Mariko and Brenda assigned themselves seats slightly off to the side. Both women sat in lotus position on the edge of the mat, completely naked. They had agreed to stay naked because there was absolutely no reason for them to be otherwise. They turned to each other. Both of their chests were noticeably heaving over what they were about to witness. Mariko felt Brenda clasp her hand firmly as they turned back to observe the two nipple connected women on the mat. She then leaned in to whisper to Brenda.

“Do you think that they’re doing this to impress us?” she asked.
“No way. Well, maybe a bit. But this is almost entirely about them, Mariko. There’s way too much body heat between them.”
“I think you’re right Brenda. And I have to say that the lust between them is making me really wet.” Mariko casually admitted. Brenda smiled inwardly.
“Yeah. I hear you. My pussy’s pretty juiced too.”
“That’s good to know, Brenda.” Mariko said, with a tinge of understated innuendo in her voice.
“Shall we watch this mutual fantasy unfold?” Mariko asked, no longer able to hide her excitement.
“Indeed! It’s gonna be amazingly hot!” Brenda summarized.

On the mat, the girls had embarked upon a hands on hips, slow, tender nipple duel. Their rock hard nubs were so evenly matched that it just made sense to let them have at each other. The scraping and pushing together was a portent of things to come. Gentle waves of desire radiated from the fused nipples through both of their bodies. It wasn’t long until both women needed more.

Sultry Ruby and soulful Toni then dropped their hands. They regarded each other pensively and longingly. Then, as if the moment of truth had arrived, the two lascivious women fully mashed their lush breasts in a grunt inducing collision. Toni then wrapped Ruby into a full body embrace. Ruby closed her eyes for a few seconds to allow only her naked flesh to absorb the fullness and firmness that was Antoinette’s exquisite skin. They heated up the duel because it felt so sensual, rolling their full breasts into each other. Nipples jostled and jousted then fell away from each other, sinking deep into full, firm tit meat. But it wasn’t just Toni’s massive breasts that felt so good. The brunette’s smooth, toned abs paired up nicely with her own smooth muscle tone. Both women could feel their navels align. When Ruby opened her eyes she understood immediately that Antoinette was asking with her eyes to be kissed. Ruby wasted no time. Toni responded eagerly to the soft redhead’s full mouth on hers. Their lips complimented each other, their mouths fit together well and their moist tongues were well matched and soon entwined both inside and outside their lips. Toni could not downplay the intense sexual desire she felt for this beautiful redhead. She wanted to bang and mash and grind body on body with this wondrous female. She wanted to feel their sweat intermingle as their matched bodies wrestled in a savage lesbian fuck. And that worried her because of how deeply she cared for Brenda. It was a point of confusion to be sure. But any serious pondering of this dilemma would have to wait, because in Ruby’s body she could feel an equally strong, mutual sexual lust. And that excited her. This silken skinned, full busted redhead wanted to fuck. And Toni was more than willing to accommodate her.

Indeed, it was Ruby who made the initial overture. While Toni was concentrating on the ardent breast matchup and passionate kissing, Ruby had been slowly maneuvering her thick-lipped pudenda into Toni’s crotch, almost imperceptibly aligning their pussies. Toni became aware of this when Ruby laid a purposeful crotch bump on her. She thrilled at Ruby’s shaved mound against hers. A second, even more assertive thrust sent shockwaves through Toni’s entire body. She broke off the kiss and glared at Ruby. Her chest was heaving hard into Ruby’s chest. Who did this bitch think she was? Toni angled her hips slightly, preparing to thrust back into Ruby. But the redhead anticipated her response. She angled her pelvis and thrust forward at the exact second that Toni pushed, and they met, labia to labia. Their fulsome bodies had dried, but their pussies had remained juiced in anticipation. A gentle squish could be heard as they finally made contact with their cunts. It was on!

“So, Antoinette. Judging by how wet you are, I take it you’re ready to get busy.” Ruby whispered.
“Oh I’m way past ready. And I’m not the only cunt who's wet, you sexy slut!” Toni responded.
“Shall we?” Ruby offered, grinning.
Toni responded physically. She used her strength and her legs to trip Ruby and take her down to the mat.

“Here we go!” Mariko shouted from the sidelines.
“Go ladies!!!” Brenda shouted with excitement.

Antoinette and Ruby wrestled frantically on the mat. Their voluptuous nude bodies strained against each other as they struggled for advantage. Toni rolled Ruby onto her back and held her down. Ruby was not inclined to want to throw Toni. Instead, the redhead seductively opened her legs in an invitation, an invitation to lock up. The sexy brunette didn’t waste a second accepting the enticement. She shifted her pelvis and thrust downward, making the connection. They both screamed out in delight as their thick cunt meat folded into a succulent fusion…

“There it is!!!” Brenda said, breathing hard as Toni matched her splendid womanhood up with the elegant twat that lie eager and waiting between Ruby’s thighs. Her fantasy had come to life.
“Damn!!!” exclaimed Mariko, excited to see Ruby so sensuously entangled with Antoinette.

