Jennifer’s bedroom was even more beautiful than Alyson could remember. The redhead knew Jennifer would prepare for their duel tonight, but not like this. The room was dimly lighted by sensual candles, which filled the air with the most delicious of aromas. Jennifer waterbed was covered in red silk, and was placed in the center of the room. As Alyson stood in awe, she felt the brunette come up behind her. The brunette’s hands softly wrapped themselves around Alyson’s body, and she felt Jennifer’s chin resting on her bare shoulder. The brunette planted a soft kiss on her cheek before she lightly spun the redhead around to face her.

“What do you think?” Jennifer asked, her tone filled with excitement.

“It’s almost as beautiful as you are,” Alyson blurted out, and mentally slapped herself for it. Quickly recovering from her mistake, Alyson smiled confidently and continued, “But no where as beautiful as I am.”

“I like it when you think so highly of yourself, cunt,” Jennifer replied with a sneer, licking her delicate lips in anticipation. “It’s so much more fun to tame a snotty, high classed whore than just a common slut.”

“Then tame me, you dirty vixen. Make this high class whore of yours come all over you, so you can eat her hot, creamy cum,” Alyson mumbled as she pressed her aching body against Jennifer’s tenderly, almost as if she was begging the brunette to fuck her.

“As you wish, slut,” Jennifer rasped. Alyson’s words were having their effects, as the redhead spoke of her darkest fetishes. The brunette gently traced her hand down from Alyson’s back to the redhead’s heated cunt. Jennifer felt the redhead responding in king and moved her nimble hand to Jennifer’s burning sex. Tracing each other’s wet labias lightly, the pair teased and challenged. Their asses swayed seductively; their fingers moved dangerously; their eyes glared hatefully. They dared their rival to make the first move.

“Ohh… that feel’s so good…” Alyson groaned as she felt Jennifer’s slender finger enter her cunt, initiating the first violation. Alyson gladly plunged her finger into Jennifer’s steaming hot cunt in retaliation. The brunette’s cunt was as hot as the sun, as soft as the clouds, as wet as the ocean. Alyson’s nimble finger explored the exquisite nether regions of the brunette as Jennifer’s fucked with a piston like motion. They tenderly caressed each other’s back, and brought their breasts into a duel of their own. Their erected nipples flicked against each other lightly, sending shockwaves of pleasure down their spines. The rivals hissed and growled like mating cats, as they dueled with every part of their body. Jennifer felt the redhead’s silver nails dig deep into her toned ass, and the brunette hissed in gratification. Pain satisfied what pleasure could not – their hatred.

“Kiss me you beautiful tramp,” Jennifer whispered, as she opened her glossy red lips. She felt Alyson’s lush lips cramp onto hers and the two rivals wasted no time bringing their tongues together. Light caresses became vicious licks as they tried to pry each other’s tongue away in order to jam theirs deep into their opponent’s throat. Finally, they parted their lips to catch their breaths. Striking dark eyes met electrifying blue eyes as they locked in mutual stares of hatred and lust.

“Mmm… that’s right, fuck my cunt… make your little whore come,” Alyson mumbled hotly as she pressed her nose against Jennifer’s. They looked down at their finger war below, and both were shocked at how much wet they were. Their pussy fluids were spilling everywhere, leaking down their thighs to their laced stockings. Alyson gasped in excitement as she watched her little erected clit stiffen, enlarging in size. Jennifer smiled confidently as her clit also enlarged, as if it was responding to its rival’s call. Jennifer placed her thumb on Alyson’s hardening clit, and rubbed it deliciously. Squealing from the pleasure, Alyson responded in kind by stroking Jennifer’s growing sex nub furiously, and was rewarded with the brunette’s girlish moans of delight. Looking down the gap in between their touching breasts, both panting women beheld the devastating effects of their assaults. Pussy juices flew everywhere as they twisted, bent, stroked their rival’s clit. Their finger fucking made beautiful watery sounds as their moans and pants filled the room. Alyson returned the brunette’s glance, as she found the brunette staring at her. Jennifer smiled challengingly, and at that moment, the redhead knew what she wanted, and smiled her approval. Jennifer removed her hand away from Alyson’s clit, and pried the redhead’s away from hers, before slamming her pussy into her beautiful rivals.

Screaming, they felt their burning clits reached out the lengths of their cunts to meet each other, as their long, torturous duel commenced. Their heated breasts collided, and tried to state their supremacy by flattening the other pair. Their glossy lips locked, both women kissing passionately and ravenously as they strive to satisfy both their hatred and lust. Their massive, throbbing clits rubbed and licked as both women pitted their bodies against each other in this ultimate contest of sexual prowess. Breasts against breasts, lips against lips, clit against clit, they fought. Jennifer moaned into Alyson’s mouth as she felt the redhead’s belly ring rub her sensitive navel tenderly, sending tingling pleasure down her belly. Gripping each other’s lush ass tightly, their furious pumps slowly became delicate grinds as they brushed the full length of their engorged clits against each other’s. Their massive sex organs grew, until they were impossibly large. They stood out from their cunts like glistening pearls, the most precious part of both women’s divine bodies. The pace of their humping once again quickened as both women decided to finish each other off with rapid pussy grinds. Clenching their awesome ass muscles in effort, they ground their cunts together with all they had as they embraced the inevitable.

