By AngelDawn30

Second Friday

Angel and Wendy

Angelica Johansen had spent the entire day thinking about the mystery woman.. her mirror image.. and doing paperwork. As you know, Angel did not like doing paperwork.. and it reminded her of the importance of hiring a bookkeeper / receptionist. She thought about Lisa... and she thought about Jennifer... then she thought more about Lisa... and then she thought about Jennifer. “Maybe I should have them fuck each other for the job.”.. she laughed as the words escaped from her luscious lips. She thought both girls were qualified.. especially in the tit department. Angel grinned to herself as visions of those two big pair of tits danced in her mind. She was going to have to make a decision very soon. It was almost six o'clock when Angel finally finished the stack of papers that were on her desk and now it was time to go home. She was expecting company tonight and had to get dressed for her meeting with her mirror image.

Angel stopped at Subway and picked up a turkey sandwich before driving home. It was already beginning to rain by the time she arrived at her home where there was a package waiting for her on her doorstep. Her reaction was like a little girl who was getting her first bicycle. “Oh goody!” She unlocked her door, turned off the alarm and placed her purse and her sack from Subway on the entry table before walking back outside where she reached down and picked up the box. Angel walked back into her home and closed the door behind her. It only took her a couple of minutes to grab a pair of scissors and open the box. “Oh my!” Angel whispered to herself as she began unpacking the box. There was a pair of thigh high black leather boots and a black leather bustier with open cups that would leave her big tits bare when she put it on. “It's perfect... and the boots... yes!” As she dug a little deeper in the box she found the whip. “Damn!” Angel spoke out loud as she picked up the whip. It was made of black leather and the handle was made of TPR ...Thermoplastic elastomers, sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers which consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties... in other words, it was hard but still somewhat flexible. The handle, which was nine inches long, looked like a very realistic cock... a huge black cock with a very large head. “Damn!” She placed the whip along with the boots and bustier back in the box and placed the box on the red brick hearth of her fireplace before looking at the time on the grandfather clock... it was six forty-five. The mystery woman would be here in a hour and fifteen minutes. She picked up the bag from Subway and hurried into the kitchen where she grabbed a bottle of water before sitting down at the table. She would have just enough time to eat and get dressed before Ms. Mystery Woman would be here.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy arrived at the Corleone estate at six forty-five. Charles greeted her as she walked through the front door, slightly bowing his head as he spoke.. “Ms. Corleone.”

“Hi Charles... any messages for me?”

“No Ma'am.”

“Good... what time am I suppose to meet Angelica Johansen?” Again, Wendy felt her clit twitch when she mentioned Angel's name, but she concealed it from Charles.

“You are scheduled to be at her home, 40 Cherrywood Lane, at eight o'clock.”

“How long will it take me to drive there?”

“About fifteen minutes, Ms. Corleone.”

“Damn.” Wendy sighed. “There is no way I can get ready in a hour.” She walked over to the table in the foyer and put her purse down before turning around and speaking to Charles again. “Call her and tell her I will meet her tomorrow.. schedule a time for me sometime tomorrow.” She was very anxious to meet Angel but she was also a little nervous and apprehensive. She wanted to make a very good first impression and she had to look perfect... but there was not enough time to get ready for such an important 'date'.

“Perhaps I should inform Ms. Johansen that you will be arriving late?”

Wendy felt her clit twitch again.. what the fuck was happening to her... every time she heard Angel's name her clit twitched... she thought for a moment... “No, call her and make an appointment for tomorrow.”

“As you wish Ms. Corleone.. and should I give her a reason why you are postponing your appointment?”

“Just tell her I am unable to meet her tonight... I will be in my room... I will call you if I need anything.”

“Yes Ma'am. I will take care of it.”

“Thank you Charles.” Wendy smiled at him as she walked up the stairs and to her bedroom.

When she was out of sight, Charles removed his cell phone from the inside pocket of his suit coat and called Angel. He was greeted with her now familiar voice. “Hi Charles.”

“Good evening Ms. Johansen. I am calling you to inform you that my employer will not be able to keep her appointment with you this evening.”

Angel was disappointed. Somehow she knew that her mystery woman was her mirror image and she had been waiting for years to meet her. There was a moment of silence before Angel responded... “Is she all right?”

“Yes, she is fine.”

Angel was hoping for an explanation and when none was given, she asked .. “Is there a reason that she cannot keep her appointment?”

“My employer asked me to schedule a meeting for tomorrow.”

Angel sighed … she had not even met this mystery woman but she felt her heart sinking. “Perhaps I could come to her home and give her the ring.”

“That is not possible Ms. Johansen... what time would be convenient for my employer to come to your home tomorrow?”

Angel was disappointed and frustrated … she had been looking forward to this all day. “I don't know Charles... I have things to do tomorrow.”

“Perhaps another day would be better?”

“Just let me know when she can and will be here.. and I will be here.”

“As you wish Ms. Johansen.”


“Yes Ms. Johansen?”

“I really want to me her.”

“She really wants to meet you too Ms. Johansen.”

“Oh? Did she tell you that?”

“She did not have to tell me.. I can see it in her eyes.... I will call you tomorrow.”

“Charles... wait ...” but the line went dead.

“Shit!” Angel whispered to herself. “Well... ok … fine … I guess another day won't make any difference.” She walked back into the kitchen and picked up a wine glass and poured herself a glass of white wine. She walked upstairs and opened the safe... picking up the seven carat diamond ring and slipping it on her finger before returning to the living area where she sat down and began sipping her wine... her mind was overflowing with thoughts of her mirror image as she gazed at the flawless ring on her finger.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As Wendy undressed, she began to think more and more about Angel. After completely undressing she sat down in front of her desktop computer and clicked on the link to Angel's website that she had saved. She stared at Angel's photo on her screen.. and once again her clit began to twitch. There was definitely something happening,.. She could sense it.... and she could feel it. Something very special... something that perhaps comes along once in a lifetime. There was a small voice inside her that was telling her that she had to go see Angel.... not tomorrow.... but tonight. She whispered out loud to herself.. “I have to go see her.” She noticed the time on her computer. It was almost eight o'clock.... and then she smiled... “I will surprise her... no doubt I will catch her as she really is.” She reasoned that Angel would have certainly planned for their meeting tonight, which meant that Angel would be looking her very best when Wendy arrived. No doubt she would have fixed her hair just right, and her make-up would be flawless … Wendy thought that Angel would surely be wearing something very special for their meeting... but if she surprised her... if she just 'showed up' unexpectedly, then she would see the 'real' Angelica Johansen.

It took Wendy about twenty minutes to put her makeup and eye shadow on along with her eyeliner. She carefully made sure that her eyelashes looked long and thick... she wanted to look perfect for Angel. She then thought about what she should wear.. she did not want to look like a hooker... but she did not want to look like a librarian either. She patiently searched through her extensive wardrobe until she found the perfect dress. It was red. Wendy looked good in red. Hell, Wendy would look fabulous in a gunny sack. She took the red dress from it's hanger and slipped it on .. zipping it up in the back.... the sleeveless silk dress was custom made for her and it hugged her incredible body perfectly with two thin strings tied around the back of her neck. The neck was squared and although it was low cut, it wasn't vulgar... most of her massive tits were covered, but when you have tits the size of Wendy's... there is always cleavage on display unless the dress comes up to your neck. The red dress was moderately short... about six inches above the center of her knees. Wendy loved the way it fit so well around her hips and how it was snug around her small waist. The dress was perfect. She unzipped the dress and tugged it up over her head, laying it on her bed. Now she had to find the perfect bra and panties. She thought about red, then smiled as she changed her mind and picked up a pair of black crotchless silk panties. … just in case. Her big tits felt a little heavier than usual as she searched through her assortment of bras. Wendy had no idea that she now possessed the magic that had been given to Michelle. Michelle had 'passed' the magic spell to Wendy earlier in the day and it would be activated and would last for twenty-four hours as soon as Wendy had an orgasm with someone. Perhaps the magic was already being manifested in her body because her huge tits did seem slightly larger than normal, which, as you certainly know by now, meant that those massive tits were enormous. She did not even bother looking through the 34E's as she picked up a 34F black silk shelf bra. Un huh.... it did not cover up her nipples .. but, she felt like it would be ok since her dress was not extremely low cut... and she would love the feel of her nipples pressing against the front of her dress. She slipped on her bra and panties, slipped on her dress and then slipped on a pair of glossy red Giuseppe Zanotti four inch heels. A pair of Diamond earrings and a diamond studded tennis bracelet around her neck was the perfect complement for her red dress. Wendy looked fabulous. .. Beautiful .. Stunning.

She walked down the stairs with her red leather clutch purse, pausing to pick up a matching red umbrella and walked out of her home. Her Lamborghini was parked underneath the porte cochere so she would be out of the rain until she arrived at Angel's home. Taking a deep breath, she started her car and drove out of the Corleone estate, on her way to 40 Cherrywood Lane. It was still raining and thundering.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thirty minutes earlier, Angel picked up her remote control and turned the TV off. She had been watching a re-run of 'Castle'. She had a fondness for the character 'Beckett'.. in some ways Beckett reminded Angel of herself. She strolled to the kitchen and poured herself another glass of wine and walked back into the living area … her eyes fixing on the box that had arrived today. “Why not?” Angel spoke to herself as she walked over and reached inside the opened box and removed the bustier, whip and boots. “Lets try them on.”

She undressed, completely stripping herself before picking up the black leather bustier. She slipped it on and pulled it around her body. The cups of the bustier were open like a shelf bra, exposing her massive tits. She walked over to the mirror in her living room as she zipped it up in the front. It fit around her body like a second skin, covering her body from just below her huge round tits all the way down to just below her navel. Angel loved the fact that it zipped up in the front as she smiled at herself in the mirror, whispering .. “How very convenient.” She then sat down on the hearth and slipped both of the thigh high leather boots on. Standing up and placing one boot at a time on the hearth of the fireplace, she tugged them up over her knees before reaching to the back of each boot and zipping them up. The top of the boots were about midway up her smooth firm thighs and they fit perfectly... Angel had provided the bootmakers with the measurement around her thighs and she was very pleased that the top of the leather boots fit perfectly.. nice and snug with no gaps around her thighs. Again she looked at herself in the mirror... her pussy was obviously exposed.... bare … completely shaved.. and was moist. The bitchy look was turning her on as she gazed at herself in the mirror. She walked back to the box and leaned over, her huge tits gently swaying as she reached for the black leather whip. As Angel stood back up, holding the cock shaped handle in her hand, she tried to make it 'crack.' … whipping it in the air …. but the result was not very good. She tried a few more times and finally got the hang of it as the whip made a very loud 'cracking' sound. “Ummm, I like that.” She cracked her whip several more times... it was fun... and it certainly made her feel bitchy.

All of a sudden her alarm beeped three times... then paused .. then beeped three times again. Angel knew that meant that a vehicle had just entered the circular driveway in front of her home. Angel had sensors installed under the concrete driveway.. much like the sensors on the streets which change the traffic lights. The sensors sensed when there was an unusual amount of weight on the concrete... like a car or truck. She walked toward the front door, turning off the alarm system as she peeked through the peephole.. it was still raining steadily but she could see a red sports car parked in front of her home with it's headlights on. A moment later the drivers side door opened upward... it had to be a Ferrari or something similar... then a red umbrella appeared, and someone stepped out of the car. The wind was blowing and it almost jerked the umbrella out of the person's hands, but he or she managed to hang on. As the person stepped around in front of the car, Angel could see it was a woman in a red dress with long blonde hair that was blowing in the wind …. although she could not see her face because the umbrella was in the way. Angel quickly reached over and grabbed a black cover up that she always left on the brass clothes rack that was standing by the front door. She slipped it on, holding it together in the front with her left hand as she opened the door with her right hand and walked out onto her covered porch.

Angel took a couple of steps forward as the woman approached her. As the mystery woman stepped up under the porch, she removed her umbrella and shook it out. She was drop dead gorgeous... the most beautiful woman Angel had ever seen. They were standing about eight feet from each other... staring … neither one of them speaking. Wendy's heart was racing as she looked into Angel's deep blue-green eyes. Angel was the most perfectly beautiful woman that Wendy had ever seen. Wendy was about to speak when a sudden flash of lightning lighted up the sky, quickly followed by a loud burst of thunder.. and Angel's eyes twinkled... as if she had stars in her eyes.

“Oh my God!” Wendy spoke softly as she remembered what the old voodoo woman had said to her … 'there will be thunder.. and lighting ...and you will see stars in her eyes.' .. “It is you!” Wendy gasped.

Angel was mesmerized by the beautiful blonde standing in front of her... “I'm Angel.”

“Yes you are.” Wendy's voice was jittery... “I'm Wendy... I have been looking for you for all my life.”

“I have been trying to find you all my life.” As soon as Angel finished her sentence another bright flash of lightning raced across the sky followed by another loud boom of thunder... her eyes twinkling again from the reflection of the lightning.

Wendy took a step toward Angel ...“You have stars in your eyes.”