Both women knew instinctively that their girls had made the cunt connection. Both women watched with almost unbearable heat in their respective cunts as their girls now came together once again in a heated kiss, matching breasts and bellies while their hips established a slow, rhythmic motion and their smooth, shaved cunts melted into a fuck.

Brenda and Mariko looked on in awe, love and desire as their lovers fully engaged each other. Toni and Ruby were now heatedly, unabashedly fucking each other. The sensei and her student became more infatuated with every undulation of the two naked bodies that were entwined on the mat before them.

Suddenly Mariko gasped as she felt fingers stroking her cunt that were not hers. Brenda’s middle finger deftly split the saturated lips and stretched out full length alongside her erect clitoris. The shockwaves of pleasure made Mariko's head turn sharply. The look on her student’s face was familiar. It was the same expression as the one she wore when she had taken Mariko down in the surprise final move of their spar~the one that ended in a genitalia pin. She looked at her student longingly, then rose to her knees. Brenda rose to meet her and they turned into each other. Brenda groaned as she felt Mariko's full breasts meet with hers. And then Mariko’s finger tips gently spider-crawled down her belly, stopping and stretching out across the fleshy expanse of her swollen labia majora. When Mariko’s middle finger split her lips and came to rest along the full length of her clitoris, Brenda moaned loudly and threw her head back. She then turned back and engaged he's sensei in along passionate kiss. Their tongues connected immediately and snaked and slithered in a saliva coated wrestle. Brenda was so overheated that she tried to take Mariko down to the mat. She wanted to fuck, body to body with her sexy sensei. But Mariko resisted.

“Not yet grasshopper. But soon.” she said to Brenda, lovingly.
“Yes, sensei.” Brenda nodded, understanding that Mariko knew best.
“When the moment is perfect, our bodies will become one with each other. But not just yet.”
In her mind, Brenda accepted the sensei’s wisdom. But her body craved Mariko’s body like never before. Still…
“Yes, sensei.” she responded dutifully.
“If we’re not ready, sensei, can we at least move in really close and watch our girls getting busy?”
“By all means.” Mariko enthusiastically agreed.

They then scampered across the mat on hands and knees until they came within three feet of the two sex crazed women who were still fervently mashing tits and slapping bellies and sucking tongues and grinding their sweltering interlocked pussies in a syncopated fuck. Perspiration now coated Antoinette and Ruby’s straining bodies as they fucked with total abandon. The glistening women didn’t regard the approach of Brenda and Mariko, who stretched out on the mat next to them. Brenda stretched out on her side and propped her head up, wanting to get a close look at Toni as she used her body sensuously against Ruby's beautiful body. Once again she recalled the many times she had imagined seeing this. And now it was evolving right in front of her eyes. She next felt the softness of Mariko as she stretched out behind her. Shivers of excitement coursed through her as the sensei’s body pressed into her back. Mariko then reached around and began to softly stroke Brenda’s belly. Eventually she got around to filling the free roaming hand with Brenda’s breasts, working the right and left tit alternately, tweaking both nipples to rock hard erectness while keeping her own tits pressed firmly to Brenda’s back. The combination of seeing Antoinette and Ruby fucking like two uninhibited savages, accented by Mariko’s hands working her body was driving Brenda to a point of explosion. Brenda’s cunt was freely oozing her sex juices. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she attempted to turn into Mariko with the full intention of mounting her and fucking her body to body. Still, Mariko would not yet allow this. It was driving her out of her mind! Her attention returned to Toni and Ruby’s fervent endeavors. As they watched the sexual encounter between their ladies increase in it’s intensity, heard the sounds of flesh on flesh, the moans and verbal exchanges of two busty women locked in a sweaty, delirious fuck, Mariko did everything she could think to do with her hand. But then it happened. Mariko’s hand invaded her closed thighs and once again made it’s way to her cunt. Brenda welcomed the incursion. The outstretched fingers made a few courteous and cursory labia strokes. But when Brenda felt Mariko’s middle finger split her swollen cunt lips and come to rest upon her womanly clit, it was only a matter of seconds before she let out a primal scream and shot a load of hot ejaculate into her sensei’s hand. Brenda’s entire body trembled and shivered like never before. She might have been embarrassed about launching a deluge of cum into sensei’s hand, if it wasn’t for the fact that Mariko had provoked this. And she was far too busy experiencing the aftermath of a powerful orgasm to concern herself with decorum. Mariko then gathered what she could of the sticky fluid and surreptitiously applied it to her own swollen cunt lips. The sensation was exquisite. The moment was perfect. The time had now come to meet her student woman to woman.

When Brenda came to, she saw that Antoinette and her fuck-buddy were still grinding their cunts, but looking at her and grinning. Then she realized that she no longer had any physical connection to Mariko. She turned her head to see her elegant sensei lying next to her, slowly running her hands up her tummy and to her tits, flat on her back with her legs slightly parted in a warm invitation. Mariko looked at Brenda with deep sensual desire in her eyes and whispered to her…
“It’s time, sweet Brenda.”

To Be Continued