The shower felt cold and dry compared to the whirlpool, but it was much more effective at cleaning. In a matter of moments, Alyson felt completely clean. ‘Everything you need is in the cabinet under the mirror. From shampoo to make up’. Jennifer had purred to her before leaving to take a shower in her private bathroom, and to ‘redecorate’ their final battleground. Licking her lips in anticipation to their final duel, Alyson walked towards the mirror and prepared herself for their final duel. The redhead saw a snow white robe on the counter of the cabinet, neatly laid out for her.

Alyson recognized the robe – it was the same robe the brunette had wore in her final battle with Alyson in their previous sex war, when the dark-haired goddess was still the clit queen. Taking the silk robe in her hands, Alyson gasped as she felt its exquisite softness. It was the softest thing Alyson has ever felt. The redhead also noticed a pair of matching pair of white stocking on the cabinet. The stockings were the same kind she worn in their previous sex war – except that these were white. Opening the make up cabinet, Alyson prepared herself for her final duel with Jennifer. The redhead was going to give her rival a hell of a show. Looking into the mirror and admiring the reflection of her perfect, undefeated body, Alyson felt confidence surging through her. Soon, we’ll fine out who’s truly the best, Alyson thought to herself.

“I see you’re wearing my gifts,” Jennifer remarked as she watched the redhead sway gracefully into their final battlefield. The alluring brunette was wearing a dark green robe trimmed with gold laces, and matching black nylon stockings. She sat peacefully on her waterbed, as she waited patiently for her rival, enjoying the beauty of this beautiful moment. With her robe spread around her, she was an exquisite black lotus, a divinely beautiful flower in the middle of a pacific pond. The bed sheets had been replaced, and it felt extremely comfortable once again to lie on the bed. Jennifer’s straight chestnut hair was neatly combed and flowed beautifully down her shoulders. The brunette was softly stroking her clit with her hand, preparing it for its final duel. Her other hand pinched her already erected nipple, in hopes to enlarge her majestic weapon. She had long since realized that the only way to defeat Alyson was to force the redhead into one devastating orgasm that could take the redhead down for good. If given the even the slightest moment to recover, Alyson’s sexual reserves would be infinite. Jennifer knew she had to make the redhead as comfortable as possible to deliver this one fatal orgasm. Smiling confidently, she removed her hands from her clit, and licked the juices of her fingers seductively.

“The robe… It’s beautiful,” Alyson said, as she twirled around in it, letting Jennifer see it. Alyson’s nipples and clit were erected, and stood out proudly, confidently as the redhead sexily strode towards her sitting rival with her hands on her hips, like a runway model. The robe was exquisitely soft, and Alyson nearly shuddered as she felt its soft fur brush lightly against her skin. This very robe once represented Jennifer’s former undefeated status, and reign as the clit queen. For now, it belonged to Alyson. It represented everything that Jennifer had accomplished, and everything that Alyson had taken away from her. Seven nights ago, it was Jennifer who stood in that robe. Tonight, it was Alyson’s turn to defend her throne, her reign.

Alyson was a goddess – so magnificently beautiful in all her majestic glory. She was the embodiment of perfection. Her features were sharp and elegant, with a face so exquisite that it must have been sculpted by the gods themselves. Her eyes were dreamy and alluring, so electrifyingly magnetic that one can lose themselves in them for all eternity. Her breasts were ample and firm, not a single mark of imperfection could be seen on it. Her body was slender and shapely, a sight so divine that could change one’s perception of beauty. Her mane was perfect and lustrous, her fairly straight hair spilling down like the waterfalls of crimson silk. Robe flowing, she swooped down, like a descending seraph, onto the bed in front of Jennifer.

“You can keep it if you beat me,” Jennifer declared softly, “think of it as a little trophy – a crown for the clit queen’s throne. It is rightfully yours… for now.”

“When I’m finished with you, this robe isn’t the only thing I will claim,” Alyson smirked, as she inched even closer to her rival. Even without touching, they could feel the warm radiating from each other’s bodies. “I’m going to enjoy having you as my sex slave.”