Angel took a step toward Wendy... they were now only a couple of feet apart... All of a sudden, without warning, a very strong gust of wind blew across the porch, blowing Angel's cover up open, exposing her enormously massive naked tits and her bare shaved pussy. Angel was too enchanted with Wendy to even notice, and she made no attempt to cover herself up as her cover-up flapped in the air around her body. Wendy gasped … her mind quickly recalling the dream she had last Sunday morning... Except for the absence of the mask, Angel was dressed exactly like the blonde in her dream. Again she whispered .. “Oh my God!” as her eyes dropped to the most perfect pair of tits she could ever remember seeing.. then down to Angel's naked pussy. Her clit twitched... She was going to have one of her uncontrollable orgasms... Her eyes squinted... her hips trembled... and her cunt gushed... gushing out the open slit in her crotchless panties... spraying the front of her red silk dress with her girl-cum.. wetting the front of her dress. Wendy could feel the hot heat of her girl-cum slowly running down her inner thighs. “Ohhhhhhhhh.” She moaned as she tried her best to hide her orgasm from Angel.

Angel watched in awe... she was very well aware that Wendy was cumming as she stared at her for a brief moment before speaking .. “I want to fuck you.”

Wendy's heart was pounding.. her clit was throbbing... “Fuck me Angel... Fuck me right now.... right here!”

Angel had dreamed of her perfect match for years... and so had Wendy... and now here they were... face to face at last... no longer looking in a mirror. The overwhelming lust they had for each other was more than either of them ever expected. Angel stepped toward Wendy and wrapped her arms around the stunningly beautiful blonde as Wendy wrapped her arms around Angel. They tilted their faces toward each other as they moved their mouths together... lips touching... tongues touching... it was a hard kiss. .. pushing their lips tightly together as their tongues swirled together. It only took a few more seconds for Wendy's hands to reach underneath Angel's cover-up, sliding down Angel's back to her naked buttocks. Wendy dug her hands hard into Angel's tight ass cheeks as Angel moaned. By now, Angel's hands were cupping Wendy's hard buttocks.. rubbing and kneading Wendy's perfect ass through her red silk dress as they deep kissed and moaned into each others wet open mouths.

When they broke their long deep kiss, both hot women were panting with lust and desire for each other... Their immediate need to fuck was overwhelming. Angel stepped back from Wendy and reached down to the bottom of Wendy's red dress and tugged it up around Wendy's waist. She then knelt down in front of Wendy... right there on her front porch, .. Angel was going to take Wendy's panties off! She grabbed the waistband of Wendy's crotchless panties and ripped! … Angel quickly tore the ripped panties off from around Wendy's hips and tossed them on the porch .... then, while still on her knees, and with Wendy's dress hiked up around her waist, Angel moved her face toward Wendy's naked bare, shaved pussy, extending her tongue.. and licking up Wendy's wet slit..

“Ohhhhhhhh God!” Wendy moaned.

Angel licked up and down Wendy's wet pussy several times before she reached up and grabbed Wendy's hand and tugged pulled her down so that both of them were now on their knees facing each other on Angel's porch. As they inched forward on their knees, Angel reached up with her left hand and grabbed Wendy's long blonde hair and tugged.. jerking Wendy's head back.. “Ohhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned.

Angel leaned her head forward as she kept her tight grip on Wendy's hair.. “I am going to fuck you... fuck you like a whore needs to be fucked.”

“Unnnnnnnn... Show me Angel... show me how a hot bitch fucks her whore.”

Angel reached down and jammed two fingers up inside Wendy's juicy cunt... jabbing her fingers into Wendy's pussy hard... “I'll show you how this hot bitch fucks her nasty whore!” Just then another bright flash of lightning lit up the darkness for a split second, followed by a loud boom of thunder ..Angel continued to tug down on Wendy's hair while moving her mouth to Wendy's neck... dragging her long wet tongue up the side of Wendy's neck as Wendy shivered with lust. Angel's fingers began pumping in and out of Wendy's tight wet pussy... jabbing.. thrusting... finger fucking her hot cunt with wild abandon. Angel was filled with lust for Wendy and wanted to use her for her own pleasure... and Wendy wanted Angel to use her... she wanted to be Angel's whore.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes!” Wendy moaned as she reached her hands inside Angel's cover-up and grabbed Angel's buttocks, squeezing her hot bare ass cheeks hard.. digging her nails into Angel's firm buttocks as Angel moaned. Faster and faster Angel jammed her fingers inside Wendy... pumping the hell out of her wet cunt... thrusting.. jabbing... and it did not take very long for Wendy to start cumming again... her body shook as Angel sank her teeth into Wendy's neck.. nibbling on her tender sensitive skin... “Ohhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy gasped... “Ohhhhh God! I am gonna cum!”

“Cum for me whore!” Angel whispered as she moved her lips to Wendy's ear.

“Ahhhhhhhh ah ah... FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Wendy's pussy gushed around Angel's jabbing fingers as her body shook... her hips jerked... her clit was throbbing as her hot pussy-cum squirted out around Angel's thrusting fingers. “Cummmmmmmming!” … and something special happened as she was cumming. The magic that was given to Michelle... the magic that Michelle had passed on to Wendy... they wonderful magic that would allow Wendy to fuck for the next twenty-four hours without losing her intensity.. without losing her sexual stamina... that incredible sexual magic was activated inside Wendy. And although it was going to take a little time, Wendy's already massive tits were going to expand.. and her nipples were going to get bigger... and thicker... and those nipples were going to be able to ejaculate massive amounts of hot gooey sticky nipple-cum!

As Wendy's magical powers begin to activate, she was also passing this incredible sexual magic to Angel... although it would not manifest itself in Angel until she would have an orgasm with someone else... and then Angel would become a relentless fuck machine for twenty-four hours.

Angel pulled her wet fingers out of Wendy's pussy and placed her hand behind Wendy's back as she tugged on Wendy's hair even harder.. using her hand to support Wendy, Angel pulled and pushed Wendy down on her back... Wendy's dress was still scrunched up around her waist as Angel released her hair and reached down and grabbed Wendy's right leg.. lifting it high into the air as Angel moved her pussy over Wendy's.. straddling her... Angel's big naked tits were wobbling on her chest as she lowered her wet cunt down on top of Wendy's .. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy moaned as their pussys met for the first time. “Ohhhhh Fuck... Ohhhhh Angel!”

Angel moaned as their wet cunts merged together... “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Ohhhhh FUCK!” Wendy panted as another orgasm raced through her body... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” She lifted her hips... putting pressure on their wet pussys as her pussy gushed again... squirting hot girl-cum all over Angel's wet pussy.. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Angel grabbed Wendy's raised leg, placing Wendy's foot up on her shoulder and began rocking... grinding their wet cunts together... and it only took Angel a few seconds before her orgasm rushed through her body.. “Ohhhhhhhh yessss Cummmmmmmmmming!” Angel's pussy gushed... squirting her hot sweet pussy-cum all over their fucking cunts..... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Angel's orgasm triggered another orgasm from Wendy... her hips bucking wildly.. her thighs trembling... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel was still cumming... and Wendy was cummming... They had pushed their cunts together for only a few minutes and were already having multiple orgasms... Angel and Wendy were burning with lust ...that is how hot they were for each other …

They gasped and moaned together ...“Cmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhh you hot beautiful bitch!” Wendy gasped as Angel began rocking her hips... grinding their hard swollen heated clits together.... rubbing .. fucking .. grinding... right there on the porch... but neither one of them cared... their only need was to fuck.

“Unnnnnn you nasty whore.” Angel moaned as Wendy began rocking with Angel.. fucking... grinding... rubbing... their wet pussy lips were smearing together.. it was more than they ever imagined... so hot... so dirty... so nasty. Their clits were grinding.. clit head to clit head... and within a few minutes they were cumming together again... gasping and moaning... squealing... panting …

“Cummmmmming!” … “Cummmmmming!”

Their cunts squirted into each other at the same time... gushing all over their grinding cunts... splashing up on their tummys... wetting their inner thighs... their bodies quivering... their huge tits swollen and wobbling...

“Ohhhhhhh God Angel! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Ahhhhhh ah ahhhhh Wendy! Cummmmming!”

They stopped moving their hips... letting the wetness from their flooded pussys flow between them... loving every precious second... moaning... They were born for this moment... it was their destiny... and they both knew it.

Angel finally lifted herself up... as another flash of lightning bolted across the dark sky.. illuminating the two hot bitches... a few seconds later another booming roll of thunder rumbled around them. Angel scooted back on her knees and got to her feet, reaching down for Wendy and grabbing her hand. She pulled Wendy to her feet as they stared into each others eyes...”We need to go inside before someone sees us out here fucking.”

“Take me inside Angel and fuck me.. fuck me hard!”

Angel tugged Wendy's hand as they hurried to the front door ... almost running... they had to fuck. That was all that mattered.... they needed to fuck. Angel quickly closed the door behind them and locked it before turning on the alarm system. They turned toward each other, staring into each others eyes with lust. They were craving to fuck each other. Every part of their bodies was consumed with an animalistic desire and hunger to fuck each other. Wendy quickly knelt down to the floor..then sat down on her ass as she hiked up her dress around her waist and spread her legs wide open. Within seconds Angel had slipped off her cover-up and was sitting on her ass with her legs spread open... then they quickly scooted on their asses toward each other.... there was no teasing... there was no time spent admiring each others sweet pussys.... there was only a carnal need to join together.... a need to melt into each other... a need to fuck right now.

They slid their legs along each other.. their wet thighs sliding along side each other effortlessly.... there was no last second pause... they immediately slammed their juicy wide open cunts together with a 'smack'... pussy juice spraying out from their cunts from the sudden impact of wet pussy meat slamming into wet pussy meat... and the fucking began.... slamming their cunts together..,.. slap slap slap smack... their swollen clits popping together... their swollen extended pussy lips squishing with each hard thrust of their powerful hips... their well developed glutes were straining as they slapped their cunts together... it was rough raw sex.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God Angel.. I think I am gonna cum!”

They had been slamming their cunts together for about two minutes and Wendy was already going to cum... and Angel was going to cum with her.... their sexual desire for each other was out of control... they were drugged with lust...and their bodies began to tremble... their hips were jerking... their heavy tits were wobbling on their chest... “I am gonna cum with you whore!”

“Ohhhhhh fuck yessss.... cum with this fucking whore Angel.... Cum with me!”

Angel slammed her cunt hard against Wendy's and held it there... mashing their wet pussys together as hard as she could ...“Ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ahhhh Ohhhhhhh you dirty nasty beautiful whore!!! “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Angel's cum gushed into Wendy's pussy... squirting out around their locked cunts.. “Ohhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy screamed as her clit jerked... “Cummmmmmmming!”

And then something else happened..... as you know, Angel and Wendy were both given the same magic from the voodoo woman.... 'Suck Magic'... their nipples and vaginas would be capable of intense suction... and with their cunts plastered together... they both felt it.... suction.... oh sure, Angel and Wendy had felt suction before.. and both of them had spent hundreds of hours exercising their powerful kegel muscles... developing their hungry cunts into lethal sexual weapons... with the ability to suck another pussy with great force.... but this was different... the suction that was going on between their wet cunts was much greater than either had ever experienced.. it was intense.. it was incredibly intense... and Angel and Wendy instantly knew that it was the “Suck Magic”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Wendy.. do you feel my pussy sucking yours?”

“Yessssssss! Can you feel my pussy sucking yours?”

“Oh fuck yes!! Suck me Wendy!.. Suck me you hot sexy whore!”

“Suck me Angel! Suck me like the hot fucking bitch you are!”



The suction was powerful as their vaginas fused together... locked in their suck war. “Fuck! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Angel's cunt gushed.. squirting hot cum into Wendy's sucking vagina... a split second later, Wendy's cunt gushed.. squirting her hot girl-cum into Angel's sucking pussy... their hot squirting cum met head on inside their sucking cunts …

Wendy screamed... “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel moaned loudly .. “Cummmmmmmmming!”

There was tremendous pressure inside their pussys.. all that sweet hot girl-cum gushing and squirting from their pussys with no place to go... they could feel their cunts being filled up with their mixed hot fuck juices...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh GOD! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnn un ahh un ahhhh Cummmmmmmmming!”

Just when they thought that their cunts were going to explode and burst open, a hot stream of girl-cum erupted from between their sucking cunts... shooting straight up into the air several feet... gushing like a geyser... splashing all over their tummys and thighs.. soaking their sweaty skin with liquid fiery girl-cum.

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Angel gasped and moaned... her body shaking

“Angel!!! Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy cried out... her body shaking uncontrollably.

The multiple orgasms lasted for several more minutes before subsiding... several times their shared pussy cum squirted out from between their hard sucking pussys... splashing their bodies with hot heat. It was incredible.. it was by far the most intense fucking that Angel and Wendy had ever experienced.

