The table in the booth became dotted with tasty culinary treats such as Miso soup and seaweed salad. This was followed by a round of appetizers including the popular and healthy Edamame, tasty shrimp shumai dumplings and of course, tempura. On top of all this, there was still a main course to come. A party of four sized sushi platter was on it’s way.

By Mariko’s reckoning, one large bottle of hot sake was enough to accommodate all four women without causing any damage or embarrassment. Besides, sake was the only beverage she knew of that could so easily provoke silly, giggling intoxication. And that was what she was after~a fun time. She also understood that once the main course was depleted, most of the sake induced silliness would wear off. No need for anyone to get a DUI, after all.

When the sushi platter finally arrived at their booth table, the giggles turned into oohs and aahs of mouthwatering anticipation. Chopsticks poised and ready, the four famished women dug in. All four of them chatted and often chided about one or the other’s skill, or lack thereof, in the proper used of the ever vexing Asian dinner utensil.

This dinner had been both welcomed and needed. One could easily see on all four faces, the “cat that ate the canary” grins of four women who fully understood the reason why they were all in such dire need of nourishment. Who knew that spirited girl on girl pleasure could stimulate the appetite so profoundly?

“So your reservations were for seven?” Toni asked.
“Well, yeah.” Ruby replied.
“Then we were over thirty minutes late? Gosh, we’re sorry. If we had known, then maybe…”
“Don’t worry about it, Toni. Besides, it’s Wednesday. Not a terribly busy night.” Mariko said, casually.
“Actually, I’m delighted that things turned out the way they did.” Ruby said, sending a sexy wink to both Toni and Brenda.
“Ruby’s right. In fact, I think we should all toast to the remarkable events of earlier this evening!” Brenda said, raising her sake cup.
“Here here!” said Ruby.
“Indeed!” Mariko said, excitedly.
“I’ll drink to that!” Toni added.

All four cups met in a clink. All four women nodded and grinned while fond visions of four impassioned nude bodies locked in lascivious desire danced through their minds.

“Wow! This sake is really good! First time I’ve ever had it.” Antoinette expressed her pleasure in the warm, highly alcoholic beverage.
“Just be careful Toni. Sake will sneak up on you slowly and politely, then knock you down. That’s why I only ordered one bottle for the four of us.”
Toni smiled warmly at Mariko’s genuine concern. In her mind however, as she gazed at the Japanese beauty, she wondered if they would ever come together body to body as she and Ruby had. But this time, instead of extruding this exciting notion from her mind, she filed it away for future reference. She did this because if the evening evolved as she hoped it might, then she and the sultry redhead sitting across from her had some naughty, unfinished womanly business. But Toni understood early on that this deceptively genteel redhead had a deliciously devious side to her that was quite appealing, in a perverse sort of way. So, who knew? It then occurred to Antoinette that this night had the potential of becoming her most erotic adventure of all. The stories that she had written about her sexual escapades with Brenda had been warmly reviewed on the two select websites where she had posted them. To her mind, this was a story just begging to be written.

In the booth, they sat side by side as couples. But it was not merely by chance that Toni was across from Ruby and Brenda across from Mariko. The restaurant had been courteous enough to provide all four girls with thin half sock footwear in order to observe the Japanese custom of shoe removal. Mariko, of course, was used to this. The other three, not used to dining shoeless, tittered like teenage girls. When Mariko looked at them sternly, they stopped.

But under the table in their private corner booth, some interesting developments started happening. Toni’s eyes widened as she felt Ruby’s feet stroke her leg. Eventually, through the thin sock fabric, Ruby managed to scissor her toes with Antoinette’s. The brunette remained calm, although it was a struggle. She played footsies with the redhead for a few more sexy minutes, but then attention was re-focused on the wonderful sushi platter. The main course once again became the primary objective. And deservedly so as it was really good.

“We’re going to have to remember this place, Toni. This is the best sushi I’ve had in a long time.” Toni’s girlfriend stated.

Another fifteen minutes passed and all four women’s hunger for food became satiated. Satisfied moans and comments on the delicious food came from all four women. Then…

“Who wants to join me in the ladies room?” Mariko asked them. They all shook their heads no, and Mariko started to walk away. But then Antoinette changed her mind.
“Hold on Mariko. I’m coming with you.” Mariko turned and smiled.
“Good! I hate going to the ladies room by myself.” Mariko joked.
“I don’t know why. You could certainly kick anyone’s ass who tried to get smart with you.” Toni teased back. The two then walked off to the ladies room, arm in arm and girlishly giggling.

“Did that seem odd to you, Ruby?” Brenda asked.
“Not really. Women always go to the ladies room together.” Ruby casually replied. She then reached across the table and took Brenda’s hand, smiling warmly at her. Brenda caressed the sultry redhead’s hand and smiled back at her affectionately. As she became lost in the limpid pools of Ruby’s blue-grey eyes, she felt a slight prickling sensation in her nipples and a shiver of longing in her moistening cunt…

To Be Continued