By AngelDawn30

Second Thursday

Earlier in the day Michelle had arrived at her office after spending most of the day with several depositions involving cases that she was working on. Her secretary, Abby had informed Michelle that Jane would not be able to meet with her today but had suggested that perhaps they could meet tomorrow, which was fine with Michelle. Besides, she wanted to gloat about her victory over Wendy and did not want to spend time settling a case with Jane. After reviewing the recordings of the depositions, she began to think about her sexfight with Wendy. She smiled to herself as she reminisced about her victory over her hated rival and then giggled to herself about how she had written 'whore' across Wendy's chest with lipstick. “Fucking whore.” Michelle whispered to herself. Even though she was pleased with her victory, Michelle was smart enough to know that her victory had been marginal at best... she knew that she could have just as easily lost her sexfight with Wendy. It was close... a little too close.. and she knew that Wendy would seek revenge against her very soon. Michelle glanced over toward the divining rod that was hanging on the wall. She stood up and walked over to the V shaped piece of oak. As you know, a divining rod is what a person uses to find water or minerals, or in the case of this particular divining rod... to find oil. The divining rod is used by someone called a 'dowser'.... someone with the gift... someone with special powers. She read the inscription on the plaque that was on the wall right under the V piece of oak. It had been a while since she had read the plaque, but she had memorized every word when she was just a little girl. She began to read the inscription.. and it was if her grandfather was speaking to her … 'If you want to find oil... you find someone with the gift.. find a good geologist .. find a good stratigrapher … and when all else fails … find a gypsy with some magic.”

“That's it!” Michelle spoke out loud to herself. “I need to find some magic.. some sex magic... that should put that whore Wendy in her place once and for all.” She buzzed Abby on the intercom. “Abby, come in here, I want to ask you something.”

A moment later Abby had walked into Michelle's office .. “Yes Ma'am?”

“What do you know about Gypsies?”


“Yes... specifically... Gypsy magic spells.”

“Not much.”

“See what you can find out.”

“Yes Ma'am... any particular kind of magic spells?”

“Sexual magic.” Michelle answered. She knew that Wendy would be seeking revenge and she wanted to make sure that she could once again fuck Wendy until she could no longer continue. Maybe this would work.. maybe not, but Michelle was willing to try.

Abby raised her eyebrows … “Sexual magic? .. Yes Ma'am, I will see what I can find out.”

“Good.. and take care of this right now.”

“Of course.” Abby replied as she walked out of Michelle's office and made her way to her desk and began searching online for Gypsy sexual magic. Abby spent the next thirty minutes searching black magic, gypsy magic. Voodoo magic... everything she could think of.. then she found it. “Oh my God!” Abby whispered to herself as she began to read.. She had to show this to Michelle. She walked back into Michelle's office with the print out of what she had found.

Michelle read it... and her pussy began twitching. She was reading an English translation of an ancient sexual magic spell.... a spell that could only be chanted by an elder woman who was very accomplished in voodoo black magic. .. Michelle knew of no such woman , but did know where to go to begin looking. “I will be out the remainder of the day Abby.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

Twenty minutes later, a little before six o'clock, Michelle was walking into the magic shop that was a couple of blocks from Bob's burgers. It appeared that the shop was about to close for the day as an old woman approached her. “I am about to close, but is there something I can do for you?”

“Yes. I am interested in a spell.... it's called 'Sambhog Sukh ka Liya Vashikaran Mantra'”

The old woman smiled... “Come with me.” Michelle followed her to a room that was behind a curtain.. there was a large bookshelf with many very old books on the shelves. The old woman searched for a few minutes before pulling a very old book with a tattered cover from the shelf before walking back toward Michelle.. “Sit please.” Michelle sat down in an old black leather chair at in front of a small rustic oak table as the old woman sat down across from her. “You desire sex magic, yes?”

“Yes.” Michelle answered.

“Do you know what this spell is?”

“I think so, but I am not really sure.”

“Why you want spell?”

Michelle was straight to the point .. “I want to sexually dominate someone.”

“You are dominatrix?”

“No.. not like that.. I want my sexual skills and sexual energy to be very powerful.. more powerful than the other woman.”

“Ah, so it is another woman.”


“And you want to have your way with her... to use her … to make her beg you for more and more until she can no longer perform?”

Michelle leaned over toward the old woman.. “I want to prove that I am more powerful sexually than she is.”

The old woman was knowledgeable about most everything sexually that one could imagine and she understood that Michelle wanted to dominate this other woman in a sexfight. “You want to win sexfight with woman, yes?”

“Yes I do.”

“Hmmmmm.” The voodoo queen peered into Michelle's eyes. “You not like woman. I see this... I am right, yes?”

“Yes. Can you help me?”

“Oh yes, I can help.. but there are consequences with such magic.... some very good.. some not good.”

“Ok... can you explain what this spell does? … and what the consequences are?”

Again the old woman smiled .. “Cost much money.... you pay, I tell you what spell does and how you make spell happen.”

“I really want to know more about it.. and if I like it, I will pay.”

The voodoo queen squinted her eyes at Michelle. “Not work that way. Pay first or go away.”

“What if it does not work?”

“I have not much time for this. Spell will work. .. You pay or leave... whichever.”

Michelle did not like this... but it seemed to be her only choice .. “How much?”

“Spell is one thousand dollars?”


The old woman stood up, picked up the book, turned around and took a step toward the bookcase .. “Maybe another time.”

“No, wait … I will pay.”

She turned around and sat back down in the chair across from Michelle, placing the book back on the table. “Cash only.”

“Fine.” Michelle opened up her purse and counted out ten one hundred dollar bills and placed them on the table. The old woman picked them up and dropped them in a tall vase that was sitting next to the table.

“I tell you about 'Sambhog Sukh ka Liya Vashikaran Mantra'. Very old spell.. not do spell in many years... it gives you sexual energy.”

“I have sexual energy.”

“No, you be quiet.. you listen... gives much sexual energy.. for long time. You have multiple orgasms before?”

“Yes I have. Many times.”

“Orgasms make you tired.. exhausted, yes?”

“Eventually.. yes.”

“Not with this magic. You go on and on.. no tire.. no stop.”

Michelle grinned...“That is exactly what I am looking for!”

“There is more. Must talk frank with you. This is ok?”

Michelle was anxious to hear what the old woman had to say. “Yes, of course, tell me more.”

“Your nipples cum with orgasm?”

“Yes, sometimes.”

“Nipples squirt cum?”

“Sometimes... a little ... yes.”

“Magic will make more cum. Much more cum.. I show you.” She stood up and walked over to a desk, opened the top drawer and picked up a bottle of glass cleaner. She continued speaking as she sat back down at the desk .. “You watch...” The voodoo queen then placed her finger on the top of the bottle and began spraying the glass cleaner into the air.. her finger pumping up and down on the sprayer... again... and again... spraying into the air... again.. and again.. and then more and more... spraying. She must have pushed down on the top of the bottle at least twenty times. “Nipples will cum like that. Much cum.. will squirt for maybe two minutes.”

