By AngelDawn30

Second Friday

Wendy and Michelle

The weather forecast today was calling for intermittent light rain throughout the day with thunderstorms in the early evening with the possibility of heavy rain and cloud to ground lighting. It was already misting as Wendy parked her car in the parking lot in front of the club house at the country club. As she was about to get our of her car her phone buzzed. It was a text message from Charles. “You may pick up your ring from Ms. Johansen this evening at 8:00. The address is 40 Cherrywood Lane.”

Wendy texted back so Charles would know she had received the text. “K”

As she placed her phone back in her purse, another car was entering the parking space next to her. It was Michelle. Wendy's mind was suddenly filled with hate and anger and her body was instantly flooded with lust and desire as she stepped out of her car. Her eyes were glazed over with an uncontrollable desire to fuck Michelle as she walked around the front of Michelle's car and waited for her to step out of her car. Michelle's body was already reacting to the sight of Wendy standing there. She felt her pussy quickly clinch several times in a row as her overwhelming need to fuck Wendy flowed through her body. She hated Wendy... and she knew that right now was the time to sexually destroy her rival. She opened her car door and stepped out of her car, closing the door behind her before stepping toward Wendy until their huge tits pushed together and their noses were a couple of inches apart. They snarled at each other with venomous hate and lust in their eyes. They both knew that they were about to fuck... not because they wanted to … it was much more than that … they needed to fuck... they had to fuck.

Glaring into each others eyes, Wendy spoke first … “Bitch!”

Michelle responded in a hateful voice .. “Fucking whore!”

Wendy moved a little closer, their huge tits slightly spreading out against each as the tips of their noses touched .. She was overwhelmed with hate and lust for Michelle... she despised her... she detested her .. she hated her.... but she also wanted her... she had an uncontrollable urgent need to fuck Michelle... she had to prove that she was the better woman. “I fucking hate you!”

Michelle's pussy was already damp with anticipation.. her body had an urgency to sexually mate with the blonde whore who was pushing against her. .. Michelle needed to sexually consume Wendy... to sexually devour her .. to dominate and conquer her .. “I hate you whore... I fucking hate you!”

Wendy glared into Michelle's eyes, then moved her lips toward Michelle's left ear.. pressing her left cheek against Michelle's left cheek .. and whispering in her ear ..“We need to fuck.”

Their cheeks slowly moved against each other as Michelle whispered back .. “Yes we do whore... my tongue needs to fuck your tongue.”

Wendy licked at Michelle's ear .. “My nipples need to fuck your nipples.”

Michelle breathed hot air against Wendy's ear .. “You dirty bitch... my tits need to fuck your tits.”

“Ohhhh, you goddamn filthy slut!.. My cunt needs to suck your cunt.”

“Fuck you Wendy... My cunt needs to suck your cunt!”

Wendy licked at Michelle's ear again... causing Michelle to shiver with desire.. “My clit needs to fuck your clit bitch!”

“I am gonna cum in your nasty pussy!”

“Fuck you! I am gonna cum inside your dirty cunt!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you Whore!”

“God I hate you!” Michelle gasped into Wendy's ear.

“Now bitch! Let's fuck right now!”

Wendy stepped back from Michelle... glaring with hate as they stared down each other.. “My suite. Right now!”

“Right now whore!”

Both women began walking across the parking lot and into the clubhouse... it only took a few minutes for them to arrive at the Corleone suite.. and only took another thirty seconds for Wendy to enter the code into the alarm system, unlock the door, and step inside with Michelle following. Wendy closed and locked the door and turned around to face Michelle.. Both women were standing a couple of feet apart as they placed their hands on the side of their hips in a defiant pose as they glared at each other in a classic stare down. For the next several minutes Wendy and Michelle haltingly swayed their upper bodies back and forth as they scowled at each other... their eyes doing a slow burn of contemptuous scorn for each other.... glaring into each others eyes.. eyes that were condescending ...arrogant ...supercilious … They thrust their chests out toward each other as they swayed back and forth.. attempting to make each other jealous and envious of their massive tits.... constantly staring into each others eyes … scowling .. trying to intimidate each other. The two hot bitches wanted to fuck right now... Wendy wanted to rip Michelle's dress off.. and Michelle wanted to tear Wendy's top off her big tits... but they knew they had all day... and as much as they wanted to immediately get to the fucking, there was something else that had to be done first. They had to express their hatred for each other.

Wendy growled at Michelle ..“I hate you more than I have hated anyone, you fucking slut!”

“I hate everything about you... every part of you. Fucking whore!” Michelle hissed.

“You think your tits are so fucking hot... they are nothing compared to mine.” Wendy challenged her.

“You fucking whore! Are you blind?” Michelle yelled at Wendy then raised her right hand and slapped Wendy across her face .. SLAP!

Wendy screamed at Michelle .. “Owwww! ..Goddamn you!” .. and she immediately slapped Michelle back .. SLAP!

“Owwww! Damn! Fuck you! You vulgar gold digging piece of trailer trash!”

The two hot bitches stepped back from one another... glaring.. staring daggers at each other... breathing deeply... burning with hate and lust... neither woman wanted to fight.. they needed to fuck... that is why they were here.. to fuck each other until one woman was left standing. Again they began swaying back and forth... adding more fuel to the fire... turning up the heat... teasing each other... tormenting each other. After a few minutes, Michelle stopped swaying and reached behind her back and unzipped her black dress.. then shimmied out of it, letting it fall to the floor before stepping out of her dress and kicking it away from her with her right heel. Standing in front of Wendy in her black bra and black panties she inhaled deeply... her huge tits stretching the big cups of her 34E bra.. “Are you out of your fucking mind??? Look at these babies.”

Wendy reached down and pulled her white top up over her head and tossed it on the floor before unfastening her shorts and sliding them off her hips and letting them drop to the floor before kicking them out of the way.. She was now facing Michelle in her white bra and white panties as she took a deep breath... her enormous tits also stretching the huge cups of her 34E bra. “Maybe you need to take another look bitch.”

“Fuck you Wendy!”

“Fuck you Michelle!”

With their eyes still staring darts at each other, they slipped off their shoes... It took Wendy a little longer to untie her athletic shoes and slip off her socks... and now they were bare-footed.. Michelle in her black bra and panties and Wendy in her white bra and panties... It was white vs black... bitch vs whore … slut vs slut. Again they teased each other... swaying their huge chests back and forth... their hands sliding up and down their tight abs and flat tummies... hips gently swaying from side to side... and their cunts were getting wet... very wet... their lust for each other... their desire to fuck each other... their need to sexually dominate each other was the only thing that mattered. Nothing else was important at the moment. They were completely consumed with immediate need to fuck.

Michelle and Wendy reached behind their backs at the same time and unhooked their bras... sliding the straps off their shoulders.. leaning forward as the huge cups fell off their over-sized tits.. and for the first time, their eyes drifted downward.. staring at each others huge tits and long thick hard nipples. Wendy's clit twitched... and so did Michelle's. Hateful lust flowed through their bodies... nipples twitched.. clits began to throb... Wendy was anxious to fuck... she had a secret weapon... she had magical nipples that could suck Michelle's nipples into surrender... and she had a magical pussy.. a pussy that could suck Michelle's pussy inside out... Wendy's pussy was soaked with eagerness and hot hunger... Wendy was ready to fuck. Michelle's cunt was also soaked.. She had been given special magical powers.. her nipples were going to be able to cum and cum and cum and she was going to have the physical stamina to fuck and fuck and fuck until Wendy was completely exhausted.. until Wendy would pass out. Michelle was ready to fuck.

Michelle's eyes were staring at Wendy's huge tits and long nipples as she spoke .. “I hate your fucking tits and I despise your fucking nipples.”

Wendy smirked as she replied ..“Because my tits are bigger... and my nipples are longer?”

“Fuck you whore!! My nipples are stronger and harder than yours.”

“You fucking bitch! You know I have bigger tits and nipples than you!”

“Why don't we find out.... unless you are afraid to nipple fuck with me.”

Wendy hissed at Michelle ...“It would give me great pleasure to push my nipples deep inside your tits!” Wendy then stepped away from Michelle, reaching down and sliding her panties down over her hard buttocks and down her thighs until they fell to the floor. She kicked them off and widened her stance and one again placed her hands on her hips, glaring at Michelle.

Michelle spoke as she slipped her panties off... “It will be my nipples that will be fucking inside your tit... you goddamn slut.” She copied Wendy's stance as they slowly stepped toward each other... “Nipple to nipple cunt!”

“Nipple to nipple you filthy piece of trash.”

They moved toward each other until the tips of their nipples were an inch apart... They looked down and noticed that their nipples were equally spaced on their big tits.. they were going to perfectly line up tip to tip. As they stared at each others magnificent nipples, their nipples began to twitch.. bobbing up and down... challenging each other.

