By AngelDawn30



Jennifer Jackson had recently graduated high school where she had been the most popular girl in school. She was the class favorite, … the homecoming queen, and was, without question, the hottest, sexiest girl in school. Jennifer was stunning with lovely features, beautiful long brunette hair and the biggest pair of tits that any girl could possibly have. Very few girls as young as Jennifer (She had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday six months ago) could wear a 34DD bra,... but Jennifer could.... she could completely fill those huge DD cups with her big tits... and there were times when her massive rack would require an E cup. Think about that for a moment.... eighteen years old and an E cup. Hell yes her tits were firm.... as firm as you could possibly imagine... and they were heavy and dense... with none of the sag that comes with age. Standing 5'6” tall and weighing 120, with measurements of 39½-24-34, Jennifer was hot!

She was taking a couple of college courses online during the summer with plans to graduate in three years. Jennifer was also into girls.... She had this thing for kissing... and her own personal experience had taught her that kissing girls was way more sexy than kissing guys.... all they wanted to do was stick their tongue down her throat... which was ok.... but what she preferred was slow tongue licking kisses... the kind where she would have her partner extend their tongue while she licked it.... girls love that.. guys are way too impatient. Jennifer was also very computer savvy.. she had discovered that her aunt, Ashley, was into titfighting. At first Jennifer knew nothing about titfighting, but with time she learned what it was all about.. and loved it … mainly because the girls she would hook up with were almost always smaller than she was and she could easily over-power them with her huge dense tits. Jennifer also had nipples... yes, of course, all girls have nipples … but very few have nipples that are an inch long. They stuck straight out from her areolas and she had learned how to use them as formidable weapons...... Jennifer could out nipple-fuck everyone she had ever met.

The principal at her high school had made her wear clothing that concealed those huge hard rods... She was told that it was a distraction to the other students... but when she was not in class she would wear clothing that would allow those rigid spikes to be on full display... and her mom, Amber, was ok with that as Amber was always wearing clothing that showed off her massive rack and nipples. You might say that the apple does not fall very far from the tree.

Jennifer was also straight-forward. She had no problem telling you what she thought and how she felt.. and if she wanted something.. she did not beat around the bush.. she was explicit and clear and no one had to wonder what she was thinking... because she would tell you.

She was mostly nice.. as nice as any eighteen year old girl can be... with one exception. Emily. She hated Emily. They had been rivals in high school, always competing to see who was the cutest and sexiest... thankfully, Jennifer had moved to a different school her senior year which left her with no competition and she quickly became the hottest girl on campus. Of course this also made Emily the hottest girl at her old high school. Jennifer dreamed about settling things between herself and Emily in a dirty nasty fuck-fight... fucking each other until only one was the sexiest and cutest and hottest girl.

Jennifer was working part time as a bartender at Joe's Pub.. that is where she met Clint Thomas... he was 38 years old, old enough to be Jennifer's father, but he liked her.. and after a few weeks Clint and Jennifer were fucking on a regular basis. He was one of the executive vice presidents of a prominent bank. He had arranged for Jennifer to have her own apartment and was helping her with her car payment. Jennifer's mom, Amber, just assumed that Jennifer was making a lot of money in tips at Joe's pub.. enough to afford a nice apartment. Jennifer liked Clint. He treated her well, but she was only fucking him for the benefits... her real interest was girls.

Jennifer enjoyed working at Joe's Pub, but she was looking for something more glamorous …. like a receptionist.. and at a place where she could advertise her huge tits and those long nipples. As she thought about that her phone rang ..... she recognized the number .. it was Paula from the employment agency. She had went to see Paula a couple of weeks earlier and told her what kind of job she was looking for. “Hi Paula, did you find me a good job?”

“Hi Jennifer ...Maybe.. are you sitting down?”

“Do I need to sit down?”

“You might want to as I try to explain this one.”

“Ok, I am sitting... shoot.”

“I know someone who is looking for a receptionist slash personal assistant”

“That sounds like something I might be interested in Paula.”

“Well, there is more to it than that... and I hope I don't offend you. By the way, this is 'off the books'... I could get into trouble for discussing such a job.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me be frank with you Jennifer. It will probably include sexual favors.”

“Not interested, but thanks for calling.”

“No Jennifer, wait.. you would be working for a woman.”

