By AngelDawn30


Jane and Joy


Jane continued to work after the law firm had closed for the day. It was now a little after 7:45 and time for her to prepare herself for Joy. She had just enough time to change into something more seductive with the intent of seducing Joy. ... She took off her jacket and slipped off her blouse and skirt, went to her wardrobe closet and put on another blouse. It was white with a low cut neckline. She left the top two buttons undone which allowed her to show an abundant amount of cleavage. She found the right skirt to compliment the blouse. It was a navy mini skirt and it was very short. Way too short to wear during business hours as the hemline was easily eight inches above the center of her knees. It revealed quite a bit of her firm athletic legs. The four inch heels completed the look, adding to her five foot eight inch frame which now made her six feet tall. She looked intimidating. .. and sexy as hell. She walked over to the loveseat in her office and sat down... wanting to make sure that her skirt rode up high enough... and it did... way past the middle of her bare thighs.... practically all the way up to her panties. ... If Joy was into girls, then she would not be able to resist the way Jane was dressed.

Joy had also changed into a very short black mini skirt.... equally as short as the one Jane had chosen, and with her four inch heels, she also measured six feet tall. Joy had chosen a low cut light pink blouse to wear with her black mini skirt, and, like Jane, had intentionally left the top two buttons undone. Her long dark hair was perfect.. her make up was perfect.. her lip gloss was perfect.. she felt a twinge in her cunt as she got off the elevator and called Jane. “Hi Jane, it's me, Joy. I am here.”

“Be right there.”

Joy loved what she was seeing as Jane's huge tits bounced slightly as she strutted toward the glass doors of the Lincoln Law firm. Jane's eyes were transfixed on Joy's big tits and her amazing cleavage as she approached the door. She noticed that Joy was also wearing a very short mini skirt.. she also was very aware of Joy's massive rack. The deep line of Jane's cleavage was well displayed as she unlocked the door and opened it for Joy.

“Hi Joy... it's nice to meet you ...come in.”

“Thank you Jane.”

Jane locked the door then turned around and faced Joy. Both women were very pleased that they seemed to be about the same height. “My office is this way.” Jane spoke softly as she stepped past Joy and strutted down the hallway toward her office, her tight hard ass swaying gently as she walked. 'Holy shit', Joy thought to herself as she followed Jane to her office. After both girls had entered, Jane closed and locked the door to her office before turning around and facing Joy. Their eyes wandered up and down each others bodies for almost a minute... checking each other out.. both of them very pleased with what they saw. Finally Jane spoke.. “You look amazing Joy.”

“You too Jane. ... amazing.... I love your skirt” Joy smiled

Jane smiled back .. “I was about to say the same thing!”

Once again, their eyes looked up and down each other.... each of them wondering.. “Who had the biggest tits?... who had the tightest ass? … and they also wondered if the other was into girls. Finally, Jane turned around and walked to her desk and picked up the documents that she needed to discuss with Jane. “I have a copy for you.” Jane said as she handed two sheets of paper to Joy, and keeping her copy in her hand.. “I have kept the language brief and to the point.... I believe it is all correct. .. if you would like to have a seat and read it.”

“I don't mind standing and reading it.. I have been sitting all day long.”

Jane laughed.. “So have I... fine... we can stand and go over it.... in fact, we can share, if that is ok with you.”

“It's fine with me Jane.” Joy smiled as she handed her copy back to Jane.

Jane reached out and took the papers and leaned over, letting Joy get a good look at her vast cleavage as she turned and tossed the copy on her desk before turning back and facing Joy. Holding the document in her right hand, Jane slightly turned her body toward the right which caused her left tit to move a little bit closer to Joy. Joy turned her body slightly to the left which caused her right tit to move a little closer to Jane's left tit. As Jane held the paper up and both women looked at it, Jane inched a little bit closer, brushing the front of her blouse covered left tit against Joy's blouse covered right tit. Neither women acknowledged this as Jane began to read the document she held in her hand. With their faces turned to the side, Jane continued reading as she slowly leaned forward a tiny bit more... her left tit was now definitely touching Joy's right tit. They held their stance together as Jane finished. She then turned toward Joy, which allowed their other two tits to touch together... with only their blouses and bras between those four huge round firm globes. With their lips just a few inches apart, Jane whispered, “Do you have any questions.”

“Yes.” Joy whispered back as she leaned closer.. the fronts of their tits slightly mushrooming together... and both women were well aware of the slight pressure against each others tits. “Where do I sign off on this?”

