By AngelDawn30

Angel and Jane

Angel Unicorn in leather

Earlier in the afternoon, Angel and Jane had finished their afternoon lunch.. The two girls had eaten more than half of their large pizza and had been talking for awhile when Jane stood up.. and her words came out of nowhere... “Let's titfight.”

Angel laughed.. “Where in the hell did that come from?”

“I want to titfight you Angel.”

“I don't think so Jane.”

“Oh come on... don't you want to know who has the best tits?”

“Jane, your tits are amazing... they are perfect.... and I really don't care who has... as you say … the best tits.”

Jane playfully frowned.... “Awwwwwwwwww... it would be fun.”

“I have a better idea.” Angel said as she wanted to change the subject. She had no interest in engaging Jane in a competitive titfight. Angel had never lost such a competition and she was afraid that she would hurt Jane. Angel was fond of Jane.. she really liked her very much.. and in her mind, there was no reason for them to try to prove who had the 'better tits.' It did not matter to Angel... so in a split second she continued... “You were saying something about fighting with our asses?”

Jane smiled.. “Yes I did... that's also fun to do.”

Angel stood up and stepped toward Jane.. smiling and licking her lips... “I would really love to do that with you... but you will have to show me how.”

Jane grabbed Angel's hand in hers... “Lets go back to your playpen.” as she lead Angel to the stairs.

“The playpen is in the basement.” Angel whispered as they were walking up the stairs.

“What?” Jane questioned Angel.

“I'll show you later... let's go fight with our asses!” Angel answered as she pulled Jane up the stairs and into her bedroom. As they walked in, Angel stopped and peeled off her panties... “I assume we won't be needing these.”

Jane was also removing her panties... well... actually there were Angel's panties, but you already know all about that. “Oh Angel.. we really need to do this with baby oil.”

Angel began walking toward the bathroom... “I have some... I'll get it.”

“But it may stain your sheets.”

“I have a solution for that.” Angel yelled from the bathroom. A moment later she was walking toward Jane and then handed her the squeeze bottle of baby oil. “I have some plastic sheets... or covers... or whatever you call them.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, it those plastic things that painters put on the floor to protect your floors and carpet... I have some in my dresser.”

“You have plastic sheets in your dresser?”

Angel was already searching and finding what she was looking for.. “Always be prepared.” Jane laughed as Angel walked toward the bed.. unfolded the plastic sheet and then raised her arms and shook it out.. letting it fall on the bed... a couple of minutes later, with Jane's help, they had covered Angel's mammoth bed with the plastic, tucking it under the mattress. “Now we can get as slippery as we want!” Jane crawled up on the bed with the bottle of baby oil in her hand as Angel crawled up on the opposite side of the bed. They quickly got up on their knees facing each other, Angel looking into Jane's eyes... “Well?”

Jane answered... “Well???”

Angel giggled.... “Tell me how this works.”

Jane smiled as she began speaking.. “We squirt oil on each others asses... or wherever... or all over us... whatever you want to do... and then we get on all fours, facing in opposite directions.. and we rub and slap our buttocks together.”

“Until one of us wins?”

Jane laughed... “Like I said before.. I don't really think anyone wins... Oh I suppose if you had a really nice ass and she didn't then I guess you could win... the point is that it's sexy as hell.... and if I know you and me.. it will most certainly lead to something else.. and with all the baby oil... I can only imagine how slippery and squishy things could get.”

“You are such a slut Jane.”

“And you love it.”

“Yes I do ...However, I must disagree with you... I think my ass if harder and firmer than yours. And I think I can wear your ass down.”

Jane laughed.. “Are you really serious?”


“All right then... let's just find out who has the best butt.... turn around and let me douse you with baby oil.” As Angel began to scoot on her knees, turning around, Jane was already giggling as she squeezed the bottle.. squirting Angel's left side with the baby oil..

“Hey!” Angel laughed as she turned back around and tried to grab the bottle of baby oil from Jane.

“Oh no you don't.”

