By AngelDawn30

Second Friday

Wendy and Jane

Wendy's bedroom was still dark when Jane woke up from her deep sleep. She and Wendy were still facing each other with their legs intertwined together and their enormous tits pushed together, nipple to nipple. She stared at Wendy's beautiful face for a few minutes.. thinking about how perfect she was... such a nice hard tight ass... legs to die for... that narrow waist with it's toned abs.. and those fucking huge tits that were capped with those incredible over-sized nipples. Jane was definitely falling for Wendy. And how could she not have feelings for her? Wendy had just fucked her like no one had ever fucked her before... not even Angel.... then Jane thought about Angel.. and how beautiful she was... and the feelings she had for Angel began to surface. Jane was falling for both of them.... and she did not know what to do about it. Angel was such a good fuck... and such a good person... but so was Wendy... she was a beautiful person.. and she had a pussy that could suck like no other pussy in the world... Wendy's pussy was truly magical. As she lay there facing Wendy, Jane felt her big nipples began to twitch against Wendy's lengthy nipples. Even a sleeping Wendy was turning her on. She raised her head up enough to glance at the clock on the nightstand … 'Oh my!' Jane thought to herself... it was almost eight o'clock. She had to be at work in an hour. “Damn.” Jane whispered as she carefully rolled away from Wendy and got out of the bed and slipped quietly to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, Jane was had already taken a quick shower and was walking out of the bathroom.. and there was Wendy … naked … standing there waiting for her.

Wendy grinned at Jane... “And just where do you think you are going?”

“Oh Wendy.. I have to get to work.”

Wendy walked toward Jane with her arms open.. “You could call in sick.”

“I can't today.. I have a few things that I have to take care of today... or I would.”

Wendy kept walking toward Jane until their huge heavy tits gently pushed into each other as Wendy wrapped her arms around Jane and placed her right cheek against Jane's left cheek.. whispering in Jane's ear .. “We could fuck all day.”

“Ohhhhhh God! You are so fucking hot.” Jane gasped into Wendy's ear... “I love to fuck.”

“Oh Jane, so do I... I love to fuck. .. and you are so fucking hot! ... which is why I want to fuck all day.”

Jane flicked her tongue against Wendy's ear ...“Mmmmm Wendy,, I think we were made for each other .... we can fuck tonight... all night.”

“I have plans tonight... and I have a golf lesson at the country club this morning.. which I can cancel if you want to fuck.”

“Damn, .. please forgive me Wendy.. but I must be a work today.”

Wendy smiled... “I understand.”

“But perhaps if you canceled your plans tonight we could fuck again this evening.”

“Well.. unfortunately, I have to keep this appointment.”

“Ohhhhhhh well.... tomorrow is Saturday... we can fuck all weekend if you want.”

“That sounds interesting.” Wendy said as she began to sway against Jane.. dragging her enormous tits back and forth across Jane's over-sized tits... their long erect nipples flicking back and forth across each other.. “This has been an incredible week for fucking... and last night was the highlight of the week.”

Jane nuzzled her lips against Wendy's ear … “I know... it seems I have done more fucking the last couple of weeks than I have in a long time.”

Wendy licked at Jane's ear... “Me too... and that's saying a lot.... since I am a fucking nympho lesbian whore.”

“I think I am a lesbian whore too.” Jane gasped into Wendy's ear as they continued to shift their huge tits back and forth against each other.. their nipples tingling.

Wendy reached down with her hands and cupped Jane's hard tight buttocks .. “I am more of a whore than you are.”

Jane slid her hands over Wendy's hard ass-cheeks... squeezing … “I don't think so.. I bet I have fucked more women in the last two weeks that you have.”

Wendy giggled before licking at Jane's ear again... her hands squeezing and kneading Jane's buttocks … “I kinda doubt that.”

“Oh really …. well.... then tell me.. how many women have you fucked recently?”

Their hot nipples were still flicking back and forth across each other as they slid their massive tits back and forth across each other.... their cunts were already getting wet. Again Wendy licked at Jane's ear as she whispered … “Well... let's see.... there was Amanda Davis... she was hot.. really nice tits... and beautiful long auburn hair.”

“Yes, I have fucked Amanda... she is hot.”

“Oh you have?” Wendy pushed her huge tits a little more firmly into Jane's huge tits.

“Un huh.... so that's one for you and one for me.”

Wendy giggled .. “Soooo.. we are keeping score?”

Jane laughed.. “Un huh... you said you were more of a whore than me.”

“I did say that, didn't I?... well... ok... I fucked a girl named Jennifer.”

“I don't know a she hot?”

“Oh god yes... she is young.. and has really good sized tits.. long black hair... really nice.”

“Well...I fucked a woman named Joy Antonelli.”

“Oh really?? .. the banker?”

“Yes... black hair... huge fucking tits... you know Joy?”

“I not only know Joy... she and I fucked recently.... Three for me and two for you!”

“Bitch!” Jane whispered in Wendy's ear …. “Well... ok... I fucked a real estate lady.”