“Damn.... did you say my nipples will squirt nipple cum for two minutes?” Michelle's eyes were wide open with amazement.

“Yes... two minutes.. maybe tiny bit less.. maybe much longer than two minutes.. could be as long as five minutes.... never know.”

“But that is not possible.”

“Of course not possible... but is with magic. Your nipples become fountain of cum. You will see.”

“Damn.” Michelle whispered.

“There is more. As I said before, many orgasms possible without you tiring or stopping.. or fainting. Orgasms go on and on until you choose to quit.”

Again Michelle grinned... “Damn.”

“There is something else you should know. Spell works two times, then spell rest. Rest for days.. sometimes weeks... sometimes months.. then spell works again two times.. then spell rests again. You understand?”

Michelle nodded.. “Yes, I understand.”

“One more thing you should know... When spell is used.. it is passed on to the one you are with.”

“What do you mean?”

“You use spell with woman … next two times woman has sex, spell work for her.. with whoever she is with... then spell rests. ... And when woman has sex with someone else.... spell is passed to third woman … third woman has spell two times before spell rests.. and when third woman has sex with someone else.... spell is passed to fourth woman... who has spell two times before spell rests. Only you and three others will have spell. That is how spell works.”

“Hmmmmmm.. and does spell ever stop working?”

“I do not know... maybe yes, maybe no.. sometimes spell can rest for years... never know.”

Michelle questioned the old woman ..“Sooo, if the spell works twice for me it rests... and it could be years before spell works again?”

“Yes.. usually spell rests for weeks or months.. but could rest for years.. never know.”

“Ok.. and how do I activate spell.”

“It will begin with next orgasm and will last for a day... twenty-four hours.”

“So If I have sex several times in the twenty-four hour time frame, that would count as one of the two times the spell will work?”

“Yes. Spell ends after twenty-four hours. Then it begins again when you have next orgasm.. and lasts another twenty-four hours.. then spell rests.”

“Ok.. and the woman I am with will also have the spell and she will pass it to a third woman who will pass it to a fourth woman.”

“Yes. That is how spell works. You want spell? Yes or no.”

“I've already paid for the spell.”

“Yes, but have choice... sometimes person does not want spell to be passed to someone else.”

“Yes I want the spell.... because the first time I use it, the other woman will not have the spell... correct?”

“Yes... only you first time... If you are with woman second time, she will have spell also.”

“Ok... I understand.” Michelle did not really like it.. but it would allow her to sexually dominate Wendy again... which is all she cared about at the moment.”

The old woman placed her hands on the book that she had removed from the bookcase and opened it... her wrinkled fingers turning the pages.. until she stopped and began reading to herself. After a couple of minutes, she closed the book and stood up, walking around Michelle until she was standing behind her. She placed both of her hands on the top of Michelle's head.... then she chanted in an unknown language... "इसी तरह के और भी अदभूत, चमत्कारी एवं शक्तिशाली शाबर मन्त्रों का संग्रह किया.” She then walked back around, still standing on the other side of the desk, “There is no more... You go now.”

Michelle's heart was beating fast as she stood up and walked toward the front door. She paused for a moment... she was pleased... she was going to fuck Wendy until Wendy passed out. She was going to fuck Wendy, knowing that she would be able to fuck her again and again without passing out herself. She closed the door behind her as she walked out of the Magic Shop and walked to her car.... There was only one thing left for her to do... she had to get Wendy alone.

Angel and Sara

Earlier in the evening, Angel had arrived at her home. Parking her Vette in the garage, she walked inside and headed for the kitchen, where she opened the fridge and grabbed a cold bottle of Shiner Boch beer. She sat down in the living room and sipped on her beer for a few minutes and thought about what she wanted to wear for her meeting with Sara. It seemed obvious to Angel that they were going to titfight, so she reasoned there was no need to get dressed up as if she was going to a dinner party. When she finished her beer, she walked up the stairs to her bedroom where she undressed before taking a shower. She was still pissed off about the accident as she stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. Another twenty minutes went by as she re-applied her makeup and eyeliner before walking into her closet. “Something simple will work just fine,” she spoke to herself as she slipped on a pair of thin white panties and a very short skirt... much shorter than she would wear while at work. The skirt was black and zipped in the back, with a hemline about eight inches above her knees. Her huge tits were slightly swollen with desire and anticipation.. and she knew that she was going to need a bigger bra to contain her massive tits.. She slipped on a black lacy 34F plunge bra that exposed her abundant cleavage and was well aware that her huge tits were filling up every bit of the available space in those huge F cups. Her big tits were ready to match up against Sara's. Angel picked out a red pull over shirt with a very low scooped neckline... it was very tight and fit her like a second skin.... and even though she was wearing a bra, she could easily see her two hard lengthy nipples straining against her top. A pair of double strapped black four inch heels completed the look. It was a sexy look … very hot. She walked back down the stairs and grabbed another beer and sat down and waited for the doorbell to ring.

Sara's mind was in sync with Angel's.... she had also chosen to wear a very thin pair of white panties and a very short navy skirt... practically identical to the one Angel was wearing... with a light pink pull over top that was just as low cut as Angel's. Her big swollen tits were practically overflowing the huge cups of her lacy pink 34E deep plunge bra and her huge nipples were straining at the thin material of her very tight top as she slipped on a pair of four inch navy heels. She finished putting on her makeup and eyeliner and took one last look in the mirror... “Time for some tit busting.” She strutted out of her apartment, her huge tits slightly bouncing high on her chest as she walked down the hallway to the elevator. A few minutes later she was driving to Angel's home.

It was a relatively short drive.. about fifteen minutes... she had turned on her navigation and was somewhat taken back at the sight of Angel's home when she arrived. It was not like Wendy's home, but it was quite impressive. She checked the time as she parked her car... it was exactly eight o'clock as she grabbed her purse and walked up the steps and rang the door bell.

Angel opened the door and stepped back as Sara strutted inside. “I was not sure if you would come or not.”

Sara smirked in response, “There is no way I would want to miss this opportunity to teach you a lesson.”

Angel closed the door and locked it as Sara placed her purse on the table in the entry hallway. Once again, Angel stepped back and the two hot big-titted women stared at each other. They were upset with each other.... but they both felt their pussys getting wet at the sight of each others hot body. Sara had been so upset about the accident that she had not noticed until now how very much Angel looked like Wendy. It was remarkable. As their eyes focused on each others huge tits with their nipples straining at their tops they began to feel lust building inside each other... They had to settle this as only two big-titted bitches can do.... tit to tit. “We need to settle this Bitch.” Sara snarled.

Angel stepped toward Sara, trying not to show any emotion as the front of her huge tits pressed against the front of Sara's huge tits. Angel spoke very softly... “What did you have in mind, whore?”

Sara pushed back against Angel, their bra encased tits slightly mushrooming together as she leaned her face toward Angel's right ear and whispered.. “I want to fuck it out.”

