The dinner tab had been split up by all four women. Feeling somewhat guilty for intruding on what was supposed to be Ruby and Mariko’s private date night, not to mention feeling mostly responsible for making them late, Antoinette and Brenda insisted on doing more than their share by covering the gratuity. All were in agreement on this, but Ruby and Mariko insisted that they were delighted with the way things turned out and there was no reason for them to feel guilty. Now, with their appetites for food satisfied, all four women agreed that other more intimate matters needed their immediate attention. They thanked the restaurant staff, then made a quick exit and…
Excuse me for a moment, dear reader. Something’s come up.



Dear readers. Please pardon the interruption. However, I think that the author of this opus has drifted off course a bit~well actually, quite a bit. After all, this is MY story. He hasn’t even allowed me my first person perspective. So, in the interest of satisfying my ego, I’m stepping in to direct this tale of debauchery. At least for a while. It is my intention to bring you right down into the sweat-soaked middle of the tongue sucking, tit mashing action. So fasten your seat-belts, boys and girls.


After that amazing dinner was over, we followed Ruby and Mariko to their house. Satisfying our need for sustenance was certainly a great idea. After the heated encounters at the dojo, we were all famished. But for reasons that I don’t understand, dinner only served to exacerbate our overwhelming desires for continued sexual gratification. The heat that all four of us felt for each other over dinner simply grew, and could not possibly be left unrequited. If the other three felt what I was feeling in my womanly loins, and I’m sure they did, then I suspect that this was going to be a long night of unrestrained hedonism. As it turns out, my suspicion was correct.

Almost immediately after we got inside and the door was locked, all four of us completely lost control. Ruby wasted no time helping herself to my tits, kneading and squeezing them, teasing my nipples and frantically working my top off. What was a shy, well mannered lady such as myself to do in a situation such as this? Her enthusiasm made me all tingly. I had no choice but to reciprocate. I quickly reached in and unbuttoned her blouse, wanting to get my hands on those creamy knockers of hers. I popped her bra almost at the same time she slid my straps down my shoulders. Her mouth was on mine and our tongues twisted together. As my bra slid down, Ruby crushed her sweet tits into my two girls. It was like they were meeting for the first time. What a sensation! My boobs matched up with hers in size and fullness. But like I said, there was something so smooth and creamy about her breasts, and her entire body for that matter. This element of her womanly charms became apparent to me the first time that our nude bodies came together on the mat. I was hoping for a return engagement. The odds of that happening seemed to be in my favor.

Right next to me, Mariko had Brenda in a body press against the wall. I recognized the familiar love sounds of my lady. It felt a little odd that it wasn’t me who was eliciting them. It was, however, quite stimulating to see her in such an aroused state. And Mariko obviously knew which buttons to push. Indeed, I found myself wondering if I was going to get a chance to match my body against this gorgeous Asian woman. But for the moment, sexy Ruby was managing to push all of my buttons in the right order. There was no need for my thoughts to wander. Her manipulations of my various erogenous zones demanded my full attention. Damn, this bitch was hot!

“Ugh!!! Right there! Right there! Fuck!!!” I groaned, as her tongue took a private tour of my left tit, then my right. Turns out that she was moistening my nipples with her spit, preparing them for the next matchup with her own peaked nubs. It came quickly as Ruby then pinned me against the wall. Her full tits crushed into mine again. The friction between our nipples was electrifying. I would have fought and fucked this hot bitch in a tit lock for days if she wanted. But Ruby was about to get things moving along.

Still both adorned in their bras and blouses, Mariko and Brenda were kissing feverishly chest to chest. However, further down their bodies, the two impassioned women had worked their skirts up past their hips and were engaging in slow, rhythmic panties to panties dry humping, although I seriously doubt that there was any dryness at g-string junction. Ruby then broke off from me and then interrupted Brenda and Mariko.

“Hey you two, come on!” she said urgently. Then she took my hand and led the way.
Clothing was then stripped off piece by piece and randomly tossed on the floor by all four of us in a frenzied rush to the nearest bedroom. We couldn’t get naked fast enough. The trail of unwanted attire stretched from the front door all the way to Ruby’s queen sized bed. Bras, panties, blouses, skirts, tops, shoes and even those cute sox from the restaurant were strewn all over the place. It was going to be tricky to sort things out afterwards. As near as I can recall, here’s what happened next.