As they released each others thighs and laid down on their backs.. their heavy tits rising and falling on their chests as they breathed deeply... Angel wanted to eat Wendy's pussy... she had already got a quick taste of Wendy's sweet pussy and wanted more... she wanted to drink her cum... she wanted to get drunk of Wendy's sweet girl-cum. She began to pull away from Wendy... but she quickly discovered that their hot pussys were sucked together... she tried again... stretching their tightly sucked pussy lips out from their bodies.. but it was no use... then she remembered... and so did Wendy as Wendy locked eyes with Angel and said ..“We are going to have to fuck some more before the suction goes away.”

“Yes.. we are going to have to fuck so more.... starting right now!” Again Angel began grinding their swollen throbbing clits together... grinding.. pushing... mashing.. Wendy was pushing with Angel.. grinding.. thrusting.. their cunts seemed hopelessly sucked together... they fucked each other with intense passion … fucking and fucking.. grinding and pushing... bodies shaking from all the inconceivable lust they had for each other.. until they were cumming together again.... but they were still sucked together.. so they kept fucking and grinding... thrusting and mashing their hungry cunts together.. Angel and Wendy could not get enough of each other. Twenty minutes later they were screaming and cumming again... their sweet pussy-cum gushing and squirting out from between their sucking cunts... and there were still sucked tightly together... so they kept fucking.... minute after lustful minute until an additional thirty minutes had elapsed and they were squirting into each others cunts again... moaning and gasping... pussy-cum gushing up like a fountain between their sucking cunts.... and it went on and on and on... fucking and cumming … fucking and cumming... fucking and cumming.

Angel did not have the unimaginable sexual stamina that Wendy possessed, and she was beginning to get a little tired... they had already been fucking for several hours.. sharing countless orgasms... squirting immeasurable amounts of girl-cum... gasping and moaning... and Angel needed a breather.... as they shared their last orgasm which seemed to be just as intense as the first one... Angel was gasping for air... her huge tits rising and falling rapidly on her chest... and as she once again began to pull away,, she could feel their cunts relaxing just a wee bit. She gave one final jerk of her hips and their cunts separated with a loud slurping sucking sound … 'slurrrrrrrrrp'

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as she laid there.. Wendy wanted to keep fucking, but she also knew that she had some very special magic flowing through her body... magic that Angel did not have... so she patiently waited a few minutes while Angel's breathing slowly returned to normal. “Oh Wendy.... Wow!”

Wendy giggled .. “I know! Fucking wow!”

They laid there for a few more minutes before Angel spoke softly .. “Wendy... I want to eat your pussy.”

“Unnnnnnn.” Wendy shuddered as she stood up and unzipped her dress.. pulling it up over her head and throwing it across the room... then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, slipping it off and throwing it back behind her .. ... “Tongue fuck me Angel.” Wendy teasingly whispered to Angel as she got down on the floor, laying on her back with her legs spread wide open for Angel.

Angel quickly knelt down between Wendy's spread legs... licking her full moist lips as she stared at Wendy's naked pussy... completely shaven, Wendy's pussy looked identical to Angel's bared shaved pussy. Angel lowered herself to the floor. Laying down and stretching her legs out behind her as she moved her mouth to Wendy's wet pussy. Angel was very skilled at eating pussy... she extended her tongue and licked from the bottom of Wendy's slit all the way up... slowly... ending when her tongue reached Wendy's clit. She spent a little time flicking her clit before licking all the way back down... then licking up again.. this time pushing her tongue between the folds of Wendy's labia... licking all the way up... stopping to flick her clit.. then licking all the way down. Angel was in no hurry as she again licked up Wendy's pussy.. her tongue easing a little deeper with each lick as she licked up and down and up and down... Wendy moaned as Angel's tongue would pause and flick her clit at the end of each long upward lick. For ten minutes Angel moved her tongue up and down Wendy's pussy... slowly licking up and down.. pausing at the top of each upward stroke to flick her clit a few times before licking back down. “Oh Angel... God, that feels so fucking good.” Angel just kept licking... until it was time to move on to something else. Wendy was very wet by now and it was time to tongue fuck her.

Angel used her fingers to spread Wendy's pussy lips apart … then placed the tip of her tongue at the opening of her vagina.. then pushed her tongue in... deeper and deeper until she had about three inches of her tongue inside Wendy's tight cunt. The tongue fucking had begun as she moved her tongue in and out of Wendy's pussy... tongue fucking her... in and out .. in … out … in … out .. again and again.... in … out … in … out .. Angel's mouth was tightly sealed against Wendy's wet pussy as she tongue fucked her … .. in … out … in … out … Angel reached up with her fingers and began to toy with Wendy's swollen clit... rubbing … pinching... stroking as she continued to tongue fuck the beautiful hot bitch. .. in … out … in … out … Angel pinched Wendy's clit which brought a deep sigh from Wendy's lips. “Ohhhhh.” Her tongue kept up its torrid fucking of Wendy's vagina as she pinched and squeezed her hard clit... Wendy was getting close to an orgasm and Angel was well aware... She gave her clit one last hard pinch .. and then pulled her wet mouth away from Wendy's wet pussy and quickly moved her lips to her clit as she began to thrust two fingers in and out of her hot dripping fuck-hole. Closing her lips tightly around Wendy's throbbing clit, Angel began to suck as she finger fucked the hot . Her fingers moving quickly in and out of her drenched cunt as her lips sucked hard on her swollen clit.. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked as hard as she could.. her tongue wagging back and forth against Wendy's clit as she pulled and tugged with her mouth.. Wendy was losing control of her impending orgasm and began to wither on the floor... Angel felt her vagina began to contract and squeeze her fingers as she sucked on her hard swollen clit... pulling her mouth away with a 'pop' as she spoke, “Cum for me Wendy.”

“Oh fuckkkkkkkkkk!” Wendy moaned deeply.

Angel's face was wet with Wendy's juices as she began to suck her clit again, her fingers constantly sliding in and out of her tight pussy..... in … out … in … out ... sucking as hard as she could .. Wendy bucked up with her hips... her eyes closed... as she arched her back... thrusting her big tits high into the air... moaning.. “Yesss... Oh God Yessssssssssss.... Cummmmmmmming!!!” Angel felt the hot rush of her pussy cum gushing around her fingers as she pumped them in and out of Wendy's spasming pussy. “Cummmmming and cummming !!!” Angel pulled her mouth off of Wendy's clit.. grabbed her hips and pulled Wendy toward her .. she then reached over and lifted Wendy's right leg straight up into the air.. then placed her own right leg over Wendy's left leg.. and moved forward.. pressing her own naked cunt into Wendy's... and began fucking her. She held Wendy's leg up as she began pumping her hips forward and slapping her cunt against Wendy's... their clits meeting with each slap... “Unnnn” … “Ohhh”. .. “Ahhh.” they moaned as they fucked pussy to pussy. Their wet sticky pussy lips would smack together, spraying their mixed juices on their thighs and tummys as they fucked each other hard.. 'smack ...'slap ' .. 'slap'.. 'smack'.... each time they met, their clits would bang together and when they pulled back their pussy lips would cling together.. stretching.. before they peeled apart... only to be mashed tightly together again with each thrust of their hips. It only took a few minutes for Wendy to begin twitching again.... Angel stopped the pussy pounding and pressed her clit hard against Wendy's and started to move up and down... jerking her clit up and down against Wendy's very quickly... up and down... clit to clit... Angel's huge tits slightly bouncing up and down as she fucked Wendy.

“Ohhhhhhhh Angel... gonna cum again...... GAWD!!!” Wendy was trembling as she came again … “Cummmmming !!!! .. Ummmmmmmmm”

Angel smiled as Wendy came again... she was thrilled that Wendy was so fucking hot. As Wendy was still squirming, Angel released Wendy's leg and removed her own leg from Wendy... Angel got to her knees and turned around as Wendy scooted back .. within a few seconds they were in a 69 position as Angel slowly moved forward on all fours... dragging her heavy tits across Wendy's face and briefly feeling Wendy's tongue on her nipples as she moved forward.. inching her face closer and closer to Wendy's dripping cunt. As Angel lowered her face down to the sweet pussy that was below her face she felt Wendy's hands on her hard tight buttocks.. pulling her down toward Wendy's face.. then she felt Wendy's tongue licking her pussy as she once again buried her face in Wendy's hot steamy cunt. They began to eat each other... opening their mouths and sucking each others pussy lips into their mouths.. twisting their faces back and forth.. pulling and tugging on each others cunt lips and they licked and sucked wildly at each other. It only took a few minutes for their fingers to get involved.. stroking and rubbing each others clits as their mouths devoured each other.. licking and sucking... pulling and tugging with their lips as they stroked and pinched each others clits. Wendy was getting close to another orgasm as Angel's talented mouth worshiped Wendy's pussy. Just when Angel thought that Wendy was about to cum, she pulled her mouth away and rolled over on the floor.. quickly turning around and moving over on top of Wendy on all fours. She placed her knees between Wendy's legs with her hands on the floor outside of Wendy's shoulders. Even thought Angel was on her hands and knees their tits were brushing against each other. Then Angel noticed that Wendy's huge tits seemed bigger than they were before.. and her nipples seemed a little thicker and longer. She quickly decided that it was because Wendy was so aroused and turned on.

Angel lowered her body down on top of Wendy's, their nipples meeting then sliding to the side of each other as the entire lengths of their extended nipples slid next to each other before disappearing into a huge mountain of their combined tit-flesh. Angel could definitely tell that Wendy's tits and nipples were, indeed, bigger than they were a couple of hours ago... Angel lowered her pussy down on top of Wendy's.. once again feeling their swollen labia spread out against each other... slick and wet.. the tender folds of their sensitive cunts merging together. Finally their rock hard clits met head on as Angel moved her face next to Wendy's and began kissing and licking Wendy's right ear as Wendy began to moan again. They began fucking on the floor... Angel moving her hips up and down and Wendy lifting her hips up to meet each downward thrust from Angel. Their pussys began to squish and slurp at each other as their clits rubbed tightly together. Their heavy tits were compressed tightly together from the weight of Angel laying on top of Wendy. Their hard nipples burning into each others tits as they fucked. Rocking … grinding.. fucking... tribbing... on and on and on... fucking … gasping … grinding … moaning... they were so fucking in lust with each other. .. until they could not longer restrain their burning need to cum.

Angel began to gasp... Wendy was moaning... their eyes locked... and they screamed together …... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhh Angel!!! Cummmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhh Sweet Wendy.. you nasty whore! Cummmmmmming!”

They gasped and moaned for several minutes... Wendy once again giving Angel a few minutes to catch her breath as their orgasm slowly faded.

“Damn Wendy... you are a fucking nymphomaniac.” Angel said as she stood up.

Wendy smiled as she stood up facing Angel.. “Yes I am.. I am your fucking nymphomaniac.”

“Mmmmmm yes you are.”

Angel stepped toward Wendy... closer and closer until the front of their incredible tits were inches apart.. she then held up her hand and slowly removed the diamond ring off her finger.. “I believe this belongs to you.”

Wendy was spellbound by Angel as she nodded yes and extended her left hand. She had always worn the ring on her right hand, but for some reason she wanted the ring on her left hand. Angel reached out and took Wendy's left hand in her left hand, holding the diamond ring in her right hand.... Wendy was trembling with deep emotional joy as Angel slowly slipped the ring on Wendy's finger. She then reached for and clasped her right hand with Wendy's right hand so that they were holding their hands together. Angel peered deeply into Wendy's lovely brown eyes... “You now belong to me.”

Wendy smiled as she whispered ..“I am yours.” She stepped closer to Angel and slipped her hand around Angel's waist, pulling them closer together … the front of Angel's huge bare tits pushed gently against the front of Wendy's enormously heavy tits. Angel wrapped both of her arms around Wendy, pulling them even closer together as she leaned her face forward.. her lips close to Wendy's left ear.. “Mmmmm, that feels sooo good.”

Wendy quietly moaned into Angel's ear as she replied, “Yes it does... it feels incredible.”

Their cheeks were softly brushing against each other as they held each other for a couple of minutes … enjoying the feel of their bodies getting acquainted. Wendy slid her cheek against Angel's cheek as she moved her lips closer to Angel's ear until her full moist lips were lightly brushing against Angel's ear. As she began to slowly shift her upper body back and forth against Angel, their huge tits pressing and sliding across each other, she whispered in Angel's ear . … “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Angel was now swaying with Wendy... as Wendy moved to her left, Angel moved to her right... their big tits slightly squishing out of shape as they met and slid over each other.. their long hard swollen nipples meeting and catching against each other before slipping apart and continuing their slow journey across each others dense tits... until Angel's big right tit had slid past Wendy's big right tit.. then they swayed in the opposite direction...their big right tits meeting and squishing past each other... momentarily reshaping as they pressed and pushed together... nipples flicking past each other until Angel's over-sized right tit was between Wendy's two over-sized tits and Wendy's huge round right globe was squeezed between Angel's deep cleavage. As they continued to slide their tits together they all met head on.. both pairs of enormously full tits mushrooming against each for a couple of seconds before their huge left tits were trapped inside each others bountiful cleavage. As they both continued to move to the right, the inner sides of their two massive left tits squished against each other before mushrooming... long thick hard nipples scraping across lengthy thick hard nipples. The entire journey... from left to right then back again lasted about ten seconds... and as they began to move their tits past each other again, Angel whispered in Wendy's ear, answering her question … “Yes. … Yes I believe in love at first sight.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Wendy purred as they pushed their heavy tits past each other again. Her tongue flicked at Angel's ear as she spoke softly .. “And when did you first believe in love at first sight?”