Jane smiled and stepped back, turned and walked to her desk and laid the document down on top of her desk.. pointing .. as she handed Joy a pen.. “Right here.”

Joy took the pen from Jane's hand and signed the document.

“Thank you.”

Joy smiled at Jane.. “You are welcome.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Jane asked in a quiet voice.

Joy gave Jane an evil grin as she whispered, “I am not sure.. but there is something I want to do.”

“And what would that be?” Jane asked. Joy inched back just a little bit from Jane and placed her hands between them and began unbuttoning the remaining buttons on Jane's blouse. As her fingers fumbled with the buttons, Jane spoke softly.. “Just rip it open.”

Joy was more than eager to comply as she moved her hands to the front of Jane's blouse and ripped it apart... buttons flying everywhere and bouncing off the hardwood floor of Jane's office. She lowered her eyes to Jane's incredible rack and spoke.. “Is there anything you want to do?”

“Yes.” Jane's answer was short and sweet as she grabbed the front of Joy's blouse and ripped it open... the room echoing the sound of buttons bouncing off the floor. As Jane looked down between them she moved her hands to Joy's blouse and slowly pulled it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind her. She took a brief moment to stare at Joy's huge tits, still encased in her black bra before speaking. “Is there something else that you would like to do Joy?”

“Absolutely.” Joy stepped around behind Jane and pulled her blouse off her shoulders and off her arms, letting it fall to the floor. She then reached around Jane with her hands and cupped her huge tits.... gently squeezing the big cups of Jane's black bra.

“Mmmmmm.” Jane moaned as Joy's fingers dug into her dense tits.

“Your tits are amazing.” Joy whispered.

“So are yours.” Jane whispered as she stepped forward and turned around facing Joy. Placing her hands on Joy's huge tits, she slowly began to run her fingers over the big cups of Joy's bra. “It looks like your bra is too tight... you are spilling out of the cups.”

“Yeah, they swell a little bit when I get aroused.” Joy replied as she placed her hands on the front of Jane's bra and began softly stroking the huge cups with her fingers. “It also looks like your bra is too small.”

“Un huh, my tits also expand when I am sexually aroused.”

Joy kept massaging Jane's voluptuous tits through her bra... “They are so fucking firm.”

“So are yours Joy... they feel like they are getting harder.”

“Um hmmm, the skin gets really tight and they do get harder... your tits feel like they are getting harder too.”

“I want to see them.” Joy whispered as she moved her hands around Jane's back, momentarily pushing her big tits against Jane's as she unhooked Jane's bra and slid the straps off her shoulders before pulling Jane's bra off and letting it fall to the floor. “My God, you are huge!” Joy gasped as she looked at Jane's naked tits for the first time... “And your nipples are the biggest, longest nipples I have ever seen! … they are fucking incredible!”

Jane smiled as she leaned against Joy's tits with hers and reached around behind her and unfastened Joy's bra... slipping it off and letting it fall to the floor. “Damn girl, your tits are huge!... and your nipples are very impressive too Joy,” Jane gasped as she once again placed her hands on Joy's tits and began kneading the dense firm globes. Joy placed her hands back on Jane's naked tits and began squeezing her massive tits. They were standing so close together that the back of their hands were touching as they lifted and weighed each others tits.. kneading and squeezing the huge heavy globes with their fingers. Both women began to moan as their fingers dug deeper... each one feeling how dense and hard the others tits were. Joy had felt many a pair of tits in her life but she could not remember ever fondling a pair of tits that were as firm and heavy as Jane's. Jane was thinking the same thoughts as she pressed her fingers into the big hard tits that were riding high on Joy's chest. They were amazing! Each woman began to compare their tits with each other. Whose tits were bigger? …. whose tits were more firm? …. Whose nipples were harder?” For several minutes they felt-up each others tits with their hands and fingers before Joy moved her fingers to Jane's extraordinary nipples and began rolling them between her fingers … “Ohhhhhhh Joy, that feels soooooooo good.”

“I can't get over how long they are!” Joy whispered as she began to pinch and tug on Jane's rigid nipples. “They have to be at least an inch long!... certainly longer than mine.”

Jane wrapped her fingers around Joy's ¾ inch long hard nipples and began twisting and rolling them with her fingers.. “Your nipples are wonderful Joy... nice and hard!... I love them.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” Joy moaned as Jane teased her erect nipples.

