By AngelDawn30


It was a little after 9:30 in the morning when Sara walked into the fitness center at the Park Place Towers. There were three fitness centers where she lived.. One for men, one for women and a co-ed center. She chose the women's fitness center for obvious reasons... there would be no men around who would obviously be checking out her incredible body.. and, as you already know.. Sara was into women. She knew that the fitness center was very busy from about 6 to 8 each morning... with everyone getting their work out before going to work. The fitness center was also very busy from about 4 o'clock in the afternoon until around 9 in the evening. There was some activity during the lunch hour, but late morning and early afternoon was when it was the least busy. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was very short. .. it was also very tight.. hugging her impressive rack as if someone had stretched it over her tits. .. Sara had cut it off exactly where her tits met her rib cage. It looked sexy as hell. … especially if she raised her arms up above her head. ... The bottom of the t-shirt would ride up on her big tits, exposing about an inch of the lower swell of her huge E cup tits. She loved showing her tits off... and her cut off T was perfect for the job. And, of course, why bother with a bra if you did not need one. Those amazing big tits stood high and firm on her chest... with the smallest amount of moving .. even when she was on the treadmill. .. Those huge tits were sticking straight out for the whole world to see. Of course, without a bra ...there was no way to hide those long thick nipples.. the inch plus length was going to make tents on the front of her t-shirt.... It was a fact... a fact that Sara loved.... 'Let em stare and be jealous' she thought. .. She had chosen a black pair of Yoga pants. They were very tight, and frankly, left little to the imagination. Only a tiny black g-string thong barely covered up her most intimate parts, and, if you looked closely, you could see her g-string through the very thin stretchy fabric of her yoga pants. Her beautiful long thick black hair was in a pony tail and Sara's make-up was perfect. Lip gloss .. eye shadow .. eye liner .. even her eye lashes .. perfect. ... Sara never went anywhere without looking her very best. Not to the grocery store... not shopping... not anywhere .. and the fitness center was no exception. White socks and a pair of bright orange Nike running shoes completed her outfit. Sara tried to find at least thirty minutes everyday to keep her stunning body in shape.. the days that she did not work out were far and few between... and it showed. Sara was in great shape.

The fitness center was first class with every exercise machine that you could possibly need. Sara looked around as she was walking toward an elliptical machine. There were about a half dozen women that were doing various things.. Two were on ellipticals, a few were doing crunches, working on their abs.. and then she saw her.. She was walking on a treadmill a few rows in front of Sara. She had long thick black hair tied in a pony tail... almost identical to her own … What was really amazing.. or perhaps it was a coincidence .. or perhaps it was fate … The hot bitch was wearing a white cut off t-shirt.. practically identical to the one Sara was wearing.. and although Sara was a few rows away, .. she could not see any hint of a bra or bra straps under that t-shirt .. Sara also observed that the back of the t-shirt appeared to be stretched tightly across her back. The woman in front of her was also wearing a pair of gray yoga pants that looked like they were painted on the tightest buttocks she may have ever seen. She stared at the woman's ass as her buttocks flexed with each step she took on the treadmill. … 'My God' … Sara thought to herself. 'That has to be one of the best asses I have ever seen... certainly as tight as Ashley's... and maybe as nice as Wendy's. Sara stepped up on the elliptical in front of her, reached up with her hands and grabbed the handles, and begin her exercise.. pulling the handles back and forth as she worked her legs and arms on the elliptical … her eyes transfixed on the hot bitch a few rows in front of her on the treadmill... Her long black hair swaying back and forth across her back.. her waist was tiny... Sara guessed it was about the same size as her own... and that amazing ass … “Jesus Christ” Sara whispered to herself. For the next ten minutes Sara rode the elliptical, her eyes never leaving the back of the hot bitch in front of her until Sara thought it was time to make a move.

She slowed down and stepped off her elliptical.. and began walking. There was one more row of treadmills in front of this mystery woman.. and that last row was facing in the opposite direction. .. facing this sexy bitch. Sara assumed correctly that the last two rows faced each other so you could have a conversation with someone face to face. A good idea .. especially today. Sara walked toward the last row, her massive tits barely swaying... her thrusting nipples were obvious under the thin cotton material of her white t-shirt … obvious? .. It was if those nipples were shouting to the world .. 'Here we are .. look at us.' .. There was no way that anyone could look at Sara and not notice the very obvious impressions her nipples were making against the tightly stretched cotton fabric that was hugging her massive E cup globes. .. When she reached the last row of treadmills, she turned right and got her first glimpse of the raven haired woman walking on the treadmill.. Sara stopped.. coming to a complete standstill .. as she caught her breath. The woman had not yet noticed Sara as she continued walking on her treadmill .. a little quicker than she had been walking when Sara first noticed her.. Sara stared in amazement.

