By HGHunt

The imminent transaction between them would soon smother out all thought other than lust, power, and attraction. But without the fuel of events from the past, such horny antagonism could not have flourished and grown to this pinnacle. The fight they’d had on that cold New Year’s Eve was probably paramount, but there had been even earlier transgressions each believed of the other. Friendships sometimes have a way of turning camaraderie and chumminess into bitterness and jealousy. Work relationships can sometimes sour over perceived wrongs and unequal rank or power. Such motivations were the brew that stirred Lisa and Luanne reptilian emotions this night.

When their relationship began to sour, they had found, in a not-so-subtle way a method of displaying their contempt for each other, and of issuing a challenge to the other’s womanhood.

As nurses at the same facility, they necessarily would use the workout/fitness area and the shower and changing rooms. Often there would be other women there, during which times, no funny business could occur. But through randomness, once there happened to be a time when it was only the two of them around. With the mutual lack of genuine friendliness (that had to be pretended while in public view) they very knowingly shared, those moments of awkwardness seemed to fester and fester, seeking an outlet. Their burgeoning dislike was hard to contain when the enemy was so near and they were so alone. The shower took on a different inspiration than usual. Getting clean became secondary. Showing off and sending sparks of challenge became primary.

Under the hot running showers they would face each other, soaping and lathering their own bodies, but with eyes riveted on each other. Arms would pull together, squeezing big breasts into impressive cleavage. Double-D size tits impressively burst forward, issuing a silent challenge to the other “My tits are better and bigger than yours!”

Hands lingered longer than necessary when cleaning tasks moved to sexual areas. Nipples would get extra attention, the water and the stimulation causing them to explode into tight hard teat-weapons. Luanne would stare at Lisa and Lisa glared back at Luanne each time one would deftly and meticulously use her fingers to knead and caress her prominent appendages. “How DARE you strut your stuff like that, you slut!” The quote was silent, but the eyes told it very efficiently. It could have been from either of them.

Luanne sometimes would bend over to wash her ankles, pointing her ass directly at Lisa and with a slight, but impossible to ignore, swoosh to the right and swoosh to the left, she would sway her ass back and forth in a downright disgusting threat (in Lisa’s eyes). She could see Luanne’s asshole almost winking at her as if to say “Eat this you filthy bitch!”

Of course Lisa didn’t need any more impetus than that to return the favor, and it was with great glee that she knew Luanne was staring at her swaying ass. She even gave it a slow twirl; a three hundred sixty degree arc and followed it up with a couple of little bounces to imply how “fuck ready” her body was. And when standing and turning around to recognize Luanne’s gaze was still strong upon her she deftly would soap her crotch and then use her fingers to scrub her dark pussy hair, lingering FAR too long, and then with agonizing molasses-slowness, slide her index finger between her legs and whisk apart her labia so that she could insert the finger a couple of knuckles deep inside her juicy twat. Watching Luanne watch her was extremely exciting for Lisa, her horniness ramping up, and that emotion compounding the spite she felt for Luanne the bitch-cunt.

Luanne took it all in, her eyes, careful not to miss any opportunity to absorb Lisa’s feminine essence; glared back at her often enough to let her know that she was not intimidated in the least. Their eyes would meet, glare, and share their escalating hatred. Then they would be drawn downward towards whatever sexy action the other would launch. Luanne was gazing at Lisa when Lisa so deftly fingered her pussy and without a hitch she took the challenge and returned the favor, with Lisa eagerly following Luanne’s fingers as they soaped the blonde pubic hairs and then disappeared into her soaking cunt. Like Lisa she dragged out the incident from long to longer, ensuring that Lisa would recognize the challenging nature of her pelvic exam. Episodes like this occurred off and on for over a year, with the sexual lure of meeting the other woman undeniable. Luanne found herself almost spitting mad when she would shower and Lisa was there, but other women were as well. This prevented her from activating her lewd power struggle that had become central to her lascivious libido. She loved it every time she had the good fortune to once again find just the two of them, alone, in the shower. She felt swirling tingles of excitement when she entered the shower area to find Lisa the only one there. The silent ritual had become well established and she knew Lisa was just as eager to show off her body, just as eager to defy her sensibilities, just as eager to stare and glare at Luanne as Luanne was to perform the routine for Lisa’s eyes.