We all stood naked at the bedside, scrutinizing each other as if we were four alley cats a split second away from tangling in a territorial dispute. Nobody was quite sure how to proceed, but chests were heaving in anticipation. Caution was about to be thrown to the wind. Then, in a completely spontaneous act, just like four alley cats, we all hurled ourselves into each other and tumbled down onto the edge of the mattress. But nobody had enough purchase to actually come down on the bed. And so we all came down in a cluster of thumps on the floor next to the bed in a no-holds-barred flailing mass of bodies and limbs. I felt someone’s body weight come down on me. I looked up but didn’t see a face.
“Well, hello there. Who’s pussy are you?” I asked excitedly. It was a rhetorical question. I sunk my tongue into it, savoring it as if it were one of the restaurant appetizers. The person attached to this sweet meat cried out in pleasure. Then, I paused with a start.

“Hey! Get that finger out of my cunt!” I cried out. Then I reconsidered.
“Never mind. Leave it there.”

My memory is kind of sketchy from this point on as things got really crazy, really fast. The activities then turned into a game of keep away. Anyone who tried to get to the comfort and relative safety of the bed was deterred, by any means necessary. It got to be rather funny. Indeed, it got all of us giggling. I saw someone take Ruby down and seized the opportunity to make my move to the mattress. A third of the way in, somebody managed to grab my legs and return me to the body pileup on the floor. I rolled off the searing flesh heap and as soon as I did, Mariko, who I assume had yanked me off the bed, came down on me. I didn’t mind because sensei made certain to match up our breasts. But she didn’t stay long as Ruby had managed to roll Brenda off and was making another run at the bed. She was quickly brought back down into the fray by her girlfriend, the only woman with black belt skills in tossing bodies down to the floor.

Then Ruby decided that enough was enough. She managed to get to her feet and call a loud halt to the festivities.
“Ladies! Can we please conduct ourselves like the dignified women that we are?”
The three of us who were still on the floor laughed uncontrollably. Ruby was not deterred by this.
“Now then, if we could cease and desist with this raucous, un-ladylike behavior, I’m going to get into bed in the proper manner. Then, I’m going to stretch out on my back and make myself available for skin on skin sensual pleasure.” She looked directly at me and winked when she said that last part.

Once the girlish tittering stopped, the rest of us rose to our feet. I winked at Mariko and Brenda and they knew that something was up. I nodded to them, then made a perfect swan dive into the bed, coming down with a loud splat on top of Ruby. A split second later, someone came down on my back with a splat and a split second after that, whoever was on top of me got pounced on in the same manner. It was amazing! I was an Antoinette sandwich on tasty slices of Ruby and, I’m guessing, Brenda, finished off with a healthy low fat slice of Mariko.

Despite Ruby’s tongue in cheek admonishment, four naked women with amazing bodies went completely wild on each other. A totally random free for all of body collisions ensued. I had no idea who’s tits were mashing into mine, who I was in a leg tangle with or which butt was slamming into my ass. Tongues and mouths and tits and bellies collided in total reckless abandon. Any available anatomical appendage was licked, or found it’s way into someone’s mouth or was penetrated by a tongue or a finger and often both. It did not matter who the owner was. If a tit was exposed, someone’s hand found it and gently squeezed it or someone’s mouth clamped down on it and sucked the nipple to hardness. If there was a pussy that wasn’t busy, someone’s mouth and tongue was applied to the smooth, succulent labia, or someone’s finger split the lips to coax a clitoris to turgid arousal. There were screams and groans to be heard everywhere. Not one of us was in any kind of control. Not one of us felt the need for any restraint. I swear, it was nothing short of four naked bitches in a wild melee. Oh for fuck’s sake!!! Who was it that had my toes in her mouth? Not that I minded. I have no idea how long this free for all went on. It felt like a few minutes~it felt like an hour. It didn’t matter. I was on a sexual high that I’d never been on before. Every part of my body was on edge with unmatched arousal, and eager to match up with lips, hands or any other body part on any one or all of these three sexy women. I hadn’t actually fucked anyone yet, but I’m certain that I had at least one orgasm. Judging from the moans and screams that were not mine, I don’t think I was the only one.

Somehow, in the middle of this girls gone wild orgy, I managed to get my shit together and collect my thoughts. But that was not easy. Ruby was at my tits, someone’s tongue was slowly licking designs on my stomach and I have no idea who’s teeth were gently clamped down on my clitoris. Holy FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! Jesus!!! My head was about to explode! I remembered that a few minutes ago being engrossed in a heated kiss and full body embrace with a body that I was not familiar with. I assumed that in the fracas Mariko and I had re-connected. Her tits were locked with my tits and I remember that they felt amazing! This was a much better and fuller connection than the brief encounter on the floor. For the briefest of moments, I got to savor the fullness of her body, and it was wonderful. Then once again we got separated. She seemed pretty intent on fucking me, but it wasn’t to be. At least not then. I certainly hoped that we could reconnect at some point. But, as wonderful as the sensei’s body felt against mine, I knew where I needed to be. Ruby knew too. In the midst of this heap of bodies and boobies and juiced, clean shaven pussies we worked our way back to each other. We came together in a full embrace, tits to tits, navel to navel on our sides. Her top leg wrapped around mine, then we kissed so warmly and so softly that it gave me chills down my spine. My god, what a desirable woman she was! When the kiss broke off, I couldn’t resist teasing her.

