By HGHunt

The thoughts that fluttered through Luanne’s mind never made it across the ether to Lisa. Lisa was unaware that Luanne harbored some doubts about her stamina, and Lisa was in her own place worried about the seeming imbalance of power between them, considering that the number of shuddering orgasms was becoming lopsided, with Luanne clearly pushing all the right buttons to make Lisa cum and cum repeatedly. As intent as she was on grasping every shred of orgiastic energy her body had, she also worried that Luanne might be holding back and harboring some reserve of energy that might allow her to maintain her pace for a long time to come. She wanted to find out. She wanted to find out by fucking. As lovely as every one of those orally stimulated orgasms had been, Lisa found herself absolutely craving the feel of feminine pussy-to-pussy contact. What a thrill to feel her hairy snatch entwined with another writhing wet fuzzy cunt. The other fuzzy twat was of the hated-blonde variety, and that made the lust even sweeter.

Space-time sometimes has an odd flow and now was one of them for Lisa. It was probably only a second or two of fleeting awareness, but Lisa recalled a couple of encounters from the past: Sandy and Joyce, one a victory and the other a loss, zoomed in and out of her consciousness. But it wasn’t the win and the loss that swarmed through the deep reptilian part of her brain, it was the absolute frenzy of sexual lust she felt as those other women tried to overpower her pussy and she fought back with every nerve and muscle in her body. She lusted for that. She wanted that. She wanted Luanne! She wanted her pussy. She wanted their pussies to settle things and she wanted orgasms. She wanted to WIN! Round one of their fuck-fight was over and the urge to get at it again was overpowering.

“Wanna drink?” Lisa had used the moment to suggest a pause. It was not perceived as a weakness by Luanne as she accepted, “Sure.”

They pulled apart and, foregoing the wine, each took a long series of gulps of tap water. A couple of hours or more of sexual exertion had passed and the two women felt a replacement of doubt with confidence as the water and moments of relaxation soothed their muscles like a hockey player after a long shift on the ice recuperates on the bench before his next shift.

Lisa swayed her sexy ass the few steps towards the bed. Luanne followed, her eyes fixated on the bouncing cheeks as she followed a few steps behind. “Ok bitch! We’ve played around a bit, and it’s been fun. But now there is only one thing to do; bang our pussies together again and let it all hang out; my dark furry cunt against your pathetic girly-blonde pussy.” Both knew that the earlier pussy fight was an introduction, but the next would be the finale, for all the marbles. Luanne snarled back at Lisa, “No quarter you slimy slut! No toys, no stopping, no backing out either you filthy tramp!” Luanne captured Lisa’s attention with her bravado, but didn’t faze her. Both women ached for a conclusion. Both felt a writhing mixture of confidence and concern stirring inside their heads, but they each realized that whatever the outcome, they each knew the other wanted to win as badly as she. And best of all, both were horny as hell to feel the rich creamy drooling enemy twat sliding deliciously against her crotch.

To be continued