Olivia Unicorn in leather : Photo | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Unicorns, Leather and Photos

Her birth name was Inmaculada Covarrubias. At age eighteen she had her named changed to something that was easier to pronounce and easier to remember ..Olivia Marquez. Olivia was one of the best looking women in the world... and had a body to match. Standing 5'6” tall and weighing 129 lbs she was one of the most beautiful and stunning women in the state of Texas. Measuring 39-24-35, with long black hair flowing down to the middle of her back. ..She had a tiny waist with a hard tight tummy.. not to muscular .. Olivia did not like that look for herself.. her tummy and abs were just right.. in fact .. they were perfect. She had well toned legs and arms.. and if you had a hammer and a nail, you would bend the nail on her butt.. Yeah.. her buttocks were that hard. Tight and firm.. Few women could match her ass... and very few women could match her tits. They were big.. round .. almost impossibly firm.. and were incredibly dense.. and she loved to show them off... every chance she got.. she would use those big tits to her advantage. Olivia's huge globes filled up her 34DD bras... and those overwhelming tits were capped by huge nipples that were just slightly less than an inch long. Those nipples were thick and hard and ultra sensitive.

Olivia loved to fuck... yes, she was picky .. but if you 'measured' up, she was ready, because Olivia loved big tits.. being a fitness coach, she was competitive.. and nothing brought her more pleasure than going tit to tit with another big titted bitch.. competing with every inch of her massive tits against every inch of the other girls huge tits. ... Olivia always won... Even when titfighting an equally endowed woman.. she had yet to meet anyone who could match the firmness and thick density of her impressive tits. Olivia also loved to sexfight. Going cunt to cunt was always a challenge... a challenge that she always won. She knew how to squeeze her pussy.. how to suck with her pussy.. and could out-last and out-fuck any woman she ever met. She did have this one little thing... when she would have an orgasm, quite often she would begin speaking in Spanish.. she could not help it. Yes, Olivia was the very definition of a 'Sex Goddess.”

Her parents came to California thirty years ago from Bolivia. .. Three years later Olivia was born... She grew up in some tough neighborhoods, and by the time she was in her teens, she knew how to take care of herself. Olivia was not the type to go looking for trouble, but she was not the type that would back down either, as she had been in her share of catfights. She was in and out of several high schools before she graduated.. went to college for a year.. and decided that was not what she wanted to do. At age 19, Olivia went to work for an escort service in Los Angeles. She made good money, had nice clothes, an apartment and had a new car... certainly doing better than her friends. Thankfully, Olivia never got involved in drugs... even though the temptation was always present.. She had seen for herself how drugs had destroyed several of her friends lives.. and she had other plans … ruining her life was not on her list of things to accomplish. She started going to a local gym.. and soon became one of the fitness instructors.. It only paid a small fraction compared to her evening work, but she enjoyed it and it enabled her to keep in shape.

One of her close friends, April, who also was a fitness instructor where Olivia worked, had moved to Dallas a couple of years ago to accept a position as assistant manager for a well known national chain of fitness centers. It was April who introduced her to the joys of woman to woman love. .. and Olivia had not been with a man since.. Not long after that April talked Olivia into coming to Dallas and working with her as a fitness instructor at the gym that April now managed. Olivia accepted the offer and became a Texan. Within a few months Olivia had quite a following.. she had over three thousand friends on Facebook. Her talents as a fitness instructor were becoming very well known in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.. so much so that her classes were always full and booked up months in advance. That's when she made the big decision to become a private fitness coach... catering only to women... Her demand was immediate. Being affluent in both English and Spanish opened lots of doors for her and within a couple of months she was having to turn women down.. she just did not have enough time. Fifteen clients was all she wanted .. a two hour session with each was thirty hours per week.. and she charged one hundred dollars per hour. Do the math. Thirty hours was all the time she wanted to devote to her 'day job'. Olivia also had an evening job... two or perhaps three times a week,...You see, Olivia is “the” lesbian call girl in the Dallas area. Her 'call girl' name is 'Kiera' .. She is not affiliated with any escort agency.... a one woman operation. She only had women clients.. with the exception of a few wealthy men. Men who would spend money.. men who would buy her things .. clothes.. jewelry .. expensive perfume. ... However, Olivia would not have sex with these male clients.. Sometimes she would do a lesbian show for the man with the man's wife.. sometimes she would do a striptease and dance.. Sometimes she would use her fingers or a toy to get herself off,, but men could never touch her... only watch. .. Those were her rules. .. No exceptions...

