By JB57

Panting, snarling, glaring at each other eye to eye, the women squeezed tits and pulled viciously at the other’s cunt fur, inflicting more and more pain, littering the mat with the signs of their delightful battle. Ms. Jones suddenly changed tactics, plunging two fingers hard and deep into Donna’s soaking cunt. Donna gasped, then immediately returned the favor. For the next two minutes or so, the only sounds in the room were the moans and gasps of two women locked in sexual rage, and the wet, sucking sound of eager fingers pumping juicy cunts. The women’s erotic whimpers grew louder as the struggle continued.

“Enough,” Donna finally groaned. “We’re both too wet to hold back much longer. Let’s lock up cunt to cunt and see who can last, you fucking bitch!”

“Yes, slut, let’s lock up twat to twat and fight it out,” Ms. Jones agreed, gasping with lust and tension. “Let’s go tit to tit, too, if you think you can stand it.”

Their gorgeous bodies glistening with sweat and other juices, their massive tits heaving, the two women slowly released each other and pulled apart. Panting, they faced each other. Eyes locked in hate and rage and pure lust. They sat down and, hands behind their bodies, began to slowly push towards each other, legs spread wide, thick, juicy cunts framed within the coarse, dense mats of pussy hair.

Donna and Ms. Jones pushed up until they could slide their nylon-sheathed legs over and under each other and ease into a scissors-lock. They pushed closer, until each tickled the other’s cunt with her pussy hair. The women glared at each other, both seeing the fear, the hate, the raw excitement and lust that fought in each of them. They both wanted to fuck desperately, the lust was burning them alive. Each woman knew that she could end up defeated, sucking the clit of the winner. But what they were about to do was worth the risk.

Donna and Ms. Jones reached for each other, each grasping the other’s arms at their biceps. They squeezed their massive tits between their arms, compressing their meaty racks, their nipples pointed at each other like sex swords. They pushed closer until, with a gasp, their engorged nipples touched head to head. The women hissed, and then kept pushing, allowing their nipples to crush each other back. Donna and Ms. Jones shuddered as raw sexual power flowed from their struggling tits to their aching, burning cunts. They inched their wet twats closer and closer together. Just fractions of an inch from touching, from locking up, the women paused. Exchanging final snarls of hate, they finally closed the gap. Thick, hot, juicy twat met thick, hot, juicy twat, both cunts slapping together wetly. With a mutual groan of raw ecstasy, the two over-sexed women began their meaty grinding, cunt to cunt, fuckmeat to fuckmeat.

Slick, hot, juicy cunt lips met and merged, soft, sensitive flesh meeting and melting. Pussy lips slid and burned, sending shots of almost unbearable pleasure through both women. “FUCK!” Ms. Jones and Donna screeched in unison. The women gripped each other’s arms even tighter, then began to work their hips and asses, grinding their pussies hard, forcing open and spreading the other’s sopping wet sexhole, forcing themselves ever more deeply into the other, drawing each other even more tightly into one sex-crazed body.

Ms Jones was groaning and snarling in erotic bliss. Ever since she had learned of Donna and the blonde’s reputation as a particularly accomplished and determined sexfighter, she had been dying to meet the woman. When she had learned that Donna’s son was in her class, she knew she had no choice but to arrange this battle. And, so far, it had been everything she had ever hoped. And now, now that she was locked cunt to cunt and tit to tit with her foe, now that they were both trembling with almost unendurable pleasure, she could only bask in the pleasure and hope that it did not end. She wanted to fuck Donna senseless, she was determined to win their fuckwar, but she wanted this ecstasy to go on as long as it possibly could. And she and Donna still had to meet clit to clit. Ms. Jones rubbed and humped her lush pussy into its attacker. “Oh fuck, that feels so good…” Ms. Jones moaned, her head thrown back, her nipples grinding like thick fleshy spears into Donna’s matching pair. “So good, fuck, so good…Fuck, I’m going to grind you into paste, you blonde cunt,” she gasped.

“Mmmm, that’s good, so good…,” Donna echoed as she worked her ass and hips, as she felt the hungry maw between her legs suck and grind at the matching sexual furnace burning between Ms. Jones’ legs. Donna was almost delirious with passion. She did not know if Ms. Jones would prove to be as formidable an enemy as Jane but, so far, the teacher had more than held her own against Donna’s powerful pussy and throbbing tits. Donna pulled the teacher’s upper body even more tightly to her own, crushing their tits harder. She felt her thick pussy lips spread and flatten against the other woman’s hot cunt, she felt her clit throb and pulse as it rose out of its hood. Donna pushed her face up to Ms. Jones’ face. She released the teacher’s arms and slipped her arms around the other woman’s back, sliding her right hand down to grab the teacher’s pumping ass, nesting her hand in Ms. Jones’ ass crack.

