By AngelDawn30


Angel arrived a little late to her office Tuesday morning.. It was almost eleven o'clock. Carol was already there and had several boxes stacked on her desk.. she seemed somewhat anxious as Angel walked toward her. “Hi Carol, how are you today?”

“I'm fine Ms. Johansen.” Even though Angel had told her countless times that she could call her 'Angel', Carol always refereed to her employer as 'Ms. Johansen'. It was a respect thing... that is just the way she was raised... and Angel accepted that. “I was wondering... I still have some packing to do, and the movers are coming Friday... would it inconvenience you.... if.... if … I ...”

Angel finished her sentence … “If today was your last day?”

“I have everything completely up to date... I can't think of anything that I may have missed.... and it would sure be nice of you if I...”

Again Angel finished her sentence, “If I could allow you to leave... now?”

“Yes Ms. Johansen... if it's not inconvenient”

Angel walked to Carol and put her arms around her .. “It will be fine Carol.” Angel hugged her.. “I am going to miss you”

“You have been so kind to me ….”

Angel stepped back... she did not want to have one of those 'girl cries' with Carol. That would only make this more difficult that it already was ...“Let me help you carry your things to your car” … five minutes later Carol was backing out of her parking space with her window rolled down..

“You will come and visit me and my sister sometime?” She asked.

“Yes I will .. Promise.” They waved goodbye and Carol was gone. Angel had to find a new assistant... but this time she was going to hire someone much younger.. about her age... and she had to be knowledgeable, smart, with bookkeeping experience, good typing and phone skills …. and … and … Angel was thinking …. and then she said it out loud... what she really wanted... “A hot bitch with big tits... really big tits” .. Angel walked back to her office .. “How do I advertise for a hot bitch with big tits?” She laughed. Then Angel had an idea …

She sat down at her desk and called Jane. She wanted to tease her again anyway and this would be a good excuse to call. After being placed on hold for a minute Jane answered.. “Hi Angel … miss me?”

“How can I miss you when we haven't met?”

Jane laughed … “How are you?”

“Bigger than you”

“You are not”

“Yes I am, and I am going to provide evidence... evidence that will hold up in court”

Jane laughed again.. “Well, we will have to see about that, won't we?”

“Yes we will.. I have a question for my attorney”

Now it was Jane's turn to tease Angel .. “Technically, I am not your attorney yet.. we have to sign papers when we meet tomorrow night before I am legally on a retainer.” Jane smirked to herself.


“I am just teasing you Angel … how can I help”

“My bookkeeper has left me to move to California to be with her sister and I need to hire someone to replace her.... to do my bookkeeping, answer the phone, schedule appointments, keep me up to date on the cases I am working and all of that stuff”

“You should call an employment service”

“Yes, well, … here's the thing Jane … She needs to be attractive,, and also needs to be my personal assistant...”

Jane knew what Angel was saying... as she prodded her along .. “And have big tits?”

Angel giggled... “You already know me so well... of course she has to have big tits.. I love big tits.... if I am going to hire someone.. big tits is a prerequisite”

“And she has to fuck you now and then?”

“That is what a personal assistant does Jane”

Jane laughed.. “You can't be serious”

“Actually... I am … and I wanted to know how I can advertise for this person.”

“Well, you could post an add that read something like this … Wanted... very attractive sexy lady with big tits to occasionally fuck me. Also must have good office skills.” Jane laughed as she finished her sentence.

“I can't do that!”

“Of course you can't do that Angel... big trouble”

“I know that... that is why I am asking you how I can do it... without getting into trouble”

“I can already tell.... You, my sweet Angel … are going to require a great deal of my time... I may have to raise my fee for being on a retainer with you.” Jane laughed again. “I have an idea that may just work for you.”

“That would be great Jane”

“I know someone … her name is Paula”

“And she is attractive and has big tits?” Angel playfully asked.

“No silly.” Jane laughed again... “She works at an employment service. She and I are acquainted … I will giver her a call and explain what you are looking for... so she can qualify someone who will fit all of your requirements.... all of them. ...It may take a while to find the right girl, Angel”

“Of course … Thank you so very much Jane... I really do appreciate it”

“Your welcome … see you tomorrow?”

“Of course”

“And Angel?”


Jane whispered, “Mine are bigger”

“Mine are bigger” Angel whispered back.