This caught Jennifer's attention. “Ok, I will listen... tell me about this woman.. who is she, what does she look like.. and what exactly are her expectations?”

“This is what I know. She wants someone who has a working knowledge of Microsoft XL and Word, and Quickbooks. But here is the difference... she wants someone who is attractive. Someone with 'Wow' looks. Someone who will look and dress sexy... the reason I thought of you, is that she also requested someone with big boobs.”

Jennifer laughed... “Well, I certainly qualify on all counts.. including the boobs.”

“That is why I thought of you... you are a beautiful woman and you do have more than most women at the top... well, actually more than just about anyone I know.”

“You said she wanted someone that dresses sexy.... how sexy?”

“Jennifer, if I were you, I would wear a dress that shows just enough to leave her wanting for more. You do not want to wear anything too sexy for the interview.”

“Hmmmmm, ok, I have a few dresses that would work.”

“One interview. One chance. Make a good impression.. and the job can be yours.”

“What about the pay?”

“I am thinking it will start out at about 2,000 per month.”

“Damn, that is a lot more than I am earning now.... ok let's do it.”

“Good. Let me give you her phone number.. and you can make your own appointment to see her. I have to stay clear of this, and I am sure you understand why... and you must not tell her or anyone that I told you about this job.”

“Of course... thanks Paula.”

Paula gave her Angel's information and said bye and good luck.

Jennifer decided to call Angel right now... so she dialed the number …

“Angelica Johansen Private Investigations... May I help you?”

“Angelica Johansen please.”

“This is Angelica.”

“Hi. I'm Jennifer. I understand you are looking for a receptionist who can also be your personal assistant.”

“Yes I am.”

“I would like to come and visit with you about the position.”

“All right Jennifer... How about a week from today... next Tuesday?”

“That would be great!”

“Why don't you drop by the office next Tuesday at 5:30. Just knock on the door and I will let you in”

“Thank you Angelica.. I will be there at 5:30.”

“Ok Jennifer. See you then. Bye.” Jennifer... Angel thought... Jennifer.. I like that name.. Jennifer.

Angel quickly got back to work.. she had to locate a diamond ring. She thought about the note that was found with the name 'Kiera' and a phone number... if this person, presumably a woman, was the one who stole the ring, why would she have been so foolish as to leave her name and phone number? That was highly unlikely. Maybe there is no person named Kiera with that phone number... maybe the note was placed there to have everyone looking for someone who did not exist. … there were many possibilities and she would have to explore them all. She needed to go see her friend at Dallas PD. She locked up her office and left.

It was mid afternoon when Angel walked into the police station. She was wearing a blue dress that was about four inches above her knees with a scooped neckline.. scooped just enough to show a little of the upper swells of her big E cup tits.. with matching four inch heels.. and even thought her dress was one of her more conservative dresses ....
she still got a couple of whistles from the guys... Angel turned and looked at them.. then slowly turned around as if she were modeling the dress for them.. “Eat your heart out boys.” She smiled. It was always a treat when Angelica Johansen, P I came to visit....she was 'Eye Candy'. She walked to Kathy's office and walked in... Angel and Kathy talked for about thirty minutes as Angel asked for her help in finding someone named 'Kiera'. She explained that the police could not get involved and that she did not even know who she was working for. … Because Angel had, on several occasions, helped Detective Kathy apprehend criminals, Kathy agreed to look into it. Angel liked Kathy a lot.. they were good friends and had shared lunch dates many times... Kathy was a very attractive woman in her early forties, married with two kids... so their friendship was just that.. friends... and it would stay that way. Angel thanked her for her help and walked out of her office, once again stopping and spinning around for the guys as they whistled.. Angel smiled at them again, “See y'all around... and be safe.” She blew a kiss and left.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Joy Antonelli was an executive vice president/loan officer at one of the more well-know banks in Dallas. Her career began several years ago in Chicago where she began as a teller and quickly worked her way up the ladder. Her quick rise toward the top was because of two contributing factors.. she was fucking the bank president and she had two of the biggest tits you have ever seen. You could say that her promotions were actually because of three factors.. if you count her huge tits as two. ... Joy was 5'8' tall, weighed 130 with exquisitely long flowing dark hair and eyes and measured 40-25-36. … she had no problem completely filling up the big cups of her 34E bras.... and she had nipples that would make most any woman jealous.... thick round hard spikes that stuck out ¾ of an inch when aroused.

