By AngelDawn30


Angel and Jane

It was almost 2 PM when Angel's phone rang. It was Jane. “Hi Angel.. just confirming our date at 8 o'clock Wednesday.”

“Jane.. we just talked a few hours ago … do you miss me already?”

“It was just an excuse to call so I could tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting you.”

“As am I... and Jane?”

Jane answered in her sexiest voice .. “Yes Angel?”

“Mine are bigger than yours.”

It kinda ruffled Jane's feathers a little bit … she had never met anyone with tits as big and firm and dense as hers. “Bullshit.... Mine are bigger than yours... and firmer”

Angel smiled to herself.. she knew she had got to Jane … “I don't think so sweetheart. No one has tits as dense and heavy as mine”

“Except for me”

“We will just have to see about that, won't we Jane?”

“We certainly will Angel”

“You do understand that there is only one way to know for sure, don't you Jane?”

“Yes I do Angel … Your tits against mine”

“I hope you won't be too disappointed Jane”

“You're the one who is going to be disappointed, Angel”

There was a moment of silence before Jane laughed .. “You are just trying to get me all stirred up, aren't you... you bitch”

Angel laughed … “Seriously. I have been thinking about you and I cannot tell you how very much I am looking forward to meeting you”

“Me too Angel... Well... I have a phone call...see you Wednesday... You slut”

Angel laughed.. “And I will see you Wednesday,.... you nasty whore”

Jane laughed as she and Angel said 'bye' to each other.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Amanda Davis was pretty... very pretty. She was 22 years old, stood 5'6” tall and weighed about 125 lbs. She was a red head with long hair that was just below her shoulders. She measured 39¼-24-34. Yes, she was extremely attractive... she could have probably been a model except for two things.. Those huge round tits that sat high on her chest with no noticeable sag. They were incredible. She wore a 34DD bra and filled it to the max... and nipples... big wide nipples that stuck out almost an inch. Amanda also had large areolas. three inches across. Her chest was incredible. She could have been a porn star or a dancer, or perhaps graced the cover of men's magazines.. but that was not what she wanted to do. Mostly because she was a lesbian. She was about to enter her first year of law school at SMU... hoping to land with a big law firm here in Dallas when she finished law school. She was much like Wendy was when Wendy was that age. She was a gold-digger.. looking for a meal ticket. At the present time she was a mistress.. having a fling with the owner of a large trucking company. He kept her in a small but nice one bedroom apartment that she shared with her friend Lisa .. He had given her a car to drive.. and was helping her with her college expenses. In return Amanda was fucking him.... and sometimes she was fucking another girl while he watched. It was his favorite fantasy........ It seemed like a fair arrangement.

She was currently employed at one of the major department stores where she worked part time a couple of days each week in women's shoes and lingerie.. but Amanda had a problem keeping her jobs ….Perhaps part of the problem was that Amanda was constantly flirting. You know the type. The girls who always wear their dresses short.. not just short.. way to short. The type who show more cleavage than most women would dare to show... way more.. It seemed she had an issue with dress codes. And when she was not at work she sometimes she would wear short shorts... the really short shorts... so short you can see the lower curve of their buttocks. And she had this thing for going braless often. She loved her tits and loved that little unfettered bounce they had when she walked.. It turned her on to show off her body, and the skimpier the clothing the better. She wanted to be noticed.. and she was noticed. It was if she were carrying a sign .. “Do you wanna fuck? .. I do.” Yes, Amanda was a knock-out.

While finishing her B.A. Degree, she had also been taking some real estate classes and had recently passed the written test and was looking for a part time job selling homes... It was going to be her safety net in case law school did not work out for her. She had an appointment with an attractive woman named Ashley Williams today at 2 o'clock. About six months ago she began working for an online company named 'Nasty Lingerie.' The name speaks for itself. Very sexy lingerie. They company did not have a store front.. it was all sold 'by appointment only'.. she would get leads via email from the company and then call the customer and make appointments. The only way you could own it was for her to visit you in person. She would obtain as much information as she could from her prospective client so she could bring the right sizes. If what she brought did not fit perfectly, she would take measurements down to the sixteenth of an inch and have it made for you.. Amanda had a gift for making sure that the lingerie you purchased fit perfectly. The top brands that were made by the thousands could not compete with her uncanny knowledge and ability to create the perfect fit. She also brought items that fit her perfectly .. so she could model the lingerie, … demonstrating to the client how exact her lingerie could fit and how sexy it could look . And one more thing … although she did not advertise it .. she also sold adult toys on the side, and would bring them when she made these personal visits. She had quite a few requests for such items .. and began showing and selling them as well.. but only when asked. Of course, that was easy … The simple question of “Do you have anything else?” opened the door.

Amanda had a very simple motto .. “What ever the customer wants. .. Never say no ...No exceptions” This led to many sexual encounters with clients. Amanda never made advances. The customer would have to do that... and Amanda made it easy … because she had a body to die for. She always wore one of her customs 34DD bras that had just a tiny bit more room than a traditional 34DD bra … to account for that ¼ inch difference in her bust. Yes, she was busty.. Incredible tits that were not only huge, but they maintained their shape and position on her chest .. even without a bra. Such firm and dense tits were extremely rare and she knew it.. and she used those tits to her advantage in her lingerie business. She also had really big nipples .. almost an inch long and as hard as concrete. She loved showing off her points of glory.. especially with French bras with cutouts for the nipples.

Amanda was all girl. She always dressed feminine No pants.. no jeans … no shorts .. Always a dress or skirt... and they were always short … very short .. A minimum of 6 inches above the center of her knees when she was standing. … and when she sat down and crossed her legs, virtually all of her thighs would be exposed. She loved to show off those athletic legs.. which had thighs to die for .. thighs that could squeeze you into ecstasy She also only wore blouses and dresses that showed off those amazing tits. Always low cut …. always lots of cleavage. She wanted to have that sexy look. She needed to have that sexy look. This lead to things like modeling the lingerie for her prospective client...

