(by Unknownfan)

Janine brushed a lock of sweat drenched blonde hair away from her glistening face as her grueling daily routine on the treadmill finally ended. Stepping down from the sweat drenched machine, her sparkling blue eyes traveled across the room to once again take note of the familiar female on a treadmill. Janine was not used to having to share the attention of the men in this varsity cardio room, but this recent newcomer processed a magnetic presence that mesmerized all those who saw her.

This was definitely not the first time the blonde had seen this woman, whose beauty only seemed to improve even more after each time Janine saw her. The girl had a gorgeous face that would be the envy of even some of the world’s top supermodels. She processed long, softly bronzed legs that and a shapely bottom. Her chestnut colored, breast-length locks were, decorated with blonde highlights and, as usual, tied into a pony tail cutely with cheerleading ribbons. As Janine’s eyes shifted upwards after having spent a good few seconds to admire the cheerleader’s full, perfect breasts, unable to believe that they were real, the slender blonde realized the brunette cheerleader was returning her looks with an arrogant smirk.

“Cheerleaders, they’re so uptight and full of themselves,” Janine muttered breathlessly as she sat down on the room’s cushioned resting bench. This was also definitely not the first time these two women had participated in these mutual measurements. She found that all cheerleaders she has ever met seemingly share the same burning passion for female dominance – a primal, predatory drive for top status that the athletic blonde was not unfamiliar with herself. As a result, they all exuded cattiness, and this one was no different – in fact, she was probably the worst of them all.

Ironically, Janine knew that this very same endless pursuit for superiority over others was what had given blonde the amount of success she has today. As a beautiful young woman who had just turned twenty, it would be safe to say that Janine processed a body that exemplified athletic perfection, architected by years of professional training. Every muscle in her sleek, tanned body was toned and balanced to create the ideal curves that every woman craved. The appearance of her body was only half of the story. There was nothing in the world that Janine was more proud of than her body, which had recently won her the university title of athlete of the year, and the state champion title in various sports, including fencing, swimming, and track.

Janine was, however, not without her own feminine charms. In fact, many would consider Janine within the top tier of beauties in the athletic community in the university. She was gifted with a very pretty face and a pair of firm shapely breasts that graciously accompanied her wondrously built body. She was the swim suit surfer model – tall, fit, and undeniably beautiful. There was no denying that her attractiveness have giving her a pressing advantage in terms of media exposure and recognition.

Erin was not completely unknown to Janine. The cheerleader was very well known by the student body of the university, and practically a mini-celebrity in the athletic community. They have attended many of the same parties and exchanged a few casual remarks before in the ladies room. It had been the brunette’s recent increased usage of the cardio room, probably because the states cheering competition was soon approaching, that made her became a noticeable factor in Janine’s busy life.

It didn’t take long for the cheerleader to finish up and depart from the gym. There were times when Janine wondered if the brunette was actually in training, or that her ten-minute work out sessions were all simply a ploy to attract male attention. Janine delivered a murderous glance to the brunette before as the cheerleader passed by her one last time. It was only a warning of things to come.

To some, Erin was known as a total slut, whose carnal exploits were so legendary and profound that the other cheerleaders on the squad chronicle her deeds with whispered stories like mythology to pass onto later generations. Nevertheless, the brunette’s magnetic charm drew to her many friends, lovers and admirers, who sang of the same deed in much more sugared tones. In those versions Erin would be an angel of love, the irresistible charmer that one could not hope but fall in love with. Unlike Janine, however, none of those people would ever experience the darker persona that was the true Erin – the predator; the ice queen; the dark seraph of lust.

Janine was a full-time student athlete – a potential Olympian – and even her academics and social life came second to her athletics. Because of that, her social life revolves around the athletic community. Her recent success on the inter-varsity level had made the blonde into a celebrity. Inevitably, she had obtained a rather nasty reputation of her own; although it was nothing when compared Erin’s or most of the cheerleading squad. Janine did not consider herself as a saint, but felt that her reputation was undeserved. Her love-life was only comparable to her cheerleader rival in that both women simply obtained what they seek through sheer reputation or charisma. Like Erin, Janine loved being at the top of the food chain. Needless to say, the brunette’s recent presence in the varsity facilities was rather threatening to Janine; the gym was one of her key hunting grounds and the newly arrived predator was taking all the prey.

It would appear that with Janine’s recent increase of fame, the brunette had taken a special notice of the blonde, and had seemingly redoubled her efforts to diminish Janine’s presence anywhere the two women mutually went to. Janine had to admit that if there was simply a competition between the two women for the attention of men, it would be a lopsided contest. However, Janine convinced herself that ultimately, it was be the brunette’s sluttish behavior and verbal charm that allowed her to draw more men to her. Woman to woman, the blonde felt that she was legit competition for the overrated brunette.

Unfortunately, Janine had recently also learnt that the sultry brunette’s body was not all just looks, either. She had seen the brunette do her cheerleading routines – that slender, soft feminine body performing feats requiring so much explosive power that even Janine did not know if her body could provide.

It angered Janine to no ends that the brunette processed so much physical prowess. The brunette rarely practiced – the blonde knew that for a fact since the volleyball and cheerleading gymnasiums were connected. The only source of exercise Janine had seen Erin conduct, aside from the actual in game cheering, were these fifteen minute showcases of her perfect body in the cardio room.

Even though Janine believed there was “human altering” involved, she still felt that the brunette was undeservingly blessed with inhuman perfection, while the blonde had to build herself through fire and determination. One squandered her time and idleness with bliss, while the other had to devote herself to discipline and hard work. One easily conquered all opposition with her natural gifts, while the other had to grind out success with by the sacrifice of self-happiness and time.

Erin was the antithesis of Janine’s beliefs of hard work and discipline physically manifested. That was why she had come to hate the brunette with a passion.


After her extensive morning work out, and a solid six hour nap, Janine was prepared for yet another intense session of training. With the state one hundred meter freestyle swimming championship under her belt already, Janine had to prepare for the upcoming nationals in early February, which was a little more than a month away. Due to Janine’s rising popularity, her status as the state athlete of the year, and her ability to bring fame to the university, the varsity athletic director had secretly provided the blonde after-hours access to one of their private training gymnasiums, which also had a swimming pool

So it was understandable that Janine was surprised when she entered the pool saw an unexpected and familiar figure clad in a skimpy, baby-blue one piece swim suit, swimming around.

“What are you doing here?” Janine demanded.

“You’ve come to join me in a swim then?”

“No, I came here to practice in private.”

“My apologies, I did not realize that the swimming pool was no longer up for public usage,” Erin said in a condescending, mocking tone, “I thought it was available for all varsity athletes?”

“Well it isn’t at this hour. I need to practice for the nationals and I would prefer to do so alone,” Janine replied. “How did you get in here anyway?”

“Do you really think you’re the only person that’s given special treatment?” the brunette laughed. The cheerleader had a hauntingly beautiful, velvet-like voice, but every word that she spoke sent shivers down Janine’s spine. “You must be a special girl, aren’t you, miss athlete of the year?”

“If your only reason to be here is to mock me, than be gone,” Janine hissed, “I have serious work to do.”

“I don’t see how it’s fair that you can get this pool all to yourself,” Erin responded, “especially since I’ve been swimming here before you were.”

The blonde’s hands pressed against her hips in an intimidating manner, as Janine’s eyes continued to study the brunette closely. “Do you swim here often?”

“No, this is my first night here,” Erin stated, “but that shouldn’t make a difference now, should it?”

“Fine then, we’ll share,” Janine sighed. She did not have time, nor wanted to deal with this. “You can swim with me today, but I’ll take this up with Coach Robinson tomorrow.”


Janine’s eyes narrowed in annoyance and disbelief. “What?”

“I said no. Since I’ve been here longer, and I also enjoy privacy, I think you should go swim somewhere else.” Erin said. A menacing smile formed on the brunette’s gorgeous face as she continued to tread water.

“Now that is hardly fair,” Janine growled, “I need to use this facility far more than you do.”

“And exactly what makes you think that?” asked the cheerleader as she raised a perfect eyebrow, “What makes what you do so much more special than the rest of us?”

“Oh please, you’re a fucking cheerleader for god’s sake,” Janine cried in frustration, “why the hell would you need to use this pool? Shouldn’t you be in the gym on the other side of the change room doing your little twirls and writing rhythms?”