The two lovely rivals screamed and fucked as they began to come. They held each other as they ejaculated, pressing every inch of their lustful bodies together. Jennifer could feel Alyson’s firm globes heave against hers; the redhead’s belly tremble against hers; the clit queen’s weapon throb against hers. Hot fluids gushed out of their quivering pussies, spilling onto the carpet like a waterfall of cum. The rivals struggled to maintain control, trying to prove to one another that they had the complete mastery of their sexual domain. They managed to remain standing despite their powerful, mutual orgasms. They collapsed onto each other for support, as they panted in exhaustion. They appeared equally matched – at least for now. Jennifer knew it was time to reveal her secret weapon – something that could turn the tide of this battle. Sexily, she licked the redhead’s ears before whispering into it sexily.

“I have a proposal for you, sexy,” murmured the brunette.

“Mmm? You know I’m more than ready for anything,” Alyson replied confidently. The brunette giggled and pulled away from her beautiful rival. Taking a few, slow steps back, the brunette sexily sunk into her soft bed. The brunette sneered sexily as she pulled away a silk cloth, and revealed her challenge.

“Think you can out fuck me with this?” Jennifer purred sensuously, as she held the weapon in her hands. It was a gigantic double-headed dildo, at least sixteen inches long. What made Alyson jump was not its length, but its width. The weapon was thicker than any cock that has penetrated the redhead’s pussy, and the gorgeous red-haired temptress has had her share of lovers. “Think you can still make me come like a whore with this buried deep in your juicy cunt?”

“I can make you come like a whore no matter what the situation is, Jennifer,” Alyson said. In reality, the lovely redhead had no idea how to use the exotic sex toy. Despite not being proficiency with the double-headed dildo, Alyson was not about to back down from any of the brunette’s challenges. The redhead slid onto the bed, in front of Jennifer. Unafraid, she sat on her ass and spread her beautiful, nylon-clad legs wide for her rival.

“You’re either very brave, or very stupid,” Jennifer remarked. With that, the gorgeous brunette smiled and brought the massive dildo to her cunt. She kept her beautiful eyes locked on Alyson’s as she traced the head of the dildo on her wet, glistening lips – lubricating it. Spreading her cunt with her free hand, Jennifer slowly brought the artificial cock in. Clenching her teeth, the brunette hissed, and then violently plunged the cock into her hole. It seemed as if the brunette’s pussy resisted for a moment, stopping the penetration of the cock. Then, abruptly, the dildo seemingly broke through the brunette’s natural defenses, and swiftly sank deep into Jennifer’s wet pussy, causing the brunette to moan in pleasure. The entering of the dildo made a delicious slurping sound as Jennifer drove nearly half of the dildo into her. Her pelvis was slightly bulging from the entry of such a massive object. Leaning back, the smirking brunette waited for her rival to connect.

“God… it’s so big…” Alyson mumbled in awe as she brought the head of the inorganic cock to her cunt lips. Mimicking Jennifer, she smeared her fluids over it before she tried to force it in. She managed to force its head in, but couldn’t get it in deeper. Weakly, she whispered, “Oh my… it’s too big… I don’t know if I… help me Jennifer.”

“Gladly, love,” Jennifer replied. The brunette placed her hands onto Alyson’s thighs and gripped tightly. Gripping the dildo even more tightly with her vaginal muscles, Jennifer drove the dildo deep into Alyson’s pussy. Despite the fact that she had expected it, the redhead let out a wail of sexual agony at the penetration. The redhead’s gasps of pain were slowly replaced with pants of pleasure as Alyson discovered the pleasure of being stuffed by such an inhumanly massive toy. They leaned back to position themselves for the fucking. Giggling girlishly in excitement and delight, Jennifer gripped the dildo tightly and plunged, recommencing their sex war.

