By JB57

Donna Parker pulled up to the school in her roadster. It was 4 PM in the afternoon, and she knew that she would be one of the last parents to see her son’s teacher for this parent-teacher interview day. She was anxious to have this interview over and to get back home. At 6:00, she was supposed to be going to the house of her friend and neighbor Jane for a long-delayed meeting, and Donna had been looking forward to that meeting all day. The aching heat in her tits, the tingling sensation in her nipples, the tension in her wet pussy, all testified to her sexual excitement.

Donna swung her long, shapely, and powerful legs out of the car, her 3-inch heels striking the pavement, and pulled herself out of the low-riding vehicle. Donna was a beautiful, powerfully built woman in her early 30s. Her long blonde hair flowed around her shoulders, her clear blue eyes sparkled. She was wearing sheer black stockings, a grey miniskirt, and a tight-fitting white blouse. The blouse accentuated her remarkable, 40DD tits, which strained at the fabric of the garment, her formidable cleavage framed by the deep “v” of the neckline. She swung her business jacket over her shoulder, picked up her purse, and clicked quickly up the pavement toward the school’s entrance, her womanly hips swaying.

Once inside, Donna found her son’s homeroom and then sat down to wait. Several other parents, mostly women, were still in line, and Donna began to be concerned. She was scheduled to meet with Ms. Jones, her boy’s teacher, at 4:30. But she had come a bit early in the hopes of seeing the teacher sooner rather than later. She knew that if she finished early, she could get home to prepare for Jane. Now, she began to doubt that she would be able to leave here on time as she discovered, to her chagrin, that 4:30 was the last appointment for the day.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs, occasionally rubbing her inner thighs together, trying to ignore and control but secretly enjoying the wet heat in her crotch as she thought about what she planned to do to Jane. Then her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” Donna asked. She saw from the call display that it was Jane’s number, and her stomach tightened in anticipation of disappointment. Sure enough, the moment her friend started speaking, Donna knew that their plans for the evening would have to be delayed again.

“Donna?” Jane croaked. “Jane here. I’m sorry, dear, but you won’t be able to come over tonight. I’ve caught a nasty flu from work and it’s really making me feel crappy.”

“Yes, I can hear,” Donna replied, trying to keep the intense disappointment out of her voice. “I’m really sorry that you’re not feeling well. I was looking forward to this evening.”

“Yes, so was I,” Jane squeaked. “But don’t worry, we’ll get together really soon. I just love the way you suck my clit.”

“This time it would have been different,” Donna responded, with a tight grin. She barely restrained herself from adding “bitch” at the end of her sentence, but she knew that cursing her oldest friend and most intense sex rival while she was in a public place probably would not be a good idea.

“Well, I’ll have to take a rain-check, dear,” Jane continued. “Don’t worry, we’ll get together in a week or so. It sounds like you need another lesson in which of us is the better woman.”

“I’m here at the school, waiting to see Mark’s teacher, or I’d have more to say about that, Jane,” Donna replied. “But we’ll talk some more, the next time we meet.”

The two women said goodbye to each other and hung up. Donna replaced her phone in her bag and tried to hide her frustration. She had last fought Jane more than a month ago. They had locked together in a long, brutal, incredibly intense fuckfight that had resulted in her dark-haired neighbor eventually riding her into submission. Ever since, Donna had been spoiling for the chance to get back at her beautiful friend. Now, she was going to have to wait even longer.

Even worse, Donna’s body was primed for sexual warfare. She had spent the entire day daydreaming about the delicious sensations of being locked body to body with another woman, the heat of struggling cunt to cunt and tit to tit with an equally formidable woman, of rubbing clits with another sex-crazed, determined foe. She had spent hours imagining the intense fucking that she had planned to administer to Jane. Her pussy had been wet, her nipples had been lightly aroused, ever since she got up this morning. The sexual tension in her pussy had built up throughout the day and demanded release. Now, no release was in sight. All that she could do was sit and stew in her own juices as she waited to see her son’s teacher.