“I want to suck them.” Jane whispered as she stepped back and lowered her head down, puckered her lips, and placed them on Joy's right nipple. As she began to suck, Joy moved her hands to Jane's long blonde hair and tugged.... pulling her face closer to her tit. Jane knew how to suck a nipple. Sure, anyone can suck a nipple, but Jane's mouth had special talents... she knew exactly how to grasp a throbbing nipple between her luscious lips... she knew exactly how to swirl her tongue over the sensitive tip of a nipple … she knew exactly how to use her teeth to tease and torment a hard nipple .. and she began to use her experience on Joy's nipple... sucking and licking … gently nibbling with her teeth … licking and lapping at Joy's thick hard throbbing nipple. Joy moaned with delight as Jane worked her magic with her mouth..... She began to suck harder.. sucking as much of Joy's nipple and areola into her mouth as she could.. her tongue licking around the hard shaft as she sucked... her teeth nibbling.... as she slowly pulled her mouth back... pulling and tugging on Joy's hardened nipple … stretching it... extending it's length with her sucking mouth.. until it popped out from between her tight lips.

“Gawd!” Joy moaned as Jane moved her mouth to her left nipple... sucking and licking .. tugging and pulling... stretching her nipple... gently biting... driving Joy crazy with lust. For several long grueling minutes Jane sucked Joy's nipples... the left.. then the right... then the left nipple.. then the right nipple... deep sucking … hard sucking... Joy felt her pussy twitching and her juices began to flow. Finally, Joy could not stand it any longer and tugged on Jane's hair, pulling her face away from her nipple with a loud 'pop' as her nipple freed itself from between Jane's sucking lips. “Ohhhhhhhhhh shit.” Joy moaned. “I want to suck your huge nipples Jane!” she gasped.

Jane stepped back and sat down on the hardwood floor, motioning for Joy to join her. Joy knelt down, and as she was kneeling, Jane reached out and pushed her over on her back. Jane quickly laid down beside her in the opposite direction on her side and pulled Joy toward her so that Joy's tits were in her face. Jane's tits were also in Joy's face and a moment later... laying on their sides... they began to simultaneously suck each others nipples.... it was deep sucking... no more teasing... no more playing around. Jane and Joy devoured each others nipples deeply in their mouths as they sucked hard.. pulling as much of each others tit into their mouths as they could.. licking and biting... tugging and pulling... twisting their mouths against each others dense titflesh as they sucked and sucked and sucked... minute after endless minute they sucked hard at each others nipples. Jane's cunt began to spasm as she felt wetness flooding her panties. Joy felt a wet discharge between her thighs at the same time as they continued to mouth and lick at each others sensitive nipples... they were getting close to having a mutual nipple orgasm as they continued their oral assault on each others throbbing spikes. Moaning and groaning they kept feasting on the hard nipples that were being sucked deep into their mouths... a few more intense minutes passed as their moaning became louder and louder.. they were squirming against each other.. their heels slipping and sliding on the waxed hickory hardwood floor as they sucked each other off. …. tongues dancing... lips tugging .. teeth nibbling... on and on and on.... their bodies began to tremble.. Jane felt the electricity flowing from her nipple all the way thorough her body to her pussy. Joy was almost there … so was Jane.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Joy gasped loudly as she pulled her lips from Jane's nipple... “SHIT!!! …. Gonna cummm....”

Jane kept sucking hard.... relentless …. pulling and tugging and sucking.

“Ohhhhhhhh you nasty bitch!!!!” Joy screamed .. “Cummmmmming!!!” Jane's cheeks were hollowed as she sucked on Joy's nipple as hard as she could, feeling Joy's hot body trembling and shaking with her orgasm. “Cumming sooooooooooo good!” Joy continued to scream. Jane felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as Joy shook from her nipple orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh my God.” Joy moaned.

Jane let Joy's stiff nipple pop out of her mouth as she rolled away, getting to her knees, then standing up. She reached out and grabbed Joy's hand in hers, helping Joy get to her knees before helping her stand up. Facing each other, Jane placed her hands on Joy's shoulders and jerked her body into hers.. their big heavy tits slapping together with a loud 'smack.' “Ouuuuuuu” Jane gaped as her dense tits met Joy's dense tits head on in an enormous collision of heavy firm titflesh.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Joy moaned as their tits met and mushroomed together. Only a few inches of their big tits spread out against each other. They were just too fucking dense. Too fucking firm. Their hard nipples and areolas were hidden from view along with a couple of inches of their breast-meat as they pushed their huge swollen tits together. It was like two bowling balls that had been slammed together.

