By HGHunt

If the snarls on their faces showed the spite between them, their pussies wore a face of their own. Lisa’s vicious-looking pussy, lips plump and engorged, pushed hundreds of bristling hairs outward in search of an enemy to conquer. Her clitoris soared like Kilimanjaro, anxious to find its nemesis, surging above any previous level of arousal and defiance. The heat of their mutual excitement, trepidation, anxiety, and orgiastic motivation consumed them. Time almost stood still as their pussies hunkered closer together. Luanne’s blonde pubes, usually a vision of loveliness, had taken on a fierce look of Viking cruelty. The appearance turned scary and threatening as they pulsed in and out like bellows, anxious to snap onto their enemy. Her parted lower labia revealed twisted inner lips writhing like a den of snakes, hissing and daring any foe to venture close, eager for an opportunity to snap and grate. Her upper lips formed a tight inverted “V” with a long escarpment of a clit pulsing with pinkness and glistening with dewy moisture. The southern terminus of her clit gave off a wicked glow, as if radioactive, ready to zap any foe.

Gently, gently, ever so gently the women snaked their legs around each other right over left as they simultaneously arranged a few pillows and stuffed some of the thick bedding under their upper bodies for support. Aware of the impending finality of their loin-locking confrontation, both did what they could to get comfortable, as they purposely kept their crotches from making contact.

“Ok you fat ugly bitch. This is it. The only way out now is for you to admit I’m superior and to beg for mercy.” The words were Lisa’s, but the thought was just as pervasive for Luanne. “Fuck YOU!” was Luanne’s elegant reply.

“Exactly! We’re gonna fuck each other so damn good and so damn long. I can’t wait to feel your hot damp pussy fucking me, and you better be damn ready for my wet pussy to show you who’s boss.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk You!” again Luanne replied.


Lisa lunged forward, her crotch exploding across the meager inches between her them, eager to assuage her anger and lust. The auditory echo was brief, but the emotional echo of their loins joining, loudly reverberated through them both as their intimate duel began.

The past couple of hours of their meeting had taken a physical toll on them and a mental toll as well. Surely their depleted bodies and spirits were less capable of an exhaustive encounter than they were at the start. But with the resounding smack and the intensity of their crotch encounter, those tolls and any associated doubts were erased.

Luanne was not surprised by Lisa’s eagerness to confront and grind her gash so fervently. The brief “oomph” that escaped her throat, was in a second replaced by grunts of exertion as Luanne centered all her consciousness on her cunt and began the intensely personal ritual that this duel represented. Her plump labia, blonde hairs full of moisture and sprouting in all directions encountered her most hated nemesis at the same time as they entangled and ensnared the most deliciously erotic and libido-inspiring tactile objects of her life.

Lisa’s wretchedly sexy pussy was already dripping aromatic droplets onto the bed sheet, but as soon as their pussies collided the magnetic attraction of one pussy for the other took over, all lubrication, all hairy pores, all inner folds, every square millimeter of adjoining skin, including their fattening clits became almost one. The moisture that would otherwise have dripped was now “sucked” towards the other woman, the copious tablespoons of liquid providing their conjunction with the means to generate considerable loud squishing and popping noises. Without letup, the cunts battled each other. Lisa wiggled her hips to the joyous feelings Luanne’s blonde cunt offered. Her squirming was dually devoted to two purposes; achieving victory and sexual release. Her desire for orgasm had always been quite normal, but this moment released an insatiability in her that was profound. She ached to cum. She really, really wanted to cum, but at the same time she was determined to win. Out-fucking Luanne meant EVERYTHING to her. Could the duality of these feelings coexist, or would one of them have to submit to the other.

To be continued