“Oh yes I will!” Angel lunged at Jane, pushing her over on her back as Jane held the bottle up over her head with Angel reaching for it... a moment later Angel was laying on top of Jane as they wrestled on the bed with Angel finally grabbing Jane's arm and pinning her to the bed. They were both laughing as Jane bucked her hips up, rolling them over so that she was now on top, and a moment later Jane managed to free her arm from Angel's grasp and quickly sat up... straddling Angel as she began to squirt more baby oil on Angel... dousing her big tits and tummy. “Oh you little bitch!” Angel exclaimed as she shifted her body to her left, rolling Jane over on her back. Jane was still laughing as Angel pinned her arm to the bed again, and then reached for the baby oil with her other hand, jerking it away from Jane.. “Now it's my turn!” Angel squeezed the bottle.. squirting baby oil all over Jane's upper body until both of them were dripping with the baby oil. Angel looked down at the stunning naked woman laying on her bed.. “You are soooooooooo fucking hot. … now roll over so I can squirt some baby oil on your ass.” Angel rolled off Jane as Jane rolled over and got on her hands and knees. “You do have a fine ass Jane.” Angel whispered as she squirted baby oil all over Jane's tight buttocks and then gave Jane's left ass cheek a playful 'smack' as she turned around, getting on her hands and knees and handed the baby oil to Jane.

“You have such a fucking hot ass Angel.” Jane said as she squirted several long streams of baby oil on Angel's buttocks and her lower back.. and then the back of Angel's firm thighs before reaching down and squirting Angel's pussy with the baby oil.

“Ouuuuuuuu that feels good Jane.”

“It's gonna feel better in a few minutes.” Jane replied as she turned the bottle around and squirted baby oil on her own pussy and inner thighs.. until the baby oil was running all the way down her legs to the plastic sheet. She tossed the bottle a few feet to her side as she turned around... so they were facing ass to ass on their hands and knees. As Jane began to scoot back toward Angel she looked down between her legs.. moving until her ass was just a few inches from Angel's. “Are you ready to get your ass kicked?”.. Before Angel could answer, Jane had slightly rocked forward and then jerked her body backwards.. slapping her ass against Angel's ...'Slap!'

“Hey! I wasn't ready.”

“Remember what you said earlier?” Again Jane rocked forward and them slammed her buttocks against Angel's ... 'Smack'… “Always be prepared.”

“I'll show you 'prepared'.” Angel said as she rocked forward and slapped her buttocks against Jane's with a loud 'Smack!' Jane responded as she slapped her buttocks against Angel's with a loud smacking sound. It only took a few moments before they were in a steady rhythm... rocking forward and then backward on their hands and knees.. slapping their ass cheeks together... 'slap'.. 'smack' … 'slap' …. 'slap' … 'smack'... rocking and smacking their tight hard buttocks together again and again. It was a sexy sound... a sound that was similar to the sound you make when you clap your hands together... and as you know, when you clap your hands, the sound is not always the same... sometimes it is a loud 'slap'... sometimes it is more of a dampened 'thud' … and as they slapped their asses against each other.. the sound that they were creating was a little different from one 'slap' to the next 'smack.' Something else that you should be aware of....a woman's buttocks are most always more firm that her breasts... That is because her ass has more muscle and less fat than her breasts. A woman's glutes, or gluteus-maximus, is a very strong and powerful muscle in her buttocks and is regarded as one of the strongest muscles in the human body. It is connected to the coccyx, or tailbone, as well as other surrounding bones. The gluteus maximus muscle is responsible for movement of the hip and thigh. Standing up from a sitting position, climbing stairs, and staying in an erect position are all aided by the gluteus maximus. So as Angel and Jane slapped their buttocks together, it was quite different than when two women slap their tits together. Tit's can be pushed out of shape.. they can be flattened and distorted.. and even though you can certainly create some slapping and smacking sounds in a titfight, it is not quite the same as the sounds that are made from their hard asses slapping together. Asses that were hard and firm... asses with very powerful glutes... glutes that had been developed by years of walking and running and exercising. No doubt you have seen what is referred to as the 'ripple' effect when two women slap their asses together... little waves of the fat on their buttocks will flow on their ass cheeks when they slam them together.... but if a girl has strong and powerful glutes, and has made it a priority to keep their buttocks in shape.. then the 'ripple' effect is greatly minimized.. sometimes to the point that it is barely visible.. and sometimes there is practically no 'ripple' effect at all... Angel and Jane had 'no ripple' buttocks... they were hard... they were firm …they each possessed 'buns of steel', and, as one writer once said.. 'You could bend a nail on that ass.'

'Slap'.. 'smack' … 'slap' …. 'slap' … 'smack'... again and again Angel and Jane slammed their hard tight asses together..... forcing little 'Ohh's' and 'Unnn's' from their lips as they rocked together... their rhythm as steady as a metronome... 'slap'.. 'smack' … 'slap' …. 'slap' … 'smack'... driving their hard buttocks together... slamming their hard ass cheeks against each other... and as they continued their ass-fight, they began rocking forward a little more... creating a little more distance between their perfect buttocks, which allowed them to gain a little more momentum each time they rocked back toward each other... the smacking sounds were getting louder and louder...'slap'.. 'smack' … 'slap' …. 'slap' … 'smack'... They had been slamming their buttocks together for almost ten minutes and they were beginning to turn red from the constant slapping. “God Angel, I feel like I am slamming my butt into a brick wall!”

