By AngelDawn30


A little earlier Wendy and Sara had driven back to Wendy's estate so Wendy could change into something more provocative. She picked out a red dress that left little to the imagination. It was extremely short... the hem barely covering her buttocks... and when she bent over to peek at herself in the mirror, you could easily see her pussy which was encased in a see-though lacy red thong. The neck line of the dress was one of the most daring necklines that she owned.. .. it was deeply scooped and was held up by two thin red strings that tied behind her neck. Almost all of the massive upper swell of her tits were on full display.. and since she chose not to wear a bra, her nipples were making obvious tents on the front of the thin red satin material. She slipped on a pair of matching red four inch platform shoes with six inch heels. Wendy stood six feet two inches tall in her shoes and looked intimidating as hell. She shook her head back and forth a few times.. her long blonde hair whipping back and forth before it settled around her face and down her back. It gave her a wild look.... as if she needed any help. A few minutes in front of the mirror with her makeup, eye shadow and eye liner and she looked like an expensive call girl. A 'whore' could never look that hot! Moments later they were on their way to Sara's apartment at the Park Place Towers.

As Wendy drove her Lamborghini, she and Sara talked about the evening. Sara talked about them fucking Rocky... and Wendy was still hesitant.... but when Sara came up with the idea that they could both fuck him at the same time, Wendy began to entertain that thought. “We could face each other Wendy as you sit on his face while I ride his cock. That way we could kiss each other as he fucks both of us at the same time.”

“You really want to fuck him, don't you Sara?”

“I want both of us to fuck him.... it would be fun.”

“Yeah, I guess so.... it would be kinda cool to kiss you and maybe rub our tits together while Rocky was eating my pussy and fucking you with his cock.”

“Un huh... and it might just turn you on enough that you might want that cock inside your pussy before the night is over.”

“I am not so sure about that Sara.”

“You've fucked lots of guys in the past. ”

“Yes, but it's been a while..... I want to ask you something Sara.”

“Ok Wendy... what?”

“Would it really turn you on to see me fuck Rocky.”

“That decision is up to you... but to answer your question... fuck yes it would turn me on.. I think that would be soooooooo fucking hot.”

Wendy smiled... “Then I will think about it.”

“Fine with me... whatever you want to do is ok with me Wendy.. I just want you to have a good time.”

Again Wendy smiled.... “So what is the plan? Or do we have a plan?”

“I thought we would entertain him at first... you know... do each other as he watches.. Rocky would love to see us fuck each other.”

“I am quite sure of that.” Wendy laughed.

“We can make out as we rub against each other... do some 69... or do some tribbing....”

“Or all of the above!” Wendy exclaimed as they both laughed.

“All of the above works for me!”

They took separate cars to Sara's apartment.... when they arrived, Sara put on her most revealing sexiest dress... it was black... and showcased her amazing tits... although it was not as short as the red dress Wendy was wearing, it was indeed very short... revealing most of her toned thighs. She slipped on a pair of black heels and, like Wendy had done earlier, reapplied some of her makeup. Sara looked amazing... her long thick black hair and her black dress were a perfect match... they were ready for Rocky and they were going to show him an evening that he would remember for the rest of his life.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer's phone buzzed.. she was getting a text... and it was from Emily.

Emily: Guess what I did today

Jennifer: I don't care

Emily: I fucked my sister

Jennifer: OMG

(A couple of minutes passed before Jennifer sent another text).

Jennifer: U still there?

(Another few minutes passed.)

Jennifer: Hello

Emily: Looking at your pic

Emily: Finger in my pussy

Jennifer: Fuck U

Emily: U want 2

Jennifer: Bitch

Emily: Whore

Jennifer: Cunt

Emily: Gonna cum

Jennifer: Liar

(Several minutes later ….)

Jennifer: Hello

(And a few more minutes)

Jennifer: Fuck u

Jennifer turned off her phone and mumbled... “Fucking bitch.”



A few minutes before eight Sara's apartment intercom sounded. She walked over and pressed the button.. “Yes?”

“It's Rocky.”

“Ok, I'll let you in... elevators are straight ahead.”

