By AngelDawn30


Wendy and Amanda

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It was 6:30 and Wendy was getting dressed for her appointment with Amanda. 'What do you wear for an appointment with a lingerie sales person?' She decided to dress casually. She slipped on a white thong and picked out a pair of white shorts. Very short white shorts that showed off her perfectly tan legs. She picked out one of her sexier bras … black .. lacy .. feminine.. and a sleeveless charcoal blouse.. leaving the top two buttons undone to show off some of her deep cleavage. The finishing touch was a pair of four inch double strap charcoal heels .. to match her blouse. 'That looks nice'. A few more minutes in front of the mirror, to make sure her make-up and hair were perfect and she was ready. She walked to the intercom and pushed the button. “Charles?”

A moment later she heard the familiar voice. “Yes Ms Corleone?”

“I am expecting a friend in a few minutes. Her name is Amanda. She will have items with her. Please assist her with whatever she needs and bring her to my sitting room”

“Yes Ma'am”

Charles had been with Mr. Corleone for more than twenty years. He was loyal and trustworthy. .. and he could keep a secret. That was important to Wendy. Although Carlo often told her that she did not need to say 'please' and 'thank you', Wendy always showed her kindness to Charles. After all, he had helped her sneak women in and out of the home on many different occasions. Charles adored Wendy and would do anything for her.

Amanda turned into the driveway and slowly advanced to the gate and entered the code that Wendy had give to her... fifteen seconds later she was at the second gate... She called Wendy's cell phone..

“Hi, this is Wendy”

“Hi Ms Corleone, I am at the second gate”

“I'll open it for you.” Wendy pushed the appropriate icon on her cell phone and the gate opened. “And please Amanda.. call me Wendy”

“Thank you Wendy. .. the gate is opening. Be there in a moment”

“Ok, see you in a few minutes”

Amanda drove forward, the gate closing behind her. There were big oak trees lining both sides of the driveway... about thirty yards ahead the driveway took a rounded right turn and there it was … about the biggest home Amanda had ever seen. The two story Mediterranean home was breathtaking. She followed the driveway until she reached the fountain, then followed the circle drive around the fountain and parked in front of the door. As she was getting out of her car, Charles was already approaching her. “Hi Miss Amanda .. I am Charles. I will assist you.”

“Thank you very much Charles”

“My pleasure Ma'am”. Charles unloaded the two suitcases from the trunk and carried them up the three steps and to the double front doors. A moment later they were walking into the spacious foyer. “This way Ma'am” Charles spoke as he led her down a wide hallway to an elevator.

“You have an elevator?”

“Yes Ma'am.” a minute later the elevator was opening on the second floor. They went left down the hall to the double doors at the end of the hallway. Charles pushed the intercom … “Ms Amanda is here to see you Ms Corleone”. A moment later Wendy opened the door, motioning Amanda in. It only took one second before the two big-titted women began to check each other out. Charles followed, placing the suitcases on the floor. “Will that be all Ms. Corleone?”

“Yes Charles.. I do not want to be disturbed. You may lock the door as you leave”

“Yes Ma'am.” He answered politely and locked the door as he was leaving. The sitting room was huge. Bigger than most living rooms. There was a sofa, two love seats and a couple of chairs.. and a fireplace. Two wide open double doors led into the bedroom.

Amanda was wearing a red dress. It was short. The hem was halfway between her knees and her ass. The dress was also very low cut .. most of her large tits visible. She brushed back long auburn hair with her fingers. .. Amanda looked sexy as hell. Extending her right hand she introduced herself. “It is so very nice to meet you Wendy. .. I'm Amanda”

Wendy took her hand in hers and squeezed it just a little. “It is very nice to finally meet you Amanda”

Wendy and Amanda

For the next minute, both pair of eyes were glued to the two pair of massive tits that each one possessed. Needless to say, both women were impressed... very impressed.
'My God', Wendy thought to herself as she noticed how far Amanda's nipples were sticking out .. as if they were trying to tear through her red dress. After a few seconds, when it became obvious that they were checking out each others tits, both women lifted their eyes with Wendy speaking first .. “So where do we begin?”

“What exactly are you interested in Wendy? … what are your expectations?”

“Well, I could use a few sexy bras... maybe a few pair of crotch-less panties .. and most anything you have that is sheer …. Really sheer ...”