“Ashley Williams?”

Jane playfully slapped Wendy's ass ..“Damn! How did you know that?”

“I have fucked her too.. just a few days ago.... really big tits!”

“I know! She was very hot!”

“Sooo.. I am ahead four to three.”

“Ok... I fucked Lisa Catt.”

“Joy's secretary?.. blonde... big tits?”

“Dammit!... You have fucked Lisa?”

“Not yet... but she is on my fuck list.”

Jane laughed... “Lisa is a very good fuck.. you will enjoy her... soooo.. we are tied four to four.”

Their big tits were still dragging back and forth across each other.. and their breathing was getting a little deeper... “Sara Jones.... that girl has incredible tits!”

“You know Sara?”

“Oh my.. don't tell me that you have fucked Sara?” Wendy whispered in Jane's ear.

“Yep... she lives in the same apartment complex where I live... sooo.. we are tied at five.”

“Mmmmm.” Wendy softly moaned as their nipples flicked across each other again... “We really are whores.”

“Yessssssss.. I love being a whore.”

There was a minute of silence as they slowly moved their massive tits back and forth across each other... it felt so fucking good. Jane finally whispering … “Amber Walker”

Wendy squeezed Jane's ass again... “I can't believe we have fucked so many of the same women... I recently fucked Amber... long reddish hair... giant tits... really hot!”

“Oh yes.. very hot... that makes six for each of us.”

“That's a lot of fucking!”

Jane purred as she kept sliding her heavy tits back and forth across Wendy's weighty tits. “Umm Hmmm … yes it is.... but then again … I am lesbian whore.”

Wendy gasped into Jane's ear … “Last night we both fucked Olivia.”

“Yes we did... and I have also fucked her twin sister Sophia.”

“Olivia has a twin?”

“Identical.. same long black hair.. same big tits... yep.... I am winning eight to seven.”

“Bitch!” Wendy moaned as she dug her fingers into Jane's hard ass. .. “I have fucked Michelle Richardson.”

“The attorney?”

“Yes.. I fucking hate that bitch!!”

“Oh? Well... ok... I have a meeting with her today.”

“She is a fucking bitch Jane... I hate her!”

“Was she a good fuck?”

“Oh yeah... really good fucking.. it's just her attitude.. She is mean.”

“Thanks for the heads-up.. I will be careful.”

Wendy leaned even closer as she stopped swaying.. pushing a little more into Jane's big tits... “Fuck her Jane... Fuck the shit out of her... until she begs you to stop!! Fuck her for me until she can't walk!”

“You really don't like her, do you?”

“I fucking hate that filthy bitch!!!... promise me you will fuck her until she is begging you to stop!... Promise me.”

Jane softly kissed Wendy's ear … “I promise.”

They held each other tight for a few more minutes.. squeezing each others ass cheeks as they ground their big tits together.... Wendy finally spoke ..“You know what is kinda odd? … everyone we have fucked has really big tits.”

“I know... it's kinda like shark week... only it's tit week!”

They both laughed... then Wendy spoke again... “I guess we tied.. eight to eight.”

“Well... if we count each other.. then it makes nine!” Jane said as she stepped back from Wendy and looked into her eyes .. “Anyone else?”

Wendy thought for a moment … “No .. I don't think so... that is all of the women I have fucked recently.”

“Then I win!... I have one more name!

“Oh? And who would that be?”

“Angel Johansen.”

Wendy felt her pulse quicken as she peered deeply into Jane's eyes … “The private investigator?”

“Yes... Angel Johansen, private eye.”

Wendy felt her cunt twitch... and she did not know why... she only knew that when Jane said Angel's name that her pussy twitched... “Say her name again.”

“Well... her real name is Angelica Johansen.” Jane thought about saying something about Wendy's missing ring that had been found but then decided to let it go.

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Wendy gasped quietly as her pussy clenched again.

Jane noticed... “Do you know Angel?”

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Wendy's clit jerked … “Uhhh... no.. I have not met her.”

“You need to meet Angel... she is very hot.... like volcano hot.”

Wendy's cunt spasmed again when Jane spoke Angel's name... and Wendy did not know why this was happening... but it felt so fucking good. … “Hold me Jane... hold me very tight.” Jane wrapped her arms around Wendy's waist as they pulled their hot bodies together again... tit to tit and nipple to nipple.... then Wendy placed her arms around Jane as she pulled Jane even tighter.... 'Say her name again.”

Jane was curious as to why Wendy would ask her to speak Angel's name again.. but as they stared into each others eyes... she whispered .. “Angel.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Wendy gasped.. her eyes were locked with Jane's.. and her hips began rocking … as if they had a mind of their own … her nipples were burning against Jane's.... and her clit was vibrating... throbbing... begging for release. “Again.” Wendy whispered as her glassy eyes looked into Jane's.