Angel stared into Sara's big dark eyes, thinking it was a splendid idea. Sara was definitely fuckable. She slowly moved to her left... the front of her huge right tit slowly dragging it's way across Sara's huge left tit until her big tit lodged itself between Sara's huge E cup tits... then she swayed back to her right until those two big heavy tits were face to face. Angel whispered.. “Then let's fuck it out Sara.” Angel stepped back and reached behind her lower back and unzipped her skirt. Sara was also unzipping her skirt and a few moments later their they were stepping out of their skirts. “Cum with me.” Angel whispered.

Angel turned and walked toward the staircase with Sara following a few steps behind her. As she walked up the steps, Angel pulled her red top up over her head and tossed it on the stairs before shaking out her long blonde hair... a moment later Sara was reaching down and pulling her pale pink top up over her head, letting it fall on the stairs as she shook out her long coal black hair. Reaching the top of the stairs, Sara followed Angel toward the bedroom, her eyes fastened to Angel's tight buttocks... 'Damn, this girl is fucking hot.' Sara thought to herself. A moment later they were in Angel's bedroom facing each other in their bras, panties and heels. Angel in her lacy black bra and Sara in her lacy pink bra.. with both of them wearing their thin white panties. Standing a few feet apart, Sara and Angel placed their hands on their hips as they stared at each other.. their eyes roaming up and down each others hot bodies.

With her eyes locked on Angel's huge tits, Sara spoke first, “You busted one of the boobs on my car.... and now I am going to bust your tits.”

“You want to bust tits, bitch?” Angel answered as she stared at Sara's enormous tits.

“I am going to break your tits bitch!” Sara's voice was firm as she stepped forward and pushed her huge tits against Angel's.

Angel quickly pushed back, once again mushrooming their big tits together... the exposed hot skin of the upper swells of their huge tits touching as Angel hissed.. “Show me what you got, whore!”

Sara, with her hands still on her hips, began to sway her upper body back and forth..dragging her huge tits back and forth across Angel's massive rack as Angel began swaying against Sara. As Sara swayed to her right, Angel would sway to her left and as Sara swayed back to her left, Angel would way back to her right as they dragged their heavy tits back and forth across each other. For the next several minutes they swayed back and forth against each other, dragging their big dense tits back and forth across each other as their breathing became deeper and deeper. Their bras swished against each other as they moved their big tits back and forth and up and down against each other. Swishing... rubbing …pushing … grinding back and forth.. left to right to left to right... each of them getting a good feel of each others big firm tits... and it was turning them on. Both women knew that their anger was only an excuse to fuck each other... They were mad.... upset... pissed off … neither one of them was happy about the accident, and it would have been so easy to have just walked away from it... but when two hot big-titted bitches get pissed off... when they become angry... it presents each of them with the opportunity to fuck it out. Who needs a lawyer to settle their differences when they can settle this themselves.... body to body.... and that is exactly what they were going to do, as the anger for each other was fueling their lust for each other. Angel and Sara wanted to destroy each others tits.... not through violence … not by pounding each others tits with their fists.... not by clawing each others tits with their sharpened nails... oh no... they was only one way.... they had to prove whose tits were superior... whose tits were firmer … whose tits were more dense... whose tits could withstand the tremendous compression when they squeezed them together... There was only one way... and that was to destroy each others tits with their own tits. For several more minutes they swished their bra encased tits back and forth and up and down against each other until they were ready.

As they stepped back from each other, Sara reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, sliding the straps down off of her shoulders. With an audaciously disrespectful smirk, she teased Angel .. “I want you to take a long look at my big tits, bitch.. and take a long look at the biggest nipples you have ever seen.” Sara then slipped her lacy pink bra off of her magnificent tits and tossed it on the floor. Her huge E cup globes were jutting straight out from her chest ... swollen... glistening with perspiration .. capped with tight dark pebbly areolas... and her huge nipples... an inch long.. were sticking straight out like two iron spikes that had been welded to the front of her over-sized tits. “Like what you see, bitch?”

Angel's pussy twitched as she took a deep breath... she was certainly impressed with Sara's firm tits. Big and round.. with the bare minimum of sag... they were very impressive.. and Sara's nipples were huge... thick hard spikes sticking straight out and pointing slightly upward from her massive tits. “Oh yeah... I like what I see.” Angel whispered as she reached out with both of her hands, placing her fingers on Sara's big sensitive nipples and gently tugging on them.

“Ouuuuuuu.” Sara moaned as Angel pulled and tugged on her nipples... stretching them out until her areolas began to stretch forward. “Mmmmmm.” Then Angel placed her fingers around Sara's long nipple shafts and began sliding her fingers up and down the length of Sara's prominent nipples …. as if she were jerking off a cock. Slowly sliding her fingers up and down... up and down.. as Sara continued to moan with pleasure. Several minutes elapsed as Angel caressed Sara's jutting nipples with her fingers.. up and down.... sliding … caressing.

“Your nipples want to cum, don't they bitch?”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Sara gasped as her pussy clenched, wetting the front panel of her white panties.

“They want to squirt nipple cum all over my fingers, don't they whore?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara moaned deeply as Angel continued to jerk off Sara's ridged hardened iron spikes.

Angel continued sliding her fingers up and down the length of Sara's long nipples for a few more minutes as Sara began to squirm. Angel knew that if she kept stroking Sara's nipples for a few more minutes that Sara would have an orgasm... but Angel did not want that to happen yet... so she teased Sara's nipples with her fingers for another minute before sliding her fingers off of Sara's nipples … denying her of a nipple orgasm and frustrating her.

“Ohhh you bitch!” Sara hissed between deep breaths as Angel stepped back and reached behind her back, unhooking her bra and slipping it off. Sara gasped as Angel's bra fell to the floor and she stared at Angel's glorious naked tits for the first time. “Oh my God!” Sara panted. Angel's tits were huge... firm … dense .. jutting out from her rib cage as if they were suspended in the air with wires.... swollen with a sheen of sweat.. perfectly round heavy spheres... and Angel's nipples! Sara felt her pussy clench again.. wetting her panties with more moisture as she gasped at the sight of Angel's enormous nipples... hard... long … thick … swollen.. sticking straight out from the front of her big tits. Sara had only seen one other pair of nipples that were as big and long and round as the two nipples on Angel's massive tits..... and that other pair belonged to Wendy Corleone. Sara had to touch them. She reached out with her fingers and placed them on Angel's thick nipples, and as her fingers made contact with those huge spikes, Sara's pussy twitched again... adding to the dampness already soaking her panties.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh”, Angel's pussy twitched as she moaned and twitched again as Sara teasingly pinched her thrusting nipples.

“You like that whore?” Sara whispered to Angel as she began stroking and jerking off Angel's incredibly long nipples … sliding her fingers up and down the thick shafts, just as Angel had slid her fingers up and down her own big nipples.... sliding … stroking … her fingers moving up and down... jacking off Angel's inflexible nipples.

