbling, as they picked up their clutch purses and stepped into the room.. Joy entering first, followed by Ashley. Tina was going to find out who these two big-titted bitches were... that information might come in handy someday.

After Ashley had entered the room, she closed, locked and chained the door before turning around and noticing the clock on the wall. It was eight forty-five. They had been stranded in the elevator for an hour and a half. They placed their clutch purses down on the table in the living area and then sat down in two chairs that were facing each other as they unfastened and slipped off their heels. With their eyes locked, they stood up and wiggled out of their tattered dresses, leaving them on the floor with their panties and heels. “Like what you see bitch?” Joy said as she widened her stance and placed her hands on her hips, posing for Ashley with her huge massive tits gently rising and falling on her chest with her breathing.

Ashley placed her hands on her hips and posed for Joy, as she widened her stance,, her huge tits sticking straight out.. “I don't see anything that compares to what you are looking at, you fucking whore.”

“Then you obviously need to take another look, bitch.”

They took a few minutes to drink in each others incredible bodies. Joy was amazed at how beautiful Ashley was... big round tits with hard inch long nipples... a nice small waist that flared out into her nice round hips.... Joy stared at Ashley's wet pussy..glistening with her sweet moisture .... shaved except for a little patch of tightly trimmed pubic hair right above her extended clit. Her long blonde hair flowed around her face and down her back... Ashley was fucking hot. Ashley was also staring... Joy was so fucking sexy.. with her flawless face and dark eyes and that long thick jet black hair... Ashley's clit throbbed as she began to squirm.. her eyes drifting down to Joy's massive tits.. so fucking big.. so fucking firm.. with nice hard sexy nipples... not quite as long as her own hard nipples.. but plenty long enough.. Joy's abs were solid.. her waist small.. her hips perfect... and her legs were to die for. Ashley stared for a long moment at Joy's wet cunt... and gasped as a drop of Joy's sweet pussy honey dripped to the floor. ... her pussy lips were swollen and extended.. there was a little patch of pubic hair about an inch wide and a couple of inches high right above her pulsing clit. Ashley's mouth began to water as she stared at this hot bitch standing in front of her. They began to compare their own hot bodies with each other. Whose tits were bigger? Who's cunt was sexier? Who had the harder ass?” Their eyes finally locked together again as Ashley whispered .. “Fuck you.”

“Fuck you.” Joy said as she cupped her huge tits and squeezed them.. “See how big and round and firm my big tits are?”

Ashley cupped her magnificent tits with her hands as she squeezed her own firm tits.. stroking her hard nipples with her thumbs. .. “Fuck you... Your tits are nothing compared to mine.”

Joy teased Ashley ..“You want to suck on my tits, don't you whore?”

“You want to suck on my pussy... You want to suck it really bad... I can tell.”

They continued to squeeze and play with their big tits for several more minutes until they slid their hands down to their wet cunts... each of them sliding their fingers up and down between the sticky folds of their wet pussys.

“My pussy is going to fuck your pussy sooooooooooo good.”

Ashley replied with a sultry voice... “Your pussy has never felt a pussy like mine... My cunt is going to drive you crazy.”

They began to finger their own pussys as they glared at each other... hate and lust burning with a scorching intensity. “I want to fuck you.” Ashley quietly moaned.

“Ummmmmm.. I want to fuck you too bitch.” Joy gasped as she pulled her wet sticky fingers out of her pussy and began walking toward the bedroom with Ashley following a few steps behind. Ashley pointed to the bed ..sneering .. “That is where I saw Mark pumping his big dick in and out of your nasty cunt!”

“Did you like it when he pumped his big load of cum deep inside my pussy?”

“You fucking bitch!” Ashley hissed.

Joy taunted her ...“He told me I was the best fuck he had ever had.”

“You goddamn liar! I can't tell you how many times he told me that my pussy was the tightest pussy he had ever fucked.”

Joy continued to toy with Ashley … “Oh Ashley.. he only said that to make you feel special.”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you Bitch!”

Ashley smirked as she spoke .. “I am soooo much going to enjoy fucking you until you beg me to stop.”

'Yeah right .. whatever.”

“Fuck you!”

“You are such a naive little bitch.”

“And you are obviously such an ignorant little whore.”

“Look at what you did to my tits... there are red marks!” Ashley hissed.

“And what in the fuck do you think these are on my tits, you bitch?”

“I fucking hate you!”

Joy walked over to the bed and turned down the comforter .. then turned to Ashley as she patted the sheets with her hand .. “Come on over here and let's settle this bitch.”