“Swimming helps me relax,” Erin replied as she closed her eyes and slicked her long hair back with both hands. Abruptly, the brunette submerged into the water and glided to the edge of the pool with alarming speed. She surfaced on the side of the pool with an explosion, a few feet away from Janine, splashing water all over the blonde’s bare legs. The brunette batted her long eyelashes, and tilted her head back to make sure the blonde saw her juicy firm cleavage that could barely be contained by her skin-tight, baby blue swim suit.

“Well since neither of us is willing to move, I guess we’ll have to share this pool then.” Janine stated firmly, and crossed her arms. The athletic blonde glared at the cheerleading murderously as she shifted her body to display her imposing figure in the most menacing, intimidating way she thought possible.

“What say you we compete for the use of this pool then, Janine?” the brunette challenged.

“What kind of competition?” Janine responded rather weakly. A shiver of excitement and fear had traveled down her spine as she heard those words. The blonde knew how the cheerleaders like compete and it has always intrigued her despite its contradictions her morals. The stories had been arousing but filthy at the same time.

“It will be a mere swimming competition, of course,” Erin replied suggestively, “a race, for the unchallenged right to use this pool tonight... in private.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Janine laughed, “you versus me… in a race?”

“Yes.” The brunette’s tone indicated that she was not joking. Janine was unable to decipher anything from the cheerleader’s marble face.

“So be it,” Janine responded with confidence. The blonde did not know what the cheerleader’s strategy was, but the brunette was wandering into her territory now. “I’m going to go change and then I’ll meet you back here to kick your ass.”

“Why don’t you quit wasting my time and change here so I can win this faster?” Erin replied.

Slightly shocked by the cheerleader’s boldness, Janine simply nodded. Her pride had always disallowed her to back away from any challenge, and this was no different. Janine could only glare ravenously at the smirking cheerleader as she stripped before the pair eyes that had so often undressed her. Her garments came off swiftly and smoothly - there would be no mistakes in picture she was painting in Erin’s mind.

As she slipped on her silver one-piece, the blonde made it a point to stretch her lovely body agonizingly slow in an effort to irritate the blonde. She pulled her arm over her head to exposure her full breasts; she leaned forward on one knee to display her tone legs; she bridged her body to present her perfect abs.

“Beautiful,” the brunette commented playfully from the water, licking her lips suggestively. The dark pools that were Erin’s eyes shone with genuine longing.

“You should take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Janine snapped angrily. She suddenly felt very dirty.

“How original - and don’t worry, I’ll be devoting my memory to the best part,” Erin replied, “the look on your face when you find out that you got creamed by an airhead cheerleader will be priceless.”

“Fuck you, you arrogant bitch,” Janine whispered as she slipped into the water beside her opponent. This was the first time she had truly studied the brunette up close. The cheerleader was not wearing any make up, but it was clear that she did not need any. Erin’s natural beauty was inhumanly overwhelming; the blonde’s only thought was that it was simply unfair for any woman to process such alluring looks – such beauty should exist only in the boundless worlds of thought and imagination.

“Are you ready for me?”

The brunette’s velvet voice brought Janine back to reality. Eyes fixed on Janine, the cheerleader raised an eyebrow mockingly, knowing full well that her looks had just managed to mesmerize the blonde. Through sheer discipline, Janine managed to hold back the instinctive slap that was waiting to spring out of the water like a ballistic missile into the brunette’s beautiful face, and instead calmly positioned her body to start the race.

“On three,” the blonde declared.

The two women exploded into action a split second after the word was uttered. Janine’s toned thighs pushed off against the tiled wall and her athletic body split the surface of the water with acute precision. Before the momentum from the initial push-off started to disappear, the athlete of the year was already expertly performing the front crawl, streaking her way across the pool with grace and power.

Needless to say, Janine was beyond surprised when she was collided by the brunette’s speeding body, and felt one of Erin’s arm struck her own. The brunette was aggressively cutting into Janine’s lane, in an attempt to force her way in front of Janine. The blonde instinctively counterattacked, forcing her body against Erin’s in a competition of sheer strength and speed, fingers scraping against the brunette’s back maliciously. Their limps soon became tangled as crawling arms and kicking legs overlapped each other. The two women twisted and turned their bodies, crawled and kicked their limps as they fought their way across the pool.

Janine knew it was all but over when she was struck by a powerful underwater kick against her belly that had all but arrested her forward motion and propelled the brunette forward to the victory line. Gasping for air, the blonde surfaced just in time to watch the brunette leisurely glide her way down the final few feet of the pool. Her murderous glare was quickly met by an arrogant grin of victory as the lovely cheerleader’s surfaced and faced her rival.

“Get out,” Erin panted breathlessly.

“Fuck you bitch, what the hell was that? I should have you charged for attacking me like that!” Janine rasped, angrily treading her way towards the brunette.

“What’s the matter? Miss Athlete of the Year can’t handle a little physical contact?” Erin scolded.

“You’re a cheater, that’s what’s wrong,” Janine exploded furiously, “You’re a weak, overrated bitch who knew that you couldn’t handle me in a straight contest, and never will because you can’t take what a real woman can dish out.”

“Prove it,” Erin snarled back at Janine’s grimacing face.

An eerie silence overtook the room as the girls stared down each other, each contemplating bending their will to their desires for violence and its consequences. Now in shallow water, the two women, who were now only separated by a few inches of water, placed their hands on their hips to meet each other in a classic confrontational pose. She noticed, now that they were standing face to face, that the cheerleader was nearly as tall as she was. Janine could feel the cheerleader’s hot breath against her face as they stood eye to eye. She contemplated for moment on the thought of striking the brunette here and now, to transform this conflict into a full out catfight, until she was distracted by the water droplets that slid down forehead to sting the blonde’s open eyes, and the athlete found herself struggling to maintain the intense stare off with her rival as the burning chlorine compelled her to blink repeatedly.

A tingling sensation erupted from the blonde’s nipples, sending an icy sensation down Janine’s spine that caused the swimmer to squeal and shiver. It took a moment for the tall blonde to realize that her hardened nipples were brushing directly against the brunette’s engorged pair through their thin tops. Much to Janine’s chagrin, the brunette did not display a similar discomfort to the intimate contact that she had. In fact, the cheerleader poker face was still starring at Janine with unbearable intensity.

“Get those fake, fat milk bags away from me,” Janine demanded.

“My apologies,” Erin replied sarcastically, “sometimes I tend to forget that some people are easily offended.”

“What are you talking about?” the blonde hissed.

“I was saying that it was merely a grazing touch, that’s all.” The cheerleader responded, feigning a look of innocence with her lovely face.

“Are you implying that I’m a prude?” Janine raised an eyebrow. Clenching her white teeth, she leaned forward to exert a more dominating presence, but found her rival holding her ground.

Erin’s nose was softly brushing against Janine’s now. “Now why would you think that?”

“I don’t, because I know I’m not,” Janine responded. “I simply prefer women whose breasts aren’t stuffed with silicon, that’s all.”

“I can assure you, Janine, that every you see before you is real,” Erin replied with a smirk, “would you care to find out?”

“Listen, Erin, don’t fuck with me. I’m not like the other girls…” Janine whispered softly, her words almost drown out by the ambient sounds. “I bite back.”

The brunette’s delicate, pouting lips curled into a crude smile. Her striking eyes beamed with girlish excitement as they bored down on Janine’s with lust and intrigue. “Prove it.”

“I don’t have to prove anything to you,” Janine snapped back. Confidence once again surging through her, Janine’s voice was now full of spite and venom. The blonde forced her body forward and compressed her firm orbs against the brunette’s aggressively. A shiver ran through Janine’s body as nipples stabbed through the thin swim suits into full orbs. Janine felt a sense of satisfaction as she witness the brunette let out a breathless gasp or pleasure at the sudden contact.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” Erin whispered hotly. The lust that she saw earlier in Erin’s eyes was still burning brightly. Confusion swept through the blonde’s mind as conflicting emotions struggled to mix together in her mental realm. The cheerleader’s actions and tone, despite being openly hostile, was nevertheless suspiciously flirtatious.

“I can do a lot more than that,” Janine purred, “but you shouldn’t ask for more than what you can handle.”

Erin’s lips were brushing dangerously against Janine’s pair now. “I want it all,” Erin purred, “give me everything.”

The rest of their bodies have instinctively melted together into a tight embrace, belly against belly, crotch to crotch, and thighs beside thighs.