“Hi honey! Did you miss me?” I taunted her, rubbing my thigh into her wet cunt.
“Where the hell did you go? I looked everywhere for you.” she returned the tease.
“Well, I was kinda busy.” I responded.
“Oh really?!” Ruby played hurt.
“Yes, really.”
“You bitch!!!” she said, slamming her mons into mine, causing a deep grunt to escape from my chest.
“Who you calling a bitch? You bitch!” I slammed back into her.
Suddenly I was on my back, with the full weight of her body on mine. My tits mated with hers. Our bellies fused, navel to navel. My reaction was instinctive as I wrapped my legs tightly with hers, offering my cunt.
“Wanna fuck?” she asked, sarcastically.
“What kind of silly question is that? Of course I want to fuck!”
Before I even finished the sentence, she was working her cunt into my wet cunt. I could feel them sucking together.
“Ohhhhhhh Fuckkkk!!!” I screamed as I matched my stroke to hers.
“Give it to me Toni, you fucking slut!!!” she demanded.
“Take it Ruby! Take it, you cunt!!!” I challenged her. And then I lost control once again. I bucked savagely against her. Ruby then sealed my mouth off with hers, but their was no doubt that she was orchestrating this dance with her amazing cunt. I marveled at her skill as she folded her pussy it into my sex hungry cunt. I had no recourse other than to scream into her mouth. I tried to relieve some of the pressure by mashing and rolling our tits, but it was to no avail. So, with tears of ecstasy streaming from my eyes, I relaxed and accepted her, body to body and cunt to cunt. She must have sensed something because she ratcheted down the pace just a bit. She looked at me and whispered softly.

“You OK hon?” Ruby asked, genuinely concerned.
“I’ll be OK once my heart rate drops down under 120.” I said, wryly.
And then she kissed me again with the same spine tingling passion. My brain became congested with complicated scenarios, most of which I really didn’t care to think about. This woman was kissing me with deep love, and I was responding in kind. Oh Antoinette, what the hell are you getting yourself into here?

Ruby and I had immersed ourselves so deeply into each other and our private connection that we were only brought back to the present tense by the increasingly enthusiastic thumping of the bed and the full body fuck that Mariko was laying on Brenda. I took a momentary break from my reverie with the redhead to take note. Holy shit! They were really going at it. I remember thinking, and not in a jealous our malicious way, “Congratulations ladies. You both finally got what you’ve been wanting.” I believe that Ruby sensed this too.

And then the entire picture expanded inside my head. And it was mind boggling. A little over three hours ago, I made what was supposed to be a routine stop to pick up my girlfriend from her Judo class. Now I was on my back, being fuck to excruciating heights of pleasure by a redhead I met only three hours ago, while right next to me, my totally hot girlfriend was being fucked by her super hot sensei, who was the girlfriend of the sexy bitch on top of me. Go figure that one! Life certainly takes some interesting turns. I wonder what my cousin John is going to say when I tell him about this remarkable turn of events? He’ll probably have a minor stroke.

“Wow, Toni. Look at them!” Ruby marveled. I sensed something. Then, for some stupid reason, I asked a question I should not have asked.
“Are you OK with that, Ruby?” I wanted to know. She looked at me kind of oddly, but she knew what I meant. Then she kind of snapped at me. Deservedly so, I should add.
“Maybe you should ask them if they’re OK with THIS.” Ruby replied, obviously referring to us. I felt the hurtfulness in her response, but I understood completely. All four of us had plunged into this with eyes wide open. Hurt feelings and or possessiveness had no business being in this bed. No inhibitions, no regrets. Verbally or non-verbally, we had all agreed to match up sex to sex.

“I understand, baby.” I said to her. Then I pulled her head down and kissed her with all the passion that I could muster. She eventually broke the kiss off and then smiled at me, with that devious look I was now starting to recognize.

“What do you say Toni? Should we challenge them again?”
“Oh my, yes! I’m ready. I want to cum…I need to cum.”
Ruby smiled deviously, then broke in on Mariko and Brenda.

“You ladies up for round two?” She challenged.
Mariko and Brenda paused briefly to look at us.
“We’re starting out even this time. What do you think? Fastest missionary mutual orgasm, once again?” Ruby taunted them. Goddamn she was a devious cunt! I loved it.

“Bitch…please!!!” I heard Brenda say.
“You know, Brenda, these two bitches are asking for it. They really are. Who the fuck do they think they are?”

