By HGHunt

Luanne, eager to divert the direction of events towards a different compass heading, pulled her hips back and let the synthetic phallus ooze out. Divesting her pussy of that big dick allowed a moment of relief from the stretching and pounding she had endured. Reaching over she pulled it out of Lisa.

Lisa rose up onto her elbows, watching Luanne for signs of either aggression or submission; unsure as to just how spent or deflated the orgasm had made her and what her state of mine would be. Her scheming hatred merged with the unwanted but necessarily elevated libido to prevent her from leaping into action against Luanne. Her pussy ached, but not distressingly so. Her clit, swollen with excitement loomed over her gaping chasm like a sentinel. “Take THAT bitch!” Lisa managed a heartfelt taunt, even as her clitoris glistened and shimmered with reflections off the dewy mixture of feminine juices.

Its pink plumpness attracted Luanne’s immediate attention; her eyes riveted on her target and she reversed her body around with a flourish, full of wicked intent. She plopped onto her front and her face dove low towards Lisa’s pussy. Lisa allowed Luanne the access she wanted, her recuperation taking precedence over retaliation, and her lust making it easier to allow. Her heaving chest found a rhythm as Luanne’s mouth explored Lisa’s lavender-scented orifice. The initial touch of mouth on labia sent shivers through Lisa’s groin, darts of pleasure radiating outward through her body. Lisa sensed an edge; a scant feeling but quite real. Thinking to herself “I got her. I got her. I got her going. She’s not done yet, but I have her where I want her. There’s no way she’ll be able to keep up with me. I’m just going to let her get me off and then it is Katie bar the door, ‘cause I’ll go after her for real!”

Luanne encountered no reciprocal interventions and she earnestly began to work her tongue and lips all over Lisa’s moist pussy. Luanne’s blonde hair bobbed up and down between Lisa’s widely splayed legs, delicious energy flowing from mouth to cunt. Lisa soon added some hip-humping rhythm to Luanne’s oral manipulation. Thrust, thrust, thrust. She felt the rich elegant sensations caused by Luanne’s tongue dancing over her clitoris. Ms. Tongue dashing deep into her pussy crevice and bringing wads of wetness out to the surface and then spreading it like warm butter on toast all over Lisa’s hair-sprouting labia lips, smothering her plump kitty clit in gooey residue of slime and saliva was having the expected impact on her arousal. “Ooooooo, this girl is good!” mused Lisa in a moment of absorption. Her hips lurched forward, achingly after even more and stronger pressure from Luanne’s probing mouth. Twisting this way and that, the pressure on her to come kept growing and growing. As Luanne responded with quicker and firmer jabs with her tongue across Lisa’s clit, the simmering erotic pressure in Lisa’s groin neared its limit. Luanne hummed deeply in her throat “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and she sucked Lisa’s clit between her lips, pinching it tightly over and over with delicate and pleasing precision. Her timing was exquisite as the inevitable orgasm rocked through Lisa.

Her upper thighs pinched around Luanne’s ears, pinning her head in place as her cunt throbbed and burned with sizzling excess, dazzling Luanne’s mouth with a surge of juice overwhelming Luanne’s oral cavity. For 15-30 seconds Lisa pinched her thighs together and Luanne obligingly continued to lick and slurp and suck Lisa’s clit throughout the throbbing orgasm.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You are a pretty damn good cunt licker, BITCH! But now it’s time to turn things around.” She let her legs slack off of Luanne’s ears. Luanne lifted her face out of Lisa’s crotch, the slick moisture that smothered most of her face glistening in the soft light of the two small lamps. “You better believe it too, you fucking whore. I’m an even better cock-sucker. After I’m through with you I’m gonna prove it to your sexy Steve, and you won’t be able to stop me, because you’ll be all worn out!”

The bravado in Luanne’s voice and the confidence behind it took Lisa back a bit. She hadn’t expected such a verbal attack. But the response that dominated Lisa’s mind was ire; pure and passionate ire at the audacity of Luanne to bring up Steve and threaten to suck his cock.

“I changed my mind you filthy tramp! If you think you’re THAT good, you’re going to have to prove it to ME over and over again.” She slammed her thighs together as she lurched her hips upwards to capture Luanne’s head right back where she’d been. “EAT ME AGAIN! EAT ME AGAIN! You fucking clit-sucking whore!” Her snarling voice trembled with the anger which had overpowered her former judgments. “I’m gonna really teach this bitch a lesson,” she mused silently as her thighs released their pressure just a bit, to find out what Luanne would do.

To be continued