By AngelDawn30

Previously on Sunday (Highlights)

Wendy had a dream about a woman with a whip
Wendy and Michelle had a confrontation at the Country Club
Emily called her sister Lisa and asked if she could come and visit
Angel and Jane became more acquainted
Emily visited her sister Lisa
Wendy and Sara went shopping... Wendy met the Voodoo Queen
Wendy and Sara stopped at Bob's Burgers where they met Rocky
Angel and Jane became even more acquainted
Wendy, Sara and Rocky enjoyed an eventful evening

Second Monday

Jane and Amber

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Jane glanced at her cell phone as she walked into the office building where the Lincoln Law Firm was located. It was 8:51. Her heels made the familiar 'clicking' sound as she walked across the marble floor in the lobby. As usual, Jane was dressed in 'lawyer attire' .. a black skirt.. a few inches above her knees, a black blazer with brass buttons which were not fastened that revealed a white button blouse. It was a conservative look .. a look that Jane did not particularly like, but it was the dress code. The top two buttons on her blouse was undone... so the very beginning of her deep cleavage was showing... but only a little. Jane wished she could show much more of her huge tits... 'Perhaps when I someday have my own law firm', she thought to herself as she walked through the lobby. As she approached the elevators, she noticed a stunning woman with long auburn hair who appeared to be waiting for the next elevator. She was carrying a purse and a large envelope. As Jane walked toward her, she could not help but notice that this lovely woman had a very impressive rack... in fact, her tits were fucking huge... and the mini dress she was wearing did little to conceal those big globes. The mini dress she was wearing was a light purple... about the color of an amethyst gem... it was very short … the bottom of the dress was easily six or seven inches above the center of her knees and it hugged her body perfectly with a deep plunging scooped neckline that displayed most all of the firm upper swells of her huge tits. Jane glanced down and noticed the matching amethyst heels. She looked to be a little older than herself... perhaps mid-thirties. As the elevator door opened, Jane and the auburn haired beauty were the only two people who stepped inside.... Jane wanted to know who those amazing tits belonged to as she turned toward the woman and noticed that she was staring at her own tits … Jane interrupted her stare.. “What floor?”

Her eyes never left Jane's massive tits as she answered with a polite but sexy voice … “Thirty five.”

Jane smiled at her as their eyes finally made contact .. “That's where I am going... are you here to see an attorney?”

“Yes. … a Ms Love.”

Jane's smile grew larger... “I'm Jane... you must be Amber.”

“Yes! … It is so nice to meet you.” Amber extended her hand but Jane did not want to shake her hand.... Jane wanted to feel those big tits pressing into her own huge tits. She put her briefcase down on the elevator floor and spread her arms open as she moved toward Amber for a hug. Amber smiled as she stepped toward Jane... their massive tits pushing and spreading against each other as they wrapped their arms around each other.

As they hugged a little tighter Jane whispered in Amber's ear ...“I am so sorry about your situation Amber.... but we are going to make it better.”

“Thank you.” Amber answered as she felt Jane push her enormous tits into her own over-sized tits just a little more. Even through their clothes and bras, they both could feel the others dense heavy tits and they both began to compare each others big tits with their own. Amber thought to herself … 'My God Jane's tits are huge and so fucking firm.' .. as Jane also had similar thoughts rushing through her mind .. 'Amber's tits feel so fucking dense... so big and tight.' They held their tight hug for about thirty seconds before the elevator stopped at the 35th floor. As they stepped out of the elevator, Jane leaned over toward Amber... “My office is this way.” Amber nodded as she walked with Jane down the hallway toward her office. The two hot women attracted a few stares from the men and the women as their huge tits gently and ever so slightly bounced up and down in rhythm with their steps.

As they approached Jane's office Judy, Jane's secretary, greeted them as she handed a cup of coffee to Jane. “Good morning Ms. Love... here is your venti skinny vanilla latte.”

“Thank you Judy... this is Amber.”

“It's nice to meet you Amber.”

“Thank you.”