Jane moved her lips toward Wendy's … extending her tongue.. and slowly licking Wendy's full moist lips... and then she touched her lips against Wendy's... and as she whispered, her lips moved against Wendy's … “Angel.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy's lips moved against Jane's as her clit jerked hard... and her nipples began to throb uncontrollably. Jane could feel Wendy's long hard nipples jerking against her own big stiff nipples... and as Wendy's hips began to jerk... she felt Wendy's body spasm … Wendy was going to cum....

Jane was not sure why this was happening at the mere mention of Angel's name... but for whatever the reason was, Jane wanted to please Wendy... so Jane moved her lips against Wendy's again.. whispering … “Angel … Angel …. Angel …. Angel.”

Wendy threw her head back... gasping... panting.. her clit began jerking wildly... her tits were shaking against Jane's... and her big hot fiery nipples were burning Jane's stiff nipples... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!! Wendy's whole body stiffened... spasmed … jerked …. and she screamed … “Cummmmmmmmmming!!” Wendy's pussy gushed.. spraying pussy cum all over Jane's cunt and thighs... “Cummmmmmmmmming!!” Wendy's lengthy nipples jerked hard and began squirting nipple cum between their mushroomed tits. Jane could feel Wendy's nipple cum burning her skin.. like it was molten lava... gushing between their pressed tits until it began to squirt out of the top of their deeply mushroomed tits... nipple cum spraying up and splashing on their necks and chins. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Wendy shrieked with pleasure as her cunt gushed again... spraying girl cum all over Jane's pussy and splashing on the top of their thighs.. running down their legs... as Wendy's nipple cum seeped out from the bottom of their pressed tits.. running down their abs... all the way down to their cunts.

Again Wendy's body convulsed hard... and she screamed again .. “Cummmmmmmmmming... ohhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmming!!” Again her nipples exploded.. gushing nipple cum up between their cleavage... as more and more nipple cum ran down their abs... a river of nipple cum that ran all the way down to their pussys...mingling with Wendy's pussy cum.

“My God!” Jane gasped.. she had never seen so much cum squirt out of anyone's nipples before... it was amazing.

Wendy held Jane tight... gasping and moaning... her cunt and nipples had cum... for no apparent reason other than the mention of Angel's name. It was something that just happened... something beyond her control.... she was puzzled... confused... and amazed.

They held each other for a few more minutes.. Jane finally asking ..“Are you all right?”

“Yes... yes .. I am fine... I don't know what just happened.” Wendy whimpered on wobbly legs as she held on to Jane.

“Damn Wendy.. you are sooooooooo fucking hot!!... Like no one I have ever met.”

“Mmmm Jane.”

Another couple of minutes went by.. before Wendy spoke .. “Jane, you better hurry if you are going to get to work.”

“Oh my.. you're right. .. I have to go home and get dressed.”

“Nonsense... You can wear some of my clothes... just go into the closet room and pick out whatever you want... but first.. let's get a towel and dry you off.”

“I know!!.. Damn Wendy.. I never knew that nipples could cum so fucking much!”

Wendy was almost back to normal now... “I know! Me either! … there is a makeup counter in the closet... use whatever you want.”

“Thank you.” Jane answered as she stepped back from Wendy and walked to the closet door and opened it … “Holy shit!” Jane gasped at the sight of Wendy's 'closet'. It was much bigger than most bedrooms. She found an black business outfit that was appropriate to wear to work.. put on one of Wendy's bras that fit her perfectly and a pair of Wendy's panties before finding some heels that matched.. and like everything else, they fit perfectly.. put on her makeup and was ready to go... when she walked out of the room, Wendy was just stepping out of the shower. They hugged again and shared a few loving kisses before Jane had to leave. “Call me.” Jane smiled at Wendy.

“I will.”

Jane walked out of Wendy's bedroom, through the sitting area... down the hallway and down the stairs where she was greeted by Charles.

“Enjoy your day Ms. Love.”

“Thank you Charles, I will... and you do the same.”

“Yes Ma'am .. I always do.” Charles answered as he opened the door for Jane and then closed it behind her. Charles liked Jane. And that was a good thing.

As Jane drove to work she began to think about things.... about how much she liked Angel... and about how much she liked Wendy... and about how the mere mention of Angel's name seemed to really turn Wendy on... It was hot in a weird sort of way.. and she wondered what all of that was about.

When she arrived at work she checked her schedule for the day and noticed that she had a appointment with Michelle Richardson at Michelle's office this evening at eight o'clock. There was a case that needed to be settled and Jane licked her lips thinking of how they might come to an agreement.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle had texted Abby, telling her that she was going to be a little late. She had to make one stop before going to her office this morning... Michelle had to see the Voodoo woman one more time. Her hatred for Wendy was over-riding everything else in her mind. She had an overwhelming desire to humiliate and destroy Wendy sexually.. and was determined to do whatever she had to do to accomplish her plan.

The old voodoo woman had arrived at work a little early today and was sitting down at the desk in front of the crystal ball. As she placed her old wrinkled hands on the crystal ball, it became cloudy for a few moments before it took on a misty blurred form of a woman and began speaking to her...