“Oh! So… Ahhh… Good!” Alyson gasped as she humped the dildo. The redhead found herself impaling the cock into her cunt again and again, only to cause extreme pleasure for herself. She realized the brunette was gripping the dildo tightly with the cunt, and was fucking her literally like a man. Now understanding what she had to do, Alyson gripped the cock with all her strength, and squealed in delight as she felt the cock move into Jennifer’s cunt, causing the drop dead gorgeous brunette to moan in pleasure and surprise. Jennifer’s face looked of shock as she witness the strength of the redhead’s incredible cunt muscles. Despite her expertise with this weapon, the redhead was fighting back. They grunted as they humped each other slowly, cunts gripping the dildo as hard as they could. Their vaginal muscles were equally matched, and they found themselves in a stalemate. Their lubrication caused their cunts to slide forwards as they pumped, effectively forcing the dildo deeper into their pussies. Both women hissed and moaned as they felt the dildo forced so deeply into them that their clits touched deliciously. Frustrated that she was unable use her dildo to her advantage, Jennifer began humping herself against the massive cock in wild abandon, impaling herself so deep that her clit would smash into Alyson’s vengefully. Alyson complied and began fucking herself against the dildo also, sending her clit plunging against Jennifer’s. Having their clits meet head to head, and at the same time having a massive dildo stuffed in their beautiful cunts, was too much for both women.

“Ohhhh… Ohhh… Ohh! Ohh my! Ohh!” Jennifer moaned as she felt herself coming. The brunette’s legs kicked the bed wildly as she struggled to control herself. To her slight relief, she realized that the beautiful redhead was also coming – making this a draw. However, her beautiful eyes were still wide in shock and pleasure, as she was unable to believe how this could have gone so wrong. Her beautiful mouth opened but no words came out, as the orgasmic explosion blew her mind as well. Her dark nails gripped the silk sheets tightly, as she felt her belly tremble and pump out gooey cum, which mostly remained inside her cunt as the massive dildo had damped up the only exit. Their orgasm was massive, and caused both women to collapse onto their backs. The redhead’s beautiful eyes moaned weakly as she felt her devastating orgasm chain off into a series of mini orgasms. Cheats heaving, they rocked their bodies slightly as they allowed their orgasms to subside. Weakly tilting her head up and looking between her perfect breasts, Jennifer noticed that the bellies of both women were bulging even more now that their gooey fluids were unable to leave their cunt. Panting and gasping, they stroked their pulsing clits as they took a moment to recover from their momentous orgasms.

This was not the easy victory Jennifer had been hoping for. As powerful as the redhead was, Jennifer knew she was ten times as skilled as Alyson was with the use of a double-headed dildo. In fact, this was probably Alyson’s first time, and somehow the dazzling redhead had managed to force a stalemate. Jennifer realized that the only way she could utilize her skill with the dildo fully was to avoid the redhead’s mighty sex weapon. Alyson’s vicious clit allowed the redhead to gain control of the dildo. Inconceivable! How can she be my equal in a double-headed dildo duel? Jennifer pondered, frustrated at the results of their battle. I will still beat her; she is after all, just an amateur, Jennifer reassured herself mentally.

“Had enough?” Jennifer finally asked her rival, as she sat up. Before the redhead can answer, Jennifer expertly loosened her grip on her side of the sixteen-inch dildo, and with one switch motion, rotated. Now on all fours, and still connected, Jennifer offered her pussy to Alyson, doggy style.

“A challenge?” Alyson asked, showing no signs of intimidation.

“We fuck doggy style, bitch. You up for it?” Jennifer purred hotly.

Alyson answered with action. Mimicking Jennifer, she twisted around so that she was also facing her foe on all fours. Looking back, she snarled, “A slut like you must love taking it in this position.”

“You’re right, I do love taking it doggy style,” Jennifer replied. Her words were true, but the real reason why she chose to fight Alyson in this position is so that the brunette could avoid the redhead’s dreadful sex weapon. “Do you?”

“Yes. I love it when my men fuck slutty old me in this position,” Alyson whispered sexily. “Will you make me love it, Jennifer?”

“Oh yessss…” Jennifer purred seductively, her words were followed by action, as the brunette clamped down onto the dildo tightly with her awesome vaginal and ass muscles, and plunged it into Alyson’s cunt. Only a few inches remained outside of their fluid-flowing cunts as the dildo sank deeply into both women’s cunts. Their perfect asses smashed and flattened each other, and the two sex goddess hissed venomously as yet another part of their epic duel commenced. Both women grunted in effort as they tried to take control of the dildo. Jennifer clamped her powerful vaginal muscles onto the dildo and expertly sent it plunging deep into Alyson’s pussy. Alyson was taken by surprise by Jennifer’s aggressiveness, and the most of the massive dildo slid deep into her pussy before the redhead could gather herself to stop the brunette’s invasion.

“Ahh! *Gasp* You bitch!” Alyson groaned. Only a small portion of the mammoth dildo remained outside either woman’s cunt. Alyson had more than half of it buried in her beautiful pussy.

“Take it, slut!” Jennifer let out an animalistic growl as she attempted to force the dildo in even deeper. Alyson gasped at the brunette’s expert assault, and Jennifer grunted in girlish satisfaction as she felt the artificial cock slide even deeper into the redhead’s drooling cunt.