Angel moaned again with lustful pleasure as Sara began moving her fingers up and down her nipples a little faster.... up and down... up …. down … until Angel's pussy clenched and sprayed the panel of her thin white panties with sweet pussy juice. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Just as Angel had previously done to her own nipples, Sara spent several minutes stroking and toying with Angel's ultra-sensitive nipples... “I think it's your nipples that want to cum.”

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Angel gasped as Sara jacked off her hard throbbing nipples. When Sara sensed that Angel was getting close to having a nipple orgasm she slid her fingers off of Angel's nipples.... leaving Angel frustrated and wanting more... just as Angel had done to her.

“Awwwwwww,” Sara taunted Angel … “Did the whore's nipples want to cum?”

“Fuck you.” Angel gasped as she moved her hands to Sara's huge melons and began to play with them... weighing them.. feeling how heavy they were... how dense and firm they were... Sara's tits felt so full and tight as Angel lightly squeezed the big round globes in her hands.

“Ohhhhh you fucking bitch.” Sara moaned as she placed her open hands on Angel's massive tits and squeezed... feeling the amazing density and fullness of Angel's huge swollen tits. For the next several minutes they moaned and panted together as they weighed each others heavy tits.. pushing them up and down.. lifting them.. pushing them to the right and then to the left... squeezing … digging their fingers into each others hard tight tit-meat. They were feeling each other up good... and both Angel and Sara were amazed with each others big tits... amazed at how big they were … blown away with each others firmness … astounded at how dense and solid those big heavy tits were... they squeezed and lifted.. pushed and shoved... searching for weakness with their hands and fingers and frustrated and somewhat irked that they could not discover a weakness. Both women had amazingly big firm solid dense tits... tits that would make any woman jealous.... tits that had to be forced into submission with their own tits... but as much as they wanted to slam their pride and joy into each other... the deep pleasure they were giving to each other was even more overwhelming.. they wanted to use each others big tits for their own selfish pleasure... they wanted to feed their own carnal desires with each others huge tits. There was no way that they were not going to take as much time as they could with the big-titted slut that was standing in front of each of them.

As they played with each others huge racks, Angel whispered .. “I would love to push your big fat nipples back into your tits with mine.”

Sara answered with a sassy voice, “No fucking way bitch... it will be my big nipples that push yours back into your tits.”

“You want to nipple fuck, don't you whore?” Angel challenged her.

“Umm Hmmm... Yes I do.” Sara answered, accepting the challenge.

“Mmmmm.... but I want to do something else first... You busted one of the boobs on my car you fucking whore!”

“Well you busted one of the boobs on my car bitch!” Sara replied with her voice raised.

“It was my cars right tit that was busted.”

“And my car had it's right tit busted too you fucking whore!”

Angel hissed at Sara, “Now I am going to bust your tit with mine you dirty slut!”

Sara moved a little closer to Angel and twisted her upper body to her right... “I think it happened like this..” She quickly spun her upper body to her left.. her huge right tit flying toward Angel's huge right tit and slamming into Angel's tit with a loud Smack!

“Unnnnnnn.” Angel gasped at the hard contact between their huge dense tits. “You fucking cow-whore!” She yelled at Sara as she twisted her upper body to her right and jerked hard to her left.. her massive hard right tit slamming hard into Sara's enormous right tit with a loud clapping sound … CLAP!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Sara moaned as their big tits quivered together for a split second before bounding back from each other. “Goddamn it, you fucking bitch!! Sara screamed as she hurled her dense heavy right tit head on into Angel's dense right tit.. 'Whop'. Their big firm tits pounded into each other.. slightly deforming their shape before bouncing back.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned from the heavy collision of their swollen massive tits. “I am going to bust your tit bitch!!!” Angel swung her heavy over-sized tit toward Sara again, but this time Sara was ready as she twisted and jerked her upper body hard toward Angel... their huge heavy round globes flying toward each other and slapping all of massive amount of dense firm tit-meat together with a loud Smack!

“God!!! Fuck!” Sara moaned as their tits reshaped themselves for a brief moment before rebounding off of each other.. 'Holy shit!' Sara thought... she could not remember slamming her tit against another tit that was so fucking dense and solid... Maybe Wendy... and then again... maybe not. Angel's tits were fucking solid.

“Awwwwww Fuck!” Angel groaned at the heavy impact. She could not remember banging tits with a pair that was a dense and firm as Sara's. Of course, she had not yet slammed tits with Jane... what they had done was only playful. This was serious.. and it was personal. “Goddamn you!” Angel screamed as they jerked their huge right tits into each other again with a loud 'SLAP!'

“Fuck you … dirty fucking slut-whore!” Sara spit the words from her mouth as they swung their upper bodies together, slapping their huge tits together again.... the left side of Angel's huge F cup tit slamming directly into the left side of Sara's big dense E cup tit with a deep thud! “Ouuuuuu.”

Their sweaty tits were stinging from each hard impact as they began slamming their huge enormous right tits together again and again... Angel and Sara were literally trying to bust the others tit wide open!!! Slamming them together as hard as they could.. again and again … SLAP! … SMACK! … SMACK! … CLAP! … WHOP! … SLAP! ..Their huge round globes would meet with a violent impact... deforming against each other for a split second.. then wobbling apart as they bounced off each other.. then they would jerk their upper bodies to the right.. before recoiling back to their left.. those two weighty big tits moving rapidly toward each other and slamming together like a clap of thunder! It stung … it hurt.... yet there was pleasure in this brutal tit-war. Their huge hard swollen nipples would spear into each others firm tit.. digging in before their heavy globes would bounce apart quivering in the air until they would jerk their two mammoth tits together again with another loud SMACK!

“Gonna bust your tit bitch!” Sara moaned loudly.

“Fuck you Bitch!” Angel yelled as their weighty tits slammed together again with another loud CRACK!

Five long brutal minutes passed as they hurled their huge tits together as hard as they could.. smacking and slapping... grunting and gasping with each deep impact of their heavy tits. Their moans and cries were as loud as the smacking sounds that were coming from their huge tits each time they slapped together.

SLAP! “Ohhhhhhhh!”

SMACK! “Unnnnnnnnnn!”

SMACK! “Ahhhhhhhh!”

WHOP! “Unnnnnnnnnnn!”

SLAP! “Bitch!”

WHACK! “Cunt!”

SLAP! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

CLAP! “Whore!”

SLAP! 'Slut!”

Angel and Sara had completely expected to bust the others tit by now and were getting more and more frustrated with each loud slap of their huge tits. A few more minutes of this hard tit to tit pounding went on before Sara finally stepped back... gasping.... “Fuck you!”

“Had enough Bitch?” Angel gasped as she breathed deeply... their big tits quivering on their chests.

“Fuck you!” Sara answered.

“Fuck you!” Angel responded.

They glared at each other for a few minutes before Sara spoke … “You said something about nipple fucking.”

“I want to see who can make the others nipples cum first.”