“My God.” Jane gasped.

“Holy Shit!” Joy whimpered as they pushed hard into each other... trying to flatten the others tits with their own... but to no avail. Those four humongous globes were too firm and hard for either pair to yield to the other. Joy had now placed her hands on Jane's shoulders and they mutually pushed each other back until their tits had separated.. then they yanked themselves together again with a loud 'splat'. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy yelled at the deep impact of their heavy tits colliding again.”

“Unnnnnnnnnn” Jane moaned at the contact between their swollen tits. Again they held their treasures together... pushing and leaning into each other until once again they separated... and slammed their big heavy tits together again.. 'Smack' .. “Owwww” Jane gasped from the stinging in her tits.

“Ohhhhhh God.” Joy gasped with her as her own tits felt the deep stinging from the last hard slap. “Shit!!” Joy winced. The titfight was on. Holding each other at the top of each others shoulders.. they jerked their pride and joy together again... hard... both women gasping. Neither could remember ever slamming her tits into another pair of tits that felt so hard.... neither could recall smashing their heavy tits into another pair that felt so firm. It was a first for both of them... and they were concerned. Again they slammed together.. “SMACK!” It was a loud smack as the tightened skin of their immense globes slapped against each other. Again … “SLAP!”.... again … “SMACK” Again and again they jerked their tits together... establishing a rhythm... slamming their 'girls' together in a steady beat... over and over.. SLAP …. SMACK … SLAP … SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP .. minute after minute... until they felt pain. SLAP …. SMACK … SLAP … SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP. Sometimes their hard nipples would meet head on .. drilling deep into each others tits.. and sometimes those powerful nipples would stab deep into each others sensitive areolas. Each time their big tits slapped together they would gasp and moan... as over and over they continued their assault on each others tits. Their long hair whipping in the air... SLAP …. SMACK … SLAP … SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP. Joy's titfights usually lasted only a few minutes. She could almost always easily overpower an opponent quickly because of the size and weight of her heavy dense tits. Jane rarely was in a titfight that last more than several minutes. … her tits were just too fucking big and firm for anyone to bounce tits with her for more than a few minutes... but here they were.. slamming their babies together... slamming them together hard... very hard... as their titfight pasted the ten minute mark. Constantly slamming together... the loud smacks that their tits would make each time they met head on was echoing off the walls and the hardwood floor. SLAP …. SMACK … SLAP … SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP … it was intense … their huge tits were stinging.. their big tits were turning a little red. Joy was not one to back down, and Jane did not know the meaning of the word 'quit' as they slapped and smacked the tremendous weight of their heavy tits together again and again.. SLAP …. SMACK … SLAP … SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP.

“Give up Jane.. before I flatten your tits.” Joy gasped.

“Never.” Jane responded between deep breaths.

SLAP …. SMACK.. SLAP … SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

SLAP …. SMACK … SLAP ….. SMACK …. SMACK.... SLAP .. SMACK .. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God.”

They had now been slamming their tits together for fifteen minutes ….the titfight had to end... Joy knew it.... and Jane knew it... but neither hot bitch was going to give in. They butted their huge tits together one more time... SMACK …. “Ohhhhhhhhh” Joy moaned.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Jane gasped.

Joy released her hold on Jane's shoulders and stepped back a couple of steps until she was about three feet from Jane and glared at her as she gasped between deep breaths, “Your tits are amazing,” Joy panted … “But mine are better.”

Jane stepped back a few feet as she glared back at Joy.. “Bullshit!”

With about six feet of space between them, they both placed their arms at their sides and arched their backs... sticking their huge globes out at each other... but neither hot bitch was intimidated. … they stood there … glaring at each other... and then, at the exact same moment in time … Jane and Joy bent their knees slightly .. and lunged at each other... 'SMACK!' … Their heavy dense tits met head on! “Ohhhhh Fuck!” Joy whimpered as she literally bounced back off of Jane.

“Gawd!” Jane cried out as she stumbled backwards.