Angel gasped at the touch of Wendy's tongue and flicked her own wet tongue, licking Wendy's ear as she whispered her hot breath into Wendy's ear … “A few hours ago.”

“Mmmmmm …. me too.” Wendy gasped as she waited until all four of their big tits were pressing together nipple to nipple... then she stopped swaying and pulled Angel even closer.. their huge tits merging together.. slightly spilling out around each other. Their heated nipples were throbbing … and they were both already wet. The mutual physical attraction was overwhelming... but that was a much stronger force growing deep within the two beautiful women.... Their emotions were on fire. A woman's emotional needs and desires are always greater than her physical needs. A woman needs love more than anything. Sex is wonderful... friendships are wonderful... but the most important feelings... feelings that harbor trust … commitment ... and safety … and emotional security... feelings of unselfish love .. unconditional love … Nothing is more important to a woman's need to be loved.. Nothing. And these deep feelings of love and devotion were flowing through every part of their bodies... bathing them in a passionate euphoria.

Wendy squeezed her arms around Angel... their heavy tits bulging together.. their nipples were tingling... vibrating … throbbing … their juices were flowing like a wild river... Wendy was overwhelmed more than she had ever been in her life... with her lips against Angel's ear, she gasped … “Hold me Angel.”

Angel was squeezing Wendy tight .. “I'm holding you.”

“Ohhhhhhh Angel ….. I am going to cum.”

“Ummmmm … Kiss me Wendy … I am going to cum with you.”

Wendy moved her hands down to Angel's naked buttocks... squeezing and kneading the firmness of Angel's hard ass cheeks. Angel had also moved her hands down from around Wendy's back.. sliding them down Wendy's back and over the perfect swells of her hard buttocks... squeezing Wendy's ass cheeks hard with her hands. They tilted their heads toward each other, extending their long wet tongues until they tips of their tongues touched... “Mmmmm.” Wendy moaned as they pushed their tongues together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Angel gasped as the top flat surface of their tongues began to press together.. more and more.. until their wet tongues were completely extended down the front of their chins.. four inches of the top of their tongues pressing tightly together.. slowly moving... slowly sliding.... their extra long hard nipples pushing against each other... tip to tip... .. their big tits bulging... the front of their thighs touching... pressing.... “Mmmmmmmmmm.”

“Ummmmmmm.” Wendy's hips were rocking.. her nipples were burning.. and her clit began to jerk... their tongues were grinding as Wendy moaned ..“Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

Angel pulled her tongue back.. leaving a string of spit connecting their mouths.. “Cum with me Wendy.”

“Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Cum with me Angel.”

“Ahhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhh God!”

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy's pussy gushed again.. squirting hot pussy cum out of her contracting vagina... squirting ..Hot sweet cum splashing against Angel's wet pussy... “Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

Angel's hips were jerking as they dug their fingers into each others solid ass cheeks.. “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”... Angel's pussy clenched... and gushed... squirting her pussy cum all over Wendy's pussy and thighs ..“Fuck yessssssssss!”



They gasped as their hips jerked.. their huge tits wobbling together... hands squeezing buttocks as they moved their mouths together.. their lips meshing perfectly together... tongues flicking and licking inside their locked mouths... moaning into each others mouths as their girl-cum ran down the inside of their thighs... “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” … “Mmmmmmmmmm.” They shared their intense orgasm together... the physical pleasure was wonderful... and the emotional pleasure was incredible.

They held each other in their arms for a couple of more minutes... gasping and panting between long deep kisses. As Angel finally moved her face back, strings of their shared saliva looped between their lips... stretching more and more as their faces slowly retreated from each other.. until the glimmering strings broke apart and their saliva drooled down between their tits. Angel pulled her arms from around Wendy before reaching out and taking Wendy's left hand in her right hand. Without saying a word she led Wendy to the front door, where she paused and pushed it open with her left hand before leading Wendy into her home.. closing and locking the door behind her. Still holding hands they looked into each others eyes for a few more seconds until Angel leaned over toward the entry table and picked up the whip.

Wendy immediately recognized the whip as she stared at the big black handle that was shaped like a cock. “Oh my God!” Wendy gasped... “I dreamed about that whip.... Oh my God! .. It was you... you were the one in my dream!”

Angel smiled... “I want to show you something.” Still holding Wendy's hand she began walking across the foyer and down the hallway, playfully pulling Wendy along with her … until they reached the door they led to the basement. Angel released Wendy's hand .. “I never really knew why I created this room... until now. .. Come with me.” Angel opened the door, reached inside and flipped the light switch... a hazy bluish purple color lighted the stairway. It was an easy winding stairway... not steep like most stairways that lead to a basement. It took about twenty seconds for them to walk down the circular stairway where they were greeted by another door. Angel entered the code on the wall next to the door and waited for it to beep.. then she opened the door and Wendy eagerly followed her into the darkness. They took a couple of steps before Angel turned the lights on.

Wendy's jaw dropped... her breathing quickened as her eyes slowly surveyed the room … “Wow.” The large room was lit with black lights that had been strategically positioned on the ceiling.. The first thing that Wendy noticed was the very large over-sized bed in the center of the room... completely surrounded by thick black carpet. The bed was square.. about nine feet in each direction and had four black wooden posts, each of them extending about five feet into the air.. attached to each of the four black posts was an iron ring that had been painted hot pink. As Wendy looked around the room she noticed the chains and ropes that were hanging on the wall... some of the ropes were made of hemp... some made of braided silk... there were several different kinds of handcuffs... some metal.. some were made of leather ...some were silk.... most all of them were black. There were ropes and chains suspended from the ceiling... extending almost all the way to the black carpeted floor. As Wendy slowly walked around the room with her mouth wide open, she saw the adult toys laying on a long table that was pushed up against one of the walls. There were several double dildos in varying colors and lengths... several strap on's..some of them were huge! There was an assortment of vibrators.. each one a little different.. no doubt each one had a specific purpose. As Wendy continued her journey around the room she noticed a swing that was suspended from the ceiling. There was a hole in the center of the swing and her mind filled with wicked thoughts as she realized what the hole was for. On another wall there was an assortment of whips... several different whips and floggers.. a couple of paddles... and nipple clamps. Wendy was now breathing very deeply as she stepped closer to get a good look at the nipple clamps. Some were squeeze clamps.... a few twisted on.. and all of them were in pairs with chains connecting the nipple clamps. “Oh My” Wendy gasped as she turned around and looked at Angel. “Where do we begin?”

“We will begin with you taking off your heels.”

“Yes Ma'am” Wendy answered as she strutted her naked body over to the edge of the bed, sat down, and slipped her heels off one at a time, placing them on the black carpet next to the bed.

With each passing second Angel realized more and more just how huge Wendy's tits really were. They were incredible... enormous . … massive dense globes of firm tit-meat. With their eyes filled with lust, they stared at each other... Wendy was naked and Angel still had on her black leather bustier and thigh high black leather boots. Angel looked into Wendy's eyes .. “Lay down.” Wendy did as she was told... climbing up on the bed and laying down as Angel walked over toward one of the walls and grabbed four long braided red silk ropes. Wendy was not a sub... she had a strong competitive will.. a burning desire to achieve... to be the best .. to win. Yet there was this feeling deep inside her soul to belong to someone... to be used .. to be a fucktoy … not anyone's fucktoy... but to be Angel's fucktoy. As you certainly know by now, Wendy was a nymphomaniac... a lesbian whore... a whore who could not control her sexual desire to fuck... to fuck every time she had the opportunity. Her sexual needs were insatiable. … always present..... that is just who she was. .. nothing gave her more pleasure. Wendy was born to fuck. The thoughts of Angel using her... dominating her and owning her sent chills up and down her spine, fueling her strong sexual desires.

Looking up at Angel as she walked back toward the bed, Wendy asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I am going to tie you up.”

Wendy eagerly stretched her arms out and spread her legs open as Angel walked over to the wall and picked up three silk ropes, then turned around and walked back toward Wendy, laying the braided silk ropes on the bed.. then reached down, picked up the whip and placed it down on the edge of the bed between Wendy's spread legs. Angel then paused for a moment and unzipped her bustier, slipping it off and tossing it on the floor. She then walked over to the bedpost that was near Wendy's outstretched right arm. She placed the silk cuff around Wendy's wrist.. pulling it firmly around her wrist and then tightened it with the velcro straps before slipping the other end of the silk rope through the hot pink ring that was attached to the black bed post. She pulled the silk rope tight before tying it. As Angel walked to the next bed post, she repeated what she had just done... again tying Wendy's arm to the bedpost so that both of her arms were stretched out and slightly upward. Wendy's huge tits were heaving on her chest and were beginning to swell... not only from her sexual arousal... but also because the magic spell was continuing to work it's magical powers. Her nipples were tingling.. and minute by minute, her enormous tits and nipples were growing even bigger... swelling... and expanding.

As Angel walked down to the other end of the bed she began speaking to Wendy. “You belong to me now.”

“Yes Angel... I belong to you.”

Angel placed the silk cuff around Wendy's right ankle.. “You are mine.. and I will use you for my pleasure.”

“I want you to use me for your sexual pleasure.”

When Angel had finished tying Wendy's right ankle to the tall black bedpost with the stranded silk rope, she stepped toward the last corner of the bed … “You will fuck me whenever and wherever I want.”

Wendy's pussy was drooling sweet pussy juice .. “Yes I will... anytime... anywhere.”

Angel began cuffing Wendy's left ankle to the bedpost.. “You will do anything that I tell you to do.”

Wendy was panting... her huge swollen tits heaving on her chest with each deep breath. “I will do anything you ask.”

“You will fuck anyone that I tell you to fuck.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh yessss... I will fuck anyone you tell me to fuck.”

Angel finished cuffing Wendy's left ankle.. pulling the braided silk rope tightly though the hot pink ring on the bedpost... “You will be my fucktoy... to be used for my pleasure... and for my pleasure only.”

“Yes... for you only Angel.”

“You will obey me... completely... without question.” Angel said as she strapped the velcro tight around the ring on the bedpost.

“Yes I will.. I will obey you.”

Angel took a couple of steps toward her left.. standing on the carpet.. looking down at Wendy who was spread eagle on the bed. “You will only do this for me... You will not be submissive to anyone else.... only me.. and only when I wish for you to be submissive.”

Wendy completely understood... she would not be anyone's fucktoy except for Angel. She would not obey anyone other than Angel... and she would only be submissive to Angel whenever Angel wanted her to be submissive. Their relationship was not going to be a full time Dom/Sub affair. She would only assume her role whenever Angel was in the mood to be her Mistress. “Yes Angel, I understand.. and I agree with everything you have said.”

Angel reached for the handle of the whip, picking it up with her right hand and flicking her wrist.. uncoiling the black leather whip. As she stared into Wendy's eyes, Angel raised her right hand in the air... then with a perfect fluid motion, she jerked her right hand back and snapped her wrist forward … “CRACK!” Wendy's eyes were wide open as Angel quietly but firmly spoke to her .. “Promise me that you will comply with all I have said.”

Wendy stared into Angel's deep blue-green eyes .. “I promise.”

Angel tossed the whip over on the outside of Wendy's right thigh, then placed one knee at a time on the bed.. then inched her way forward between Wendy's spread legs. Angel knelt down on all fours.. crawling forward until her face was over Wendy's pussy. She parted her lips, and drooled a long string of saliva out of her mouth. Wendy watched as the saliva drooled lower and lower.. until it touched her pussy.. “Ouuuuuu.” She moaned. It was hot... hot as molten lava as it seeped between her already wet pussy lips. Angel began licking her lips as she slowly lowered her face down between Wendy's legs .. she turned her mouth to the right and licked up the inside of Wendy's wet thigh... licking what was left of Wendy's sweet girl cum from her tight smooth inner thigh. Angel then took a minute to lick up and down Wendy's sensitive right inner thigh. “Ummmmmmmmmmm.” Wendy gasped as Angel moved her mouth to Wendy's wet pussy, extending her long tongue and licking up the entire length of Wendy's slit. “Ohhhhh.. that feels sooooooo fucking good.”