Sara smirked, “That is what nipple fucking is, you bitch.”

“Yes.... and I will drill my hard nipples deep inside your tits bitch... but I want to do something else first... lets use our fingers.. and jerk each others nipples off... to see who makes who cum first.”

Sara's cunt jerked ...“Ohhhhhh I knew you were a nasty slut when I first saw you.”

“And I knew that you were a dirty whore when I first met you.” Angel whispered.

With their eyes locked on each others huge tits and long hard nipples they placed their fingers on each others lengthy nipple shafts and began sliding their fingers up and down the length of each others thick throbbing nipples … jacking each other off. Angel and Sara moved their fingers up and down each others nipples... up and down... sliding … stroking … rubbing … caressing …. up …. down … pausing to tug and pull at each others big nipples before resuming their lustful stroking... jerking … rubbing … jacking... sliding... up and down .. again and again... until they were moaning and gasping with heated pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” Angel whispered to Sara … “I want your nipples to squirt nipple cum all over my big tits.”

“Ouuuuuu, you fucking bitch!” Sara gasped as they stroked each others sensitive throbbing nipples with their fingers.

Angel leaned her face forward... “I think we need a little more lubrication.” She moved her fingers from Sara's nipples and parted her lips, drooling a long string of saliva from her tongue... watching as it landed on Sara's left nipple... then she moved her face to the left as the rest of the spit string drooled down on Sara's right nipple.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Sara panted as Angel placed her fingers back on Sara's incredible nipples and began stroking them again... her fingers easily sliding up and down Sara's hard nipples.... jerking her nipples off. “Ohhhhh fuck!” Sara groaned as she squished her own saliva around inside her mouth.. working up a big load of spit... then she did as Angel had done.. sliding her fingers off Angel's thick nipples and drooling on Angel's long hard nipples one at a time... drowning each of them with her spit before placing her fingers back on Angel's wet nipples and resumed her stroking.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as Sara's talented fingers slid up and down her long hot nipple shafts.... stroking and rubbing … up and down. “You nasty whore.”

“Fucking bitch!” Sara gasped.

“Dirty whore!”

“Filthy cunt!”

“Nasty slut!” Angel continued to gasp and moan as they began sliding their fingers quicker and quicker up and down each others huge nipples.. up and down.. sliding and rubbing... jacking off each others nipples. “Show me how much cum you have in your tits bitch.”

Sara was moaning deeper ...“Ahhhhhhhh I want to see your nipples spraying my big tits with your nipple cum!”

“Cum for me Bitch!”

“Cum for me Whore!”

Angel and Sara had been jacking each others nipples off for almost fifteen minutes and they were both nearing the end of their orgasmic journey... their big tits were swollen... their areolas were puckered... the smooth skin of their tits was hard and tight... their breathing was quickening... their fingers moving faster and faster up and down the length of each others big nipples.... it was now a race... a race to see who could jack off the others nipples first... who was going to have a nipple orgasm first.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Sara panted.

“Oh God Yesssssssssss!” Angel was gasping. “Cum for me... squirt your hot tit cum all over my tits you fucking whore!”

Sara was also gasping with each deep breath .. “Ohhhhhhhhhh shit! You dirty fucking bitch-whore! … Cum on my tits you fucking bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Angel groaned .. “Show me how much cum you have.”

“You show me bitch!!! Come on... let me see how much cum you can squirt on my tits!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you bitch!”

“Fuck you, you fucking whore!”

Their cunts were twitching.... clits throbbing … nipples burning … their white panties were soaked with hot pussy juice. Fingers were moving quickly... jerking up and down on each others nipples.... They were going to cum.... they were going to spray each others huge tits with their nipple cum.... their moaning was constant.. gasping with each deep breath.... their swollen nipples pulsing and throbbing …. then Angel felt her clit spasm hard... her vagina clenched.... her orgasm was beginning … Sara's cunt twitched hard at the same time.... her clit was on fire..... and she moaned deeply … “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God!”

“Fuck!!!!!!!!!!” Angel gasped as her buttocks tightened... and she felt the river of lust flow from her pussy all the way to her big tits ….

“Unnnnnnnnnnn Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara felt deep pleasure from her clit to the tips of her swollen nipples …...... “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!!”

At the exact same time, they moved their fingers from each others nipples …. sliding their hands around each others big tits and they squeezed …..... they wanted to milk every last drop of tit cum from each other …

Sara tossed her head back …. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss!”

Angel shook her head from side to side... her long blonde hair whipping back and forth.. “Fuck!!!”

Their four long hard throbbing nipples erupted at the same time ….

“Cummmmmmmmming! …. Cummmmmming!”

As they squeezed each others enormous tits hard, their throbbing nipples ejaculated... squirting nipple cum... spraying each others big tits with an immense amount of their hot sticky nipple cum.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God, Cummmmmmmming!”

Their clits jerked... their cunts gushed... hot pussy cum spraying out of their soaked vaginas... drenching their thin white panties with girl-cum. Their heated nipples squirted again... another substantial amount of nipple cum spraying all over each others massive tits.... nipple cum running down into their deep cleavage. Their wet tits were quivering... buttocks jerking … hands squeezing.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes!!!”


Their hips jerked and their pussys spasmed again... gushing into their wet panties.. and their aroused nipples gushed a third time... an extensive amount of nipple cum squirting from the swollen milk holes of their ridged nipples.... drowning each others huge tits with sticky clear nipple cum …. spraying their hot cum all over each others massive tits until it was running and dripping off the lower swells of their enormous tits.


“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yessssssssssss!”

“Ohh you fucking dirty bitch!”

“Fucking slutty whore!”

Panting and gasping, they looked into each others eyes... dark eyes locked with blue-green eyes... nipple cum oozing and dripping from all four of their thick nipples. Their over-sized tits were swollen.. stretching the firm skin … their nipples still throbbing, bobbing up and down on their tits.. pussy cum was seeping through their panties and dropping down on the floor. Their bodies trembling.... their heavy tits rising and falling on their chest with their labored breathing … and as they peered into each others eyes they knew what had to happen next.... they had to mash their enormous tits together. Angel and Sara reached out with their hands, placing them on each others upper arms right below their shoulders... and then they lunged into each other, their big heavy tits meeting head on with a loud smack! … spraying their nipple cum on each other.

“Ouuuuuuuuuu... My tits are better!” Sara panted.

Angel gasped at Sara ..“Ohhhhhhhhh... you bitch.. My tits are better!”

Pushing each other away... they looked down at their huge tits with their big fat throbbing nipples pointing straight toward each other.. then they yanked each other together again with another loud 'Slap!”

“Ohhhhh Fuck!! That feels so fucking good!” ... 'Slap!'

“Unnnnnnn Angel!.... Come on bitch... Lets bust tits!” … 'Smack!'

“Ohhhhhh God yesssssss I want to bust tits with you.” … 'Clap!' … 'Smack' … 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack' … 'Whack'

“God! Fucking bitch!!” … 'Clap!' … 'Smack' … 'Slap' .. “I am gonna bust your tits!”