Ms. Jones groaned and wrapped her arms around Donna’s back and squeezed hard. The women moaned together as their tits squashed tight, throbbing and struggling nipple to nipple. The women opened their mouths to each other, teased with their questing tongues, sucked at each other’s tongue, before plunging into each other’s mouth. They each drove their tongue as deep into their foe as they could, penetrating each other, trying to consume each other, preparing for the clit fight to come.

The women continued to rock their hips and asses, driving into each other, sealing their ravenous pussies even more tightly. Donna felt her throbbing clit finally push hard out of its hood and drive into Ms. Jones’ pussy, caressing the slick flesh of Ms. Jones’ burning labia. The teacher groaned, feeling the violation. She moaned, breaking the kiss with Donna, and felt her own clit harden and rise in response to the challenge. Panting, gasping, the women glared at each other through half open eyes as they worked their swollen, pulsing clits into position to begin the final battle. They smiled at each other through the haze of sexual fever, both knowing that the real struggle was about to start.

“Yes, let’s do it…,” Donna murmured at her foe, the pure lust burning in her veins more than she could stand. She had to clitfuck this bitch, her body demanded it.

“Yes, yes…,” Ms. Jones whispered in reply, her eyes glazed with need and delirious with lust.

Gently, apprehensively, the two women worked their hips and stroked their hugely swollen clits against each other. Throbbing, nerve-rich sexhorns caressed, pushing head to head, then held, quivering with power. A sexual bomb exploded in both beauties, nova heat suffusing every inch of their sex-saturated flesh. The women stared at each other, their eyes open with the shock of pure, unbelievable ecstasy. Their bodies shivered, almost convulsed with pleasure. Then, they finally regained their voices.

“Fuck, fuck, oh JESUS FUCK!” Donna shrieked. She could not believe how good this felt, she could not hold back the raw power inflaming every erogenous zone in her body. Her breasts seemed to swell, her nipples grew even harder, her cunt gushed pussy juice like a fountain, flowing from her sex into Ms. Jones’ open, inviting cunthole, to which she was locked in an unbreakable seal.

“Oh my FUCKING GOD!!!,” Ms. Jones howled, her body trembling with raw sensation, her whole world suddenly narrowing down to the indescribable pleasure burning out of her cunt, then blasting back out to her entire body. Her cunt gushed back, sharing its burning liquids with Donna, her breasts and nipples pulsed with tension and sensitivity.

Sobbing uncontrollably, shaking with pleasure, neither woman retreated an inch. Instead, they began to grind harder. Their rock-hard, swollen sexnubs were locked together, crossed like two fleshy sex swords, and the battling women began to grind them against each other. Up and down, side to side, length to length and head to head, never letting the most exquisitely sensitive and erotic parts of their bodies separate, they battled. Each sought to drive the other woman insane with pleasure, to force her to surrender her control to the sheer joy of their clit to clit fuck. With every thrust, their tits seemed to swell against each other even more, their nipples penetrated and struggled against each other harder and more pleasurably. With each jerk of their hips, their hot cunts seemed to grow hotter, their pussy juice flowed ever more freely. Both women were sure that their vaginal canals were filling with their mixed juices, so tightly were they sucked and sealed into one.

They panted nose to nose, staring at each other in delirious pleasure before they locked their mouths and used their tongues to imitate the clitfight going on below. Both women, at the same time, reached behind her opponent and filled her hands with the other’s pumping ass. They pulled hard, bracing against each other to grind harder. They spread their legs wide and opened each other as much as they could to their delicious mutual violation.

Donna and Ms. Jones pushed hard with their powerful asses, sealing each other even tighter. Hot, wet squelching noises issued from their hungry cunts as their pussies locked. Ms. Jones contracted her cunt muscles, squeezing Donna tight; Donna immediately responded and the women found their genitals merged and meshed with even greater force, eating at each other, trying to devour one another.

For both women, their senses narrowed to their warring sexual organs. Both felt like their cunts had expanded to encompass their bodies. They slid and sucked and merged in hot, wet ecstasy, a sensation that rippled through every nerve in Donna and Ms. Jones’ beautiful bodies. They squeezed at each other. Their tits seemed to be on fire, their nipples were hot spikes of erotic sensation, piercing each other and fusing the women ever more tightly into one. Their clits were like nova-hot swords, grinding and spearing and filling the women with electricity and fire with every driving thrust. The women pulled each other as close as they could, both struggling to become one sex-engorged body as they fucked each other to the most intense orgasms of their lives. Their hot, hungry kisses eventually gave way to resting forehead to forehead, nose to nose, as they exchanged hot breath and vicious curses. They sucked at their darting tongues when they could.

The fuckfight raged on and on, neither woman willing to surrender to the incredible sensations wracking her body, neither willing to surrender to the other woman’s hungry cunt and thrusting tits. The battle seemed to go on for an eternity, the women struggling, humping and bucking, hot sweat and cunt juices soaking and slicking to the mats on which they fought, their groans and gasps of pleasure slowly growing to moans and cries of sheer ecstasy, their hitching sobs of joy slowly fading as they lost the ability to verbalize the raw sensations wracking their dueling bodies.