“I believe I can help you with all those things. .. Lets take care of the bras first. I will need to measure you for the perfect fit.” Amanda walked to one of her suitcases, opened it up, found her measuring tape and walked back to Wendy... stopping a foot in front of her. Amanda got right to the point .. “You will need to remove your blouse and bra so I can properly measure you.” Wendy was more than eager to comply with Amanda's request as she unbuttoned her blouse, slipped it off, .. letting it fall to the floor behind her, turned around with her back facing Amanda and said “Can you help me with my bra?” Amanda unfastened the hooks and slid the bra off Wendy's shoulders, letting Wendy catch it with her hands. Wendy quickly tossed it over toward one of the chairs .. missing .. as the bra landed on the floor. She then turned around, allowing Amanda to see the most perfect pair of tits that Amanda had ever seen. Big and round … standing firm … straight out.. with no noticeable sag.. and although Wendy's magnificent nipples were not yet fully erect, they were still very long and quite intimidating Amanda gulped.

“My goodness... your breasts are amazing”

Wendy had heard that statement countless times but she was always flattered “Thank you …. Your breasts are also amazing.” Wendy was pleased that they had already acknowledged each others rack... the rest of the evening was going to be easy.

“Thank you Wendy... I guess we are both lucky in that department... now let me measure you”. Amanda stepped up to Wendy , extended her arms and reached behind Wendy with the tape in her right hand. As she reached around Wendy with her left hand to grab the end of the tape she leaned forward just enough so that the front of her dress made contact with Wendy's naked tits. .. Wendy's nipples twitched as they began to respond. With the tape in both hands, Amanda stepped back and brought the tape around Wendy's rib cage, just below her huge tits... then she moved the tape up to where it was touching Wendy's tits,.. right at the very bottom of her big globes. Amanda pulled the tape snug. “It needs to be snug.. not too tight .. . 29 and a half inches.... So, as you know we add five inches to that to get your band size, always rounding down. .. better a tiny bit snug than too lose... that gives you a band of 34.” Wendy knew this, but was enjoying having Amanda's fingers so close to her tits. “Now, lets measure for your cup size.” Amanda once again placed both hands behind Wendy as she passed the end of the tape from one hand to the other.. and again, the front of those heavenly tits touched.. although this time Wendy leaned a little bit forward.... pressing their tits together a little more than before. Amanda was aware of this …. so she leaned just a bit more ,, pressing those heavy tits together just a little more before stepping back and pulling the tape around the front of Wendy's massive rack.

“Do I inhale or hold my breath or anything?”

“Just breath normally.” Amanda purposely let the back of her fingers brush across Wendy's nipples … slowly … then, deliberately, she dropped one end of the tape.. so once again she had to reach behind Wendy, pressing her huge tits even more firmly against Wendy's than she had before and held their tits together for several long seconds before she again pulled the tape around to the front of Wendy's rack. Again she let the back of her fingers flick ever so slowly across Wendy's nipples which caused a very quite gasp from Wendy's lips. Amanda heard the gasp... but continued with what she was doing. She placed the tape against Wendy's areolas, right below the base of Wendy's nipples and pulled it together … Not tight … but snug … just right .. “forty and a half inches ... Damn Wendy,... You are huge.... that makes you exactly halfway between a E cup and an F cup. We need just a little bigger cup than an E so it will fit perfectly. We will have to custom make which ever bras you want... so they will be a perfect fit.”

“That would be very nice.”

“Now all we need to do is look at some sexy bras .. so you can pick out some that you like.... and … if you don't think I am being a little too forward .. I must say.. you have the biggest nipples I have ever seen!”

Wendy moved her fingers to her nipples and pinched them .. “You like them Amanda?”

“Yes I do … very much .. I thought I had about the biggest longest nipples in town, but yours are … shall we say … outstanding.” They both laughed.

“You know what Amanda?... I have a few girlfriends that I get together with from time to time … and we are always looking for little sexy games to play... I was just thinking. It might be kinda fun to measure each other.... you know, so you can have a little feel.. if you know what I am talking about.”

“Ummm hmmmm... you want to use the measuring tape as an excuse to get your fingers on each others tits and nipples ...”


“Sounds like it would be fun”

“Soooooooo, Amanda... can I practice on you... just so I know exactly how to do the measuring?”

