One orgasm would not even begin to satiate Brenda’s desire. Mariko knew this. Hell, one orgasm was never enough for her either. Fortunately for Mariko, she had in Ruby a lover who was always able and willing to fuck her cunt to cunt, climax after climax. And judging from the continued heated fuck going on right next to her, it appeared that Brenda had a lover equally as enthusiastic in Antoinette. She smiled inwardly, as it seemed by their continued, avid and steady grinding, that both girls had met their match in stamina and sheer desire to give and receive flesh on flesh pleasure. But this was her beautiful lover, Ruby, fucking chest to chest with someone other than her. And, just like Brenda had secretly longed to see Toni lock up with another woman, she too had privately fantasized about Ruby taking on another busty beauty in a heated sexual encounter. The sight of Ruby and Toni so deeply engrossed in their mutual lust thrilled Mariko to the core. Still Mariko felt ambivalence. It was a point of confusion to be sure. But any serious pondering of this dilemma would have to wait, because Brenda was slowly closing in on her. She closed her eyes and mentally prepared herself for the sexual salvo to come. This long imagined tryst with her most promising and most beautiful student was about to get underway. It was going to be Mariko’s distinct pleasure to satisfy Brenda’s desires, ergo satisfying her own. Both women had secretly wanted this.

After a year as a full fledged instructor, Mariko began to recognize when a female student that she was sparring with was becoming sexually aroused. With Brenda, there was never any doubt. Even through the slightly thick material of the judo gi, there was no mistaking Brenda’s rock hard nipples poking into her large tits whenever they got into a roll around tussle. During one particular sparring session, Mariko noticed the unmistakable womanly scent of Brenda’s arousal. At some point, she began to notice that sparring with Brenda was just as much of a turn on for her. So much so that she often literally pounced on Ruby when they got home from their mid week girl dates. Now, with Ruby and Toni grunting and crying out in the throes of a lascivious sexual conflagration not more than three feet away from her, Mariko felt Brenda’s initial sortie.

“Arrgghh!!!” Mariko cried out, feeling her student’s naked crotch come down assertively into her mons veneris. Intending to make a profound woman to woman statement, Brenda skillfully worked her thick, cum soaked cunt lips into her sensei’s full genitalia. It was a long imagined pussy kiss for both women. Instinctively, Mariko reached around and clamped her hands on Brenda’s muscular butt cheeks. She then wrapped her shapely legs tightly with Brenda’s smooth legs, feeling their muscular calves align and squeeze together. Brenda then slowly lowered herself into Mariko’s embrace. She moaned in hedonistic gratification at this long imagined amalgamation of flesh. The two sex crazed women quickly established a slow, rhythmic fuck stroke. Mariko marveled at the fullness of Brenda’s near perfect breasts on hers, her smooth, muscled stomach on hers and responded excitedly to the measured thrusts of Brenda’s thick cunt meat into hers. She spoke softly to Brenda.

“The timing is perfect, sweet Brenda. Our bodies feels so good together.”
“I can’t believe that this is finally happening, dear Mariko.” Brenda replied softly.

They were nose to nose when Mariko extended her tongue and licked Brenda’s soft lips. Brenda quickly sucked Mariko’s tongue into her mouth and then sealed her in a full kiss. She swapped saliva with sensei as their tongues snaked and slid in a twisting, oscillating motion. Their massive, impeccably matched tits mashed and massaged each other as the slowly burgeoning climax escalated in their inosculated cunts. Next to them, Ruby and Toni took notice that their girlfriends were finally fucking each other. Toni whispered to Ruby.

“Well, that was pretty much inevitable.”
“Oh my goodness, yes! They’ve been fucking each other in their minds since the sparring match.” Ruby responded with mild cynicism. But in their minds, both women could understand the heat between Mariko and Brenda.
“But I have to admit, Toni. Watching them go at it is really hot!” Toni agreed wholeheartedly, as she laid her thick cunt into Ruby’s responsive twat.
Then Ruby had an audacious idea. When she breathed it into her ear, Toni froze in delight.

“Holy shit Ruby!! What an great idea! Do you think they’ll go for it?”
“I don’t know. But throw it out there.”
The excited brunette then locked Ruby into a brief, fevered kiss. When the kiss broke off, Brenda’s voice was heard.

“Hey you two. What’s going on?” There was a momentary interruption in the activities. Mariko’s interest had also been peaked.

“Tell them.” Ruby said to Toni.
“What’s going on with you ladies?” Mariko asked.
Toni shook her head at Ruby then they both turned to Mariko and Brenda. The blissful, uninhibited fucking had somehow narrowed the distance between the four overheated women. There was now less than two feet of floor space between them.