Ashley responded as she strutted toward the bed ..“Nothing would give me more pleasure than fucking your brains out, you filthy whore.”

“Cunt to cunt whore.” Joy spoke softly as she crawled up on the bed and spread her legs out in front of her.”

“Clit to clit bitch.” Ashley quietly spoke as she crawled up on the opposite end of the bed and sat down on her ass with her legs spread out in front of her.

“Until one of us surrenders.” Joy hissed.

“Until one of us passes out.” Ashley hissed back.

Placing their hands on the bed, they slowly inched toward each other.. burning with hate and desire... their smooth firm thighs began to slide against each other which only intensified their lustful need to fuck each other.. their smooth skin slowly sliding.. rubbing... caressing... as they almost completed the scissor.. stopping with their cunts about six inches apart.. Their hungry angry cunts began twitching as they stared at each others pussys. ... as if their cunts had a mind of their own.. and could sense their adversary … their throbbing clits could sense the presence of the enemy clit... their vaginas began drooling pussy juice as they prepared for sexual warfare. Their clits were swollen and throbbing... ready to crush the hated villainous cunt on the battlefield of sexual lust. As she propped up her upper body with her left hand on the mattress, Ashley reached down with her right hand and inserted two fingers up inside her burning vagina.. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she pulled her fingers out and held them up for Joy to see... Ashley then spread her fingers apart... honey-like pussy juice stringing between her fingers,, “See how wet I am bitch?”

Not to be outdone, Joy pushed two fingers up inside her own flowing vagina and swirled them around for a few seconds... as she slipped her fingers out of her pussy, Ashley could see Joy's sweet sticky pussy juice stringing from the opening of her vagina and connecting with Joy's fingers... “I think I am wetter than you are, bitch.” Joy whispered as she moved her hand back and forth, the strings of her pussy juice wobbling between her vagina and fingers. As they watched each other, they both began a vulgar lewd taunting of each other... slipping their fingers in their dripping cunts.. taking turns to see who could make the thickest strings of pussy juice... again and again they would dip their wet fingers inside their soaked vaginas.. then slowly pull their fingers out of their pussys... stringing strands of pussy juice between their fingers and their cunts. It was a nasty lustful lascivious competition between the two hot bitches. Ashley touched her sticky wet fingers to her pussy lips and slowly pulled her fingers away, watching, along with Joy, as fingers stuck to her pussy lips, and as she pulled her fingers back, her pussy lips stretched out until they finally peeled off her fingertips. “See how wet and sticky my pussy lips are bitch? Imagine how sticky they are going to feel when they are mashed tightly against yours.”

Joy repeated what Ashley had just done... touching her swollen labia with her fingers and stretching her pussy lips until they peeled away from her fingertips. “I am stickier than you are bitch... my cunt is so hot and wet and it is going to stick to yours like glue.”

Ashley scoffed ...“Fuck you bitch! If you want to glue our cunts together, then I am ready.”

Joy glared at Ashley ...“Oh you stupid little bitch... you have no idea how sticky I am. You are going to think my pussy juice is made of epoxy.”

“Bring it on Bitch!” Ashley snarled.

“With pleasure, you dirty whore!” Joy growled as she began inching her way toward Ashley.. and just as their wet sticky pussy lips were about to touch, Joy flexed her strong kegel muscles... her vagina contracted then opened up and sprayed a fine mist of her tacky pussy juice on Ashley's pussy.

“You fucking cunt!” Ashley replied as she grunted and flexed her own talented pussy … spraying a mist of her own sweet viscous pussy juice all over Joy's cunt.

“God!” Joy raised her voice.. “I fucking hate you bitch!”

Ashley moved her ass forward as their hot wet clingy pussy lips melted together.. spreading out against each other.. smearing their gluey tacky wetness into each other. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley gasped as she felt the hot heat radiating from Joy's burning pussy.

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Joy moaned as her pussy melted against Ashley's scorching hot pussy.

They both tilted their hips to the left, as they pushed into each other.. squishing their heated pussy lips tightly together as their throbbing clits met head to head. The pleasure was immense... it felt like an all consuming fire was burning out of control inside their pussys... their clits began to tremble against each other, burning and searing together in a blistering heat that welded their swollen throbbing clits together... the opening of their vaginas had lined up perfectly together.. their hot sticky pussy juice mixing together as they slurped their mixed intoxicating sexual liquor back and forth between their sucking vaginas. It felt like hell was on fire. .. and within a few seconds of mating their cunts together they were cumming.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!” Joy screamed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God!” Ashley moaned as her vagina contracted and spewed girl-cum into Joy's hot cunt. Her clit jerked hard against Joy's as she cried out .. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming.”