“Angel, I have been with quite a few women … and I have never,,, never met another woman who had tits that could compare with mine... no one was firmer... no one was more dense … no one Angel... ever.”

“I have never met such a woman either Jane,” Angel paused... then said .. “No one ….Ever.”

“I can't wait Angel”

“Me either! See you tomorrow night Jane, and thank you again for your help. Bye.”

“Bye Angel”

Angel took a deep breath.. 'Could Jane really match her in the tit department?' Angel brought up Jane's picture on her desktop and stared at the photo. Jane really did have big tits.... but where they as big as her own? It was hard to tell... but they were definitely big... but where they as solid? .. Were Jane's tits as firm and dense as her own? …. Nah, no fucking way.'

Jane thought for a moment before she took her next call... then she pulled up Angel's photo on her computer. 'Was it possible that Angel's tits were bigger? .. Jane was not sure... She had always been proud of her huge tits.. they were so incredibly big and round .. but it looked like Angel's tits were just as big and round as her own. But were Angel's tits firmer? … Could they be as dense as her own? … Would her own tits not be able to stand up to Angel's? ... No, I don't think that is possible... No fucking way.' Jane looked up Paula's number and called her...

Paula answered with a polite “This is Paula.” Paula was an attractive brunette in her early forties. She was thin and petite. She and Jane had hooked up at a party about a month ago and had a great time together.

“Hi Paula, Jane. How are you.?”

“I am doing great. How are you Jane?”

“Doing great too.. I need a favor …..” Jane explained the situation … Angel needed a personal assistant.. she also told Paula that the woman needed to be attractive and sexy and have a nice rack. When Paula asked how nice of a rack does Angel require, Jane laughed and told her, 'the bigger the better.' She also mentioned that Angel was absolutely gorgeous.

“I know a couple of girls that might work... I will call them.. and this conversation did not happen Jane.. I don't want to get in trouble... but I will do this for you.. and you will owe me... Should I just have them contact Angel?”

“Yes, I will text you her cell phone number.. and I will owe you... Thanks Paula, talk to you soon.”

“Bye Jane.” Paula began looking through her files.. searching for the two women she had in mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy parked her Lamborghini at her front door and got out of her car. She had just come from her private tennis lesson at the prestigious Dallas Country Club. Prospective members don’t approach the club seeking admittance—they can only be invited in. Even then, it can take seven years on average for an application to wind its way toward final approval. . . . And, it takes just two members to blackball an aspiring member. Carlo Corleone has been a member for many years... which opened numerous doors for Wendy. No one was going to refuse to invite Mrs. Corleone to the many celebrity balls and the various charity events and fund raisers that were associated with 'high society'. This Thursday, Wendy would be attending a charity fund raiser for the Dallas Fine Arts Gala.

She made her way through her home, pausing to say 'hi' to the two housekeepers who were busy cleaning and polishing. Wendy made sure that they were paid well... was always polite to the 'hired help' and often rewarded them with gift cards and cash for their hard work.. And for keeping their mouths shut about the various women who came in and out of the home. The two women who kept the home in order had been personally hired by Wendy ...they had a mutual understanding and the help knew her rules... and if one of them broke the rules they were gone.

She walked into her wardrobe room and began laying out a few outfits to wear to the Dallas Fine Arts Gala. She always picked at least three different dresses to wear.. then made her final decision right before she would get dressed..... because sometimes a girl has to change her mind. She picked out the dresses, the shoes and began looking through her jewelry. Wendy had a jewelry room... about the size of a large walk-in closet with nothing but rings and necklaces , a few tiaras, bracelets , ear rings, and, quiet frankly, most anything you could imagine. Her jewelry collection was valued at more than four million dollars. .. technically, most of the collection belonged to the Corleone family... but many of the pieces were hers. Carlo often lavished expensive jewelry on his 'trophy wife.' Wendy's favorite piece of jewelry was an incredible flawless seven carat Princess cut diamond mounted on a white gold ring. Carlo had given it to her on their first anniversary. It was rated FL for clarity...flawless, no internal imperfections and very rare... even more rare for a diamond that size... the diamond was rated D for color which meant it was absolutely colorless, also extremely rare. She opened the drawer where she kept a few of her more expensive rings … and gasped. Her diamond ring was missing. She was very careful with her jewelry and always put things back where they were... but the ring was not there..... That is when she saw the piece of paper with a name and phone number on it. “Kiera 555-9898.' She recognized the handwriting. It was Carlo's. Wendy continued to search, thinking that perhaps she had misplaced it as she began to search through all of her rings but it was not to be found. It was missing...... Gone..... Perhaps stolen. And she could not call the police. That was one of Carlo's strictest rules. Police were never to be involved with the Corleone family. “Shit!” She knew that the help would never steal anything... They knew who they worked for and knew that if they took something as inexpensive as a coffee cup that there would be consequences... consequences that could be far worse than being terminated. Wendy knew that Charles would never take anything... especially something that belonged to her.. She needed help. And knew what she must do.

