(by NylonNY)

Cindy got out of her girlfriends car and walked to the door with her friends close behind. They had just gotten back from one of their monthly girls nights and were all a bit buzzed. Cindy was brunette and wearing a long form fitting top that hugged her ample chest and fell just about to her crotch, under that she wore a pair of black spandex leggings that looked like they were painted on. A pair of black heels completed her outfit.

The 3 girls settled into the sofa in Cindy's living room. Anne, the designated driver for the group got up and dragged a chair into the center of the living room from the kitchen.

"The fun is not over yet!" Said Anne. "Its somebody's birthday this week, and we all got a little surprise for the birthday girl!" she giggled.

Cindy blushed, she knew it was her birthday but didn't like being the center of attention. "We need the birthday girl front and center on this chair right NOW!" Yelled Anne. Cindy got up from the sofa, and went to sit in the chair. "Happy Birthday honey!" smiled Anne as she hugged her friend and went back to the sofa waiting for something.

In about a minute there was a knock on the door, Anne got up and said "I think your present is here!"

Cindy fidgeted in the chair, crossing her legs and grasping the sides of the chair nervously. Anne opened the door and looked shocked, standing in the doorway was a curvy blonde in a long coat. "Come in" stuttered Anne, as she stepped back into the house.

"Thanks, said the blonde."

"I think there's been a mix up?" said Anne. "They were supposed to send a man not a woman." struggled Anne.

Staring over at Cindy the blonde winked and said, "Hi beautiful, are you ready to have a great birthday tonight?"

Cindy was really nervous now and said, "I'm sure we can pay you for your travel out here, sorry about the mix-up."

"My name is Crystal, and I promise you if you will give me a chance I can make this a night you will never forget."

Anne went back to the girls on the couch speechless. Crystal walked over to Cindy and pushed her back down on the chair. She stood in front of Cindy and told her "Relax honey, I don't bite, unless you want me to."

Cindy squirmed a bit and closed her legs tightly. Crystal slowly undid her coat, button by button, Cindy didn't want to look but found herself watching the blonde undress in front of her. Crystal let her coat drop to the floor, Cindy looked at the womanly masterpiece in front of her, Crystal's long blonde hair ended in curls at the top of her chest. A rhinestone covered red satin corset cinched at Crystal's waist barely containing the large breasts that were staring Cindy in the face. A matching pair of satin bikini panties were all she wore below that, and her spiked red heels completed her skimpy costume. "Like what you see, birthday girl?" Crystal said smiling.

Cindy, still staring at every curve, just nodded wordlessly. Her friends on the couch were also enthralled by the curvaceous blonde. Cindy shifted a little in the chair, "Is it getting a bit warm?" she asked looking around to her friends for some kind of help.

"It's going to get MUCH warmer." smiled Crystal. "Tell you what, If I can make you cum, I'll consider my job done, if I can't my performance tonight is on the house."

Before Cindy could voice her concern Anne replied "That sounds fair!"

Cindy started, "But I don't like women. I don't want any part of this...!"

"Shhhhhhh, I promise if I do anything you don't like you just say stop, and I will. Does that sound like a deal?" Crystal said.

"Uhhhh, I guess that would be OK." said Cindy.

"Lets get this party started!" Smiled Crystal as she turned on a small mp3-player with her performance music. Crystal began dancing around Cindy, twisting her full hips in front of her face, watching as Cindy's eyes followed every curve of her ass. She bent low and pushed her chest forward towards Cindy, again watching how Cindy couldn't take her eyes from her large breasts. Crystal danced around Cindy and moved behind her. Cindy had moved her hands to her own thighs slowly rubbing her leggings, swearing the room was getting uncomfortably warm.

Crystal leaned into Cindy from behind, her breasts brushing against Cindy's back. Cindy could feel Crystal's breath on her neck and it made her shiver for a moment. Crystal draped her arms around Cindy's shoulders and let her hands dangle over her breasts, lightly teasing her. Cindy squirmed, and involuntarily moved her hands to her crotch feeling herself getting a bit hot.

"Is this Ok?" breathed Crystal right by Cindy's ear.

Cindy just nodded as she felt her hot breath on her ear. Cindy squeezed her legs tightly together to try and maintain some control, but she knew the curvy blonde was getting her turned on, she just had to keep her composure in front of her friends. Anne and her other friends were still on the couch, Cindy saw them squirming and moving their hands over their own breasts or against their crotches as well.