Amanda knew that this was an excuse for Wendy to touch her.. and she was more than willing to allow her to do so …. after all, her motto was 'What ever the customer wants. .. Never say no ...No exceptions' ….... “Of course you can Wendy” Amanda whispered as she turned around, her back facing Wendy. “Would you unzip me?” Wendy placed her fingers on the zipper and pulled it down... making sure her fingers touched every inch of the skin on Amanda's back as she pulled the zipper lower, past the back of her sheer black bra... and lower until it stopped just below Amanda's waist. She then moved her fingers to the back of Amanda's dress and slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall down to her waist. Wendy then pulled the red dress down over Amanda's nice tight ass, revealing the sheer black panties... then letting the dress fall to the floor. Amanda stepped out of the dress and turned around to face Wendy … Wendy gulped.. Amanda was wearing a very low cut sheer black bra …. It was a French bra .. with small round cut-outs .. exposing her nipples. No wonder Amanda's nipples were so visible under that sexy red dress. .. and those nipples were long … Wendy guessed about three-quarters of an inch long .. … Her eyes slowly made their way down Amanda's incredible body … Wendy gulped again …. “fuck' Wendy thought to herself … she is wearing crotch-less panties... There it was … out in the open … naked … Amanda's sweet pussy.... her pussy lips, though not excessively large, were just barely 'hanging' out of the open slit in the front of her panties … and they looked moist. Wendy felt her pussy contract. “Damn.... Damn Amanda, you look soooo fucking sexy.”

“Thank you Wendy” …. as she handed Wendy the measuring tape. .. but Wendy's mind had already moved past this playful little game of measuring each other.... Wendy was a true nymphomaniac … and she wanted more.. and she wanted it now. She tossed the measuring tape over onto one of the chairs.

“I think I know who to do this.... Do you have a bra like that in my size?”

“Of course I do Wendy … I brought quite a few different bras with me in your size. Let me find it.” A moment later she was holding a bra that was identical to the one she was wearing... with the exception that the cup size was a little bigger to accommodate Wendy's E size tits. “Here, lets try it on.” Amanda did not move around behind Wendy, rather she stepped closer to her, so that their naked nipples were very close together. Wendy lowered her arms as Amanda placed the bra over Wendy's huge tits and pulled the thin straps over her shoulders .. then she moved closer and pressed her large tits against Wendy's as she reached behind Wendy and fastened the bra. Their naked nipples had not yet touched as Wendy's nipples were not lined up with the cut-outs on the bra. Amanda then stepped back just enough so that they were separated by a couple of inches … reached inside Wendy's bra with her right hand and cupped Wendy's big left tit, amazed at how solid and firm it felt under her fingers. She moved Wendy's tit a little until her now throbbing 1 ¼ nipple was sticking out through the round opening at the front of the bra. Amanda then adjusted Wendy's right tit until the nipple found it's way to the cutout. “You have such wonderful tits Wendy” Amanda moved forward just enough to flick her exposed nipples against Wendy's before stepping back. “And those nipples are to die for!”

“Your nipples are amazing Amanda … We should compare them” .. Wendy moved closer and a little bit to the right. She was two inches taller than Amanda so she had to bend down just a little to line up those four throbbing nipples side by side. Her nipple twinged when their shafts touched. … She also felt Amanda's nipple jerk slightly at the same time. … She slowly moved forward... watching with Amanda as their nipples made the slow erotic journey toward each others areolas … until the dime wide tip of Wendy's nipple touched Amanda's areola.. It wasn't even close. Amanda then moved forward another half of an inch until her nipple touched Wendy's areola. Wendy's nipples were longer. She was still the 'Nipple Queen'. “Let's dance,” Wendy whispered as she and Amanda placed their arms around each others waist and slowly began to dance.. slightly shifting their weight from one foot to the other .. keeping those rigid nipple shafts against each other … as they swayed more and more their nipples began flicking …. bending only at the point where the hard shafts were attached to their areolas. ,, back and forth .. rocking left .. then right .. nipples flicking ...”This is soooo fucking sexy, Amanda”

“Mmmmmmmmm yes it is Wendy.... I love your nipples.”.... Amanda leaned into Wendy, pressing their big tits together ...”And I also love your big tits”. They continued to slow dance, their tits pressing together … not mashed tightly … just enough to hide those wonderfully long nipples and their swollen areolas.... rocking … left … right … slowly turning around in a circle.... their tits getting a good feel of each other... their hard taut nipples laying side by side, … hidden from view under their massive tits. For the next ten minutes they slow danced … quietly purring and moaning.. until Wendy locked her hands together behind Amanda's back and tugged her closer, forcing their big tits into very intimate contact. Amanda did the same and pulled Wendy even closer. The dancing stopped as they just held each other tightly. Wendy could feel Amanda's nipples gently jerking against hers … and Amanda could feel Wendy's hardened nipples trembling against hers. Their tight hug lasted for several minutes.. neither of them speaking.. just loving the feeling of their big tits pressed tightly together... Both women were turned on …. and Wendy wanted more …. and Amanda was not going to say 'no'.

Wendy moved her mouth close to Amanda's ear and whispered, “I love those panties you are wearing”

“I have an identical pair with me.. would you like to try them on?”