Wendy taunted Michelle .. “My nipples are going to fill you tits with cum.”

“You stupid whore! It's my nipples that are going to pump so much cum into your tits that your tits will explode!”

“God, you ignorant bitch!!! It's my nipples that will pump so much cum into your tits that your tits will burst open!”

“Fuck you Wendy!”

“Fuck you Michelle!”

They closed the final distance between their nipples as their milk holes mated.. sucking into each other and forming two solid pieces of steel rods that were connected to the front of their tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy gasped as their nipples sucked together.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle moaned as the tips of their nipples welded together.

“I fucking hate you!” Wendy moaned as she pushed their cemented nipples into each others tits.

Michelle groaned as their lengthy sucking nipples slowly pushed back into each of their dense tits .. “I am going to destroy you!” Their lust for each other.. and their need to fuck each other was all that was on their mind... The need to sexually destroy each other was the only thing that mattered to Wendy and Michelle... everything else was of no concern at the moment.

With their hands still on their hips, they slowly began their lewd nipple fucking... pushing their rock hard nipples into each other with a gently paced rhythm.. about half of their welded nipples disappearing back into their areolas with each push... softly moaning .. slowly rocking … their cunts were so fucking wet that they were already dripping sweet pussy juice down to the floor. Minute after minute they hissed at each other as they fucked their connected nipples in and out of their dense tit-flesh.. again and again... being careful not to touch their heated areolas together... they were driving each other insane with lust.

“You wish you were as nasty as I am, don't you bitch?” As soon as Wendy had whispered the word 'bitch' she extended her tongue, wet with saliva.. and slid her tongue down on the front of her chin.. letting her spit drool off the end of her tongue.. stringing down into the massive cleavage between her enormous tits.

“You nasty whore... I am so much nastier and more kinky that you will ever be.” Michelle hissed as she extended her own long wet tongue and drooled a thick string of spit from the end of her tongue... stringing all the way down until it landed in the deep cleavage between her huge tits. Their tongues continued to drool spit as they nipple fucked... with the occasional need to slide their tongues back into their wet mouths to reload the spit before extending their dripping tongues out of their mouths again.. wagging them back and forth for each others viewing pleasure... drooling spit down between their big tits... Wendy's pussy was already twitching... she knew her nipples and pussy had special powers.. and she was going to use those powers to sexually destroy Michelle.. her pussy was going to suck Michelle's cunt so fucking hard!! ... and the thought of Michelle submitting to her was intensifying her lust and her need to fuck. Michelle's cunt was also twitching... she was anxiously awaiting for her first orgasm so her magic spell would begin working... she would be able to fuck Wendy without growing tired.. she would be able to maintain her sexual energy until Wendy would be begging her to stop.. and the knowledge of what she was about to do to Wendy was fueling her sexual desires more than she could ever remember.

“Fucking whore!”

“Slutty Bitch!”

They began thrusting a little quicker.. and pushing a little more... until their hot sticky areolas were touching with each thrust of their cemented nipples. When their damp burning areolas would touch.. they would momentarily stick together before peeling apart... their long stiff nipples were completely disappearing from view with each thrust of their tits toward each other... their areolas would touch and stick and then peel apart and when they pulled all the way back from each other, their base of their nipples would pull at the front of their areolas.. stretching them out... but their nipples never lost their tight suction on each other.... in and out.. they nipple fucked each other... again and again.. pushing... thrusting.. drilling their joined nipples in and out of each others firm tit-meat... again and again.. over and over... push.. thrust .. push.. in... pull.. out... they were getting close to an orgasm as they snarled at each other with their wet tongues drooling spit between their huge round globes. Wendy moved her hands from her hips and placed her hands on the side of Michelle's hips... her fingers slowly moving up and down Michelle's hot skin.. a moment later Michelle had moved her hands down to Wendy's buttocks... carefully letting her nails trace up and down Wendy's hard ass cheeks... their nipples still pumping together.. in and out.... more minutes passed.. their breathing deepening... their nipples still tugging at each other each time they pulled back from one another.... they were moaning.. their ridged nipples were burning... their huge tits quivering... and then Michelle's hands moved away from Wendy's ass.. and a moment later Wendy felt Michelle's fingers on her pussy... rubbing .. stroking... and then penetration. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as Michelle slipped two fingers up inside her cunt. “Unnnnnnnnn fucking bitch!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle gasped as Wendy had moved her right hand down between them and had easily pushed two fingers up inside Michelle's sloppy wet cunt. They began to moan a little louder as they pumped their fingers in and out of each others cunts... keeping rhythm with their nipple fucking. Each time they pushed their nipples together until their areolas would touch, both women would push their fingers into each others wet fuck-holes.. and then as they would lean back from each other .. stretching their nipples out from the front of their tits, their fingers would slide almost all the way out of each others pussys... in and out... nipples moving into their tits at the same time as their fingers would slide all the way inside each others juicy cunts.. in and out... nipple fucking... fingerfucking... moaning … thrusting … humping against each others fingers... gasping... areolas sticking and peeling apart... again and again.. in and out.. over and over...a

“Unnnn, you goddamn gold digging whore!”

“Fuck you Michelle!”

“Unnnnnnnn do you feel my nipple pushing yours back into your tits, bitch?”

“You fucking whore!!!! It's my nipples that are pushing yours all the way inside your tits!” Wendy screamed at Michelle …. she could feel it... she had felt that amazing sensation so many times before.. she knew that her nipples were winning their little nipple war.. and she wanted to prove it. “Look you stupid bitch!!” Wendy gasped as they pulled apart and she stopped moving... “Look at our nipples whore!!” Sure enough.. they both could see all of Wendy's rigid stiff nipples.. and none of Michelle's nipples. Wendy then eased back a little more and Michelle's nipples finally appeared. Wendy's nipples were pushing Michelle's nipples all the way inside Michelle's tits... and not only that, but Wendy was also pushing her own nipples all the way inside Michelle's tits. With the satisfaction that her nipples were stronger, Wendy resumed nipple fucking Michelle.. as Michelle moaned... each time their areolas touched, the entire massive length of their welded nipples were being completely pushed back inside of Michelle's dense tit-flesh. “Take that you fucking slut!” Wendy hissed.

“Fuck you!” Michelle groaned as Wendy's nipples penetrated inside her tits with each time they pushed together. “Fucking whore!”

Their speed increased.. they were pumping into each other a little quicker.. fingers moving a little faster.. the moaning and gasping becoming more frequent. There was a sense of urgency... they needed to cum... but needed their hated rival to cum first. “Cum you dirty whore!”

“You cum you fucking slut!”

“God! I hate you!” Michelle gasped as her Wendy's fingers moved to her clit and began squeezing.

“Aww Shit!” Wendy groaned as Michelle slipped her fingers out of her cunt and pinched her throbbing clit.

Their big thick nipples were swollen and still sucked together as Wendy continued to push their stuck nipples in and out of Michelle's heavy tits .... faster and faster.... until Michelle pushed hard against Wendy... their huge tits mushrooming together... nipples buried deep inside their mashed tit-flesh … “Fuck!!!!!!” Michelle panted as her clit throbbed and her vagina clenched. She was going to cum... and from the sounds that were escaping Wendy's lips.. she knew that Wendy was going to cum with her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle screamed as her pussy contracted violently... gushing her hot girl cum on Wendy's hand. “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Wendy shrieked as her pussy gushed on Michelle's fingers.

They humped against each other... pussys gushing … swollen tits heaving together... nipples throbbing against each other ...they were cumming together... but something else was happening.... Michelle's magic spell had been activated... and she had passed on those magical powers to Wendy... although Wendy would not know this until later.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss Cummmmmmmmming!”

They continued to pinch and squeeze each others clits for another minute before moving their fingers from each others cunts. As they slowly moved away from each other, they looked down at their tits as their nipples slowly came into view.. again, Wendy's nipples became visible first... more of more of her nipples showing until all of her lengthy hard nipples were visible... then Michelle's nipples came into view.. What was so amazing was that Michelle's nipples were still hard.. they were still sticking straight out and glued to Wendy's... They had not went flat.. they had not lost their stiffness. Wendy's nipples were so powerful.. so fucking hard.. that she was able to push all of their joined nipple length all the way inside Michelle's tits.... which pissed Michelle off. “Whore! You are nothing but a goddamn cheap whore!” She screamed at Wendy as she pushed her away.. their nipples stretching.. pulling on the front of each others areolas before snapping apart with a 'popping' sound. “I fucking HATE you!!” Michelle screamed at Wendy as she swung her right hand toward Wendy's face and slapped her hard .. “Smack!”

“Owwwwwww! You fucking Cow!” Wendy quickly raised her hand and slapped Michelle's face... stinging her cheek .. “Slap!”

Michelle quickly stepped back and glared at Wendy.. “You fucking Whore!”

They began yelling at each other at the same time...