The blonde could feel the heat emitting from her rival’s crotch into her own, even though their sexes were submerged in the cool pool. “It’ll be nasty then,” Janine groaned, “but then I suppose nasty is what it’ll take to beat a dirty cheerleader like you.”

The gorgeous cheerleader closed her eyes in ecstasy upon hearing Janine’s last sentence. She slid her head against Janine’s cheek “Uh huh,” Erin moaned, “you’ll have to get really, really dirty to beat a naughty girl like me.”

It was suddenly quiet again, as both women took in the sensation of their full body embrace. The only thing standing between the two women and an all-out contest was a formal challenge. It would appear that neither woman was sure if she was prepared to take their high tensioned rivalry to the next and final level – all out war. The blonde was not ignorant of what Erin and her ilk did to settle her rivalries, and Janine herself has had many athletic rivalries between her past female opponents that had been taken to the ultimate battle. Nothing would satisfy the blonde more than dominating the cheerleader’s hot body with her own at that very instant, especially due to the unfair humiliation she had just suffered at the Erin’s hand just moment ago. She also knew, however, it would not be wise to underestimate the woman standing before her. Ultimately, the athlete queen reasoned that she would deal with the dark-haired interloper another time, under her own terms.

“Tomorrow night, same time. We will compete again for the use of this pool and gym,” Janine challenged. Leaning in even closer until her sex fully pressed against Erin’s through their suits, the blonde slid her smooth cheek across the brunettes, and pressed her lips softly against the cheerleader’s delicate ear. “I’ll do whatever it’ll take to get you to fuck off,” she dared a hush tone.

The brunette’s only response was a gloating smirk as she gloatingly leaned back and sank into the pool.

The unyielding suckling from the blonde had caused Janine to literally milk the head cheerleader. Sensing the familiar, unbearable eroticism of a milk ejaculation in her stimulated nipple, cold sweat broke out all over the cheerleader’s body as pleasure abruptly rampaged through it. With a yelp, the cheerleader broke off her attack. For a moment, Janine caught a glimpse of Erin’s sexually frightened, pleasure-wrecked face before the ice-queen cheerleader quickly regained her composure.

“Those tits are actually full of milk, aren’t they, Miss perfect?” Janine gasped, “that’s your dirty little secret, isn’t it? Did it feel good to be milked by me, whore?”

“It doesn’t feel as half as good as what I’m about to do to you,” Erin retorted with a dreamy purred. She brushed back a few strands of her mane that somehow remained impossibly light, flawless, and bouncy despite the droplet of sweat that rested on them like the morning dew. Smirking confidently, the cheerleader turned and walked away, towards the change room. Janine carefully pursued her opponent, studying the cheerleader carefully for any sudden movements. Erin stopped at the door and leaned against it, bending down slightly to display her gorgeous, magnificent ass to her rival. She serenely slid her feet out of their white boots, baring her cute little feet and their painted toes. The cheerleader swayed her delicious buttocks seductively for Janine before she slid off her tiny skirt with a sexy little dance. With the removal of the miniature skirt, the blonde got a beautiful view of Erin’s smooth bubbles of muscle and the cheerleader’s glorious, fat labia that lay in between. “My body is begging for its first taste of defeat – do you think you can grant me my wish, Janine?”

“You should be careful of what you wish for, gorgeous,” Janine breathed as she reached down to remove her last articles of clothing. She shifted her hips to the sound of her increasing heartbeat as she stripped off her own skirt and panties. Both women were finally naked, save for the accessories that they wore, for the first time in front of the other. Janine couldn’t help but notice the undeniable looks of longing the brunette gave her that were surely reflected on her own face.

“Would you like to dance?” Erin whispered, extending her hand for her rival. The blonde took the brunette’s hand and glided her body forward to meet its rival. Smooth, hairless pelvises engaged in a slow, teasing dance that mimicked the one that was beginning with their bodies. Hands explored each other’s hard girlish bodies before finding their way to grip luscious manes. The cheerleader led the dance, and guided the two women in a dance-fuck into the change room.

The two girls exchanged dirty insults with soft whispers between their licks and kisses. Janine cried out in pain as Erin jerked on her golden locks, and growled in frustration as the brunette avoided the blonde’s attempts to bring any of their prized weapons into a frontal confrontation, giggling as she shifted her slick body elusively. The cheerleader’s soft lips found their way to Janine’s exposed neck, teasing it with her nose softly before devouring it hungrily with her teeth and lips. Biting her own lips to stop her involuntary moans, Janine grunted in effort and viciously slammed the cheerleader against the wall, slapping her breasts into Erin’s.

“How about you finally show me why you’re so famous at fucking, Erin?” Janine asked. The blonde pried apart Erin’s toned legs with her thighs and slammed her heated crotch home into the wet hot softness of the cheerleader’s heavenly sex. Janine’s sex pearl aggressively forced itself against the cheerleader’s smooth, wet labial folds in search of its rival. Erin gasped at the contact, sensing the invasion of her rival’s clit within her forbidden region for the first time.

“In due time,” Erin purred seductively. She sent Janine into the opposite wall with a quick shove. “And it’ll be more than you can handle, I promise,” Erin whispered confidently.

“I don’t know what you and your cheerleader friends have been fucking, baby-doll,” Janine hissed, eyeing Erin’s perfect body unfalteringly. “But I doubt that you’ve ever fought a real woman like me.”

“You’re not the first to have said that,” the cheerleader giggled. Beckoning Janine to follow, Erin continued her slow, sexy walk, out the change room, and into the room where it all started – the pool. The blonde’s calculating eyes never left sway bullets of Erin’s butt and the gorgeous thighs and legs that supported them.

“Are you done running away, bitch?” Janine demanded as the brunette finally stopped at the deep-end edge of the pool.

“Running away? No… I just thought you’d like to come for a swim?” Erin whispered suggestively, turning around with her hands on her hips to face her rival again. The cheerleader winked as she smiled mockingly – almost as if she was taunting the blonde about what had happened in this exact pool last night.

“You don’t stand a chance against me in the water, sweetie,” Janine said. She whipped her wet locks back bitchily and licked her glossy lips. The blonde ran her hands down her gorgeous hard body before sinking them into her excited sex to scoop out the juices of arousal that resided within. Eyes of blue steel locked onto her rival’s, Janine savored the two women’s juices with slow, seductive licks of her tongue.

“From what I’ve seen, you’ll need every advantage you can get,” Erin retorted. She pressed her body against the blondes, and her lips worked their magic as they found the blonde’s exposed neck. Janine gasped and moaned as sensuous kiss after sensuous kiss graced her sensitive skin. Janine whimpered, almost like a child, when the brunette finally arrested her kisses. Smirking arrogantly, the brunette gave her silky mane one last bitchy brush before entering the water with an elegant back-dive. She resurfaced to slick her wet locks back, allowing the running droplets of water to leak down her full, floating breasts. Eyeing her rival lustfully, Erin beckoned for the blonde to come meet her. “Are you still certain that you really have what it takes to whip me?” the brunette challenged.

“More than certain, gorgeous,” the blonde replied firmly. Janine took note at the way Erin’s breasts floated. It would appear that they were completely real, proving Janine’s initial rationalization and assumption wrong. This just made the blonde even more determine to beat the lovely cheerleader at her own game. Without warning, Janine launched herself at the brunette with a forward dive. The water had barely slowed her momentum before the blonde lifted herself with an expert breast stroke to collide against her foe chest to chest. Exchanging girlish squeals of cowardice and groans of effort, the two panting women hastily tangled their limbs and closed their bodies to connect their impatient pussies.

The water had slowed down their movements, and also made it impossible for them to use their incredible ass muscles as the two sexfighting female struggled to fuck and tread water at the same time. Leaning back into the water, the two ladies arched their submerged backs to gyrate their heated sexes together in the coolness of the pool. They moaned breathlessly as they wrestled and fucked in the water, hands tugging on each others manes firmly while glued cunts pumped desperately for dominance.

“Please… this is the famous cunt all the boys and girls have been talking about?” Janine gasped defiantly. “There’s no way you can get me off with this weak, overrated snatch of yours!”

“I’ll make you eat those words when you’re coming underneath me,” Erin breathed.