Olivia was also expensive. The minimum was one thousand dollars. Obviously she catered to the wealthy.. but she was also very picky.. thankfully, with the money she made, she could be picky. If the prospective client was not attractive... then Olivia was conveniently unavailable. You had to be pretty damn hot to get an appointment. Now, at age 27, Dallas was her home. She was doing well and had one of the most expensive apartments in the West Tower of the Park Place high rise.

There was also something else you should know about Olivia Something kinky. ... Something nasty. …. Something that most of the world would regard as unnatural … forbidden ... She had a twin sister, named Sophia, who looked just like her.. same height, same long black hair, same eyes, same tight hard buttocks... and the same massive set of DD cup tits. Technically, they were not identical.. Olivia had a birthmark on the back of her neck... about an inch tall, it looked like the letter Z or perhaps the number 2. It was always hidden beneath her long hair, which made the twins look like replicas of each other. What made the situation unique was the fact that Sophia was bisexual... And her favorite woman sex partner was her sister Olivia. They had been fucking each other for years... getting together at Christmas,... cinco de mayo … and literally every time they could. Sophia moved to San Antonio a few years ago with her boyfriend. He was part of the hierarchy of one of the Mexican drug cartels... in charge of the San Antonio area. A couple of months ago.. he was 'transferred' to Dallas... the previous drug lord in Dallas was now in jail. Sophia came to Dallas with him. She hoped that someday they would marry... and that he would find more respectable work. But she also loved all the clothes and cars and the nice home and the money that he provided for her. Since moving to Dallas she and her twin sister had hooked-up and spent the day fucking several times. Her boyfriend knew about it and approved. In fact, a couple of times Sophia and Olivia fucked each other as he watched.. then he would spend the rest of the night fucking his girlfriend, Sophia. There had also been a few times when Sophia would go out with 'Kiera' and entertain one of Olivia's clients .. performing a two girl show.

This morning Olivia was working out on one of the treadmills in the women's fitness center.

Sara and Olivia

Sara Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Daphne Rosen, Dubai and Indian
Olivia Unicorn in leather : Photo | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Unicorns, Leather and Photos

Sara began walking toward this amazing woman, .. stopping at the treadmill that was directly across form this hot bitch... she stepped on the treadmill, pressed the button and began walking... within a few seconds she had found the right speed , so she could be in rhythm with the gorgeous woman that was now facing her. A few seconds later they locked their eyes together... “Sara”


That was all that was said... they had introduced themselves to each other and that was enough for now. They stared at each others faces.. both of them very pleased with what they were seeing. Two beautiful women.. with beautiful cold black hair.. and faces that belonged on the cover of any magazine... sculptured bodies that would make any woman jealous. A moment later their eyes drifted down and locked on each others tits.... two drop dead gorgeous women facing each other with two pair of the biggest tits that either had ever seen... and they wanted to stare at them.. neither cared that it was obvious.. neither cared that the other was staring at her own big tits. .. this is what happens when two women, with massive ... firm … dense tits do when they meet. They stared at each others tits... wondering who was bigger... who was firmer... who had more density … wondering whose tits would surrender to the other pair when they forced them together... would they spread out evenly?.. or would they even spread out at all? .. perhaps they would equally hold their shape.. only mushrooming as tightly together as their firmness would allow... and who had the longer nipples? … who had the hardest nipples... Would her nipples bend against mine?? … or would her hard spikes bend mine? … And what would happen if we placed those nipples together tip to tip .. Would mine push hers back inside her tit??... or would hers push mine back inside my tit??.. or perhaps it would be a stalemate.. each nipple pushing each nipple equally until their areolas touched.. Sara and Olivia stared at the massive intimidating tits that were in front of them as these questions raced through their minds.

Olivia began to speed up her walking... and Sara followed. It was a brisk pace.. if they were walking any faster they would have to start jogging. .. Matching each other step for step for the next few minutes they continued staring at each others tits.. focusing on the long hard nipples that were trying to break through the thin cotton of their t-shirts which were now beginning to get damp form their sweat. Olivia's nipples looked like they were desperately trying to poke through her t-shirt... Sara's stiff nipples looked exactly the same. .. then Sara upped the ante. .. She knew what would happen if she stretched her arms high above her head … her t-shirt would ride up and the lower swells of her huge tits would be visible. She slowly raised her arms above her head... feeling the almost wet cotton sliding up the underside of her big tits.. stretching up … as she moved her hands behind her head.. locking her fingers together with her elbows out... still keeping pace with Olivia on the treadmill. She thought she may have heard Olivia gasp, but she was not certain... all she knew was the she was gasping when Olivia raised her arms up, locking her fingers together behind her head with her elbows out.. revealing about an inch of the lower part of Olivia massive tits... Sara noticed that the skin was tight as if it were an overblown balloon.