Wendy went to her desktop and googled 'Private Investigators'. She looked at several sites before she found one that looked promising. 'Angelica Johansen Private Investigations' …. A woman. There was a picture of Angelica's face on her web site. She was beautiful... blonde … but there was something else that Wendy noticed... something that caught her attention.. it was almost to the point of being kinda creepy. Angelica looked a lot like herself. The facial features, the high cheek bones, her nose, even her smile... were remarkably similar to her own... the resemblance was uncanny. She thought that Angelica could almost pass for her twin.. and most certainly could pass for her sister. Wendy quickly read some client reviews... Most all of them were five stars. Her fees were higher than the other sites.. but that was a meaningless concern for Wendy. “She's the one.” She touched the intercom button at her computer desk.. “Charles.”

Charles was quick to respond over the intercom .. “Yes Ms. Corleone?”

“Meet me downstairs in the foyer. I will be there in a few minutes.”

“Yes Ms Corleone.”

Wendy went to her safe, picked up a bundle of one hundred dollars. The paper tape around the bills read 5,000. She placed the money in an envelope and wrote down the name 'Kiera' with the phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Charles. She quickly found a photo of the ring on her computer and printed it out and handed the photo to Charles. She then placed the original note back in the safe and locked the safe. A couple of minutes later she was handing the envelope to Charles.. Wendy told him about the missing ring.. and about Angelica Johansen, P.I., She instructed Charles to be there precisely at 1 PM... and she told him what he was to say to Ms. Johansen. No names. He would take the unmarked car. Everything would have to be handled anonymously.

“Yes Ms. Corleone. I understand. And I will take care of it.”

“Wait in the car until I call you … and thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure, Ms Corleone.” He turned and walked away... Wendy looked at the clock. It would take Charles about fifteen minutes to get there. She would give him twenty minutes before she made the call.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel was still thinking about Jane as her phone rang.. “Angelica Johansen Investigations.”

The voice on her I-phone was about the sweetest and sexiest voice Angel had ever heard .. “May I please speak with Angelica?”

“This is Angelica.. how may I help you?”

“My ring is missing and I found a note with a woman's name and phone number in my jewelry room.... It is my husband's writing. I think he is seeing someone and I think she may have been the person who stole my ring” … the voice on the phone sounded very frustrated.

“Did you say jewelry room.. you must have meant jewelry box.”

“No, I have a room where I keep all my jewelry.. and my favorite ring is gone.”

“You need to call the police and file a police report.” Angel suggested.

“I can't do that.” Wendy answered.

“Ma'am, your insurance provider will need a police report... you need to call the police.”

The voice on the phone repeated her last statement .. “I can't do that... no police.”

“Ok... take a deep breath and calm down …”

“All right.” Angel could hear the woman taking a deep breath over the phone.

“Why can't you call the police and file a police report?”

“You would not understand... I just need someone to find this woman and get my ring back … Can you help me?”

“Ok … ok.... tell me your name.”

“I cannot tell you my name.”

“I … I don't think I am going to be able to help you. I need to know who I am working for.”

“I understand … and I anticipated your response. Charles will be there in a few minutes with the information that you will require to retrieve my missing ring.”

“Who is Charles?”

Wendy ignored Angel's question. “Thank you Angelica.” Then the line went dead.

Wendy texted Charles “It is time.”

“What in the hell was that all about?” Angel asked herself out-loud “There are some nutty people out there in the world.” As she was still speaking to herself she noticed on her security feed that a very tall man was walking into her place of business. Angel walked out of her office and into the lobby...He was perhaps six foot five inches tall, about 50 years old and attractive ..wearing what appeared to be a very expensive black suit.. white shirt with a black bow tie, and his shoes were shined to a mirror like brilliance. “You must be Charles.”