“Fuck you!” Alyson howled. In a burst of strength, she managed to force Jennifer back, giving herself room to slide most of the massive weapon out of her cunt. Jennifer hissed in frustration as she realized that the redhead was not succumbing to her deadly assaults… yet. The brunette clenched the dildo firmly with her vagina, and attacked the redhead’s cunt with a powerful thrust. Jennifer’s exotic eyes opened wide in surprise as she felt that her next pump was met with equal force, and that resulted in a large portion of the dildo being forced into her own cunt. Alyson was matching her pump for pump, stroke for stroke. The pair pushed with their cervixes, each trying to force the dildo past the others cervix for the ultimate violation, Jennifer looked back and was mesmerized by the sight of the large black dildo pumping in and out of her rival’s perfect cunt. Alyson was on all fours, her massive, firm globes hung from her chest, which bounced delightfully as the redhead pumped her ass against Jennifer’s. Moans of pleasure began to fill the air as the panting rivals approached their impending orgasms. Jennifer could not believe that the two of them were so closely matched. She should be dominating Alyson, who was merely an amateur compared to her! Yet here they were, matching each other stroke for stroke, two mighty predators locked in a fight to the finish. Jennifer laughed sadly as she asked herself – how naturally talented in the art of sexfighting can one be?

“God I hate you!” Jennifer moaned as she felt the tip of the dildo rake her g-spot deliciously, sending an electric bolt of pleasure deep into the center of her belly, past all of the brunette’s sexual defenses.

“I hate you more!” Alyson responded lustfully.

Desperate for a clear advantage, Jennifer moved her right hand onto Alyson’s glistening thighs, which was drenched in sweat from effort, and softly stroked her opponent’s perfect body. She was rewarded with a soft sensual groan of delight from her red-haired rival. Grinning nastily, Jennifer traced her finger up to the redhead’s ass crack, stroking the skin between Alyson’s cunt and asshole lightly.

“Don’t you dare…” Alyson gasped, realizing what her opponent was trying to do, “that place is off limits.”

Jennifer laughed maliciously, and in one swift motion, plunged her middle finger deep into Alyson’s asshole. The brunette squealed in delight as she witnessed the effects of her dirty attack. The redhead let out a banshee’s wail, and in surprise and disgust, she completely forgot about the sex duel. Jennifer was quick to seize her advantage.

“Dirty! Bitch! Dyke!” Alyson cried out in disgust and arousal.

“Shut up and come, clit queen!” Jennifer demanded cruelly and mockingly. Gripping the dildo tightly with her impressive cunt muscles, Jennifer fucked Alyson’s cunt wildly with the massive dildo. She took special care to aim directly for her rival’s g-spot, forcing the head of the dildo squarely against it. Years of practice with her favorite sex toy finally paid off, as Jennifer successfully scored hits after hits on Alyson’s vulnerable g-spot, resulting in devastating effects. Alyson’s body was trembling uncontrollably, as Jennifer drove her off the edge. The screaming redhead’s weary knees could no longer support her and she fell face first onto the silk sheets. Her body jerked wildly as it came against the massive dildo. Alyson’s ass muscles tightened around Jennifer’s finger, and the brunette had to pull it out quickly, before it was crushed. Jennifer didn’t know if her rival ejaculated or not, but she didn’t care. She knew she had the advantage now, and was wise enough to press it. She was going to dethrone the clit queen, once and for all.

Abruptly, the brunette rotated back to her original position, with her rival’s back was still to her. Gripping Alyson’s fluttering thighs tightly with her hands, Jennifer continued to penetrate her opponent from behind, doggy style. Sinking her dark red nails into Alyson’s toned thighs, the brunette forced her redhead rival’s against her dildo. Jennifer delivered stinging slaps to Alyson’s ass, spanking her rival until the redhead’s ass was pink from the spanking. Alyson mumbled something into the pillow as Jennifer took her like a man. The brunette soon discovered that her gorgeous rival loved being fucked in this position, as the redhead ceased to resist, and voluntarily impaled herself against Jennifer’s massive artificial cock.

“Jennifer… Ohhhhhh yessssss… ” Alyson moaned as Jennifer sent the dildo plunging in and out of her again and again.

“God, you love being fucked like this, don’t you?” Jennifer asked. It was true – the redhead was enjoying it. Alyson’s response was a soft moan of delight. Jennifer reached out with her left hand and grabbed a handful of Alyson’s silky mane, and pulled. Alyson’s head tilted back painfully, her upper body lifted off the sheets to accommodate the hair pulling. “Fuck yeah!” Jennifer cried out in excitement as she pounded the juices out of Alyson’s cunt. “Come for me baby.”