Joy was screaming at the very exact same moment, as her clit vibrated against Ashley's and her pussy released a gush of girl-cum... shooting right into Ashley's spewing pussy... their girl-cum shooting a foot straight up into the air between their grinding cunts and splashing all over their abs and thighs.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming you fucking whore!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh I fucking HATE you... Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Again and again, their wet vagina's clinched together.. gushing into each others cunts... their clits throbbing from one hard spasm to the next... over and over... they had just touched their cunts together for only a few seconds and now they were having multiple orgasms together … hips jerking... Hands squeezing their own big tits … panting... gasping.. pushing their hungry wet open fuck-holes tightly together as their bodies trembled together.


“Ahhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhh God... gonna … gonna... oh fuck.... ah ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhhh Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Ohhhhhhhhhhh My God! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhh you fucking slut!... Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming... you nasty whore!”

They moaned and gasped together for several more minutes.. intense after shocks rippling through their heated bodies until they finally fell back on their backs with their cunts glued tightly together... their big heavy tits with their hard extended nipples moving up and down on their chests from their labored breathing... gasping and panting... quietly absorbing the deep pleasure from each others bodies.

“Mmmmmm that was unbelievable.” Joy moaned.

Ashley whispered back … “Yes it was... I never imagined.”

“Me either... you can have Mark.”

“Take back that dirty lying cheating bastard? … no fucking way. You can have him.”

“I would rather fuck you any day of the week.” Joy sighed.

“I would rather fuck you Joy.”

“Then fuck me Ashley … fuck me.”

“Fuck me Joy... fuck me.”

They slowly began rocking their hips.. grinding their sloppy wet cunts together.. pushing tight against each other.. their mixed girl-cum squishing out around their pressed pussy lips as they forced their open cunts together.. tighter and tighter... fucking each other deeply... trying to push their cunts inside each other as they pressed and pushed.. squishing and grinding .. humping together... fucking … grinding .. minute after minute.. on and on .. rubbing their throbbing clits together...grinding … thrusting.. hands pulling and tugging on their hard nipples... moaning … fucking … gasping … grinding... ten minutes turned into twenty minutes.. then thirty minutes... grinding.. scissoring.. tribbing.. fucking... sweating... moaning and sighing as they squished and ground their pussys together.. rubbing and flicking their sensitive clits together again and again... until they were lost in the moment... nothing mattered but the deep pleasure radiating from their clits... nothing else was important except for their wet cunts clinging and slurping together... the only thing that mattered to Joy and Ashley was fucking each other... riding each other .. using each other... It was an amazing fuck experience for both hot bitches.. they moved together so perfectly... their cunts locked together with such precision … it was as if they both had been created to meet each other and to fuck each other... to grind together... to squish together.. it seemed that was the purpose for their lives... to fuck each other.. to melt together... to fuse together... to fuck and fuck and fuck... it was amazing.. extraordinary.. surreal.

Another hour had passed.. several times they had approached an orgasm, only to stop.. to pause.. letting the moment slip away... only to begin fucking again.. they wanted it to last forever... the pleasure was intense.. and they would allow it to build and build to the point of an eruption.. only to stop.. and patiently wait... before once again resuming their heated climb to the pinnacle of release... they rocked and moved their hips together.. carefully calculating every thrust... until once again they had to stop... but Joy wanted release... they had been fucking for a long time... and her body ached with the need for an orgasm... she slowly flicked Ashley's burning clit one more time.. then pushed her clit head on into Ashley's and waited... their clits throbbed against each other... the throbbing turning into vibrating.. and the vibrating turned into jerking... Ashley knew it was too late to halt the rush of pleasure that was beginning to flow through her body, so she flicked her hard jerking clit across Joy's one more time... that was all it took. They gasped together as the pleasure raced through every nerve in their body.. jolting their clits with an intense current of pleasure... they tossed their heads back... moaning.. hands clutching at their big tits... their bodies began shaking... and their cunts erupted against each other... gushing and spewing hot girl-cum.. splashing each others pussys... squirting up in the air from between their grinding cunts.



Joy and Ashley panted and moaned and wheezed as they gasped for air... one orgasm following another orgasm as their hips jerked and their clits spasmed together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ummmmmmmmm ah ah ahhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!”