Jane turned toward Amber.. “Would you like anything to drink? … coffee? .. tea? .. or me?” They all laughed as she completed her sentence.. but she had planted a seed in Amber's mind.

Amber answered, “Coffee would be fine Judy …just black.”

“Yes ma'am.. I'll be right back with your coffee.. black.”

Jane walked into her office as Amber followed her.. her eyes checking out Jane's fine ass. “Please have a seat Amber.”

“Thank you Ms. Love.”

“Please Amber.. it's ok to call me Jane.”

“Ok Jane.” Amber replied as Jane walked around her desk, placed her leather briefcase on the desk and waited for Amber to sit down before she sat down in her leather chair. Jane noticed how high Amber's dress rode up her thighs as she crossed her legs. Amber had great legs... firm and athletic. “So, you want a divorce?”

“Yes. I hired a private eye and she caught my husband cheating on me.”

“Angelica Johansen?” Jane asked as she sipped her latte.

“Yes, do you know her?”

Jane smiled … “Ms. Johansen and I are friends.”

Just then Judy knocked on the door to Jane's office... “I have Amber's coffee.”

Jane answered her ..“Please come in Judy.”

Amber said 'Thank you.” as Judy handed the cup of coffee to her and turned around and walked to the door.”

“Please lock the door and hold all my calls Judy.”

“Yes ma'am” Judy answered as she locked and closed the door to Jane's office.

Jane looked at Amber ..”You have the evidence with you?”

“Yes .. it's all right here.” Amber replied as she placed the large envelope on Jane's desk. Jane opened the flap and took out the pictures and the tape. “It's a cassette tape... I was kinda surprised that anyone still uses these things.”

“Anything that is stored in a digital format... email.. flash drives... all of those things can be compromised or stolen... a cassette tape is relatively safe. She was wise to put the information on a cassette tape.”

“Ah, I never thought of that.”

Jane looked at the pictures... she instantly recognized Joy but did not say anything about her. “Do you know either of these women?”

“No.... although this one looks a little familiar... like I have seen her before.”

“The blonde?”


“She looks young... maybe eighteen to twenty... do you have children Amber?”

“I have a daughter... Jennifer”

“How old is she?”

“She is eighteen.. just graduated from high school.”

“Take another look at the pictures.... could this be a friend of your daughter?”

Amber looked again... “Oh my God!”

“You recognize her.” Jane's words were more of a statement than a question.

“Yes, I think so.. yes... but I do not remember her name... I think she was a cheerleader.”

“Let's find out.” Jane answered as she turned on her desktop. “What is the name of the high school?”


“You said that your daughter, Jennifer graduated this year?”


“Ok.” A couple of minutes passed as Amber sipped her coffee. “I think I have it.” Jane said as she turned her monitor around so Amber could see the screen... it was a photo of the cheerleaders. “Is that the same girl who is in the pictures that Ms. Johansen took?”

Amber looked... back and forth between the monitor and the photos... it was obviously the same girl.. “Yes... yes that is her.... Emily Catt.... Goddamn bastard.. fucking a teenager!!”

“Calm down Amber.... we don't know what happened... all we have are photos of your husband and these two girls... and there is no sex going on in these photos.”

“They are standing in front of a motel room... isn't it obvious?”

“I assume that the tape is a recording of what happened inside the motel room?”


Jane looked through the photos again.. “Oh, there is something else... it's a transcript.. I think it is a transcript of phone texts... did you read it?”

“No, I haven't”

“Let's listen to the tape.”

“I don't want to listen to the tape.”

Jane sighed... “I understand that this is very upsetting to you.. I can appreciate that.. but if you want me to help you.. and I can.. we both need to listen to the tape.”

“I would rather not.”

Jane placed her hands on the desk as she leaned forward... giving Amber a better look at the deep cleavage between her huge tits.. “Amber... listen to me... you will listen to the tape with me. Both of us need to know the facts... both of us... or I can't help you.”.. Jane then lowered her voice to a whisper.. “And I really do want to help you... I want to get to know you... and together we can work it out”

Amber thought for a moment as she stared at Jane's massive rack.... thinking to herself...'She wants to get to know me... what does that mean.. is she making a pass at me?' …. “All right Jane.”