Although Joy preferred to be with women, she swung both ways and would sometimes have sex with a guy .. Several months ago she met Mark. He had been temporarily transferred to the main office in Chicago where he would work in the main bank before returning to Dallas to take over as president of one of the branch locations. Joy had big tits and Mark had a big dick.... it was a match that was perfect for both of them. They soon began dating and the dating turned into a torrid affair... they could not get enough of each other. Mark was the first guy that Joy had ever really liked and it was not long before she began to have feelings for him. . … but she understood that he would be returning to Texas in a few months, so she requested a transfer to Dallas so they could be together. Six weeks ago she moved south and began working at the bank where Mark was soon to become the branch president. He was going to be flying back to Dallas this Wednesday and they had made plans to meet at the Hotel Texas. They were going to spend the night together in one of the penthouse suites and Joy was looking forward to some fucking and sucking with her boyfriend.

One more thing you should know about Joy. . . . .She loved to titfight. . . she had become interested in titfighting when she learned about it on the internet a few years ago. This was her third year to compete in the underground titfighting league. The last two years she had lost to a woman who went on to win the national title each year. The rules stated that you could only win two years in a row, and after so doing, the champion had to 'retire' for a year before competing again. Joy was hoping that this would be her year and so far, it had been. She had one more titfight match this weekend, although she did not yet know who her opponent would be. If she won then she would titfight for the national championship at the end of next week. As it worked out, the championship was going to be held in Dallas at a private club named 'Girlfriends' which would be convenient for Joy.

Three weeks ago she had answered a craigslist add about titfighting. There was this guy, Rick, who was willing to pay her to titfight for him. He had already matched her up with two different women since she had moved to Dallas. . . . only one of the them was actually competitive with her... but he had promised her that he would find another girl who was beautiful, hot and sexy with a pair of tits that were unbelievable. As she thought about Rick's promise, she also began to think about how she was going to explain it to Mark. She was not sure how he would respond, but had a feeling that he, like most guys, would be very receptive to the idea.... what guy would not want to watch two well endowed women mash their 'girls' together?

As Joy thought about how she was going to handle this conversation with Mark, the phone on her desk rang. “Joy Antonelli.”

“Hi Ms. Antonelli, this is Jane Love with the Lincoln Law Firm. I am an attorney representing Cindy Patterson's estate and wanted to set up a time to visit with you today about several accounts involving her estate.”

“Ok. I was told that you would be calling. My schedule is full for today... perhaps tomorrow?”

“I can't tomorrow. I really need to get this done today.” Jane replied.

“Let me see what I can do Ms. Love. Give me a few minutes and I will call you back.”

“That would be wonderful Ms. Antonelli.” Jane answered. She gave Joy her phone number and they said bye to each other.

As soon as their conversation ended, Joy went to the Lincoln Law Firm's website where she found a picture of Jane. The photo was from the waist up and was more than enough for Joy to see that Jane was stunning..... Lovely face and beautiful long blonde hair. .. and she had about the biggest rack that Joy had ever seen. “Damn” she spoke out loud as she gazed at Jane's photo. Jane was wearing a white blouse with a black jacket, but it was obvious that she was very well endowed. She pulled up her appointment calendar on her desktop to see if there was anyway to rearrange her schedule, but there wasn't. Her day was full..... then she had an idea. She picked up her cell phone and called Jane back.

“Jane Love.”

“Hi Jane.. this is Joy Antonelli... I just reviewed my schedule for today and it is not going to be possible to meet with you during banking hours, however, I have an idea.”

“Ok.” Jane responded politely.

“I was thinking that perhaps we could meet after work.”

“All right Ms. Antonelli, I hope that is not an inconvenience for you, but I really need to get this taken care of.”

“You can call me Joy. .. and it will not be inconvenient at all. Where would you like to meet and when?”

“I don't know Joy... let me see what else I have going on later today and I will call you back.”

“Ok Jane. I will be awaiting you call... bye.”

“Bye Joy.”