“The woman that recently visited you will return this morning. She will ask for additional magic and you shall give it to her.”

“Yes, of course.. as you wish.” the old woman answered.

“I foresee that she will join us in our quest.”

“Yes my queen.”

“It will not be much longer before I take on a human form and join you. I will need a place to live for awhile... you will have a second woman visit you today... I want to stay with her when I make my appearance.”

“I will make it so.”

“Good... and soon after that, you will have a new, younger body and will be beautiful and alluring.”

“Yes my queen.” As soon as the old woman answered, the image faded as she heard someone walk through the front door of her Magic Shop.

Michelle was wearing a black dress with matching black heels as she walked into the magic shop a little after nine o'clock. Her dress was a little more low cut than she usually wore to work and it showed off her abundant cleavage without showing her black bra. Her dress was also a little shorter than she normally wore, with the hemline about five inches above her knees. Michelle looked like a sex-goddess dressed in black and was quickly greeted by the old woman who instantly recognized her. “You have come back.... I knew you would come back.”

“Oh really?” Michelle asked.

“Yes. I know you… always want more... this I know.”

“Yes.. well.... I want to talk to you again about the magic.”

“Come with me.” She turned around and walked toward the curtain, opened it, and allowed Michelle to walk in before walking in herself and closing the curtain behind her. “Sit.” Michelle sat down in the same chair at the same desk where she sat yesterday. “What do you want?”

“I have a few questions.”

The old Voodoo woman answered, “And I have the answers.”

“Yesterday, you told me that my nipples would cum a lot.. and then you showed me by spraying the bottle of glass cleaner.”

“Yes I did.”

“What I wanted to ask,... is …. I really don't want my nipples to spray per se.”

“What do you want?”

“I want my nipples to squirt... squirt jets of cum... and squirt like that for, as you said, two minutes.. and maybe even longer than that.”

The elderly woman leaned forward toward Michelle, speaking softly .. “How much cum you want nipples to squirt?”

“A lot.”

“No no no.. you tell me.. price of magic depend on how much cum you want.”

Michelle thought for a moment... she started to say a gallon.. but then thought that would be really messy... and she also thought that might sound too greedy for her to ask for so much... so she looked into the old woman's eyes as she answered... “You decide for me.”

The voodoo woman peered into Michelle's eyes... “Hmmmm ...You want nipples to squirt? .. Like squirt three .. four feet in air with much force?”

“Oh my God Yes!” Then Michelle continued... “And just to clarify... when my nipples cum, it is usually mostly clear.. sometimes it is a little milky.. but barely.. I would like for the cum to me more milky in color. … more like the color of watered down milk.... except for one thing.”

“Let me guess... you want the cum to be thicker.. like honey. this you want, yes?”

“Yes! But not as thick as honey.. I don't want it stick to skin.. I want it to be able to slowly form thick rivers of cum that oozes it's way down... but not as slow as honey .... more like... like maple syrup.. with a consistency and density that will let it slowly run down her skin.”

“This will need much magic.. but can be done.” the old woman replied.

“And one more thing... can you make it very sticky?”

“Sticky like honey?”

“Yes! … perhaps even more sticky than honey?.”

“You ask for much... there will be price to pay for such powerful magic... but yes, .. can do that.. more sticky than honey.. so when fingers touch, they pull thick strings of very sticky cum.... good for you?”

“That is perfect!”

“Hmmmmm” the old lady was obviously thinking. “If I do this for you, it will be much cost.. .. and you will owe me... and will do things for me in future.”

“Your name is Michelle. You are attorney, yes?”

“Yes.. how did you know my name?”

“I see all there is to see.”

“Ok... and what is it you want me to do for you?”

“You listen... listen good. You will handle all legal work I ask you to do. .. agree?”

“Yes, I agree.”

“And you will owe me two favors.”

Michelle was curious... “What favors?”

“Will tell you when I need favors.”

Michelle thought for a moment... unknown promises were usually not a good idea.. but her hatred and lust for Wendy was clouding her judgment .. and she agreed .. “Yes, I agree.”

“Good. This also you should know.. this new magic will begin when you have orgasm and will be passed on to next person you have orgasm with.. and they will pass it on as I explained yesterday.”

“I can't have this just for myself?”

“No.. this magic not work that way.” Her voice was firm.

“All right.” Michelle answered, then she asked a question.. “So, this new magic will last for twenty-four hours,.. then it goes away... and then will last another twenty-four hours when it is activated again by having an orgasm... and then the magic spell will rest.. for days or weeks... before it is activated again?”

“Yes. Correct.”

Michelle asked another question ...“Ok.. and just so I understand … during this twenty-four hour period, I will have unlimited sexual stamina... I can keep going and going without being exhausted...and my breasts will be a little bigger, my nipples will be bigger, and my nipples will be able to cum a lot ... correct?”

Again the old woman confirmed what Michelle said .. “Yes. Correct.”