“Only if you put them on me”

“I would love to Wendy.” Amanda went a look through her inventory of sexy panties and found the matching pair of sheer black crotch-less panties.... size 6 and walked back toward Wendy, her jutting nipples waving in the air as she walked. “Here, hold these for a minute.” as she gave the panties to Wendy. Amanda then reached down with both hands and unbuttoned Wendy's white shorts, unzipped them and then knelt down in front of her as she tugged them down over Wendy's hips … letting the white shorts fall to the floor.

“With your teeth, Amanda”

“Whatever you want Wendy.” Amanda whispered as she moved her face toward Wendy's white thong, parting her lips as she grabbed the waistband, tugging it out enough to grab it between her teeth... then she pulled down... tugging the front of the thong … of course this was not going to get the thong over Wendy's hips, so she used her fingers to slide the sides of her thong down just enough so she could finish taking them off with her teeth. Pulling … tugging … until the thong slipped over Wendy's perfect ass and slid down to the tops of Wendy's smooth thighs. Amanda leaned in a little, nosing into Wendy's shaved pussy as she moved lower and lower .. pressing her nose against Wendy's wet pussy... feeling the wetness on the tip of her nose as she moved her face lower and then let go …. the thong falling to the floor. Wendy's pussy had a sweet fragrance. … almost like honey. She then helped Wendy step out of her shorts and thong and raising her hand up, took the crotch-less panties from Wendy and helped Wendy step into them.. pulling them up her legs and over her hips. They were a perfect fit... Wendy's pussy lips wet and visible. Amanda stood back up and stepped toward Wendy until once again their tits were joined together. Amanda desperately wanted to fuck this hot bitch … but she had to make sure that it was Wendy's idea. .. so she asked the right question … “Do you like to compete, Wendy?”

“I love competition. .. tennis … golf .. I'm not very good at golfing.”

“I was thinking of something more” … Amanda paused … “Something more erotic.”

Wendy took the bait … “Like sexfighting?”

Amanda and Wendy were still holding each other tit to tit... “Ummm Hmmm... I will make you a deal ….”

“I'm listening”

“If I out-fuck you.. I will let you have anything I have at half price.”

They both knew that price was not an issue... it was just a reason to fuck... and a reason to give Amanda a very nice sale... “And if I loose?”

“You will purchase everything in my catalog … in your correct size, of course.”

“All right Amanda. I agree.” Wendy then bucked her hips forward .. slapping her crotch-less panties against Amanda's crotch-less panties... there was a sweet smacking sound ...'smack. … Again Wendy bucked her hips forward … smack … and once again, only this time Amanda met Wendy's thrust with one of her own … smack … Wet pussy slapped against wet pussy .. smack.... smack... they began thrusting against each other.. their arms around each others waist as they kept their huge tits snuggled together.. their hips bucking against each other … smack … smack ...smack … smack ...smack … smack ...smack … smack … this went on and on ….smack … smack ...smack … smack … until Amanda moved to her left and began to thrust her thigh against Wendy's wet pussy... she could feel the wetness on the smooth skin of her upper thigh as she began thrusting her thigh against Wendy's wet pussy lips.. smack … smack … Wendy was now pushing her upper thigh against Amanda's dripping pussy as she also felt the wetness on her thigh. .. the aroma of their sweet pussys was filling the room with the sweetest scent as they begin to ride up and down on each others thighs.. their big tits straining at each other... up and down.. sliding their wet fuck holes against each others thighs.. humping.. fucking … sliding up and down,.. their upper thighs now coated with the wetness from each others cunts. . . . “Mmmm, Amanda .. you hot bitch” Wendy moaned.

“Hotter than you,... you slut”. Amanda moaned back.

They kept humping each others thigh for several more minutes before Wendy pushed Amanda away … then she reached out and grabbed Amanda's hand.. and led her into the bedroom. … “Let's see who can out-fuck who.” Wendy whispered as she released Amanda's hand and stepped up onto the bed, on her knees, Amanda quickly followed, getting on her knees and facing Wendy... they immediately closed the distance between them with a loud 'smack' as their tits collided. “Ummmmmm” Wendy panted.