“Fuck you Sara!” … 'Smack' … 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack'

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you fucking whore!” .. 'Smack' … 'Whack'

“Yesssssssssss I am a fucking whore!!!” Angel moaned as they slapped and smacked their big round massive globes together again and again... 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack' … 'Whack'

“Ohhhhhh God!! Bitch!!!” 'Smack' … 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack'

Angel and Sara were getting pissed off … Angel truly believed that her big firm tits were the best tits in the world... and Sara thought that her big dense tits were as good as Angel's. Anger was swelling up inside both of them. Angel was still mad and upset about the accident with Sara and needed to prove to herself that she was still the best fuck on earth.. and she intended to bust Sara's tits. They began to sweat as they rammed their huge tits together again and again. Each time they hurled their massive tits into each other they would grunt and groan as they slammed their weighty tits head on into each other over and over... loud smacks and slaps echoed throughout Angel's home every time those four colossal tits slapped together.

'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack'

“Fucking whore!” Sara gasped. ... 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack'

“Fucking slut!” Angel moaned ... 'Whack' … 'Slap' .. 'Clap' … 'Smack'

“Owww!” … 'Smack' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Slap'

“Ohhh!” .. 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Whack' … 'Slap'

“Ahhhhh!” ...'Clap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack'

“Owwww!” … 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Clap' … 'Smack'

“Ohhhh you fucking slut!! Gonna bust your tits!!! .. 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Crack' … 'Smack'

'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Whack' … 'Smack' .. “Goddamn Whore!!”

Angel and Sara had been slamming their huge tits together for fifteen minutes.. and those huge dense tits were still just as big and round and firm as when they had begun... and they were becoming frustrated. Each of them thought that there was no way that another pair of tits could resist their own tits for such a long time without breaking down. Finally Angel pushed Sara away... “Fuck you!”

Sara glared at Angel as she moved a half step to her right.… “Fuck you!”.. She then twisted her upper body hard... hurling her huge solid left tit right into Angel's big solid left tit... “SMACK!” Their huge tits quivered at the hard impact and they grunted together … “Oh shit!”

“Ohhhh God.. you bitch!” Angel gasped as she turned her body to the right before jerking her upper torso hard to her left... slamming her huge left tit into the side of Sara's massive left tit … “SLAP!” Again their huge tits compacted against each other.. quivering as they bounced off of each other. “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Angel moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” Sara gasped.

They eyed each other for a moment... Each woman had got in one cheap shot at the other. Now it was time to slam those heavy tits together at the same time.. side to side... big round weighty globe to big round heavy globe. As they snarled at each other, they yelled at the same time .. “Whore!” “Bitch!” Their two massive tits hurled toward each other... slamming together with a tremendous impact .. “SLAP!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh you Bitch!!!”

“Fucking Whore!”

“I am going to bust your tit, bitch!”

“Let's bust 'em you whore!!”

“SLAP!” .. “SLAP!” … “SMACK!” It was brutal... it hurt... it felt like slamming your tit into a brick wall …

“Fuck!” Angel panted as she stepped back.

“Awww Shit!” Sara gasped as she stepped away... this was going nowhere. She quickly stepped back toward Angel as she moved to her left and reached down with her right hand and smacked Angel's cunt.. 'Smack.' Angel immediately retaliated with a slap of her own to Sara's pussy. They began slapping at each others wet panties...'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Slap' … 'Smack'

“Bitch!” 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Slap' … 'Smack'

“Whore!” 'Slap' … 'Slap' .. 'Smack' … 'Slap'

At the same time they grabbed each others cunt and squeezed each others pussy lips through the thin material of their panties with their hands.

“Ohhhhh you dirty bitch!”

“God! You slut!”

“Fuck you!” Angel yelled at Sara as she squeezed Sara's pussy hard through her panties.

Sara squeezed Angel's pussy hard with her fingers as she gasped, “Fuck you!”

They squeezed and pinched and dug their fingers hard into the front of each others panties, cursing and grunting at each other …

“Dirty Whore!”

“Nasty Slut!”

“Fucking piece of trash!”

“Filthy stinky cunt!”

Angel moved her hands around Sara's back and yanked her forward.. mashing their huge tits tightly together in a bear hug... nipple to nipple. Sara quickly wrapped her arms around Angel and pulled hard.. forcing their huge over-sized tits even more tightly together... then they squeezed those big firm round globes together.. mushrooming them as much as they would mushroom... their dense tits spreading out equally against each other in their tight bear hug. Their determination to mash the others tits was tenacious. The two strong-willed bitches were trying to flatten each others solid tits with their own as they jammed and compressed and squeezed their big heavy tits together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara grunted from the pressure.

Angel moaned with her … “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Suddenly, Sara's eyes opened wide.... something was happening between their mashed tits.... and Angel felt it too as her eyes popped wide open.... Suction. Immense suction... pulling and tugging like neither one had ever felt before... Sara groaned as she felt her nipples being sucked hard... like a vacuum cleaner hose was attached to her nipples... she felt like her nipples were literally being pulled off the front of her big tits... “Oh my God!!! …. FUCK!” Sara gasped and panted. Angel's big nipples had become magical. The spell that was given to her by the Voodoo Queen had surfaced. Her nipples were locked onto Sara's nipples in a death suck! “Ohhhhhhhhhh Shit!” Sara moaned as she released her arms from around Angel and quickly placed her hands on the front of Angel's shoulders and pushed her back... their heavy tits separating except for their nipples. The tips of Angel's nipples had flared out and had wrapped around the tips of Sara's thick nipples and was sucking Sara's nipples with an unbelievable amount of immeasurable suction. Sara pushed more, but it only stretched their nipples out from their areolas until it hurt. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God, make it stop!!” Sara squealed as she pushed hard against Angel again.. jerking their heavy tits back from each other... but Angel's nipples had a death grip on Sara's nipples.. they were sucked tightly together as if they had been cemented tip to tip.

Angel knew there was only one way to end this torrid nipple suck... they had to have an orgasm. She reached down and slipped her hand inside Sara's panties and began stroking Sara's clit with her fingers... sliding up and down … pinching … squeezing … rubbing … Sara slipped her hand inside the front of Angel's panties and began rubbing Angel's sensitive clit.. fingers moving … sliding … rubbing … their huge tits welded together at their nipples as they stroked each others love buttons with their fingers.. pinching and rubbing …. and soon their fingers were thrusting in and out of each others vaginas... finger fucking each other as they moaned and groaned together... their faces slowly moved toward each other,.... then they kissed.. It was just lips on lips for the first few kisses until Angel licked at Sara's lips.. then all hell broke loose as Sara began to lick Angel like a wild woman.. her tongue licking all over Angel's lips.. up and down her cheeks .. across her chin... and around and around her mouth.. moving her face up and down and back and forth with her tongue stuck out as far as it would go.. licking Angel like she was a piece of candy. As Angel's face began to get wet she returned the favor and began licking Sara everywhere her tongue could reach.. within minutes their faces were wet with spit from each others tongues. Then Sara pulled her mouth back from Angel's face and spit on Angel's mouth and lips. as they began licking at each others lips and tongues... lapping and licking ….spit drooling from their tongues... their fingers pumping in and out of each others cunts as Angel's magical nipples continued their relentless sucking on Sara's hard nipples. Angel pulled her face back and spit into Sara's open mouth before closing her lips tightly against Sara's... their tongues swishing back and forth against each other inside their spit filled mouths.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Angel sighed as they kissed.