“Me too Jane... your ass is hard as steel!” 'Slap'.. 'smack' … 'slap' …. 'slap' … 'smack'... Angel began to thrust backwards with all her strength.. using her powerful legs to hurl herself backward... 'SLAP!” …. “SLAP!” When she slapped her buttocks against Jane's the third time, she knocked Jane forward... off her knees causing Jane to gasp, but instead of retaliating with a hard thrust of her own.. she lowered her upper body down on the bed... mushrooming her huge tits against the oil covered plastic and scooted backward, sticking her ass straight out and moving it from side to side. Angel slapped into her one more time...”SMACK!” and then realized that Jane was wanting to do something else.... “Are you giving up?” Angel panted.

Jane was breathing deeply .. “Not at all... I just want to rub my ass against yours.” Angel leaned back as she also dropped her upper body to the plastic sheet and pushed her buttocks against Jane's. There they were... covered in baby oil...still on their knees with their hands and forearms on the bed.. their asses up in the air as they began to sway their buttocks back and forth against each other.. rubbing their ass cheeks together... back and forth... the hot firm skin of their buttocks sliding against each other and it felt wonderful. They moved from left to right to left to right.. sometimes pausing to move their butt cheeks up and down against each other...sliding and slipping up and down and back and forth. When two women rub their tits back and forth across each other, sometimes one of the girls tits can get briefly 'trapped' in the cleavage of the other girl before freeing itself and sliding on past the other girls tit. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to recreate that scene with your buttocks.... the buttocks are too big and firm and the 'cleavage' or 'crack' between them is too narrow... but it is always fun to try to wedge one of your buttocks between hers. Angel and Jane would sometimes get one of their ass cheeks between the others buttocks and push and rub up and down.. it felt so fucking sexy to both of them. As they were rubbing and twisting their buttocks together, Angel began to lower herself down.. until she could stretch out her right leg between Jane's legs. Jane knew what Angel was trying to do as she moved her left leg between Angel's legs and lowered her body down on the slippery plastic sheet. They both tilted their bodies a little to the side in opposite directions as they scissored their legs together and pushed themselves backwards into each other... both hot girls moaning as their cunts squished together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes Angel.. yessssssssss!” Jane moaned as she began grinding her oily cunt into Angel's slippery pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmm I love fucking you Jane.” Angel whimpered as they slid together in the baby oil... sliding around on the plastic sheet... rubbing their drenched cunts into each other... their wet vulvas spreading against each other as they pushed their slits together... grinding and rubbing. With their tits sliding around in the baby oil, they pushed into each other... working their wet pussy lips together as they shoved and pushed their cunts together... fucking each other as they lay on their tummys. Neither girl could get much traction... the plastic sheet was covered with baby oil.. so they mostly just kinda slid around on the plastic, keeping their cunts together as much as they could... rubbing and grinding. Angel wanted to get clit to clit with Jane, but it was not going to happen in this position, so she slid forward.. and tried to get up on her hands and knees, but her left knee slipped in the baby oil... so she rolled over and scooted her way toward Jane... slowly moving her slippery body on top of Jane's until her big heavy slippery tits were rubbing against Jane's back and her hungry wet pussy was pushing against Jane's hard tailbone. Angel began to slide up and down on Jane's body.. rubbing her pussy against Jane's tailbone and buttocks... sliding up and down and back and forth.. moaning as she fucked Jane's ass with her pussy... her tits sliding up and down and around on Jane's back as Jane lifted her ass up... grinding her hard ass cheeks against Angel's sliding pussy. Occasionally Jane would slip in the baby oil as she tried to thrust her hips up against Angel's cunt... several long minutes passed before Angel slid off of Jane and grabbed her.. rolling her over on her back before sliding back on top of her... tit to tit and pussy to pussy. Jane spread her legs wide open for Angel... lifting her legs high in the air before locking them together around Angel's lower back as Angel pushed her oozing pussy into Jane's slippery cunt. They began sliding together.. slipping and sliding in the baby oil... Jane's ass easily moving a few inches forward and backward on the plastic each time she humped her cunt up against Angel's... They fucked each other for a long time... sliding their wet pussys together... Angel sliding up and down... dragging her oily pussy lips up and down on Jane's slippery pussy lips... as they fucked, Angel began to slide higher and higher until they both gasped together as their hard clits found each other.