“And this magic spell will be passed on to the first person I have an orgasm with during this first twenty-four hour period.. and then she will pass it on to someone else.. and then on to a third person and finally a fourth person...and each one of them will have two twenty-four hour periods where the magic will work.. then it goes away?”

“Yes.. after that the magic will rest.. sometimes days.. could be months.. never know how magic work.”

“Ok.. I understand ...How much will it cost?”

“Will cost two favors in the future... whatever I ask you will do.... anything I ask.”

“What kind of favors?”

The voodoo queen stood up.. “You want magic or not want magic.. this is price.”

“Hmmmm … and the magic will work from the very beginning.. with my first orgasm?”

“Yes, and last twenty-four hours.. then after time expire will last another twenty-four hours beginning with next partner you have orgasm with... then spell rests.”

Michelle nodded .. “I understand.”

“Two more thing you need to know,” the voodoo queen leaned closer toward Michelle as she whispered... “This magic has consequences. … has side effects.”

“Such as?”

“You listen... when spell is activated … nipples expand... grow bigger.”

Michelle's eyes opened wide... “Oh my... how big?”

“Time and one half time. … last until spell rests.”

“Sooo.. one and a half times their normal size?”

“This is true.”

Michelle wanted to make sure she completely understood... “So for example, if my nipples were.. say … when aroused.. were.. an inch long.. then the spell would make them an inch and a half long?”

“Yes... time and one half time longer.. and time and one half time bigger around.. and last for twenty-four hours.. will not go away.. people will notice... difficult to hide... will stay that size all the time for twenty-four hours until spell rests.”

“Ok.. I can live with that.” Michelle answered before asking another question... “You said there were two more things... what is the other thing?”

Smiling with an eerie grin, the old woman answered … “Breast expansion.”

Michelle raised her eyebrows...”Breast expansion?”

“Yes .. I tell you... breast expansion... created by very deviate persons.. who make breasts bigger.”

Michelle tilted her head to the side.. “I do not understand.”

“You go to computer. .. … you see images... you see artists make women's breast expand.. make breasts bigger. .. very good information... you enjoy much.”

“You mean like altering a photo?”

“Yes... you will see... Magic you want does same.. only magic is real.. your breast expand... breasts swell one cup size larger ...but never know how magic work... sometimes more...” And then she peered deeply into Michelle's eyes... “Sometimes much more... and stay bigger for twenty-four hours... will be obvious that breasts are larger... everyone notice.. you pay attention... may need to buy bigger bra... after twenty-four hours spell rests.”

“Damn!” Michelle gasped .. “I am a full E cup now... so for twenty-four hours I would be an F cup?” Michelle's mind was flooded with images of her bigger tits squishing Wendy's tits flat.

“Yes... and sometimes maybe more.”

Michelle's eyes lit up ...“A G cup?”

“It is possible. Never know what magic do.”


“You want magic... yes... no?”

Michelle was blinded with her hate for Wendy... and she would have agreed to any price. She was possessed with her need to sexually destroy Wendy... not like she did before... she knew that she could have just as easily lost that battle... This time it had to end in the utter destruction of Wendy sexually. ... she wanted to overwhelm Wendy.. to demoralize her... to make Wendy feel as if she was not worthy to be in the same room with her... she wanted a complete victory.. with no reservations... it had to be a complete surrender. “Ok... I agree.”

The old woman stood up and walked around behind Wendy and once again placed her frail hands on top of Wendy's head and chanted in a different unknown language than she spoke yesterday.… “amin ona lle sina sexual templa. lle nipples will cum nir' times vee' juch vee' ron uma sii'. . . sai- sai- cum. ar' lle nipples will palua a' er ar' y' perya times sen sanya erect size iire lle caela an orgasm. cum nauva sai- ner. sai- sai- ner. “ She walked back around to her chair and sat down and looked into Michelle's eyes... “You will have everything.. just as you ask for.. but so will first partner you have orgasm with... but they will not have powers until they have orgasm with someone else. .. you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“It is done. You go now.”

Michelle leaned forward and spoke in a low voice ...“I have one more question. .. How do you know I will keep my part of the agreement?”

The old woman smiled … “When magic work for you, you will know magic is real and know I have gift. You will keep your word because you will be afraid not to keep word. … I show you.” She walked over and picked up a voodoo doll and a pin... “You not keep word …. this happen to you.” Michelle gasped as the old woman pushed the pin through the heart of the doll. “You understand, yes?”

“Yes . … I understand.”

“Good. No more talk … you go now.”

Michelle stood up and walked out of the Magic Shop... As soon as she had left the old voodoo queen looked into her crystal ball... and waited .. until the cloudy image of a beautiful, perfect woman appeared … She had long black hair flowing around her flawless face and down to the middle of her back. Her tits were enormous... her tummy amazingly flat … her buttocks hard and firm … and legs that could have been chiseled from marble... She was perfect ..she was the consummate woman. The old lady looked at the woman in the crystal ball and whispered .. “It has begun.”

The perfectly formed woman in the crystal ball replied ..“Good... and so it begins. I see that you have shared a few of my sexual powers with her... and have enabled these powers to be shared with three others.”