“Are you ready?” Jennifer whispered sexily as she allowed her robe to slide down her smooth shoulders, revealing her exquisite body. At this moment, a sudden surge of power flowed through Jennifer’s body. Seeing the redhead in this robe reminded Jennifer of her mother, and now her hate for both her rival and her mother had combined into one. She was going to reclaim her robe, her throne, from this redhead now, once and for all.

“Yes,” Alyson hissed softly as she too let her robe slide down to arm’s length, exposing her bare shoulders and allowed her heavenly mane to rest gracefully on it. The redhead tenderly caressed her clit, as she too readied her ultimate weapon for its final duel. The redhead’s hair looked amazing – it was straight, but slightly wavy and curled at the end.

“May the best woman win.” Jennifer finally said, her lust and hatred empowering her body, refueling it with sexual energy. Suddenly, both women were divine sex goddesses, invincible marble statues, and paragons of sexual prowess. The brunette delivered a power slap to Alyson’s face, and was surprised when her rival took the blow without flinching. Before her nemesis could retaliate, Jennifer pulled Alyson’s face against her and locked her lips on the redhead, kissing her rival lustfully. The brunette jammed her tongue down Alyson’s throat, but found more resistance than she had hope for. Pulling out before the redhead could counter attack, they pressed their bodies together, and both women marveled at each other’s exquisite smoothness. Alyson felt the brunette’s hand on her belly, pushing her back. Pulling back, Alyson raised an eyebrow, slightly confused by her foe’s actions.

Jennifer responded by sinking into the waterbed, and spread her nylon-covered legs wide open. She used her hands to pull back her leg, bending her cunt upward, and allowed her glistening clit to stand proudly in front of its nemesis. Smiling confidently, she pulled her legs back until they almost touched her shoulders, and said, “Ride my big, fat, perfect clit, you sexy bitch.”

“There is only one person who is perfect in this world, and that is me,” Alyson responded confidently, stroking her hair as she mounted her foe. Pressing her cunt against Jennifer’s, she began to ground her pussy against her rival’s deliciously. Jennifer pumped back furiously, completely reenergized. The girls squealed in delight as their massive clits came into contact, after exploring the silkiness of their rival’s vulva for what seemed like an eternity. Softly, their clits licked each other, and then slowly with increasing strength, their clits began fencing. Jennifer’s clit stabbed and slashed against Alyson’s, forcing grunts of pleasure from both women. “Yes… at last… Ohhh… Ohhh… Fuck me… Yeah…”

“Ugh! Dirty bitch, crush your clit against mine, head to head, and we’ll see who’s bigger and harder down where it counts,” Jennifer gasped as she humped her rival, plunging her clit into Alyson’s waiting sex again and again.

“You hot slut… *Pant*… You actually think your clit can compare with mine?” Alyson rasped, and obligingly stabbed her clit headfirst into Jennifer’s. The beautiful redhead grunt in girlish satisfaction as she felt her majestic sex horn bent Jennifer’s back delicious, painfully. “They’re fought before, and it was mine who made yours cum all over me!”

“Bitch!” Jennifer growled, as pain and pleasure ripped through her body. Jennifer’s pussy thrusts strengthened pump after pump, and Alyson responded in kind. They drew onto the deepest of their sexual reserves for this one final battle. Alyson continued her offence, and drove her sex pearl head on against Jennifer’s, seeking to pin her opponent’s clit under hers. Alyson managed to bend Jennifer’s clit again, and was reward by a squeal of distress from the brunette.

“See how easily my clit bends yours?” Alyson demanded cruelly, as she continued to ground her drooling pussy against Jennifer’s. “Ohhh… See how much fatter, harder, and longer my clit is compared to yours?”

“Nonsense! Argh! My clit is just as good as yours, perhaps even better!” Jennifer declared. Her pussy thrusts were so strong that she began to send the redhead flying off her cunt with each pump. “My clit is going to beat yours off!”