“Good.” Jane stood up, walked over to a bookcase, picked up the cassette player and returned to her desk and sat down. She placed the cassette in the player.. “Let me read this transcript. ….. oh my...... (a long pause)... you need to read this Amber.”

“I am not sure.”

“Then I will read it to you... and then we will listen to the tape.”

“All right.”

Jane began to read …........

“About to leave.”
“k Where we meeting?”
“El Rancho motel on I-35 near Royal. Know where it is?”
“Yes. Is it clean?”
“Very clean. Older motel. No cameras.”
“k normal rules?”
“Yes no hands. First one to quit is loser.”
“K I only have 2 hours.”
“K u got baby oil?”
“Tit to tit only. Correct?”
“Yes with kissing.”
“K. you got money yet?”
“He says more money if kissing is nasty”
“He likes lots of tongue kissing”
“No problem”
“Text me when you get the room”
“Room 121”
“K on our way.”

“That is all of the text conversation Amber. Do you have any idea what they might have been talking about?”

Amber squirmed in her chair... she thought they they were talking about titfighting.. but was not sure how to say that to Jane... so she replied... “I am not sure.”

“Let's listen to the tape.”

As the tape began to play it was Angel's voice. “This is a recording of a meeting that took place at the El Rancho motel on Wednesday July 20th 2015 at approximately 12:40 PM.. there were approximately 35 minutes where there was no conversation.. those periods of silence have been deleted.”

Joy: “How old are you?”

Emily: “Eighteen”

Joy: “It's nice to meet you Emily.”

Emily: “Nice to meet you to Joy. You are fucking hot.”

Rick: “Take your bras off. . .. Damn those are some big tits... Emily, squirt some baby oil on Joy's tits. .. now rub it in.. no not with your hands.. use your tits ... yes like that. .....that is so fucking hot”

“That is Rick, my husband's voice.” Amber said as Jane stopped the tape. “Who is Joy?”

“That is something we will have to find out.” Jane answered as she pushed the play button again ...

Joy: “That feels good.”

Emily: “Yes it does.”

Rick: “Ok slide them back and forth across each other ... just like that”

Emily: “You really have nice tits.”

Joy: “You too.. they are so fucking big.”

(squishing sounds)

Rick: “Now push them together tight.”

Joy: “Ohhhh.”

(more squishing sounds)

Rick: “Harder push together harder.”

Emily: “Unnnn.”

Rick: “Pump them ... yes like that. Mash and release.. yes that's it.”

“They are titfighting.” Jane paused the tape... “That was Ms. Johansen's voice.” She then pushed the play button again.

(heavy breathing)

Emily: “Your tits are so fucking firm.”

Joy: “Your's are too .. soooooo fucking firm.”

Rick: “Are your nipples pushing together?”

Joy: “Oh fuck yes.”

Emily: “Un huh.”

(licking and sucking sounds)

Rick: “Slap those tits together.”




“Ohh fuck!”

Emily: “Fuck.. it feels like slamming into a brick wall.”

Joy: “Holy shit your tits are so fucking hard!”

(constant slapping and smacking sounds)

Rick: “Push your nipples inside each others tits.”

Joy: “Both of us can't do that at the same time.. I'm inside her or she is inside me.”

Emily: “You want us to nipple fuck and see if we can penetrate the others tits?”

Rick: “Yessss fuck with your nipples... and lick each others tongues.”

(licking and sucking sounds)

Rick: “Make each other cum.”


Emily: “I'm inside her tit with my nipple.”

Joy: “Oh fuck.. your nipple is fucking all the way inside my tit.”

Rick: “I want to see your nipples cum … (pause).. keep kissing with your tongues out.”

(moaning and gasping)

Emily: “I am almost there Joy.”