Gushing … panting … grinding …. it was such an incredibly intense physical release as they continued to cum together.... again and again.... orgasm after orgasm.. leaving them breathless. They laid there for several minutes after the orgasms finally ceased.. catching their breath. With their wet pussys still pressing together and their clits still pulsing against each other, Joy lifted her head up and looked at Ashley... “Why are we fighting about Mark?”

Ashley placed her hands on the bed and lifted her upper body... “This has nothing to do with Mark... it was never about Mark.”

“I wanted to fuck you the moment I laid eyes on you... this has always been about me and you.”

“To see who is the better fuck.”

“The better woman.”

Joy sneered at Ashley ..“I am here because I am a better fuck than you are and I want to prove it.”

“And I am here because I am the better fuck and I intend to prove it.” Ashley responded.

Joy got to her knees and crawled up over Ashley's body... “Then let's fuck it out, bitch.”

Ashley parted her thighs as she reached up and placed her hands on Joy's face.. pulling Joy down on top of her …. “Let's fuck it out, whore.” Their huge tits met nipple to nipple then slowly mushroomed as Joy laid down on top of Ashley... wiggling her hips until her soaked pussy was pressing against Ashley's wet cunt... looking into each others eyes, they extended their tongues toward each other, flicking them together before their lips touched and their tongues disappeared from view.. licking inside each others mouths. Tongue to tongue … tit to tit .. clit to clit … they began fucking... grinding their sensitive clits together... they had to determine who was the better woman... who was the best fuck... it was no longer about Mark... they were no longer mad at each other about both of them being with Mark .. they were no longer angry with each other.. this was not about anger... this was about who was the better woman was about their own sexual skills. It was about who was sexier … who had the better tits... who had the better pussy... whose clit was better... and there was only one way to find out... they had to fuck it out.

For the next six hours they fucked.... Joy was on top .. both of them cumming.. then Ashley was on top... grinding and fucking .. until they were cumming together.. then they got on their knees and ground their big heavy tits together and finger fucked each other until they were cumming. Then they scissored together again... fucking until they were cumming again. They were getting exhausted.. and each time they orgasmed, it took a little longer for them to recover before they began fucking again. They taunted each other... verbally cursing each other... spitting .. slapping asses … twisting nipples ...they needed to sexually dominate each other. Joy and Ashley's will power was strong.. they were not going to be denied total victory. They moved into a sixty-nine position with Ashley on top.. licking and sucking each others clits until they were cumming... then Joy was on top... again they licked and slurped at each others cunts.. until they were cumming again.

They remained in their sixty-nine position as they rolled over on their sides.. each of them sliding against each other until they were licking on each others nipples... “Mmmm” Joy moaned as Ashley slid her tongue around and around Joy's hard nipple.. teasing and tormenting her sexual desires... Joy extended her own wet tongue and soon they were licking and sucking and slurping each others stiff nipples.. pulling the ridged spikes into their mouths.. sucking deeply... flicking their tongues back and forth across the tips of each other's hard nipples as they sucked.... within a few minutes they reached up with their hands... sliding them over each others abs … and then they reached higher.. their hands raised over their heads.. reaching higher and higher until their fingers were pushing and thrusting in and out of each others pussys as they lay on their sides... for the longest time Joy and Ashley sucked each others tits as they fingered each others cunts.. pushing each other closer to another orgasm... licking and sucking … tugging and pulling on each others hard nipples... fingers pushing and thrusting in and out of juicy pussys.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!” Ashley whimpered with pleasure.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Joy moaned as the pleasure began to flow from her clit to her nipples... she was going to cum again... and Ashley was going to cum with her... “Ahhhhhhh... Suck my tit bitch!! Suck it hard!”

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” Ashley gasped as her big tits began to jerk.... her hips humping wildly against Joy's fingers... Joy was thrusting her hips against Ashley's fingers as she sucked hard on Ashley's big nipples.... “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Ohhhhhhhh God!” Joy moaned.. “I am gonna cum... gonna cum you fucking whore!”

“Fuck yesssssssss.... Oh oh ah oh ahhh unnnn Cummmmmmmmming!” Ashley gasped as her cunt gushed and her nipples erupted.. gushing nipple-cum into Joy's sucking mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!” Joy panted.. her nipples squirting.. her hips jerking... her pussy gushing.... her mouth locked on Ashley's gushing nipples. .. “Ohhhhhhhhh you bitch!”

“Fucking whore!!! Cummmming!” Ashley screamed as she sucked the sweet nipple-cum from Joy's huge tits... They were sharing an intense nipple orgasm together.. each hot bitch sucking and drinking the sweet nipple-cum from each others massive tits... Neither Joy nor Ashley could remember when they had cum so much. It was if they were locked together in a never ending fuck.