“I hate you Wendy!”

“Fuck you Michelle!”

“You think you are so fucking hot.. and you think your nipples are so fucking hot.. but you are nothing but a cheap ass nympho whore-bitch!”

“You are nothing but a piece of cat shit! You think you are so fucking hot because you are a lawyer but you are nothing but a dirty mean bitch that needs to be taught a lesson!”

“Dirty fucking whore! .. you think you are God's gift to women, but you are nothing more than a goddamn lesbian whore!”

“Fuck you Michelle!”

“Fuck you Wendy!” As they continued to curse each other, Michelle felt something happening.. her tits were tightening up... and her nipples were beginning to throb... throbbing more than usual... something was happening... and she knew what it was. Her huge tits were becoming even more dense and firm than they already were... and they were slowly swelling. Michelle's magic spell was coming to life.. her big tits were getting bigger moment by moment.. and Wendy noticed.

“What is happening to you?” Wendy whispered as she reached out and placed her fingers on Michelle's nipples. “Damn!” Wendy gasped as she felt how hard they were. “Holy shit!” … Wendy pinched Michelle's hard nipples.. it was like trying to pinch a lead pipe.. they were as hard as a piece of iron.. harder than any nipples she had ever felt .. and as her eyes opened wide, Michelle's big hard nipples began to expand... slowly.. like a minute hand moving on a clock, her nipples were getting longer and thicker. It took about two minutes before Michelle's nipples were as long as Wendy's nipples, but they continued to expand... bigger... rounder... and as hard as a piece of steel. “Fuck!” Wendy gasped again as Michelle's nipples began to feel warm to the touch.. like there was a fever in her nipples... and they were getting warmer and warmer.. and longer and thicker... until they were as big around as a roll of nickels! … and more than an inch and a half long! .. and her tits continued to swell... they were now as big as Wendy's enormous tits and getting bigger... and fuller... and rounder.... until they were even bigger than Wendy's massive tits. “God!” Wendy moaned as she tried to squeeze Michelle's nipples... but as hard as she dug her fingers into Michelle's rock hard nipples, Wendy was unable to deform those monster nipples with her fingers.

“Mmmmmm.. what do you think of my nipples now, you fucking whore?” Michelle teased her.

“Fuck you bitch!” Wendy panted as she stepped back from Michelle... staring at her huge tits and those long hard threatening nipples.

Michelle taunted Wendy as she began swaying her upper body back and forth.… “What's the matter whore? .. Are you scared?”

“Of you? Ha!! Bring it on bitch!”

“Oh I will.... I will, you piece of white trash!”

Wendy was enraged with hate.. and on fire with desire... and she stepped toward Michelle, pushing their over-sized tits together again.. “Ohhhhh Fuck!” Wendy gasped as her big tits pushed into Michelle's big tits... There was something different about Michelle's huge tits... something that Wendy had not felt before... they were more dense than before... not hard... perhaps semi-hard would be the best way to describe what Wendy was feeling... All she knew was that Michelle's massive tits were really big.. maybe even a fraction bigger than her own... and they were so fucking firm... like big balloons overfilled with water... tight... dense.. and very heavy... and Michelle's nipples were now as long as her own magnificent nipples.. and even bigger around!! Wendy's mind was reeling... 'What in the fuck was happening to Michelle?' Wendy pushed a little more against Michelle... “Shit!” … she whispered as she looked down and noticed that her own prized tits were slightly yielding to Michelle's huge rocks. Not sure about what to do next, Wendy stepped back and stared in awe at Michelle's mammoth tits and those huge thick forbidding nipples... “What the fuck!”

Michelle smirked at Wendy as she stepped toward Wendy until their nipples were touching.. then she leaned a little toward her left and moved even closer to Wendy, their nipples sliding against each other.. shaft to shaft.. moving closer and closer to each others areolas... until Michelle's nipples touched first... “Mmmmm.” Michelle softly groaned from the pleasure of their nipples sliding together.. and from the knowledge that her nipples were bigger and longer than her hated rival. Michelle moved to her right.. dragging her big steel nipples across Wendy's hard nipples. As Wendy watched, her mouth gaped open... Her nipples were yielding to Michelle's... No, they were not being bent... Wendy's nipples remained hard and straight... but they were bending where they were attached to her areolas. Michelle's nipples were pushing her own nipples.. more and more.. until Wendy's nipples were completely bent at a ninety degree angle. Now, as you all know, when you push nipples together... they bend. Some nipples are not very ridged.. and the nipple itself will bend... nipples that are harder will remain straight and only bend at the base of the nipple where they are attached to the areola.. but both pairs of nipples will almost always bend... some more than others.. but it is practically impossible for one pair of nipples to bend where they are attached to the front of a tit, and the other pair of nipples to continue to stick straight out.. without bending at all. This was what was happening between their two sets of nipples. Michelle's nipples were not bending at all... not even the smallest fraction of an inch!! Those two huge steel rods were sticking straight out from the front of her huge tits... and those two incredible nipples were bending Wendy's nipples completely over. Michelle's mouth formed a wicked evil grin as she taunted Wendy.. “Your weak nipples are no match for mine.” Michelle moved a little more to her right until her nipples moved pass Wendy's.. and Wendy's hard shafts quickly sprung back to their upright position.. pointing straight out from her chest. Michelle then moved to her left.. again completely bending Wendy's nipple over until her own nipples slipped past and Wendy's nipples again sprung back.. again sticking straight out.

Wendy was almost in a state of shock. This was not possible. What was happening? No one could have nipples like that! Again Michelle flicked her nipples across Wendy's with the same result.. then again... and again.. flicking Wendy's nipples.. bending them all the way down each time she dragged her big nipples across Wendy's... again.. and again... After a couple of minutes, they both were breathing deeply again... The sexual energy between their nipples was immense. .. their lust for each other was becoming immeasurable. Wendy stepped back... her heart beating quicker and quicker with each passing moment.. She leaned down toward Michelle's huge tits.. and placed her hands on them.. squeezing as she pushed them together. They were heavy.. heavier than any tits she had ever touched... they were dense.. she squeezed them.. feeling the deep firmness.. “Ohhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy gasped as she opened her mouth and moved her lips to Michelle's right nipple... flicking the hard spike with her tongue.

“Ouuuuuuuu.” Michelle moaned as Wendy wrapped her luscious lips around her throbbing nipple and began sucking... “Ahhhhhhh.” Michelle reached down and placed her hands on Wendy's the back of Wendy's head and pushed her down as she slowly knelt down on her knees... forcing Wendy down on her knees.. and then she pulled Wendy's face toward her huge right nipple again. Wendy quickly wrapped her lips around Michelle's long hard nipple and resumed sucking. “Yessssssss.” Michelle panted as Wendy began moving her mouth up and down on her massive nipple.. sucking and sucking.. giving Michelle's steel-like nipple a blow job... sucking like it was a little cock.. sliding up and down the length of Michelle's outrageously long nipple.. up and down.. up and down.. again and again.. sucking... sliding her wet lips up and down. Michelle began to moan deeper and deeper as she moved her left hand to her left nipple and began sliding her fingers up and down the incredible length of her throbbing nipple. Wendy was giving her huge right nipple a blow-job and Michelle was jerking off her huge left nipple... lips and fingers sliding up and down... Michelle's right nipple thrusting in and out of Wendy's hot wet mouth … sucking .. sliding … pulling … licking... tugging... sucking... Michelle was nearing an orgasm... and her mind was filled with the thought of her nipples cumming all over Wendy's face. “Unnnnnnnnnn.” she moaned as Wendy's talented mouth kept sliding up and down her hard nipple. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Michelle screamed as the burning sensation inside her erupted into a blazing fiery inferno... flaming out of control with a scorching heat than burned deep inside her body … “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! .. You whore!! .. Fucking Whore!!.. I am gonna cum!”

Wendy pulled her lips away from Michelle's right nipple and began jerking off Michelle's hard right nipple with her fingers as Michelle continued to jerk off her big left nipple.. “Cum for me Bitch!!!” Wendy gasped with anticipation.

“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Michelle's cunt jerked and gushed... gushing down her thighs... and her nipples erupted... squirting milky cum like a geyser... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” The first massive amount of cum that squirting from her right nipple shot straight into Wendy's open mouth.. as her big left nipple shot a thick streaming load of cum that splattered on Wendy's left shoulder.

“God!!” Wendy gasped... never had she seen so much cum squirt from someone's nipples before... and then Michelle's powerful nipples squirted again...forcefully hitting Wendy's forehead with a thick milky glob of gooey nipple-cum. “Holy Fuck! Wendy panted as Michelle's magical nipples erupted again.. squirting on her left cheek... a huge amount of sticky nipple cum splattering on her face.