Joy: “Me too. …. …. I want our tits to cum together.”

(gasping and moaning)

Rick: “Want to see those tits cum.”

Emily: “Gonna cum Joy”

Joy: “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!! yessssssssss!”

Emily: “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

Joy: “Cummmmmmmmming!!!”

The tape ended. Amber was breathing deeply.. and so was Jane.. Both women had been aroused by the recording. It was Jane who spoke first. “Let me tell you what I think happened... I think that Rick, your husband, arranged for these two women to meet and have an encounter with each other as he watched. I don't believe that he had sex with either of them.” Amber was speechless as Jane continued... “You know what I think?”


“I think your husband has a fetish for something that is commonly referred to as 'titfighting'.... do you know what that is Amber?”

Amber replied with a whisper... “Yes.”

“Do you know why he would want to watch two women titfight?”

“I really don't know.” Amber answered.. and she spoke the truth.. she did not really know why he would do such a thing.

Jane looked into Amber's eyes... “Have you ever been in a titfight Amber?”

“Yes I have.”

“Does Rick know this?”

“No... he does not know.” Amber went on to explain.. “Years ago I used to titfight. It was fun and exciting.. and I have the.. well.. let's just say that I have the right equipment for titfighting... anyway, my first husband found out about it.. and.. well... he could not understand why I would do that.. it broke up my first marriage... and so when I married Rick.. I promised myself that I would not ever do any titfighting again.”

“It appears that you married someone who loves titfighting.”

“I guess so... I never knew.”

Jane stood up and walked around her desk and stood in next to where Amber was seated. “Stand up Amber.” Amber scooted her chair back as she stood up and turned, facing Jane. “You loved to titfight, didn't you Amber?” Jane spoke softly as she looked into Amber's eyes.

“Oh yes.. I loved to titfight.”

Jane stepped forward until the front of Jane's blouse was almost touching the front of Amber's dress... their big heavy tits could sense the other pair that was so very close as their nipples began to twitch. Jane reached out with her hands and gently covered Amber's extraordinary tits with the palms of her hands. “And, as you said earlier, you have the right equipment for titfighting.” Jane continued as she softly squeezed Amber's huge E cup tits through her light purple dress. “You love to press your big tits against another pair of big tits, don't you Amber?”

Amber softly moaned... “Oh God yes.”

Jane gave Amber's large globes one final squeeze as she moved her arms around Amber's waist and pulled her close... their big tits pushing together.. “You love the way it feels to push your tits into another big pair of tits... you love how it feels.. your tits mushrooming.. slowly spreading out at the top and sides...all of that dense.. firm... titflesh … moving against each other... pushing into each other... it turns you on.. it makes you wet... and you want more..”

“Yessssss I want more.” Amber was breathing deeply as Jane moved her fingers to the back of Amber's dress and pulled down on the zipper... tugging it down to Amber's waist.. then she stepped back and removed her jacket and began unbuttoning her blouse as Amber slipped off her dress and laid it on the chair where she had been sitting. She watched as Jane unzipped and shimmed out of her skirt, placing it on top of her desk..Jane and Amber were now standing, facing each other,, in their bras, panties and heels. Again Jane stepped forward.. pushing the huge cups of her black bra against the huge cups of Amber's white bra.... and even with their bras separating their massive tits, they could feel each others hard nipples. Jane inched forward and Amber also moved forward as their big tits mushroomed together... their abundant titflesh spilling out over the top of their bra cups.. naked skin making electric contact with naked skin as they began to sway.. sliding the front of their bras back and forth across each other with a swishing sound. … “Ohhhhhhhhh that feels so good.”

“Yes it does feel good Amber.... it feels soooooo fucking good.”

“Ummmmmmmm yes.”

“Say it Amber... say it feels so fucking good.”

“Unnnnnn Jane.. it feels so fucking good.”

“And you love it.”

Amber was panting ..“Oh fuck yes I love it!”