“Only for brief twenty-four hour periods at a time and only two such twenty-four hour periods before spell becomes dormant and rests.”

“You have done well.”

The old woman bowed her head to the woman in the crystal ball ..“How soon will you make your appearance?”

“There are still a few things to do.”

Again the voodoo queen bowed her head to the stunning raven haired woman as she disappeared into a cloud of darkness. Although it was still going to be a little while into the future, the old woman knew of what was to come... and Michelle was going to be part of the plan.

As Michelle was headed to work, her nipples were already tingling with anticipation. She had to get Wendy all alone. When she arrived back at her office, Michelle had Abby call the country club.. Michelle wanted to know if Wendy Corleone had anything scheduled today.. tennis or golf lessons.. or perhaps a massage. Abby quickly learned that Wendy had a tennis lesson at ten o'clock. Michelle checked the time.. “Dammit!” It was already ten o'clock... then she smiled with her evil bitchy grin ... “Perhaps I will just go and watch …. Abby, I will be out of the office for awhile.”

“Yes Ma'am... Oh, and Ms. Richardson.. you have an appointment this evening at 8 o'clock in your office with Jane Love.”

“I will be here... Ms Love and I have things to discuss.” Michelle answered as she walked down the hallway toward the elevator.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a few minutes after nine o'clock and Wendy was already dressed in her skimpy little tennis outfit and was about to leave for her tennis lesson at the country club. Her white top, which barely concealed her white bra, had a plunging neckline that showed off her immense cleavage and her shorts were perhaps a bit too short.. barely covering her amazingly tight buttocks. White ankle socks and white tennis shoes were the finishing touch. As she walked passed her desktop computer, she paused... there was one thing she had to do.... she sat down and opened up her browser.. and typed in “Angelica Johansen.” And her pussy spasmed as she typed Angel's name … “Damn.. what is happening to me?” She squirmed in her chair as she clicked on the link to Angel's homepage.. “” … and there was a picture of Angel's face... the same picture she had seen more than a week ago.. and she felt her clit twitch as she looked at Angel's photo. She was blonde and gorgeous. Wendy wondered what the rest of Angel looked like so she searched for images of Angelica Johansen.. again her pussy twitched.. “What the fuck is going on?” she whispered to herself.... then she saw photos of Angel for the first time... at charity events... fund raisers … there was a photo of her with the Cowboys quarterback... Wendy gasped... Angel could have been her twin... long blonde hair.. and an extraordinarily massive rack! Suddenly she remembered the words she said when she first saw Angel's photo … and she whispered the words out loud to herself … “She is the one.”

Wendy stood up... gasping … “Oh my God!” Her pussy spasmed again and her breathing quickened.... “Oh my God!” Wendy knew. She did not know exactly how she knew... but she knew. There was no doubt in her mind... Angel was the one she had been searching for... Angel was the woman in the mirror.

She felt heat flowing through her body as she looked at Angel's pictures... their faces were a little different.. just as the voodoo woman had told her.. but from the chin down.. they were virtually identical. “Ohhhhhh God!” Wendy moaned as her pussy clenched hard... wetting the front panel of her white panties... “Unnnnnnnnnn.” She gasped as she felt the river of pleasure began to flow.. from deep within her innermost being... her body trembled... she gasped … and moaned... the immense pleasure flowed from somewhere deep inside... through her massive tits and down to her pussy. Wendy was cumming. “Ahhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy's pussy gushed... her clit jerked... her nipples twitched … her buttocks tightened up... her hands moved to her big tits and squeezed … “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!” Wendy moaned as her pussy gushed again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” …. Panting and gasping she reached for the mouse and closed the screen on her desktop.... breathing deeply as her orgasm slowly faded. She was somewhat bewildered by what had just happened... It was like a dream... it was … it was ….. Wendy did not know what it was. There was no apparent explanation. She only knew one thing... She was going to meet Angel today. She was excited about that... she was also nervous and apprehensive... there was so much uncertainty and she had no idea what to expect....

Wendy sat there for a few more minutes before she stood up and began to walk down the stairs. The doorbell was ringing and Charles was already approaching the door when Wendy reached the bottom of the staircase. As Wendy watched from a distance, Charles opened the door … It was Ricco Corleone. “Mr. Corleone, please come in.”

“Thank you Charles. I have brought something for Mrs. Corleone.. in the car, if you would help bring it in.”

Charles looked outside at the limousine.. the back door was open and two men were carrying briefcases toward the front door. Charles assisted them and in a few minutes they had brought twenty briefcases into the foyer and sat them down on the floor. By now, Wendy had walked over toward Ricco as he spoke to her.. “I believe you will find everything in order... you may count it if you wish.. and I need the signed document that Lorenzo sent to you.”

“I am sure it's all there.. Lorenzo has always been truthful with me.” Wendy turned around and spoke to Charles ...“Charles, place the briefcases in the vault.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone.” He responded as he began placing the briefcases in the elevator along with the two helpers that had arrived with Ricco.