“Ohhhhhh My God!!” Michelle screamed with a deep pleasure that she had never known... “Cummmmming!” She cupped her huge left tit and aimed her squirting nipple down at Wendy's big tits... shooting another heavy load of nipple cum on Wendy's tits.. big globs drenching Wendy's huge tits.. then slowly running down and dripping off.

“Fucking Bitch! Wendy screamed as her own pussy convulsed and gushed her own hot sticky pussy-cum.. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!”

Michelle threw her head back... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Her pussy gushed again.. her clit throbbing... her huge tits were quivering as her big nipples squirted again... a hard thick squirt jetted out of her nipples into Wendy's blonde hair... and another thick stream squirted on Wendy's tits again.. “FUCK!!!... Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy gasped and moaned.. she felt like she was in the center of a circle jerk.. Never had she seen so much cum.... Never. Again Michelle's nipples gushed.. shooting another powerful stream of cum into Wendy's open mouth. “Fuck!!” Wendy panted as her mouth filled up with Michelle's dirty cum and Michelle's over-sized nipples were still cumming... shooting another excessive amount of voluminous nipple cum into Wendy's mouth and on her enormous tits. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Wendy moaned with lust as Michelle's cum drooled out of her mouth.. stringing down on her big round tits... and then it happened again...

“Fuck Yeah!!” Michelle screamed as she tossed her head back and forth.. Her magical nipples had been squirting cum for almost a minute and were erupting again... ejaculating another extraordinary amount of gooey sticky nipple-cum on Wendy's face and tits. “Cummmmmmmmmming!! GOD!! Cummmmmming!!”

“Unnnnnnnn.” Wendy gasped.. her big tits heaving.. as her clit jerked again... and her pussy gushed.....another orgasm flowing through her body... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Michelle's syrupy cum was stringing down off her lips and chin.. thick globs drooling down on her tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

They panted and gasped together for a few more seconds before Michelle grabbed Wendy's shoulders and pulled Wendy to her... nipple-cum squishing between their massive tits as they pushed against each other... Michelle extended her tongue and licked a thick wad of her cum off Wendy's cheek.. and then licked Wendy's face.. sucking cum into her mouth and swishing it around inside her mouth... Wendy parted her lips and opened her mouth... strings of milky cum stringing between her lips and teeth... her tongue coated with Michelle's cum. It was going to be nasty and filthy... messy and gross.. but they had to do it... they had to cum swap. They moved their open mouths toward each other.. cum already oozing out of the corners of their mouths as they extended their tongues and touched their gooey tongues together for a moment before leaning back and looking down at the sticky string of cum that stretched between their tongues.... they both moaned... this was so nasty... so obscene outrageously gross.. They were two dirty whores... two filthy bitches.. that wanted to be as nasty and messy as they could be as they moved their open mouths together again.. pressing their wide open mouths tightly together.. sealing their lips together.. and swishing the gooey viscous cum back and forth inside their mouths... tasting .. swapping it back and forth.. moaning with their unquenchable lust for each other... Their deep messy kiss lasted for more than a minute before they slowly pulled their open mouths apart... gluey tacky strings of cum bridging between their mouths... gooey sticky ropes of cum looping between their mouths … It was so fucking nasty... feeling the cum squish out around their pressed tits.... the lubricious sensuality of tacky nipple cum oozing down from between their big tits and flowing down their tummys in a sinuous river of sleazy messy liquid heat. They stared into each others eyes... nipple-cum still looped between their mouths in a ropy gluey bridge of milky syrup. They needed to fuck.. they needed to grind their wet cunts together. Wendy whispered... cum-strings quivering between their lips as she spoke .. “I want to fuck you.”

Michelle whispered back .. “Let's go to the bedroom and fuck.”

They slowly moved away from each other... dozens of strands of cum stretching between their tummys and tits as they stepped back from each other. Wendy whispered to Michelle .. “Cum with me.” She turned around.. cum strings snapping and falling down on their hot skin as she walked toward the bedroom with Michelle following her.. When they entered the room, they climbed up on the bed.. Wendy laying down on her back as Michelle crawled on top of her.. slowly lowering her cum drenched body down on top of Wendy's sticky body as Wendy spread her legs open.. their huge sticky nipples met first and were quickly buried between their massive tits as Michelle covered Wendy's body with her own... she then lowered her wet dripping cunt down toward Wendy's.. slowly.. until their pussys met... lips clinging... clits meeting and throbbing together..

Wendy reached up and grabbed Michelle's long raven black hair and yanked.. rolling them over... their big weighty cum covered tits sliding against each other as Michelle reached for Wendy's long blonde hair and tugged hard as they rolled and back and forth on the bed... smearing Michelle's nipple cum all over their bodies.. Michelle shouted at Wendy ..“Fucking Slut!”

Wendy shouted back at her .. “Goddamn Bitch!” as they rolled back and forth on the bed... legs tangled.. hands jerking on each others hair until Michelle wound up on top and quickly released her grip on Wendy's blonde locks and grabbed Wendy's hands with her own hands .. pushing their arms up over Wendy's head and pinning Wendy to the bed with their arms outstretched above their faces on the bed. Wendy spit at Michelle's face.. “Fuck me bitch!”

“Fuck me whore!” Michelle gasped in response as she began grinding her wetness into Wendy's wet pussy... at last they were fucking... and it felt so fucking hot. “I hate you.”

“I hate you more.” Wendy gasped as she wrapped her legs around Michelle and their cunts melted together.. squishing in a sea of pussy-juice. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“God yesssss!” Michelle mumbled as she began rocking on top of Wendy.. sliding her juicy cunt up and down Wendy's wet pussy... grinding … sliding... moving up and down... their wetness blending together in a squishy soupy syrupy mixture of pussy-cum. As they fucked, Michelle felt her iron nipples pushing into Wendy's.. more and more with each thrust of her hips as they pushed and squeezed their clits together.

“Oh God!!” Wendy moaned as she felt her big strong powerful nipples being pushed back inside her tits... Michelle's magical nipples were penetrating inside Wendy's dense tit-meat... drilling her.. stabbing inside her tits.. boring deep inside her tit.. “Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!” ..she wailed as Michelle's hard solid throbbing nipples inserted themselves completely inside Wendy's big round globes. Michelle's nipples felt like a little cock.. buried inside her hot flesh... “Awww Shit!” Wendy panted... no one had ever done this to her before... but she knew she still had a very powerful weapon at her disposal.. her pussy.... a pussy that could suck every last drop of moisture from Michelle's cunt.. and she felt her pussy began to tingle and itch... If she could grab Michelle's large clit with her pussy lips... she would have Michelle screaming in not time at all.

Michelle kept rocking and sliding... keeping Wendy's arms pinned above her head...sliding... moving... powerfully well developed hips thrusting.. pumping .. clits rubbing together with each stroke... pussy lips sticking and clinging together.. and stretching as they slid their wet cunts together over and over and over... back and forth... up and down.. moaning.. sliding... gasping... Michelle's strong nipples were all the way inside Wendy's big tits.. and as she would slide up.. their tits would stay connected at the nipples... Michelle's massive swollen tits were dragging Wendy's dense firm tits up and down on Wendy's chest.. pulling her tits up and then back down.. with her big nipple securely pushed deep inside Wendy's huge tits. Michelle began to move a little faster... pussy juice flowing from their wet cunts and running down into the crack of Wendy's ass... as Michelle rocked up.. her big tits would pull and tug on Wendy's... dragging Wendy's tits up on her chest.. then as she slid back down, she would pull Wendy's swollen tits back down... Neither of them had experienced anything like this before.. Michelle's enormous tits were completely dominating Wendy's over-sized tits.

“Ohhhhhhhh You.. nasty …. dirty …. cunt!!!” Wendy moaned between deep breaths... “Ohhhhhhhh Yeah... yesss... just a little lower..” Wendy was trying to work her pussy lips around Michelle's engorged clit.. “Slower... Slower Bitch!” Michelle began to slow her rocking movement.. and began sliding slower .. “Fuck me with your big clit!! Push that huge fucking clit inside my pussy.. you nasty slut!!” Michelle was more than eager to fuck Wendy's brains out... and the thought of clit fucking Wendy's cunt as she had her pinned to the bed.. with her twitching nipples pushed all the way inside Wendy's firm tits was just too much to resist. She slid her cunt down.. sliding downward until her clit was between Wendy's pussy lips...then she began moving up and down.. in a fucking motion.. pushing her clit in and out of Wendy's wet slit.... “More... Deeper!!” Wendy gasped ..”Ohhhhhh fuck yes.. yess.. right there.. just like that you bitch!!... Hold it... Push that big fucking clit as far as you can inside me and hold it there!” Michelle was overwhelmed with the idea of pushing her clit inside Wendy.. and pushing.. grinding her clit inside Wendy's cunt as hard as she could... she was going to dominate Wendy's cunt with her own cunt... and she pushed down hard.. wiggling her hips... pushing her hard throbbing clit as deep as she could.. up inside the folds of Wendy's juicy pussy.. “Yessss Just like that!!” Wendy gasped.. as she felt Michelle's big clit lodged between her pussy lips... she wiggled underneath Michelle just a little more until she felt Michelle's clit pushing against the opening of her vagina... “Push hard you fucking slut!!” Wendy panted as she pushed up hard with her strong buttocks... and Michelle pushed down hard.... and her big clit pushed inside Wendy's vagina... and Wendy knew she had Michelle right where she wanted... she squeezed her thighs tightly around Michelle.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh Take this you fucking BITCH!” Wendy screamed as she flexed her pussy lips tightly around Michelle's clit... trapping her clit between her powerful pussy lips.... Wendy flexed her cunt lips again... and sucked.... It was like a vacuum cleaner... sucking the hell out of Michelle's throbbing clit. … and something else was also happening... Michelle felt her nipples being sucked very hard... Her nipples were already buried inside Wendy's amazing tits, but now she felt her long hard nipples being sucked even deeper... It felt like Wendy's big tits were trying to swallow her nipples.. pulling and tugging on them with a powerful suction.