4:30 came and went and there were still four parents ahead of her. Donna sighed. Today was turning into a long day. When 5:15 PM rolled around, she knew that she would be late getting home. She called and left a message for her kids to take some leftovers out of the fridge. Donna decided that she would go and get herself a restaurant meal after she saw Ms. Jones. But first, she would need to go somewhere private in her car and masturbate. Right now, she was just too aroused to pretend that she could function normally.

At 5:30, Ms. Jones, Mark’s teacher, showed the final parent out, then turned to greet Donna.

“Mrs. Parker,” the teacher said. “I’m ready to see you now.”

Donna got up and shook hands with the teacher, appraising the other woman as she did so. This was the first time she had met the teacher and, from everything she had heard, the woman was a real bitch, at least with adults. Ms. Jones had a reputation for being rude and dismissive towards parents. Donna noticed that Ms. Jones had not even apologized for keeping her waiting so long. The woman was, however, an excellent teacher, and this fact ensured the safety of her job. Indeed, although the woman was only in her early 30s, she was in high demand and the fact that she had ended up in this exclusive, private school was a testament to her teaching abilities.

Donna was impressed with the teacher’s firm grip. She also noticed, to her surprise, the flash of fire in the other woman’s eyes as they shook hands. Something struck her as oddly familiar about the teacher’s expression and demeanor, but she could not quite figure out what it was.

Ms. Jones was a gorgeous woman. She had bright green eyes, thick black hair and a tight, strongly built figure. She looked to be Donna’s height and build, with the notable exception of her chest. While her breasts were hardly small, they were considerably less substantial than Donna’s own meaty rack. The teacher was wearing a loose, buttoned-up red blouse and a black midi-skirt, black stockings and high heels. As she followed the teacher into the classroom, Donna noticed the woman’s wide, inviting hips and long, strong legs.

Donna entered the large classroom and glanced around. There was a desk at the far end of the room and some comfortable chairs facing it. The center of the room was an open space. Students’ desks were lined up against the walls. The room’s walls were colorfully decorated with posters and cut outs, and a number of piñatas and educational toys hung from the ceiling. Three arched, ceiling-high windows were situated at the far end of the room, on the wall behind the teacher’s desk, looking out on the park beyond. Bright sunlight streamed in the windows but, for some reason, Ms. Jones walked over to the wall and pressed a button. Automatic shutters slid into place, blocking out the sun and leaving the classroom considerably darker. Still, the ceiling lights were a warm yellow glow, not institutional white fluorescents, and that helped compensate for the lack of sunlight.

The teacher slid behind her desk and gestured for Donna to take the chair across from her.

“I’m delighted to meet you, Mrs. Parker,” Ms. Jones said. “I’ve really been looking forward to this meeting all day. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time, now.” Donna noticed the same flash of fire in the teacher’s eyes and, suddenly, she realized what it was. The woman facing her was deeply, intensely sexually aroused!

“Um… why is that?” Donna began, cautiously. Something was amiss here, and she needed to figure out what was happening.

Ms. Jones smiled tightly. “Let’s just say that we have a number of … mutual friends … who have told me a lot about you. You and I have some very similar hobbies. I thought maybe we could have a nice, long chat this evening. In private. Just the two of us. That’s why I scheduled our meeting for the end of the day. I think that we should have a lot of time to… get acquainted.”

Donna felt an explosion of heat between her legs. Her nipples tightened sharply. Her breasts pulsed with sudden erotic sensations. It sounded like this woman knew about her sexfighting hobby. But she had to be sure.

“I’m afraid that you have me at a disadvantage, Ms. Jones,” Donna replied, coolly. “I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.”

The teacher grinned smugly, her beautiful face lighting with excitement, her eyes suddenly hot with sexual fever. “Oh, I think that you know exactly what I’m talking about, Mrs. Fuckfighter. I’m challenging you to a sexfight. Right here, right now, just you and me, body against body, to see which of us is the better woman. Do you have the guts for that?”

Donna smiled. The heat in her sex, the intense arousal that she had felt all day in anticipation of her battle with Jane, was back full-strength. The pounding sexual hunger and the associated need for relief filled her veins. Excitement and tension began to flow through her erogenous zones. But she did not know this woman and she needed to be careful.

