By HGHunt

Hearing Lisa’s anger confirmed for Luanne the wisdom of her remarks. She was glad to have seen the response from Lisa that revealed how infuriated she was. While Luanne’s pussy was still sore from the big black dildo-pounding it had taken, she kept a keen awareness of Lisa’s body and with those remarks now had a pretty good idea of her state of mind. “This bitch is losing it,” she thought to herself.

“Fuck yes!” I’ll eat you all fucking night long, or at least until your kitty can’t take it anymore. I’m just getting warmed up.”

Luanne bit Lisa’s left labia lip between her front teeth, gripping the tender flesh and pulling it out and away from her wet hole, letting the pressure off just enough for the flap of flesh to fall back into place (more or less). Again she bit, this time the other side, and let go after stretching Lisa’s right labia a couple of inches, careful to stretch far enough to cause Lisa’s pain threshold to be crossed, but not far enough to create any lasting damage or excruciating pain either. Back and forth Luanne teased Lisa’s labia with bits and nips and pulls, stretching them left and right, forward and back, crossing her pain threshold over and over again only to let it slide back down into the ecstasy of stimulation.

Lisa, taken aback by Luanne’s surging energy, registered flickering doubts about her “Eat Me,” demands. The pain/pleasure conundrum was glorious, but she sensed a growing unease at allowing Luanne even the perception of control for that long. Succumbing to doubt wasn’t normal for Lisa, but as Luanne vigorously mouthed her cunt with nips and more bites she couldn’t help but second-guess herself. Wham! Her next orgasm, while not a surprise came roaring through her with breakneck speed, demolishing all her conscious thoughts, and overpowering all other emotions save that of delirious joy. Lynn had managed to bring Lisa off without much of any clitoris play this time. This orgasm seemed more like a hurricane whipping through her loins and sending shivers of delight across her torso, legs, and even arms.

Luanne snarled at Lisa as the orgasm ebbed “Your pussy is mine bitch!!” Luanne pulled her face back to glare at Lisa, whose ragged breathing, was beginning to slow. “You ready for another?”

Lisa’s ire and ecstasy swam together in her mind, baffled by her own seemingly reckless submission to Luanne’s oral ministrations. But when Luanne’s lips pinched around a snarl of Lisa’s lush pubic hair and gave a gentle tug, right where Lisa’s hair was thickest and curliest, just above the apex of her saturated slit the answer was obvious. “Mmmmmm that was nice. Of course I want another. I’ll take as many as you can give, and that better be a LOT!”

It turned out to be a LOT too. Luanne slathered Lisa’s cunt repeatedly with her mouth, drenching Lisa with 3 more orgasms in the next half hour. Every time it was a delicious blast of sexual energy, washing through Lisa with delight. The lust for orgasm swarmed through Lisa with such vigor that when Luanne came up panting and fatigued after that last orgasm, Lisa couldn’t bear to let her enemy pull back now, being FAR from satiated, and intent as ever to use Luanne for her own pleasure, in whatever way possible.

Luanne felt a small flutter of fatigue. Without wanting it and without accounting for the energy needed to chow pussy without halt, she had tired. Her tongue was wearing out from all the delicate work of pleasuring Lisa’s clit and slew-hole and lips. Her lips were beginning to tire as well, and the lengthening duration of Lisa’s insistent hip-bucking orgasms was beginning to take a bit of a toll on Luanne’s optimism. “This bitch sure can keep it up.” Luanne shook her head to try to smother the thought. She was mad at herself for letting that thought creep inside her head.

To be continued