“Ohhhhhhhh My God!!!” Michelle screamed as Wendy's pussy pulled and tugged on her clit... sucking... sucking... sucking... “Ahhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!”

The suction was intense.. and constant.. not at all like sucking through a straw with your mouth... you can only suck for so long before you have to stop and take a breath of air. A woman's cunt does not need to breath air... there is already a supply of oxygen flowing to her cunt... so the suction was non-stop.... continuous …. unceasing … uninterrupted.. … constantly pulling and tugging and squeezing with an incredible force. Michelle began to tremble.. her big tits shuddered... her nipples vibrating... her clit jerking with wanton need... she was going to cum..her pussy was going to cum... and her nipples were going to cum ... she was going to cum hard. 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle groaned as she felt her vagina clinch .. her clit jerking hard as she gushed... “Ohhhhhhhhh Yesssssss FUCK yesssss!... Cummmmming!”

“Yesssssss Cum for me you fucking slut!” Wendy panted.. .. then she felt something in her big tits.. it was hot.. like liquid fire... “Oh my God!” Wendy gasped... Michelle's big tits were squirting cum inside her own big tits... and she could feel it.. “Ohhh Fuck!”

Michelle screamed … “FUCK!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Her magical nipples squirted a massive amount of cum inside Wendy's tits... and Wendy could literally feel her tits filling up with Michelle's hot milky sticky cum, but there was only so much cum that could remain trapped between their heaving tits.. and it quickly began to ooze out ... flowing out from between their mushroomed tits and on their hot tight skin... it was enough to push Wendy over the edge as her orgasm overwhelmed her....and she screamed at Michelle.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Bitch!!! Cummmmmmming!” … Wendy's cunt gushed.. and her own nipple-cum sprayed from her nipples... mixing with Michelle's nipple-cum.

Michelle gasped and moaned as her pussy continued to spray hot pussy-cum …and her nipples ejaculated again.. another substantial amount of nipple cum shooting from her nipples .. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!... Fuck Yes!! Cummmmming!” There was only so much cum that she could pump into Wendy's tits... and Michelle's nipple cum began to squirt out between their compressed tits... squirting up into their deep cleavage.. running out the sides of their joined tits... more and more and more cum spewed out around their mushroomed tits … Michelle's nipples were pumping an enormous amount of cum... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!!”

Wendy's pussy squeezed and sucked on Michelle's vibrating clit... sucking it hard.. pulling and tugging as she gushed again..... her pussy cum spraying out around her sucking pussy lips.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”... Her own nipples squirted some more of her own sweet nipple-cum... but it was almost an insignificant amount compared to what Michelle's magical nipples were doing.

Michelle's nipples were jetting cum again... several more immense jets of hot sticky cum... cum that was now squirting out around their big tits... running down the side of Wendy's chest... flowing like a thick river of syrup down between their abs... as cum continued to squirt out form their joined nipples. ... sooo much fucking cum... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy moaned deeply... She did not know what the fuck was happening.. but it was so fucking hot... as she came again... tossing her head back and forth and clenching Michelle's hands with her own hands... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Thirty seconds had passed since their orgasm had began.. and Michelle's big fat nipples were still cumming.. her huge tits were still pumping huge globs of thick sticky nipple cum between their big tits... “Fucking WHORE!.. Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy was having multiple orgasms... her body shaking.. her hips jerking.. her pussy constantly sucking hard on Michelle's big clit... their cunts drenched with pussy cum.. nipple-cum slowly running down the sides of Wendy's chest and on to the bed... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Michelle released Wendy's hands and pushed herself up... her huge nipples popping out of Wendy's big tits... followed by a river of milky nipple-cum that she had squirted into Wendy's tits.... As they both looked down, they could see Wendy's hard nipples that were once again sticking straight out from her huge tits... and they could see Michelle's huge nipples suspended about Wendy's... with the tips of their nipples about an inch apart... Hot sticky strings of nipple-cum were suspended between their nipples and areolas and their big tits... tacky strings of milky nipple-cum … It was so fucking hot... so incredibly fucking hot! They both watched in awe as Michelle's nipples jerked again.. and jetted several more huge squirts of cum... splattering all over Wendy's big tits and nipples .. “Ohhhhhhhh GOD!” .. Michelle gasped.. “Ohhhhhh FUCK... Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy panted and gasped as she watched Michelle's nipple shoot load after load on her big tits... Cum was everywhere... Wendy had never seen so much cum. “Fuck!... Holy Fuck!!”... then her pussy gushed again.... “Cummmmmmmming!” Her pussy was on fire.... burning with an intense hot heat... “Ohhhhhh you fucking bitch... I fucking HATE you!” She screamed at Michelle as she reached up and grabbed Michelle, rolling her over on her back as her sucking cunt popped off of Michelle's clit … Wendy then reached out with her arms to support her upper body.. her heavy tits suspended a few inches above Michelle's hefty tits... dozens of thick strings of nipple-cum connecting their tummys and tits and one very thick gooey string stretching between the tips of their swollen nipples. Once again they glared at each other... “Fuck you Michelle!”

“Fuck you Wendy!”





Wendy lowered herself down.. their sticky cum covered tits squishing together as she began sliding up and down on Michelle's body... smearing and spreading the tacky gluey nipple-cum all over their bodies... sliding up and down... her pussy was grinding against Michelle's hungry cunt.. and they began to hump their wet mounds together... fucking.. sliding... grinding... minute after minute.... Wendy had moved her face to Michelle's face so that they were cheek to cheek... long blonde hair tangled with long black hair ..breathing hot air into each others ears as they cursed each other.. their souls full of hatred and lust. “You dirty nasty fucking slut!” Wendy gasped into Michelle's ear as she slid her pussy up and down against Michelle's wet cunt.

“You vulgar filthy whore.... fuck me... show me how a whore fucks!” Michelle panted into Wendy's ear.

They continued to curse each other.. using every vile and dirty word that they could think of as they fucked... sliding their wide open sloppy cunts against each other.. minute after minute... fucking .. sliding … moaning...gasping … rocking … hands squeezing each others hard tight buttocks... nibbling on each others ears... hips jerking … pumping... grinding... fucking.. on and on and on... twenty minutes.. thirty minutes... an hour … fucking and grinding... rubbing their clits together again and again.. rubbing .. stroking.. sliding … non-stop fucking .. moaning … grinding .. gasping … nipples flicking... tits sliding together... thighs rubbing.. hands squeezing buttocks .. sliding up and down... clits throbbing … nipples twitching … fucking and fucking and fucking.. squishing... rubbing … until their sexual energy had to be released. .. there was a great craving inside their cunts.... craving for release . ..yearning with hot passion … longing for their physical pleasure to be liberated. Moaning together, their bodies stiffened.. melting into each other with extreme heat … clits jerked … hips spasmed … vagina's clenched... nipples twitched... and they looked into each others eyes with hostility and resentment.. with lust hunger... panting and gasping as their orgasm erupted.



“Ohhhhhhhh fuck!! Cummmmming!”

“Ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK Cummmmmming!”

Their cunts gushed all over each other... pussy cum spraying out of their pulsating vaginas... clits quivering against each other... screaming and yelling...

“Cummmmmmmming you fucking whore!”

“You nasty bitch!!! Cummmmmmming!”

It was more than intense.. it was extraordinary... excessive .. every nerve ending was trembling with extreme sensitivity.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn yessssssssssss yes yesssssssssss!”