Olivia also noticed how tight Sara's tits looked.. the inch of exposed tit looked firm and smooth. 'My God” she thought to herself.. 'those have to be about the nicest tits I have ever seen.' … For a brief moment, Olivia lowered her right hand to adjust the speed on the treadmill. She was now jogging... As she moved her hand back behind her head, Sara was adjusting the speed on her treadmill... they were now jogging together... not fast.. but at a quick steady pace.. their breathing became a little quicker. Both women were in excellent physical condition so they had yet to really turn it on... Olivia stared at Sara's big tits with amazement .. This beautiful woman.. with such a perfect body, was jogging.. her body lightly bouncing up and down on the treadmill.. yet those tits were barely jiggling. .. Olivia had never seen tits that could stay in place like that.. She had never seen tits that would not be bouncing up and down at this pace.. Not ever .. Except for her own. Sara was thinking exactly the same thoughts as she watched Olivia's tits slightly quiver with each step .. but there was none of the bouncing and swaying that you would always see.. Olivia's tits had to be about the firmest set of tits she had ever seen.. except for her own.... and except for Wendy's.

Again the speed increased... this time it was substantial. They both lowered their arms and began moving them forward and backward as they ran on their respective treadmills. … Yes, they were running.. taking deep breaths .. the white cotton t-shirts were now soaked with their sweat.. you could clearly see the circle of their areolas through the dampened cotton. Their nipples were clearly visible except for the almost sheer white cotton that held them in place. They were running fast enough that those four huge firm tits were now moving a little bit... At this pace, and as huge as they were, it was physically impossible for those big tits to stay motionless. Sara's big tits and Olivia's huge tits were bouncing up and down... barely.. moving up about an inch and then jiggling down about an inch.. which was quite incredible considering how massive they were. Five minutes went by... then ten minutes .. the two incredibly sexy black-haired women kept running on the treadmills. Both women were breathing deeply and quickly … Sweat was running down their abs.. some of it pooling in their navels.. as on and on they ran … They began to gasp for air... they were pushing each other to the limits of their physical endurance. … Sara knew that she was in the best physical condition of her life.. but she was feeling the pain in her legs as she desperately maintained the torrid pace … Olivia was also feeling pain in her legs ... wondering how much longer she could keep running … it was a competition that neither woman was willing to lose. .. Another five minutes went by … and Sara had finally had enough... with her chest heaving with her labored breathing.. she reached up and touched the speed button.. slowing her treadmill down to a quick walk as she caught her breath.... Sara could not keep up with the fitness coach. Olivia kept running for a couple of more minutes... pushing herself beyond any workout she had endured in recent memory … She finally slowed down... to a quick walk... knowing that she had won.

A few minutes later they had reduced their speed to a normal walking pace … still breathing deeply … their hot bodies covered with a sheen of their sweat. Finally Olivia spoke … “Did you really think you could keep up with me?” It was sarcastic .. and it pissed Sara off.

“What? … You said what?”

“You heard me.”

Sara squinted her eyes, as her anger began to build.. “Fuck you”

“Oh my … are we having a bad day?”

“Don't think for a moment that you are better than me” Sara's voice was firm.

“I don't think …. I know.”


Olivia continued... “I can beat you at anything.”

Sara responded .. “Yeah right … you probably think your tits are bigger than mine, don't you?”

Olivia laughed.. which really pissed Sara .. “It's pretty obvious, don't you think?”

Now it was Sara's turn to laugh … “You are delusional if you think your tits are bigger than mine.”

Olivia's dark eyes narrowed … “Is that a challenge, bitch?”

“You damn right it's a challenge. .. I am more than willing to match what I have against you anytime!”

Olivia stepped off her treadmill and stepped toward Sara as Sara was stepping off her treadmill and stepping toward Olivia. They stopped with the front of their big tits only a few inches apart. Once again they lowered their eyes to each others massive racks. “Your tits don't stand a chance against mine, you whore” Olivia whispered. There was no need for the few girls that were still there to hear their conversation.