Jane was a little frustrated. She really wanted to get this done during the day so she could possible change her date with Angel from tomorrow night to tonight. She spoke out loud to herself.. “Well, it is what it is.. I have to get this done today.” She opened up the browser on her desktop and googled 'Joy Antonelli'. She found a photo of Joy on the bank's website. Joy was very attractive...very long dark hair that flowed halfway down her back .. with dark sexy eyes. She was attractive enough for Jane to search a little more.. and then she found what she was looking for. Joy was on Facebook and there were quite a few pictures of herself posted on her Facebook page. Jane gasped as she looked at the photos. Yes, she certainly was attractive. .. and she had a massive set of tits. They looked every bit as big as her own massive pair. 'This certainly changes things', she thought to herself. “I would love to be alone with this hot bitch.” She whispered to herself as she called Joy back ….

“Joy Antonelli.”

“Hi Joy.. it's Jane again. Can you come to my office this evening? It's not very far from the bank.”

“Sure... that would be fine Jane. What time?”

Jane quickly thought for a moment.. she wanted to make sure that everyone was gone for the day... “How about 8 o'clock?”

“Ok... eight o'clock... that will give me time to grab something to eat.”

“Great. Call or text me on my cell phone and I will unlock the door and let you in, and bring all the information of Ms. Patterson's accounts. Hopefully this will not take very long.”

“I'll see you at the Lincoln Law Firm at eight. Bye Jane.”

“Bye Joy.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Lisa Catt was Amanda's roommate and every bit as beautiful and attractive as Amanda. Lisa was two years younger, ...20.. and was two inches taller than Amanda at 5'8”.. She had long blonde hair which looked lovely as it flowed past her shoulders and down her back. Lisa still had a year of college to finish before she earned her B.A. in political science.,, then she was hoping to get accepted into law school... which should not be a problem considering she had a 4.0 GPA. Weighing 125, Lisa was slender.. with the exception of her amazingly huge tits... measuring 40-23-34. Lisa wore a 34E bra and her massive tits filled up every bit of the space in those big E cups. Not only did Lisa have a massive set of tits.. she loved tits... the bigger the better.. You see, Lisa was a tit freak. She was not at all opposed to fucking someone on the side if it would be beneficial for her. However, what Lisa loved the most was fucking women. She and Amanda had been fucking each other for more than a year... and, like Amanda... Lisa had learned the art of giving and receiving 'nipple orgasms.' Lisa had amazing nipples.. measuring just a little less than an inch long . . . .they were about the same size and length as Amanda's but they were thicker … bigger around... and impossible to bend.

Lisa was looking for a part time job... what she wanted was something she could do in the afternoons while she attended morning classes at the University. Perhaps a job as a receptionist... She had a part time job working at a bank as a secretary to one of the vice presidents ..Joy Antonelli, but the hours were in the mornings. Joy had another part time secretary who worked in the afternoons and although she had not given her notice yet, Lisa would not be able to work those hours when her classes began again in September. However, she liked working for Joy. She was beautiful and had very big tits... and since Lisa was a tit freak, she was already planning on how she could seduce Joy into some erotic nipple-fucking. What Lisa did not know was that Joy was also wanting to lock nipples with her. …. .. It was just a matter of time. Yes, Lisa had big plans for her life... plans that included a lot of nipple-fucking, titfighting and sexfighting.

Lisa and Amanda


It was a little after five o'clock when Lisa parked her car in front of the apartment she shared with Amanda. As she unlocked the door and walked inside she hollered for her roommate.. “Amanda . . I'm hone.. . . . Amanda?”

“I'm in the bedroom.”

Lisa put down her purse and walked toward the bedroom. They shared a small one bedroom apartment which was fine with both girls. . . if gave them more opportunity to fuck each other. As Lisa walked into the bedroom she saw Amanda laying on the bed .. naked … with her fingers buried inside her wet pussy. “I've been waiting for you.” Amanda whispered as she looked up at Lisa. Lisa quickly began to take off her clothes as she watched Amanda slide her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. “Hurry.” Amanda moaned. . . . “I want to fuck.” She stared as Amanda push her fingers deeper and deeper into her tight wet cunt as she finished undressing and walked toward the bed.

“God Amanda, you are soooooooo fucking hot !!” Lisa said as she climbed up on the bed and slowly crawled up between Amanda's legs. “Let me taste you. . .. let me taste your sweet pussy juice.”

“Mmmmmm.” Amanda moaned as she pulled her fingers out of her soaked cunt and reached up toward Lisa's lips... smearing her hot wetness over Lisa's lips before sliding her fingers inside Lisa's wet mouth. “Suck my pussy juice off my fingers you dirty tramp.”