Their bra's were making that soft sexy swishing sound as they kept sliding their enormous tits back and forth across each other.. “And do you know who else loves it Amber? … Your husband loves it... Rick loves it.” Jane began sliding her tits back and forth against Amber's a little faster... sliding.. moving … swishing.... “He would love to watch you titfight.”

A light turned on in Amber's mind... “Oh my God.”

“Yes Amber.... you don't need a divorce... you need to start titfighting again... you need to titfight for Rick... you need to let him watch you titfight.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned as she and Jane moved their huge tits back and forth against each other.

“You love to titfight... it turns you on.. it makes you hot.. it gives you pleasure.”

“Oh yessssssssss.”

“And Rick loves to watch two women titfight.. it turns him on.. it makes him hot.. and it gives him pleasure...... You need to start titfighting for Rick... and it will save your marriage.” Jane reached behind Amber and unhooked her bra... slipping the straps off Amber's shoulders and tugging the huge cups off Amber's massive tits... “My God Amber, your tits are fucking huge!” Jane gasped as she tossed Amber's bra on her desk before reaching behind her back and unhooking her own bra ... quickly removing it and tossing it on her desk.

“Fuck!... Your nipples Jane... Holy fuck!” Amber gasped at the intimidating sight of Jane's huge erect inch plus long nipples.

Jane smiled as she stepped forward.. pushing her abundant tits into Amber's incredible rack.. their nipples meeting head on and quickly disappearing between their huge mushroomed tits. “Ummmmmmmmm.”


Jane moved her lips close to Amber's ear as they wrapped their arms around each other.. bear-hugging their over-sized dense tits together and whispered in her ear... “We can't slap our tits together here... the slapping might get too loud.”

Amber licked at Jane's ear.. “Lets pump our tits together.” she whispered as she moved her hands to Jane's shoulders. Jane moaned as she placed her hands on Amber's shoulders and they began to pull each other in and out... pumping their heavy tits into each other.. always making sure that their tits stayed in constant contact. They needed to be as quiet as possible. Their rhythm was perfect.. as if they had done this together many times before.. pulling together.. then moving back... in and out.. their big tits would mushroom at the top and sides before reshaping as they moved back.. again and again... and yes, there were light 'smacks' and 'slaps' as the upper swells of their big tits would push together.. but it was not loud enough for anyone outside of Jane's office to hear. Minute after minute went by... they were getting very wet... their pussy juice soaking their panties. “I want to kiss you Jane.” Amber whispered in Jane's ear as she extended her tongue and let it drag from Jane's ear, down her cheek.. licking all the way to Jane's mouth.. where her tongue met Jane's tongue. Their lips closed tightly together as they continued to pump their big tits together... their tongues dancing inside their locked mouths.. swirling and licking... lapping at each others tongues.. licking the roof of each others mouths... licking and stroking the inside of each others teeth.. the kiss was wet and wild. Their nipples were burning together... their tits were constantly pumping together.. mashing... mushrooming... again and again and again.

The two hot women had been kissing and pumping their tits together for more than fifteen minutes before Jane felt Amber's thigh pressing against the front of her panties. She moaned as Amber began to hump her tight against her pussy. “Ohhhhhh Amber.. fuck me.... fuck me Amber.” Jane gasped as she moved her thigh to Amber's wet pussy and began grinding against her wet panties... they were humping each other.. sliding their thighs up and down against each others soaked panties.. they were fucking as they pumped their big tits together.

Another five minutes went by before Amber moaned.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jane.. I am going to cum.”

“Cum for me Amber.... I want to feel your hot pussy cumming on my thigh.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!”

“Yesssssssssss Amber..... yessssssssssssssss.”

“Jane!!!! GOD!!! Cummmmmmmming!” Amber moaned.. trying not to be too loud.

“Unnnnnnnnnn Amber... gonna cum with you......... now! … “Cummmmming!”



Their weighty tits shook together.. nipples jerking... clits throbbing as they gushed into their panties... their thighs covered with hot girl-cum.. as they humped each other through their orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jane.”


