“Shusssh!!!” Antoinette held one finger over her lips in a signal for silence. Ruby nodded her head, understanding. The two girls quietly tiptoed around the corner to the shower room. They found and situated themselves behind a convenient partition where they could observe without being seen. Across the room they had a full view of Mariko and Brenda showering, under separate shower heads, alongside each other and in very close proximity. The two women were observing each other as they sensuously lathered their nude bodies under the cascading shower waters. They were looking at each other, but otherwise things seemed to be going normally in the course of a routine, post exercise shower.

But then, in a tradition as old as time itself, the two naked beauties offered to wash each other’s backs. Initially, this simple act of courtesy seemed normal enough to the two hidden onlookers. But it soon became apparent to Ruby and Toni that both Brenda and Mariko were deriving far too much pleasure from this innocent act for it to be just an innocent act. Brenda seemed to be far too exhilarated by the feel of Mariko’s soft, skilled hands on her, up and down her shoulders and back. Conversely, when Brenda returned the back washing favor, Mariko appeared to take far too much pleasure from application of soapy slickness under Brenda’s velvety hands. Ruby could have sworn that she heard her lover moan softly.

The two women then separated from each other, returning to their individual showers for a rinse, facing each other directly, and locking in full eye contact. The two curious spectators watched with increasing arousal as sudsy lather slowly melted away from their lovers’ naked bodies, and the two perfectly matched women became glistening once again. Then, as Toni and Ruby surreptitiously observed, something peculiar and intense seemed to be taking place under the shower. No words were being exchanged, but it was slowly becoming obvious that Mariko and Brenda were engaging in some not so subtle body language. With their facial expressions, movements and stances, it was plain to see that these two beautiful nude women were speaking in the dialect of two hot bodies that craved physical contact. Beautiful Antoinette found this vision to be both stimulating and a bit disconcerting. Another woman was flirting with her girlfriend. For that matter, her girlfriend was flirting with another woman. Antoinette new that this should not be happening. And yet the apparent heat between these two amazing women flat out turned her on. She was uncertain what to do, or for that matter, even if she should take any action. And she knew that she wasn’t the only one stimulated by the subtle communication of the two women under the shower. She knew this as she closed her eyes for a couple of seconds, in a combination of uneasiness and moistening sexual arousal, while feeling Ruby’s arms encircle her waist from behind~Ruby’s body pressing against hers~Ruby’s wondrous breasts crushing into her back. In return, Ruby felt Antoinette’s soft hands stroke her bare legs. They continued to watch excitedly as Mariko and Brenda maintained eye contact while the wordless and amorous communication between their bodies continued, and Ruby’s flat palm made a slow circular stroke on Toni’s firm, silken abs.

But then, an invisible line was crossed. It happened when Mariko and Brenda began to run their hands up their smooth stomachs. Then each of them arrived at their breasts, and they began to caress them in a manner that spoke openly of challenge, invitation, and mutual lust.

“Oh that is it!!!” Enraged, Antoinette extricated herself from Ruby’s embrace and was out of her panties and bra in less than a hot second. She did not have time to consider whether Ruby was as annoyed by this as she was. Ruby watched with shock and morbid curiosity as Toni stepped out from behind the partition and charged at the two women under the shower. When she arrived, stepping directly between the two women, she gave Mariko a sharp, angry glare before turning to face Brenda, nipple to nipple. Antoinette was angry, but she wasn’t crazy or dumb enough to pick a fight with Mariko. Still, a light speed thought raced through her brain: she couldn’t fight Mariko judo style. But what would it feel like to fight the gorgeous sensei naked body to naked body? She eschewed the thought. Right now, her main intent was to put herself up as a barrier between two hot bodies that seemed to be far too eager to meet. So, instead of picking a fight, Antoinette chose to pick a fuck. She pulled Brenda into her arms, tightly embraced her and began kissing her lover with a passion that she had never before felt. Brenda responded to Antoinette with deep desire. Antoinette’s body was on fire! This thrilled Brenda to her core. She passionately gave back everything, tit to tit and belly to belly.

Seeing the intensity of Toni’s wanton sexual desire, and feeling burgeoning lust in her loins, Ruby knew it was time for her to get involved. From where she stood, she could tell by the angle of their hips that Toni had worked her cunt deep into Brenda’s crotch. Brenda met her, cunt to cunt and the two chesty brunettes started grinding heatedly. It was an awesome sight to behold. Except for her home videos, she had never seen two women fuck before. The live version was far more intense. With the possible exception of her first night with Mariko, Ruby had never felt such overwhelming sexual arousal. And speaking of Mariko…

Ruby was not going to be outdone by the nubile Antoinette. It was time for her to enter the fray. She peeled off her bra and panties and made a beeline for her lovely Asian lover. Mariko passionately welcomed Ruby into her arms. Their bodies melted together as they had done so many times before. In very short order Mariko and Ruby were cunt to cunt, grinding heatedly, as they had done so many times before. Breast to breast and tummy to tummy, the warm shower waters we're now enveloping Ruby’s lush body. Ruby’s extreme heat was driving Mariko nearly out of her mind. She had never seen Ruby so completely uninhibited before, and she loved, loved, loved it!!! After only few seconds of volatile, open mouth tongue kissing, she and Ruby locked in a fuck stroke so vigorous that she was on the brink of a powerful orgasm. Mariko broke off the kiss in order to concentrate on the furious cunt to cunt fuck that the redhead was laying on her.