They moved their arms around each other.. holding each other close as they trembled in each others arms... quivering …moaning.. overwhelmed with pleasure... boundless pleasure .. stupendous pleasure. Panting and gasping for air, Wendy rolled off of Michelle, laying on her back. .. her enormous sticky tits rising and falling on her chest with her deep breathing.. Michelle climbed over her.. then inched her way back toward the other end of the bed... and sat down... extending her legs.. and sliding toward Wendy... Michelle's sexual energy was being fueled by the magic spell... she was still full of energy... and she wanted to fuck some more... a lot more. She scissored her legs with Wendy's and began sliding closer and closer.. their thighs rubbing together as she inched her open wet dripping cunt closer and closer to Wendy's. Yes, she was very much aware of Wendy's incredible sucking cunt... she had never fucked anyone who possessed so much power in her pussy... but she also knew that she could fuck for hours and not lose her desire to fuck.. nor would she lose her stamina. If one of them was going to wear-out.. if one of them was going to pass out.. it was not going to be Michelle. …. Not today. ... She pushed her pussy the final distance toward Wendy's pussy.. their wet lips spreading out against each other as Michelle worked her cunt into Wendy's cunt... slightly moving up.. then a little to the left,, until their fuck holes were kissing.... then Michelle squeezed her vagina .. the fuck-fight was on!

Michelle squeezed her pussy on Wendy's pussy as Wendy clinched her pussy against Michelle's... Their starving cunts sucked together with slurping sounds.. like two thirsty mouths nursing on each others wet cunts... pulling and tugging... sucking at each others juices. Their hips began to move.. rocking their wetness together... squishing.. pressing .. squeezing..pushing .. their pussy lips were splayed... completely spread out against each other... humping.. grinding.. aggressively pushing into each other … thrusting … shoving … straining... sucking... Michelle pushed herself up, reaching out and grabbing Wendy's thigh as she began rocking harder.. forcing her open cunt against Wendy's pussy. Fucking and sucking. Michelle began to moan as she felt Wendy's talented cunt sucking at her own pussy.. more and more.. until the full force of Wendy's amazing pussy came to life again... “Ohhhhhhhhhhh My God!” Michelle moaned as she felt and listened to her juices being sucked up inside Wendy's vagina.. “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!”... the suction was intense.. Far more suction than she had ever experienced with anyone else … ever. … and it was quickly driving her to an orgasm.

Wendy was moaning with pleasure as their cunts ground into one another.. Her cunt had locked onto Michelle's and she knew that there was no way for the suction to stop until she reached her orgasm. She lifted her hips slightly and pushed even harder against Michelle. Rocking .. grinding .. fucking... sucking... Minute after luscious minute went by as they rocked and humped together... pussy to pussy. “Ummmmmmm” Wendy began to moan....

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss!” Michelle gasped.

Wendy taunted her ..“Cum for me bitch!”

“Fuck you whore!” Michelle moaned as Wendy's cunt felt like it was sucking the inside out of her own cunt. She began to squeal... “Unnnnnnnnn... Ohhhhhhhh shit!”

“Yesssssssssss Yes! Cum for me you dirty bitch!”

Michelle's body began to tremble... “Ohhhhhhhhhh GOD! I fucking hate you!!”... Michelle tensed... she was going to cum... and she began screaming, “Ahhhhhh ah ahhhh You WHORE!!”

“Cum for me bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh GOD!! Whore!! FUCKING WHORE!!!... Cummmmmmming!”

Wendy's powerful pussy sucked Michelle's pussy-cum out of her cunt... sucking.. slurping... “CUM you dirty BITCH!”

Michelle was cumming hard.. her clit jerking hard...her pussy gushing into Wendy's sucking cunt.. “Unnnnnnnnnn Cummmmmming! Cummmmming in your pussy you fucking whore!!”

Wendy could no longer restrain her own orgasm as her clit began to flutter.. and the hot current of pleasure rushed through her body... “Ohhhhhhh Ohhh ohhh ahhhhh ah ah .. FUCK! .. Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Her pussy clenched hard... squeezing hard.. gushing all of her pussy cum, mixed with Michelle's pussy cum all over their cunts and thighs... Cum squirting up several inches between their grinding cunts.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Michelle continued screaming at Wendy ..“Fuck you... Fuck you!!... Unnnn Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

And Wendy screamed back at Michelle … “Hate you... fucking hate you!!..Ohhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy jerked her hips back.. her pussy peeling off of Michelle's pussy with a loud slurping farting sound... Then she thrust her hips hard.. slapping her wet cunt hard against Michelle's with a loud Smack! “Fuck you!”

Michelle pulled her hips back and then drove her hips forward.. smacking her cunt against Wendy's 'Smack! “I fucking HATE YOU!”

They began jerking their hips.. slamming their wet cunts together.. pussy juice spraying on their lower tummies.. 'Smack!' … 'Slap' … 'Slap!' .. Smack!'

“Goddamn Whore!” 'SLAP!'

“Fucking cunt!” 'SLAP'

“Fuck you!” 'SMACK'



Wendy quickly scooted backward on her ass and kicked at Michelle.. her foot missing.. as Michelle kicked back.. her foot hitting just above Wendy's ankle. “Bitch!”

“Fuck you!”

Michelle hissed .. “I'll show you some fucking.. you slutty whore!” She rolled over on her tummy and crawled up between Wendy's legs and quickly planted her mouth on Wendy's pussy and began sucking.

Wendy yelled at her .. “Fucking Bitch!! Get your dirty fucking mouth off my pussy!” … but as Michelle pushed her tongue up inside Wendy's vagina, Wendy reached down and grabbed Michelle's black hair and yanked her face even tighter against her burning cunt. Michelle's tongue began to slide in and out of Wendy's pussy as she moved her fingers to Wendy's clit.. rubbing and stroking Wendy's hard throbbing clit... licking and sucking Wendy's juices as her fingers began rubbing Wendy's vibrating clit harder and harder.. faster and faster... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy moaned as Michelle ate her pussy... thrusting her tongue in and out.. pausing to suck and lick... then jabbing her long tongue back inside Wendy.. as she constantly stroked and rubbed Wendy's trembling clit.. stroking … rubbing .. pinching.. minute after minute ..licking.. lapping .. slurping .. tongue fucking Wendy to an orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh fucking SLUT!” Wendy screamed as she felt her orgasm beginning.. her hips began to jerk.. she pulled harder on Michelle's long black hair... “Ohhhhhhhh GOD! .. Cummmmmmmmmming!!” Wendy's cunt gushed.. squirting .. splashing her hot girl cum all over Michelle's face. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Michelle sucked and slurped at Wendy's sweet hot juices as her nails dug hard into Wendy's clit. “Yesssssss cum for me Whore!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming you Bitch!! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Wendy's entire body shook with her orgasm.. . “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Michelle pulled her sucking mouth away from Wendy's juicy pussy with a slurping sound... then she moved up .. pausing to wrap her lips around Wendy's clit.. giving it a few hard sucks as Wendy moaned. Then she wiggled her way up a little more.. licking up Wendy's lower abs.. higher and higher before rolling a little to her left and reaching down and cupping her huge swollen right tit in her right hand.. and pointing her gigantic swollen nipple at Wendy's pussy. Leaning forward, and guiding her big tit with her hand.. she pushed her inch and a half long hard stiff nipple inside Wendy's pussy. Michelle's magical nipple.. as big around as a roll of nickels... sliding up inside Wendy's pussy.. She was going to nipple fuck Wendy's cunt. Wendy, still holding Michelle's hair, spread her fingers... wrapping Michelle's black hair in and around her fingers.

Michelle began thrusting her huge over-sized nipple in and out of Wendy's pussy.. pushing in and out... nipple fucking her... thrusting..jabbing.. drilling … fucking Wendy's cunt with big nipple. Wendy began groaning with intense pleasure as she felt her vagina latch tightly on to Michelle's enormous hard nipple and began sucking... sucking it hard.. very hard... hard enough that Michelle could no longer push her big nipple in and out of Wendy's pussy.. it was trapped... sucked inside Wendy's cunt. Michelle tried to pull her nipple out but the suction was overwhelming. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Michelle moaned as Wendy's miraculous pussy sucked and tugged and pulled on her big sensitive nipple. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh GOD!” No longer needing her right hand to fuck her huge nipple in and out of Wendy's cunt, Michelle moved her fingers to Wendy's clit and began rubbing her clit furiously .. stroking and rubbing … her fingers almost a blur as she rubbed them hard.. up and down Wendy's vibrating clit.

Wendy panted .. “You like that bitch? .. you like my pussy sucking your big fucking nipple?”

“Ohhhhhh you nasty whore!” Michelle gasped as she looked down... her areola had disappeared from view... Wendy's cunt had sucked all of her nipple and her areola up inside her sucking pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Wendy was milking Michelle's big nipple with her sucking pussy... pulling and tugging.. sucking.. milking... slurping... “You gonna cum in my pussy bitch?”

Michelle moaned... “Yessssssssssss Yes you cheap dirty whore.. I am gonna fill you nasty cunt full of cum!”