Wendy then turned to Ricco.. “My attorney has the signed document.” Wendy walked over to a small table in the entry hallway and opened the drawer.. then wrote 'Jane Love and the address of the Lincoln Law Firm.' and then handed the piece of paper to Ricco. “She will give you the signed document.”

Ricco took the piece of paper from Wendy.. “Yes, Ms. Corleone... I will go see Ms. Love now.... by the way... her name is Isabella D'Angelo.” Wendy questioningly looked at Ricco as he continued... Ricco handed Wendy a card .. “The woman Carlo is marrying.. I understand that she would like to meet you someday. Her email address is written on the back of my card.” He then turned around and walked to the front door before stopping and turning around toward Wendy and slightly bowing... before leaving.

Wendy quickly walked down the hallway to the study where there was a desktop computer... she quickly searched for information about Isabella D'Angelo … and within a couple of minutes she had found several photos online of Isabella... it seemed that the Italian newspapers had given her the nickname .. “Mafia Princess.” She was young.. Wendy guessed that she and Isabella were about the same age.. she was tall and beautiful with full lips, long black hair and dark eyes... nice hips and a small waist … and tits.. huge round tits that appeared to be as big as her own.. maybe even a little bigger …Wendy felt a rush of jealousy and anger rushing through her body... “I would also love to meet you too Isabella.” Wendy softly spoke to the photo on the monitor. “No doubt both of us have a few things to get off our chests … so to speak.” Wendy turned off the computer and walked back toward the front door where Charles was waiting, having finished placing the briefcases in the vault that was located in the basement. He greeted her and wished her a good day.... as Wendy was about to walk out the door, she turned around toward Charles … “I need you to do something for me Charles.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone, of course.”

“Call Jane Love and inform her that Ricco Corleone is on her way to her office and that she may hand him the signed document... she will know what I am talking about... then I need you to call Angelica Johansen.” As Wendy spoke Angel's name she felt her pussy spasm again … causing her to pause for a moment before continuing .. “She is coming here today to return my ring?”

“Yes Ms. Corleone.”

“I don't want her to come here.... Call her.. tell her I want to meet somewhere else.. anywhere... get an address and set up a time for me to go see her... sometime this evening... just find out where she wants to meet me... and then text me and let me know.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone.. is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No … thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure Ms. Corleone.”

It was almost ten o'clock... Wendy was going to be late for her tennis lesson. She jumped into her Lamborghini and drove away from her home... on her way to the Country Club.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ashley had arrived to work early Friday morning and was reviewing some new real estate listings when her cell phone buzzed... she had a new email from the Underground Titfight League. As you already know, Ashley had already been selected as one of the women who would compete this coming weekend for the National Titfight Championship which was going to he held this year in Dallas at a club called 'Girlfriends.' Ashley had been there a few times as it was common knowledge that Girlfriends was the place to meet other women who were into titfighting. She opened the email and began to read... 'Dear Ashley, The executive committee has made their decision about the upcoming National Titfight Championship. You already know that you have been selected to fight for the Championship, and we are pleased to inform you that your opponent for the Championship match will be Joy Antonelli.' Ashley wondered if it was the same Joy that she was going to meet tonight. She googled for images of Joy Antonelli, and sure enough... there was her picture.. it was the same fucking whore whom she caught fucking her x-boyfriend Mark.

“Yesssssss!” Ashley exclaimed … “Yessssss... I so want to get that bitch in the ring.”

She continued to read .. 'The matches will begin at 5 PM on Sunday at the Girlfriends club. There will be three fifteen minute matches beginning at 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 with participants selected at random by a drawing. Anyone interested in participating must register before 5:00. The championship match will begin at 7:00 and have a thirty minute time limit. Thank you for participating in the Underground Titfight League. Please find a file attached to this email that has all the information about where and when this event will be. It would be greatly appreciated if you would forward the attached file to anyone and everyone you know who may be interested in attending. We want a full house. Regards, UTL.

Ashley sat there for a few moments.. smiling .. then stood up .. making a fist with her right hand and pumped her first up and down .. “Yessss! I am going to flatten your tits bitch!!!... not only am I going to fuck you into submission tonight, but Sunday I am going to beat your sorry ass tits with mine in front of everyone! .. Fuck Yeah!”

She sat back down.. thinking about how sweet this was going to be... and then picked up her cell phone. She had to call Sara.

Angel had worn Sara out last night and was still sleeping when her cell phone rang. “Shit. Who is calling me when I am trying to sleep?” She picked up her cell phone.. it was Ashley Williams. Sara took a couple of deep breaths as the phone rang a few more times before she answered... “Good Morning Ashley.”

“Hi Sara.. how are you?”

“Fine, thank you, and yourself?”

“I am fine, thanks for asking... I am just touching base with you... sorry I have not called you earlier... I will see you at eight AM Monday morning at the office.. there will be a little paperwork that we need to do.”

“Yes, of course. I will be there at eight.”