Over the water, their breasts imitated battles fought between ancient Greek triremes. Their juicy orbs worked the hard nipples that anchored to them vindictively to best their rivals in their intimate war. The two desperately aroused women locked their lips together viciously. Lost in rage, passion, and fear, the two combatants recklessly brought their hands into the battle, using them to relentlessly jerk on each other’s wet manes. After what seemed like an eternity of fighting pussy to pussy, breast to breast, mouth to mouth, Erin’s tongue and lips managed to overpower with powerful but pleasing licks and bites. Overwhelmed, the moaning blonde unexpectedly gave way to the cheerleader and was forced completely onto her back – into the watery depths.

Janine gasped instinctively as their heads submerged into the water. Their locked lips had worked as a vacuum and Janine managed to suck all the air out of the unsuspecting brunette’s lungs, despite the fact that the cheerleader tongue was jammed down her throat viciously. Erin got the worst of it, however, and panic overtook the cheerleader as she was suddenly deprived of all oxygen. Wide-eyed with fear, Erin clumsily untangled enough of herself from the blonde so that she could scramble to the surface for air.

The blonde was quick to press her advantage. She too sprang back up to the surface and mercilessly launched her body against the recovering cheerleader in a full frontal assault. Erin squealed as Janine’s arms found hers and forced their two spectacular bodies together intimately. Floating breasts once again collided viciously on the surface of the water, forcing both agonized, breathless women to helplessly groan in unison. Erin’s groans of discomfort escalated into squeals of desperation and distress as Janine’s more energized body began beating hers back, forcing the cheerleader to truly retreat for the first time.

Sensing victory, the blonde predator went in for the kill. Janine sent her lips forward, above mushroomed breasts, to lock on Erin’s gaping counterpart. The brunettes moaned lustfully into the blonde’s throat and returned the kiss passionately but feebly. The cheerleader’s retreat was finally halted as her back smacked against the pool-wall of the shallow end. Squealing in distress, the brunette squirmed desperately against her rival, whom attempted to fasten the cheerleader’s body to the wall for the final, triumphant fuck.

“Do it, slam that dirty cunt of yours into me,” Erin moaned insistently. It only took a few strokes for their engorged clits twirled together agonizingly, as the two women managed to find each other through their folds of silky sex flesh and the coolness of the water. The two women screamed in unison as they felt their most prized organs make contact for the first time in this exhausting battle. It took every fiber of Janine’s will and physical control developed through years of discipline and training to resist the urge to come like a whore against her hated but lust-inciting rival.

Both women’s screams trailed off into breathless moans as they broke off from each other, speechlessly and wrecked with pleasure. Stumbling back, Janine could a glimpse of the quivering brunette riding her bliss like an expert surfer, staying in control of her body despite the feelings that caused her knees to shake and tummy to roll. She also saw the true fear in the eyes of her rival that contradicted her emotionless face. It was as if their minds managed to connect through their linked eyes, and Janine suddenly obtained complete understanding of her nemesis and what she needed to do to defeat her.

Silence overtook the moment, with the exception of the weak pants that escaped the two women’s lips. The two rivals appeared to be afraid, uncertain of what to do next. Finally, the brunette, wide-eyed in disbelief and sexual fear, abruptly turned and glided herself towards the pool ladders on the adjacent side of the wall. Desperate to disallow the brunette’s escape, the blonde’s body exploded into action. The cheerleader let out a squeal as her departure from the water was halted, and Janine’s angry, groping hands found their ways to her ample breasts. The blonde had managed to surprise and grappled the brunette’s smooth, supple body from behind just as the cheerleader had gotten a good hold on the bars of the ladder.

“Did you feel me, you coward?” Janine demanded. Her nails angrily sank into the brunette’s yielding breasts, just hard enough to force a squeal from the cheerleader. “Did you feel how big and hard my clit is?”

“Uh Huh,” the gorgeous, bitchy brunette hissed, “do you think you can get me off with that, big girl?”

“I don’t need to, whore,” the blonde replied. Primal emotions were now seeping out of both women in both words and actions as the end neared. “I’m going to jerk you off here right now and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

“Oh fuck,” Erin moaned feebly, squirming weakly as Janine right hand slide along her submerged belly and inserted two fingers into her wet hot sex, finding Erin’s throbbing clit with her thumb. The cheerleader gasped and groaned as Janine’s fingers parted slick labia and impaled themselves into the brunette’s hot gooey tunnels. The blonde’s pouting lips found the brunette’s soft cheek and neck and began to work their magic.

“Am I getting you off, beauty queen?” Janine taunted evilly into Erin’s ear. The cheerleader responded with a distressed squeal and squirmed desperately. Erin appeared to have regained some of her strength and was now struggling much more ferociously than before. Sensing the brunette’s escape imminent, Janine ratcheted up her fingering speed in a desperate attempt to rub an orgasm out of the brunette. The cheerleader’s glistening wet body was too smooth to hold on, however, and before Janine managed to obtain her victory, Erin managed to slide away, just enough to land a kick that sent Janine back into the water.

The blonde quickly dragged herself out of the water to pursue the weakened brunette, who was retreating and desperately buying time to recover. Janine felt like she weighted a ton, but also knew that Erin felt exactly the same way, and planned to use that to her advantage.

Moaning in childish cowardice, the exhausted cheerleader attempted to crawl away on all fours. Janine would have none of that. Tugging onto the brunette’s luscious mane cruelly, she flipped the cheerleader over and threw her onto her back. Clenching her teeth in spite and effort, Erin launched herself back up defiantly, and smashed her glorious breasts into Janine, crushing the blonde’s smaller pair painfully. Nipples, which were furiously erected in these final stages of arousal, fatefully found each other and drove home against areolas. Drawing on the last reserves of her strength, the blonde wrapped her arms around the cheerleader’s slick body and further increased the pressure between their redden orbs.

The two women screamed into each other’s face as the pain overwhelmed them, but neither was willing to give, willing to surrender to her hated rival. Finally, a defeated whimper escaped one of the woman’s lips. Her rival opened her eyes to see beautiful dark eyes, open wide with droplets of tear on the edge of thick long eyelashes lock to hers in mutual understanding before traveling down to witness the reason for surrender.

Erin moaned and shuddered uncontrollably as streams of milk spewed from her compressed nipples. The milked cheerleader stumbled back, her perfect body seemingly gone limps, and gave ground as the blonde continued her onslaught, slamming and pounding her perking breasts into the brunette’s milk glands from all directions. The lovely cheerleader shrieked in pleasure, frustration, and dread as Janine continued to beat back her retreating body. Moans after moans of distress that escaped Erin’s wet lips were matched only by spurts of milk exploding from her nipples. Finally, it appeared that the quivering cheerleader could take no more as she sighed breathlessly and fell onto her back.

Janine assertively pried her rival’s thighs apart, and grunted in satisfaction when she finally slammed her sex home against Erin’s drooling cunt. The cheerleader hissed at the contact but did not struggle. The silky smoothness of their labial lips spread for each other as Janine eased the full length of her sex against the cheerleader’s, matching the brunette folds for folds, vulva to vulva, clit to clit.

“Now that I’ve beaten your overrated body, why don’t I beat off that whorish cunt of yours?” Janine gasped. She prolonged her thrust, driving her pussy long and deep against Erin’s cunt to emphasize her point.

“You haven’t finished me off yet, lover,” Erin purred defiantly. The cheerleader bridged her body upwards, grinding her cunt hard against Janine’s in response. Erin’s cold, daring stare told Janine that the cheerleader was done running away – she wanted it all now.

“In due time,” the blonde replied. Janine gave the cheerleader’s bouncy breasts a playful little pinch before she coldly slammed the brunette’s arched body back down onto the wet tiles. She gathered the cheerleader’s soft, milked breasts between her fingers and squeezed them with hateful tenderness. Erin moaned sweetly at Janine’s soft touch and affectionately returned the breast massage. Janine leaned forward, panning her hard abs against Erin’s smooth, feminine belly that still felt impossibly soft despite the rock hard abs that rested beneath it. Their sensitive navels touched, causing both women to quiver in excitement, as Janine slowly merged her lower body onto Erin’s.

“You enjoy squeezing my tits, bitch?” Erin whispered, eyes narrowing into vengeful slits as she glared upwards at the blonde venomously. Before the blonde could response, she was smothered by the cheerleader’s hungry lips. Janine returned the kiss passionately, jamming her tongue down the brunette’s inviting throat, and groaned in pleasure as the brunette serviced her extended tongue with her elegant lips.