Angel again reached under Wendy's buttocks and grabbed her hard ass cheeks as she began licking up and down Wendy's wet slit... sliding her long wet tongue up and down Wendy's wet crevice. … spreading her pussy lips with her tongue .. stroking … licking... up and down... slowly... teasing … tormenting …. up and down. Wendy was squirming as she felt her already wet pussy beginning to flood with even more moisture.... and the licking continued... slow … steady.... relentless … up and down... plowing between her pussy lips... from the bottom of her slippery slit all the way to her clit … pausing to flick her clit with the tip of her tongue.. again and again … over and over and over and over... licking up and down... sliding her long tongue deeper and deeper into Wendy's wet gash. Wendy began to moan as Angel's long tongue kept moving... kept sliding.... and licking... and probing... pausing at the top of each long stroke to flick her clit a few times before burrowing between her pussy lips and licking all the way down... up and down... lapping … tasting … licking. Wendy was moaning more and more... and she wanted more and more and more. She looked down at Angel's face buried between her thighs...Angel was pleasuring her... and she was responding... moaning.. her hips began to undulate, moving in a sinuous motion... rocking her wet open cunt against Angel's tongue. As Angel's hands squeezed Wendy's buttocks, Wendy's hips began a slow rhythm ..moving like waves.. up and down … side to side... rising and falling as Angel's wonderful tongue licked her wet cunt. … stroking … lapping... licking.... slurping... minute after minute... teasing Wendy's wet pussy with her tongue until it was time to suck. Angel lifted her wet face up... looking at Wendy's perfect body laying in front of her as she moved her mouth toward Wendy's big throbbing clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Wendy gasped as she felt Angel's lips on her clit... wonderful wet lips.. circling her clit... sliding up and down and around and around her throbbing clit... then she felt her tongue once again... flicking her clit... stroking … rubbing.... up and down and around and around her clit. Wendy's pussy was leaking... overflowing with her sweet honey as Angel's wonderful lips rubbed her hard clit. Angel paused for a moment, looking up at Wendy as she formed her full luscious lips into a perfect “O”, then she wrapped that perfect “O” around Wendy's sensitive clit and sucked.

“Ohhhhhh.” Wendy whimpered as she felt suction.... Angel's luscious lips captured her pulsing clit... sucking it … pulling and tugging …. the tip of her tongue stroking her clit as she sucked it deeply between her lips and into her wet mouth. It was driving Wendy crazy with lust as she breathed deeper and deeper.... the pleasure building in her clit.... “Unnnnnn.” She heard the sweet sucking and slurping sounds as Angel pleasured her clit with her amazing mouth. Sucking and licking …. Wendy wanted to reach down and grab that lovely silky blonde hair and pull Angel's mouth even tighter to her throbbing clit ... She was getting close to an orgasm as she rocked her hips... fucking that incredible mouth with her pussy..... it was magical. Angel would suck hard on Wendy's clit for a long time... then she would 'pop' her lips off Wendy's big clit and move her mouth down.. slurping and sucking up all of Wendy's sweet pussy juice, then Angel would move her mouth back to Wendy's clit … once again sucking.. tugging and pulling before she would again 'pop' her perfect mouth off Wendy's clit and sucking and slurping all of Wendy's hot pussy juice into her mouth again. Each time Angel would 'pop' her sucking lips from Wendy's swollen clit she was amazed at how much pussy juice had bubbled up between Wendy's wet pussy lips.. It was a constant river of pussy juice and Angel eagerly licked and sucked it up.. tasting... swallowing... until she would move her mouth back to Wendy's throbbing clit … sucking and sucking .. until Angel sensed that Wendy was about to cum... then Angel would pull her mouth away... depriving Wendy of her orgasm. It was an endless cycle.

Minute after grueling minute passed... thirty minutes … forty minutes … an hour ...Wendy repeatedly on the verge of an orgasm... and every time she was about to crest... each time she was about to give in to the unstoppable wave of pleasure... Angel's mouth and tongue would slip away... leaving her wanting more.. leaving her begging for more.... Wendy began to whimper more and more … “Please .” Wendy begged. …. “Please don't stop.” She pleaded. Again Angel's tongue flicked her clit as those full moist lips closed tightly around her clit and sucked. Angel slipped her right hand out from under Wendy's left ass cheek and moved her fingers to Wendy's pussy. A moment later Wendy felt Angel's finger... pushing into her vagina... wiggling around inside her... and as Wendy drew closer to her orgasm, Angel's finger slipped out of her pussy... and Angel's mouth pulled away.. making a sucking slurping sound as her lips 'popped' off Wendy's burning clit... leaving Wendy a squirming mess... leaving her pleading for release.... “Please.... please fuck me... I need to cum soooooooooo bad.” Wendy tossed her head back and forth..her long blonde hair flying back and forth through the air as she tugged the black scarves that were binding her... trying to free herself so she could reach down and grab Angel's face with her hands.. but she could not break loose. Again she felt Angel's finger inside her vagina... it was more than before... perhaps two fingers... maybe even three... she squeezed her powerful vagina around those invading fingers... gripping them tightly between her pussy lips as Angel's mouth once again began fucking her hard clit... licking and sucking... then she felt teeth... nibbling on her clit.... “Ohhhh fuck!!!” Wendy panted as Angel nibbled on her clit and twisted her fingers around inside her pussy.... Once again Wendy was getting close to an orgasm... and this time Angel kept sucking... kept licking... kept twisting her fingers around and around inside Wendy's clenching vagina. Angel clamped her mouth down hard on Wendy's pulsing clit.. pulling it deep into her mouth as she sucked... then the teeth … dragging back and forth across Wendy's swollen clit as her fingers moved around and around in a circular motion inside Wendy's sucking vagina... Wendy was sooooo very close to having an orgasm …. then the Angel's mouth and fingers vanished... leaving Wendy frustrated beyond belief.

Angel slid her left hand out from underneath Wendy's ass and Wendy shuddered as she watched Angel reach over and pick up her whip... , she could see that the black handle of the whip was shaped like a phallus. It was a big black cock.. easily nine inches long, with a very large head. As Wendy watched, Angel brought the head of the cock to her lips and began licking it... sliding her tongue up and down the length of the black dick … wetting it with her saliva. She licked the handle of the whip for several minutes before parting her full moist lips and sucking on the head of the black cock … slowly inserting more and more of the rubbery phallus inside her mouth... until Angel was deep throating the whip handle... the entire length of the big black cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She looked so vulgar and nasty... yet so powerful and dominating. As Angel pulled the whip handle out of her mouth, Wendy could see all the spit strings of saliva stretching from the head of the cock to Angel's tongue and lips … Wendy moaned and once pleaded … “Please.” …. and a few seconds later Wendy felt something big pushing against her pussy... spreading her lips... sliding up inside her vagina.. She gasped as she looked down... “Oh my God!!” It was the handle of the whip.. Angel was slowly pushing the saliva coated cock inside her vagina... she was being fucked with the handle of the Angel's whip. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Angel began sliding the cock shaped handle of the whip in and out of Wendy's pussy.. pushing deeper and deeper with each hard thrust... As her fingers kept thrusting the cock in and out of Wendy's pussy, Angel moved her lips to Wendy's hard throbbing clit and her mouth once again began sucking Wendy's sensitive clit... her teeth nibbling.. Wendy began to tremble... The nine inch long handle of the whip was thrusting in and out as far as it could go... the mushroom head of the big black cock was pushing up against Wendy's cervix with each hard thrust.. Wendy was being fucked hard.. she was being used... she was being violated.. she was Angel's whore.. and she was loving every second of it. Angel kept plunging the black cock in and out of Wendy's stretched vagina... powerful hard thrusts... again and again.. pumping the big black dick in and out of her fucktoy as her lips sucked hard on Wendy's vibrating clitty. Her orgasm had been building for more than an hour as Angel would bring her to the very edge, only to pull her back.... but this time Wendy was going to cum... she was going to gush all over Angel's face.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy panted and gasped... then the waves began... the first one was powerful... her vagina spasmed hard... filling up with her sweet cum.. then contracting.... squirting out her girl-cum... squirting out around the whip handle ...spraying Angel's face with her juices.. squirting hard... her vagina contracting hard... her clit twitching between Angel's sucking lips... jerking... vibrating... Wendy screamed loudly... “Cummmmmmming!” She was thrashing on the bed.... her body jerking wildly... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!!! Oh FUCK Cummmmmming!!!”

“Yessssss Wendy! Cum for me.” Angel moaned as she pulled the huge black cock out of Wendy's twitching vagina and quickly covered Wendy's wet fuck hole with her sucking mouth.

Again Wendy's powerful pussy erupted... squirting her hot sweet girl-cum into Angel's sucking mouth … “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel moaned as she sucked and swallowed Wendy's sweetness.. “Mmmmmmm.”

Wendy panted and groaned... it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. .. and she continued to cum... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” over and over... screaming and yelling as loud as she could... “Cummmming!!... I am Cummmmmmming!!! Oh Fuck! Cummmmming!!”

Angel kept sucking and slurping at Wendy's gushing pussy... squirt after squirt of burning hot girl-cum squirting into her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh Wendy.” Angel kept licking and sucking as Wendy's orgasms finally faded and as she lifted up her wet face, shimmering strands of Wendy's sweet pussy juicy was stringing from Angel's mouth down to Wendy's wet cunt. As their eyes locked, Wendy gasped as she whispered... “You look so fucking nasty with all those strings of my cum stretching between my pussy and your lips.”

Angel smiled as she inched her way up Wendy's body.. rubbing her wet face up Wendy's tummy... pausing to lick and suck at Wendy's navel for a couple of minutes before licking up her abs. Angel's eyes were taking in the incredible view of the lower swell of Wendy's enormously big tits.. rising high on her chest... so big.. so round.. so full. As you know, Wendy, like Angel, was a tweener... sometimes wearing a 34E bra and sometimes requiring a 34F bra .. depending on the brand, what time of the month it was, and her current state of sexual arousal... but at this moment, Wendy's extraordinary tits were even bigger... the magic spell that she was under had increased the size of her already massive tits by another full cup size... and Wendy was easily a G cup as she lay on her back... those huge G cup tits rising and falling on her chest with each breath of air. Needless to say, Angel was amazed... Wendy's over-sized tits were bigger than any pair of tits that she had ever seen.. they were just plain simply fucking huge. And then there were those nipples. Wendy's nipples were already unusually long, measuring 1 and ¼ inches in length when fully aroused... but the magic was increasing that length by another fifty percent, just as the old voodoo woman had said... so those huge solid rock hard nipples were sticking straight up into the air from the center of her swollen areolas... sticking up... to be precise.. an eight of an inch less than two inches. Oh yes.. you can picture it now... one and 7/8 inches of two hard ridged steel-like spikes as big around as a roll of nickels. Think about that for a moment... which is exactly what Angel was doing.... thinking about those enormous nipples... thinking of how much she wanted to suck those incredible nipples... sucking on them until Wendy would have a nipple orgasm. “Mmmmmm.” Angel moaned as she lusted for Wendy's magnificent nipples.

Angel moved her face up Wendy's body an inch at a time.. licking and kissing Wendy's hot skin as Wendy tugged on her restraints. … Angel was driving her crazy with lust as her tongue slowly traveled up the underside of Wendy's mammoth right tit. It was a long journey... Angel tracing her tongue up the firm dense tight skin of Wendy's big tit.. inch after inch... until Angel's tongue was licking around Wendy's tight puckered areola. Angel had looked at Wendy's big naked tits earlier and was overjoyed that the two of them were the same size. That is what Angel had dreamed of for so very long.. to find her twin... her mirror image... but she was now somewhat puzzled because Wendy's massive tits were definitely bigger than her own magnificent pair. Angel expected Wendy's big tits to swell a little from being aroused... but this was more than that... much more... Wendy's huge tits were at least a cup size larger than they were before... and maybe even a little bigger than that! Maybe she was really aroused... or maybe it had something to do with magic. Angel remembered the voodoo woman telling her that thee would be another woman who would also be given the special magical powers that had been given to her... and Angel knew it was Wendy. There was no doubt in her mind. Maybe the magic that was given to Wendy was more powerful … or perhaps she was given some additional magical gifts. No matter. All Angel wanted to do was suck on Wendy's overwhelmingly massive tits.

As Angel pushed her flat tummy against Wendy's wet pussy, she began licking around Wendy's areola... circling her huge nipple with her tongue.. around and around for more than a minute before she moved her wet mouth above Wendy's right nipple and drooled a thick string of spit directly on the puckered tip of Wendy's giant nipple. “Ummmmmmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned as Angel extended her tongue and began flicking Wendy's lengthy nipple up and down... flick flick flick.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

“You like that Wendy?'

“Ohhhhhhh God yes!”

“You like being my whore?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Angel.. I love being your whore.”

“My personal exclusive whore?”

“I am your whore... your exclusive whore... I belong to you and only you.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” Angel moaned as she flicked Wendy's hard nipple a few more times before she moved her face to her right... dragging her tongue down into the deep canyon between Wendy's two massive tits. Angel licked all the way down until her face was buried between Wendy's two heavy tits.. then she slowly licked up the inner swell of Wendy's mammoth left tit.. leaving a trail of wet saliva as her tongue made it's wet journey up the dense mountain of tit-meat until it reached Wendy's left areola. Once again she licked around Wendy's nipple... around and around.... wetting her areola with her spit before she moved her open mouth above Wendy's throbbing nipple and drooled her hot spit down on the puckered tip of Wendy's left nipple.