While finishing her B.A. Degree, she had also been taking some real estate classes and had recently passed the written test and was looking for a part time job selling homes... It was going to be her safety net in case law school did not work out for her. She had an appointment with an attractive woman named Ashley Williams today at 2:30. Ms. Williams owned one of the more successful agencies in the Dallas area and Amanda was hoping to make a good impression. It was already a little after one o'clock and she had to get ready for her interview, but first she had to call Wendy Corleone to confirm her appointment that was scheduled for later this afternoon. She picked up her phone and called Ms. Corleone ...

Wendy answered her cell phone. .. “Hi, this is Wendy.”

“Ms Corleone?.. this is Amanda Davis calling to confirm out appointment for 5 o'clock today.”

“Oh, hi Amanda. I am kinda busy on the computer at the moment and it may take some time … Can we change it to 7?”

Although they had never met, Amanda knew who Wendy was .. and she knew that Wendy could afford to buy anything she wanted .. Hell, Wendy Corleone could buy half of Dallas! ..“Sure.. that's not a problem”

“Good, I'll see you at 7. You know how to get here?”

“Yes Ms. Corleone. I have your address in my GPS.”

“Good, .. and Amanda, its all right to call me Wendy”

“Thank you Wendy. That is very kind of you.... May I ask you a few personal questions so I can be sure to bring items that will fit you correctly?”


“Thank you … I need to know your measurements, your bra size, and your panty size”

“I am not exactly sure what my measurements are Amanda. I have not measured myself in a while ...”

“That's not a problem .. we can do that when I get there... your bra size?

“34F .. and size 6 panties.

Amanda almost fell out of her chair. 34F? Holy shit. “Ok, thank you”

Oh, Amanda .. can you also bring some sexy things in a 34F?”

“Yes Ma'am. I certainly will”

“Please … it's Wendy”

“Yes Wendy.. I will see you at 7”

“Oh one more thing... do you have anything else other than lingerie?”

“I also sell adult toys.”

“That sounds like fun... bring a selection of those too.”

“Yes Wendy. I will.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. When you get to the gate, today's entry code is 9595. That will open the gate. When you get to the second gate.. you will need to call my cell phone and I can let you in. You may park at the front door. Charles will let you in.”

“Ok … I got it … See you at 7.. Bye”

Wendy loved lingerie … this would be fun.


Sara Jones was a beautiful woman, standing 5'7”, weighed 129, dark, almost ebony eyes, lovely lips and long thick jet black hair that flowed down to just below her shoulder blades. Her lovely hair would normally have been the first thing you would notice if you looked at her. But Sara had tits. Big tits. She measured 40-25-35, and wore a 34E bra .. and her impressive tits filled up the big E cups... Sara loved her tits.. they were her pride and joy.. her babies. ..Each of her large tits were capped with an equally long thick hard nipple measuring an inch long ... very impressive …with a circumference almost exactly that of a dime, Sara was equally found of her nipples. And she should be. They were like the icing on the cake … so to speak.

Sara had graduated from college with a degree in finance, then accepted a job offer a San Francisco. Although it was with some difficulty, she left her family and friends behind and went to work at a bank far away. During her spare time she managed to get her real estate license and began to work part-time selling homes. She quickly moved up the corporate ladder until she was one of the executive vice presidents. It was there that she met her future husband. He was a stock broker. They dated a couple of years before that eventful trip to Las Vegas. On the second night, with way to much to drink, they decided to get married. They had stayed up all night drinking and fucking, so by the time the courthouse opened the next morning they were getting their marriage license They found a lawyer and signed a pre-nup, because his family was wealthy. Sara, being in love, agreed. That evening they were married in the wedding chapel at the MGM Grand hotel. The next day they called and told their family that they were married.

After a couple of years together, Sara became good friends with a pretty woman by the name of Cindy. As the friendship grew, it turned into something more. Sara began to feel those old urges for woman to woman sex. And although she tried to repress them, those feelings would not go away. One night they ended up in bed together at Cindy's apartment and Sara rediscovered how much pleasure she had been missing. It was better than anything with her husband. It was then she realized that she belonged with women and not with men.

The relationship with Cindy lasted almost a year before Cindy met her future husband. Sara was disappointed., but happy for her friend. Then she met Jan. Jan was married with a little girl and although she and Sara loved the sex they shared, Jan finally broke off the relationship. Then there was Ronnie.. short for Veronica. Then there was Keri … then … Susie. .. then a string of endless names … women she would pick up in lesbian bars .. in lesbian hang-outs. Sara could not help it. She craved pussy. She sometimes thought of moving back home and hooking up with her college sex partner, Wendy, but Sara had a good job, made good money and really enjoyed the lifestyle her husband provided.

Then there was the night she got caught. Her husband was out of town for a stock brokers convention … he was not supposed to be home until Sunday evening. However, he had left a day early and when he walked into their home, he heard moaning coming from the bedroom. He thought he had caught her being unfaithful as he quickly walked toward the bedroom … and he was correct. He saw Sara .. in bed … fucking. What made it worse for him .. was that Sara was fucking another woman!!

Although Sara never wanted to hurt him, she had to be who she was. …. A lesbian. They separated .. he filed for divorce … and Sara got a modest settlement because of the pre-nuptial agreement she had signed before they were married. She continued working at the bank for a few more months before she quit. The bank had been sold and the new bank president was a 'bastard' to work with, so Sara decided to move back to Dallas. That was two weeks ago. She had leased an apartment at the recently built Park Place Towers near downtown Dallas. It was a luxury high rise complex with three 30 story towers,, the North Tower, the West Tower and the South Tower … The East Tower was not really a tower .. only five stories high.. where the lounge, fitness rooms, three swimming pools, sauna, meeting rooms, ballrooms and so on were located. The first five floors were of the North, West and South Towers were parking garages. All three residential towers offered valet parking. The Park Place high rise was an all adult community. It was very nice. Sara was in the South Tower on the 22nd floor. She slept in the bed at her new apartment for the first time last night.