“Not as much as you like sucking on my tongue, dyke,” Janine finally rasped as they broke off from their kiss.

Clits finally found each other in the forest of silky softness that was their juicy, connected cunts. The unexpected initiation of the final, ultimate violation caused the two rivals let out sharp gasps, and cold sweat of sexual distress broke out all over their lovely bodies.

“You whore,” the blonde whimpered as she began to pump her cunt faster and faster. “I always knew you were a total slut, just like everyone said you were.”

“Are you basing that statement solely on how badly I’m getting you off, honey?” Erin breathed, thrusting upwards in response to Janine’s humping. Their pussies met with wet, violent smacks as silky, toned thighs struggled desperately to pry open each other to further expose their rival’s sex.

“Please, you can’t seriously believe you can get me off with fat clit of yours, Barbie,” Janine retorted, “My hard, long clit will whip yours and make you come all over my cunt.”

“Then give it to me girl, fuck me with that dirty cunt of yours,” Erin demanded hotly. Janine felt the body beneath her soften and begin to accept – no – absorb, the blonde’s potent thrusts. The rugged movement that this war of the clits had begun with was transforming into a graceful dance – every motion was perfect, fluid-like; every sensation was unbearable, mind-blowing.

The softness of her foe’s body was enfolding her in a world of pure pleasure, and caused Janine to cry out involuntarily. Moans after moans escaped Janine’s quivering lips as she pounded away; sending her cunt into Erin’s waiting sex again and again, but it would appear that the woman on top was getting the worst of it. The blonde screamed in silent fury; it was as if her body and mind conspired against her, poisoning her will and discipline in this moment of passion with blissful betrayal. She was melting away against the cheerleader’s sexuality.

Sensing the widening gap in Janine’s sexual armor, Erin struck. With a girlish grunt of effort, the cheerleader summoned her strength and reversed the two dueling women’s positions.

“What? No!” the wide-eyed blonde gasped as a she suddenly found herself on her back, arms uselessly pinned to her sides. The impact of the hot skin on her back smacking against the cold wet tiles sent shivers all over her exhausted body. The brunette wasted no time securing her position; the cheerleader swiftly slid her smooth legs over the thighs of the fallen athlete with a dancer’s grace, and pried open the path to the blonde’s sex. Trapped, Janine could only gasp and moan at her own helplessness. Erin was rode Janine like a vengeful cowgirl – hands gripping her own luscious curls in ecstasy as she pumped her irresistible cunt into the moaning blonde. Maliciously, the cheerleader locked her lips onto the breathless blonde, who squirmed weakly against her rejuvenated body. She bored down on Janine’s slick body with long undeniable strokes of passion, until the golden-haired athlete could only hiss and curse of future vengeance as her rival defiled her exhausted, unmoving body.

“The only thing better than being fucking someone,” Erin panted hotly, “is having someone fuck your brains out. Wouldn’t you agree Janine?”

Erin was relentless with her sensual attacks. Pulling away from her smothering kiss with the blonde, the cheerleader giggled mischievously and proceeded to ravish Janine’s unresisting breasts with loving bites. The blonde was a patient huntress, who normally preferred to act at a chosen, advantageous moment, but Erin’s sexual prowess was simply devastating. Under the cheerleader’s masterful touch, Janine was inching closer and closer to the unwanted release – the undeniable defeat.

“No! Not to you! I won’t let you beat me!” Janine shrieked as she sensed the end. Twisting and turning her slick body against the motion of her rival, the desperate blonde managed to buckle the cheerleader off her for a moment. Their supple bodies quickly tangled together again, and began rolling back and forth in a skirmish for the top position. Despite the chaos, steaming cunts eagerly locked together again. Janine’s throbbing clit found and writhed erotically against its counterpart inside the smothering hotness between the folds of the two women’s smooth sexes.

“Give up Janine,” Erin purred suggestively, hotly into Janine’s ear as she drew the blonde’s head closer by yanking on her silky wet locks. “You’re finished. Give up now and maybe I’ll save you some face and call this a draw.”

“You’re such a coward Erin,” Janine moaned desperately, pounding her sex against the brunette with wild, powerful thrusts, which caused every wet contact of the cunts to echo across the indoor pool. “Even now you’re afraid to fuck me to the finish.”

“Bitch!” Erin hissed, her delicate eyebrows furrowing in anger. Before the brunette’s lips could form words to retort against the blonde’s accusation, the brunette was silenced by a smothering kiss. The fear, anger, and desperation that the two lovely ladies felt soon dissolved back into lust. Rigid sexual pumps driven by adrenaline and fear slowly smoothed back into sensual rubs and strokes powered by passion.

The cheerleader’s ass was still dominating as Janine felt herself being pushed back more and more by the brunette’s pumping cunt. More so, slow sensuous paced fucking was proving to be devastating for the blonde, once again. Squeals of disbelief exited soundlessly into the two pairs of enclosed lips, as Janine’s clit was being tied into knots by her rival’s overpowering sex weapon. With a yelp, Janine yanked herself away from the deep kiss. Instinctively, she backed off from the source of unbearable pleasure, desperately squirming away from the brunette. The blonde scrambled backwards, on her side, until one of her foot suddenly found icy liquid instead of hard wet tiles.

“There’s nowhere to run now, cow,” the brunette taunted as she descended upon Janine. Laying side by side, their hands quickly found each other’s cunt one last time, fingers wasting now time stroking clits and ramming g-spots. Janine’s groans were building into a crescendo as she inched closer and closer to the edge, the final defeat. Involuntarily Janine was making this her last stand.

Sensing the end, both women’s actions once again reverted back to the instinctive, primal and uncontrolled. Hands desperately groped anything they can find, while baby smooth thighs slithered against each other desperately as the two women fought for top position. Janine’s fingers managed to find Erin’s oozing tits in the chaos of their climatic duel and instinctively, vengefully squeezed the milk-filled globes.

“Your tits are going to come for me now, cheerleader cow,” Janine hissed hotly. True to her word, thick, hot milk oozed from the brunette’s nipples, now weakened by the endless stimulation, as the blonde squeezed harder and harder. Weakness rioted throughout the cheerleader’s body, as the brunette’s breasts tenderized and stiff nipples renewed their leakage of milk.

“Oh god,” Erin whimpered in blissful frailty. “Oh my… it feels so good… Go ahead, you nasty whore, milk my tits before I get you to suck them dry after I’ve milked your clit.”

With the tables suddenly turned on her, the cheerleader groaned in distress and desperately launched herself at the blonde in an attempt to regain her advantage. Janine tried to hold her ground but the momentum from Erin’s leap was too much, and the two rivals screamed in unison as they fell into the pool behind Janine. The water, which felt like ice against their hot slick skin, did not even faze the two rivals now, in these heated final moments.

“Cocky cheerleader,” Janine moaned as she surfaced to face the brunette.

“Jealous jock,” Erin retorted girlishly as she slicked back the wet strands of silky hair away from her face.

A short moment of silence overcame the two women as they struggled to catch their breath. Lovely chests heaved in excitement and exhaustion as the two girls stared each other down; microscopic goose bumps formed on their otherwise silken skin, but not only because of the coolness of the pool.

“Let’s finish this you bimbo, your clit against mine,” Janine whispered.

“Let’s see if your bravery will reward you tonight, Janine Watson,” Erin replied softly as she whipped her wet mane back bitchily, challenging the blonde to face her one last time. The two wasted no time connecting themselves, sliding thigh over thigh, leaning back to steer their steaming cunts and their engorged clits together fittingly. Fingers interlocked as hands pinned themselves against each other in a test of strength. Bodies now submerged in the refreshing liquid, both athlete and cheerleader pumped their sexes, which grazed the surface of the water as both women stood tall, into each other in their final competition of physical strength and mental discipline. Quick, short breaths were accompanied by unintelligent, girlish groans of unbearable exhaustion, pleasure, and fear. The intensity of their battle escalated with each passing second as neither woman realized they could not hold on for long. Every weapon and weakness that they processed were desperately brought into play in this final bout - swollen breasts, pulverized abs, and tiring asses all dueled with their counterparts while glossy lips traded kisses and girlish insults.

Their buoyant breasts skidded across the surface of the water to collide head on, nipple to nipple in hot finality. Janine was sure the nipple fencing was effectively further milking the brunette, thus weakening her, but the sheer firmness and size of Erin’s breasts were also proving to be devastating for the blonde. It didn’t take long for Janine to realize that her smaller globes were no match for Erin’s, and were literally being crushed.