Rocky waited for the 'click', then opened the door and walked to the elevators. A minute later he was walking down the hallway to Sara's apartment. Rocky was wearing a pair of jeans, and a black dress shirt. His athletic shoes made no sound as he walked on the carpet, stopping at Sara's door and ringing the doorbell. Sara had been waiting at the door and when the doorbell sounded she looked through the peephole and saw Rocky standing in the hallway. She unlocked the door and then turned the deadbolt and then unfastened the chain, opening the door. Rocky's jaw dropped as he looked at Sara in her little black dress. “Hey Rocky... come in.” He stepped inside without speaking as Sara closed and locked the door. He immediately saw Wendy sitting on the sofa.. her dress was so short that Rocky thought for a moment that she was wearing nothing but a red top.. then Wendy stood up and began walking toward him .. 'Holy Shit,' Rocky thought to himself as he stared at Wendy in her red mini dress. She stopped a few steps in front of Rocky as Sara walked around him and stood next to Wendy... “Want something to drink? ..we have wine and beer.”

“A beer would be great.”

“But you're not 21 yet are you?” Wendy teased him.

“No.. ah. Well.. umm.. almost.”

“Almost is close enough.... beer is in the fridge.” Sara said as she pointed to the kitchen Rocky walked to the fridge and opened the door. As he reached for the beer, his eyes opened wide... there was this thing in the fridge.... He had never seen a double headed dildo before... Yes, he had watched a few porn flicks and had watched two girls sharing one.. but this was the first one he had seen, as he would say ..'in real life'. It was long and thick with two big cock heads on each end... but what in the fuck was it doing in the fridge?.. Holding his beer, he closed the refrigerator door, popped open the beer and turned around. The open floor plan of Sara's apartment provided him with an unrestricted clear view into the living room where Wendy and Sara were slow dancing and kissing each other.


Wendy and Sara broke their kiss as Wendy turned and looked at Rocky.. “Did you just say 'Fuck'?” Rocky stared at them.. not sure what he was supposed to say or do... “Come here Rocky.” He obeyed of course... walking toward the two women... stopping a few feet from them. Wendy had this 'thing' for talking dirty .. it really turned her on... She looked at Rocky, using her sexiest voice, and spoke softly.. “Say it again.” There was a moment of silence... before Wendy urged him on .. “What you just said... say it again.”

Rocky spoke softly.... his deep voice was more of a question than a response.. “Fuck?”

Wendy stepped closer … “Say it again.”




“What do you want Sara and I to do?”


“What do you want to do?”

“Fuck.” …..... Rocky already had a hard on.

“Take off your shirt.” Sara commanded. As Rocky unbuttoned his shirt, Sara stepped forward, stopping directly behind Wendy and placed her hands around Wendy's upper body, cupping her huge tits. Rocky gulped as he watched Sara lift and squeeze Wendy's enormous tits with her hands.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned as she stared at Rocky … “Do you like watching her touching my big round tits?”

“Hell yeah.” Rocky answered as he slipped his shirt off, letting it fall to the carpet. His chest was well developed... good pecks...nice six pack abs... and his biceps were big and strong. Rocky was a hunk... a cougars dream.

Wendy reached behind her neck and untied the two strings that held up her dress... Rocky's eyes opened wide waiting to see what would happen next.. Sara's hands were still massaging Wendy's tits.. and now her hands were all that was holding Wendy's dress in place. Sara teased Rocky... “Want to see her tits?”

“Oh yeah.”


“Yeah.. really.” As Rocky watched, Sara slowly slid her hands off of Wendy's huge tits... the front of Wendy's dress falling down.... exposing those two perfectly shaped huge round globes of dense tit-flesh that were capped by those long thick hard nipples. “Jesus Christ.”

Wendy cupped her big tits as she rolled her lengthy nipples between her fingers.. “You want to see her tits?”

“Fuck yeah... I want to see them.. lick them.. suck them.”

“Hold on cowboy... there will be time for that later... take off your shoes and jeans.”

It took less than a split second for Rocky to drop to one knee.. untying and removing his shoes and socks in record time.. he then stood back up and unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down over his tight ass... letting them drop to the floor. As he stepped out of his jeans Wendy and Sara began to giggle...

“What's so funny?”

“Your boxers.” Sara answered as they continued to giggle. Rocky's boxers were black.. and written across the front was the familiar trademark of that well known burger chain … 'Home of the Whopper.' Sara had to ask... “Soooooo, is it true?” Rocky answered the question by tugging his boxers down,.. letting them fall to the floor... “My goodness.” Sara gasped as she stared at Rocky's huge cock. It was big and thick ..easily eight or nine inches long with a big head.