Sara had spent a great deal of time searching through the internet job sites. Although the divorce settlement had left her some cash, she would quickly burn through the money in a few years unless she found a job. She found listings for several good paying positions with local banks, … had a few interviews .but she did not find the 'right' job.

Finally she found it. A well known real estate company was hiring... what made in interesting, was that the company was owned by a woman. Her name was Ashley. Sara emailed her resume and the next day she got a call telling her she had an appointment with Ashley on Monday. ... Sara was excited. She would be interviewing for a sales position and would also be interviewing for a personal assistant. .. Ashley's personal assistant. Ashley was doing interviews all day and Sara was scheduled to interview at 3 PM … today. It was 2 PM and she needed to get dressed ..But first, she had to call Wendy.

Wendy answered her cell phone knowing it was Sara calling. “Hi Sara”

“Hi Wendy. I am finally settled in to the apartment.”

“That's great Sara. I am sure you are relieved”

“Yes I am. I am about to leave for a job interview.”

“Oh good. Tell me about it”

“It's for a personal assistant. I can tell you more about it later.”

“You are assuming you are going to get the job?”

“Of course !” Sara laughed.. “Anyway, I was wondering... perhaps we could hook up later this evening.”

“You want to fuck don't you Sara?” Wendy always wanted to get to the point.

“You certainly don't beat around the bush, do you Wendy?... Actually, the I was thinking more of 'out-fucking' you.”

“Mmm... is that a challenge?”

“Yessssss … I want to sexfight with you and show you how much better I am than I was when we were in college.”

“I have improved my skills as well, Sara”

“Then it will be even better than it was before... and I am looking forward to titfighting you too”

“Oh really Sara?” … Wendy taunted her. “You know that my tits are bigger than yours.”

“Were bigger. … I have grown up.”

“Then we will have to compare .. as only women know how to do.”


“Oh Sara, I can't tonight. I have someone who is dropping by to show me some lingerie She says it's custom made, most of it 'one of a kind'”

“Oh, I bet that will be fun for you”

“We'll see.. but yes... We can hook up very soon. I would love to see you. .. it's been a long time .. In fact, I was just thinking about you earlier today.”

“And I have been thinking about you too, Wendy.”

“Mmmm … you little slut” .. They both laughed.

“Well Wendy, I have to get ready for my interview. Call me tomorrow.”

“I will Sara … Bye”

“Bye Wendy”

Sara was a little disappointed. She really wanted to see Wendy.. but it would have to wait. ... Right now.. the upcoming interview was the most important event on her calendar. Hoping to make an impression, she began getting dressed .. , with a navy skirt, a couple of inches above her knees, and a light blue blouse with matching heels. She did not want to look too sexy, nor did she want to look 'plain'. She arrived at the office of 'Ashley Williams Realty' five minutes early. Parking her 2014 silver Toyota Camry, she stepped out of her car and walked to the office. As she walked in, she noticed the young attractive receptionist,... Sara approached her,.. “Hi, Sara Jones, I have an appointment with Miss Williams.”

“Hi Sara, I'm Karen.... she should be with you soon. . . Do you have your resume with you?”

“Yes.” Sara answered as she handed Karen her resume and took a seat. There were three girls ahead of her. The interviews were running late. As most women do, she checked out the competition. Sara was, by far, more attractive than the other women. That's not to say they were not pretty... It was just a fact. Sara was beautiful. And she was also very qualified. Time went by... 4 o'clock came and went … then 5 o'clock came and went.. Ashley Williams was sure spending a lot of time with whoever was in her office. ...At 5:30 Karen walked over to where the applicants were seated and announced .. “Ms. Williams has made a decision, you all may go.” Sara's heart sank. .. then Karen continued .. “Except for Sara Jones.”

“I'm Sara.” She smiled.

“Ms. Williams will see you now … down the hall , last door on the right. She will let you out. It's been a long day and I am locking up and going home.”

“Thank you very much” Sara replied with a smile. “It was nice meeting you Karen. I hope we will be working together.”

Karen smiled in response and whispered... “I hope so too … you certainly are patient.” Sara then walked down the hall, taking a moment to check her cell phone for any messages... when out of nowhere .. “Smack”. She had walked right into a tall auburn haired woman head on … tit to tit … They both bounced back a little from each other...

“Oh I am so sorry.” the stunning said as she knelt down to pick up her cell phone that had fallen to the carpet. “I was looking at my phone and not paying attention,”

“No, it was my fault... I should have been watching where I was going.” Sara politely responded. Then Sara noticed... and the woman in front of her also noticed. Sara was standing face to face with a beautiful woman .. her long auburn hair was kinda messed up.. she had the scent of Channel No. 5... she was maybe just a little taller than she was.. perhaps it was her heels... but that is not what got Sara's attention. The woman had a huge rack... Maybe even as big as Sara's massive rack.... She was impressive, with a small waist and nice hips, wearing a black dress that was perhaps just a little too short for a job interview … the dress had a scoop neckline that showed a little more skin that maybe should have been shown for a job interview... Sara thought she looked sexy as hell.... She extended her right hand... “Sara.”

“Amanda.” .. she answered as she took Sara's hand in hers and squeezed. It was a gentle squeeze. “You are interviewing for the position?”

“Yes.” Sara was trying very hard not to glance down at Amanda's tits.

“You will like Ashley” … Amanda leaned forward, the front of her dress lightly brushing the front of Sara's blouse and whispered … “She's hot.”

Sara leaned a little more into Amanda … wanting to get a good feel of those big tits with her own... but only allowed them to push just a little bit closer together.. “So are you Amanda.” Sara whispered.

Amanda then surprised Sara by wrapping her arms around her and giving her a hug.. their incredible tits ballooning against each other under their clothes... Sara hugged back. The hug lasted longer than necessary … and both women were ok with that. It gave them a little assessment of the competition. “And so are you Sara …. Very hot.” Amanda whispered. They released their hug, smiled at each other... “See you around Sara.. oh, here is my card ..I also sell lingerie part time by appointment.. call me sometime.”