Wendy gasped … “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck. That is so fucking hot!” As Angel flicked Wendy's extraordinary nipple with the tip of her tongue, Wendy whispered.. “I want you to suck it Angel.”

“Mmmmmmmmm you want me to suck your nipple?”

“Yessssssssss... please … suck my nipple until I cum.... please?”

Angel again formed a perfect “O” with her mouth as she lowered her puckered lips toward Wendy's throbbing left nipple. As she wrapped her full wet lips around Wendy's hard spike she moved her left hand over to Wendy's right tit and began running her nails up and down and over the tight skin of Wendy's enormous tit. With her lips surrounding Wendy's left nipple, Angel closed her mouth tight... trapping the almost two inches of hard nipple between her lips. Although Wendy's nipple was not quite as big around as a popsicle, it was pretty damn close. As Angel began to suck, Wendy began to moan. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss suck it... suck my fucking nipple with your fucking mouth!”

As Angel sucked on Wendy's stiff nipple, no doubt you are picturing it in your mind. Everyone of you has had a nipple in your mouth... hundreds of times.. perhaps even thousands of times... all kind of nipples... stubby nipples.. flat nipples that you may have had a difficult time getting your lips around... perhaps nipples that resembled nice pencil erasers... maybe you have even sucked on nipples that were long and thick... maybe even nipples that were an inch long. Do you remember that? Do you recall how much fun it was to have such an impressive nipple between your lips? Sucking and tugging on it? Pulling it out and letting it 'pop' out from between your lips? Now, if you will, think about what Angel was doing. She was sucking on a nipple that was almost two inches long... hard and ridged... as hard as a piece of iron that was welded to the front of Wendy's huge tit. Angel was sucking on a hard thick nipple... a nipple that was as big around as a roll of nickels! Think about that for a moment. Un huh. Can you imagine how it would feel to have such a huge solid nipple in your mouth? A nipple that was easily big enough for you to wrap your lips around... a nipple that was long enough for you to move your mouth up and down... sliding your lips up and down while the nipple was still between your lips? Angel was sucking such a nipple... pulling and tugging on Wendy's hard steel-like spike as Wendy moaned with pleasure.

Angel began moving her face from side to side... pulling and tugging on Wendy's huge nipple... moving her massive tit back and forth as she began squeezing Wendy's other huge tit with her fingers. Angel was in nipple heaven. One thing that you have learned about Angel is this: Angel loves big tits... It has always been her weakness. And Wendy's tits were bigger than big. They were massive weighty globes of firm dense tit-meat. And Wendy's nipples.... they were more than Angel had ever dreamed of.. long.. hard … thick … Wendy's nipples were pure perfection.. and Angel's pussy was flooding with sexual desire as she sucked and pulled on Wendy's incredible nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssss!” Wendy squealed with pleasure. “Suck my nipples off.... please … make my nipples cum.”

Angel popped her sucking lips off Wendy's big nipple ...“Mmmmmm you nasty whore... you want your nipples to cum in my mouth?”

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck Yesssssssssss! I want my nipples to cum in your mouth!”

“Ummmmmmm.” Angel moaned as she resumed sucking Wendy's hard nipple.. sucking all of Wendy's nipple deep into her mouth... sucking and sucking... pulling and tugging... flicking the tip of Wendy's thick nipple with her tongue as she sucked it deep inside her wet mouth. As Wendy continued to moan with pleasure, Angel began giving Wendy's nipple a blow job. .. slowly sliding her full lips up and down the length of Wendy's long hard nipple. .. up and down... up and down.... sliding … sucking … moving her lips up and down the entire length of Wendy's massive nipple as she sucked and sucked and sucked. The fingers of her left hand were stroking up and down Wendy's right nipple... Angel was jerking off Wendy's right nipple with her fingers as she was sucking off Wendy's left nipple with her mouth. It was like a contest... her mouth and fingers competing with each other to see which little 'cock' would cum first. It did not take Wendy very long to reach the point of an impending orgasm.. and as she drew near her climax, Angel pulled her mouth and fingers away. She was in love with Wendy's nipples and wanted to suck on them all night... and was not ready to move on to something else just yet. She moved her body down a few inches and began to lick up and down the huge underside of Wendy's huge tit... stroking the tight skin with the tip of her tongue.... up and down... licking.... stroking … until she knew that Wendy's immediate need to cum had passed.

Now that she had sucked on Wendy's right nipple, Angel wanted a taste of Wendy's left nipple. She moved her fingers over to the big swollen nipple that she had been sucking as she lowered her sucking mouth over Wendy's long hard left nipple. Again, Angel began sucking off Wendy's thick sensitive nipple.. her wet puffy lips sliding up and down the entire length of Wendy's nipple as her fingers jacked off Wendy's right nipple. Ten minutes later, Angel paused again... licking around the base on the underside of Wendy's tit as Wendy slowly came down from another 'near orgasm.”

“Please....... I need to cum soooooooooooo bad.”

“Mmmmm, does my slutty whore want to cum?”

Wendy gasped ..“Ahhhhhhhhh FUCK! Yesssss! I can feel all of the cum inside my tits... it's waiting for you... my tits want to cum in your mouth sooooooooo bad!”

“Mmmmmmm.. and my mouth wants to taste your sweet cum sooooo bad.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes!”

Angel fastened her lips around Wendy's right nipple again.. and began sliding her mouth up and down... sucking and squeezing Wendy's amazingly long nipple with her mouth as she moved her lips up and down... up and down... Angel was going to suck off Wendy's nipple... She was going to give Wendy's hard throbbing nipple a blow job until Wendy's nipple would cum in her mouth. With her fingers stroking up and down Wendy's big left nipple, Angel's hot mouth began moving faster... sliding up and down as she sucked as hard as she could suck.... jerking off Wendy's left nipple with her fingers... sucking off Wendy's right nipple with her mouth.... fingers and lips sliding up and down... up .. down .. up …. down …. up …. down.... faster and faster … up down up down up down up down …

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy moaned as Angel felt Wendy's already enormously over-sized tits swell even more... as if they truly were filling up with hot nipple-cum. Nipple-cum that would be spraying into her mouth very soon. If Angel had only known what was about to happen.... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Wendy screamed. “I am going to cum Angel! I am gonna cum!”

Angel kept jerking off Wendy's left nipple with her fingers as she sucked all of Wendy's huge right nipple into her mouth... tightening her lips around Wendy's thick nipple. She wanted to suck every last drop of Wendy's nipple-cum into her hungry mouth. She could feel Wendy's nipple twitching in her mouth.... and then the twitching stopped.. It felt like time was standing still for a moment... then Angel heard Wendy screaming.. and then she felt a burst of nipple-cum shooting into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” Wendy yelled .. “Fuck! Cummmmmmmmmmmming” Her clit jerked ….Her pussy gushed... gushing sweet girl-cum all over Angel's tummy...her hips jerked... her huge tits quivered... Wendy's big heavy tits erupted... her left nipple squirting a thick stream of nipple-cum four feet straight up into the air! .. the massive amount of nipple-cum squirting from her right nipple completely filled Angel's mouth with the first burst as Angel pulled her mouth free from Wendy's hard nipple... just before another huge load of nipple-cum squirted from both of Wendy's nipples ... several feet straight up into the air in front Angel's wide open eyes. Angel watched in awe as the incredible amount of nipple-cum fell back down.. splattering over Wendy's tits... some of it landing on her face.. some of it in Angel's long blonde hair. Angel swallowed as much of the sweet nipple-cum as she could.. but most of it drooled out of her open panting mouth. Wendy's upper body was splattered with milky gooey sticky nipple-cum. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Wendy moaned deeply as a third huge amount of gooey nipple-cum gushed from her amazing nipples.... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” … once again shooting several feet into the air before falling back down and splattering all over the two hot bitches. Wendy did not know what was happening to her.... Her nipples were shooting cum like Michelle's nipples had done... only Wendy had not said the magic words that would allow her nipples to cum like this. She had no clue that the magic that had been bestowed upon Michelle was now present in her body.

Angel's mind was racing wildly … “What the fuck!” she whispered... “Holy shit!” Thick gooey sticky nipple-cum was still oozing from Wendy's throbbing nipples... her massive tits were completely covered with tacky nipple-cum. Angel had never seen anything like this... she had never even imagined anything like this. It was incredible.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Angel! Ohhhhh Sweet Angel! .. I am yours... I am yours forever!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm Wendy … yes you are.”

They both noticed the large globs of nipple-cum that had fallen on the black sheets. They were glowing with a pearlescent color underneath the black lights. Angel, her face covered with Wendy's syrupy nipple-cum smiled at Wendy as she scooted back on her knees and rolled off the bed. It took Angel about a minute to unfasten Wendy's wrists and ankles... freeing her from the braided silk rope that had bound her body to the bed. Angel then climbed up on the bed and laid down on her back.. “I want you to rub all of that cum all over my body... then I want you to fuck me. I want my whore to fuck me.”

“Yes Mistress.” Wendy responded as she raised her upper body up, turned herself around and moved her knees between Angel's spread legs. As she inched her way forward, hot gooey sticky nipple-cum was dripping off Wendy's body. As she moved forward more and more it was very evident that their huge tits were going to touch. The combination of Wendy's hands sinking into the bed as she moved forward, along with the sheer mass of their huge tits left little doubt. As Wendy inched forward, the top of her cum splattered tits touched and begin to slide up the huge underside swells of Angel's amazing tits... spreading the syrupy nipple-cum on Angel's tits. As she moved higher up Angel's perfect body, their enormously huge tits begin to deform against each other.. bulging out to the sides.... merging and mushrooming together... smearing the sticky gooey cum all over each others bodies. Wendy's arms were still fully extended with her hands on the bed as their nipples met and sank deeply into their dense heavy sticky tits. With their eyes locked, Wendy lowered her body down... their excessively huge tits mushrooming even more as they felt their nipples being pushed back into their firm dense tits. As Wendy's dripping cunt squished down against Angel's hot wet pussy, they sighed together... “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” … “Unnnnnnnnnnn.” With their pussy lips splayed wide open and pushed tightly against each other, they began to fuck.

It is difficult to properly tell you how incredible it feels when one woman touches her pussy against another woman's pussy. There is nothing else quite like it. It's more than sex. It is as if their souls were kissing... as if their hearts were beating together as one. When Angel touched the most intimate part of her body against the most intimate part of Wendy's body they both felt something that neither one of them had ever felt before. Oh sure, Angel had tribbed with many women... Wendy had no doubt tribbed with even more women... but this was different. This was special. They were fucking the woman in the mirror. They were fucking their twin. They were fucking the woman of their dreams. They were becoming as one.... Angel and Wendy were falling in love.

As Angel lifted her legs, wrapping them around the back of Wendy's thighs, they began rocking together... sliding their wet cunts against each other... smearing their wetness... sharing their heat... rubbing … sliding …. tribbing … grinding … their bodies overflowing with pleasure and their hearts overflowing with joy. Each time Wendy would slide all the way up, their swollen clits would catch against each other for a brief moment before flicking apart... causing both hot women to gasp and moan. Their hard throbbing nipples were also fucking each other... the swollen flared tips of their nipples had sucked together.. desperately trying to pump nipple-cum from each others big tits. The fucking went on and on... until they reached the thirty minute mark... not that either one of them was watching the time... they were totally and completely lost in the moment. Their dreams were now reality. Angel's hands were squeezing Wendy's buttocks... and Wendy's hands were tangled up in Angel's long flowing blonde hair as they fucked... sliding and rubbing... flicking their hard clits together again and again.. their nipples locked together in an incredible suck fight that was hidden from view.

With her hands still squeezing and kneading Wendy's firm pliable buttocks, Angel rolled both of them over as she took the top position and began grinding her cunt hard into Wendy's... they were fucking hard... grinding their pussy lips completely flat against each other... burning clits rubbing and grinding together. Their heavy tits trembling from the intense nipple suckfight that was buried inside their big billowing tits. They had been fucking cunt to cunt for about an hour and both women were ready to share their orgasms with each other. Wendy's nipples were on fire and she knew that her nipples were going to cum again. Angel knew that her own big hard nipples were going to cum.. and both of them could feel the pressure building up in their clits... clits that felt like they were going to explode with pleasure... the tempo of their fucking increased... the internal metronome inside their bodies was beating with the same identical rhythm. Angel and Wendy were completely in tune with each other as their orgasm began to flow through their bodies.... clits began to jerk against each other.. nipples flared out against each other... their hips began to jerk wildly... and they both extended their tongues toward each other. With Wendy's hands squeezing Angel's buttocks, and with Angel's arms wrapped tightly around Wendy, their tongues touched and spread out against each other... the tops of their long tongues pressing together.. flattening out against each other between their mouths. Their eyes were wide open as they stared into each others beautiful eyes... deep blue-green eyes locked with big round brown eyes. Angel and Wendy wanted to look into each others souls as they shared their pleasure with each other.