Wendy moaned and gasped as Michelle stroked her clit... as her pussy continued sucking on Michelle's hard throbbing nipple... deep sucking.. intense sucking.. .. “Cum inside my pussy.. Cum you filthy whore! .. Give me your nasty cum!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“Yesssssssss Give me your nasty cum... cum for me you fucking bitch!”

Michelle felt like her nipple was being pulled off her tit.. the suction was so incredible.. so intense.. so extreme... so fierce. “I'm gonna pump your filthy nasty pussy full of cum you fucking whore!!”

“Show me bitch!!!” Wendy screamed at Michelle as she pulled harder on Michelle's long black hair .. “Show me how much you hate me!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I fucking HATE YOU!” Michelle screamed as she felt her clit twitch.... she was going to cum... With her left elbow firmly planted, she lifted her upper body up.. cupping her huge left tit with her left hand .. aiming her nipple upward. She grabbed Wendy's pulsing clit between her fingers and squeeeeezed hard!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK YES!” Wendy moaned as Michelle pinched her clit hard.

“Ohhhhhhh FUCK! FUCK!” Michelle's body tensed as she felt liquid heat boiling inside her massive tits... “Ohhhhhhhhh YES!! Here it cums Whore!!”

“Yessssssssssssssss YES!” Wendy panted as she felt her own orgasm beginning.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle was screaming.. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!!” Her clit jerked hard.. her pussy gushed ..Her big nipples jerked.. and erupted like a geyser.. Squirting a massive amount of sticky hot cum... her right tit shooting a tremendous volume of cum deep inside Wendy's sucking cunt as her cupped left tit ejaculated an immense supply of cum into the air... squirting up between Wendy's big tits.. and splattering on her neck. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy was cumming with her as she felt Michelle's nipple pumping an enormous amount of nipple-cum deep inside her cunt. “Ahhhhhh Cummmmmmming!”

Again Michelle's fiery nipples jerked.. unleashing another huge amount of nipple-cum.. her right nipple gushing hard into Wendy's pussy.. her left nipple shooting a heavy load of cum into the air.. hitting the underside of Wendy's huge right tit.. and splattering all over her abs. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy was out of control.. feeling her vagina expanding from the enormous amount of nipple-cum that was being pumped inside her pussy.. Wendy was cumming hard! “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“FUCK!! Cummmmmmmmmming!!” A third huge squirt of nipple-cum erupted from Michelle's massive tits.. squirting into Wendy's pussy.. and then squirting out... Wendy's pussy was overflowing.. and there was no more room... Michelle's nipple-cum gushed out around her big tit.. splattering all over her big round globe.. as her left nipple shot a tremendous thick stream of nipple-cum that landed on Wendy's face.. splattering on her right cheek and across her lips.

Wendy's cunt continued to spasm hard... her clit jerking soooo fucking hard.. “Cummmmmmmmmming!... Ohhhhhh you fucking whore!!! More!! Give me More cum... I need more cum you nasty bitch!” She yelled as she lifted her head up with her mouth wide open... “More cum!”

As Michelle's nipples erupted again... her big right nipple popped free from Wendy's sucking cunt.. ejaculating a massive load of nipple-cum all over Wendy's tummy and abs, as her left nipple blasted another monumental amount of cum..a thick milky stream that shot right into Wendy's gaping mouth.. hitting the back of her throat.. splattering on her teeth and tongue.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy swallowed... as she gargled her words .. “God! … fucking .. hate you!”

Several more times Michelle's tits erupted.. less and less cum spewing from her nipples with each orgasm.. Wendy was having multiple orgasms... one after the other.. almost constant.. as soon as one orgasm began to fade, another orgasm began.. her body trembled and shook.. Michelle was quivering and shaking as they kept cumming together for several more minutes.. Soooo hot. .. so nasty … so fucking messy.

Wendy could feel her body weakening .. she was exhausted... she was drained... their fucking had been so intense that she felt her energy depleting and Michelle noticed. She sensed victory again as she crawled up on top of Wendy and lowered her body down... face to face, tit to tit and pussy to pussy... their bodies squishing together in all of the nipple-cum... Cum began to ooze out around their big mushrooming tits... oozing up between their deep compressed cleavage and seeping out underneath their full round globes of tit-flesh. Wendy's pussy was still splattered with Michelle's hot sticky syrupy cum as she squished her wet cunt against Wendy's sloppy soaked cunt... cum leaking out from around their pussy lips as they flattened out against each other with sucking squishing sounds. Wendy reached down and grabbed Michelle's buttocks.. squeezing and kneading her dense hard ass cheeks as Michelle slipped her hands underneath Wendy's hot ass and grabbed her hard buttocks with her hands. Wendy was in complete nympho mode... she could not get enough of her hated rival. She began to gasp … struggling for air as Michelle began sliding her pussy up and down Wendy's pussy... gooey milky nipple-cum leaking out of their mashed cunts. As Michelle began to slide up and down on Wendy's body, their big heavy tits slid in the sticky tacky cum.. smearing the hot syrupy wetness all over their big tits and hard abs. There were still several globs of cum on Wendy's face and Michelle extended her tongue and began licking the cum off Wendy's cheeks and chin.. sucking it up into her mouth... spoonful after spoonful.. slurping and sucking as she rocked up and down on Wendy's body... sliding... grinding their big hard clits together... up and down... sliding .. humping …fucking. Wendy's mouth was open as she continued to gasp for air, and Michelle, with her mouth full of cum, parted her lips.. and drooled the cum down into Wendy's open mouth... cum and spit forming a long thick rope as it slowly drooled down and landed in Wendy's mouth …

“Ohhhhhhh.. fucking bitch!” Wendy gasped as she swirled the nasty mixture around in her mouth as Michelle lowered her mouth down toward Wendy... the string of nipple-cum and saliva still connecting their mouths until it disappeared from view as their open mouths joined together and their tongues touched.. swishing cum and spit around inside their locked mouths... tongues flicking … rubbing and stroking together... squishing the big load of cum back and forth between their mouths as they fucked.. Wendy's hips working in perfect rhythm with Michelle's.. grinding their tacky sticky cunt lips together... rubbing their clits up and down each other... grinding … sliding and fucking. Michelle lifted her face up.. stringing cum between their wet tongues.. “You fucking whore!”

Wendy moaned .. “Fuck you Bitch!”

They began kissing again.. swapping cum .. licking deep inside each others sticky mouths... swallowing … licking... sucking cum back and forth between their mouths.. constantly moving their hips... sliding their huge tits together.. Michelle's big strong swollen nipples completely bending Wendy's rock hard nipples each time she would slide her heavy tits up over Wendy's massive tits.. and bending Wendy's stiff nipples the other direction as she would slide down... up and down... bending Wendy's hard nipples up... then catching their nipples together and dragging Wendy's huge nipples down.. Wendy felt like she was flicking her nipples against a piece of iron. Their cunts squished.. their clits rubbed... it was a very hot sloppy messy fuck.. nipple-cum all over their bodies... sliding.. rubbing.. minute after minute.. keeping a moderate steady tempo... grinding … rocking... thrusting... fucking.. on and on and on. Wendy was thrusting her hips with will-power.. she was physically drained... but the fucking continued... time slipping forward with each passing minute.. Wendy could not hang on much longer.. she was breathing hard... but she kept thrusting her hips.. pushing their sliding cunts together... she needed to fuck this bitch-whore. Her lust and desire to be mated with the woman she hated so much provided just enough energy for Wendy to keep fucking.. keep kissing... to keep arching her back and thrusting her huge tits into Michelle's enormous tits.. They kept fucking... and fucking... until they both wanted release... until they both needed to cum... they had to force more orgasms out of each other … they had to make each other cum.

Michelle began to gasp...

Wendy was moaning …

Their hips began to jerk..

Hands clutched buttocks ..

Nipples twitching ..

Clits throbbing …

They screamed at the same moment …

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming! Cummmmmmmmming! Cummmmmming!”







Their cunts squirted cum into each others pussy... cum splashing all over their thighs and up between their abs... They forced their vibrating clits together.. pushing hard.. mashing big throbbing clit against big jerking clit

“Fuck you!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh Dirty Whore! Cummmmmmmmmming!!”

They spit at each other … spraying each others faces ..

“Unnnnnnn you goddamn filthy Bitch! .. Ahhhhhhhhh Cummmmming!”

Their orgasms kept cumming... one after the other... gushing together.. moaning together... grinding their throbbing sensitive clits together... cumming and cumming and cumming... again and again.. Their overwhelming sexual need was astonishing and breathtaking as they shared orgasm after orgasm... eight more orgasms.. or maybe ten or perhaps even a dozen... they were oblivious … blinded by their hate and lust for each other ...fucking and cursing.. fucking and cumming ..using each other for their own eccentric pleasure.. cumming and cumming and cumming until Wendy was barely able to move.

“Give up whore. Tell me that I am the better woman.”

Wendy replied, gasping and moaning .. “No.”