"Getting a bit warmed up yet?" whispered Crystal.

"Not really, you can stop if you like and we can call it a night." Lied Cindy.

"I don't give up that easily" chuckled Crystal. Crystal moved her hands to Cindy's breasts. She felt for Cindy's nipples which were straining against her shirt.

"Let me just give you some more attention." whispered crystal.

"Ughhnnnhhhh.." moaned Cindy as Crystal pinched and squeezed her hard nipple through her shirt. Her nipples were on fire. Crystal's teasing and pinching were getting her nipples harder by the second. Cindy suddenly felt her pussy getting wet, the blonde's caresses having their desired effect on her.

"Lets get you out of this shirt." Crystal said as she pulled the bottom of the shirt up and over Cindy's head leaving Cindy in her Leggings and bra.

"You won't be needing this." laughed Crystal as she undid Cindy's bra exposing her large tits with her nipples standing straight out begging for attention. Cindy quickly took her hands from her crotch to cover her breasts, but Crystal grabbed her hands and pulled them behind Cindy's back and tied them together with her own shirt.

"There, can't have you ruining your birthday fun now can we?" smiled the Blonde.

Cindy was nervous but was so turned on already that she didn't protest. Crystal came around to the front of the birthday girl and knelt down and kissed Cindy's nipples, one kiss on each breast.

"Unghhhhh, oh god...." moaned Cindy as the blonde's tongue snaked out and licked at her nipples slowly. Cindy's legs squirmed in their spandex as she felt the wetness in her pussy growing, her panties would be soaked soon as her juices continued to flow. Crystal increased the assault on her breasts, sucking hard on each nipple, rubbing each breast.

"" stuttered Cindy. A wet spot had formed in the crotch of Cindy's leggings, her pussy juice finally overcoming her panties.

"What's going on down here?" snickered Crystal.

"Nothing....its nothing.." struggled Cindy.

"Lets just see about that!" said Crystal, as she explored the crotch of Cindy's leggings. "My are you wet!, I'll bet you want to cum don't you?" stated the blonde.

"No...I' really!" struggled Cindy, her legs squirming as she was helpless to do anything.

Crystal said, "You'll be okay once I'm done. You'll be better than okay."

Smiling, she pulled open the front of Cindy's spandex leggings and slid one hand inside the struggling girl's pants and beneath her panties, finding her dripping pussy.

"!" moaned Cindy as Crystal began working her burning pussy inside her leggings.

"You are so wet girl...!" said Crystal.

Cindy squirmed, her pussy being worked over by the curvy blonde. She glanced at her friends who were still on the sofa with their hands on their tits or in their panties, with blouses undone or leggings pulled down watching her get ravaged by this gorgeous stripper.

Suddenly, her friends caught her looking at them and they jumped up off the sofa.

"Ummmhh errr.. we have to get going...ummm, happy birthday Cindy! to you tomorrow!" said Anne as they all put themselves back together as best as they could and bolted out the door.

Cindy could do nothing as Crystal continued to ravage her." Crystal began to suck her nipples while continuing to finger her pussy.

"Oh...godddd...unghhhhh...unghhhh!" moaned Cindy as she rocked her hips to the rhythm of Crystal's finger fucking.

"Not long now, honey." whispered Crystal.

Cindy felt two more fingers enter her dripping pussy. The end was near, her pussy felt like it was going to explode, her tits were on fire. "Uhnnnggnnnnhh...goddd....unghhhhhh...I'!" stuttered Cindy.

"Let it go baby..let me feel your pussy cum." Crystal said.

All at once Cindy felt her pussy erupt on the blonde's fingers, soaking the crotch of her leggings.

"Ugghhhhh,,oh...god....i'm cumminnnnngggggg......unghhhhhhhh!" she moaned as her entire body shook with the orgasm. Crystal smiled as she moved and untied Cindy's arms. Cindy wrapped her arms around Crystal and kissed her on the mouth, her tongue finding hers. Crystal pulled back from the kiss and said, "Happy Birthday!"

Cindy smiled, and as she looked down she noticed Crystal's satin panties had a bit of a wet-spot on them as well. But that is another story.

The End