Alyson’s ragged breathing was like music to Jennifer’s ears. It encouraged the lusty brunette to pump harder and faster. During her amusement in fucking Alyson, Jennifer nearly forgotten about the building inside her own cunt. Soon, both women were panting hungrily as they fucked, no longer in control of themselves. It took Jennifer great discipline to snap out of her erotic trances, and apprehend the situation she was in. Her orgasm was inevitable, and Jennifer knew the only thing she could do was to make Alyson come even harder. Pulling onto the redhead’s mane even harder, she reached out with her other hand and cupped Alyson’s right breasts. Summoning her strength, Jennifer pulled the redhead against her, and felt her breasts flatten themselves against Alyson’s smooth back. Letting go of the redhead’s hair, Jennifer traced her left hand down Alyson’s soft, flat belly to her heated cunt. The redhead’s majestic clit protruded from her pussy proudly, exposing itself perfectly for Jennifer’s attack. Jennifer wasted no time stroking it, damaging the redhead significantly, while she continued to pump the dildo into the redhead’s dripping sex.

“Ohhh… Jennifer… Ohhh… Ohhh…” Alyson moaned sexily as the inevitable slowly approached. The redhead tilted her hand sideways, and opened her glossy lips, offering her tongue to Jennifer. Jennifer accepted and kissed her opponent viciously. Their tongues collided and they licked each other’s lips sensually, passionately, and at the same time forcefully fencing. The redhead was shaking intensely, as her spasms were no longer controllable. Alyson’s perfect face frowned as she let out a moan into Jennifer’s mouth. “Fuck! Oh yessssssss! Oh god!” Alyson cried out as she pulled away from their kiss. “I can’t take it anymore! *Gasp*… Nooooooooo… how can this beeeeeee…”

Spit dripped down the side of her glossy lips as Alyson’s divine cunt ruptured, discharging tidal waves of girl cum. Jennifer continued fucking her rival as she came, forcing the final moans of pleasure out of her defeated rival. Consumed by the emotional orgasm of victory, Jennifer threw the coming Alyson into the bed and flipped her rival onto her back.

“You don’t have what it takes to beat me!” Alyson declared raggedly in a final act of defiance, as series of orgasms rocked her body. She spread her legs wide for her brunette rival, challenging the brunette to give her all she had. Alyson loosened her grip on the massive dildo, and smiled majestically. She was glorious even in defeat.

“I have what it takes and more, bitch!” Jennifer cried drawing on the power of her hatred. Mounting her coming foe triumphantly, Jennifer lost all control of her body and began mercilessly pounding the dildo into her rival’s quivering pussy, forcing moans after moans of pain and pleasure from her rival. Jennifer mercilessly raped Alyson, causing the redhead’s cunt to explode in chains of devastating orgasms. The redhead felt the dildo penetrate her cervix, forcing its way deep into her innards painfully. The dark-haired sex goddess finally stopped when she too erupted with undeniable passion.

Jennifer lay on top of her rival, completely drain. Her lost of control had resulted in devastating effects, for both women. Jennifer finally managed to reciprocate, and with a distinctive pop, she dislodged herself from the massive dildo. Sexual fluids that were dammed up by the plastic cock spewed out from the brunette’s victorious cunt. Weakly, Jennifer sat herself on top of her defeated rival, who lay in a semi-comatose state, gasping feebly for air. The dildo had been driven past the redhead’s cervix and deep into the beauty’s innards, and only a few inches could be seen outside of Alyson’s cunt. The beautiful redhead’s belly was bulging from both the dildo and the excessive amount of cum unable to get out. Jennifer has won the battle, and it was time to finish the war. Alyson gasped and moaned as Jennifer yanked the dildo out of her beaten cunt. It took the brunette all her strength, and some time to finally dislodge the dildo from Alyson’s pussy. Jennifer was amazed that Alyson was still conscious - almost the entire dildo was deeply buried in Alyson’s pussy. A steam of cum, which had been damped up by the massive dildo, shot out from the redhead’s divine pussy, and Jennifer noticed that Alyson had a much stronger orgasm – her red-haired rival had ejaculated nearly thrice the amount the brunette had. The gorgeous brunette brought Alyson’s side of the dildo to her mouth, and mockingly licked the redhead’s still warm cum off its tip before discarding it. Hungry for the redhead’s cum, Jennifer scooped some more out of Alyson’s defenseless pussy, and brought it to her mouth. Alyson looked extraordinary hot even in defeat. The heavenly redhead lay very still under her brunette rival, her full breasts heaving softly. Her perfect face was dreamy and exotic, and her long, silky mane rested beautifully on the fur rug. She was like a sex goddess who has offered herself as the prize of victory.

“You’ve lost,” Jennifer finally whispered, yet a part of her believed that the redhead was far from finished. A part of her wanted the redhead to fight on.

“I’m still here, my love. This isn’t over until you’ve finished me – completely,” Alyson whispered, sexily, her voice much weaker than usual. “Fight me… fight me to the finish.”