“Well…” Toni said, tentatively. Ruby giggled.
“Oh for fuck’s sake…spill it Toni!” Brenda asserted.
“OK. Here it is. Ruby and I would like to propose a challenge.”
Brenda smiled at Mariko then turned back to Antoinette.
“Humm…I’ll bite. What do you have in mind, Toni?”
“Ruby and I want to bet that we can fuck to a mutual orgasm faster than the two of you can."
"Well that's a little unfair. The two of you have been fucking for almost thirty minutes now. That’s a thirty minute head start.”
“Brenda’s right. That’s definitely an unfair advantage.” Mariko agreed.
“Oh, give us a break!” Ruby responded.
“The two of you have been fucking each other in your minds since the shower.” Toni added with overt sarcasm.
“Do you believe these two? Who do they think they are?” Brenda said to Mariko.
“Yeah. Suddenly THEY think they’re the two hottest bitches on the mat.” Mariko observed. “Should we take them on, sensei?”
“Better yet Brenda. Let’s take them down.”
Brenda and Mariko turned to Toni and Ruby. The challenge was accepted.
“OK bitches. Bring it. If you think you can.” Brenda said smugly.
“Remember. Mutual climaxes. NO faking it!” Toni reminded them.
“Oh, I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem.” Mariko scoffed.
“Then…let’s begin…in 3-2-1…FUCK!!!” Toni did the countdown and the contest began.

The workout room was large but it soon became filled with the sounds of thick flesh slapping against and squishing into thick flesh. Four magnificent women, grunting, squealing, writhing and fucking as their bodies began to glisten in perspiration. Eight evenly matched luxurious breasts mashed and mushroomed into each other while nipples teased and provoked shivers of prurient sexual pleasure. Mariko and Brenda sealed their mouths in a deeply personal kiss. Ruby and Antoinette’s tongues wrestled inside each other’s mouth. Four well lubricated, thickset cunts battled to suck womanly cum from each other. Mariko and Brenda became lost in the oneness that their two naked bodies had become after months of slowly building attraction. Ruby and Antoinette writhed in the intense sensual pleasure of their well matched bodies that arose from an unplanned but almost immediate sexual attraction to each other. It now seemed that any jealousies felt by any these women were slowly but surely dissipating with each mash of tit into tit and each rhythmic stroke of their succulent cunt meat. The melding of bodies was simply breathtaking. The sounds of juicy mouth slobbering and luscious kissing layered upon their fervent slapping flesh noises. The air was now permeated with the sweet perfume of four distinctly aroused cunts that were locked in sexual assignations. Mariko took a couple of seconds to notice and sniff the fragrances that now danced in the air of her dojo. It thrilled her immensely. She screamed at Brenda to fuck her, and fuck her hard. Ruby heard this and took the opportunity to incite Antoinette to the ultimate resolution. Wanting desperately to out-fuck Brenda, and knowing that Ruby was as close as a cunt hair to exploding, she somehow found another gear.

Four naked women were now stretched out on the mats after hours in a Martial Arts dojo…only the arts being practiced weren’t martial. They were screaming, slamming tit mashing, belly slapping, cunt grinding sexual arts. Four women were locked in a contest of fastest mutual orgasm. The match went on for nearly fifteen more sweat soaked, body to body grinding minutes, until the four women screamed out almost in unison. Brenda’s body now splatted, squeaked and slipped against Mariko’s fulsome form and the two women fucked to a top of their lungs, howling mutual orgasm. Alongside them, Antoinette and Ruby stiffened in an ear-splitting, shrieking simultaneous climax. The four exhausted women lay, softly moaning and trying to regain composure while their bodies continued to slowly stroke in the rhythm of their desires.

“We won!” exclaimed Brenda.
“The hell you did!” Antoinette responded.
“I agree with Brenda. We definitely won.” Mariko concurred.
“I don’t think so.” Ruby countered.

Though exhausted, all four knew that a settlement had to happen. They all knew what was coming next…

“OK ladies. Let’s scissor up. It’s time for the rubber match.” Ruby announced.

As expected, Mariko and Brenda eagerly accepted the final, ultimate challenge. Ruby then whispered something into Toni’s ear. Once again, she was up to something.