“Big enough for you two girls?”

“Maybe,” Sara spoke … “Go sit down on the sofa... and do not touch it?” Rocky nodded as he stepped back to the sofa, his big dick bouncing up and down as he walked backwards and sat down.

“Hey... I don't know y'all's names.”

“I'm Sara.”


“It's nice to meet you.” Rocky replied, then thought that was a stupid thing to say at the moment.

“No jerking off.” Wendy added as she slipped out of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Sara stepped toward Wendy and turned around as Wendy unzipped Sara's little black dress and helped Sara wiggle out of it... allowing it to fall to the floor.

Rocky stared at Sara's giant tits as she leaned down and picked up the two dresses and placed them over the back of a leather chair. .. “Damn.” Sara walked to table at the right end of the sofa, picking up her iPad and then Wendy and Sara walked back to where Rocky was seated on the sofa until they were standing right in front of him... still wearing their panties and heels as both of the incredibly beautiful women stepped between Rocky's spread legs and faced each other. Wendy placed her right leg between Sara's legs as Sara scooted her right leg between Wendy's legs.. .. Wendy placed her hands on each side of Sara's waist and nudged her closer until their big tits were pressing together... Wendy was slightly taller than Sara and the heels she was wearing made her even more taller... so their big tits did not line up perfectly... Sara's long hard nipples were pressed into the underside of Wendy's huge tits as Wendy's big nipples were resting on the upper swell of Sara's large round globes. Still holding her iPad which was connected to her stereo system via a wireless connection, Sara quickly found the playlist she wanted and pushed the play button …. The music began to play through the stereo speakers as she gently tossed her iPad down on the sofa to the left of where Rocky was seated. Wendy and Sara moved closer together as Sara placed her hands on Wendy's buttocks... pulling her closer... until they were pressing their thighs against the front of each others panties. It only took a few seconds for them to began humping each others panty-clad pussy with their thighs to the beat of the music ...

Give it to me, I'm worth it
Baby, I'm worth it
Uh huh I'm worth it
Gimme gimme I'm worth it
Give it to me, I'm worth it
Baby, I'm worth it
Uh huh I'm worth it
Gimme gimme I'm worth it

Rocky's eyes were transfixed on the two hot bitches dancing and humping each other... right in front of him... standing between his legs. As they humped together, the back of their legs would touch and brush against the inside of Rocky's legs ... This was a new experience for Rocky... he had never seen two girls making out before except on the internet... and he quickly came to the conclusion that watching this wicked scene play out right before his eyes was a hell of a lot better than watching two girls on his computer. As the music went from one song to the next, Wendy and Sara began to moan as they fucked each others cunts with their thighs. Both of them humping each others leg.. sliding the font of their panties up and down the smooth firm tight skin of each others thighs... “Want to watch us kiss each other?” Sara purred.

“Yeah.... oh yeah.” Rocky answered. His dick was as hard as it had ever been. Sara extended her tongue toward Wendy as Wendy reached for Sara's tongue with her own long wet tongue.... they both moaned as their tongues met in the space between their open mouths... “Fuck yeah.” Rocky gasped as their tongues began to move around each other in a circle.... licking.. circling... tasting each other ...stroking their wet tongues together for several minutes before Sara leaned closer and captured Wendy's tongue between her lips, sucking it deep into her mouth as Wendy moaned. She sucked on Wendy's tongue for more than a minute before pulling her face back as Wendy's tongue slipped out of her mouth... creating a spit bridge between their tongues. Looking into each others eyes they slowly moved their tongues from side to side, allowing their spit bridge to wobble back and forth between their tongues. Rocky's big cock began to twitch as they closed their lips together, the string of spit drooling down their chins as they locked their mouths in a long deep kiss. Rocky knew that their tongues were moving around in each others mouths as their cheeks would get pushed out from time to time because of their tongues twisting and searching inside each others wet mouths. The wet kissing lasted for several more minutes as they continued to hump their thighs against each others panties to the rhythm of the music before they separated their lips from each other... again their lips and tongues and chins were connected with several ropy strings of their shared saliva.... as they turned their faces toward Rocky, several of the spit strings snapped and drooled down on their big tits.