“Then so be it,” the brunette hissed, surprised at the redhead’s will to go on and at the same time not surprised at all. No woman should be able to fight on after an orgasm like that – but Alyson was no ordinary woman. The redhead had incredible talents, and nearly infinite potential. A new, terrible feeling slowly crept its way into Jennifer’s sea of emotions – fear. Suddenly, honor didn’t seem to mean much to Jennifer anymore. Despite the fact that the possibility of losing generated great excitement, Jennifer loved the feeling of victory even more. Jennifer realized that at the moment, all she wanted was to win – nothing else mattered. She grinned evilly as she continued, “I shall destroy you – completely.”

Without warning, Jennifer plunged her finger into Alyson’s unsuspecting pussy. The redhead hissed in pleasure but could do nothing to stop it. Expert fingers parted familiar cunt lips in search of an old foe. Alyson moaned when she felt her engorged clit rubbed mercilessly, and she weakly thrashed in defiance. The brunette knew her rival’s sexual prowess well, and realized that she must avoid a clit war with her angelic nemesis at all cost. Jennifer determined that this was the best way to finish off her hated rival, as dishonorable as it was. This final duel, was after all, too important to lose.

“I thought we were here to prove who the better woman was?” Alyson rasped, obviously frustrated at the brunette’s choice of tactics. Jennifer had sat herself on top of the redhead’s belly, and gave her rival no access to her sex. Alyson grunted in frustration as she felt Jennifer’s wet lips clamping themselves onto her erected nipple. She feebly pushed the brunette in an attempt to dismount her rival, but Alyson’s efforts proved to be futile – she was still too weak.

“Shut up and come you fucking whore. Come for me, the better woman, you weak, stupid, skank!” Jennifer spat, consumed by raw hatred. Her fear has transformed into hatred, and the undeniable desire to destroy her rival completely resurfaced in the brunette’s mind. Alyson’s erected clit stiffened even more from Jennifer’s touch. Jennifer began rubbing the redhead’s majestic sex pearl with the intensity of an electric vibrator. Jennifer expertly used her tongue to caress her foe’s pink nipple, sucking it with her glossy lips. Jennifer’s double intrusion caused the redhead to let out moans after moans of distressed pleasure.

“Fuck, clit! You dirty slut!” Alyson growled, as she felt the impending orgasm building up in her heated pussy, “fuck, fuck, fuck! You cheating bitch!”

“You’re nothing compared to me! Nothing!” Jennifer screamed. Her hatred for the redhead was matched only by her lust. “Who are you to call me a cheater, you fucking amateur!”

“Amateur? Fuck you, cunt! *Gasp*… Give it to me than! Let’s see if you can fuck me till I can’t come anymore!” Alyson shrieked, shouting out wild declarations as she bored the brunette’s finger assault. “I’m the better woman! I can take all you can give! Ahhhh! Oh my! OH MY!”

Jennifer squealed in delight as she sensed her rival’s despair. Sadistically, she continued playing with her rival’s delicious body, stroking the redhead’s soft body everywhere with her free hand. She couldn’t help but feel incredibly hot – she has never been this attracted to anyone. This has been her ultimate fantasy ever since her defeat at the hands of Alyson. Jennifer’s onslaught finally came to a halt when a piercing bolt of pleasure rushed up from her majestic clit to every nerve ending of her magnificent body. Jennifer let out a gasp and shuddered. The gorgeous brunette gasped again as she felt her erected clit once again colliding with Alyson’s silver belly ring. Alyson thrust her belly upwards, and the sex queen’s sexual nub rubbed the redhead’s silver sphere deliciously, sending shocking waves of pleasure throughout the brunette’s body. Instinctively, Jennifer pulled away. That was a big mistake. In a matter of seconds, two silky smooth pythons wrapped themselves around Jennifer’s upper body – Alyson’s elegant legs. Jennifer squealed in surprised as she felt herself pulled back by a titanic force. Alyson’s hands held and vigorously spread the lovely brunette’s thighs with renewed strength. Jennifer was now laying on top of her hated rival, her arms and legs trapped and smooth cunt completely exposed.

“Feels good doesn’t it? Being trapped, unable to fight back at all.” Alyson asked cruelly, mockingly, and giggled in delight as she felt Jennifer squirm futilely. They were both as weak as kittens now, but Alyson required no strength holding her rival down. Gravity did all the work.

Jennifer let out a piercing scream as her clit exploded in pleasure. Moaning, the brunette tilted her head forward, and between her firm breasts, she saw Alyson’s right breast lodged firmly in her cunt. In a relatively short time, the sex queen found herself rocking in response to her redhead rival’s nipple fucking. Each time Alyson’s rubbery nipple collided with her sex rod, and orgasmic bolt of pleasure would travel from the brunette’s clit to every nerve endings in her beautiful body. Jennifer’s cunt was on fire – pain and pleasure overwhelmed her senses. Alyson continued to slam her stiff little nipple against Jennifer’s massive clit, causing the brunette to thrash wildly. Jennifer hissed in frustration as she realized that her technique was once again used against her. The redhead’s rubbery rod continued to lick Jennifer’s erect clit, caressing it in delicious circles. Clenching her perfect white teeth, Jennifer hissed, “You dirty whore.”