Lisa moaned as she tasted Amanda's sweetness... a taste that she had grown to love. “Oh Amanda... you are sooooooooo delicious.” Lisa sucked on Amanda's fingers as Amanda moved her other hand to her tits and began to play with her stiff nipples.. twisting her nipples between her fingers as she watched Lisa suck her fingers. After a few moments Lisa wanted a better taste of Amanda's sweetness as she knelt down between Amanda's thighs and began to kiss Amanda's pussy with her lips. … slowly sliding her lips up and down Amanda's pussy lips... smearing Amanda's juices over her lips and chin and she moved her mouth up and down the wet slit that was in front of her.

“Tongue fuck me Lisa.” Amanda moaned.

“You sure are impatient Amanda.”

Amanda raised her voice ..“Tongue fuck me now, you bitch!”

“Mmmmm.” Lisa replied as she pushed her tongue inside Amanda's wet pussy.. swirling her tongue around and around.

“Oh yessssssssss.. deeper..... deeper!”

Lisa extended her tongue as far as she could and pushed it inside Amanda.. until her lips were tightly pressed against Amanda's swollen pussy lips.... pressing … her lips and chin wet with Amanda's juices as she wiggled her tongue inside Amanda.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss!”

Amanda began to squeeze her big tits, pinching and twisting her hard nipples as Lisa began to thrust her tongue in and out of her vagina . . . tongue fucking Amanda... in and out … in … out … in … out... pushing … in … out …. thrusting … in and out … licking.... in... out . . . again and again …as Amanda began to move her hips.. fucking Lisa's mouth with her wet pussy as Lisa's mouth began to make wet slurping sounds. . . her tongue moving faster and faster as she tongue fucked her hot sexy roommate.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . don't stop !!”

Lisa moved her lips up to Amanda's swollen clit as she pushed two fingers up inside Amanda's dripping pussy and began thrusting her fingers in and out of Amanda's hot hole.. . . twisting her fingers around and around with each hard thrust... finger-fucking Amanda as her lips closed around Amanda's clit … sucking it deep into her mouth …. Amanda closed her eyes as Lisa worshiped her pussy with her fingers and her mouth... sucking … fingering … licking and lapping Amanda's clit with her tongue between each hard suck from her lips. … Lisa was driving Amanda closer and closer toward an orgasm as her fingers darted in and out of Amanda's hot cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Lisa !!!” Amanda moaned deeply as she bucked her hips hard against Lisa's mouth and fingers. “Oh my God... I am gonna cum you bitch!! … You fucking dirty bitch !!!”

“Cum for me Amanda!” Lisa moaned as she continued to suck her clit hard.. her fingers pushing deep inside Amanda … twisting .. thrusting.... in and out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh ….. Ohhhhhhhhhh shit! … Cummmmming!” Amanda's body tensed as her pussy clinched tightly around Lisa's fingers.. her clit vibrating between Lisa's sucking lips. “Cummming !!!” Lisa felt the hot gush against her thrusting fingers as she sucked hard on Amanda's pulsing clit.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amanda moaned deeply. Lisa sucked and sucked as Amanda's orgasm flooded through her body.. “Mmmmmmmmm Lisa.” Amanda panted. As Amanda's orgasm finally faded away, Lisa removed her fingers from Amanda's drenched cunt and scooted up on top of Amanda... dragging her huge E cup tits up Amanda's body until she was laying on top of Amanda tit to tit … their huge tits mushrooming together as Lisa lowered her mouth to Amanda's and kissed her deeply... sharing Amanda's cum in a long deep tongue kiss.... both women moaning together. “Ohh Lisa, that was so good.”

Lisa smiled .. “We're just getting started.” She rolled off of Amanda and twisted her body around.. laying back down on top of Amanda as she straddled Amanda's face with her pussy. Amanda quickly reached up around Lisa, grabbing her hard tight buttocks in her hands and pulled Lisa down on her face.. her tongue pushing inside Lisa's wet pussy. Lisa once again lowered her mouth to Amanda's wet cunt as the two hot girls locked themselves into a 69 suck-fuck. As they began licking and slurping at each others wet cunts, neither girl heard the door to their apartment open. It was Emily …. Lisa's younger sister who had dropped by to say 'hello'. She had not seen her older sister in a couple of weeks and wanted to 'catch up'. Emily worked at Hooters as a server, but tonight she was starting her new position as one of the bartenders . . . . she was not scheduled to be at work for a couple of more hours and thought she would drop in and visit with her sister Lisa. As soon as Emily walked inside and closed the door behind her she heard moaning sounds coming from the bedroom. She quietly walked toward the bedroom … the door was open and she gasped as she saw Lisa and Amanda clutching each other tight as they continued to tongue fuck each other. Emily had briefly met Amanda a couple of times when visiting Lisa, but had no idea that the two girls were obviously lovers.