“I will do that. Amanda”

Amanda stepped to the side and walked past Sara. “Damn” Sara whispered to herself as she stepped to Ashley's office door. It was closed., so Sara knocked softly and heard a sweet female voice say “It's unlocked. Please.. come in” Sara walked in and tried not to gasp. Ashley was buttoning up her blouse .. There was a sexy black bra draped over the back of her chair .. and her face was flushed... as if she had been working out.. or perhaps it was because of something else, because Ashley's nipples were like a pair of headlights that were on hi-beam.. straining at the front of her light yellow blouse .. Amanda was right.. Ashley was hot …and she was beautiful...


Ashley spent seven years, working her way to the top. After she graduated from SMU with a masters degree in finance, she went to work for a real estate broker and quickly became the number one producer. Perhaps it was her knowledge of the housing market or her keen intuition to peek into the future with uncanny reliability, or perhaps it was her looks that attracted the 'big money'. Two years ago, she started her own business, and took almost everyone of her clients with her. In just a few months, her business was rolling .. and she quickly became the “go to” person for housing and commercial property. Ashley was doing well … very well... Life was good .. Until Nicole met Mr. Right, got married, and moved to Houston. Nicole was Ashley's personal assistant. Anything and everything Ashley needed or wanted .. Nicole was the one who made it happen. Ashley's business had become so successful that she no longer had time to offer the personal service that many of her clients needed, and Nicole handled the overload. She would 'wine and dine' clients that Ashley did not have time to take care of. Nicole also 'took care' of Ashley. She was more than happy to make sure that Ashley was happy. .. Now that Nicole had left, Ashley needed someone else to do all the things that Nicole had done. She needed someone with a vast knowledge of the real estate world. Someone who was attractive …. someone with a friendly and 'out-going' persona. … someone who could literally drip with sexual energy if the situation demanded it … and Ashley also needed someone to play with. … You see, Ashley was bisexual and she needed a girl who was into girls. .. someone who was really.. really.. into girls.

Ashley was an interesting woman … obviously she was smart, but she was also a real 'looker'. She was built like the proverbial 'brick shithouse' Ashley had blonde, medium length hair that brushed the top of her shoulders. … brown eyes … and an ass that could have been used for the cover of 'Buns of steel”. She was lovely. Her face. .. her eyes … her nose … her lips .. her hair … a nice tight tummy that she kept in shape .. and that incredible ass … but with all of those wonderful assets, her two best .. and biggest assets.. were her tits. Big … round … firm … and sticking straight out. Ashley loved her tits.. and they were capped with long hard nipples that were an inch long when fully erect … with the diameter barely less than the width of a dime ....and those nipples were hard as steel ... which was often … You see, Ashley had sensitive nipples … Very sensitive nipples.. In fact, her nipples were so sensitive, that on occasion, she could actually have an orgasm if her lengthy nipples were toyed with just right. Yes, Ashley was quite a sight to behold. She was thirty years old, blonde, five feet seven inches tall, weighed 129 and measured 40-25-35. Yes … 40 inches.. or, if you prefer, Ashley was a 34E... and there were days that those monster tits would try their best to stretch those huge cups. Ashley was fun and flirty and everyone liked her, but she also had a dark side. She was into titfighting. Ashley loved to match her 'girls' with another woman and she loved titfighting.... especially if the other woman could match her hard one inch nipples. It was exciting and it was also a big turn-on for her.... more than once she had orgasmed during a match. She was ok when she got into a smacking slapping match, driving her big tits into another pair... slapping them together... head on or back and forth.. but where she had achieved most of her success was in grinding together. Ashley's tits were heavy and the firmness ran was usually only a matter of time before her weighty tits would begin to break down the tits of her opponent. Yes, she loved it and was good at it, but she also did it for the money. She was part of an underground group of men and women who arranged matches between women.. there were cash payouts for the winners and a great deal of money was wagered on the fights... sometimes thousands of dollars were at stake as bets were made... mostly by the men who watched. A week from Sunday was the Titfighting Championship Finals. Ashley would be matching her huge dense firm 34E tits against a unknown rival... there was a great deal of chatter on the internet about the upcoming battle. Earlier in the year a bracket was set up with sixteen women ... all of them busty … all of them attractive … and over the last six months the women would meet in various clubs to have their matches... always with a packed audience yelling and screaming for their favorite. Ashley had advanced to the finals by winner her three previous matches... There was still a couple of matches left as a few girls would be competing this weekend to see who would battle Ashley for the championship.

Ashley did not have a play 'partner' … her business demanded her time … so her encounters with other women were usually what she called “sport-fucking”. .. Sex with no attachments. .. With her lovely appearance and that hot ass .. and those big tits .. Ashley had no problem with keeping a few names on hand. …

She finished tucking in her light yellow blouse, and adjusted her black skirt that was a couple of inches shorter than the one Sara was wearing. Her skirt hugged those tight ass cheeks as if she were advertising them. She was also wearing a very expensive pair of black leather heels.

Sara and Ashley

Sara Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Daphne Rosen, Dubai and Indian

As Sara controlled her need to gasp at the sight of Ms. Williams... Ashley was also trying her best not to appear to be too excited as she looked at Sara. When a man meets a woman for the first time, statistics say that men look at the woman's tits 70 percent of the time while only looking at her face 30 percent of the time. However, when two women meet they almost always .. almost 100 percent of the time .. look at each others faces. That's what women do. … unless you are a very attractive woman and you meet another very attractive woman and you need to 'check them out' .. in which case its about even between looking at the face or tits. .. Of course, if you are bisexual or a lesbian. .. then it's about what men do. 70 percent of the time they look at the tits first. This is what Sara and Ashley were doing. .. staring directly at each others massive amount of huge tits hidden beneath their clothing.