“Let’s find out then, shall we?” Alyson whispered hotly, licking her lips as she smiled seductively. Alyson lifted her cunt, and with the help of Jennifer’s powerful pussy thrust, she sent herself flying almost an entire foot above Jennifer, before she came crashing down against the brunette’s cunt. Alyson skillfully guided her clit to meet Jennifer’s head on, crushing both of their glistening weapons together. Both women let out a primal, sexual squeal as their clits met head to head. The two women sneered in dissatisfaction as neither majestic sex horns gave in to the pressure. Alyson once again lifted her ass high above her rival’s cunt, her juices dripping down onto the silk bed sheets, before she sent her clit once again plunging fearlessly against Jennifer’s. Again, neither bulged from the powerful impact. Both sex weapons were supremely powerful; but one of them must give in – sooner or later.

“It seems like we’re evenly matched… for now,” Jennifer hissed as she braced herself for another comet like impact. Both women repeatedly slammed their clits together – to no avail. Frustrated, the bitter rivals increased the strength of their pumps even more, smashing their proud weapons against each other mercilessly. “Ohhh… I can feel your pussy quivering, tramp. Your thrusts are getting weaker and your clit feels… Ohhh… I can’t even feel your clit! *Pant*… What’s the matter? Can’t take it? Is this all you’ve got?”

“Fuck you! Ugh! My pussy… my pussy is… Ohhh… Ohhh… Fuck, fuck…. Yes! Take this, slut! And this! Ugh! You’re the one who can’t take it!” Alyson cried out as she fucked her nemesis with all she had, riding Jennifer’s mighty clit with her own. Jennifer was surprised at the redhead’s sudden outburst, but quickly recuperated and pumped back with equal force and ferocity. Timing her thrusts perfectly, she glued her clit onto Alyson’s weakening weapon and allowed all the pressure of their powerful thrusts to be focused on their sex pearls.

“I – I… Ahhh… Ah… Nooooooo… Ugh… Imp – Impossible! AHH!” Alyson moaned. Her dreamy blue eyes were wide open as pleasure overwhelmed the delicate redhead. Alyson shuddered uncontrollably, as her brunette rivals clit crushed her sex pearl inwards. Her perfect clit sank into its sex hood, sending waves after waves of uncontrollable, undeniable, unsurpassable pleasure down the gorgeous sex goddess’s cunt, breaking past all her sexual defenses and into the middle of her belly. Jennifer knew how devastating the pleasure of having one’s clit crushed was, and knew that the advantage was hers. Alyson closed her beautiful eyes, tilted her head back, and screamed as her body jerked uncontrollably, flying off Jennifer’s hot sex and landed on the her back. A stream of hot goo shot out of the clit queen’s divine cunt as she fell, spraying all over Jennifer – from her face to her cunt. A mini orgasm rocked Jennifer’s body as she too came from the sheer intensity, but it was nothing compared to Alyson’s orgasmic eruption – Jennifer didn’t even ejaculate. The redhead moaned weakly as she felt her belly pumped cum out of her cunt. Although the redhead suffered a terrible defeat, the war was still not over. Jennifer knew that in order to fully destroy someone as powerful as Alyson, she needed to do more – she need to crush the redhead’s majestic sex weapon completely, just as it once crushed hers. Jennifer licked a string of Alyson’s delicious girl cum off her face as she observed the redhead. Alyson’s beautiful face was one of confusion, fear, and shock. Her lovely, glossy lips were opened wide in shock as the redhead beheld the cum spewing volcano that was her cunt. It was a devastating orgasm – more powerful than anything the redhead had ever experienced. The moaning redhead softly touched her jerking clit and let out a moan of despair as she felt it throbbing weakly in between her fingers. Alyson looked down in disbelief as she softly stroked it, like a majestic goddess, whom has never felt pain, nursing her wounds.

“You… *Gasp*… tramp… I’m going to make you pay for making me cum like this! I’ll – I’ll…” Alyson gasped sexily as she continued to come – her speech was cut off as she was forced to concentrate on Jennifer’s continuing assault. Prying Alyson’s hands away, the brunette had slid her right thigh over Alyson’s left, and her left thigh under Alyson’s right. Grabbing onto the redhead’s cum coated hands, Jennifer pressed her assault by grounding her cunt into Alyson’s coming pussy, which continued firing streams after streams of girl cum into Jennifer’s. Alyson gasped and moaned as she weakly humped back at her foe, her orgasm slowly subsiding. “Fuck you, and your fucking clit *Gasp*…. I’m going to crush it, and make you cum even harder than you did last time I fucked you.”