Joy cupped her big melons. She was hurting. This was the most intense titfight she had ever had. Jane's magnificent tits were also hurting, but she resisted the urge to cup them. Instead, she snarled at Joy... “Again bitch!” Joy just barely got her hands out of the way as Jane lunged forward ... her huge heavy tits slamming into Joy's huge tits head on.. nipple to nipple .. … 'SMACK!!!' … “Ohhhhhhhhh God!” Joy screamed as the force of the massive collision caused her to stumble back a couple of steps. Before she could regain her footing, Jane slammed into her again with another powerful blow .. 'SMACK!' “Owwwwwwwwww!!” Joy screamed as she stumbled back again, almost losing her balance. She had to do something... and do it quickly … As Jane practically jumped toward her again, Joy braced herself … 'SMACK!!'.. “Ahhhhhhhh.” She moaned as Jane's tits slapped against hers again.... but before Jane could step back and continue her relentless battering, Joy quickly wrapped her arms around Jane, locking her wrists together behind Jane's back and pulled her into a bear hug... jamming their four over-sized tits together.

“Oouuuu.” Jane whispered as she wrapped her arms around Joy .. pulling her even tighter against her.. compressing their big tits together... feeling them begin to spread out against each other. They tightened their grips and began to squeeze.. at the same time they used their powerful athletic legs to push into each other.. the pressure on their tits began to build as the compression slowly increased. They moaned and whimpered as they ground their heavy tits together.. mashing their full dense titflesh together as hard as they could.

“Give up before I crush your tits with mine.” Joy gasped.

“Never.” Jane replied as they struggled together.. squeezing and grinding. For several long minutes they pushed and shoved at each other.. their arms squeezing as tight as was possible.. their eyes were locked together as they stared hatefully at each other, gasping for air as the compression was making it difficult to breathe. Slowly they lowered their eyes to each others massive racks as they continued to painfully squeeze their huge tits together. Jane's incredible tits were slightly bigger than Joy's impressive pair … not much, but it was enough for both of them to notice, and as they pushed hard into each other, suddenly Jane noticed that Joy's tits were beginning to spread out a little bit against hers. Joy noticed it too, but she was not willing to give up just yet as she found the strength to tighten her grasp around Jane's back just a tiny bit more. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” Jane whimpered as their massive tits squeezed together. Both sets of eyes continued to look down at each others tits for another couple of grueling endless minutes until they both realized that Joy's big tits were slowly and reluctantly yielding to Jane's big tits. As they both gasped for air, Joy had finally had enough.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh GOD!” She whimpered, “Awwwwwwwwww Shit!!!” She released her arms from around Jane and breathed deeply … “Ok... ok... enough.” Joy moaned. Jane was relieved... she was not sure how much longer she could have withstood the pressure on her tits. She released her arms from around Joy and stepped back as they once again stared at each other, their heavy tits rising and falling on their chests from their deep breathing. For the next couple of minutes, they continued to stare at each other as their breathing began to slow down. “My God Jane.... that was soooo fucking intense.”

“Yes it was.”

“We have to do it again sometime.”

“Yes we will.” Jane smiled as she replied. Still looking into Joy's eyes she began to squish her saliva around in her mouth . . . and then extended her tongue all the way out … a string of saliva drooling from the tip of her tongue and stringing down on her tits before finally breaking. Joy squished some saliva around in her mouth and extended her tongue with the same results … a strand of spit drooling off of her tongue and landing between her deep cleavage. Without another word being spoken, they moved toward each other until the tips of their tongues met … both hot big-titted bitches moaned as they pushed their tongues together.. their wide tongues began to flatten out against each other. They moved closer and closer until their upper lips touched.. the flat top surface of their long wet tongues extended completely out and grinding together. As they placed their arms around each others waist they slowly began to slide their wet tongues up and down against each other as their mixed spit was slowly squeezed out from between their grinding tongues. Within a few seconds a long bubbly string of their shared saliva was drooling from their joined tongues and stringing down to the tops of their big tits which were again pressed together. Jane and Joy began to moan as they slid their wet tongues up and down against each other, their bodies gently rocking back and forth as their spit covered tits began to slide against each other... their nipples flicking back and forth.... then, as if they had planned it in advance, they pulled their tongues apart... spit stringing between their wet tongues... then they pulled their tongues back into their mouths and loaded them up with spit again... and repeated their wet messy tongue grinding... sliding their tongues up and down against each other.. sometimes sliding them left and right against each other as an almost constant flow of their saliva drooled from their mashed tongues. Their big tits were rubbing back and forth against each other and both hot women could feel the wetness in their panties.

“I think it's time to fuck.” Jane whispered.

“Mmmmm Jane .. I want to grind my pussy against yours.”