“Yes, I am Charles. It is my pleasure to meet you Ms. Johansen.”

Angel motioned to one of the chairs in the lobby. “Please have a seat Charles.”

“Thank you Ms. Johansen.” Charles politely answered as he walked over to the chair and stood there facing Angel.

“You may sit down Charles.”

“After you Ms. Johansen.”

Angel thought how nice it was to meet someone with such proper manners as she sat down in a chair facing Charles. “You may call me Angel.”

Charles nodded then spoke with a deep voice that was kind, yet firm. “Thank you Ms. Johansen, but I would prefer to address you properly.” He reached inside his suit coat and pulled out a piece of paper and an envelope as he continued speaking, “I have the information that you will need to find and apprehend the predator who has taken my employers ring. It is important that the ring be returned to my employer. In the envelope you will find an adequate amount of cash to cover your expenses... My employer does not wish to prosecute the predator,... all my employer wants is to have the ring back. … no police … no questions.” Charles stood up, stepped to where Angel was seated and extended his hand with the note and the envelope which he placed in Angel's hand. Angel glanced inside the envelope that was stuffed with hundred dollar bills, then she looked at the note.. There was a name and phone number.

“And your employers name is?”

“My employer wishes to remain anonymous Ms Johansen.”

“And you are not going to tell me who she is... are you Charles?”

“No Ms Johansen. I can not do that”

“Is this all the information you have?”

“I have a photo of the ring Ms Johansen.” Charles found the photo in one of his pockets and gave it to Angel. “This is all the information that is available.”

Angel looked at the photo. “That has to be the one of the biggest diamonds I have ever seen.. it must be at least three or four carats.”


“Seven? Oh come on... seven?” He once again reached inside his suit jacket and found a business card which he handed to Angel. The card read 'Charles...555-7894' “Just your name and a phone number?”

“That is all the information you need to contact me Ms. Johansen. When you recover the stolen ring you may call me and I will come and pick it up.”

“Hmmmmmm.. and how do I know that you are not the one who is trying to steal the ring from someone else.”

Charles smiled. “I will be awaiting you call. It was nice meeting you Ms. Johansen.” He turned around and headed for the front door...

“Charles.... wait.”

Charles paused and slowly turned around... “Yes Ms. Johansen?”

“I will recover the ring for your employer with one condition. … when I have the ring, I want to personally deliver it to your employer.”

“That is not possible Ms. Johansen.”

Angel's voice was stern.. “Call her and make it happen.”

“I will discuss this with my employer.”

“No Charles.... call her right now.”

“As you wish Ms. Johansen.” Charles reached inside his coat pocket for his cell phone and called Wendy... Angel could only hear one side of the conversation.. “Forgive me for disturbing you Ma'am ...this is Charles... I am here with Ms. Johansen... please forgive me for not addressing you properly as I understand you wish to remain anonymous.. . . . . Thank you Ma'am. .. Ms. Johansen has agreed to find your ring with one condition …... Ms. Johansen is insistent on personally returning the ring to you after she has recovered it. … .. Yes Ma'am ….. Yes, she will contact me when she has recovered the ring and I will inform you....... Yes, that is correct Ma'am …....... . . . . . . . . Yes, I understand. . . . . . . . .As you wish Ma'am .. thank you.” Charles then spoke directly to Angel .. “She has agreed with one condition.... you must never tell anyone about this... not about the ring... and not about my employer who owns the ring.... If I may have your word … then yes, you may personally deliver the ring to my employer.”

Angel smiled... “I give you my word.”

“I believe you Ms. Johansen.” Charles turned back around, walked out the front door and stepped into a black Mercedes … Angel was going to write down the license tag number... but it did not have tags. A moment later Charles was gone. Angel quickly called her computer tech nerd, and three of her trusted informants as well as Kathy at the Dallas PD. She wanted to know who Kiera was and wanted info about the phone number.. She dare not call the number... Kiera may want to know who was calling.. or how did you get this number.. and if the phone was a burner phone... then she could lose her.. There were other ways to find out who had the phone and where the phone was. Within minutes she had ears and eyes on the lookout for a woman named Kiera.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ashley Williams had taken the afternoon off and was on her way to see her sister Amber. Amber was having marital problems with Rick, her husband... he was cheating on her... well, she suspected that he was cheating and had hired Angel to investigate and find out for sure if it was true. Ashley parked her car in the driveway and walked up to her sister's door and rang the doorbell. A moment later Amber opened the door and hugged her sister.