“I thought you liked fighting dirty?” Alyson hissed back, as she sent her glistening nipple plunging vengefully into the brunette’s leaking cunt. Jennifer cried out in frustration and anger, as she was helpless to stop the redhead’s attack. Despite Jennifer’s heavy protesting, the redhead continued to mercilessly fuck her with her nipple, sending waves after waves of bittersweet pleasure down Jennifer’s cunt.

“Ugh… Ugh… *Gasp*… I hate you,” Jennifer gasped as she involuntarily humped back at Alyson’s nipple, succumbing to her desires. Cum stuck onto Alyson’s pink rod as she banged it against Jennifer’s cunt. A string of cum could be seen attaching Alyson’s nipple to Jennifer’s throbbing clit. Abruptly, Jennifer’s began jerking wildly, screaming. “I – I… can’t take it anymore! Noooo! Damn you!”

Alyson laughed cruelly as she drove her nipple against Jennifer’s glistening sex pearl with increased strength. Alyson felt tiny sparks of pleasure explode from her nipple, but the redhead ignored it and focused on her assault. She tightened her hold on her rival and quickened her breast pumping. Jennifer’s moans trailed off into scream as her cunt exploded. Her feet kicked the air helplessly as her clit quivered, like a volcano about to erupt. An explosion of defeat jetted out of her cunt, and the brunette buckled herself to exhaustion on top of her victorious rival. The moaning Jennifer humped the air as strings of hot, gooey cum splashed onto Alyson’s perfect face .The redhead laughed maliciously as she licked her glossy lips and tasted her hated rival’s defeat.

Alyson felt Jennifer’s clenched muscle slowly relax as her orgasm subsided. The lubrication of the Jennifer’s juices made it difficult to hold the struggling brunette down, and Alyson knew it was only a matter of time before the brunette would get free. Jennifer grunted as she twisted side to side, and tried to slide her slippery body off Alyson’s. Realizing the inevitable, Alyson lodged her nipple firmly into Jennifer’s cunt, in hopes that she could dish out as much damage as she could before the brunette escaped.
The brunette’s clit returned to life as it felt Alyson’s rubbery nipple once again by its side. The two lovely rivals wrestled in their bizarre positions, twisting and turning to achieve their goals.

“Ah! Dirty cunt!” Jennifer squealed as she felt Alyson’s nipple on her clit once again. With strength born of desperation, Jennifer managed to break Alyson’s hold on her legs, and kicked wildly, freeing herself from Alyson. Rolling away, Jennifer sat up and faced her rival, who giggled in girlish satisfaction. Alyson made no attempts to attack the recovering brunette, as she sat there silently, wiping the brunette’s cum off her beaming breasts with her hands. The brunette wanted to attack the redhead physically – her emotions demanded a catfight, but her body refused. Instead, the brunette established control over her body and emotions, and knew that it was time for a tactical retreat. If she was allowed to rest, Jennifer was sure that it would eliminate any advantage the redhead had on her right now. Jennifer softly rubbed her aching cunt, and glanced noxiously at her rival. Neither woman made a move as they sat inches away from each other, both faces cold and calculating. Alyson licked her right hand delightfully, lifted one eyebrow and offered her left hand to Jennifer. Without hesitation, the brunette took the redhead’s hand and sucked Alyson’s fingers one by one, tasting her own juices. Smiling seductively, Jennifer reached down to her own cunt and scooped out a handful of cum, and offered it to the redhead. For a moment, they just sat there, feasting the cum that has been sprayed all over their unequaled bodies.

“How does it feel to have a little taste of your own medicine?” Alyson finally asked, licking Jennifer’s fingers skillfully, making sure to get every single drop of cum.

“It felt good, and it even tastes better,” the brunette purred seductively as she finished licking Alyson’s fingers. This was a game of seduction, and the rivals loved it. The warm goo was delicious – Jennifer had developed a fetish of consuming both male and girl-cum ever since her first sexual experiences and sexfight. Sometimes she liked to use this kinky side of her to intimidate her opponents.

“God… you sexy little cum-eater…” Alyson whispered, as she spread her legs apart once again, challenging the brunette to continue. “I’m far from finished with you.”

“You’re developing a taste for it too, baby,” Jennifer retorted. Her sultry smiled suddenly changed into a ravenous glare. “I promise you, these will be the last drops of cum you’ll get out of me tonight.”

“Your promises mean nothing to me,” Alyson whispered hotly, inching her body closer to Jennifer’s.