After about ten seconds it became a little awkward for both women. Ashley spoke first... her eyes returning to Sara's eyes. “Hi”, she spoke in a soft voice, “I'm Ashley. It is nice to meet you”

“Sara. Nice to meet you too Ms. Williams... I am not disturbing anything am I?”

“Not at all”. Ashley remained calm ...”Please Sara, you may call me Ashley”

“Ok Ashley” Sara smiled and Ashley smiled back.

“Would you allow me to excuse myself for just a few minutes? .. I have been sitting here for several hours, and I really need to go pee.” Ashley laughed as she completed her sentence.

“No, not at all.”

“Thank you. Please have a seat. I will be right back” Ashley stood up and scooted her chair out of the way... that's when she noticed her bra hanging over the back of her chair … 'Shit' she thought to herself... 'I forgot to put it in a drawer.' … But Ashley played it cool... knowing that Sara had probably already noticed.. she ignored the bra and walked around her desk, reached out and took Sara's right hand in hers and gently squeezed it... holding it just a bit longer than necessary and repeated .. “I will be right back”

As she walked out of her office, Sara quickly walked around to Ashley's chair.. picked up the bra and read the label .. '34E'... she then carefully draped it back over the chair, leaving it exactly where she found it. Then she noticed that Amanda's resume was still laying on Ashley's desk. Sara quickly found Amanda's phone number and then checked to see if it was the same number on the business card that Amanda had given to her . It was. That phone number might be useful someday. She took a deep breath as she sat down and crossed her legs her skirt riding up her lovely thighs just a few inches, showing a little of that smooth skin, but not too much. “Damn” she thought to herself. Sara felt her nipples twitch. “Damn”. I hope she does not notice. Sure, Sara was instantly attracted to Ashley, but she was here to get a job. That had to be her main focus.

A couple of minutes later, Ashley walked back into the room … over to her chair .. leaned over and spun her chair around and sat down before turning her chair back toward Sara. Sara immediately noticed that there were two buttons on her blouse that were buttoned before she left the office … those buttons were undone now .. and as Ashley leaned forward, perhaps deliberately, to adjust her chair, Sara could see the deep cleavage of Ashley's prominent tits. Were those tits as big as hers? … Sara did not think so... Was Ashley's bra the same size? .. Yep... both girls wore a 34E bra... Ashley interrupted Sara's thoughts when she spoke .. “I have read your resume and have made a couple of phone calls to verify your information.” Ashley's eyes dropped down to Sara's huge tits as she continued. “You have a very impressive … impressive .. resume”

“Thank you.” Sara answered politely. She knew that Ashley was staring at her tits so she took a deep breath, wanting to give Ashley a better view of her impressive babies. “Your receptionist said that you have already filled the job opening?”

With her eyes still locked on Sara's tits, Ashley continued “Well, yes and no... I have narrowed it down between you and another girl.”

“Amanda?” Sara asked.

“Yes. Do you know Amanda”?

“We bumped into each other as she was leaving... I assume her interview went well.. she must have been in here for over two hours”

“It went well... but the position is still open. ... You and Amanda are the most qualified applicants I have interviewed today... even though I have not started the interview process with you. In fact, I had pretty much made up my mind before you walked in, that the choice would be between you and Amanda ... .. with all this equal opportunity and equal employment stuff, you have to interview several applicants so you don't get accused of hiring a relative or friend who may not be as qualified as another applicant. I am sure you understand the process.” Ashley's eyes returned to Sara's and Ashley noticed that Sara's eyes were staring at her own big tits.

“Yes, of course I understand”

“Allow me to explain the job to you, and you can tell me if it works for you... or not.”

“All right” Sara's eyes had now returned to Ashley's.

“You also must be loyal, dependable, and on time. We open at 9 and close at 6. I expect you to be here at 8:30. During the day you will be with clients.. sometimes during the evening and on weekends as well... You will need to be back at the office at 5:30 for a meeting each day unless you are with a client. Usually we can leave a few minutes after 6. Monday through Friday. The office is closed on the weekends.. but you will be showing homes during the weekend.”

“I understand.”

“You will be my personal assistant. You will interview clients..... buyers and sellers... You will explain what we do, and how we do it. You will answer all their questions and qualify them. Some potential clients may not qualify because of the money involved or their credit score. We don't have time to spend with unqualified clients. You will do anything that is necessary for the clients who do qualify. Anything they want, you will do...”

Sara interrupted, “Anything?”

“Allow me to finish”

“Yes Ma'am”


“Yes … Ashley”

“As I was saying.. anything they want you to do, you will do. .. dinner dates .. parties .. various social events … if that is what they want …”

Sara was listening attentively.

“However, we are not prostitutes You will never have sex with a male client. .. Never .. Is that understood?”

“Yes, of course... I understand”

“And this is the second 'However' … However, …. if the client is a woman, and she initiates any sexual advances … you may … at your discretion .. comply with her advances.” Ashley paused, then continued.. “ So tell me Sara … do you like boys or girls or both?”

“What does this have to do with real estate?” Sara asked.

Ashley lowered her voice... “Nothing. … You see Sara, we don't sell real estate… we sell ourselves … we lure them in … and we make money … and so do our clients … it's a win-win. .. so if you need to show some leg or cleavage .. that is what we do.” Sara did not know what to think of all this.. or what to say … “So let me ask you again … boys or girls?”

Sara quietly responded... “Girls”

“Good... now to the next part of what I require... I am bisexual .. I love men and women .. So let me be straight to the point … My personal assistant will do anything I ask of her .. and that includes sexual favors... if you have a problem with that, then we do not have anything else to talk about”

Sara wanted to make sure she understood... “Allow me to get straight to the point.. you are saying … that if you want me to attend to your sexual needs .. that I am to comply with your wishes … is that correct Ashley?”

“Yes, that is correct Sara”

“Sooo, if you asked me to stand up and remove my blouse ..” Sara stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse … slowly ... as she walked around the desk and stood behind Ashley. Sara slowly slipped her blouse off revealing a light blue lacy bra. She then placed her hands on Ashley's shoulders and begin to softly massage the back of her neck.”