“No?.. Is that all you can say?... No?”

Wendy's words wheezed from her lips ...“Fuck you Michelle.”

“Come on whore.. just say it.. I am the better woman.”

Wendy's voice was nothing more than a murmur as she mumbled... her voice raspy... “Never.” Her eye lids fluttered as she looked into Michelle's eyes and faintly whispered .. “Fuck you.” as she passed out.

Michelle moved back...getting up on her knees and crawled up on top of Wendy.. straddling her as she reached down and grabbed Wendy shoulders and shook her.. “Wake up! … Wake up you whore!” … but Wendy just laid there.. unconscious.. breathing deeply. “Get up you fucking whore!” .. but there was no response from Wendy.

Michelle pushed herself up.. crawling off the bed as she cursed Wendy.. “Fucking Whore!... You filthy dirty fucking Whore!... I have out-fucked you twice and you wont admit it!!! Fuck you Wendy Corleone!... FUCK YOU!!”

Michelle looked at the time... it was a little after 3 o'clock … they had been fucking for five hours... again she cursed the sleeping Wendy .. “You Bitch! .. I fucking HATE you!!!” She then turned and walked into the bathroom and took a shower.. then she sat down at Wendy's makeup desk and applied her make up and eye-liner... then she went through Wendy's lingerie and found a black see-through thong that she slipped on. As she walked back into the bedroom, she cursed Wendy again .. “Fucking gold-digging piece of whore trash!” She found her bra and slipped it on... quickly realizing that the big E cups of her bra were too small...her enormous tits were huge!.. She once again searched through Wendy's lingerie... and found a 34F bra that she liked... black.. lacy... sexy... She looked at herself in the mirror as she slipped it on.. stuffing her massive tits into the huge F cups... and even the F cups of Wendy's bra were a little too small for her big tits as they slightly spilled out... but it was do-able... except for her nipples.. the old woman at the magic shop told her that her nipples would be obvious.. and they were. Hard.. big .. fully erect inch and a half long ...sticking straight out.. straining against the front of the bra.. and very... very obvious. Michelle spoke to her mirror image... “Fuck it.” She then slipped into her black dress... which was a little too tight across her chest.. and yes, her prominent nipples were showing. After slipping on her heels, she found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a note for Wendy .. “Dear Whore, Twice I have out-fucked you. I am the better woman and I am taking your cum soaked panties as a trophy. Again.” Michelle left the note on the bed next to Wendy, then she grabbed her purse and walked out the door. She could feel the intense sexual energy flowing through her body as she thought about her meeting this evening with Jane.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy slowly opened her eyes... her skin was sticky with the smeared tacky cum... She took a few deep breaths before looking at the time.. It was 4:30. “Fuck.” There was something she had to do.... as she rolled out of the bed she found and read the note that Michelle had left for her.. “Fuck you.”

Wendy was tired... but there were things to do... she slowly walked to the shower.. once again she felt dirty... she had to get Michelle's filth off her body. After showering and washing her hair, she slipped on a black pull-over top and a pair of jeans.. then slipped on the athletic shoes she had been wearing earlier... She quickly blow-dried her hair.. she would fix it later.. and she would put on her make up later.. It was after five o'clock and Wendy had to be somewhere before six. She had to see the Voodoo woman. Wendy did not know that Michelle had passed the magic on to her... nor did she know it would activate and last for twenty-four hours beginning with her next orgasm... but she was about to obtain additional magic... magic that she would be able to use anytime she wanted.

The skies were already filled with clouds and you could hear the distant rumble of thunder as Wendy walked into the Magic Shop a few minutes before six. The old woman was still there and approached Wendy with a smile. “Good to see you again, Wendy Corleone.”

“How do you know my name?

“Crystal ball know everything... I know why you are here.” She walked to the door of her Magic Shop and closed and locked the door, then she turned and faced Wendy .. “Come.” She motioned and Wendy followed.. walking behind the curtain. She sat down at the table where the crystal ball was sitting and motioned for Wendy to take a seat. “You donated much money to medical school, yes?”


“Money provide scholarship for niece … How may I repay you?”

Wendy stammered for a moment. … trying to find the right words... “Well.. ah.. I .. er.. was …”

“You were with someone today who had great sexual powers, yes?”

“Yes.” Wendy replied.

“Soooo, how can I help you Ms. Corleone?”

“Well.. ok .. I was... I was wondering ..”

“You want same magic?”

“I do not know.. maybe … I am not sure.”

The old voodoo woman squinted her eyes as she looked into Wendy's eyes .. “You tell me what you want.. I give you black sexual magic.”

“It would be wonderful if I could do what she does.”

“With nipples?”

“Yes.... her nipples... they... well... I don't know how to say it ...”

“Woman you with.. breasts got bigger.. nipples got bigger.. nipples give much cum, yes?”

“Yes.” Wendy answered.

“Hmmmm... her power is limited.. not work all the time.. perhaps you want more, yes?”

Wendy paused before answering … “I do not know what I want... I just want to be.. I am not sure.”

The voodoo queen spoke softly ..“You speak it and you will have.”

“I don't want to be selfish... I just want to be able to have amazing sex... I do not know what to ask for.... you choose for me.”

“You allow me to choose for you?”


“Hmmmm... there are many things. … powerful black magic... ok, I choose for you.”

Wendy took a deep breath... “All right.”

“Powers other woman have.. you may have.. anytime you want.. must say magic words and you have same magic power.”

Wendy had to know more .. “This magic you speak of... it lasts all the time?”

“No no nooo.. only when you call upon magic... then black magic work for you.. few hours.. maybe more... never know how long magic work."

“Soooo, you are telling me that my nipples can... well.. you know... will become bigger? … and my breasts will swell up bigger? … and I can cum like that anytime I want?”

“Yes. You allow me to choose for you.. this is what I choose... magic requires great price and has two conditions.”

“How much will it cost?” Wendy asked.

“No money... not need money.. you listen.”

“I'm listening.”

“When you make magic happen.... magic also work for one you with.”

“All right.. I understand.... and the other thing?”

“Someone will reveal herself soon … she will need place to live for short time.. maybe few months... she will live with you.”


“Cannot say.”

“A woman?”


“What is her name?”

“Cannot say.”

Wendy was very curious ..“Can you tell me anything about her?”

“Only this... she has very powerful dark sexual magic. .. much greater than what I give you... much powerful...more than you can imagine.”

Wendy gasped .. “Oh my.. I am not sure.”

“She will do no harm to you when she stay with you.”

Wendy felt somewhat relived … “Ok.. I will do as you ask.”

“Good. She will be pleased... listen.. you memorize words.. words bring magic spell.”

“I am listening.”

“You say this exactly.. and you repeat two more time... understand?”


“You say .. “Beautiful one, become one with me.” .. you say words three times.”

“I say the words three times.. out-loud?”

“No.. you say words inside. .. no voice.”

“Anytime I want?”

“No no noooo you listen.. only when you have sex with woman.”

“Oh,, ok.” Wendy wanted to make sure she understood .. “Sooo, when I am engaged in sex with a woman.. I say the phrase in my mind .. “Beautiful one, become one with me.” three times. Is that correct?”

“It is so... you tell no one of this... no one... or spell goes away go now.”

“Do I owe you anything.?”

“You give woman place to stay for few months.. this is all that is required from you for now.”

“You may require something from me in the future?”

“Me.. no.. woman.. perhaps.. difficult to see... you go now.”

Wendy stood up... “Thank you.”

The voodoo queen smiled as Wendy turned around and walked out of the Magic Shop. She was on her way home....she had to get herself ready to meet Angel.

After Wendy had left, the old woman placed her hands back on the crystal ball, which had now turned a bright red and was warm to the touch... as the cloudy image of the woman inside the crystal ball appeared, the old woman spoke.. “It is done.”

“You have done well... Does she know that when she speaks the magic words that she will have great and powerful dark magic at her disposal?”

“She is unaware of all of her powers.” the old woman answered.

“When Ms. Corleone is engaged in a sexual act, she will have the ability to drain sexual energy from the one she is with.”

“Yes she will be able to do that, but she will be unaware.”

“The one she is with will also have the ability to drain sexual energy from her as well.”

“Yes, it is also true. If Wendy has superior sexual skills, then she will absorb sexual energy from the one she is with... however, if she is sexually inferior then she will have her own sexual energy drained and captured by the one she is with.”

The woman in the crystal ball replied .. “It is a great risk... it may make it more difficult to turn her to our side.”

“It will be difficult.. but I believe she can become an ally... perhaps when you make your appearance you can persuade her.”

“Perhaps... and what about her mirror image that she will be meeting tonight?”

“That one will be difficult.. she has strong will.. will require much seduction.”

“If this Ms. Corleone can be turned to our side, she can help us seduce her mirror image... I must go now.”

The old woman bowed her head as the image in the crystal ball faded.

To be continued