Emily Catt was Lisa's little sister.. even though their tits were practically the same size. She had graduated from high school a couple of months earlier and was just coming from the library where she had been doing some research for one of her two college classes she was taking this summer. Emily had long beautiful long blonde hair with brown eyes. She was 5'6” tall and weighed 119 pounds. Measuring 39½-24-34 and with tits big enough to fill up the large cups of a 34DD bra …and sometimes a 34E bra, she was the envy of every girl in her high school graduating class. Her senior year was the most fun.. she was the homecoming queen as well as the class favorite.. and was crowned queen at her senior prom.... simply because she had no competition... no other girl was as beautiful... no other girl was as sexy.. and certainly no other girl had tits the size of hers. It was not always that way... there was another girl.... her name was Jennifer. At one time they were friends but as they got older they began to compete with each other.. who was the prettiest? … who was the cutest? …. who was sexier? …. and who had the biggest tits? When they were sophomores, Emily was elected class favorite... when they were juniors, Jennifer was elected class favorite.. they were cheerleaders together but their friendship turned into hatred by the end of their junior year in high school. They competed for the most popular boys and girls. It was like a contest to see who could fuck the most boys as well as the most girls. Fortunately, for both of them, Jennifer had moved to a different school her senior year.. which, as stated above, left Emily with no competition. They had met a few times since Jennifer had moved... brief encounters which mostly consisted of trash talk between them. However, Emily was hoping to 'hook-up' with Jennifer at some point in time. She knew all about sexfighting and had already been in a few sexfights.. and she wanted to sexfight Jennifer.. to once and for all prove that she was truly the most beautiful, cutest and sexiest girl.

Emily was also into nipple-fucking. She had huge nipples.. slightly more than an inch long and they were hard as steel. Nothing gave her more pleasure than to push her rigid nipples deep inside another girls tit... to over power her... to dominate her adversaries nipples with her own... She knew about nipple orgasms and had personally experienced the pleasure of a nipple orgasm many times. She could not wait for the moment to push her huge nipples deep inside Jennifer's tits and watch her squeal with pleasure.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Emily stood there, her mouth gaped open as she watched her sister and her roommate licking and sucking each others cunts. She took a couple of small steps to her left so that she was barely peeking around the edge of the doorway that led into the bedroom. Lisa and Amanda were moaning into each others cunts as they licked and slurped at each others hot wet fuck-holes. …. stabbing their tongues into each others vaginas with wild abandon. Emily kinda suspected that her sister was into other girls . . . and now she knew for sure. 'My God', Emily thought to herself as she watched the two hot girls tongue fucking the shit out of each other .. Emily's mind began to wander ..'Lisa's tits are as big as mine, maybe even bigger'. Lisa and Amanda were getting close to another orgasm as they kept up their torrid pace … driving their tongues in and out of each others cunt. . . . their moans becoming louder and louder. It was hot as hell as Emily reached down and placed her hand at the front of her shorts and began rubbing her pussy. She had always had this dirty kinky dream of fucking her sister. . . it seemed so nasty and so taboo. . . . but she never knew for sure that Lisa was really into girls … now she had proof. . . . now she knew. Their moans had now turned into a constant erotic sound … the only moments of silence was when they gasped for more air... their big tits plastered against each others hard abs as their bodies began to quiver and shake. Emily could feel the wetness in her panties as she kept rubbing herself as she watched Lisa and Amanda reach the pinnacle together … moaning and grunting into each others soaking cunts as they came together..... their faces buried in each others wet slit... their bodies stiffened as they clutched each other tight … she could hear each of them moaning into each others cunt … “Cumming.” … “Cumming with you.” “Ahhhh” “Ohhhhh” “Cumming!!” …. “Yessssssssss Cumming.” God it was soooooooooo fucking hot!