Amber Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Christy Canyon, Sexy and Succulents

Amber Jackson owned her own investment company as a stock broker and she was very good and successful at what she did. At age 36, she was six years older than her younger sister, but she looked much younger. Most anyone would be surprised to learn that she had an eighteen year old daughter named Jennifer ….. because she did not look old enough to have an eighteen year old daughter. Today, she was wearing a navy dress that was way too short for someone her least eight inches above her knees ... but if fit her like a glove. The scoop neckline showed plenty of bare skin... and an amazing amount of deep cleavage. She was about Angel's height... around 5'8” tall... and weighed about 135. Amber had beautiful long auburn hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Her brown eyes were big and round, as were her tits. They were fucking huge.... 34E huge! Those big tits stood straight out... impressive for any woman with tits the size of hers, but at age 36, here tits were unbelievable. Those huge mountains of flesh were still pliable... still squeezable …and although they were obviously firm and dense... they were not hard... not hard like rocks. Her massive tits still felt like the tits of a twenty year old girl. Firm … dense … and, as already stated... fucking Big. Her three-quarter inch long nipples were always hard and stiff and with measurements of 40-26-36, Amber was the poster girl for 'Cougars.'

Ashley and Amber

Ashley Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Imagination, French and Posts

Ashley was still wearing a light blue blouse with a dark navy short skirt that she had worn to work today as she sat down on the love seat next to her sister.. “How are you holding up?”

“It's difficult, but I am doing my best to keep my spirits high.”

Ashley nodded. “Well.. I know it's a difficult time for you. I am sooo very sorry you and Rick are having problems.... you know if there is anything I can do, all you have to do is ask.”

“I know... I just wish mom was here.”

“Yeah, I miss her too.”

“We could always go to her and she would hug us and kiss us and make everything better... remember Ashley?”

“Yes I remember.... does my older sister need a hug?”

“I can't remember the last time I had a good hug Ashley.”

“Well stand up, and I'll give you a nice tight old fashioned hug!”

Ashley and Amber stood up and wrapped their arms tightly around each other as they hugged tight. Ashley became aware of just how nice her sisters tits were as they held their hug for a long time... until Amber finally spoke.. “Remember when we were kids and I showed you how to dance?”

“Of course I remember... you were a teenager and I was maybe about 8 or 9 years old, and I would stand on your feet as you taught me the moves.”

“I would love to dance with you again Ashley... but no stepping on my toes!” Amber laughed.

“I'll be careful.” Ashley replied as they slowly moved around the living room, still holding each other tight.. their big tits were shifting back and forth against each other under their clothes and Ashley was beginning to get turned-on... She leaned her face toward her sisters ear and whispered.. “Everything is going to be ok.” and then she kissed Amber on the cheek. Amber turned her head slightly and kissed Ashley back on the cheek and their eyes locked. Something was happening but neither sister was going to say anything about it as they continued to dance staring into each others eyes... Amber began to sway a little more causing her big tits to shift back and forth across Ashley's... their clothing making swishing sounds as their huge orbs would meet side to side and then squeeze together before swishing past each other. Ashley got lost in the moment as she closed her eyes and put her head on Amber's shoulder and whispered.. “This feels soooo good.” She instantly realized what she had said and was about to say something else but her sister whispered back .. “It feels better than good... it's wonderful.”

They slowly began to press a little tighter.. making it a little more difficult to slide their huge tits past each other... One of Ashley's huge E cup tits would get caught between Amber's big E cup tits... and those big tits would mushroom as she slid her tit past Amber's. Of course the same thing was happening to Amber... each time one of Ashley's big tits would get trapped between hers, she would have one of her tits trapped between Ashley's... this continued for several minutes until each of them became aware of each others nipples... they could feel each other getting hard. Ashley was definitely into women but was not sure if her sister was.. so she had to play it safe... until she felt her sister's wet tongue licking at her ear... Ashley licked back at Amber's ear and for the next couple of minutes they began to tongue each others ear... sending shivers up and down their spines. Finally Ashley pulled back and looked into Amber's eyes.. “I am not sure if we should be...”