“Ummm, that feels nice”

“You've had a stressful day Ashley … interviewing all of these job applicants. .. you feel tense.” Sara worked her fingers and little deeper into Ashley's neck for a minute then moved her hands around her neck and down her chest … the front of her light blue bra brushing Ashley's back. Sara moved her fingers lower and lower until she was massaging the upper swells of those two incredible practically perfect big tits. Another couple of minutes passed as Ashley closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. “And,” Sara continued to speak softly, “if you asked me to massage your breasts, then I would have an obligation to do so... is that correct?”

“Yessss” Ashley whispered.

Sara's fingers reached inside Ashley's blouse and moved over Ashley's massive tits ... and began to move around.. slowly caressing her tits .. rubbing .. then lightly squeezing … softly pushing those huge globes up and down .. left and right .. kneading those dense mounds with her fingers and the palms of her hands..finding those hard nipples that were straining at the front of Ashley's blouse .... Her thumbs and index fingers found their way to where Ashley's nipples were and she delicately pinched them which brought a little sigh from Ashley's lips. … “And, if I am assuming correctly, if you asked me to squeeze your big tits ..... then I would need to comply with your request … is that right?” Again Ashley moaned as Sara pushed her fingers into the firmness of Ashley's tits and squeezed … Ashley moaned as Sara's hands began squeezing and kneading the firm flesh. Sara worked her hands and fingers against Ashley's skin for a few minutes before moving her lips close to Ashley's left ear and whispering … “You like that .. don't you?”

“Mmm .. yes .. I like it very much”

Sara slowly removed her hands from Ashley's large tits and began to finish the task of unbuttoning her blouse... When finished, she tugged the blouse out of Ashley's skirt and as Ashley raised her arms, she pulled the blouse off and tossed it on the desk in front of Ashley. .. Sara stepped back, unhooked her own bra .. pulled it off.. and tossed it on top of the desk. Then she placed her hands on the back of the chair and slowly spun it around until they were facing each other .. Ashley seated and Sara standing.. and for the first time there eyes beheld each others impressive tits. .. neither girl spoke for more than a minute.. they just stared at each others rack …. both of them amazed at what they saw.

Ashley spoke first .. “Damn Sara, .. you have really nice tits.. they are sooooo big.... and those nipples … my God”

Sara's voice was just a little more than a whisper...”You have got to have the biggest tits I have seen in a long time... maybe even ever. .. and your nipples have to be the biggest, longest nipples I have seen in years.” Sara was thinking of Wendy. She also wanted to keep this little game she was playing moving forward .. “I would have to touch them if I were asked to do so .. is that my understanding of what you were saying?”

“Un huh” Ashley whispered.

“Sooooooo... are you going to ask me to touch your tits?”

'God', Ashley thought to herself.. 'She is fucking good' … “I want you to touch my tits Sara... massage them .. squeeze them.. play with them.” there was a slight tremble in Ashley's voice as Sara dropped down to her knees in front of the chair.. reached out with her open hands and cupped Ashley's big tits... squeezing them.. amazed at how firm and dense they were. Ashley's tits were not hard. Not like some women who have breast implants. .. They were firm.. sticking straight out .. and if there was a tiny bit of sag, it was unnoticeable.. Ashley's tits were amazing . .. they felt every bit as good as she remembered Wendy's tits feeling .. firm .. heavy .. dense. Ashley's hands had also reached out to Sara's big tits and began lifting … and squeezing … and palming... Ashley was also amazed at how firm and dense Sara's babies were... She knew that her tits were just about the same size as Sara's. “Damn Sara, you are so big and firm...”

“So are you Ashley … so fucking huge and sooooo fucking firm”

“Sara .. I should tell you … I have this.. this thing for tits.. I love them.”

“So do I”

“Nicole had nice tits.. really nice tits... but nothing like yours.. You are bigger and firmer...” Ashley moved her fingers to Sara's hard nipples...and speaking with a very soft voice .. “And your nipples are much bigger …..... and thicker … and longer …. and harder” Ashley stroked Sara's nipples … moving her fingers from the base of each nipple to the tip.. and back again .. sliding her fingers up and down .. stroking each others nipples for several minutes until Sara gasped... quickly followed by a gasp from Ashley. Suddenly Ashley pulled her fingers away from Sara's rigid nipples as she grabbed Sara's hand and pulled Sara's hand away from her hardened nipples. Both women were breathing deeply.... as they looked at each others amazing tits and nipples. “Lick my tits Sara.” It was more of a demand than an invitation. Sara scooted a little more toward the chair until the front of her thighs touched Ashley's knees., leaned forward ..moved her mouth until it was a couple of inches above Ashley's left tit,.. parted her lips... and extended her tongue down toward Ashley's nipple. As Ashley watched intently, Sara held her tongue above Ashley's nipple until a small thin string of saliva drooled down and landed on Ashley's nipple. Sara slowly moved her head back, stretching the tiny string until it snapped and fell on Ashley's impressive nipple. “Mmmmm, Sara, you are a nasty bitch.” With her tongue still extended, Sara lowered her face and touched the tip of her tongue to Ashley's creamy coffee areola, touching the sensitive skin right below Ashley's long nipple, then slowly licking up the shaft until she reached the tip, swirling her tongue around Ashley's puckered milk hole... then licking the top of the prominent nipple until, once again, her tongue touched the upper part of Ashley's areola. .. then she did it again ….... and again for the third time … then she dragged the tip of her tongue down between Ashley's huge tits and over toward her right nipple .. again licking up and down the amazing length of Ashley's hard nipple .. first the top side .. then the bottom side of her rock hard cylinder. Sara repeated this several times as Ashley began to moan. “God Sara,, you do that soooo fucking good”