With their tongues flat against each other, all they could do was moan when the wave of pleasure flooded their bodies....a hot rush of deep pleasure racing through their tits and cunts... clits jerking wildly together... nipples sucking … then the wave of pleasure crested.... washing through their bodies like a tidal wave of unbelievable pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned against Angel's tongue as she began cumming... Her pussy gushed hard … squirting hot girl-cum into Angel's wet pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Angel's long wet tongue jerked against Wendy's tongue as her vagina squirted into Wendy's wet pussy...

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Wendy's nipples exploded... squirting a tremendous amount of hot gooey nipple-cum between their mushroomed tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as she felt her own nipples spraying between their mashed tits.

Wendy's nipple cum was squirting out from around their heaving tits.. splattering on their necks and chins.. gushing the gooey cum all over their tummys and running down the swells of Wendy's huge tits. “Ahhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhh!” Wendy's tongue was dancing on Angel's tongue as she began cumming again... her pussy squirting again.. her huge tits pumping another massive load of cum through her throbbing jerking nipples.

“Unnnnn un un un Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Angel moaned as her pussy ejaculated again... pumping more pussy cum into their locked cunts.

Their upper bodies were covered with nipple-cum... their heavy tits squishing out the tacky hot syrup... their pussys were twitching... their clits burned together with searing hot heat. It was incredible... It was hot... and both of them witnessed every erotic pleasurable second as they stared in each others eyes. They continued to grind their sloppy wet cunts together for several more minutes... nipple-cum oozed from Wendy's huge nipples for a while... and they finally brought their lips together... trapping their tongues inside their locked mouths. Angel and Wendy shared the most erotic kiss of their lives... tongues stroking and licking at each other as they shared a deep loving kiss.

When they pulled their lips apart, strings of saliva looped between their mouths... As Wendy began to whisper, the spit strings jiggled up and down between them .. “Mmmmmmm that was....was ….. it was ….”

“Yes it was.” Angel whispered.

It was half passed midnight as Wendy smiled up at Angel .. “Oh Angel, can we fuck some more … I want to do it again.”

“I want to fuck you all night Wendy.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss fuck me all night Angel.”

“I want to suck pussys with you Wendy.”

“Mmmm I love sixty-nine.”

Angel giggled... “I love that too, but I was thinking more about our pussys sucking each other.”

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Wendy's clit twitched .. “I want to suck pussys with you soooooooooo fucking bad.”

They rolled away from each other... the gooey nipple-cum making dozens of sticky strings that connected their tits and tummys together with syrupy ropes stretched between them. .. the cum strings breaking as they slowly moved apart. Angel sat up on the edge of the bed and unzipped her boots.. then tugged them off. They were both totally naked as Angel slid back up on the bed and they crawled on all fours in opposite directions before they sat down on asses ... their legs which were spread open in a 'V'. You could see Angel's big clit and Wendy's large clit popping high up over their luscious pussies ... throbbing and pulsing ... looking bigger, and fuller than either one of them could ever remember.

Looking at each other lovingly, they slowly slid their interlocking legs together across each other... feeling the firm smoothness of each others wet thighs sliding against her own .. As their smooth, athletic legs glided over one another, Angel and Wendy felt their tummys tighten tightening in anticipation of the lustful erotic moment when their wet, hot, burning pussys lock together in the most erotic kiss that either of them had ever known.

In the instant before their full pussies came together, you could catch a fleeting glimpse of Angel's hot burning clit pressing itself against Wendy's hot burning clit ..., the room began to fill with their deep, incredibly erotic groans of female sexual need ... as both women felt their swollen clits deliciously compressing against each other.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Angel.”

“Mmmmmm Wendy.”

Lying flat on their backs, each of them had her right leg over her lover's left … their wet pussies were exactly level with each other, and the entire length of their womanhood met each other face to face, so that every inch of Angel's pussy was fully exposed to, and accessible to, every inch of Wendy's pussy.

Their powerful glutes tightened up as their sexy hips swiveled together.. mashing the burning heat of their pussys as close to each other as was possible... grinding their throbbing clits even more tightly together... and then locking their wide open cunts in place with their powerful athletic thighs. Their pussys were now trapped together and as they felt their vagina's begin to suck together, they realized that it was now utterly impossible for either one of them to free her pussy from each others clenching sucking cunt.

"Ooooohhhhh ... " Angel groaned, as she felt Wendy's powerful pussy-lips sucking hard on her own pussy lips.

A moment later Wendy moaned as she felt the incredible suction on her own pussy lips. “Uhhhhhhhh Angel.”

Their hard tight asses began to flex as they pushed their wet cunts together... grinding hard into each other... pussy juice spraying out from between their mashed cunts from the intense pressure. Their cunts were burning each other with lustful fiery heat as they began flexing and squeezing their very well developed kegel muscles. As they pushed their upper bodies up, so they could get a better view of what was happening, they both moaned with the incredible pleasure that was flowing between their hot wet cunts. Their full thick pussy lips were bulging and straining against each other.. their hard throbbing clits mashed tightly together. It was soooooooooo fucking hot.

Buried deep inside their mashed cunts, Angel's swollen throbbing clit and Wendy's big sensitive clit trembled and jerked violently as they strained against each other. The pressure and pleasure was enormous. With their pussy lips tightly locked together, the two incredibly beautiful women pushed their swollen pulsing clits into each other... their vibrating clits moving in unison together.. rubbing … grinding … pushing ..

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah Angel!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes.” Angel gasped as she began pumping her hips forward.. driving her hard clit head on into Wendy's... Wendy quickly picked up on Angel's thrusting tempo and began rocking her own hips forward... so that each time they pushed with their powerful glutes..... they were pushing together at the same exact time... their clits meeting head on... bulging .. pressing... clit head to clit head … it was intense. As they both reached out and grabbed the others thigh for leverage, they pushed their wet cunts even harder together... squishing... grinding … fucking... soooooo much pleasure … soooooooooo fucking wet ….. sooooooooo fucking hot. Angel tilted her hips just a little more and for the first time they felt the opening of their vagina's locking on to each other in a deep erotic fuck-kiss. A moment later the deep sucking began. With their hot wet vagina's opening up to each other, they wiggled their hips a little more until they knew that they were completely pressed together... it was an air-tight seal... and as they both flexed their powerful pussys together.. the magic that had been promised to them suddenly appeared...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy gasped as she felt the enormously intense suction between their pussys.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God!” Angel moaned as she felt like they were sucking the insides out of each other. It was nothing like she had ever felt before... nothing else was even close to the incredible suction between their pussys.

Angel's thighs began to tremble as she squeezed them against Wendy's thighs... “Unnnnnnnnnn.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God Angel... fuck me... fuck me!”

They began rocking... grinding their clits back and forth across each other... flicking them against each other... up and down... left and right... grinding... rubbing ..,. fucking … moaning … sliding … fucking … grinding... their cunts sucking wildly at each other... slurping.... squeezing... grinding … fucking … their cunts were on fire.. their clits felt like they were going to melt together from the heat... molding into one huge clit that would weld their bodies together for eternity. Angel and Wendy were panting.. gasping for air... their cunts deeply sucked together. It was incredible... intense … bordering on the unbelievable. Angel and Wendy could feel each others clit grinding against their own. Every time their swollen clits would flick past each other they would shiver from the pleasure... neither one of them was going to last much longer. Their big hard swollen clits were rubbing and straining against each other as they began to jerk. Their cunts sucked hard together...swapping their mixed juices back and forth between their locked vaginas. Wendy began moaning louder and louder. Angel was gasping for air with each deep breath.

“Angel ...” Wendy panted .. “Angel I am gonna cum... Cum with me Angel... Cum together with me.”

“I am going to cum with you Wendy.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Ummmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss yes yesssss!”

“Ah ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhh Wendy!! Cumming with you! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their sucking vagina's gushed into each other... squirting hot girl-cum into each other until it squirted out between their two sucking cunts... squirting up into the air.. like a water fountain.. “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Their hips were jerking against each other... wet with each others sweet pussy cum. Their huge tits jiggling on their chest as they gasped and moaned together. Hands clutching at each others thighs... moaning and groaning as another wave of pleasure flowed through every pour of their bodies …



“Cummmmmmmmming! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Each of them panted and gasped as they looked into each others eyes.. their heavy tits trembling on their chests... their thighs and tummys wet with pussy cum... with a sheen of sticky gooey nipple-cum was smeared over most of their bodies.. As they tried to separate their sucking cunts they once again realized that they were sucked together...

Wendy grinned at Angel... “We have to fuck some more.” And so they did.. for another hour... fucking and cumming and fucking and cumming until their magical sucking pussys finally slurped apart with a pop.'

A few minutes passed as Angel slowly caught her breath.. She was quite impressed that Wendy seemed anxious and ready to go for some more fucking... She finally spoke to Angel … “Angel?”

“Um hmmm?

“Can we do it again?”

Angel glanced at the clock... it was after three in the morning.

“You want to fuck some more?”

Wendy smiled.. she was bursting with energy... “I thought you might want to do some nipple fucking.”

Angel was getting tired. Although she kept her body in great physical shape... she and Wendy had been fucking for hours... intense fucking... physically and emotionally... but as Wendy got to her knees on the bed in front of her and cupped her massive tits as she thumbed her huge nipples, Angel could not resist... “I would love to nipple fuck with you.”

Angel got up on her knees facing Wendy on the bed... Wendy's tits were bigger and her nipples were longer and thicker... and Angel began to wonder if she really was 'the one'. As they slowly inched their way toward each other Wendy decided that now was the time. She very much wanted to share her magic spell with Angel... Wendy wanted to share everything with Angel. Deep within her soul she knew she wanted to.. and needed to... share the rest of her life with Angel. As they approached each other, they stopped before their hard nipples touched.. “Wait just a moment Angel... I want to do something before we begin.” Angel was somewhat curious as to what Wendy was up to, but she nodded in agreement as Wendy tossed her head back, shaking out her long blonde hair .. hair that still had a few globs of sticky gooey nipple-cum which made some of her hair stick together. She then took a deep breath, closed her eyes.. and repeated the magic words in her mind... “Beautiful one, become one with me.... Beautiful one, become one with me. … Beautiful one, become one with me.” Wendy opened her eyes and looked down at Angel's big tits... but nothing was happening... she was sure that she remembered the correct words.. and she had said them three times just as the old voodoo woman had told her to do... 'Maybe', Wendy thought to herself .. 'Maybe it takes a few minutes.' She looked at Angel and whispered... “Kiss me Angel.” Angel was more than willing to kiss the beautiful blonde who was kneeling on the bed facing her. As they moved their faces toward each other, they felt an electric jolt zipping through their bodies as their nipples touched.

“Ohhh Wendy... did you feel that?”

“Mmm hmmm.. I did.”

As their lips met their tongues began to swirl around each other.. licking and tasting the sweetness of each others mouths... they licked their tongues together in mid air.. in the space between their lips for a few minutes until their mixed saliva was drooling from their tongues... stringing down on their huge mushroomed tits... “Mmmmmm.” Wendy sighed as they pressed their moist lips together... their tongues, now hidden from view, continued wrestling... twisting together in their shared spit... it was a hot kiss.. a long deep kiss... and as they were kissing. Angel felt something in her tits... they were beginning to tighten up... she felt like they were getting firmer... and bigger. As their kiss finally ended, and they slowly pulled their lips apart, wet thick strings of spit remained attached between their mouths.. it was so fucking nasty looking.. all of that gooey saliva stretching between their lips... as if they were tied together with thin silvery strands of wetness. As Angel looked down at their pressing tits, she noticed that her tits seemed bigger than before... she wondered what was happening to her as she slowly eased herself back from Wendy... until their tits and nipples separated. “Holy Shit!” Angel gasped... “Look at my nipples Wendy! … they are getting bigger!”

Wendy smiled as if she knew what was happening.. “I know... isn't it wonderful?”

“You know what?” Angel asked .. “Tell me what you know.”

“I was told.. and I have a feeling that you were also told by the same person... that I should never tell anyone.... because if I do.. then.. it goes away.”

“Is it some kind of magic?”

Wendy thought for a second... if I answer Angel.. it will not be 'telling'.. it will simply be 'answering'... and those two things are not the same. “Yes it is.”

“What kind of magic?”

“I can't tell you Angel... but perhaps I can answer your questions.” Wendy smiled as she answered.

“Hmmmm.. ok... I understand.. you were given magic.. but you cannot tell me about it.. because you were instructed not to tell anyone... correct?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Angel's tits were still swelling... still expanding... “Ok.. when your nipples were cumming like crazy... that is magic?”


“And your tits and nipples.. which seem sooo much bigger now than when you first walked in... that is also magic?”


Angel grinned... “Do I have this magic?”

“You do now.”

“Really?... and exactly how did that happen.”

Wendy giggled .. “Can't tell you.”

“Perhaps you could write it down... you know... as a safe measure just in case you forget how the magic works... and then.. perhaps you could accidentally leave the piece of paper somewhere... say... on this bed? Technically, that would not be telling.”

“What a wonderful idea.”