And as for Brenda, well, she was also thrilled to the nipples by Antoinette’s passionate sexual aggression. And although she exhibited occasional girly coquettishness, nobody ever referred to Toni as a reserved or shy girl. Brenda felt her cunt fusing to her lover’s cunt like never before. Toni was laying a cunt to cunt fuck on her that was so heated and savage, that Brenda also began to feel the rumblings of a colossal orgasm building in her loins. She also broke off her kiss with Antoinette in order to concentrate on the sexual fusion of cunts between their legs. Then she looked across to see what was going on with the other two women . Mariko sensed eyes upon her. She made intimate eye contact with Brenda. Both women smiled slyly at each other. When Brenda nodded ever so slightly and winked, Mariko sensed that something interesting was coming. Then, behind Antoinette’s back, Brenda made a slight hand gesture. It was a signal to move closer together. Mariko understood. The two women made a silent agreement-one that would change the dynamic of this extraordinary situation. There wasn't much distance between them, so the maneuver came off fairly smoothly. Brenda thrust into Tony, moving her backwards a few inches. Mariko managed to manipulate Ruby backwards the remaining few inches. And then the sensei and her student thrust their pelvises, completing the maneuver. Antoinette took in a gasp and she felt the firm smoothness of Ruby’s ass mash into hers. It was heavenly! Ruby was quite surprised and titillated by this meeting too. Toni’s firm butt cheeks felt slick, wet and wonderful as they squashed into hers. The soft encounter added another dimension to what was already taking place. Mariko smiled at Ruby as she took on Toni in a sexy battle of glutes. Both Ruby and Toni were still matched against their lovers from the belly up, but this ass to ass duel required a separation of pussies. Neither Brenda nor Mariko seemed to mind. If anything, seeing and feeling their two ladies go at it like this was exhilarating. While bellies, breasts, mouths and tongues remained in heated contact, Toni and Ruby were slowly escalating an explosive ass fight. When Ruby powerfully pushed her silken ass cheeks tightly into Toni’s lushness, Toni broke off her kiss with Brenda and loudly groaned. What the hell was she doing? Antoinette looked soulfully into Brenda’s eyes. Brenda knew.

“Baby, do you mind if I take this bitch down?” she asked Brenda.
“No sweetie. Do what you have to do.” Brenda replied, lovingly.
“You sure?” Toni re-checked.
“Toni, if this is what you want, I’m OK with it. Ruby has a great body. Go match your body against hers. Take her the way you want to take her, woman to woman. As far as I’m concerned, it’ll be sexy to see you two hotties go at it.” Brenda thought back to the times she had imagined seeing Antoinette take on another woman in a sexual confrontation. Her loins ached and her nipples stiffened against Toni’s. Then she pulled away from her lover. Toni then sensed that this was something Brenda had long wanted to see. She smiled broadly at her lady and vowed inwardly to do her best to satisfy Brenda’s private, prurient fantasy.

“Do you want to do this?” Mariko asked Ruby.
“I really do, Mariko.” she paused, thoughtfully.
“i’m getting the distinct impression that you want me to do this too.” she surmised.
“You’re impression is correct.” said Mariko. Then they kissed softly.
“I won’t let you down, Mariko.” Ruby promised.
“Don’t worry about that. Neither you or Antoinette have anything to prove here. Toni’s very beautiful. And by all accounts, a skilled lover. Just enjoy it.” Mariko pulled away from Ruby.

Antoinette turned in. Ruby turned to face her. The two fated women smiled warmly at each other, then moved in close to touch nipples in a mutual acceptance of kismet. After Brenda and Mariko shut off the showers, they moved into a position to get a full view of the face off between their two naked, beloved ladies. They stood side by side, moved in tight to press their hips together and wrap an arm around each other’s waist. Then something occurred to Brenda.

“Ladies. Hold off for a second.” She then turned to Mariko and spoke.
“Mariko. It occurs to me that this is a concrete floor. And if things get vigorous between them, which they no doubt will…”
“Ah…Gotcha. Wet and slippery~a fall would be a hard one, and someone could get seriously hurt. Good thinking Brenda.” Mariko understood and agreed. She addressed Toni and Ruby.
“Ladies! Put it on hold for a minute.”
Ruby and Toni seemed perplexed.
“Let’s take this to the mats. Follow us please.” explained Mariko.
The four women loosely wrapped themselves in bath towels, drying themselves as they went. By the time they reached the mats in the training room, their bodies had that plush, slightly damp post shower softness. Toni and Ruby dropped their towels at the edge of the mat, then enthusiastically moved to the center. They held hands, locked eyes and once again matched nipples to nipples. Feeling the electricity of areolae pressing together, they flirtatiously grinned at each other.

“Is your pussy as wet as mine is, Ruby?”
“I’m all tingly and wet down there Toni. I’m really looking forward to this.”
“I’m way past ready.”
“Let’s do this, Toni.”

To Be Continued