“Good luck, because you’re going to need more than that weak clit to beat mine,” Jennifer gnarled. Jennifer’s source of nigh-infinite energy of hatred empowered the brunette’s powerful thrusts. No longer mounted, both women now had equal control of the duel. Their clits fenced as their pussies mashed together. The two women locked their hands together and pulled, increasing the pressure between their cunts and clits. Both women gladly accepted this increased pressure between their sexes, and spread their legs wider to take advantage of it. Their silky smooth robes slide to their elbows, as their nipples proudly protruded from their heaving breasts. Their beautiful manes flew as thighs pried each other apart, giving each other full access to their sex. “Yesss… Ugh! Your body feels weak against mine, bitch! *Gasp*… you’re finished.”

“Bring it, whore!” Alyson growled, as she pumped quicker and quicker. Jennifer felt that the redhead’s thrusts had indeed weakened– her last orgasm must have drained a lot out of her. That redhead bitch isn’t invincible after all, Jennifer thought to herself, as she managed to force moans after moans of sexual distress from the exquisite redhead. Jennifer looked into her rival’s beautiful half-opened eyes, and saw fear. For the first time ever, she felt the redhead’s clit avoiding her, retreating. Jennifer began advancing, forcing the redhead back. Alyson tried to stand her ground, but her ass was slowly being forced onto the bed by brunette’s vicious attacks – Jennifer was slowly mounting her. The redhead seemed desperate for escape, but continued fighting, letting moans after moans of distress as Jennifer slowly overpowered her. Their sex horns explored the contour of each other’s elegant pussies, as they slammed home powerful, sexual strokes. The brunette managed to bring her cunt above Alyson’s and somewhat mounted the redhead. Trapped, the redhead failed to dodge Jennifer’s next clit stab, and the clitoral contact caused the weakened redhead to shudder in delight. Focusing, Alyson retaliated, and grunted girlishly as she managed to force Jennifer’s cunt back, sending the brunette off her. Defiantly, she sneered, “Give it to me!”

“Gladly,” Jennifer gasped back at the redhead, as their clits locked in a final, decisive duel. It was as if Alyson had accepted her fate, and had ceased her evasive technique, despite her body’s protests. They pressed their clits together, and their sex nubs licked each other deliciously. Both women shuddered from the intense pleasure; instead of instinctively trying to escape, their discipline managed to keep them fighting. Their clits met head to head, and both women kept it there. Jennifer felt her cunt lips clamp themselves around Alyson’s, devouring the redhead’s cunt. Their pumping decreased a little in speed, but increased ten-folds in power. Moaning in sexual agony, Alyson pulled her hands away from Jennifer’s to support herself with her elbows, and grip the silk sheets of the bed. Jennifer mimicked Alyson’s position, and with a mighty pump, both women’s perfect asses lifted off the bed sheet. Their scissored legs kept their asses above the sheets. Alyson raised an eyebrow in question, as in asking, is this the way you want to end this? Jennifer gave her respond by smirking confidently, and continued to ram her clit directly into Alyson’s. Alyson’s refused to bulge, and Jennifer’s stood its ground. Their lovely eyes met as the pair pitted their body against each other, in this ultimate contest of clitoral strength.

“Ugh… You’re so finished, you sexy tramp,” Jennifer moaned, never taking her eyes off Alyson’s. The redhead’s stared back; her face was a mixture of emotions. In her dazzling eyes, Jennifer saw fear, in her beautiful lips, Jennifer saw shock. Alyson’s arched eyebrows revealed sexual agony, and her glistening body revealed weakness. Jennifer prided herself in her ability to read her opponent’s body like a book. She knew that deep inside, while they both had their doubts, both women believed that they were the best, and will continue to do so until one of them is completely destroyed. “I barely feel anything down there,” Jennifer taunted, humping her pussy into Alyson’s.

“There is enough down there to get you off, slut,” Alyson responded raggedly, her gasps and pants became moans as their tempo and pressure increased even more. “I’ll… I’ll – Oh gods… fuck! Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Slam that clit of yours into mine… Let’s fuck to see who the real clit queen is.”