Through her delirium, Donna knew she could not last much longer. She knew that she had never held back an orgasm this intense for so long before and she was amazed that she had done it so far. Ms. Jones felt the same way. Her body was saturated with raw sexual bliss and she knew that she could not hold back the pleasure much more.

Both women were crying out, their bodies trembling with erotic tension, their arms and legs now wrapped tightly around each other as they struggled to grind the other into sexual submission, as they struggled to merge.

Suddenly, Ms. Jones felt her rock-hard clit, already burning nova-hot with pleasure, explode with a transcendent burst of erotic power. The orgasm she had been fighting back finally arrived.

“No, nooo, nooo… Oh, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” Ms. Jones shrieked. She rammed her clit into Donna’s matching sexhorn as hard as she could, but she felt her insides convulse and suddenly she was releasing sexual power and pumping hot cum up into her enemy’s vagina, her body finally surrendering the struggle.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” Donna cooed, squeezing Ms. Jones’ cunt with her own as hard as she could, pulling the other woman as hard to her as was possible. Her own body was shuddering on the verge of orgasm, but she was determined to humble this woman, to prove, incontestably, which of them had the stronger cunt. She delighted in the feeling of Ms. Jones’ body writhing against her own in the throes of her orgasmic release, she loved the sensation of the hot cum jetting into her core. Ms. Jones convulsed a second time, groaning in defeat, and Donna felt a second surge of hot, steaming liquid suffuse her vagina. Now that the orgasmic dam had broken, the teacher seemed to have lost all control of her ravenous sex.

Suddenly, Donna found herself on the edge of orgasm. It happened so suddenly she could not resist. A surge of unbearable pleasure, greater than anything she had yet experienced, raced through every inch of her flesh and her vagina convulsed. Donna found herself letting loose a full-throated scream of joy. She pumped her cum into Ms. Jones’ welcoming body as every muscle in her body tightened, then released in a flood of pleasure.

Ms. Jones was sobbing uncontrollably, but she tightened her cunt on Donna’s convulsing pussy, and held on, struggling desperately to keep from coming again. Donna was almost delirious with her own pleasure and did not realize this until she felt the second intense orgasm burning up out of her core. She looked through glazed eyes into the teacher’s pleasure-tortured green eyes. As she came, she saw Ms. Jones let herself go.

The women shrieked together. They squeezed each other hard and rammed their clits together, squashing them, fusing them, as they shared a simultaneous orgasm. Both women pumped steaming cum into each other at the same time, suffusing their bodies, sealing them together, sharing their orgasmic release.

Nose to nose, hands behind their bodies and bracing them so that they could grind together harder than ever, swollen tits squashed tight, engorged nipples pulsing, Donna and Ms. Jones shared orgasm after orgasm, pumping hot juices back and forth into each other, basking in their shared ecstasy, squashing their raging clits until they pulsed together in unison. They screamed and howled together, their cries of bliss merging and harmonizing, even as their bodies reached sexual ecstasy in harmony. Three, four, five orgasms came, one after the other, each more devastating than the last, each shared by the two battling women until they finally fell back, flat on their backs, but still sealed tight, cunt to cunt. Their tits heaved with their desperate panting, their bodies gleamed with sweat and heat.

Donna lay on the mat, the vinyl slick with the many secretions of the battle. She stared up at the ceiling, at a poster of a kitten struggling to climb onto a tree. “Never give up!” was the poster’s advice. Donna smiled. Her body was floating on a cushion of pure pleasure. She had never had such a delicious fuckfight in her life. Even better, she had won.

She tightened her cunt and felt an answering squeeze from Ms. Jones. Donna propped herself up on her elbows and looked between her massive tits and down the length of their joined bodies to the teacher, who now propped herself up to stare back.

“To the victor go the spoils, bitch,” Donna said, smiling. “Come and eat my clit. Then, I won’t keep you after school much longer.”

Ms. Jones pulled herself away from Donna’s body, their pussies separating with an audible pop and a gush of fresh juices. She turned herself around and lowered her face to Donna’s hot, hairy cunt, framed by soaking wet pussy fur.

“This is not over between us, Mrs. Parker,” the teacher snarled. Her massive tits hung enticingly from her chest, wobbling with weight as she moved. Then, she lowered her face to Donna’s pussy, drove her tongue deep into the blonde’s cunt, wrapped her lips and tongue around the woman’s sex-engorged clit and began to suck vigorously. Her hands snaked up Donna’s body until they were filled with Donna’s dense titflesh. Ms. Jones squeezed and kneaded.

Donna leaned back, smiling with pleasure, and enjoyed the delicious tension building in her cunt, pulsing in her tits. She knew that the battle wasn’t over yet. But it was off to a very good start.

To be continued