Janine felt unbearable jolts of pleasure emanating from her clitoris, which bored Erin’s assault head on again and again, spreading weakness all over her slick body. Abdominals, thighs, and ass all began quivering, as every fiber of her precious muscles turned to mush, melted by the ripples of pleasure from their fighting pussies. Moans after moans of frustration and distress were forced from the blonde’s opened lips as Erin’s sexuality began to overwhelm her. No longer could the blonde fight against Erin’s body without succumbing to the softness of the cheerleader’s embrace, nor inhale without being overpowered by the brunette’s sex scent.

“Urrgghhh,” Janine declared her defeat with a girlish groan as an epic orgasm violently tore through her body. Another soft sob was all Janine could muster as she limply collapsed; her quivering, sweaty back smacked into the wetness behind her with a loud flop. A triumphant laugh of delight escaped Erin’s mouth as she mounted her floating foe, pinned her rival’s upper body against the side of the pool, and pried apart the blonde’s thighs to seal her victory with one final fuck.

“I’m going to finish you off now, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Erin purred as she surfaced her hot pussy to lower it onto its familiar foe. The blonde could only moan when she felt her own hot cum leaked from Erin’s pussy into fill her own.

“Someday, Erin, someone’s going to beat you and put you in your place,” Janine moaned spitefully. Any further insults were silenced by a smothering kiss from her conqueror. Janine’s body betrayed any of her words, however, as she mustered all of her remaining energy to return Erin’s dominating kiss lovingly, submissively.

Erin sat her tired body up as she rubbed her victorious pussy into her defeated foe’s wondrously soft cunt. From this angle she can admire her latest conquest’s incredible body as she rode herself to orgasm. Although in Erin’s eyes, Janine was a magnificent combination of beauty and strength, what really turned the brunette on about the blonde was how much she secretly admired Janine’s courage – Janine could have easily escaped from this fight at certain points but instead chose to fight to the end. Erin knew that Janine or someone with similar courage and determination would one day defeat her, or even dominate her if she was not careful. Despite the fear that this revelation brought, awkwardly the thought of being finally defeated also greatly excited the brunette.

As her sexual defenses finally broke down, a sudden, sharp jolt of pleasure radiated from Erin’s clit, twisting the cheerleader’s mind away from her thoughts. The orgasmic contractions turned her entire body into jelly, and Erin closed her eyes as she tilted her beautiful head back and moaned in absolute satisfaction. “Someday…” Erin finally agreed with a wicked smile, as she pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts together in pleasure, “but not today, and not by you.”


The hours after the blonde had delivered her challenge passed tediously slow. The rivalry between these two women was reaching its pinnacle and both threatening to erupt. Janine was still unsure of what exactly had happened at the varsity pool that night – had the cheerleader had intentionally ambushed her, or was the entire confrontation just the result of a coincidental meeting between the two women?

As the hour of judgment got increasingly closer, bittersweet sensations of fear and excitement that had rampaged inside the athlete’s chiseled belly for the last week began to intensify. The blonde was also uncertain if the cheerleader would show up for her challenge, as agreed on the night of their encounter. The athletic girl had not seen the cheerleader during the last week

Janine knew that despite the snotty brunette’s attempt to project an exterior of sophistication, inside the prima-donna cheerleader was merely a slutty, spoiled, daddy’s little girl. The brunette had a reputation as a sexual alley cat that thrived on the thrill of fighting, and breaking her rivals, but Erin has never had a rival like the blonde.

The cool air of the winter night caused Janine’s nipples to harden as she walked the few meters from the parking lot to the locked training facilities. Snowflakes melted as they landed on the exposed parts of Janine’s hot body. One quick glance at the completely clean and dry floors upon entering the complex told Janine that her rival has yet to arrive. The blonde hastily visited the ladies room to make sure she looked absolutely perfect before setting herself up comfortably in a corner bench in the main gymnasium. From this angle, she could see all three entrances of the main gymnasium, and it would be here that she would wait for her prey.

Nearly thirty pass, and just when Janine began to think that all of the brunette’s actions were mere bravado, the blonde heard noise outside the hallway. Expectantly, the slender silhouette of the cheerleader emerged from one of the entrance. Guided by bright light of the winter night sky, the blonde athlete managed to make out the contours of Erin’s lovely body delicately wrapped in her cheerleading uniform. The blonde took a moment to linger in her observation of her foe, drinking in this moment of bittersweet, mixed of emotions.

Erin’s blue and white cheerleading uniform consisted of a tight, long-sleeve top cut at the midriff to show off its wearer’s shapely belly, a short skirt that barely covered the brunette’s thigh, and white, heelless cowgirl boots. The cheerleader looked stunning. Pink gloss accentuating the cheerleader’s lips was complimented by minimal blue and green eye shadow that accented her magnetic eyes. Janine felt herself drowning in the brunette’s dark, optical abysses, and mesmerized by the serene garden of unnaturally long, defined eyelashes that framed those exotic eyes. The cheerleader’ velvet locks spilled out and down her head beautifully like a luscious waterfall, with parts of it artistically pinned and tied with her uniform’s ribbons. She was a flawless fusion of natural beauty and art.

“I guess I could’ve have expected a stupid cheerleader to actually come on time now, can I”, Janine taunted as she finally slipped out of the shadows to confront her foe. With her chest thrust out proudly, striving for every inch of height, and her hands placed on her hips in a classical posture of challenge, the blonde athlete walked forward to greet her foe.

It did not take the lustful spark glistening in Erin’s dark eyes to tell Janine that she looked gorgeous. The blonde was dressed in alluring mockery of Erin’s attire – a cheerleader uniform from her high-school that she had obtained from an old friend. The blonde’s undersized outfit, when worn by Janine, was every bit as skimpy as the brunette’s; her entire abdomen was bared, and the skirt she wore ended mid-thigh to display Janine’s smooth, toned legs. Like Erin, Janine had dolled herself up until she had reached the perfect combination of natural looks and cosmetics.

“My apologies,” the cheerleader responded, and mockingly checked her newly manicured finger nails for imperfections with a dispassionate look on her shadowed face, “I do rather procrastinate a lot when it comes to dealing with the more minor nuisances in my life.”

“Heh. And here I was afraid you had chickened out,” the blonde whispered, “in fact, I am actually surprised that you dared to show up at all.”

“I wouldn’t have cancelled on our little date for the world,” Erin replied with simulated sincerity. “Nice outfit, by the way.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Janine snarled. She slowly ran her fingers across the smooth material that enfolded her chest like a second skin.

The brunette’s eyes were now focused intently on the blonde, studying Janine’s every movement and expression. “Why don’t we get started? Since you were the one who asked me out on this deliciously little date, what did you have in mind for our activities?”

The blonde was suddenly caught off guard by the cheerleader’s boldness. Despite having fantasized many times about confronting and destroying the woman who stood before her, Janine had not actually chosen a specific contest for the two women to settle their rivalry. Her icy blue eyes quickly glanced around the gymnasium, and found something that would grant her victory.

“You up for a little duel, miss cheerleader? Foils are right there.” Janine challenged, eyeing the equipment rack on the nearby wall. She was certain that the cheerleader knew about her accomplishments in the field of fencing, but was hoping the brunette’s pride would force the cheerleader to accept the one-sided challenge.

A smile formed on the cheerleader’s glossy lips. “A duel?” Erin giggled with childish excitement. “Ohh… I like that! A little competition to start the night off huh?”

Janine calmly walked towards the equipment rack and took two foils from it. Eyeing the brunette tauntingly, she tossed one of the swords to the cheerleader, who caught the foil without taking her eyes off her rival. Janine swung around her weapon a few times to get a good feel of its weight and balance. Then she looked back up firmly at her rival, body and mind finally ready to being the night. “En gardé, Erin,” the blonde whispered, lifting her weapon to position herself perfectly for an oncoming attack.

The two women’s foils seemingly clashed with equal grace and strength. Janine was surprised that the brunette took on a recognizable attack stance that resembled the works of trained swordswomen. It would appear that her opponent was no amateur, and that once again the blonde had underestimated her rival. The two women continued their duel, blows understandably aimed low to avoid damage to face and eyes. Janine was not used to this limitation and found herself struggling to fend off the brunette’s thrusts, which were surprisingly fast and accurate. Thinking to retreat and strategize, Janine darted backwards. To her surprise, the brunette took a chance and dove forward with a quick jab. The tip of Erin’s foil nicked the retreating blonde’s thigh, and the cheerleader smirked in satisfaction.