Angel quickly scooted off the bed.. went over to a desk, grabbed a pen and a writing tablet and brought them back to Wendy. “I need to go to the restroom.. I will be right back.”

“Ok.... oh, and Angel?”

“Yes Wendy?”

“I think I am falling in love with you.”

“So am I.”

Angel walked over toward the wall and pushed.. there was a secret door that opened up into a restroom.. As Angel walked inside the restroom, Wendy began writing.. and a few minutes later when Angel came back, Wendy gasped .. “Look at you!” Your tits are as big as mine.. and those nipples... my God!” Angel looked down at her tits.. they were indeed big.. bigger than they had ever been... noticeably bigger.. and her nipples were gigantic! “We must be like... a G cup!”

“Maybe bigger than a G cup! ..Damn!” Angel gasped. Wendy quickly excused herself and went to the restroom as Angel read the note... then she read it again.. just to make sure she understood... “Damn.” she whispered again. This was gonna be fun. She was already toying with her almost two inch long nipples when Wendy strutted back to the bed. They shared an evil wicked grin as Wendy crawled up on the bed and got to her knees facing Angel who was already waiting for her. Looking down, they both wanted to know the same thing as they placed their incredible nipples next to each other,, and begin sliding them toward each others areolas... slowly... deliberately .. watching closely … and again they smiled as the tips of their nipples touched each others areolas at exactly the same time. Their nipples were the same length... and having read the note, Angel understood that when the magic went away, even though their nipples would not be quite as long, their nipples would still be equal. Angel was very happy... and so was Wendy … they had, without question, found their twin. As they carefully placed the tips of their huge nipples together, they realized that all four of their nipples were exactly the same diameter. Their tits and nipples were mirror images of one another. Having answered those questions in their mind... it was time for some nipple fucking.

Angel and Wendy leaned forward.. putting pressure on the four biggest nipples in the world... the lust they felt for one another was off the charts... as their nipples pushed together, the huge tips began to flare out.. which made them easily as big around as a quarter! As their now very large milk holes opened up to each other, the flared tips of their nipples reached out and grabbed each other... it was like nothing that Angel or Wendy have ever witnessed before... they watched as the puckered tips of their nipples were touching... and then they began to move against each other... it looked like their nipples were kissing... and then, suddenly, their four extremely long and thick nipples jerked together... latching on to each other... as if they wanted to if they had a mind of their own and all they cared about was fucking each other.

“Ouuuuuuuuu Angel, can you feel that?”

“Oh God yes.. I think I nipples want to fuck.”

As they kept watching, their clits began to throb with wanton need.. and then their nipples jerked again... harder this time.. and Angel and Wendy gasped together as they felt the intense suction... their nipples were sucking each other... and it was not a gentle suck... it was a hard suck... They felt like each others nipples were trying to suck part of the others tits inside... deep inside their own huge tits.

Angel whispered to Wendy .. “My nipples want to suck all of your hot sticky cum out of your tits.”

“Mmmmmmm, and I think my nipples want to suck all of that gooey sticky cum from your tits.”

“My God Wendy.. I just had a thought!”

“Yes?” Wendy moaned in response as the suction between their nipples increased.

“Your note said it.. and I saw it earlier... the huge amount of cum that gushed from your nipples.. It was soooooooooo fucking much cum!”

“Yes it was... it was an amazing amount of cum.”

“I know... but think what will happen when we both cum that much!”

“Oh God Angel!... we might drown!”

Angel smiled at Wendy's answer as she replied .. “And now tonight's news. Two hot women found drowned in a basement. Apparently they drowned in their own cum.”

Wendy laughed for a moment before speaking.. “I want every inch of our bodies splattered with our hot nipple-cum.”

“Mmmmmmmmm Wendy.. you are such a nasty dirty whore.”

“I am your nasty dirty whore.”

“Yes you are.”

“Tit fuck me Angel.”

They stretched out their arms... locking their fingers together.. and then they slowly pushed into each other.. watching as their huge nipples began to push back into their big tits. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned.

They pushed a little more... watching as more and more of the massive length of their joined nipples disappeared from view. “Ohhhhhh fuck!” Wendy gasped. It was slightly uncomfortable... and they still had not touched their areolas together. “Lets do it Angel.” Again they pushed... leaning into each other.... and their rock hard nipples disappeared, hidden between their touching areolas. Wendy noticed that their areolas completely covered each other... it was a perfect match. They slowly pulled back.. then pushed together a little harder this time.. “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Angel gasped... the pressure of those four hard nipples buried deep inside their dense tit-meat was an incredible feeling... yes, it may have hurt just a little... but it also brought deep pleasure... pleasure that radiated through their enormous tits. With their arms lifted up over their heads, and their fingers interlocked together, the pulled their heavy tits from each other until their sucking nipples began to stretch from the front of their areolas... then they pushed together quickly... thrusting their mammoth tits together with a light 'smack'... “Ouuuuuuuu.” Angel moaned...”Lets do that again.”

“With pleasure.” Wendy answered as they pulled apart again.. and this time they lunged into each other... their tits meeting with a louder 'Slap!” “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

“Unnnnnnnnnnn..... again!”

Again they lunged together... 'Slap!” and again... 'Smack' It was fueling their lust.

They began slamming their tits together... 'slap' ..'smack' ..'whap' .. 'smack' ..'whop'.. each time their heavy tits collided they would grunt and groan... their moaning and gasping only adding to the lust and desire that was beginning to flow like a raging river through their bodies...

'Slap' .. “Ohhhhhh.” … “Ummmmm”

'Smack' .. “Ahhhhhhhh” … “Ouuuuuuuuuu”

The smacking sound along with Wendy's voice and Angel's voice was all happening at the same time... it sounded hot as hell... four big tits pounding together,,, both hot bitches moaning and gasping with each firm smack. It was hot as hell. Their huge tits would mushroom.. wobbling against each other, before springing back into their full roundness... only to squish together again with a slapping sound... It was actually hotter than hell. Wendy and Angel wanted to really slam their over-sized dense tits together very hard... as hard as they could... but they could only pull back from each other so far... their nipples were hopelessly sucked together.. and they could not get enough momentum as they slapped their huge tits together... 'slap' ..'smack' ..'whap' .. 'smack' ..'whop'.. again and again ..'slap' ..'smack' ..'whap' .. 'smack' ..'whop'.. pussy juice was running down their thighs... 'slap' ..'smack' ..'whap' .. 'smack' ..'whop'.. their engorged clits were burning with sexual need ..'slap' ..'smack' ..'whap' .. 'smack' ..'whop'.. their long hard nipples were burning together as the constant sucking continued . .. relentless … never ending … sucking and sucking.

Angel released Wendy's hands.. moving her hands to Wendy's shoulders. Following Angel's lead, Wendy placed her hands on Angel's shoulders.. “It's time to nipple fuck.” Angel whispered to Wendy.

Wendy moaned ..“Are we going to see who can make the other one cum first?”

Angel smiled... “No... we are both going to cum at the same time.”

“Ohhhhhh Angel,, I want you to squirt all of that cum all over me.. on my tits.. and in my mouth!”

“I intend to do just that!” Angel responded as they began nipple fucking.. pushing their big weighty tits together just enough to let their areolas kiss.. and then pulling back until their sucked together nipples would pull on the front of their areolas... then they would push together again.. until their hot sticky areolas would touch.. then pull apart.. watching and moaning as the hot skin of their areolas would peel away from each other.. they began to moan... and gasp... it was so incredibly erotic.. watching almost four inches of nipple appear then disappear then reappear .. over and over... with neither set of nipples able to penetrate inside the others huge tits. The nipple fucking passed the twenty minute mark.. each of them gasping and moaning... pussy juice was running down the entire length of their thighs and was wetting the sheets. Angel was getting close to cumming... and so was Wendy ..

“Wait for me Wendy... I am almost there.”

“Me too Angel... oh, and Angel?.. when we come.. I don't want us to push our tits together.. I want to watch our nipples squirting.”

“It is gonna be messy.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck Angel.. I want it to be the most messy, vulgar, nastiest thing ever!”

“Mmmm Wendy,, you are such a nasty slut.”

“Your nasty slut Angel.”

“Yes you are.”

Their nipple fucking became more frantic.. moving faster and faster.. popping their swollen areolas together again and again... pop .. smack … pop .. slap … it was not as loud as when they were slamming their heavy tits together.. but the smacking of their bumpy pebbly areolas could be heard above their moaning and gasping... “Angel!! Hurry!”

“I am gonna cum Wendy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God Angel!”

At the exact moment in time... they pulled back from each other until almost all of their hard nipples were visible... They panted with lust filled eyes as they looked down at the magical sight that was about to take place … “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Angel!!”


Their tits swelled up even bigger... it looked like they were being filled up... filled up with an enormous amount of cum. With their eyes wide open they watched their huge tits contract.. then their nipples swelled up... the diameter of the entire shafts expanding to the size of a roll of quarters... then they felt the burning in their clits... hot fire... molten fire... burning with white hot heat as their clits jerked.. Their hips jerked.. their huge tits jerked... and their nipples jerked together...

Wendy screamed ...“I am Cummmmming!”

Angel screamed with her .. “I am Cummmming with you!”

Their cunts gushed.. spraying each others pussys and thighs with their hot sweet girl-cum... It was intense!!! Their cunts gushed again.. squirting this time.. a stream of hot pussy cum jetting from their cunts.. It was very intense!

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” they both cried out at the same time. Their big tits were heaving... ballooning... expanding... then they felt it.. the hot rush of cum flowing from their big tits... gushing through their nipples... “Ohhhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy felt the intense pressure inside her tits and nipples..

“Ohhhhh My God!” Angel felt the pressure too. It was like a water hose that had been turned on with no way for the water to escape. Their huge nipples were sucked together.. .. but the massive amount of cum had to go somewhere... “Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” Angel shrieked.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!!” Wendy gasped loudly.

Just as they thought their nipples were really going to explode from the inside out, they sprung apart... the force of their cum was too much for their nipples to stay sucked together... As soon as their nipples separated, they began squirting cum... a huge amount of cum squirting from each of their four long hard nipples... Nipple-cum blasting each other with an incredible amount of force.. almost knocking them backward. Their big tits and tummys were instantly plastered with the thick gooey sticky cum that was jetting from the big milk holes on the tip of their nipples.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Angel moaned as her nipples squirted again.. a powerful blast that splattered on Wendy's face.. most of it squirting right into her open mouth.

Wendy's enormous nipples were squirting again too... a huge load that shot out of her tits and through her nipples... squirting right into Angel's open mouth.. “God!” Angel gasped.... almost gagging on the huge amount of cum that was filling her mouth to overflowing.

Again their nipples erupted... the heavy stream from Angel's right tit hitting the massive stream that was squirting out of Wendy's left tit... the two heavy streams of cum hitting head on into each other... splattering up in the air.. cum landing in their hair, on their shoulders... splashing all over the bed... Their other two gushing tits were again squirting hot thick sticky nipple-cum on each other... on their necks.. down across their huge tits... nipple-cum running down their big tits.. flowing down their tummys like a slow moving river... syrupy cum splattered all over their bodies... then their clits jerked again... they were having multiple orgasms! Pussy cum gushed out of their hot fuck holes... their clits were vibrating... Their hips were continually jerking... they were panting.. gasping.. and cumming again...

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!”


“Ohhhhhhhhhh My God!” Wendy gasped... as her clit began to twitch again... and the nympho whore-slut who now belonged to Angel, began to cum again. “Cummmmming!... Oh fuck!! Cummmming and Cummmmmmmming!”

Angel was cumming again with Wendy as she threw her arms around Wendy... mashing their goo covered tits together... an enormous amount of syrupy nipple-cum squishing out from between and around their huge mushroomed tits.. “Ohhhhh Wendy! You fucking whore!... Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Yessssssss Angel.. yessssss I am your fucking whore!”

Their nipples jerked together and squirted another impressive amount of nipple-cum between their mushroomed tits... so much cum that it gushed up through their deep cleavage.. squirting up into the air... falling on their hair and shoulders again. “Ohhhhhhhh my God!” Angel was gasping for breath. She had never cum like this before.... never...... ever!

“Fuck... Fuck Fuck Fuck!!” Wendy moaned as the tacky sticky cum oozed down their bodies like hot glue. She wrapped her arms around Angel and moved her lips forward.. Angel parted her lips, … gooey nipple cum was drooling out of her mouth... then the two open mouths met.. squishing sticky cum syrup back and forth between their mouths... cum-swapping their mixed nipple-cum... it was so fucking nasty. Soooooooo very fucking nasty. They kissed for a long time... at least ten minutes... sharing the sticky cum.. moaning and groaning into each others mouths..

As they slowly rolled away from each other... strings of gooey cum stringing everywhere, Wendy glanced over at all the dildos and vibrators.. “Angel?”

“Un huh?”

Wendy pointed to Angel's vast selection of toys.. “Can you show me how the hot pink one works?”

Angel sighed... it was going to be a very long night.

To be continued the following morning