As the music stopped playing, Wendy looked at Rocky ... “Do you want to watch Sara eat my pussy?”

“I want to eat your pussy.” Rocky was soooooooo hot for the two girls.

Wendy teased him … “Maybe after Sara makes me cum.” Sara had already dropped to her knees and was reaching for and pulling down Wendy's panties.... down over Wendy's perfect ass... sliding them down her thighs, all the way to her ankles.. Sara then slipped them off one foot at a time as Wendy lifted her heels off the floor.. first the right, then the left. She reached around and cupped Wendy's hard ass with her hands as she moved her mouth to Wendy's glistening shaved pussy and began licking up and down Wendy's vulva... sliding her tongue up and down Wendy's wet slit. Wendy turned a little as Sara scooted around on her knees... so they could give Rocky a better view. His eyes were glued to Sara's tongue and Wendy's pussy as she pushed her tongue inside Wendy's sweet tight vagina and began tongue fucking her. Wendy began moaning again as Sara placed two fingers on either side of Wendy's hard throbbing clit and began rubbing her fingers up and down against Wendy's love bud. … stroking …. her fingers moving up and down... rubbing... Wendy was fast approaching her orgasm as Sara tilted her head up.. sliding her fingers off Wendy's clit and thrusting them up inside Wendy's hot vagina.

“Oh yesssssssss!” Wendy gasped as Sara placed her lips around her sensitive clit and began sucking as Sara's fingers moved in and out of her wet cunt.... pushing in and out .. thrusting with her fingers as she sucked Wendy's clit into her mouth.. “God!” Wendy moaned as her clit began to jerk between Sara's sucking lips. Rocky was beside himself as he watched Wendy begin her orgasm. “Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy closed her eyes as her body began to tremble.... the waves of pleasure had been released and it only took a couple of seconds before she grabbed Sara's thick black hair in her hands, tugging her mouth as tight as she could to her cunt as she began to cum on Sara's face. … “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …. Cummmmmmming!” Wendy cried out as she bucked her hips hard against Sara's sucking mouth... “Cummmming!”

Rocky whispered to himself.... “Holy shit.” as he watched Wendy's pussy cum on Sara's face. … “Fuck! This is sooo fucking hot!”

Wendy rocked her hips on Sara's face for another minute before she released Sara's long hair from between her fingers and dropped down to her knees and began licking her wetness off of Sara's face.... long slow strokes of her tongue licked up and down Sara's lovely face until her tongue licked across Sara's mouth and the tongue kissing began again as they shared the sweetness that had erupted from Wendy's pussy. They kissed for several minutes as they pushed their huge naked tits together.. rubbing and twisting their big globes together right in front of Rocky.

“Good God Almighty... that is so fucking wild!” Rocky said as he watched the two hot women kiss and rub their big tits together. ….. .. a couple of more minutes elapsed before they turned their faces toward Rocky and extended their tongues out to the side of their mouths and rubbed and pushed their wet tongues together while looking at Rocky.

Sara stood up and walked out of the living room to the bathroom where she grabbed her bottle of baby oil before returning to the living room... “Would you like to titty fuck us, Rocky?”

“Hell yeah!” He answered as Wendy scooted over, letting Sara kneel between Rocky's legs. She opened the bottle and squeezed the baby oil all over her huge E cup tits until it was running down her tummy and to her crotch. Leaning forward she placed her big tits on Rocky's throbbing cock... and with her hands on either side of her enormous tits, she squeezed her big tits together around Rocky's dick … completely trapping his rigid cock in the deep cleavage between her monster tits and began moving her upper body up and down.... Rocky's meaty cock sliding up and down between Sara's oily tits. They were tit-fucking. Rocky's eyes were wide open as he watched the head of his cock pop out from between Sara's big tits with each upward thrust of his hips.. and then disappear out of sight as his cock slid downward into Sara's massive cleavage... up and down.. sliding... up and down... slipping and sliding.... up and down.... fucking Sara's tits with his huge cock. Sara slid her tits up and down over Rocky's dick for several minutes before she leaned back,,, picked up the baby oil and squirted in all over Wendy's immense tits. As she scooted away, Wendy took her place and within a few seconds was pushing her huge tits up and down and around Rocky's big cock. … sliding … Rocky was thrusting up and down with his hips... he did not know how much longer he could last as he tit-fucked Wendy.