Emily moved away from the doorway as she continued to listen... after a few minutes the moaning had began again. Peeking around the doorway she saw them scissored together... grinding their cunts together as they lay on their backs... their hips moving together as they pushed hard into each other. Emily could hear the sweet squishing sounds of their wet cunts sliding and thrusting together. . . . slurping at each other... as if they were trying to suck each others cunt with their own. Once again Emily moved her hand down to her shorts and began stroking her pussy as Lisa and Amanda fucked. Minute after minute they worked their wet cunts together... squishing into each other as their hips rocked together... “I am going to make you cum first!” It was Amanda's voice. “No fucking way … you are going to cum first!” She heard her sister reply. 'Holy fuck . . . they were sexfighting!'

Emily watched as they both lifted their asses up and began to grind hard into each other in mid-air. . . . each girl grabbing the others leg for leverage as they pushed hard into each other... twisting their hot sticky cunts together again and again as they began to grind their pussys together. For the next ten minutes Lisa and Amanda fucked their wet cunts together as Emily continued to massage her pussy. It was the hottest thing Emily had ever seen. It was obvious that Lisa and Amanda were very skilled at sexfighting as they pushed their wet holes together in a deep grind . . . .their hips moving as they slid their cunts together .. up and down... back and forth... straining together to push their cunts together as hard as they could . “Do you feel my clit fucking yours?” Amanda gasped.

“Oh fuck yessss . . . . Do you feel my clit fucking yours Amanda?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... God yessssss. I can feel your clit fucking mine Lisa!”

“Cum for me Amanda!”

“Cum for me Lisa!”



Emily knew they were close to cumming as she stroked her wet cunt.

“Lisa !! You dirty whore!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Amanda.. you fucking cunt!!”


Emily was almost there . . . . she could feel the pressure building in her pussy as her clit began to throb with pleasure.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lisa !!! Gonna cummmmmmmmmm”

“Yessssssssssss Amanda . . . . let it go.”

“Shit!! . . . . Cummmmmmmmmming !!”

Emily pinched her clit hard as her body began to tremble.

“Oh My God Lisa !!! I'm Cummmmmming soooooooooo fucking hard!!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Amanda... I can feel your pussy cumming on mine!”

Emily gasped as the waves of pleasure flowed through her pussy . . . soaking her panties as she began to cum. . . she stepped away from the doorway as her body began to shake. It was all she could do to force herself to keep from moaning as she leaned back against the wall, listening … as Lisa reached her orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Amanda !! I am cummmmmmming!!”

“Yesssssssss Lisa... I want to feel your pussy gushing against mine!!”


“Cummmmmmmmming again Lisa !!!! Cummmmming with you!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . cummmmmming together!”



As Lisa and Amanda continued to moan and gasp, Emily regained her composure and quietly slipped out the front door with one thought on her mind . . . or, . . rather two thoughts on her mind... she had to fuck Amanda... and she had this evil demented desire to fuck her sister Lisa. It was all she could think about as she drove to Hooters.

Her pussy was still wet when she arrived. She clocked in a little after seven and walked toward the bar ….she noticed an older man sitting at the bar. Emily had seen him at Hooters several times over the last week. He looked to be about forty years old.. give or take a few years. Emily walked by him as she made her way around the end of the bar and began to visit with Tina.. another bartender at Hooters who was about to leave for the day now that Emily had arrived. Tina and Emily talked for a couple of minutes then Tina clocked out and left as the man spoke for the first time.


“Hi yourself... can I get you another beer?”



“You have a good memory.”

Emily smiled as she went to get his beer. A minute later Emily was back with a Shiner Bock. “Here ya go.”

“Sooo you are kinda new here, right?”

“I've been working here a few months.”

“Like it?”

“Love it.”

“I'm Rick.”

“Yeah, I've seen you here a few times.. it's nice to put a name with a face. Nice to meet you Rick …. Emily.”

“Nice to meet you Emily.”

"You know, you really do look familiar.. Do I know you?" Emily asked.

'Shit!' Rick thought to himself.. 'She looks about the same age as Jennifer.. I wonder if they know each other?' "No, I do not think so." he answered.

"I guess you just have one of those faces."

"Yeah, I guess so." Rick replied.

Emily began restocking a case of Coors Light as Rick sipped on his beer. “Hey Emily, may I ask you a question?”