I don’t know if Mariko was genuinely pissed, or if she was simply playing along. I guess in the larger picture, it didn’t really matter because she was belly to belly with my girlfriend, and they were fucking the way they’d been wanting to fuck each other for who knows how long. Still…

“Sensei, they don’t stand a chance against us. Lets take them down!” Brenda said smugly.

Mariko then spoke to her star student profoundly. Brenda hung on her every word.

“We’re outgunned and undermanned. But we’re gonna win.” she quoted a movie.
“Why, sensei?”
“You know why? Superior attitude. Superior state of mind.’” Mariko said, mystically.
I shook my head in disbelief and suppressed a chuckle. I don’t think Brenda knew that she was quoting one of the many “deep” lines from a mediocre Steven Segal movie.

“That was deep, sensei.” Brenda marveled, then turned to us. I was still trying not to laugh.
“You hear that, bitches? You are ON.” she accepted the challenge.
“We ain’t scared of no washed out, overweight Aikido master! Let’s get it on!!!” Ruby scoffed.
“Well in that case, let’s begin, in 3…” Mariko started the countdown.
“2…” Ruby counted.
“1…” I added.
“Begin fucking!!!” Brenda declared loudly.

And thus began the second round of our fastest mutual orgasm contest. I’d like to say that Ruby and I took them down handily, but that was not the case. I just wasn’t there yet. Not that Ruby was doing anything wrong. Quite the contrary. She was doing everything right. Our bodies were now so rhythmically syncopated, our cunts were now so intimately fused that I was now experiencing a complete bliss in fucking this woman. For the moment at least, the journey had become more important than the destination. I had found another gear. I was in cruise control. The redhead and I had found our pace and we were savoring every delicious second of it, thrilling to ourselves over the amazing coalescence of our bodies.

“Come on baby, fuck me. Fuck me really good.” I whispered into her ear. Wetness between our cheeks told me that Ruby was crying. I didn’t mind. It made me feel like I was giving her profound pleasure.

“Uugghh!!!” I grunted. Ruby’s clit had moved into position and was lying alongside mine. I could feel them snuggling together like two furry kittens. She was preparing. All I needed to do was wait for her intimate signal.

Shoulder to shoulder with me, it was obvious that Mariko and Brenda had also found a comfortable rhythm. My sweet girl was giving everything she had to Mariko. I was strangely happy to see this. But then, all four of us caught each other’s attention. They grinned at us and then Brenda spoke in the final challenge.

“Ladies. You are going DOWN!” she emphasized.
“Not a fucking chance in hell!” I barked back at them.
“Fuck me Mariko!!!” Brenda directed.
“With pleasure, baby.”

Mariko then laid into Brenda with a deep fuck stroke designed to fuse her cunt to my lover’s for the express purpose of bringing them to an explosive mutual orgasm.
Ruby didn’t waste a second responding to the provocation. She shifted her pelvis and impelled her cunt so thoroughly into mine, her clitoris so fully against mine that I thought my eyeballs would implode! My fucking word, what a fuck was coming my way! What an orgasm was rolling uncontrollably down the tracks!!!

I heard that familiar grunt come from Brenda-the same grunt of exaltation that came from her whenever my clit met hers. It made me wild, blissfully wild! In my mind, I shrunk myself down to microscopic size so that I could get between their fused clits. I wanted to feel what my girl was feeling. I wanted to get the full sense of how Mariko’s clitoris matched up with Brenda’s fulsome tool. I sloshed around for a bit in the cunt juice before I was finally able to get my footing. I couldn’t believe the way these two clitorises were slithering together. It was just exquisite!

After a minute or so, I brought my mind back to the moment and my body back to normal size because sweet Ruby and I had a sex fuck challenge to win. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I grabbed Ruby’s tight ass an squeezed, bucked my pelvis up into hers as she came down hard into me, fusing us hard in a cunt to cunt climax. My ejaculate tried to force its way into Ruby’s cunt to no avail. She had gravity on her side, and her warm cum shot into my gaping pussy in steady waves that seemed endless. What a feeling!

Of course, while this was happening, Mariko and Brenda were locked in a colossal mutual climax. I blinked in disbelief several times, feeling my tits rise and fall into Ruby’s. Then I turned to the girls and proudly declared victory. As expected, my boast was immediately repudiated. Truthfully, I had no idea who won. Truthfully, nobody did. All I knew for certain was that none of us were done. It had to be close to nine o’clock. But that didn’t matter. There were no suggestions of meeting at another time. All four of us big breasted bitches agreed. We were having way too much fucking fun to stop fucking. We all agreed to scissor for the final showdown. I could not have been more delighted.

To Be Continued