Amber interrupted Ashley by placing her lips on Ashley's and kissing her... it was a gentle kiss... but within seconds Ashley could feel Amber's tongue on her lips.. and so Ashley parted her lips for her sister.. and Amber quickly pushed her tongue into Ashley's mouth as Ashley sucked on her sister's tongue.... sucking it deep into her mouth causing Amber to moan.. “Ohhhh Ashley.. I really need this... please.”

Suddenly Ashley stepped back, her face was red... “Amber! .. you're my sister!”

“Ashley... I have seen your page on Pinterest.”

Ashley gulped... “And?”

“I know that you are into titfighting.”


“Shhhhhhhh... I guess it's time for you to learn something about your big sister. I was into titfighting years ago... that was one of the things that broke up my first marriage.”

“I never knew that.”

“When I married Rick a few years ago, I promised myself that I would not do any more titfighting.... and then I read on your page that you are into that.”

“Yes I am..... I just really enjoy it... I love it a lot.”

“So did I Ashley... I loved it... it was soooooo kinky and sexy and at the time, I thought Bobby was not paying enough attention to me... so I got into it and frankly, I fell in love with titfighting. It was my release.”

“What do you mean when you say it was your release Amber?”

“I found out that I could have the most amazing and intense orgasms when I was titfighting.”

Ashley's mouth gaped open... “No kidding?”

“No kidding... sometimes all it took for me to cum was just to touch tits with another woman.”

“Holy Shit Amber... the same thing happens to me when I titfight.. I almost always cum.”

Amber laughed.. “I guess it's in our genes, huh?”

“I guess so.... damn.. that is amazing.”

Amber looked into her sisters eyes... “Soooooooooo... you wanna titfight?”

“Oh I don't know Amber... your my sister.. it just sounds soooo... sooooo.”

“So nasty?”

“Yeah.. it sounds nasty.”

“I love nasty Ashley.... come on... I really need to have an orgasm.. it's been a long time.”

“Don't you have a vibrator or something? Cucumbers work great!”

“It's not the same thing and you know it.”

“Amber.. I am going to have a match a week from Sunday for the titfighting championship... sometimes the matches are very brutal.. I don't want to hurt you.”

Once again Amber looked into her sisters eyes... “It does not have to be brutal or violent.. we can just pump them together.”

“You just want to pump tits with me?”

“Un huh... nipple to nipple.”

“And I suppose you want to do some nipple-fucking... you know what that is?”

“Of course I know what that is... and yes I do! … in fact I want to have a contest.”

“To see who can make the other cum first?”

“Yessssssssssss Ashley!”

“Dammit Amber, if you did not have such big tits I would say no.. but you have always had such nice tits... they were always bigger than mine when we were growing up.”

“Yeah, but it looks like you caught up with me.”

“Let's find out.” Ashley replied as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Amber was unbuttoning her blouse at the same time and as they stared at each other the two hot women slipped their blouses off at the same time. Amber stepped around behind Ashley and unhooked her bra then reached around and cupped her sister's huge forty inch E cup tits … the palms of her hands pressing and squeezing as Ashley moaned. Amber toyed with her sisters tits for a couple of minutes before turning around and letting Ashley unhook her bra. Ashley returned the favor by playing with and squeezing Amber's big forty inch tits. Soon they were facing each other, their hands full of each others huge tits as they squeezed and palmed each others ample globes. Amber was hot for her sister as she extended her tongue and leaned forward, licking across Ashley's lips as Ashley moaned with lust for her sister. Ashley soon extended her tongue and the two sisters began licking at each others tongues as they played with each others big tits. “Ohhh Amber, that feels so fucking good.... I want to touch tits with you.”

“I want to touch tits with you too Ashley.” Amber moaned as she stepped forward and their rock hard long nipples met tip to tip.. Ashley's just barely longer than Amber's. “God Ashley, your nipples are soooo fucking huge!”

“So are yours!!” Ashley gasped as they pressed their nipples into each other more and more until they disappeared between their massive tits. “Oh my God!!” Ashley moaned as their nipples pushed into each others dense tits. “Can you feel it Amber?”