They stepped back from each other as they began to unzip their short mini-skirts. In less than a minute they had pulled their short skirts down over their asses , letting them fall down their legs to their ankles. Then the panties came off.. sliding over their hard tight buttocks and down their legs. They kicked their skirts and panties off their feet and slowly knelt down on the waxed hickory hardwood floor with their heels still on. Within moments they had scissored their legs together as they leaned back and laid down on the floor... inching their hot wet cunts slowly together until their swollen wet pussy lips met. Jane's completely shaved naked cunt gently kissing Joy's shaved cunt. Jane could feel the little tuff of trimmed black pubic hair that was above Joy's pussy. It was about an inch wide and a couple of inches high. They pushed together a little more.. their hard tight buttocks sliding on the waxed floor, as their wet sticky labia began to spread out against each other. “Fuck me Jane.” Joy whispered in her sultry voice. Jane was more than willing to oblige the hot black-haired bitch as she pushed her cunt against Joy's and began grinding her hot wet pussy against Joy's hot wet pussy. They both moaned as they slid their wet sticky pussy lips up and down and around and around .. pushing and grinding together.

“Ohhhhhhhhh that feels soooooooooo fucking good Joy.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm soooooooooooooooo fucking good.”

Their pussys began to leak their sweetness into each other as they pushed and ground their open slits together... moaning and panting, their powerful hips working their heated vaginas tightly together as they humped each other.. squirming together. The next ten minutes were filled with constant grinding … constant moaning... constant humping … constant fucking … mashing and grinding their wet fuck-holes together. They were two hot over-sexed bitches in heat as they fucked themselves toward an orgasm. Jane and Joy were pushing and grinding hard into each other as Jane began to flex her powerful magical pussy against Joy's hot cunt and began to suck at Joy's cunt with hers. Joy's eyes fluttered as she felt the suction on her vagina.. Jane was sucking their mixed juices out of her cunt! “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck yes Jane!!” She wailed as she closed her eyes and moaned. Jane certainly did have a magical pussy. …. a trained pussy. … an experienced pussy … and she had developed unbelievable sucking skills with her exceptional pussy. She flexed her tight cunt again and again against Joy's cunt .. sucking … sucking … driving Joy insane with the deepest pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!!” Joy screamed as Jane pulled and tugged at Joy's pussy with hers. 'My God', Joy thought as she felt the suction on her cunt.. She had been with a few women who could use their pussy in this manner, but no one..... ever … ever, ever, ever, was sucking at her cunt with such power and force as Jane. …. It was incredible … it was astonishing .. it was magic. On and on they fucked... Joy tried to suck with Jane, and even though she was skilled at the art of flexing and sucking another cunt with her own, she was no match for Jane. She was not in the same league as this hot blonde lawyer. The pleasure was overwhelming and Joy could not resist the pleasure that was building deep inside her innermost being. The flood gates were about to burst open... and she gave in to Jane and her magic pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Jane! Yes! Yes! Yessssssss!!!” Joy screamed loudly. “Oh FUCK!! Cummmmmmmmming!!! …... Cummmmmming!!!” She gushed her heated girl cum into Jane's sucking pussy … feeling the suction from Jane's cunt sucking her cum out of her cunt. “Cummmmmmmming sooooooooooo fucking hard!!! Ohhhhhh Jane!!”

Jane was pleased that she had pushed Joy to an orgasm... it always gave her great emotional pleasure to force an orgasm from her partner. As Joy continued to thrash against her, Jane shifted her sucking cunt, sliding her talented vagina over Joy's hard protruding clit and fastened her pussy against Joy's clit. Again she sucked with her strong pussy... Joy was in heaven. Jane's pussy felt like a mouth sucking on her clit. Jane's pussy was that strong … Jane's pussy was that powerful .. the sucking was intense as Jane pulled and tugged and sucked at Joy's clit with her vagina and pussy lips.. it did not take very long for Joy to reach the threshold of ecstasy.. and a few seconds later she was cumming again. “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Joy moaned deeply as her body shook... her clit vibrating wildly as Jane sucked her to another orgasm. As Joy was panting and sighing with pleasure, Jane once again shifted her cunt against Joy's .. moving until she felt their hard sensitive clits touching. It was time for some clit to clit fucking. Nature put clits on the outside for a reason. ... To fuck another clit ... Having your clit pleasured, indirectly, from the inside, can be great. ... But another clit can do it directly, ... which is infinitely hotter. ...The most intense orgasms can only come from another girl directly using that which most distinctly makes her a girl.... When two clits touch together …. when two hot clits dance together ….. when two swollen clits grind together … when they kiss … when they throb against each other..... it's like two hot flames combining. … It's like two pieces of liquid fire burning together … melting together. .. and as Jane begin to grind her hard inch long clit against Joy's pulsing clit, it only took a few minutes for the fireworks to explode.