Sara closed the gap between their big tits .. their impressive nipples meeting head on.. separated only by their sweaty t-shirts... then gave a little push against Olivia. “Ahhhhh”, Olivia gasped... Sara's tits were not only big, but they were solid... and Olivia felt it. A second later, Olivia pushed her big tits into Sara's big pair .. “Ohhhhh”, Sara gasped... Olivia's tits were just as solid as her own. Then they pushed together.. applying pressure on their two pair of huge unyielding tits... They both gasped as they looked with amazement at their four bountiful tits meeting and spreading equally. The mushrooming was minimal... just enough for the fronts of those big tits to cover each other. For almost a minute they held their tits together, giving each of them time to feel the others tits with their own... .they felt the firmness ...they felt each others big throbbing nipples with their own ... both women were impressed.... Olivia leaned her face forward toward Sara's right ear and whispered … “Your place or mine bitch?” Then she surprised Sara by extending her tongue and licking at Sara's ear before moving her face back. Sara felt her pussy spasm. “Mmmmm” Sara quietly moaned... then moved her face to Olivia's ear and whispered .. “Yours” She then flicked her tongue in and out of Olivia's ear as Olivia moaned “Ummmm” …. “Follow me.”

Sara walked behind Olivia, relieved that they were going to Olivia's apartment and not hers. Sara still had boxes stacked everywhere and did not want anyone to see her apartment until it was ready. They exited the fitness center, walked down the hallway and stopped at the elevator.. a few seconds later the doors opened and they stepped inside ….as the door was closing they moved toward each other... and their tits met as the door closed.. Grinding them together as they hissed at each other. The grinding came to a quick halt when the elevator slowed down and stopped and the doors opened. A young man in his twenties stepped on the elevator and stared at the two hot women, their hard nipples desperately straining at the front of their soaked t-shirts. As the doors closed and the elevator began to move Sara spoke … “Are you going to push the button for your floor... or just stare at us all day?”

He gulped as he pushed his floor's button.. then spoke. “Having a nice day?”

Olivia and Sara spoke the same words at the same time ..”Fuck you.” Nothing else was said until the elevator stopped and he got off, looking one last time at the two hottest women he had ever seen. Once again they pushed their big tits together and began grinding into each other. A brief moment later the elevator stopped and Olivia, followed by Sara, stepped off and walked down the hallway to Olivia's apartment. They walked in without saying a word. Olivia locked her door, then walked out into the center of the room, pulling her t-shirt up over her head as she walked., tossing it on the floor. Sara was two steps behind her as she quickly pulled off her own t-shirt and through it on the floor. For the first time that saw each others naked tits... Big … round … full …. standing proudly on their chests... most of their sweat had evaporated, but there was still a little slickness on their tits ... They stepped in front of each other.. their tits about six inches apart … then they lunged at each other simultaneously... “SMACK”. Two pair of the most solid tits in Dallas met head on as they both gasped... stepping back, Sara reached up and placed her hands on Olivia's shoulder as Olivia placed her hands on Sara's shoulders. They stared with anger into each others eyes as they both yanked the each other toward themselves at the same time .. “SMACK” … it was a loud smack. .. They separated and yanked themselves together again... “SMACK” their tits stinging.



Again their big tits collided.. “SMACK”



Again and again they slammed their heavy tits together as they cursed each other, spit flying from their lips and landing on each others faces as they yelled at each other.. SMACK … SMACK …. SMACK .. SMACK

“Fuck you!”

“Nasty Cunt!”


“Dirty Whore!”

“Filthy Slut!”

…. SMACK .. SMACK…. SMACK .. SMACK.. the tight skin of their tits meeting and slapping together again and again … their tits began to hurt. ..…. SMACK .. SMACK…. SMACK .. SMACK…. SMACK .. SMACK … Then Olivia slapped their tits together hard one more time and held Sara... keeping their huge tits together... Sara moved her hands around Olivia's back, locking her hands together as Olivia placed her hands behind Sara's back... then the grinding began.... up and down... side to side.. trying to reshape each others tits... but to no avail... their tits were just to fucking firm as they pressed them together hard... sliding up and down... then they began sliding them back and forth... which was difficult .. neither pair of huge tits was going to give in to the other pair... so when they tried to slide them against each other from left to right, it forced them to lean back … and even then... Olivia's left tit would meet Sara's right tit .. straining against it before finally slipping past Sara's tit and getting trapped between her tits. … Of course, Sara's tit would also be trapped between Olivia's huge pair was a slow process with much grunting and moaning as they forced their huge tits back and forth over each other.. sliding .. catching .. springing free … their lengthy nipples catching and twisting against each other.. They both felt their pussys getting wet... Olivia was getting turned on … and so was Sara. They kept grinding their heavy tits together until they both realized that it was going to be a stalemate. It was time to move on to something else.