“First blood to me, champion,” Erin giggled. The cheerleader brushed back her silky locks and challenging gestured for Janine to resume their duel. The blonde screamed silently in anger. She was the national fencing champion, and here, a no name cheerleader had managed to hit her.

Hissing venomously, Janine pounced against the brunette with a viper’s swiftness. She jabbed and slashed, forcing squeals of surprises and grunts of effort from the parrying cheerleader.

“Is that the best you can do, Janine?” Erin demanded arrogantly as she batted away another one of Janine’s stabs.

Janine felt her frustration growing along with her outrage at her current situation. Then instinct and training kicked in. The blonde refocused herself and adopted a more passive stance. The two women fought on, trading victories and defeats evenly.

“This bores me,” the cheerleader purred, “I can’t imagine how anyone can actually practice this sport professionally.”

“Then let’s end this Erin. Let me show you why I am the champion,” the blonde declared. “I’m going to hit you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Erin licked her lips in excitement. “Then back up your words, champ,” the brunette hissed.

“Gladly,” Janine retorted with finality. She feigned with her sword and let loose a barrage of slashes aimed dangerously high, towards the brunette’s breasts. Erin squealed in alarm and fended off the thrusts. Grinning maliciously, the brunette counterattacked with daring thrusts of her own. Janine had expertly anticipated this, and skillfully dodged the brunette’s attack by doing the splits, until her panty-covered crotch pressed against the gym mat. Hissing in triumph, the blonde drove her foil forward.

The brunette let out a surprised grunt of defeat. She looked down and moaned at the foil that poked viciously against her navel. Her own foil was arrested inches away from Janine’s, a split second too late to parry the blonde’s decisive blow. Silence overtook the two women as they drank in this moment of victory and defeat.

“Nice thrust, bitch” the brunette finally breathed, “it took you long enough.”

From her angle, the blonde could see the physical evidence of the brunette’s arousal – little droplets of the cheerleader’s sex juice had leaked onto her thighs. Judging from the naked, bulging labia before her eyes and the brunette’s furiously erected nipples, he dirty cheerleader had come here without wearing any undergarment at all. Looking up, Janine was surprised that instead of seeing a face of frustration and defeat, the cheerleader was grinning in girlish, sexual excitement. Anger overtook the blonde as she realized that the brunette had merely been treating this contest as some sort of foreplay. “You’ve lost, you nasty, panty-less whore,” Janine whispered.

“Inconsequential,” the brunette purred.

“Shut up, you arrogant bitch,” Janine hissed.

Erin suddenly squealed in surprise and agony as Janine forced her foil further forward, cruelly twisting the rough tip against Erin’s soft belly button to sate her vengeance for her earlier disgraces at the hands of the brunette.

“Dirty cunt!” the cheerleader cried in arousal and pain.

Hissing in anger, Erin batted Janine’s sword away with a powerful swing. Janine’s foil was sent flying, landing a good few meters away from the two contestants. The abruptly disarmed blonde gasped in surprised and scrambled back, unsure as to what was about to happen. The cheerleader’s face was full of beautiful malice as she slowly advanced towards the blonde, foil still in hand.

Taking no chances, Janine did the only thing she knew she could do. Her body sprang forward to tackle the brunette. To her relief, Janine saw Erin discard her foil to in the process and concentrated on this new contest with the brunette. The wide-eyed cheerleader let out a squeal of surprised as the blonde athlete rammed into her. The two girls tumbled onto the mat and instantly found their hands tugging viciously onto each other’s lovely manes, cursing and growling in agony. An explosion of contradicting sensations rocked Janine’s body as she pressed hard against her rival. How could anyone feel so hard and fit also feel so soft and girlish at the same time?

“You’ll pay for hurting me like that,” the brunette hissed venomously, snapping the blonde out of her erotic trance.

“Make me,” Janine retorted hotly. The two growling women twisted and turned in hopes to gain the upper hand. Janine’s hands arrested their attack on the cheerleader’s silky mane and instead gripped onto Erin’s arms in an attempt to pin the brunette. With a grunt of effort, however, Erin managed to push away the blonde, and deliver a powerful kick into Janine’s ribs that sent the athletic girl rolling away in pain.

The two lovely combatants wasted no time charging each other again. They collided violently, chest to chest, belly to belly, while their arms snaked each other’s backs to join them in an angry embrace. Janine felt her head tilted back against her will as her mane of silky blonde hair was once again pulled back viciously by the brunette. Upon hearing the blonde’s scream of pain, the cheerleader giggled maliciously in delight before sending the distracted blonde rolling onto the mats with a powerful shove. Hunter’s triumph glistening in the cheerleader’s beautiful eyes as the brunette pounced at Janine in an attempt to mount the blonde. Janine was down, but more than ready to counterattack. Rolling onto her back, the blonde lashed out with one leg, and managed to connect a solid blow against Erin’s lower belly. The brunette let out a squeal of pain and backed off, letting out an animalistic hiss as she prepared herself for another attack. Hands massaging her aching belly, Erin circled Janine like a tigress watching its prey, waiting for the perfect moment to end it all.

That moment came quickly and violently – the only way either woman would only accept it. Without warning, Janine propelled herself up and walked towards Erin, who waited expectantly with her hands on her hips. Neither woman whispered a word nor did they make a gesture. Both of them simply, knowingly brought their aching breasts together with prideful thrust. Janine knew now more than ever, she was stronger than the brunette, and she was going to end it.

At first contact, Erin’s breasts felt incredibly firm, but real, against Janine’s sensitive orbs. Janine was in disbelief that every evidence point to the fact that Erin’s impossibly perfect breasts were real. The blonde did not waste time, however, to doubt her earlier assumptions and instead chose to focus at the fight at hand.

With a powerful spurt of strength, the blonde pushed the cheerleader back, nearly sending Erin into the walls behind her. The blonde continued her onslaught by unleashing a fury of fists and slaps into the brunette’s body, striking breasts and abs. The brunette squealed in pain and surprised but responded in kind. The woman fought through the pain and concentrated on landing blows against each other’s softer spots. Janine was slowly forcing Erin into the back wall, but the brunette was slick and quick and avoided any of the blonde’s grappling attempts with her own prying arms. Cold sweat broke out of the cheerleader’s smooth body, and Janine saw for the first time, fear in the brunette’s eyes as moans after moans of weakness and pain escaped the cheerleader’s sweet glossy lips. Erin grunted in desperate triumph when her fingers managed to slip under Janine’s guard to find and maul both of the blonde’s, causing the athlete to scream in pain. The brunette laughed evilly as she pressed on her attack while the blonde scratched and slapped her body futilely. Eyes tearing, the angry blonde fought through the agony to deliver a single punch, with all of the might she could summon, into the lovely cheerleader’s unprotected navel.

Erin let out a sharp, breathless gasp. The blonde had pulverized her abs and knocked the wind out of her. A quiver of weakness ran through the cheerleader’s gorgeous body as she succumbed to Janine’s punch. A soundless moment passed, and her lovely body went limp and collapsed against the blonde.

“It’s over,” Janine rasped, gently rolling the brunette onto the mats. She hastily pinned her body against the recovering brunette, pressed into her rival breasts to breasts, belly to belly, while entwining her legs with Erin’s expertly to completely the hold.

“Get off me, bitch,” the cheerleader groaned. Erin shifted her upper body against Janine’s in a feeble attempt to escape. All it accomplished was to increase the pressure between the two women’s aching globes. Both women squealed in pain but neither one of them gave ground to relief the pressure. Erin managed to surprise the blonde once again as her glossy lips suddenly locked themselves onto Janine’s gaping mouth. Completely taken by surprise, Janine was dominated by the cheerleader’s sweet tongue, which barged its way deep into the blonde’s mouth victoriously. Janine was forced to pull back, coughing weakly as she released her holds and snaked away from her rival.

“I’ve always knew you wanted me,” Janine hissed. “Did you like how I tasted?”

“You taste even better than you look,” Erin replied with a lustful smile. “Did you like feeling my boobs against yours?”