“Great!.. I am also forwarding an email to you about something you might find interesting... I would appreciate it if you would forward the email to everyone you know that might also be interested.”

“Sure.. what's it about?


“Oh my... I am definitely interested in that... Yes, I will send it to everyone I know who may be interested.”

“Thank you... see you Monday morning.. and hopefully this Sunday.”


“The email will explain everything.”


“Bye for now Sara.”

“Bye Ashley.”

Sara waited for a couple of minutes before she received the email. After reading it, she forwarded the email to everyone she had email addresses for... and then copied the email to a text message and sent it to everyone she had phone numbers for.... and the recipients in turn forwarded the message via email or text and within the next hour dozens of women knew about the Titfighting Championship on Sunday at Girlfriends. And, of course, the owners of Girlfriends, which, as you know, was a private club, had forwarded the email to all of their members.... and those members, in turn, forwarded the message to their friends... and very quickly, hundreds of women had been informed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy had been with a client since the bank opened at nine o'clock.. She was helping her secure a loan for a new car. As soon as she left Joy's office, Joy checked her email... and noticed there was an email from UTL. “Hmmm, I wonder what this is about.” She said to herself as she opened the email and began reading .. 'Dear Joy, The executive committee has made their decision about the upcoming National Titfight Championship. You have been selected to fight for the Championship, and we are pleased to inform you that your opponent for the Championship match will be Ashley Williams' … Joy's heart skipped a beat.... she wondered if it could be the same Ashley that she was going to be meeting tonight. It only took a minute for Joy to find pictures of Ashley Williams on the internet. “Ohhhhh it is you!! Fucking dirty Whore! … How perfect!!!”

She read the rest of the email, and as Ashley and Sara had already done, within minutes she had forwarded the attachment to a number of women she was acquainted with... who also forwarded the attachment to women they knew. It was going to be a sellout crowd at Girlfriends on Sunday. Joy took a few more minutes staring at Ashley's photo. “I am going to fuck your brains out tonight bitch... then it will be just me and you in the titfight ring.. and I am gonna flatten your tits with mine!! Yesssssssss!”

As I am sure you know by now, it did not take very long for everyone to get the email or text … Angel, Wendy, Jane, Amber, Lisa, Amanda, Jennifer and Emily. … Abby received a text... as did Olivia, who passed the information on to her sister Sophia... and, of course, Michelle also was informed by Abby. It appeared that everyone was going to be at Girlfriends on Sunday.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane's cell phone rang... “Jane Love.”

“Good morning Ms. Love, Charles speaking.”

“Good morning Charles.”

“Ricco Corleone is on his way to your office to pick up the signed document. Ms. Corleone has said that everything is in order and that you may give him the document.”

“All right. I will take care of it Charles.”

“Thank you Ms. Love. Goodbye.”

“Bye Charles.”

Twenty minutes later Ricco was walking into Jane's office. They greeted each other and Jane handed him the signed document that she had placed in an envelope. He thanked her and then left as Jane began reviewing the litigation papers that she was going to discuss with Michelle tonight.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel was already at work and sipping her coffee when her cell phone rang, It was Charles. “Good Morning Charles.”

“Good Morning Ms, Johansen. My employer has asked me to call you to make arrangements for the return of her ring.”

“Yes, you told me you would call me and tell me when I could return the ring to our mystery woman.”

“There has been a change of plans Ms. Johansen.”

Angel raised her voice slightly .. “You agreed that I could personally return the ring to her.”

“Yes I did.. and I will keep my word... She does not want you to come to her home.. she has requested that you arrange a meeting for the two of you this evening.”


“Yes Ms. Johansen .. It is your choice.”

“Tell her to come to my home.. tonight.. eight o'clock.. 40 Cherrywood Lane.”

“Yes Ma'am. She will meet you at your home.. 40 Cherrywood Lane at eight o'clock.”

“And remind her to bring an umbrella.. looks like it's gonna rain this evening.”

“I will remind her. Thank you Ms. Johansen.”


“Yes Ms. Johansen?”

“I am curious... is our mystery woman pretty?”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Ms. Johansen.”

“Yes, yes, of course... but tell me... what does she look like?”

“I can not answer your question.. .. but … perhaps the next time you look into a mirror, you will find your answer.”

Charles' words took Angel's breath away … “What.... what did you just say?”

“Goodbye Ms, Johansen.” Charles was gone.

Angel took a few more deep breaths before rolling her chair away from her desk and standing up and walking over to the full length mirror in her office. “Oh my God!” Angel whispered as she stared at the image in the mirror. “It's you. … Oh my God.” Angel felt her knees getting week as she stared into the mirror... but she was not looking at herself.... she was looking into the eyes of the woman in the mirror... she was staring at her twin. … and she knew it. She spoke softly … “It is you.” She reached out with her right hand... placing her palm against her twins palm. They smiled at each other... Angel's heart began to race... and staring deeply into each others eyes, both of them whispered together .. “Tonight.”

To be continued