Sara moaned in response as she now began to lick Ashley's tits,, up and down those huge globes of dense tit-flesh.... her tongue wagging back and forth .. up and down .. licking Ashley's right tit.. her tongue feeling Ashley's skin tighten.... over and over she swirled her talented tongue on Ashley's right tit before moving to her left tit … her tongue never once breaking contact with Ashley's skin … licking … stroking … lapping …. licking.. until she parted her lips and opened her mouth as wide as she could... and placed her gaping mouth over Ashley's left nipple and sucked it inside her mouth... tonguing the hard nipple .. pulling more and more into her mouth.. pulling Ashley's areola in between her lips and into her mouth … then Sara sucked … short little quick sucks.. over and over . Suck .. suck .. suck … Ashley closed her eyes and moaned... it felt so very good. ,, suck .. suck …suck .. suck … Finally Sara pulled her mouth away, still sucking, until the nipple popped out of her mouth, “pop”.... For the next few minutes Sara repeated the nipple sucking on Ashley's right tit, until, once again, she leaned back until the nipple popped out of her mouth with a popping sound. Sara leaned back, her big tits rising and falling on her chest as she surveyed Ashley's huge rack.. “Ashley .. your tits and nipples are fucking amazing.” ….Ashley quietly moaned ... Sara thought for a couple of seconds and then asked the question she was longing to ask … “Ashley? .. may I ask you something”

“Un huh ….”

“Do you like......”

Ashley interrupted .. “Sport Fucking?”

“I was thinking of a more competitive version of sport fucking.”

“Do you mean sexfighting, Sara?”

“You know about sexfighting?”

“Of course I do.. and I love it.... it is such a rush to know you have the sexual skills to force an orgasm from another woman. … Do you ever sexfight Sara?”

“Yes.. every time I have the opportunity”

“Do you want to sexfight Sara?”

“Are you asking.. or is that a request … in which case .. as your personal assistant . I must comply with.” Sara was toying with Ashley , and Ashley knew it... and Ashley loved it.

“Let me reword my last sentence …” Ashley looked Sara in the eyes.. “Lets sexfight Sara.. right here .. on the carpet... right now”

“Does this mean I have the job?”

“Let's just do it...Now..... lets fuck!” Ashley responded as she stood up, took hold of Sara's left hand in her left hand and led her around to the other side of the desk., Then, as they stood in front of each other Ashley whispered .. “Lets feel each others tits”. Sara stepped forward until they were almost touching and both women reached out at the same time and began to fondle and squeeze each others big tits. Rubbing … lifting .. pressing with the palms of their hands … shifting the dense orbs left and right .. squeezing …

Sara whispered in her sexy voice. “You know that your nipples and areolas have much more nerve endings than your fingers” Ashley nodded. Perhaps it would be better to feel each other if I touched your tits with mine”

“I like the way you think Sara. And I can get a better feel for yours at the same time” Ashley closed the gap between the two pair of huge tits until their nipples met head on. Sparks flew. Both women gasped. This was special. This did not happen everyday. They held the tips of their nipples together for more than a minute, looking down. Amazed at the incredible length of their joined nipples. Ashley shifted slightly to her left and slowly moved forward... a tiny bit at a time as their sensitive nipples slid against each other shaft to shaft. ...Ashley moaned. ... Sara moaned with her. With two pair of eyes locked on their nipples, .. as the tips slowly moved toward each others areolas. Ashley and Sara watched as they saw … and felt .. Sara's nipples touch Ashley's areolas first. The difference was evident. Sara's nipples were at least a quarter of an inch longer... enough to confirm to both of them that Sara had longer nipples. Ashley pushed a little more and her nipple touched Sara's areola. .. they continued pushing together .. nipples disappearing from view.. areolas disappearing from view as their massive tits swelled up against each other.. giving into each other just a little.. before the density and firmness brought their tits to a standstill..

“God, Sara.. I love the feel of your tits against mine”

“Me to Ashley. I could do this forever”

Ashley smiled.. Well.. it can't last forever.. but we do have time to enjoy each other for a little while.. unless you have plans” “

“Only this one” Sara responded as she pulled back freeing their nipples.. then lining them up tip to tip... feeling the throbbing shafts vibrate against each other at the tips. She then wrapped her arms around Ashley as Ashley wrapped her arms around Sara. They both then squeezed their upper arms in against the outside of their big tits which caused them to move forward against each other.. the hard nipple rods disappearing tip to tip inside each others tits. “Mmmm I love this”

“I love it to Sara” Ashley was already panting. She had been so busy lately she had not even had time to masturbate for a couple of weeks. They pulled themselves together .. grinding those four massive dense mounds of flesh together .. looking down and so amazed that they could only push together so far before they each hit what felt like a brick wall. “God!”

Then the pumping began.. They would push and release. Push and release .. pumping their big tits together. They would expand against each other with each thrust, only to perfectly reshape themselves as they pulled back.. over … and over .. thrusting together .. pumping .. each tit feeling the firmness of its counterpart. Each tit feeling the deep density of the opposing tit. .. pump .. pump … finally Sara pulled back enough to separate the huge tits then yanked Ashley toward her. There was a 'smack' sound. Followed by a 'slap' sound. They were titfighting. … smack.. slap .. smack.. again .. slap .. smack.. over and over .. again and again.. slap .. smack.. slap .. smack.. slap .. smack..

Both women were aware of the wetness in their pussys. Breathing deeply and moaning they came together with their tits one last time and hugged.. Forcing those mounds of what seemed like steel.. together … hard. As if they were trying to crush each others tits with their own. “Ohhhhhhh Fuck!” Ashley moaned loudly.