Luanne left those episodes with so much unreleased sexual energy that she often would masturbate in the car on the way home. Shuddering orgasms dampened her car seat as she fingered herself and relived the encounters that had just expired. No words were spoken. She found it amazing how much real communication took place with only body language and eye contact. She knew the encounters must have been having a like-effect on Lisa. It would have been impossible to be otherwise. She often imagined Lisa taking care of herself in her own vehicle as they headed in opposite directions after work.

On an unseasonably warm September afternoon, a few weeks after their first shower room tete-a-tete they found themselves again alone in the shower and the locker room. The shower room encounter followed the earlier script. Each displayed her body, tits, cleavage, bush, and with thrusting hips and hiding fingers, managed to both excite and enrage the other. This time, back in the locker area, where benches fronted a row of lockers, the two found themselves toweling off. This time it was Lisa who found a way to escalate the challenge. As she finished toweling one of her calves, and with Luanne sitting just mere feet away on the same bench, naked as could be, she swung her right leg up and over the bench, riding astride the bench in the kind of un-lady-like pose she would never have considered if other women had been around. Her dark and dusky pussy fur parted at the crotch. Luanne, with speed-of-light quickness, found herself staring at the junction between Lisa’s legs. Lisa’s thick brunette pubic patch parted enough for Luanne to ascertain plenty of detail about Lisa’s womanly pussy. Her moist pink lips peeled apart just a little bit, revealing just a glimpse of inner pinkness and radiating plenty of womanly power. This time it was Luanne’s turn to counterpunch. Returning the favor, she swung her left leg tantalizingly slowly over the bench, even leaning backwards a little bit (more than had Lisa) so that her own blonde swatch of hair down there would part enough to reveal her own thick labia, which Lisa noticed instantly were even thicker than her own. The blonde hairs that surrounded Luanne’s labia were plenty sufficient protection for those big lips, but with the parting of her legs, the show began.

Lisa stared at Luanne’s cunt and Luanne returned the favor. The usual shower room routine was on sabbatical; no charade of toweling, grooming hair, checking for items in the locker; only the duel. The perfume hadn’t been put on yet. The bodies were clean as a whistle so there was no revealing aroma. But the visual encounter was completely overwhelming their senses. Their libidos were racing. Their enmity was soaring. The challenger was staring at them. Lisa absorbed Luanne’s pussy lips with her eyes, they were moving, almost imperceptibly, but yet glaringly obvious, they were pulling inward. Then they relaxed; inward again, relax, inward again. If she hadn’t been so powerfully angry and so intently performing her own kegel exercises in her own pussy she might have smiled. But she knew that Luanne was watching a similar display between her own bench-straddling cunt lips. “My PUSSY is more powerful than yours! My pussy is sweeter than yours. My pussy is TIGHTER than yours! My PUSSY is BETTER than yours! My PUSSY is THE pussy around here, and yours is NOTHING!”

It didn’t take a single word. The women were bold. The women were sexy. The women were mature. The women were smart. The women were enemies. They both knew it. They both were thankful for the opportunity to challenge each other while at the same time disappointed in not having the chance to PROVE that she was the superior woman. Too much on the line (with jobs and all) to risk anything more pronounced than this.

As the months went by, the scene in both the shower and the bench was repeated several times over. Each time there may have been a WISH for intimate contact, but it remained an acting and gazing exercise. The time span of some of those moments did stretch out to last as long as 3-5 minutes sometimes. Tits were fondled, nipples tweaked, legs parted across that same bench, pussies in kegel-duels of tightness and power. It was Lisa’s brunette bush versus Luanne’s blonde bush with only 4-5 feet separating them on the bench. Little did they know after they had parted company the last time after one of these interludes that the almost insane desire they had for each other, both sexual and of hatred, would finally achieve its destiny tonight; in the hotel, in Lisa’s room, legs locking each others’ groin to her own; cunt-to-cunt. All would be settled here tonight. Finally!

To be continued