“Cummmmmmmmmming! Joy screamed.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Jane screamed with Joy. They gushed against each other at the same time …. cumming together... their hot cum splashing against each other and splattering on the hardwood floor.

Joy continued to shake and tremble as she quickly reached another orgasm. “Ohh Jane! Cummmmmmming again!!”

A few seconds later Jane also reached another orgasm, her clit twitching wildly against Joy's .. “Cummmmmmmmmming Joy!!! Cummmmmmmming!!” The sex crazed bitches panted and moaned together for several more minutes until Jane moaned .. “I want to taste you.”

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm” Joy whimpered. They pulled themselves apart, pussy cum stringing between their soaked pussy lips as they moved around in a 69 position. Their heels slipping and sliding on the slick waxed floor as Joy laid down on her back and Jane crawled above her.. lowering her body down on Joy's … their weighty tits pressing into each others hard abs. As Jane lowered her mouth down to Joy's cunt, Joy reached up and grabbed Jane's hard buttocks in her hands, pulling Jane's naked cunt down to her face... then the licking began... tongues stroking in and out of their open cunts. … licking and lapping … sucking at each others vibrating clits … pulling and tugging on each others extended swollen pussy lips … reaching deep inside each others vaginas with their fiery tongues … sucking each others labia deeply into their mouths.. tugging and pulling.. licking and lapping .. sucking and fucking until they reached another climax together.. “Cummmmmming!!!” Joy shrieked.

“Cummmmmmming!” Jane yelled as she came again with Joy … but these two hot insatiable women were not finished. Jane and Joy were lost in the moment and only had one desire.. to use each other for their own pleasure until they were exhausted. ...Once again they licked and sucked each other to yet another orgasm until they were cumming together again. .. Jane finally rolling off of Joy and turning around as they reached out and hugged each other... lying on the floor... snuggling together. It had been a good fuck...... They were spent. They held each other and kissed deeply for several minutes before they rolled apart.

Jane found a blouse that Joy could wear and within a few minutes they were dressed. They laughed about all the girl cum that was splattered on the floor as they wondered what the early morning cleaning ladies might think... and frankly .. Jane did not care what they might think. They kissed a few more times, Jane making sure that Joy left with a copy of the signed document.

“I hope we can do business again sometime Jane”

“Me too.... and if nothing comes up,, we will have to make something up.” Jane laughed and Joy laughed with her. They walked toward the door to Jane's office, their heels clicking on the hardwood floor before stepping out into the carpeted hallway. Jane walked with her to the front door and locked it behind them as they said 'goodnight'. It had been a wonderful evening... and as Jane drove home she thought about her meeting tomorrow night with Angel. Even though tonight had been very pleasurable and wonderful, somehow she knew that tomorrow night would be even better … much better. She felt her cunt twitch with anticipation as she smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was eleven in the evening.. Sara had been thinking all day about the job with Ashley. Sara really wanted the job. The pay was good and the fringe benefits were very very good. She began to think if there was a way that she could persuade Ashley to hire her instead of Amanda. She knew nothing of her qualifications... only that Ashley had said that she and Amanda were equally well qualified for the position. … Then Sara had an idea. Why should she let Ashley make the decision? She and Amanda could make the decision for her. She thought it was a brilliant plan.. if she could convince Amanda. She picked up her I-phone and touched the numbers .. the phone on the other end began to ring. … after several rings it went to voice mail … 'Hi, this is Amanda, please tell me who you are and why you are calling.' 'Please leave a message and I will return your call'... it sounded a little bitchy to Sara … but she began to speak anyway .. “Hi Amanda.. this is Sara. We met at Ashley Williams office yesterday. Give me a call... Bye.” She looked around her apartment, thinking of what she wanted to unpack next.. found a box marked with 'Kitchen stuff' ...opened it, and began unpacking.... By the time she had unpacked the box, her phone rang. She recognized the number as Amanda's. Using her sexiest voice Sara answered the call .. “Hi Amanda, thanks for calling me back. How are you?”

“I am fine, thanks for asking, sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower .. and how are you?”

“I'm good, thanks.” Sara began to laugh ..

Amanda laughed with her, not knowing why Sara was laughing.. “What is so funny Sara?”