“Nipple to nipple, Whore.” Sara whispered.

“Nipple to nipple, Slut.” Olivia answered.

They released their arms from around each others waist , stepped back and lined up their throbbing nipples. They had to make a little adjustment because Sara was an inch taller than Olivia, but they managed to get them in line.. and then they touched the sensitive tips together. …. Electricity shot through their nipples, into their massive tits, and through their bodies all the way to their wet cunts. …. Both women moaned.... It was difficult to determine who had the longer nipples... both pair were long .. fucking long. They allowed the tips to slide away from each other and slowly they slid their nipples against each other ….. throbbing shaft against throbbing shaft... until the tips of each nipple touched the others areola... Sara thought her nipples touched first.. “Mine are longer, bitch.”

“Fuck you … lets do it again” …. once again they moved their nipples against each other... sliding the sensitive shafts of their heated nipples together until, once again, they touched each others areolas. .. “Mine are longer, slut.” Olivia whispered.

“Fuck you … you filthy whore … lets do it again” ... Sara was frustrated. Once again they slowly moved their hard nipple cylinders along the entire length of each other, … until Sara's nipple touched Olivia's areola first…. Now Olivia was frustrated .. she thought she had about the longest nipples in the world.. and now she was tit to tit with this hot bitch who had nipples that were as long and hard as her own. “Fuck you.”

Olivia began swaying... flicking her hard nipples back and forth against Sara's pair ..”Fuck you”.. they flicked their nipples together for minutes... each of them moaning with the pleasure that was flowing through their nipples and tits... Seeing that both pair of rock hard nipples were not giving in to each other,, they once again pressed them tip to tip and began pushing them together... the first few tries, the tips would slip off of each other and stab into their sensitive areolas... which produced gasps and moans from their lips … finally they met exactly tip to tip and when they leaned forward, they stayed together … slowly pushing each others nipples back into the firm tit-flesh. .. More and more of their combined length disappeared from view.. “See that, you skank? .. my nipples are pushing your nipples back inside your tits”

“Fuck you, bitch... it's my nipples that are pushing yours back”' Sara answered.

Soon, the nipples were hidden from view and they began to sway... their areolas were sticking together which kept their nipples locked together.. back and forth they swayed for a few minutes until they stopped and pressed their tits together.. more.. and more … compressing the firm dense tit meat together... their massive globes spreading out.. Sara thought her tits were just a little bit bigger.. but it was very close. .. Olivia thought her tits were just a tiny bit bigger .. but she was not absolutely sure.. They kept mashing those huge tits together until they were pressed together as tight as was possible. They both looked down at their mushroomed tits and both hot bitches could tell... it wasn't much, but it was obvious. Sara's tits were bigger. They both could see it. They strained together for a couple of minutes.. pushing and grinding .. until once again, they realized that there would be no winner .. they were too evenly matched. They leaned back.. their hot tit-skin peeling off of each other as their tits separated. Olivia reached down to the front of Sara's tight yoga pants, cupped her wet pussy … and squeezed. “Ohhhhhh,” Sara moaned... “So you want to get nasty... well.. two can play this game” .. as she reached between them, cupping Olivia's wet cunt and squeezed.

“Ahhhhhh” Olivia gasped. They squeezed each others cunts back and forth.. .. Olivia would squeeze Sara's cunt, forcing a moan from Sara … then Sara would squeeze Olivia's vulva.. forcing a moan from Olivia .. They traded squeezes for several minutes.. moaning together... Olivia gave Sara's cunt one final deep squeeze... and as Sara moaned, Olivia whispered ..”Enough of this playtime shit” She stepped back... walked to a chair, sat down, and removed her shoes and socks.. Sara was doing the same .. then they stood up and slid their tight yoga pants off,, then Sara's G-string came off, followed by Olivia's thong... They were naked as they checked out each others hot cunt. Olivia was shaved except for a short diamond shaped patch of pubic hair right above her slit. .. Sara's pussy was also bare, except for her small patch of pubic hair shaped like a triangle.

They approached each other slowly until their massive tits were again pushed tightly together. Sara extended her tongue and licked across Olivia's lips.. leaving a small amount of wetness .. Olivia returned the lick... wetting Sara's lips and leaving a little spit on Sara's lips … “Pussy to pussy … you filthy whore” Sara whispered.