“Ouuuuuu” Amanda gasped as she began sliding her huge tits back and forth across Wendy's magnificent pair. Their naked nipples catching against each other before springing apart each time they flicked them across each other … You could hear the sweet swishing sounds of their bras dragging across each other as they swayed their tits from side to side... swish .. swish .. swish .. This tit game continued for several minutes before Wendy pushed Amanda back... Amanda's legs spreading out as she fell onto her back. Wendy knelt down between Amanda's thighs.. moving her face toward the opening in Amanda's panties and blowing her hot breath against Amanda's pussy.. Wendy's breath was hot and moist as she parted her lips and sucked Amanda's left pussy lip into her mouth.. sucking and tugging and moving her head back until it popped out of her mouth... then she sucked in the other lip.. sucking very hard and leaning her head back.. stretching Amanda's pussy lip before it popped out from between Wendy's lips. Amanda was moaning... as she reached down and grabbed Wendy's lovely long blonde hair with her hands and tugged her face between her legs... Wendy opened her mouth as wide as she could.. covering all that was visible of Amanda's pussy... then licking.. and slurping.. her very long tongue lapping up and down Amanda's wet slit .. licking.. sliding up and down.. making pussy music with her mouth. Amanda was whimpering.... as Wendy buried her extraordinary long tongue into Amanda's vagina. … pushing it deep into the hot bitch's cunt. .. and began tongue fucking her .. in and out.. in and out.. slurping sounds … in and out … squishy sounds .. in and out... Wendy tongue fucked Amanda for several more minutes before moving her lips up and pulling on Amanda's over-sized clit.... sucking …. Amanda moaned loudly.. her fingers wrapped tightly in Wendy's beautiful hair as Wendy sucked and sucked and sucked …. Amanda was getting close to cumming …. finally she tugged on Wendy's hair,, pulling her face away from her soaked pussy... she rolled over as she pushed Wendy down on her back.. and knelt between Wendy's thighs... Licking her own wetness off of Wendy's thighs as she moved her lips up to Wendy's perfect pussy... Now it was Amanda's turn to eat pussy. .. licking.. lapping... slurping with her lips and tongue … lap lap lap lap lap lick lick lap lick.. Wendy closed her eyes... her body trembling … Amanda knew that Wendy was getting close to an orgasm... but she did not want it to end right now... She gave Wendy's pussy a few more licks and then moved her body upward.. licking up to Wendy's navel, tonguing it.... and then licking her way up Wendy's abs to her hard thrusting nipples.. She parted her lips and took Wendy's long hard left nipple between her lips and sucked … Amanda sucked hard … her cheeks hollowing as she sucked .. Wendy was panting .. She had to make her move.

Wendy reached down and cupped Amanda's face between her hands, lifting her face up, her long nipple popping out of Amanda's mouth. “I want to fuck you Amanda,” she whispered as she rolled to her side, rolling Amanda with her and slide down so their faces were together. She reached out with her long tongue and licked Amanda's lips.. Amanda responded by licking at Wendy's tongue.. and they lay there, tits pressed together, legs entwined, as they licked at each others lips and tongues .. lapping … licking ...flicking their tongues together .. sliding their lovely legs against each other .. feeling the smoothness of their firm things sliding together. .. they began to kiss... deep long kisses .. locking their lips tightly together .. their mouths wide open as they tongue wrestled... swirling their tongues together in a sea of their mixed saliva..stroking each others tongues as they squirmed together.. their sensitive nipples sliding and twisting together as the kiss went on and on and on … Amanda finally broke the kiss, stringing saliva between their tongues as she moaned … Wendy moaned with her as Wendy rolled them over... Amanda now on her back.. the string of spit between their tongues still attached as once again they kissed deeply .. Wendy laying on top of Amanda.. Her big tits pressing down against Amanda's massive pair. Once again, the kiss was deep and long.. lasting several minutes... until little trails of their mixed saliva began to trickle out of the corners of Amanda's mouth and dribble down the sides of her cheeks. Wendy spread her legs.. forcing Amanda's legs apart, opening up Amanda's wet cunt... then lowering her own soaking cunt down on top of Amanda's.. They shivered together as their wet pussy lips met and their swollen clits touched as they forced their way into the cutouts of their crotch-less panties ... “Mmmmmm” the two hot bitches moaned together.

Wendy began to slide up and down... slowly … dragging her wet sticky pussy lips against Amanda's equally wet and equally sticking pussy lips. They felt the heat from each other … they felt their lips sliding together .. sometimes sticking for a brief moment and stretching before sliding apart ...Wendy moved up and down.. her hot cunt massaging Amanda's … their wetness mixing together .. their swollen clits sliding together …. their massive tits compressed as much as their firmness would allow.. their nipples throbbing together … they were fucking. … It was a deliberately slow fuck .. each one wanting to enjoy the pleasure of each other … each one wanting to use the others body for their own pleasure. The sliding and rubbing of their two wet cunts was wonderful … up and down .. sliding … mashing their now extended pussy lips together... loving the squishing sounds of their hot naked pussys rubbing together … loving the swishing of their panties brushing together... panties that were now beginning to be soaked with their fuck juices. Wendy and Amanda were moaning into each others mouths as they kissed deeply .. their big tits locked together … nipples pressing together … as they slow fucked each other.. Their clits throbbing.... as Wendy began to slide a little more up and down..and began to push her cunt harder against Amanda's.... fucking the hot bitch … Amanda began to lift her hips up,, forcing their wet pussys tighter and tighter together ...Then the quick rocking began …