“Yesss… At last… We’re going to find out… which one of is truly better,” Jennifer moaned as she humped desperately. Both women tightened their legs as they embraced the inevitable. Surprisingly, the two rivals remained absolutely calm, and in control. They smirked confidently, as both felt that victory were only inches away. They kept their dreamy eyes locked to each other’s even as their bodies began shaking with the intensity of an earthquake. Their massive clitoris stiffened to their fullest extend, making themselves even more sensitive than before. They moaned into each other’s faces as they began the final strokes, which would decide the duel.

“Feel my clit!” Jennifer cried out as an eruption of sexual energy intensified her. Could this be the same terrible power Alyson drawn on at the end of our first duel? Jennifer pondered. Jennifer’s clit slid by Alyson’s, and licked her rival’s clit deliciously. The brunette’s mighty clit suddenly became a python, as it wrapped itself around the redhead’s weapon, crushing it. Alyson screamed as Jennifer utilized her technique to its full effect – the brunette would slam her clit against the redhead’s head on, then slid down its side, slashing Alyson’s sex organ ravenously, before circling around Alyson’s sex weapon torturously. Alyson’s spasms grew stronger and stronger as Jennifer’s expert technique brought the redhead closer and closer to a devastating orgasm.

“Ah! Ohhh… Ohhh… Shit! Damn you!” Alyson gasped, trembling and eyes wide in shock as she beheld the effects that Jennifer’s awesome attack was having on her divine body. Jennifer squealed in delight as she too witnessed Alyson’s body trembling and weakening under her assaults. Alyson’s moan of distressed became moans of sexual defeat as she sensed the end – her end. “Nooooo… Ahh… Ah… Fuck! This can’t – be! I… Noooo… Not yet…”

“Yes! Ugh! Ugh! I can feel your spasms, Alyson. *Gasp*… You’re finished!” Jennifer cried. Jennifer knew that it was only a matter of time before the redhead would be sent to a blissful, orgasmic heaven. The brunette relished the sight of Alyson’s defeat – the redhead’s beautiful breasts heaved rapidly, as she gasped desperately for air. Her delicate lips opened and moaned, as her glorious body trembled. The bright stars that were Alyson’s eyes were brilliant as they opened wide in shock, as they observed her failing body. There was only one last thing left for the brunette goddess to do, in order to prove to the redhead once and for all, that she was the true clit queen. Sensing Alyson’s defeat, Jennifer summoned all her might, and drove her clit into Alyson’s as hard as she could with rapid, powerful thrusts. The brunette squealed in delight as she felt Alyson’s glistening sex pearl finally succumbed to hers. The redhead let out an agonized moan of distress, which slowly became sexual moans of despair, as she felt her clit slowly being crushed in a head on assault. Jennifer’s vicious barrage of sex strokes gradually forced Alyson’s clit back, and sent undeniable pleasure down sex goddess’s body. As the pink nub slowly sank back, it appeared as if the redhead’s beautiful sex horn was being slowly swallowed by its own cunt. Their eyes remained locked on each other’s, as time seemed to slow down. Alyson’s unbridled moans drowned out Jennifer’s, while the redhead bored the continuous assaults of Jennifer’s clit. The brunette had broken through all the redhead’s sexual defences, and all her attacks sent electrifying pleasure directly into the redhead’s belly and into nerves all throughout her body.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Noooo! I – I can’t… I- I… Ohhhh! Yes! I… take this! Ugh! Ohhh!” Alyson moaned ecstatically as she desperately tried to fight off Jennifer’s clit. She was slowly succumbing to the intense pleasure. Despair replaced shock, as the redhead looked away from Jennifer’s icy glare and watched her own body tremble. Looking down at their glistening sexes, Alyson moaned as she saw her own clitoris forced nearly halfway back into its hood. Weakness threatened to demolish her body, as the redhead continued to pump her cunt into Jennifer’s in retaliation, fighting to the end.

“Yessss! Come for me!” Jennifer hissed through her own moans, gripping the silk sheets tightly. The brunette was feeling the effects of their intense clit war too, as strokes of pleasure exploded from her clit. Their clits were glued together now, as only their perfect asses were used in their thrusts.