“Uh huh, let’s see if those famous jugs of yours can stand up to mine,” Janine challenged. With that, the blonde proudly lifted her top, displaying her perky orbs to her rival in all their glory.

“They are famous for a reason sweetie,” the brunette hissed through her perfect, white, clenched teeth. Imitating Janine, the cheerleader lifted her shirt over her heavenly breasts in a similar fashion. Placing her hands on her hips, Erin got onto her knees and waited for the blonde to make the first move.

Cupping her breasts so that her nipples pointed forward like deadly lances, Janine pressed herself into her rival. Both women’s eyes traveled down to their chests to watch the battle unfold. Both women’s pair of pink nipples shared the same characteristics - stubby, cone-shaped, with average sized areolas. Hard nipples dug into sensitive areoles. At first contact, Erin’s rounder, larger orbs mushroomed slightly against Janine’s pair, and the blonde allowed herself a haughty snarl of triumph. That quickly disappeared however, as the pressure increased. Janine groaned in distress as she felt her breasts flattening against the cheerleader’s larger pair under the increase stress.

“You’re outclassed, Janine,” Erin whispered softly into the blonde’s ears as their breast battle concluded with the utter flattening of the whimpering blonde’s proud orbs.

“You whore, fight me with your nipples and then we’ll see who has the best chest,” the blonde demanded. While Janine knew her breasts did not have the size nor the firmness of Erin’s glorious pair, she made up for it with power and sheer determination. The two girls wasted no time shifting their crushed orbs to flick their hard, pink rods against each other. Explosions of tingling pleasure from the contact of their sensitive organs caused the combatants to hiss and gasp involuntarily. Janine attempted to drive her nipples against Erin’s tender areolas to cause a classic combination of pain and pleasure, but the cheerleader was an experienced user of her assets, and expertly avoided or countered every one of Janine’s assaults.

A grunt of triumph escaped Janine’s lips when the blonde managed to pin the brunette’s left nipple with her own. The cheerleader responded with a groan of frustration, but recovered quickly. Erin glared at Janine daringly, cupped her magnificent orbs, and aimed her nipples towards Janine dangerously. The athletic blonde quickly accepted the brunette’s challenged, and lifted her own pair of beautiful tit-flesh to align her rods against Erin’s.

At the initial collision, it would appear that both women’s nipples were quite evenly matched. Both ladies’ milk rods, with their thick and conical shapes, were seemingly optimized for a head on collision. Frustrated by the draw, the two women increased pressure between their milk makers; eyes never leaving the dueling rods as they intently studied them for signs of defeat. It wasn’t until both pairs of slick breasts were nearly mushroomed against their rivals that one of the dueling women sensed her prized nipples succumb to their rivals.

Janine let out a groan as sexual agony erupted from her defeated milk rods, and the blonde stumbled back in desperation. Drawing upon willpower forged by years of training and competition, Janine managed to regain her focus to launch another assault on the brunette. Grudgingly accepting that Erin processed a superior set of breasts, the athlete concentrated now on neutralizing the cheerleader’s advantage. Using her powerful upper-body strength, Janine swung and plunged with her tits, attacking Erin’s glands with kamikaze-like relentlessness. The cheerleader would not be outdone, however, and grounded her chest into Janine’s with equivalent roughness.

“Your overrated boobs aren’t so tough now that they’re fighting another woman’s tits,” Janine breathed hotly into Erin’s ear, “I’ll –” Her words were cut short as Erin’s breasts finally managed to pin hers down in a smothering impact, and the cheerleader’s arms slithered their way around Janine’s sweaty back with lightning alacrity. Their bodies pressed fully against each other and both of them hissed as their hot crotches made contact. As the blonde struggled against her rival, the hems of their skirts were ridden up with each passing moment until Janine was certain that there was nothing between the two women’s wet sexes save the blonde’s thin panties. Sensing defeat and a fundamental shift in the direction of this battle, the breathless blonde did the only thing that came to her mind. Her right hand left her hip and found their way under the brunette’s skirt. Erin let out a moan of pleasure when she finally sense an intruder down under, penetrating her unclothed crotch.

“That’s dirty, even for you,” Erin giggled girlishly into Janine’s ear.

“Coming from the whore who didn’t even bother to wear panties,” Janine retorted, exploring the brunette’s love canal. After a solid ten seconds of Janine fingering her, the cheerleader finally slid her hands back down onto her hips, releasing her foe from the ferocious hug. Janine signed and inhaled sharply as her flattened breasts reformed themselves. The sounds of Erin’s wetness produced by her own finger strokes were harmonized music notes for her ears. “I didn’t realize I was making you’re so wet,” she whispered.

“Guilty as charged,” the brunette answered. Smiling suggestively, Erin lifted her top completely off herself and gave her mane a bitchy shake. The curly ends of her silky hair rested gracefully against her now bared shoulders. The cheerleader once again placed her hands on her hips in a display of challenge, all the while expertly handling Janine’s attack on her sex without a single sound or sign of weakness.

Immensely aroused by the brunette’s display of bravado, the blonde took a moment to let the image of her topless foe sink in. She took note of every inch of perfect skin, every wave of perfect brown curl on her rival before finally arresting her activities in her rival’s pussy. Janine’s quickly removed her top to meet her rival in the next phase of their competition. She stood up, and extended a hand to lift her rival up with her.

Hands took their time to work their way to their rival’s cunt, as they stroked and gripped every curve of the two women’s bodies. Janine clenched her teeth together and hissed when she felt her rival slid two fingers past her underwear to impale her cunt. She gave Erin’s smooth ass and thigh one last delicate stroke before responding in kind, sinking her fingers into her rival’s velvet snatch.

The room was now filled with the sounds of fingers sliding in and out of juiced pussies. The two women teased and explored the contours of their rival’s prized sexes, searching for a breach in their rival’s sexual defenses. Erin brought her superior breasts back into play by hungrily pressing and swinging them against her opponent’s smaller pair. The cheerleader’s gaping mouth closed together to form a malicious smile of delight as Erin sensed her firm orbs slowly but surely flattening Janine’s tits deliciously. Grunting breathlessly in dismay, the blonde was forced to slowly retreat under this renewed upper-body onslaught.

“I want to suck those hard nipples bitch,” Janine moaned as she desperately writhed against her opponent’s body. “I want to get them nice and long before I fucking crush them with mine,” she continued.

“Go ahead, but you have to let me feel your lips on mine before I feel it on my tits, whore,” Erin demanded lustfully. The surprised look that appeared on Janine’s face disappeared as the cheerleader’s pair of glossy lips once again fastened themselves onto hers, while Erin’s pink tongue slithered into the blonde’s mouth, filling it with her sweetness. The two girls licked and sucked passionately like lovers for only the first few seconds before their tongues mutually engaged each other hotly for dominance. Nipples twisted and stabbed cruelly, breasts continued to rub together angrily, while fingers probed sexes relentlessly, as the two women concentrated desperately to fight battles on all fronts.

“Now that you got your taste, I want mine,” Janine finally groaned into Erin’s ear as they broke off from their kiss to catch their breaths. Withdrawing her fingers from the cheerleader’s steaming sex, she carefully suckled all the sweet juices off before she slid both her hands over to the front of the cheerleader’s glistening body. Blue eyes locked onto their rivals as Janine grip the brunette’s breasts playfully before giving her intended targets delicious pinches.

“Go ahead baby, they’re all yours,” the brunette purred, proudly thrusting her chest outward for her rival to devour. She imitated her rival and sucked off her own fingers, and made the effort to play with the thick strings of Janine’s juices. “If you suck them long and hard enough, you might even taste my milk.”

Not realizing that the cheerleader had meant it in a literal sense, Janine began her vigorous oral attack on the brunette’s milk rods. The cheerleader wasted no time responding in kind as she hastily fastened her lips onto Janine’s opposing nipple. Every since her epic battle with her fellow cheerleader Courtney, Erin’s breasts had become always swollen and full of milk. Both women renewed their efforts to finger each other to a devastating orgasm, while hair cascaded down to hide their lovely faces, like curtains drawn over windows, as they hungrily devoured each other’s nipples. In addition to the sounds of wet finger strokes, the music of suckled nipples now echoed throughout the gym. Waves after waves of pleasure rocked both duelists’ young bodies as they continued their dirty contest. Finally, after minutes of attacking each other’s nipples and sexes in silence, Erin let out a girlish moan to declare her defeat.

The End