Wendy began moving her hips faster up and down.. their sensitive clits rubbing tightly together … up and down.. humping clit to clit … their wetness mixing .. Amanda was really humping against Wendy.... as their pussy fuck went on and on … driving them both wild with passion and pleasure... they continued to fuck … each one determined to force an orgasm from the other … fucking … fucking … sliding their hot clits together again and again … until Wendy placed her hands on the bed and lifted herself up onto her knees... she grabbed Amanda's left leg and lifted it high into the air as she adjusted her cunt over Amanda's,, placing her right leg behind Amanda's lifted leg and her left leg over Amanda's right leg … scissoring their legs together as she lowered her dripping cunt down to Amanda's wet cunt.... She wrapped her arm around Amanda's raised leg and held it against her as she looked down Amanda's hot sexy body .. the small waist …. the big tits they were now slightly jiggling on Amanda's chest, and her beautiful face as she straddled the hot auburn haired slut and began to fuck her... the weight of Wendy's body forcing their sloppy cunts together … Grinding .. sliding .. rocking those hot wet fuck holes together .. their clits meeting head to head with each forward rock … rocking .. fucking … Amanda was moaning as they continued to fuck each other for their own pleasure. Amanda's hips rocking her wet pussy in rhythm with Wendy … fucking... fucking... “Cum for me Wendy!”

“Not until you cum first … you slut!””

“Ohhhhhhh God... you fuck soooooooooo good Wendy!”

The fucking and rocking continued... wet squishing and slurping sounds filled their ears... as they squished and rocked their cunts together tightly.. again and again they slide their aching clits together … Wendy threw her head back .. her long blonde hair waving in the air behind her back … Amanda closed her eyes... trying to fight off the on coming orgasm … squish.. squish .. squish … Wendy was driving her clit hard against Amanda's … rocking …. fucking.... Amanda reached down and cupped her big tits with her hands.. thumbing her hard thick sensitive nipples …. Wendy's massive E cup tits lightly bouncing up and down as she humped her cunt against Amanda's … fucking … fucking … “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!” Amanda moaned loudly...

“Yessssssssssssssss!!” Wendy panted ….

“I …. I ….. oh fuck …... I …. gonna …...GAWD!!!!!!!!!! Amanda screamed … “Gonna Cummmmmmm”

Wendy pushed down as hard as she could … their hard sensitive clits meeting head to head and sticking... as if they had been welded together ...”Ohhhhhh Shit!””” Wendy moaned as she felt the hot gush of wetness and heat from Amanda's contracting pussy.

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Amanda screamed … her hips pushed up as high as she could... her pussy making maximum contact with Wendy's pussy. “Oh My God Wendy” Amanda gasped … “Cummming hard”

Wendy humped Amanda for another minute as she fucked Amanda through her orgasm... Amanda's body bucking wildly beneath her … until Wendy could no longer hold back the pleasure that was trapped inside her cunt …Her fingers dug deeply into Amanda's leg .. she wiggled her cunt against Amanda's .. trying her best to line up their open vaginas.. then pushed hard against Amanda .…. and let it go ….... panting and gasping she looked at Amanda and their eyes locked as Wendy panted … “Cummming … Cumming in your hot wet pussy Amanda!.... Oh Fuck! .. Cummming!” … Wendy's cunt contracted … several hard contractions … as she gushed into Amanda's pussy... her hot pussy cum gushing inside Amanda … “Unnnnnnnnnn”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Wendy … Yesssssssssssssss”


“Fuckkkkkkkkkk.. Wendy! …. I can feel you flooding my pussy.. you nasty whore”

Their cunts jerked together for more than a minute before Wendy shook violently.. as a second orgasm flowed through her body …. then a couple of minutes later a another hard contraction forced a third orgasm from her body.... She was moaning and whimpering as she continued to rock their cunts together for another minute …. Multiple orgasms were common with Wendy …. that is what nymphos do … they cum and cum and cum …. and Wendy was a nymphomaniac. “Damn Wendy.. you are so fucking hot!” Wendy smiled... Yes, she was hot ...and she knew she was hot … and she knew that there was no one that was hotter.