“Ohhh! You bitch! It – it can’t… end… Ohhh Fuuuucckkk… I – must… stop… No! Noooo! My clit… my… Ah! You dirty cunt! I’m – I’m… going to… come! Ahhhh!” the beautiful redhead gasped and moaned, as she helplessly pumped back against Jennifer. Somehow, the redhead managed to control herself enough, to bring her hands to her massive breasts, and cupped them, mashing them together deliciously. Clenching her perfect teeth, Alyson’s exquisite blue eyes glanced murderously at Jennifer as the redhead pinched her pink, erected stilettos. It was Jennifer’s turn to open her mouth and wide in shock, as she felt the redhead’s puissant weapon harden, and forced its way out of its sanctuary.

“Ugh! Ohhh! Fuck you, an – and your stupid, invincible clit! *Gasp*… Ohhh! Noooo!” Jennifer screamed, as she was helpless to stop Alyson’s clit’s resurrection. The majestic redhead’s divine sex weapon stiffened, and forced Jennifer’s back furiously. Wincing, the beautiful brunette pinched her own nipples, and felt her clit harden against the redhead’s throbbing sex rod, until once again it was no longer clear who was in control. Jennifer hissed as she tried to crush Alyson’s reenergized clit using her technique, but to no avail – the redhead shrugged her attack off like it was nothing. Mouths were opened and moaning; eyes were half-closed, but unblinking; bodies were weakened and trembling, the two women fucked with all they had, as they could no longer hold back their impending orgasms. Looks of uncertainty and doubt were on both rivals’ perfect faces as they stared each other down for the last time. Their short thrusts were powerful and rapid, both women clenching their mighty ass muscles as they banged their glued clits together. In final defiance to the redhead’s sudden empowerment, the terrified brunette moaned as she unleashed her final fuck assault on the heavenly redhead. “Ah! Ohhh… My clit… Ugh! It’s still crushing yours! Ohhh! Feel how… Ohhh… Fuck! Noooo! Nooooo! Ugh! *Gasp*… How… Imp- Impossible! Too soon! I’m… going to… going to… Fuck! Take it! Ugh! Ugh!”

“Ayiee! Ah! Noooo! I – I won’t… I… Ohhh… Fuck!” Alyson’s eyes opened wide as she bored the brunette’s final onslaught. Despite her body succumbing to the pleasure, Alyson’s divine clit stood its ground. “Argh! I’m… Ohhh… Coming! Ohhhh… *Gasp*… Fuck! No! Noooo! Not... not… Oh! Like… this! I – I refuse! Ahhh!”

Alyson’s beautiful eyes were narrowed in determination as the trembling redhead forced her clit against Jennifer’s in a final, frenzy of strokes. The brunette screamed at the redhead’s paroxysm, as Alyson’s powerful attack managed to drive Jennifer off the edge as well. Their majestic clits met for one final duel, and this time, it was clear that one of them has finally won. One clit finally gave way to its nemesis, and the rivals felt their cunts touched, their glistening lips gluing together. Both women felt their irresistible pleasure surged down from their clit, to the center of their belly, to every last bit of their perfect bodies. Their exquisite eyes were wide in pleasure and confusion as the held each other’s glance. Their hands were on their lovely breasts, fingers pinching their erected nipples. Their mouths were opened, but silent, as they held their fluid dripping, trembling cunts together tightly, inches above the bed sheets. Jennifer finally looked down, and in horror, saw it was her clit that had been obliterated. Trembling, the beautiful brunette looked back up, and saw Alyson’s pleasure-ridden face smiled victoriously, cruelly. Jennifer tried to whisper something to her lovely rival, but it came out as short gasps and a weak sob. It mattered not – Alyson knew what she was going to say.