“Ahhhhhhh.” Sara moaned as their fingers began pumping faster and faster in and out of each others sloppy cunts... thrusting … jamming … pushing … reaching as deep inside each other as they could... finger fucking the hell out of each others cunts. Moaning …. gasping … their heavy tits plastered together as their mixed sweat began to run down their hard abs. Sara finally pulled her mouth away from Angel's... creating a thick string of spit between their lips … “Ohhhhhhhh you fucking bitch!”, Sara moaned with pleasure. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The heels of their hands were mashed tight against each others throbbing clits as they pushed a second finger inside each other.. and a few moments later they had three fingers pumping in and out of each others soaked cunts ...banging each others vaginas with their fingers.... pumping …. thrusting .. grinding the heel of their hands on each others vibrating clits … their free hand was now clutching and squeezing each others buttocks ... Their nipples began to jerk together.... Sara moaned from the intense constant sucking from Angel's nipples …. they gasped for breath... their hips were rocking against each others fingers as their pussy juice began running down the inside of their thighs. Fucking … humping … grinding … pushing three fingers in and out of each others cunts... faster … quicker … harder …. their huge swollen tits trembling against each other. Angel and Sara were about to cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bitch!!” Angel moaned deeply.

“Fucking whore!!!!! Fucking Whore!!!” Sara gasped as they pumped their fingers hard in and out of each others cunts.

Angel's buttocks clenched... her big tits began to quiver … Sara's body tensed as her clit jerked hard.... her vagina squeezing tight around Angel's fingers … they threw their heads back... blonde and black hair whipping around their faces as their cunts clenched hard and their clits throbbed.... jerking against the heel of each others hand.... Vaginas contracted and then gushed.... spraying their sweet hot cum as they screamed together…..

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!”

“God!!! Yesssssssssssssss! Cummmmmmmmmming!”


“Ohhhhhhhhh Sara!!! You fucking Slut!!!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming Angel! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fucking Bitch!”


“Oh My God!!!”

Their fingers moved to each others throbbing clit as they both pinched each other hard... digging their nails into each others hard clits!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssss Bitch!” Sara screamed.

Angel screamed with her, “Ahhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their bodies shook against each other.... Cum dripping from their panties... their big tits shaking against each other..... trembling … gasping …. hips thrusting … hands on each others pussys.



They leaned against each other for a few more minutes.. massaging each others cunt with their hands as they breathed deeply... moaning and whimpering together.

Sara finally moved her hands from Angel's pussy and ass. up to the front of her shoulders.. and pushed Angel back... their nipples pulling at each other... but still stuck together... Angel placed her hands on Sara's shoulders and they pushed at the same time.. pushing each other back... their big nipples stretching from the front of their huge tits... pulling and tugging at each other... and finally 'popping' free....

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Sara moaned as she looked down at their over-sized swollen nipples... nipple cum was dribbling from the tips of all four nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as their nipples leaked for a few seconds... “Mmmm.” She reached out and grabbed Sara's hand and pulled her across the floor toward the sofa. “Let's fuck it out bitch!” Angel said with her sultry voice as she gave Sara a wicked grin and pushed her down on the sofa.. “I am going to suck all of your cum out of your panties bitch!”

“And I am going to suck the cum out of your panties you whore.. until they look like they just came out of the dryer!” Sara answered.

They quickly mounted each other in a 69 position with Angel on top and buried their faces in each others soaked panties and began sucking.... sucking the wetness from each others panties... pulling the panties into their mouths and slurping and sucking girl cum into their hungry mouths with their hands clutching each others hard buttocks. Within a minute they were ripping each others panties with their teeth.... tearing them apart and pushing their mouths hard against each others naked cunts as their hands grabbed the back of each others panties and finished ripping them off of each other. They licked and sucked at each others wet slits.. lapping and licking .. sliding their tongues up and down the length of each others wet gash. … up and down … up … down... licking … up … down … sliding.... up and down …. then stabbing their tongues deep inside each others vaginas... their hips thrusting at hungry mouths … their huge tits pushing against hard abs... hands clutching tight buttocks... licking and lapping... pushing and thrusting … their mouths moving to each others clits and sucking..... fingers digging hard into firm buttocks.... nipples drilling into hard tight abs.... moaning …. gasping … sucking hard on each others swollen throbbing clits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara moaned with her lips tightly wrapped around Angel's big pulsing clit.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Angel gasped as her lips were locked tightly in a perfect “O” around Sara's jerking clit.

They were close to cumming.. but Sara did not want to cum in Angel's mouth... she wanted to cum in Angel's pussy. She wanted to defile Angel's pussy with her hot cum. She wanted to gush inside that bitches cunt! She slid her hands from Angel buttocks and pushed up with her arms... rolling them over on their sides... “I want to pussy fuck you whore!”

Angel gave Sara's clit one last hard suck.. causing Sara to moan as she moved her face away from Sara's cunt and slid off the sofa onto the floor on her knees. She scooted a few feet on her knees before crawling back up on the sofa and laying down on her back... spreading her thighs and looking down at Sara who had spread her thighs. “Let's pussy fuck bitch!”

They inched their way toward each other.. sliding their buttocks on the leather sofa toward each other.. their thighs rubbing and sliding against each other as their wet cunts advanced toward each other.. closer and closer and closer until their wide open dripping cunts were only a couple of inched apart.... then Sara smirked as she clenched her pussy, spraying her pussy juice on Angel's naked pussy. A couple of seconds later, Angel squeezed her powerful kegels as her pussy sprayed Sara's cunt with her sweet wetness. Knowing that they both had well developed kegels and that both of them were capable of squeezing with their pussys... they slowly closed the gap between their open cunts.. their extended pussy lips touched first... and they moaned as the hot heat burned their sensitive skin. They pushed a little more... their wet sticky pussy lips smearing and spreading out against each other... then they pushed the final short distance.. their vaginas meeting … fuck hole to fuck hole.. in a deep kiss... welding together... locking together.... sucking together.... and then... Angel and Sara pushed again... mashing their hungry sucking vaginas tightly together. There was no escape. They would fuck until one cunt devoured the other cunt. Angel and Sara knew this.... they knew that only one cunt would be victorious. They reached out and grabbed each others thigh for leverage... and the fuck-fight began.