“You like tit-fucking me Rocky?” Wendy asked as they continued to tit-fuck.

“Fuck yeah!”

“You want to cum on my big tits?”

“Oh god yesssssssss!”

“Or would you rather cum in my mouth?”

“Ohhhh Shit!” Rocky moaned... he was close to shooting his load.

Wendy leaned back.... reaching down and stroking Rocky's big dick a couple of times with her hand before scooting out from between Rocky's legs... Sara scooted around on her knees as Rocky stood up. A moment later, still on their knees, they were on either side of Rocky and leaning toward each other with their faces moving toward his cock. Sara licked her lips and toyed with Rocky … “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth.” Wendy teased him as she scooted closer to Sara.. until her huge right tit was pressed against Sara's big left tit... their faces turned slightly to the side toward Rocky's big cock.

“No... not her mouth... I want your cum in my mouth.” Sara whispered as she pressed her big tit more firmly against Wendy's huge tit.

“My mouth Rocky.” Wendy whispered to him as she her mouth opened wide so he could see down her throat.

“Cum in my mouth Rocky.” Sara spoke softly as she opened her mouth so he could see all the way to her throat.

His cock was already twitching... he was so close to cumming that he felt like his balls were going to explode. Wendy and Sara knew he was not going to last very long.

Both girls placed their lips around the base of Rocky's thick shaft... and slowly slid their mouths up the length of his cock until they reached the head of his cock where their lips touched. Wendy and Sara licked the huge mushroom head of Rocky's dick with their tongues touching each other, sharing his pre-cum that had oozed out of his dick..... it was about all he could stand... it was the most nasty dirty sight he had ever seen. They slid their mouths down the length of his cock again, then back up... once again kissing each other with the head of Rocky's cock between their lips. “Ohhhhhh Shit!” Rocky moaned as Sara moved her mouth over the head of Rocky's cock and sucked... slowly sliding her mouth down a couple of inches before moving her face back up and 'popping' her mouth off Rocky's dick. Now it was Wendy's turn... she lowered her open mouth over Rocky's big dick... and pushed her mouth down.... down.... three inches... four.... five …. six inches... seven.... and then just a little bit more..... and sucked. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rocky moaned.. Wendy moved her mouth back up a couple of inches and then pushed down again.. inserting almost all of Rocky's big dick into her mouth.... the head of his huge cock slipping down into her throat.... again she sucked hard!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!” Rocky yelled as he felt his balls twitch and contract... He had reached the point of no return as the pleasure flowed through his dick... Wendy knew he was cumming as she quickly slid her mouth off his cock, ... thick strands of her spit connecting her mouth with the head of his dick ... as she grabbed it with her hand.. pointing the huge slit in Rocky's dick at Sara's open mouth.

“Cum in her mouth Rocky!!!”

His dick jerked wildly in Wendy's hand as the first big load of cum jetted from his cock right into Sara's mouth … “Cummming !!” Rocky gasped as he watched his dick shoot the big load into Sara's mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara moaned as a second stream of cum spewed from Rocky's cock, hitting the roof of her wide open mouth. As soon as the second stream of cum shot out of his cock, Wendy pulled his cock toward her mouth as she extended her tongue and jerked her hand up and down Rocky's hard cock... a second later Rocky's dick spewed the third time... a big glob of his hot semen landing right on the middle of Wendy's tongue.... she continued to pump his dick with her hand as his cock continued to ooze cum for several more seconds. Wendy kept her tongue out as the last of his cum dribbled from the slit of his big cock before slipping her cum coated tongue back into her mouth. Her eyes were glazed over as she looked at Sara who was squishing a mouth full of Rocky's cum around in her mouth. Sara parted her lips,, being careful not to drool any cum out of her mouth as she moved her lips toward Wendy. As Wendy extended her tongue toward Sara, coated with Rocky's cum, she opened her mouth wider before closing her lips over Wendy's tongue and sucking Rocky's cum into her mouth. Wendy then lowered her face as Sara raised her head up, moving her face above Wendy's. … As Wendy opened her mouth as wide as she could and extended her long tongue, Sara parted her lips and let all of Rocky's cum slowly drool down toward Wendy's tongue in a thick bubbly string.... his cum landing on Wendy's tongue, and as more and more of the cum drooled from Sara's lips, the cum began to pool on Wendy's tongue until it slid down into her mouth. A thin string of cum was still bridged between their mouths as Wendy moved her face up and Sara moved her face down.... this time it was Wendy who drooled the big load of Rocky's cum from her mouth.. Cum that was now mixed with her own saliva as well as Sara's spit.