“Oh Ruby. You are a deceptively devious cunt! I love it!!!” Antoinette stated, incredulously. Toni knew exactly what was on Ruby’s mind. She fully grasped the ulterior motive. And what was on Ruby’s mind was to line up so that Toni was next to Mariko and Ruby would be alongside Brenda, so that while the scissor fucking was going on, each of them could “get acquainted” with the other’s girlfriend. It was crafty and slutty, and it made her nipples hard just thinking about it. Ruby smiled, perversely, winking at her busty new acquaintance, a woman who had just given her one of the most memorable orgasms of her life. They kissed warmly, then separated. Ruby then positioned herself alongside Brenda, while Antoinette stretched out next to Mariko. The sexy sensei and her student looked a bit puzzled by the change of positions. Still, all four scissored their legs and advanced slowly, stopping just inches away from the ultimate vulvae lockups. Then, by way of explanation.

“Oh. Sorry ladies. Toni and I wanted to switch positions.” Ruby offered.
“We thought it would be nice if we could watch our girlfriends expressions during the pussy to pussy showdown. Let’s face it, this has the earmarks of an epic battle.” Toni explained.
She moved shoulder to shoulder with Mariko. Ruby moved shoulder to shoulder with lovely Brenda. But before they got on with things, Toni then turned to face Mariko.

“I’m sorry Mariko, but we’ve not yet been properly introduced. I’m Antoinette.”
She then leaned in and planted a full, open mouthed tongue kiss on Mariko who, though slightly surprised, responded enthusiastically. The kiss lasted several tongue twisting seconds and ended with Mariko’s chest rising and falling.
“Lovely to meet you, Antoinette. I’m Mariko.” came the breathless reply.

Ruby then turned into Brenda.

“Hi. I’m Ruby. Pleasure to meet you, Brenda.”
“Nice to finally meet you, lovely lady.” the perplexed brunette responded.
She was then completely taken off guard when Ruby reached in and filled her right hand with her left breast, then leaned in to lick and suck the nipple to aroused stiffness.
“Oh geeze!!!” Brenda moaned.
Ruby then released the stimulated tit and turned back in to nod to Toni, and blow a kiss to Mariko, who could only shake her head in amazement. She had never seen her red headed girlfriend like this before~so openly sexual and uninhibited.
All four women then propped up on their arms, fully prepared to launch themselves into the final showdown. But then the clock on the wall entered Mariko’s peripheral vision.

“RUBY!!!” she said loudly, pointing at the time, which read 1905.
“Oh shit!!! Oh Damn!!!” Ruby cried out.
She and Mariko then disentangled themselves from Toni and Brenda, leapt to their feet and politely encouraged the two brunettes to get up. Confused, Brenda and Toni did as requested.

“What? What’s going on?” a highly confused Brenda asked.
“We have to go!” Ruby said excitedly.
“Go? Go where?” Antoinette asked with confusion and disappointment in her voice.
“I’m sorry ladies. Mariko and I usually have a Wednesday night dinner outing. That’s what this is about. I made a reservation for two at 7 PM. But why don’t you and Brenda join us?” Ruby proposed.
Mariko nodded in agreement.
“Do you think they’ll object to two additional customers?”
“I don’t think so. Why would they?”
“Are you certain, Ruby?” a hesitant Brenda asked.
“It’s mid week, so hopefully they won’t be really busy. But we’re already late, so we better get moving.” said Ruby.
“Really. Please join us.” Mariko sincerely added.

“I don’t know. This was really great sex. And it was about to get even better. ” Toni said, with all the perversion that she could muster.

Ruby winked and smiled seductively at Antoinette, who now was flanked by Mariko on her right and Brenda on her left. It struck her that her eyes were being gifted with a vision of three of the most magnificent naked bodies that she had ever seen. In her mind she compared all three sets of tits and found them equal is size, fullness and shapeliness. Simply stunning! What sound minded woman wouldn’t want to match tits and pussies with any one of them~or for that matter, all of them? She compared Toni’s amazing boobs to those of her lover, Mariko, and wondered if at some point they would come together. Then, looking at Brenda’s perfect pair, she wondered if her own ample bosoms would ever get to take them on. If that were to happen, then this Sapphic circle of concupiscence would be complete. But the evening was still relatively young and who knew for certain how things would unravel? She had to return to the reality of the moment as her loins began to quiver with desire. Then she submitted a logical offering to the three women.

“Here’s what I think. I think that all four of us know that this is far from being over. Am I right?”

When all three women nodded enthusiastically, Ruby continued.

“Well then, it seems to me that some nourishment would serve us well, before the next round of ‘strenuous activity.’ Because, as Toni accurately stated, it has the makings of an ‘epic battle.’”

Once again they all agreed because, come to think of it, they were all in dire need of food.

“ OK girls!!! To the showers. We gotta go! Hurry! Move! Move!!!” Mariko barked out.

To Be Continued