“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yessssssssssssss... right there Angel.”

Angel pressed down with her wet mound... “Right there?”

“Ohhhhhh God yes... right there.. with your clit on mine.” Jane moaned as she lifted her ass and ground her clit hard into Angel's. They were still sliding around a little on the plastic sheet, but managed to keep their clits rubbing together... Angel moving up and down about a half inch in each direction... she wanted to keep their throbbing clits together.. and so did Jane. Their clits rubbed and stroked each other.. up and down and up and down.. sliding .. rubbing... up and down... they were gasping for air as they fucked.... sliding their big oily tits together... their hard thrusting nipples slipping past each other with each of Angel's short thrusts... flicking and sliding against each other between their mushroomed tits. Angel began to move quicker... they wanted to cum... they wanted to orgasm together.. they wanted to share this immense pleasure with each other at the same time. Angel lowered her face and Jane reached up and grabbed the back of Angel's head as she pulled Angel's open mouth down on hers... kissing Angel deeply.. their tongues sliding in and out of each others mouths as they fucked clit to clit. Faster and faster Angel moved her hips.. short quick strokes of her clit on Jane's clit.. up and down..... sliding and rubbing … up down up down up down up down up down up down sliding... rubbing... Angel lifted her mouth from Jane... a string of spit connecting their lips as she stared into Jane's eyes …. “I want to cum with you.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!! I want to cum with you Angel!”

“I want to look in your eyes when you cum Jane.”

“God yessssss! I want to watch you cum Angel.”



Angel stared deeply into Jane's eyes... “Unnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Jane gazed at Angel.. seeing the pleasure in her eyes.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Angel.”

“Jane!! I am going to cummmmm.”

“I'm gonna cum with you!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming !!!!”



“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssss Cummmmmmming!”

They pushed their clits together hard.. feeling each others hard clits jerking and throbbing as they shared their orgasm together.... moaning as they kept their eyes locked together. It was deeply emotional for both of them... seeing the pleasure in each others eyes as they shuddered together... holding each other tight.... their bodies trembling with the after-shocks of a few more orgasms... each one a little less intense than the one before. For several minutes they gasped and moaned, never breaking their eye contact as each of them felt their clits spasm together... again and again... each time bringing bursts of pleasure throughout their bodies. It was special.

Minutes went by before Angel slid off of Jane and scooted up next to her,, both of them slipping and sliding as they rolled toward each other and began to kiss... slowly.. their tongues gently licking and their mouths gently sucking together.. They kissed without speaking for what seemed like hours, although it was only for about ten minutes.

“That was incredible Jane.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm yes it was.”

“You look like a mess.” Angel giggled as she looked at Jane's hair.. stringy with baby oil.

“And you look absolutely beautiful.”

“Mmmmm.. I think we need to take a shower... stay right here.” Angel literally slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom, returning with several towels. Jane was already sitting up as Angel tossed her a couple of towels. They wiped the baby oil off of their bodies as best they could before Jane got off the bed... then they walked to opposite sides of the bed and carefully removed the plastic sheet.. folding it over itself a few times before removing it from the bed. Angel carried it into the bathroom and dropped it on the tile.. then turned on the shower. Moments later they were showering together.. washing the baby oil off their bodies.. then they took turns washing each others hair... as as much as they wanted to fuck again... it was getting a little late in the day, and Jane had to get home... she still had a little 'attorney' work to do before she went to work tomorrow morning. After they stepped out of the shower and dried each other off, they took turns drying their hair... neither one of them put their makeup back on, but even without makeup, Angel and Jane were beautiful women. As Jane was drying her hair, Angel put out a pair of jeans, a blouse and some athletic shoes for Jane to wear home and carefully placed Jane's black leather dress in a garment bag. Soon they were both dressed and they talked for another hour about all kinds of things.. sharing old stories with each other as they bonded. Angel and Jane were becoming close. Jane finally had to leave... they shared a few more kisses... Angel made her take a few pieces of dark chocolate which she had placed in a Ziploc bag, and Jane left. It had been a wonderful weekend. Angel sighed as she walked toward the library and sat down at her Steinway and began to play.... she smiled as she thought about Jane...then she suddenly remembered... “Shit! Lipstick! I forgot about the lipstick!!... oh well.... next time.” ... then Angel thought about the mystery woman that the Voodoo Queen had told her about.... and her smile transformed into an evil grin.

To be continued