They rolled apart and laid down on their tummys.. scissoring their legs and tribbing... fucking each others cunts... until they were squirting cum all over each others cunts and thighs again.. then Joy was on top again.. grinding her swollen inflamed clit against Ashley's engorged throbbing clit... and they came again... then Ashley rolled them over and they fucked again.. clit to clit.. for a long time.. until they were cumming again. It was an incredible fuck-fight... Joy asked Ashley time and time again if she was ready to give up.. and Ashley asked Joy over and over again if she was ready to surrender.. but neither hot bitch was going to give in... so they kept fucking … and fucking … and fucking... into the wee hours of the morning... the sheets were saturated with their cum and sweat. Their bodies were weakened … they were physically exhausted.. panting.. gasping.. their movements becoming slower and slower as they once again locked their hungry cunts together.. scissoring... tribbing... laying on their backs... grinding their clits together... fucking ..rubbing …gasping .. pushing .. thrusting... moaning .. grinding … fucking... minute after long minute... they rubbed together... tribbing .. cunt vs cunt … clit vs clit.... they were pushing themselves to the limit of physical endurance... grinding and fucking.... Someone had to surrender... someone had to give up... they were getting close to another orgasm... was it number ten? Twelve? Fifteen? Neither one knew.. neither one cared.. they were lost in their fuck world... lost in their cum world.

Ashley began to moan... by now Joy had learned to recognize that moan.. Ashley was going to cum...

“Cum for me bitch!” Joy gasped as she felt her own orgasm beginning to build once again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God!” Ashley whimpered.... “Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Yes Ashley … yes yes yes... cum for me.”

“Ohhhhhhh you fucking whore!! Ahhhhh Joy.. you fucking whore!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Ashley... Ohhhh yesss yesss you fucking cunt!!”

“Ahhhhhhhh Gonna cum Joy... Oh god yes... gonna... gonna... FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yesssssssssss yes Ashley!”

Ashley screamed... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” Her pussy gushed again.. spraying hot girl-cum against Joy's cunt.

“Un un un ahhhh Shit! Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Joy moaned deeply as her pussy convulsed and spewed her own sweet girl-cum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming!” Ashley moaned as their pussys sucked at each other... sharing their mixed sweetness.

“Mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!” Joy panted as their clits burned against each other.

Several intense after-shocks flowed through their exhausted bodies as they ground their sloppy wet cunts together, moaning and groaning … squishing all of their mixed wetness together.. their juices running down and wetting the sheets. Joy finally rolled away from Ashley and crawled up on top of her again.... laying down between Ashley's spread legs. Joy's pussy was still dripping as she positioned her pussy above Ashley's wet pussy.

“Ummmmmmmmm.” Ashley faintly moaned as she felt the burning drops of Joy's girl cum dripping down on her burning cunt..

“Are you ready to give up?” Joy whispered as she lowered her pussy down... squishing their wet pussy lips together again... their huge firm tits melting together again.. nipples buried inside their mushroomed tits as Ashley turned her head to the side and Joy laid her head down next to Ashley's.. their left cheeks caressing as they breathed into each others ears.... black and blonde hair tangled together.

Ashley whispered her response … “Unnnnnnnn … I need to fuck.”

“You want to continue fucking Ashley?”

“Umm Hmmm... need to fuck.”

Joy slowly began sliding her pussy up and down Ashley's soaked cunt... their engorged clits stroking and rubbing again... the movements were painstakingly slow as both women were physically exhausted.... Joy slid her clit up and down Ashley's a few times before Ashley closed her eyes... she was finished.... she was on the verge of passing out. “Ashley..” Joy whispered in her ear … “Ashley?”

“Need …... to ….... fuck.” Ashley gasped as she turned her head to the side.. her right cheek resting on the bed, and drifted off... passing out... unconscious. Joy flicked their clits together a couple of more times before she closed her eyes... she was also drifting in and out of consciousness … and within a few more seconds she collapsed on top of Ashley …with their faces still facing opposite directions, Joy's left cheek resting against Ashley's left cheek … breathing deeply together ...long pitch black hair tangled with long shimmering blonde hair ..their swollen nipples sucked together tip to tip ...their big tits bulging against each other.. their clits softly kissing... falling asleep together.... It was almost 4 AM …. Fortunately, check out time was not until three o'clock Saturday afternoon. … which left plenty of time for more fucking when they woke up.

To be continued