Ruby arrived at the Dojo at 5:40 PM. It was Wednesday-her special mid week rendezvous with Mariko. Over the last few months, both women’s work and personal schedules had become increasingly busy, leaving them very little opportunity for private “girl time” together. This did not set well with either of them.

Then one day, Ruby came up with a simple solution. They would each set aside one mid week evening and Ruby would surprise Mariko with some special event such as a movie, or dinner at a new restaurant. Mariko loved the idea and after several Wednesdays, the event had become a beloved tradition for both women. And as far as Ruby was concerned, it also had one unintended and rather delightful side benefit. Each private rendezvous seemed to fan the flames of Mariko’s sexual desires. After each outing, the two women would rush home excitedly, strip naked as soon as they got inside, rush to the bedroom-sometimes they didn’t even make it to the bedroom-and fuck each other to complete exhaustion. And Ruby loved that part.

Since it was ten minutes after closing, she let herself in via the side entrance. She didn’t enjoy walking around and through an unsavory looking alleyway, but the front door had been locked and the shades were drawn, indicating that closing time had passed.

She made her way through a short corridor, past restrooms and locker rooms and eventually located the main room of the dojo-the training room. Stepping inside, she was slightly surprised to see that Mariko, who was usually dressed and ready to go, was still involved in a training session. On the mat, Mariko was locked in a sparring match with one of her students, one of her best students. Ruby sat down at the far end of the mat in order to observe the proceedings. She crossed her legs and watched with fascination as the two women engaged in the series of judo arm locks and leg locks. Ruby had watched Mariko sparring many times before with other women and always found it to be rather erotic. But this woman was no ordinary woman. Whoever she was, she was drop dead gorgeous. She had large full breasts, just like Mariko. Indeed, even through their gis, Ruby could not help noticing that her body was a match for Mariko's body in every way. This seemed even more enticing.

As the two of them rolled around on the mat attempting to subdue each other, Ruby could hear frequent grunts and girlish groans coming from both women. The whole scenario was oozing with underlying womanly heat.

The lovely student would practice on Mariko, getting her into a specific arm lock or leg lock, and the two women would tumble down to the mat. Each time Mariko would critique the move. She would explain what the student did right and what needed improvement, then she would escape with ease, reverse the hold and force the student to tap out, which clearly frustrated her. But Mariko was always kind and patient with her students. And although this girl was obviously an advanced student, she was still no match for Mariko. It was obvious to Ruby, however, that she enjoyed sparring with her. Indeed, Ruby now wondered if maybe, just maybe, this particular student may have had a bit of a girl crush on her beautiful Sensei. From the bottom position on the mat, Mariko tapped out, allowing the girl one submission. Then she reached around and patted the student on her shapely ass, indicating that the sparring session was over. Both women rose to their feet, locked eyes and bowed to each other. Then, the student’s beautiful face broke into a broad grin just before she lunged at Mariko and took her down to the mat one more time. Only this takedown did not appear to be a typical judo position. Ruby’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened as the busty beauty held Mariko’s arms outstretched and her pelvis came down directly in full contact with her sensei’s lower body. Again, the two heated women locked eyes. But this time it was like they were the only two women in the room. Both of their chests were heaving as Ruby watched intently, feeling an unmistakable stirring in her groin.

“Wow! That’s pretty sexy!” A soft, dusky voice came from Ruby’s left.

Ruby had been so enthralled by the two sparring women that she had not noticed the lovely woman who had been sitting next to her for close to five minutes. She turned to notice a stunning brunette with deep, soulful brown eyes, full lips and a smile that could melt an iceberg. She smiled back, warmly.

“It is indeed sexy.” the sultry redhead agreed.

Then, as if she had no control of herself, Ruby let her eyes meander downward in order to take in the luscious, ample cleavage that the woman was displaying. It was easy to tell that their breasts were an even match in both size and fullness. Ruby caught herself and returned her gaze to the woman’s lovely face. But it was too late.

“Like what you see?” the brunette teased. Ruby blushed.
“I’m sorry. But you are showing off quite a bit of your assets. It’s hard not to notice.” she replied, sheepishly.
“No worries, gorgeous. Us girls always check each other out. Although I probably wore the wrong top.” she confessed.
“Oh no. You wore the right one.” Ruby responded, wryly. Now the brunette blushed a bit.
“Say, do you know the name of the student who’s sparring with the sensei?”
“Yes I do. That’s my girl Brenda.” The brunette paused for a moment. She then put things together in her mind.
“And that’s Mariko?”
“Yes. My lady.” the redhead said with pride.
“Of course! The red hair. I should have known! You’re Ruby!” said the excited brunette.
“I am.” Ruby replied, as a hand of friendship was offered. The two sexy women clasped hands for several long seconds.
“I’m Antoinette. Or Toni, as most people call me.”
“I like the name Antoinette. It’s almost as beautiful as you are.”
The normally bashful redhead surprised herself with her uncharacteristic forwardness.
“And I like the name Ruby. It's almost as sultry as you are.”

Ruby tingled at Antoinette’s response. The two women slowly released each other's hand. Antoinette felt herself becoming lost in the limpid pools of Ruby’s blue gray eyes. Then a voice came from the center of the mat.

“Hey, you two! Keep socializing for a few more minutes.” Brenda said.
“Yeah. Get acquainted with each other. Brenda and I are off to the showers.” Mariko announced.

The two women then turned and headed for the shower room, arm in arm and girlishly giggling. But the last words spoken by Mariko seemed to just hang in the air. It was like walking into an Italian deli and seeing the salami hanging out to dry. You knew it was there. You even expected it to be there. Still, it just didn’t smell quite right.

………“Brenda and I are off to the showers.”

The statement resonated in their minds. Toni and Ruby didn’t quite know how to react. The look on both of their faces was confusion.

“Did that seem odd to you, Ruby?”
“What do you mean, Toni?”
“I mean the two of them running off to the shower together.”
“Well, they did just work out rather vigorously. And people do shower after they exercise.” Ruby replied, trying to remain rational. Although, deep inside, she felt what Antoinette was feeling.
“Ruby…Come on!” Toni insisted.
“Perhaps you're right. I don’t know why Toni, but it does feel kind of odd.” Ruby admitted.
Antoinette nodded, then came to a decision.
“Well, I don’t know about you Ruby, but this is one shower I plan to observe. Are you coming along?”
Ruby sighed, and then the two women rose to their feet.
“Antoinette! What are you doing?” Ruby gasped.
“Well, I’m not going to get my clothes wet.”

Ruby watched as the busty brunette stripped down to her bra and skimpy panties. Ruby was momentarily enthralled by her astounding body. Antoinette smiled broadly, then gestured with her hands at Ruby.
“Oh. Yeah. Right.” Ruby responded, then undressed herself down to her scanty panties and the meager bra that could barely contain her voluptuous breasts. Now it was Toni’s jaw that dropped. It was now apparent to both women that their clandestine suspicions were true. Their bodies were perfectly matched. Antoinette openly admired the redhead’s magnificent anatomy. She was speechless. Ruby then teased her.
“Tell me something, Antoinette. Do you like what you see?”
Ruby thrust her chest out in a playful challenge. Toni, of course, responded.

“Maybe we should get in there, before I decide to take you down to the mat for some ‘strenuous exercise’.” Toni quipped.
The two women then sauntered off to the shower room arm in arm, girlishly giggling…

 To Be Continued