Jennifer knew the redhead was trying to press her advantage, and she couldn’t allow that. Her icy stare changed into a warm, sexy smile. “Let’s clean ourselves before we continue, shall we? You look like a total mess.” Jennifer giggled playfully, as she backed away from the redhead. Then with a wink, she continued, “It’ll be fun.”

Alyson knew what Jennifer was up to, but decided to play the brunette’s game. She was confident she could take the brunette under any circumstances. Smiling in agreement, she nodded, and pulled her enemy in for a soft kiss. Their soft lips caressed each other’s sensually as they allowed their lust to take control of them. For a moment, they were lost in passion, as they kissed each other hungrily, tenderly. Finally, the brunette bit her rival’s lips softly, and pulled herself away from the redhead. Jennifer beckoned the redhead to follow her, and she turned around and walked out of the bedroom. Their bodies felt surprisingly heavy, and each step was more difficult than the last. The two women tried to keep their confident composure as they dragged their bodies to the other room. Swaying her ass seductively, Jennifer led the redhead to her whirlpool – a place Alyson was quite familiar with. Pushing aside the bead curtains, Jennifer stepped onto marble tilts with Alyson right behind her. Both women had spent hours competing here in their last duel. It was here, where Alyson gave birth to Jennifer’s majestic new sex weapon.

Alyson took the initiative by reaching down to her thighs, and slowly peeled her ruined stockings off. The stocking was especially sticky due to all the dried up fluids the woman had discharged during their battle. Crumpling her torn stockings in her hands, Alyson threw them at Jennifer, who made no attempt to catch them. Alyson’s aim was true, and the crumpled ball of nylon struck Jennifer’s clit, causing the brunette to shudder in excitement. Jennifer similarly bent over to peel her stockings off, and made sure her rival got a good glimpse of her perfect body as she squished her cleavage together, and bent over. Taking her nylon stockings off her, Jennifer placed one hand on her hips, and brought the other hand, with the nylon stockings, to her cunt. The brunette wiped her cunt juices off with the crumpled nylon stockings then dexterously threw it at Alyson, hard. The redhead gasped as the ball of cum-coated nylon struck her belly button, pushing the pin in her belly ring back both painfully and delightfully at the same time.

“That’s for fucking my clit with that sexy belly ring of yours,” Jennifer sneered, as she placed her hands on her hips.

“My belly ring won’t be the only thing fucking your clit tonight,” Alyson promised.

There was an awkward moment of silence before the two beautiful ladies finally stepped into the whirlpool. Jennifer cut off the circulation of the water, and poured some bubble bath solution into the pool. The two remained silent as they watched bubbles rise to the top of the whirlpool, turning the turning the giant tub into a huge bubble bath. Alyson took the soapy water and began washing her body, making sure the brunette saw every perfect inch of her as she rubbed up and down. Jennifer rubbed her breasts softly as she relaxed in front of the sight of the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.

“You’re such a beautiful little bitch,” Jennifer whispered, as she admired every detail of Alyson’s body. Surprising even herself, she admitted, “Defeating you will be my greatest victory.”

“I’m flattered. I wish I could feel the same way,” Alyson replied with a smirk.

Alyson swam towards Jennifer, and placed their hands on her rival’s breasts. Jennifer raised an eyebrow, but quickly caught on as the redhead felt the brunette’s hands cupping her breasts. They massaged each other’s sore bodies as they washed each other, feeling every inch of their rival’s perfection. Suddenly, Alyson planted a kiss on Jennifer’s lips, it was a light sensual kiss, but it caused the brunette to shudder in pleasure, tilting her head in for more. They locked their lips in a kiss again; this time more passionate as both women allowed their lust to momentarily control them.

“I thought we were only washing up?” Jennifer asked softly, panting as she pulled back for air.

“Who said I was fighting?” Alyson whispered hotly.

Surely, this must be some sort of seduction! Jennifer thought to herself, as she struggled to control herself. The redhead’s striking blue eyes were warm and friendly, as she awaited Jennifer’s answer. The brunette was confused by the redhead’s sudden confession. Unable to think of an answer, Jennifer remained silent.

“I want you Jennifer… I’ve wanted you ever since we’ve last fought,” Alyson continued her confession, as she pressed her cheek against Jennifer’s. “You make my juices flow like no other.”

“What are you trying to say, Alyson?” Jennifer whispered softly into Alyson’s ear, softly stroking her rival’s lustrous mane, “what is this little confession of yours suppose to mean, sweetie? What is it that you want?”

“A wager. The loser of this fight must become the winner’s sex slave,” Alyson purred as she licked Jennifer’s earlobe, and kissed her way down the brunette’s neck. Pulling her head back up to look the brunette eye to eye, she narrowed her beautiful eyes sexily and said, “Forever.”

That last word made Jennifer’s heart jump. Forever was a very long time. The brunette’s eyes were opened wide in surprised as she considered Alyson’s suggestion. Finally, surprising even herself, she said, “agreed.”

To be continued