At first they began grinding... pushing their cunts together as hard as they could... Their well developed glutes tensing as they used their powerful buttocks to push and grind into each other. Their heavy tits quivering on their chests as they clutched each others thighs tightly in their hands. Looking into each others eyes, Sara whispered .. “I am going to pump my cum into your pussy bitch!”

“You fucking whore!” Angel gasped .. “I am going to cum so hard that my cum will be cumming out of your mouth!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you Bitch!”

They wiggled against each other as they continued to grind... searching for that perfect sweet spot... where their open cunts would completely cover each other... as if they were a pair of mouths locked together in a deep kiss.... squirming and twisting their hot wet cunts together as they pushed against each other, they finally were satisfied that their cunts were perfectly together... mashing tightly together... creating an air tight seal between their wet fuck-holes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God Yes!” Angel moaned as the last little air bubble escaped from between their sealed cunts.. making a little pussy fart sound.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Sara groaned as they pushed together and began rotating their hips.. sliding their locked cunts together... keeping their vagina's sealed tightly against each other. As they slid against each other, their swollen throbbing clits would flick across each other, forcing lustful moans from their lips. They were fucking cunt to cunt and were loving every lascivious moment... It was lewd and vulgar.... two hot bitches grinding their cunts and clits together.... It was obscene … it was nasty... their mixed wetness was flowing back and forth between their vaginas. It was a good fuck... a hot fuck... and each time their big clits would drag and flick across each other they would moan and gasp from the dirty vulgar pleasure they were giving each other. Minute after filthy minute they rocked their cunts together... giving each other pleasure... squishing their wet cunts together .. flicking and grinding their pulsing clits together.... rubbing … flicking … grinding … moaning … thrusting … rocking … gasping … pushing … fucking and fucking and fucking. Their huge tits wobbled on their chests as they moaned and groaned … their authoritative hips working together as they continued to grind their open cunts into each other.

Suddenly, Sara began squirming against Angel... something was happening between their sealed airtight cunts.... Angel's pussy was pulling and tugging on her own pussy... and it was building... becoming more forceful with each push. Sara's cunt was being sucked by Angel's cunt. Oh yes, their cunts had been playfully sucking at each other as they were fucking... pulling and tugging on each other as they ground their wet open vaginas together … but this was different... much more intense.. and with each thrust of Angel's powerful buttocks, the suction was becoming more evident... more intense .. more powerful. Sara had experienced this before with Wendy.. and with Jane... but this was definitely different... more powerful... more intensified … more profound .. it was becoming excessive.... fierce … and was now extreme.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God!” Sara moaned as Angel's cunt began to suck with all the magical force that one could imagine... squishing and slurping sounds came from their joined cunts as Angel's pussy began sucking their mixed juices out of Sara's cunt. “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!” Sara began tossing her head back and forth... she had never felt anything like this before.... this was new … this was extraordinary. She whipped her head back and forth as she moaned... her body began to shake.... Angel tilted her hips just enough to force their throbbing clits together as her pussy sucked deeply at Sara's pussy … sucking … slurping .. tugging and pulling … Sara felt her pussy lips being sucked up inside Angel's vagina... “Ohhhhhh shit!!” she wailed. Sara was going to cum. The constant suction of her pussy and the continual grinding of their clits was too much... there was nothing she could do to stop the oncoming rolling tidal wave of pleasure that was sweeping through her body..... Sara screamed. “Cummming.. Ohhh Fuck yessssssssss Cummmmmming!” Her body tensed, her hips jerked, her hands moved to her huge tits and squeezed... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Sara's vagina contracted and she gushed.. pumping her girl-cum into Angel's sucking vagina... squirting hard... gasping ...gushing … moaning … “Cummmmmmmmmming!!”

Angel's eyes were wide open... filled with lust... as she felt her pussy contracting and squeezing against Sara's cunt … sucking Sara's cum deep into her vagina... slurping and sucking... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!!” Angel moaned as she felt her own orgasm building to the point of no return.

Sara was still cumming... having multiple orgasms... one right after the other .. her pussy gushing into Angel's sucking cunt … “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel gasped … her clit was on fire as she pushed her clit hard against Sara's cumming clit … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Sara squealed.

Angel screamed with pleasure as her cunt kept sucking... hard sucking... deep sucking … “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhh GOD!” Sara continued to gasp and squeal with pleasure as she pumped Angel's sucking cunt full of her sweet cum. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Angel's clit was vibrating and jerking against Sara's throbbing clit.... sending them both into another series of multiple orgasms... “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”



“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss!”


“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn ohhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming!”

Their nipples were leaking cum again... nipple cum oozing out of their puckered milk holes... their swollen hard nipples quivering on their massive tits... buttocks were flexing … hips undulating... clits flicking … it was fiery hot! … Boiling hot! … They thought their clits were going to melt together and become one giant throbbing clit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh God!” Sara moaned... she had never ever ever ever had an orgasm like this.... she was almost breathless … panting and gasping … squeezing her huge tits... rocking her hips... it was beyond incredible... it was unbelievable.

Angel began to feel her pussy relaxing.. and Sara began to feel the suction waning. They were still slowly moving with each other.. smearing their wetness on each other as Angel's cunt finally lost it's magical suction and the tight seal between their vagina's sprung a leak... Their mixed pussy cum which had been sucked inside Angel's vagina began to dribble out between them.. then more and more cum began to flow.. running down between the cracks of their asses as they sighed together. They were exhausted. It had been an intense fuck, leaving both of them drained. Angel and Sara laid there for a few more minutes, catching their breath... recuperating … resting. Sara finally speaking .. “Oh My God!.. what the fuck just happened?”

Angel smiled … “I have a magic pussy.”

“Yeah right.... well... whatever it was... Good God.!”

They slowly eased themselves away from each other ... their swollen moist sticky pussy lips clinging together... stretching completely out before they began to peel off of each other... leaving several strings of their shared pussy cum stretching and dangling between their cunts.

“Mmmmm, that was incredible Sara.”

“Umm Hmmmm. Yes it was.”

They rolled off the leather sofa and began dressing... sans panties. They talked a little more about their accident with Angel insisting that she pay for both cars.. and Sara agreeing to let Angel pay. As upset as they were earlier, they seemed to be ok with each other as Sara walked toward the front door. “Perhaps we could get together again sometime?” Sara asked.

“I would love to.” Angel smiled as she moved her face toward Sara's and they shared one last deep tongue kiss before Sara walked out the door and toward her car. Angel waited until Sara drove away before closing and locking her door then she activated her alarm and walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and picking up a small bowl of apple slices and a bottle of water. She sat down at her kitchen table and ate her apples as she thought about tomorrow... she was finally going to meet the mystery woman who owned the seven carat diamond ring. “I wonder what she looks like.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are only three days left in the story.... the next series of chapters will find Wendy and Michelle meeting again. Joy and Ashley will finally have their revenge fight. Jane and Michelle will have some legal issues to resolve... and Wendy will get her diamond ring back. Thank you for following along with my story. I hope you have found it to be entertaining and exciting.



To be continued