“I almost said something that I should not say.”

“Tell me?” Amanda was curious.

“I was just going to say.. that I wish I could have been there to shower with you.” Sara laughed again.

Amanda was still laughing .. “That would be kinda hard to do... I have a small apartment with an even smaller shower.. there's just barely enough room for me to turn around.”

“Even better.”

“You are soooo bad Sara”

“But I am soooooo good when I am bad.”

“I have no doubt about that... so what can I do for you?”

“Well, Amanda ...I have been thinking about you and our little meeting... I still feel embarrassed that I was not paying attention.”

“Yeah, me too.. but it did give us a chance to meet.”

“Yes indeed.. and it gave us a chance to … how should I word it.... to... to make a good first impression.”

“Exactly... I only wish we could have had more time … to... well … you know”

“Know what, Amanda?”

Amanda was searching for the right words... “To uh .. get better acquainted”

“Are you talking about our hug?”

“Yes.. that is what I was trying to say Sara.”

“Then just say it... tell me... what are you thinking..” Sara was hoping that perhaps she could get Amanda to come up with the idea of the two of them getting together and making the decision about the job instead of leaving it up to Ashley.

“Ok... I would like to get together with you sometime... actually sometime very soon.”

“Oh?” Sara was playing it cool.

“Yes.” Amanda answered.

“And why do you want to get together with me.. as you said... very soon.”

“Sara ….”

“Come on Amanda … just say it.”

Amanda took a deep breath … “We need to take the decision about the job out of Ashley's hands... We need to decide who is going to get the job.”

Sara's plan was unfolding brilliantly .. “And how should we determine who gets the job.. do we take a test?”

Amanda's voice became a little more quiet .. “I know our little chance encounter only lasted a couple of minutes... but … Well..... I was very impressed with your breasts.”

“I was very impressed with your breasts as well, Amanda”

“Well Sara … I thought you might like to have a contest.. a competition... so we can settle this woman to woman ….Your tits against mine, Sara”

“You want to see who is bigger?”

“Not exactly Sara … I think our tits are about the same size... so it would be a fair contest. We need to settle this tit to tit”

Sara knew exactly what Amanda meant... but played along.. “What do you mean by that.. tit to tit.”?

“We touch our tits together.”

“That sounds like fun Amanda.. but I don't understand how that is going to resolve the issue.”

“We push our tits together Sara... and grind them together.. until either your tits are my tits lose their firmness and yields to the other”

“Go on” Sara was having a little fun with this conversation.

“Well Sara, its called many things.... titfighting, bouncing, busting … whatever you want to call it.. if we squeeze and push our tits together hard enough, then one pair of tits will overwhelm the other pair.. we will know it when it happens.”

“And how long does this take, Amanda?”

“Sometimes a just a few minutes.. sometimes longer... sometimes it could take an hour.. or even longer... it depends on how dense and firm each others tits are... and my are very firm..”

“So are mine.”

“Then it may take some time for one of us to wear the other down.”

“As long as it takes Amanda.”

“But Sara, what if our tits are equal... what if no one wins?”

“Then we fuck it out.”

“I would love nothing more than to fuck it out with you Sara.”

“Then why don't we do just that Amanda.. you hot bitch. Let's just fuck it out.”

“Me and you Sara, cunt to cunt... you nasty slut.”

“Pussy to pussy, fucking it out.”

“Fucking it out clit to clit you dirty whore.”

“Agreed... and the loser will remove her name for consideration for the job.”

“I agree Sara.”

“Ok... when?”

“I don't know... tomorrow?”

“Can't tomorrow.”

“What's the matter Sara... is your pussy afraid of mine?”

“Fuck you Amanda.”

“Fuck you Sara.”

“You know Amanda, I was beginning to like you, but now I see you for the bitch that you are!”

“Did you just call me a bitch?”

“Yeah I did.. you dirty whore-bitch!”

“Fuck you Sara. You fucking Bitch!!”

“I am gonna fuck the shit out of you Amanda!”



“Your place or mine?”

“Mine. Park Place Towers .. South tower ... Number 2269.”


“12 o'clock Noon”

“I'll be there you slut.. and I am going to fuck you senseless!”

“We'll see who fucks who senseless.. You fucking Bitch!!!” Sara yelled into her phone “Fucking piece of Whore-shit!!” then pushed the disconnect button.

As the line went dead Amanda yelled at the phone.. “Fucking Whore!!”

To be continued