“Fuck hole to Fuck hole.. you nasty slut” Olivia whispered back.

“Clit to clit... you fucking tramp”

“Until you cum first”

“You mean until you cum first”

They dropped to their knees, then sat down on their butts, spreading their legs out.. Both women leaning a little to their right as they scooted closer and closer together ...Until their wet cunts were only a few inches apart. Sara reached down with her hands and spread her wet pussy lips apart... revealing her wet vagina to Olivia... Olivia spread her sticky pussy lips apart .. also showing Sara her wet vagina... Holding their pussy lips open, they scooted forward, closing the gap between them until their wet fuck holes lined up together... they pushed together tightly,, until they knew they were sealed tightly together before moving their fingers out of the way.... They both moaned as wet cunt met wet cunt … Bracing themselves with their extended arms to their sides.. they began to grind together... slowly... twisting and squishing their wet sticky pussy lips together as the wetness from their vaginas mixed together ...

“Ohhhhhhhhh... you whore.” Olivia moaned as they began to fuck. Their wet pussys sliding up and down against each other .. twisting their wet sticky pussy lips together ,, their inner thighs already getting wet from their mixed pussy juice.

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Sara moaned …. “You nasty bitch.” They were rocking together .. mashing their pussy lips together … dragging those sticky lips back and forth against each other … Sara and Olivia were fucking. … and it was good fucking … both of them moaning as they mashed and squirmed against each other. Their eyes locked as they cursed each other... calling each other every dirty filthy nasty name you could imagine as their cunts fucked … and fucked... and fucked. .. It was a slow grind... moving up .. sliding down … moving right .. then left … up and down.. fucking. … Their labia sticking and peeling apart with each upward and downward thrust of their powerful hips. Grinding …. squishing …. the two over-sexed vixens fucked and fucked and fucked... Sara lifted her ass off the floor … and Olivia did the same .. as they forced their open fuck holes together … their sticky clinging pussy lips spreading out against each other .. their mixed juices flowing from their cunts, down the cracks of their asses, as they pushed against each other as hard as they could …. as if they wanted to push their pussy inside the other bitches cunt. Their eyes watched each others big tits shaking and wobbling as they rocked back and forth … up and down … their asses in mid-air... and the fucking went on and on and on …. Sara's clit was on fire … Olivia's clit was burning... In their present scissor position it was difficult to touch their clits together ..and they both wanted to match their hard throbbing clits … It was Sara who spoke first … “We need to fuck with our clits.. you fucking bitch”

“It would be my pleasure .. you dirty whore.” … They dropped their asses back down to the carpet and slowly pulled their wet cunts apart … their hot wet sticky pussy juice stringing between their cunts … Sara wanted to be on top, but Olivia was too quick .. she quickly moved toward Sara and pushed her down on her back … Sara continued to moan as Olivia spread Sara's legs and sat her ass down on Sara's upper thighs .. straddling her … She reached down and spread her pussy lips .. exposing her inch long engorged clit as Sara spread her pussy lips … her equally hard throbbing clit protruding from her cunt. “I am going to fuck you until you cum.. you slut.”

“You are the one who is going to be cumming, you piece of whore trash.”

Olivia lowered herself down as she leaned forward... making sure their clits met head on … “Oh Dios, tú puta mierda sucio!!” She moaned loudly as their clits touched.

“God!” Sara whimpered as Olivia began to rock forward with her hips.. then back .. then forward .. then back .. in a fucking motion … a rocking motion.. their clits making full contact as they slid them together length to length …the pleasure was almost unbearable as they fucked. Sara moving her hips up and down as their sensitive clits rubbed together.. up ..down .. up … down … up … down … Olivia's huge tits gently wobbling … Sara's equally big tits quivering … “You love fucking me, don't you Olivia?” …. It was the first time Sara had said anything to her that did not end with bitch or whore or slut.

“Dios , te sientes tan jodidamente bueno.” Olivia moaned as they continued to rub their throbbing clits together. “¡Sí! No me jodas , me jodas !.” Olivia was panting.