“Yessssssss Ashley ….. yessssssss!” Sara moaned just as loud. Their orgasm was building. Their panties were soaked. The intense hug lasted a couple of minutes before Ashley pushed Sara away.. They stared at each other .. and.. without saying a word, they both bent over and removed one shoe at a time and then started to unzip their skirts. Sara's zipper at her side, Ashley's zipper at the back. They slid their skirts down over the tight asses at the same time, stepping out of them. Then the panties came off. Each woman eyeing the others wet cunt. .. Both shaved.... Sara's with a closely trimmed little triangle at the top and Ashley with a small rectangle. They were in lust... and had a desperate need to fuck. They came together again, big tit meeting big tit with their arms around each other .. their mouths opening as they touched lips and then tongues together. The kiss was violent. Tongues searching deeply in each others mouths as their lips closed together... trapping their wet tongues together as if they were locked in a wet closet. The kiss went on and on.. neither wanting to let it go as they moved their smooth thighs between each others legs .. pushing the smooth tight skin against each others wet cunts … feeling the pussy juice on their thighs as they humped each other .. Hard. Thrusting hard against each others soaking cunts. Fucking each others pussy with their thighs .. thrusting .. humping … locked in a nasty deep wet kiss... each tongue trying to push the other tongue back. This went on and on for minutes.. Until Ashley needed more..

Breaking the kiss,, she moaned, “We need to fuck. Right now” … She dropped to her knees, pulling Sara with her, then pushed Sara over on her back.. knelt between Sara's thighs, and lowered her hot body down on Sara's. … their extended nipples met head on .. then quickly disappeared as their big tits merged... Ashley lowering her pussy down against Sara's.. feeling the lips touch then merge into one hot piece of burning flesh. .. Ashley then pushed her cunt against Sara's.. they both needed this very badly .. no more time to waste. .. Sara lifted her hips up.. making maximum contact between their dripping cunts.

Ashley began to rock up and down. Sliding her wet cunt over Sara's.. their swollen pussy lips sticking and clinging. .. stretching .. tugging.. pulling at each other as they began to fuck. Sliding up and down against each others wet slits. .. Moaning.. gasping .. as their tits mashed together.. Hard … and they kissed … hard... feeling the pressure on their lips as they drove their mouths together as much as they could. ..Their tongues fighting their own little private war … as did their sensitive nipples.. buried deeply between their big tits. … up and down. Sliding … wiggling … up … down.. sliding .. then they began to thrust. Ashley lifted herself up and slapped her wet cunt down against Sara's... as Sara bucked her hips upward to meet Ashley's thrusting. Their engorged clits meeting head to head .. smack.. smack .. smack … smack .. smack … smack .. smack … smack .. smack … fucking like crazed animals. .. Licking at each others tongues … rolling those four heavy tits together .. smack .. smack ...smack .. smack …. The fucking went on and on.. each girl trying to postpone their orgasm... wanting the pleasure to last .. and last .. smack .. smack ...smack .. smack … Ashley gave one last thrust ... pushing down hard... as Sara also gave one last hard thrust up to meet Ashley's pussy with her own. Pushing hard.. their clits fused together..

Ashley and Sara moaned together.. breaking their long kiss .. gasping for air.. Sara thought she could win … but decided against it. This was not the time to show-up her new employer... so she gave in... she felt the waves began to roll.... “Ohhhh Fuck Ashley .. I am gonna cum!” Sara's body bucked and heaved up against she lifted her ass up hard.. ramming her hot clit into Ashley's.

“Ashley !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I am Cummmmming !!” Sara moaned and gasped.. her body jerking with pleasure... about ten seconds into her orgasm Ashley began to scream

“Cummmmmmmmming!!!!... Oh God Sara !!!!”

They gushed against each other. .. Sweet pussy juice mingling together .. as they felt each other spasm … hard. … they continued fucking... smack .. smack ...smack .. smack … and a second orgasm flowed from their cunts.. as they screamed and moaned together.. Cumming hard together. Their pussys trying to suck at each other...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck !!!”


They held each other tight... glowing in each others arms …. Moaning and whimpering with pleasure. “Mmmmmmm Sara”

“Ashley.. that was fucking awesome” Sara panted, slowly catching her breath... Sara then rolled Ashley over and moved on top of her that she was tit to tit and cunt with Ashley. “Now its my turn to be on top”

“Fuck me Sara”

Sara began to fuck Ashley... pussy to pussy .. grinding.. sliding … mashing their heated clits together... squishing their wet sticky pussy lips together as they mashed their big tits tightly together... kissing and moaning .. flicking their clits back and forth.. fucking .. and fucking … and fucking … until they both exploded in another deep orgasm.. shaking and trembling together … Sara lay on top of Ashley for a few minutes before lifting herself up... their tits so big they were still barely touching. Sara begin to sway .. flicking their nipples back and forth against each other... over and over. The sensitive shafts bending equally... flicking … sliding … flicking... The pleasure became so intense that Ashley reached up and grabbed Sara, rolling Sara over on her back.. and once again lowered her hot body down onto Sara's... and they fucked again... cunt to cunt... fucking and kissing and grinding their heavy dense tits together until they were cumming again... gushing into each others cunts... their tits and nipples swollen beyond anything that either had experienced before. They kissed and cuddled... loving the feeling of their practically flawless bodies together. Ashley finally awakened from her almost dream-like state .. smiling at Sara … “Don't you want to know what the salary is going to be?”

“Whatever it is .. I'll take it.. with one condition ….”

“And what is the condition?” Ashley asked.

“That we can occasionally get together.. you know... perhaps in the evening.. or on a weekend....”

“And fuck?”

“Yesssss fuck..… whenever you need your new personal assistant to take care of you... … just not between 9 and 6.. wouldn't want to frighten the clients with all that moaning” They both laughed.

“One more thing Sara.. we need to be clear about this... I have not made my decision... I need to review the resumes of you and Amanda.. make a few phone calls to verify some things.. and perhaps talk to your former employers.”

“Yes, of course.”

“I have plans for the rest of the week, so it will be sometime next week before I make my final decision.”

A few minutes later, they had put their clothes back and on and were leaving the office together. Ashley and Sara shared another long deep kiss before saying goodnight. As Sara drove back to her apartment she smiled as she spoke out loud … “That interview went well. … Very well.”

To be continued