Rocky had never witnessed anything so nasty in his life as he watched Wendy and Sara cum-swapping his cum. The thick cum rope was still connecting their mouths when Sara moved her face toward Wendy, and they both opened their mouths... extending their cum dripping tongues, and mashed their wet lips together... their mouths closing tightly together as they swished Rocky's cum back and forth between their mouths... squishing it from one mouth to the other …. back and forth …moaning ... It was nasty and messy as the cum began to ooze and drool out of their mouths as they twisted their tongues together in the hot mixture of cum and saliva. Wendy and Sara played their lewd vulgar cum-play for several minutes... the hot cum drooling and stringing down on their huge tits... their lips and chins now covered with Rocky's cum. They finally looked into each others eyes as they each swallowed what was left in their mouths...

“You left a little...” Wendy purred as she licked the cum off Sara's chin... then her cheeks and lips.... then Sara licked Wendy's face.... lapping up Rocky's cum from her face.

Rocky was freaking out … “Shit Fuck!”

Sara looked down at Rocky's big dick... it was still hard as a lead pipe. “Lay down on your back.” He quickly laid down on the carpet as Sara crawled over his lower torso, positioning her pussy above his cock... Reaching her hand down, Sara grabbed his dick and inserted the fat head between her pussy lips as she slowly lowered herself down around Rocky's thick cock... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara moaned.. It had been a long time since a dick had been inside her pussy. Wendy had moved over his face.. facing Sara, and slowly began to lower her wet pussy down toward Rocky's mouth.. closer and closer until she felt his lips and tongue on her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned as Rocky began to lick her pussy, sliding his tongue up and down between her swollen extended pussy lips. Sara was sliding up and down Rocky's big dick as she rode his cock... up and down... moaning with each deep thrust of the big cock inside her cunt as she leaned forward.. leaning forward, she extended her hands toward Wendy.... grabbing her hands.. and pulling Wendy forward.. until their huge tits touched... Sara's bouncing up and down as she fucked Rocky... Wendy's thrusting into Sara's with each rock of her hips on Rocky's mouth.

Sara was wildly fucking Rocky... her ass bouncing up and down as he drilled her hot cunt time and time again with his huge dick... Wendy was sliding her hips forward and backward.. rocking on his face as he licked her cunt with his tongue. About five minutes into their three way fuck, Wendy began to moan.... she was going to cum on Rocky's face... she closed her eyes.... took several quick deep breaths... then it began... “Ah..ah.. ah.ah ah ahhhh...... Unnnnn FUCK!!! …...... Cummmmmming!” Her pussy gushed.. her sweet girl-cum spraying into Rocky's mouth.... “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss.” Rocky continued licking Wendy's pussy and clit as she shook violently on his face.. his hips thrusting up and down as he pumped his big dick in and out of Sara's tight pussy... a couple of minutes later Wendy was cumming again.. jerking her cunt on his mouth and tongue as she shrieked... “Cummming!!..... Ohhhhhhh yesssss Cummmming!” She rocked and bucked on his mouth for a couple of more minutes before she lifted her dripping pussy off of his face... reached out for Sara, and moaned … “Sara.. get on your hands and knees.” Sara raised herself up off of Rocky's cock.. sliding up on her hands and knees as she moved her body to the right... “Fuck her from behind Rock.”