“You're pretty hot yourself” She grinned at Amanda …as she lifted her still dripping cunt off of Amanda's hot cunt. “I will take all of them”

“All of them?” Amanda was still breathing deeply.

“The lingerie”

“Oh... yes... the lingerie... at a discount”

Wendy lightly laughed … “No.... no Amanda .. I will take one of everything you have.. every bra ..custom made in my size of course … and every teddy, every camisole, every thong.... one of everything.. at your normal price.”

Amanda smiled... that was going to add up to several thousand dollars... a nice days work. “Thank you Wendy.”

Wendy reached for Amanda's hands with hers... pulling Amanda up so they were both on their knees... then they scooted forward .. until their tits pressed together again.. Wendy reaching behind Amanda and unhooking her bra as Amanda did the same.. then with their tits still pressed together, the pulled the two bras out from between their pressed tits.. the sheer black nylon stimulating their throbbing nipples … Wendy looked into Amanda's eyes Amanda smiled and said, “Well you did. … you out-fucked me... bitch”

Wendy smiled back … “Now that we got that out of the way …” Wendy began to slide her naked tits back and forth across Amanda's naked pair... “Ummmmm” Wendy moaned. “I fucking love big tits” The brushed their huge tits back and forth for another minute before Wendy whispered into Amanda's ear .. “You mentioned something about toys?”

“Mmmmmm. I would love to show you some toys.” Amanda rolled out of the bed and a few moments later came back with several toys... “As you can see Wendy, I have a few strap-on's, a couple of vibrators ..” She turned one on and let it buzz for a few seconds before turning it off.

“That looks interesting.... but what is that one?” Wendy knew, of course, what it was, although she had never used one. … this one looked intimidating .. it was black, fairly thick and at least sixteen inches long with a large head on each end... there was also a white stripe around the center.

“This is called a double dildo... you share it with each other.”

“And the white stripe around it?”

“That is for competitions … to see who can take the most inside their pussys... or to see who can squeeze it the most, keeping it inside and fucking the other girl with it.”

Wendy leaned back.. extended her legs and dropped to her back on the bed .. “Show me how it works Amanda.”

“It would be my pleasure.” Amanda held one end of the dildo to her lips and licked it... all around the large head... before taking it into her mouth and sucking it for a few moments. When removing it from her mouth she drooled a string of saliva on the head.. then knelt down between Wendy's pussy which was still wet, placed the head of the dildo against her pussy.. and slowly pushed it in... spreading Wendy's pussy lips... Wendy gasped as the head pushed against the opening of her vagina.. until it popped inside. “Ohhhhhh.” Wendy gasped again. Amanda pushed a little more until about two inches of the dildo was inside Wendy, then she slowly began to slide it in and out of her vagina... slowly inching more and more of the end of the double dildo inside Wendy. .. three inches ….. four inches …. “Does that feel good Wendy?”

“Oh God Yes!”

Amanda then moved herself around on the bed until she was scissored with Wendy.. She spit onto her fingers and wetted the other end of the double dildo,, then she grabbed the thick shaft and pushed the other end against her wet slit.. slowly scooting her pussy closer and closer to Wendy until the head entered her wet cunt.. holding the dildo in the middle, she pushed in into her pussy a couple of inches as she scooted closer to Wendy, until she also had about four inches of the black two headed dick inside her cunt. “Mmmm... this does feel good.” She whispered. As she held the dildo in her hand she began to move it back and forth between them .. it would push a little deeper inside Wendy.. then she would push it inside her own pussy... fucking both of them as the double dildo slid in and out of their wet pussys... This went on and on until they were once again breathing deeply. Wendy cupped her big tits with the palms of her hands, thumbing her hard erect nipples as Amanda pushed the dildo back and forth between them. Deeper and deeper Amanda fucked Wendy and herself until there was no more space for her hand …. She let go of the dildo and laid back on the bed and inched her way closer to Wendy... Wendy lifted her hips off the bed and scooted a little closer to Amanda as more and more of the sixteen inches of black cock disappeared inside their tight cunts.. They began to moan …. as they began gently thrusting their hips in a fucking motion.. pushing the double headed dildo deeper and deeper until their extended wet sticky pussy lips touched.

“Ohhhhhhhh … I can feel you Amanda.” Wendy gasped as she pushed a little more, feeling their sticky labia touching together.

“I can feel your pussy lips touching mine Wendy … and it feels sooooo fucking good.” Amanda panted. They continued to fuck each other.. their pussy lips making more and more contact with each thrust until they both gave one final push against each other and felt their clits touch. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Amanda moaned.