Emily turned around and replied, “Sure”

“Would you like to earn a little extra cash?”

Emily stared at Rick … “I don't think I like where this is going.”

“No, please ...It's not what you think. I am not suggesting that I pay you for sex.”

“Well that's a relief.”

Rick smiled as he continued. “May I ask a personal question?”

Emily leaned over the counter, her huge tits bulging against her tight Hooters top, “I guess it depends on how personal it is.”

“If you are offended about what I am about to say, then I will leave and never bother you again... ok?”

“All right … what is this personal question?”

“Do you know what titfighting is?”

Emily smiled at Rick.. “Un huh.”

“Ok.” Emily could tell that Rick was a little nervous as he continued … “Would you be interested in titfighting someone if I paid you?”

Emily smiled as she whispered, “You want me to titfight someone and you will pay me to do so?”


“Who? And how much?” Emily whispered.

“How much would you want?”

Emily thought for a second... “It depends on who it is.. and for how long.”

“I can show you a photo.” Rick picked up his phone and searched for the photo, then turned his phone toward Emily and showed her the picture.

“She's pretty... and really big. Who is she?”


“She has a nice rack . . .Has Joy done this for you before?”

“Yes... a few times.”

“And how much do you pay Joy?”

“Two hundred dollars.”

“Ok... so you want to pay me two hundred dollars to titfight Joy... and you are going to be there?”

“Yes.. but I will only watch... nothing else.”

“I want to talk to her about this.”

Rick pulled up Joy's number on his phone.. “You can call her right now if you want.”

Emily was not sure if this was on the 'up and up', so she took Rick's phone and dialed the number. A woman answered the phone.. “Joy Antonelli.”

“Hi Joy... this is Emily... do you know someone named Rick?”

Joy's voice was not much more than a whisper. . . . “Yes, I know Rick.”

Emily got right to the point. . . .“Well... I am talking to him right now and he wants to pay me to titfight you.. Is this for real or is this some kind of a joke?”

“It's for real.”

“Soooooooo.. you have done this with Rick before?”

“Yes I have.”

“And he only watches.. and does nothing else?”

“Rick is an ok guy... all he does is watch.. you will be completely safe.”

“Ok... thank you.” Emily disconnected the phone conversation and handed the phone back to Rick. “Ok Rick... sounds like fun... how does this work?”

“We will set up a time.. that is good for both of you. She will get a motel room and I will meet you somewhere and take you there... we can go in your car... when we are finished, you can take me back to my car … well, actually it's a pickup.”

“I am free during the day tomorrow.”

“I will call her right now.” Rick dialed the number and waited for Joy to answer her cell phone ..

“Joy Antonelli.”

“Hey Joy, this is Rick... I have someone who wants to titfight you.”

“I think I just spoke with her... Emily?”

“Yes... she is free during the day tomorrow.”

“How about noon?”

Rick looked at Emily.. “How about noon tomorrow?”

“Works for me.”

“She said noon tomorrow is fine. …. ok ….... sure..... yes … I will tell her... Yes, of course.. just a sec. … She wants your cell phone number.” Rick handed the phone to Emily.

“Hi Joy … 555-4040” She then handed the phone back to Rick.

“Ok Joy.. got it? . . . . . sure... ok sounds great... Bye Joy.” Rick looked at Emily as he continued “She will text you with the address when she gets there.”

Emily smiled, “Ok.”

“I will meet you at LaPaloma park at noon. I will get there early... look for a black Ford pickup. I will be standing outside of the truck waiting.”

“Sounds like a plan Rick.”

Rick placed a twenty dollar bill on the counter... “Keep the change.”

“Thanks.... but aren't you forgetting something?”

Rick gave her a blank look.

“Two hundred dollars.”

“And what happens if you don't show up?”

“You know where I work.”

“True. Ok …..” Rick reached for his wallet and found two hundred dollar bills, folded them a few times so the camera could not tell what they were, and handed them to Emily.. “A tip for you.”

“Thank you Rick.”

Rick got up from his bar stool and walked away as Emily smiled to herself and thought.. “Joy looks hot.... titfighting her will be fun... and to get paid for it... even better!”

As soon as Joy had completed her conversation with Rick and Emily she left her home and headed to the Lincoln Law Firm. She had went home after work to change into something more revealing with the intent of seducing Jane.

To be continued