He got up off his back and crawled around behind Sara on his knees.. and pushed his huge cock into her pussy as Wendy turned around and scooted herself under Sara.. moving her face under her pussy. As Rocky began slamming his dick in and out of her pussy, Wendy lifted her face up to Sara's cunt and began stroking Sara's clit with her tongue as Sara lowered her upper body down until she was resting on her elbows.. her mouth moving to Wendy's pussy as she began licking Wendy's clit.... Wendy and Sara were locked in a 69 as Rocky drilled Sara's pussy with his big cock. All three of them had a sheen of sweat on their naked bodies as they fucked like wild animals.. moaning and gasping... Wendy and Sara were now sucking each others clits with their hungry mouths... their tongues stroking each others clits with wild abandon as Rocky hammered Sara's hot cunt with his big dick... thrusting in and out.. his hips working hard as he drove the long hard length of his cock in and out of her wet pussy... Wendy and Sara could feel each others big tits and hard nipples pressing against their skin as they ate each other... licking and sucking... slurping and lapping... Rocky's dick sliding in and out of Sara at a quickened pace.... Wendy was going to cum again... she could not help it.. her body tensed under Sara... and she moaned as she sucked Sara's clit... “Ohhhhhhhhh .. Unnnnnnnnnnnnn … Cumming ….. Cummmmmmmming!!” Her pussy gushed … her clit jerking between Sara's sucking lips....”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Rocky kept driving his cock in and out of Sara's tight pussy.... in and out.. again... and again... and again..... his big hands were on her ass cheeks as he pulled her toward him with each hard thrust of his big cock.... Sara meet each of his thrusts with her own thrusting.... Wendy licking her clit as it slid back and forth over her tongue... Sara began to moan loudly.... she was going to cum … her body stiffened... and she stopped rocking her hips.... Wendy seizing the opportunity to capture Sara's clit between her lips... and she sucked it hard.... sucking Sara's clit as Sara began to cum.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sara moaned as Rocky pumped her cunt hard with his cock... “Yesssssssssss... ohhhh fuck yessssssssssss Cummmmmmmmming!!!”

Rocky's dick began to jerk as he felt Sara's pussy contract around his cock... squeezing it tightly.....”Ohhhhhhhhhh Shit!” He pushed his big dick into Sara as deep as he could as he began to cum.... shooting his hot cum deep inside Sara's sucking pussy... “FUCK! .. Cummmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Sara screamed …. It was enough to send Wendy into another orgasm …..


Rocky's big dick squirted several times deep inside Sara's tight cunt as he gasped and moaned...... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!” A few more minutes went by until Rocky finally eased his cock out of Sara's pussy... his cum oozing out of her wet slit and dribbling down into Wendy's mouth... she lapped it up with her tongue and then grabbed Sara's buttocks... forcing her wet cunt hard against her mouth as she sucked Rocky's cum into her hungry mouth... licking and sucking as Sara moaned with pleasure. As Rocky scooted back on his knees, Sara slid down Wendy's body.. her big heavy tits dragging over Wendy's as she scooted back.. until her mouth was over Wendy's.... then they kissed each other upside down..... once again sharing Rocky's gooey cum... swapping it back and forth between their open mouths.. playing with it.... until they once again divided it between them and swallowed. They kissed for a few more minutes before Sara rolled off of Wendy and rolled over on her back as Rocky spoke... “Shit... that was so fucking hot!”

“Mmmmmmmm, I am glad you had a good time.”

“I'm gonna get a beer... anyone else?” Wendy asked as she got to her feet and began to walk to the kitchen.

“I'll take one.” Rocky answered.

“Me too.” Sara said.

Wendy gasped as she opened the fridge and saw the big black double headed dildo. “Hey Sara... do you always keep a double dildo in your fridge?”

Sara got up off the floor and walked to the kitchen... “Have you ever used one?”

“Of course I have.”

“But have you ever used one that was cold?.... it's a whole new experience.”

Wendy giggled... “We will have to try that sometime.”

“I would love that Wendy.” Sara answered as she reached inside the fridge and grabbed a beer, handing it to Wendy, and then grabbed two more beers before walking back into the living room. Sara handed a beer to Rocky as they all sat down on the sofa... still naked... and sipped their beers... “That was fun Rocky.”

“Oh yeah.... I would like to do it again sometime.”

“Maybe.” Wendy smiled. “I think it's time for you to go Rocky.”

He finished his beer, got dressed and walked to the door... “I had a great time.”

Sara smiled and waved at him.. “Goodnight Rocky.”

He grinned as he opened the door and slipped out of the apartment, closing the door behind him. Wendy and Sara talked a little while longer as Wendy got dressed. As she was about to leave, Sara hugged her...“Thanks for the weekend Wendy.. It was really nice to see you again.”

“I had a wonderful time Sara.”

“Me toooo !”

Wendy and Sara shared a few more kisses before Wendy left and drove home to the Corleone estate. She had enjoyed her time with Sara.... but her mind was filled with thoughts of her 'mirror image' as she pictured her 'twin' dressed in black leather and holding a whip.

To be continued