“Yesssssssss.” Wendy gasped. Now it was time to do some serious fucking as they began to hump each other... each time they pulled apart there was about four or five inches of the black double dildo visible.. and each time they pushed together, it would completely disappear... thrust .. push … the dildo sliding in and out of their wet cunts.. their pussy lips would stick and tug at each other before pulling apart, their wet sticky juices stringing between their lips and around the huge black cock... Wendy wanted to see what was happening as she raised herself up, placed the palms of her hands on the bed and extended her arms, holding her upper body up so she had a clear view of their fucking. Amanda did the same as they continued to fuck each other.. sliding the dildo in and out of their moist and wet fuck holes.. their sensitive clits meeting with each thrust. The two hot bitches continued to fuck.. minute after minute, their thrusting becoming harder and harder until they were practically slamming their cunts together.. their hard clits pounding together with each hard thrust of their hips... occasionally their juices would spray each other as they continued their hard fucking.. Wendy reached out and grabbed Amanda's hands with her own hands pulling her up so they were face to face, their big tits quivering in front of each other. Amanda placed her arms around Wendy's neck pulling her closer until their four throbbing nipples melted together as Wendy wrapped her arms around Amanda's neck... pulling her tighter, their massive tits ballooning together as they fucked each other.. their clits slamming together until they stopped thrusting with their hips and pushed their clits head on into each other and began to rock... sliding their clits back and forth against each other.... fucking clit to clit with sixteen inches of the huge black double headed cock buried all the way inside their cunts.

Wendy extended her extraordinarily long tongue and licked at Amanda's lips, wetting them with her sweet spit before mashing her open mouth against Amanda's wide open mouth... their lips sealed tightly as their tongues licked and lapped at the inside of each others mouths.... the clit to clit rubbing became harder and harder.. both women pushing their hungry cunts against each other as their hard clits flicked back and forth against each other.. their big tits jiggling together as they fucked themselves toward another orgasm... rocking... clits flicking... tongues licking... nipples pressed tightly together beneath the abundance of their tits. Amanda began to moan... Wendy was fucking her to an orgasm.. with each flick of their clits against each other, Amanda was coming closer and closer to exploding. Wendy was not far behind her.... they broke their kiss, pulling their wet mouths apart.. spit drooling down over their lower lip and stringing down on their joined tits.... “Ohhhhhhh Wendy...... GOD YES!” Amanda moaned loudly. Wendy kept grinding their clits together... the black double headed dildo completely buried between them..... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amanda panted.

“Cum for me Amanda.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!” Amanda screamed.... “I'm Cummming!!!” Amanda's hips bucked wildly as her orgasm raced through her body... her tits shaking.... her head thrown back.... gasping for air... “Cummmmmmmmmming!!”

A few moments later Wendy's cunt contracted.. her hot wet sticky Pussy cum spraying out of their joined cunts.... “Fuck Yesssssssssss.... Cummmmmmmming!” They rode the double dildo through their orgasm.... their big tits heaving together.... their bodies shaking against each other. Wendy and Amanda held each other tightly as their orgasm passed and their breathing began to slow down. “Mmmmmmmm that was so good” They kept the huge double headed black cock inside them for a few more minutes before they moved away from each other,,, Wendy reaching down and pulling it out from Amanda's dripping cunt,, and then removing the other end from her own wet pussy.

“I'll take it...... I will take all of them.” Ten minutes later Amanda was about to leave the bedroom... when Wendy noticed something she had not seen before... “What is that?” She asked Amanda.

“Oh... it's one of my new items... I call it a snuggle bra.” Wendy picked it up.. it was black.. made out of a thin stretchy material. It had two straps that made it look like a bra.. except there were no cups for your boobs. There were hooks in the back just like a bra.... “Let me show you how it works” Amanda helped Wendy place her arms through the two straps with one side of the snuggle bra behind her back... then Amanda pressed her swollen tits against Wendy's as she slipped her arms through the same straps that Wendy's arms were though... she then asked Wendy to reach behind her and fasten the hooks... “Like it?” The black stretchy material wrapped completely around them, looking like someone had rolled the material around their bodies as they were standing facing each other... there were two straps that went from Amanda's back to Wendy's back. The hooks kept it in place... “It keeps you pressed together tit to tit... while you sleep... or whatever.”

“What a unique idea... I will take it.”

Amanda left a few business cards with Wendy as they said goodnight and Charles helped Amanda load her things into her car. As Amanda drove away Wendy smiled at Charles ..“Goodnight Charles.”

“Goodnight Ms. Corleone.”

To be continued