“Mmmmm yessss I can feel it.. Your nipples feel like they are made of steel.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh so do yours” Ashley gasped as she pulled herself away from her sister and looked down . . . . carefully lining up the tips of their engorged nipples.. then moving forward until the swollen tips of their hard nipples touched .. “Ohhhh fuck!!” Ashley gasped as their nipples met tip to tip.

“Fuck yes!!” Amber whispered to her sister as they just stood there, trying not to move, . . just letting the tips of their nipples touch. “Oh, I never dreamed this would feel this good Ashley.”

“We have been missing out on soooooooooo much Amber!”

The two hot bitches slowly pushed together until their nipples disappeared from view and once again, they held their position.. trying not to move.. as they felt each others long hard steel-like rods pushing back into their massive tits. After a few minutes, they began rocking together... it was time for some nipple fucking.. and each woman was determined to push her nipples inside the others tit. As they pushed their long nipples together they could feel their own nipples being pushed back inside their own tits. It was the most wonderful feeling that either of them had enjoyed in a long time. . . and the fact that they were sisters made it even more wonderful... it was dirty … nasty... nipple fucking with your sister seemed so taboo.. but neither one cared. Their nipples were virtually evenly matched as they pushed them together over and over until Amber gasped.. She not only felt her own hard thick nipples being pushed back into her tit, she was now feeling something more... as if her nipples had lengthened . . . as if her nipples were now longer .. then she realized that she was not only feeling the length of her hard nipples inside her tits, she was also feeling Ashley's nipples penetrating into her tits. Ashley was nipple fucking her …. and Amber began to breath deeper and deeper as she felt Ashley's nipples pushing in and out of her hard dense titflesh. “Yesss!! Ashley!! Fuck my nipples with yours!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh this feels soooooooooo fucking good Amber. … I want to pump tits with you.”

“Oh fuck yes! … lets pump tits.”

Grabbing each others forearms, the tit pumping began … slowly at first, and after a few minutes, the tempo picked up as they mushroomed their over-sized tits together again and again. Ashley loved the feeling of another dense firm pair of tits against hers... it was like electricity flowing through her nipples and into her tits.. all the way down to her cunt which was twitching and leaking her sweet pussy juice into her panties. Amber's cunt was also soaked, as were her panties, as they pumped their tits together over and over. They continued kissing ... their tongues wrestling in mid-air between their wet parted lips as they mashed their huge tits together time after time... faster and faster... the tips of their hard nipples were welded together as they gasped and moaned, their tongues fighting each other … two sisters, fucking each others tits with their own. They would push their big tits together and then lean back, and then push forward again.. mushrooming their heavy globes together.. again and again.. their hard nipples still pushing together. On and on and on.. over and over again.. fucking their huge tits together.

For twenty minutes they pumped their tits against each other... their pumping becoming increasingly harder as they mushroomed their tits deeply into one another each time they jerked their huge mounds together... Amber finally threw her head back... her nipples were on fire as she moaned loudly...”Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ashley.... Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck me with your tits!”

“Tit fuck me Amber!” Ashley groaned with pleasure.

'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amber gasped.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss!” Ashley moaned deeply.

“Cum for me Ashley!”

“Cum for me Amber!!! Cum for me now!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh you fucking slut! Cum for me Now!”

They pushed their hard heavy tits together one last time and held each other tight as their nipples began to spasm together, buried beneath their massive mushroomed tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssssss!” Amber screamed.

“FUCK!” Ashley moaned.


“Cummmmmmmmmming !”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Ashley!”

“Ohhhhhhh Amber!!! Cummmmmmming with you !”




“Mmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssss.”

They hugged each other tightly as they kissed, their tits shaking together as they shared their orgasm with each other. Minutes passed as they hugged and kissed... enjoying every moment together. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck.. I cannot believe I just orgasmed with my sister.”

“Mmmmmmmm wasn't it the best?” Amber smiled.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!”

Amber looked into her sisters eyes.. “I want to fuck you Ashley.... fuck you until you can't walk.”

“Mmmmmmmmm I would love to fuck you Amber... but that may take hours... and I have a meeting soon.”

“How about later... I really do want to fuck you.”

“I'll let you know when.. but yessssss.. we will fuck each other.”


They kissed for a few more minutes before Ashley had to leave. She dressed and promised she would call Amber later and plan for them to get together very soon. …. Amber was feeling much better.

To be continued