“Mmmmm you are so fucking hot”.... Sara moaned … “You have to cum for me”

“Cum para mí Sara.” Olivia was breathing deeply... sweat running down her body as the two incredibly beautiful women continued their fucking … their clits sliding together... over … and over... and over.... for the next ten minutes they fucked clit to clit .. Sara did not know how much longer she could last … Neither did Olivia … And Sara wanted the top position …. so she raised her hips up high, thrusting and causing Olivia to loose her balance for a split second.. which is all that Sara needed to roll her over. Sara quickly climbed on top of Olivia as she spread Olivia's thighs apart with hers.. and lowered her pussy to Olivia's... their cunts meeting in a wet slapping sound. Sara kept her arms straight out.. her hands on the carpet as she held her upper body above Olivia's …. but even though Sara was holding herself up with her arms.. those two pair of big tits were almost touching … that is how big they were... Sara's hard nipples dangling just a couple of inches above Olivia's thrusting nipples as Sara 's clit found Olivia's clit and they re-engaged in their fuck war. Olivia arched her back .. lifting her upper body just enough that the tips of their nipples brushed back and forth as they fucked … flicking together with each forward thrust of Sara's hips … flicking together with each upward thrust of Olivia's hips … The pleasure of their ultra sensitive nipples flicking combined with the sticking and sliding of their now swollen and extended pussy lips... along with the building pleasure of their clits rubbing was driving both women out of their mind as they fucked … and fucked … clit to clit … cunt to cunt.. nipples flicking.

Olivia reached up and grabbed Sara's shoulders pulling her down .. those big tits mushrooming together... “Oh , perra caliente, usted está conduciendo me vuelve loco.” Olivia moaned loudly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God.” Sara was delirious with pleasure. Both women had this thing for big tits....... and as they ground those big tits together... it was just too much … the waves of pleasure were about to begin.... Sara could feel the tips of her swollen nipples trying to suck at the tips of Olivia's swollen nipples as they fought their own fuck-battle deep inside their massive tits that were compressed together... “My God.” Sara she began to buck her hips faster against Olivia … Olivia matching her thrust for thrust... Their clits grinding together in a sea of wet pleasure...



Sara opened her mouth as wide as she could.. extending her tongue... as Olivia opened her mouth as wide as she could and extended her tongue.... Their long tongues met tip to tip and then flattened out against each they moaned with pleasure... then the tongues disappeared from view as their lips met. With their mouths still wide open they sealed their lips together and twisted their tongues together in their mixed saliva....The kiss lasted as long as they could hold it... breathing as much air through their noses as they could... until they needed more air... Sara lifted her mouth from Olivia's.. several strings of their mixed spit stringing between their tongues.....

“Cum para mí Sara!” Olivia panted.

“You cummmmmmm for me Olivia!” Sara gasped.



“Cummmmmmmmming!!!!”.. “Estoy Cumming !! CUMMMMING !!!” .. Sara and Olivia screamed at the same moment in time. “FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” “OHHHHHHHHH!” “CUMMMMING!” “Sara ! Oh mierda !! Sara !! CUMMMING !!!” They were cumming together... their hot pussy cum gushing and wetting each others already soaking cunt. Their locked nipples jerking together.. their huge tits quivering together.. their tongues licking together in mid-air between their mouths as they gasped for air.. And as they continued to fuck … their pussys squishing together in their girl cum... bucking.. thrusting... fucking... a minute later they came again... Cumming on each others pussys …. together... “Ohhhhhhhhh Olivia!”

“Eres tan bueno .. tan jodidamente bueno .. Mmm perra caliente !! Ahhhh !!!”

The two hot bitches kissed deeply for a few minutes as they continued to quiver and spasm together as little after-shocks flowed through their bodies... “Ummmmmm, Sara, that was the best fuck I have had in months... you are a hot slut.”.. Olivia smiled.

“Mmmmm you too Olivia.. that was the best fuck I have had in a long time... you are such a hot whore... and I love the way you start speaking in Spanish when you get so hot. I wish we could do it again right now, cause next time I will make you cum first.”

“You meant to say that you will be the one who cums first … ... but I have an appointment.”

“And I need to continue unpacking and getting my apartment in shape.”

“Soon, then.”

“Yes, soon.”

“You fucking whore.”

“You nasty dirty cunt.”

Sara and Olivia kissed for a few more minutes.. deep kisses.. the kind of kisses that two lovers share. Finally Olivia and Sara rolled apart. They chatted while Sara dressed. Olivia told her about herself as a fitness trainer, and Sara told Olivia about her job interview as they got more acquainted with each other. In a few minutes Sara was dressed and walking toward the door. They shared another deep tongue kiss before Sara stared directly into Olivia's eyes and whispered .. “Fuck you .. you nasty bitch.”

“Fuck you, you dirty filthy trashy whore.” Olivia whispered back. Sara gathered up her things and left and Olivia walked to her bathroom so she could take a shower and get ready for her fitness training appointment. Each had met a new fuck-buddy ... a new fuck partner. … a new whore. It was the beginning of a good day.

To be continued