They gasped and moaned in each others arms for several minutes... their thighs wet with each others cum as they kissed deeply. “Mmmmm that was so fucking hot!”

“Oh Jane.... Mmmmmm yes it was.”

“But we are not finished yet.”

“No?” Amber asked.

“No.” Jane answered as she reached down with her right hand.. slipping her fingers inside Amber's panties and pushing her middle finger up inside Amber's vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amber whimpered as Jane's fingers began to slide in and out of her pussy.... “You are such a nasty bitch.”

“Mmmmmmmm... yes I am... but you love nasty bitches... don't you Amber?”

“Oh fuck yes!!” Amber panted as she reached down with her right hand and slipped her fingers inside of Jane's panties.. sliding her fingers up and down Jane's wet slit. Their big tits were pressed together as Amber slipped two fingers inside Jane's fuck-hole as Jane pushed a second finger deep inside Amber's cunt. They began to moan as they stood toe to toe and tit to tit finger fucking each other as they gasped and moaned.. As their fingers began to move more quickly in and out of each others wet cunts they began to kiss again... tongues licking together... swirling around each other as they shared each others hot breath... squishing sounds filled Jane's office as they pumped their fingers in and out of each others cunts... pushing... reaching as deep as they could into each other as they fingered each other... it felt so fucking good. Jane reached as far as she could inside Amber with her two middle fingers and pressed the heel of her hand tightly against Amber's clit and began pressing and rubbing … feeling Amber's hard clit against the heel of her hand as she began twisting her fingers around inside Amber's cunt.. “Ohh God!.. yessssss... oh .. right there.. Yes!! Just like that Jane.... Ahhhhhh.”

“Mmmmm do you like my fingers in your pussy?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss.” Amber gasped as she began to grind the heel of her hand against Jane's protruding clit.. pressing... rubbing... applying pressure against Jane's clit as Jane moaned with pleasure... their fingers twisting inside each other as they rubbed each others clits with the heels of their hands... rubbing... twisting... stroking... their breathing once again getting quicker and quicker.... and it continued on and on...minute after minute... grinding.. rubbing... fingers twisting around and around... Amber was beginning to tremble... her nipples were burning against Jane's ...and just as she was almost there.... just when she felt her orgasm was about to begin... Jane pulled her fingers out of her cunt.. and slipped her hand out of her panties.... “Ohhhhhh.” Amber whimpered as Jane knelt down in front of her.. her hands moving to the sides of Amber's panties as she tugged them down over Amber's ass and pulled them down Amber's legs as Amber stepped out of her panties. Moving her face to Amber's pussy, Jane parted her lips and licked up Amber's wet slit.. slowly dragging her tongue all the way up to Amber's clit before she flicked it a few times with the tip of her tongue. Jane then moved her mouth a little higher and placed her lips against the trimmed pubic patch that was right above Amber's clit.. she pressed her mouth tightly against Amber and grabbed a her pubic hair between her teeth and gently pulled her face back.. tugging on Amber's pubes.. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Amber gasped as she reached down and placed her hands on the back of Jane's head as Jane tugged with her teeth for several more seconds before releasing Amber's cunt hairs and sliding her tongue down to her clit once again... flicking it with the tip of her tongue.. flick flick … flick.. up and down.. flicking until Amber began moaning again.... Jane sensed that Amber was getting close to an orgasm again so she moved her tongue away..scooted back.. and stood up, stepping back as she placed her fingers in the waistband of her panties and tugged them down over her perfect ass...letting them fall to the floor and then stepping out of them.

Jane looked into Amber's eyes ...“I want to fuck your pussy with my pussy.”