Jennifer was as glorious in defeat as Alyson was majestic in victory. The brunette moaned girlishly in despair, as a final, overwhelming orgasm sent her to oblivion. The brunette sex goddess fell onto her back, jerking uncontrollably. The brunette’s soft, toned belly twitched and rolled as it uncontrollably squirted out a prodigious amount of milky, gooey cum. Her beautiful mouth let out a wail of defeat as a surge of undeniable pleasure spread from her cunt to every last inch of her perfect, flawless body. Dark red nails gripped the air helplessly, as a prodigious amount of cum spewed from the dark-haired sex queen’s heavenly cunt. The brunette seemingly tried to reach out to Alyson to touch her face, as her pussy erupted catastrophically. Blackness was all the exotic beauty saw as she closed her eyes, slipping into the realm of unconsciousness. Alyson cupped her full breasts her hands, as her cunt also erupted in the most powerful orgasm of her life. The fiery-haired sex goddess proudly pinched her erected nipples, as she relished in her victory. Grounding her mighty clit against Jennifer’s defeated clit, which was forced all the way back to its sanctuary, Alyson moaned as she lightly humped the squirting brunette. Their tummy muscles expanded and contracted as cum continued to pump out of their pussies. The waves of cum spewing out of Alyson’s cum geyser were overtaken by Jennifer’s cum volcano – Jennifer’s cunt ejaculated with such strength and intensity that all the milky fluid was forced into Alyson’s pussy. The redhead’s scream turned to a sexual moan of primal ecstasy as the hot goo was shot directly into her clit, jerking it off and sending the gasping redhead to successions of massive, devastating orgasms. Alyson ecstatically bit her lower lip as she struggled to control the undeniable passion that flowed through her, which threatened to consume her as badly she did her rival. The milky cum leaked out from openings between their glued pussy lips, as Alyson’s cunt could hold no anymore of that thick liquid. Alyson weakly pulled her cunt away from Jennifer’s, wincing in pain as their labias were still somewhat stuck together, despite the lubricating fluids. Alyson looked down at her heavenly pussy in amazement as she watched an avalanche of womanly cum spew out from it, flooding the bed’s red silk sheets. Her glistening clit stood proudly erected, coated with its enemies cum, as it reinstated its reign.

Slowly, Alyson’s senses returned. She felt silky smoothness of her robe and Jennifer’s skin; she smelt the stench of sweet girl cum; her taste buds exploded as her finger scooped warm, milky cum out of her cunt, and brought it onto her outstretched tongue. Her blurred vision gradually returned to normal, and she relished herself in the beauty of her victory and the sight of her defeated foe. Her hearing was restored, and she heard her sleeping rival’s soft breathing. Jennifer’s chest was heaving softly, as she slept peacefully. To Alyson’s dismay, the brunette’s face was that of sexual satisfaction – not total annihilation. She had wanted to destroy rival physically and psychologically. The redhead was still smarting from what Jennifer had tried to do in order to win their fight. Alyson remembered Jennifer’s cruel words, and decided that the brunette’s first night as her sex slave would be a harsh one.

Smiling evilly, she climbed onto the fallen brunette, her white silk robe – the symbol of the clit queen – flowing behind her majestically. She brought her drooling pussy to Jennifer’s lips, letting her pussy fluids drip onto the brunette’s beautiful face. Alyson delivered two stinging slaps to Jennifer’s face, cruelly awakening her unconscious enemy. Jennifer groaned as she tried to comprehend what was going on. The sight of Alyson’s supreme clit inches away from her face told her all she needed to know. Willingly, she offered her tongue to the victorious clit queen. Alyson laughed maliciously, then to Jennifer’s surprise, placed her asshole against the gorgeous brunette’s long tongue and ground her cum-coated pussy against the brunette’s nose. Stroking her divine clit proudly, Alyson fucked Jennifer’s face until an explosive orgasm rocked her body. Gritting her teeth, Alyson fought off her weakness and shrugged off the orgasm like it was nothing. She continued fucking herself, ejaculating again and again on the brunette’s face, nearly suffocating Jennifer with her excessive amount of fluids. She needed proved to herself and her brunette rival that this sexual contest was anything but close. Alyson fucked herself to orgasms after orgasms, squirting all over Jennifer’s delicate face and beautiful locks, as if she was a goddess whose sexual resources were limitless. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of orgasms, Alyson finally stopped, and kissed her rival passionately, licking her own cum off Jennifer’s glossy lips.

“You’re mine now, Jennifer. Forever and ever.” Alyson whispered cruelly, hotly into Jennifer’s ears as she licked her cum off her rival’s face, and dismounted the brunette. The sex war was over, and the prize has been claimed. Alyson, the clit queen, reigned supreme.

The End