Jane leaned over, her huge tits swaying, as she cleared off the front of her desk.. “Sit here.” She whispered to Amber as she guided Amber toward her desk.. “Right here .. sit right here.. with your ass on the edge of the desk.” Amber turned around and lifted her ass up on the desk as Jane leaned forward and placed her hands on Amber's lower back and pulled her forward.. so that her ass was barely on the edge of the desk. “Now spread your legs and lift them up.” Amber did as she was instructed.. lifting her legs up as Jane stepped between her legs... “Now wrap them around me.” Amber lifted her legs a little higher and wrapped them around Jane's waist... locking her ankles behind Jane's back as Jane moved forward.. pushing her wet cunt into Amber's.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Jane.” Amber whispered as she placed her arms around Jane's neck.. their big tits pushing together.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm that does feel so fucking good.” Jane moaned as she began to slide her wet pussy up and down against Amber's wet cunt.. sliding.. rubbing.. moving up and down.. squishing their pussy lips together.. spreading.. opening... pushing … “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

“Ummmmmmmm.” Amber cooed as she felt Jane's clit sliding up and down against her own clit.. rubbing and pushing... she squeezed tighter with her legs around Jane as they humped their wet cunts together.. their sensitive clits rubbing up and down against each other... “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck me Jane... fuck my clit with yours.”

“Mmmmmmm..... Do you know what sexfighting is Amber?” Jane whispered as they fucked.

“Mmm Hmmm... yes I do.” Amber gasped as they continued to fuck.

“Let's see who can make the other cum first.”

“Oh God!”

Jane began to push harder... so hard that Amber's ass cheeks were sliding back on the desk..... so Jane reached around and grabbed the upper part of Amber's buttocks and pulled her back to the edge of the desk and held on tightly as she continued to grind their clits together.. sliding them up and down against each other.. rubbing and stroking.. grinding.. pushing.. sliding their throbbing clits up and down against each other.. they were fucking clit to clit and now it was a competition... each one wanting to make the other cum first. “Can you feel my clit fucking yours?”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yessssssssss … can you feel my clit rubbing yours?”

“Ohhhh Amber... I feel your clit.. I feel it rubbing against mine.... can you feel my clit throbbing?”

“Un huh.. yesssss.. can you feel my clit jerking against yours?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss!”

Their extended sticky pussy lips were dragging up and down against each other.. clinging and tugging as their clits kept sliding up and down against each other.. they were really into it as Jane began to thrust more rapidly... stroking Amber's throbbing clit with her own vibrating clit... up and down... again and again... up .. down .. sliding .. up and down... grinding .. up... down .. up... down... faster and faster … minute after minute.. sliding.... pushing … up and down... gasping... up down up down.. moaning... their mixed juices were running down their inner thighs... both women were so fucking wet as they fucked... their labia squishing... sticking.. then peeling apart as they slid up and down against each other... fucking.. rubbing... up and down... clits mashing together as they rubbed up and down against each other. Each time Jane would move her hips up and drag her hard clit over Amber's equally hard clit, she would tug and pull on Amber's ass.. pulling her cunt hard against her own cunt.. forcing as much pressure on their two clits as she could... mashing them tightly together each time they would meet and slide past each other.... their clits were burning with hot heat... Jane would slide her clit up and over Amber's clit.. then slide her hard clit down over Amber's clit... then back up and over Amber's clit again... and again... sliding and thrusting... grinding... pumping their clits together.. up and down.. over and over... they were approaching the point of no return... they were both going to cum very soon.. but who would cum first?

“Fuck me Jane!”

“Fuck me Amber!”

“Fuck me.”

“Fuck me.”








“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Amber panted.

“Cum for me Amber!”

“Cum for me Jane!”

“Oh Fuck!!!” Jane moaned as she pushed her clit hard against Amber's throbbing clit and held it there.. tugging on Amber's ass as she pushed her clit hard against Amber's.. they could feel their clits twitching together.... it was going to be close... Amber was pushing as hard as she could against Jane..

“Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.” Amber began to gasp.

“Yes Amber... let it go.... cum for me.”

“Oh Jane... oh you beautiful fucking whore!!!!!” Amber gasped as her clit began to jerk hard against Jane's

“Yessssssssssss Amber.”

“Ohhhh Jane... yes yes yes yessssssss....”

“Cum Amber!! Cum Now!”

“Ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh ah ahhhhh ohhhhhh ah,, unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... Cummmmmmmming … Cummmmmmmmming!”

Jane felt Amber's cunt contract and gush against hers... spraying pussy cum against her cunt.... it was sooooooooooo fucking wet. “Yesssss Amber.”


Jane could not hold back any longer as her pussy twitched and contracted and gushed against Amber's pussy... spraying their already soaked pussys with more girl-cum... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh still Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming with you Amber.”

“Cummmmming Jane!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.” Jane moaned as their mixed pussy juices began to drip off the edge of the desk and onto the floor. Jane moved her arms up higher around Amber's back as she leaned her face forward and kissed Amber .. her tongue quickly darting into Amber's mouth as Amber closed her lips around Jane's tongue and sucking it deep into her mouth... “Unnnnnnnnn.” They kissed for several minutes.. sucking each others tongues as they kissed.. their hips slowly moving as their wet pussys kept fucking each other... it just felt so damn good.... another five minutes went by as they held each other and kissed... enjoying the warmth of each others cunts... Jane finally stepping back... panting... “Oh Amber.. you are so fucking hot.... mmmmmmmmmm.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Amber whimpered as she slid off the edge of the desk into Jane's open arms.. pressing their huge tits together again as they kissed for several more minutes...

before Jane whispered in her ear .. “I wish we could do this all day.. but I have another appointment in a few minutes.”... Jane then giggled as she continued.. looking at the wetness on her desk... “And it appears that I have a little house cleaning to do.”

Amber laughed... “Want me to help?”

“Oh no... I got it.... but thanks.”

“I guess I better get dressed...”

“Me too.”

Jane grabbed Amber's bra, handing it to her as she picked up her own bra and put it on. A couple of minutes later they were dressed as before.. although Jane did not put her jacket back on. “Let me tell you what you should do Amber.”

“Ok.. I'm listening.”

“It might be difficult to talk to Rick about this... here is what I would do if I were you.. you need to surprise him... someday soon.. you need to be tit to tit with someone when he walks in the door.... you can tell him that it is a surprise.. something that you thought he would enjoy... and then titfight for him...I am quite sure that when the other woman leaves, he will want to fuck your brains out.”

“You really think so?”

“Absolutely. It will save your marriage.. and think about it... you get to start titfighting again.. and he will have no need to watch someone else titfight.. when he can watch his wife titfight.. it's a win-win for both of you.... You don't need to divorce him.”

“You may be right Jane.”

“I am right.”

Amber stepped toward Jane and hugged her tightly.. “How can I ever thank you?”

“You can titfight me again.... and.. whatever else you want to do... I'm a lesbian Amber.”

“Mmmmmmmmm I would love that.”

“So would Angel.”

“The private eye?”

Jane nodded.. “I am very sure that she would love to titfight you sometime.”

“Oh my... I am sure Rick would love to watch me with you and then with her.. that would drive him crazy!”


Amber smiled ...“Ok then... I'll do it.”

“Good for you.”

“Oh.. how much do I owe you.”

“You owe me nothing Amber.. we'll just call this an initial consultation. There is no charge.”

“Thank you Jane.” Again she hugged Jane and they shared another kiss before she turned and began walking to the door.

“Amber... if I can help you... by being a titfight partner.. or anything else.. let me know.”

“Yes I will...and I think you are right.. perhaps Rick and I can work it out ... Bye.. and thank you again.”

Jane smiled as Amber unlocked the door and closed it behind her. She hoped that Amber and Rick could work things out.... and she also hoped that she might be a part of it.... the 'working it out' part.. or, as she would often say.. 'the fucking it out' part.

Jane quickly grabbed the windex and some kleenex and cleaned her desk... it was not the best choice.. but it was all she had available. Ten minutes later, with the help of some air freshener, she was ready for her next client. She pushed the intercom button on her desk... “Judy.. I am ready to see Mr. Maxwell now.”

“Yes Ma'am.. I'll send him in.”

To be continued