“Well, I guess that we do share some hobbies. But I don’t really see how this is going to work. I’ll happily fight you with almost any rules that you like, but I don’t think that we can go at each other very well in our clothes, and I’m not about to strip down and sexfight in a school building where anyone can walk in.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” the teacher replied. “We’ll have all the privacy that we need.”

Ms. Jones got up, stepped from behind her desk, and marched over to the thick, wooden classroom door, her high heels clicking. She turned the lock on the knob, snapped the deadbolt then, for good measure, reached into a filing cabinet beside the door, pulled out a padlock, and snapped it into a locking ring on the door. It was clear that no one would be able to drop in on them unexpectedly, including any janitorial staff. Then, Ms. Jones took a plaque hanging on the doorknob and placed it in the square window of the door. The plaque read “In Conference -Please Do Not Disturb”. It completely covered the window in the otherwise solid door.

Ms. Jones marched back across the room to the closet. She pulled two thick mats out of the closet and dragged them over to the center of the room. She arranged the pads on the floor, and then stood beside them, her hands on her womanly hips, her expression expectant.

“Do these meet with your requirements, Mrs. Parker?” she asked archly. “No one can come in, the door is sound proof, the blinds are shut, and the mats will protect us when we fight. Anything else?”

Donna rose from her chair, smiling. There was only one possible answer now.

“OK, baby. If you want a sexfight, you’ve got one. And I think that you’re going to regret it. What are the rules and what do we take off?”

“Usual sexfight rules,” Ms. Jones replied. “No biting, scratching, hitting with the fist or slapping above the neck. Breast grabbing, hair-pulling and any kind of wrestling holds are allowed. Of course, by ‘hair-pulling’ I mean head and pussy hair.”

“Oh, of course you do,” Donna murmured, a delighted, predatory grin lighting her face.

“As to clothing,” the teacher continued, “I’m wearing thigh stockings. Let’s lose everything else, including bras. I want a good, hard titfight, and I want to get my hands on your tits too.”

“I’m sure you do,” Donna replied. “No offense, but I don’t think that you’re much of a match for me in the tit department.”

Ms. Jones smiled. “Don’t worry, baby. My clothes are cut to conceal not reveal. I like to surprise.”

So saying, the teacher began to strip. She kicked off her high heels, and then wiggled her hips as she pulled her skirt down her thighs, letting it drop at her feet. The teacher was not wearing any underwear, and her hot, hairy twat was suddenly revealed. Ms. Jones unbuttoned her loose-fitting blouse and Donna was surprised to see that the woman was wearing a minimizer bra under her shirt. Ms. Jones’ tits overflowed from the tight garment. The teacher unsnapped the bra and her massive jugs seemed to almost explode outwards. Thick, heavy tits swayed gently, their dark brown nipples flashing, ridged areola tight and hard. Ms. Jones’ tits were fantastic, Donna realized. They were round and hard, thick and tight, and every bit as large as her own. She could not pull her eyes away from those delectable mammaries. She imagined holding them, squeezing them, driving her own dense tits into them until they flattened and surrendered…Donna licked her lips, her eyes glazing over with lust.

The teacher stood before Donna, naked except for her black stockings which encased her legs three-quarters of the way up her thighs, her hands on her wide, womanly hips. Ms. Jones shook her torso. Her jugs jiggled aggressively. She cocked her pelvis forward, drawing Donna’s hungry eyes down from her delicious tits to the thick, v-shaped fur crowning her moist, hot cunt. The teacher smiled lasciviously, then raised her hands from her hips and, holding out her hands palms up, gestured to Donna with her fingers.

“Come on, honey, let’s wrestle.”

Donna smiled. The blood pounding in her veins, her heart pounding in her ears, the heat flowing through her cunt and tits, all betrayed her growing excitement. She loved fighting big-titted women, she loved grinding her own thick, delectable titflesh into those of an equally-endowed foe, nipples thrusting and grating. She was elated that Ms. Jones was proving to be so formidable. She could hardly wait to get her hands on this woman, to meet this bitch with her own womanhood, lock together, and fuck and fuck until the better woman was decided. She just hoped that the teacher could give her a real challenge.

Donna felt the sexheat raging in her body, but she tried to stay calm and in control. She slipped off her shoes, and then carefully peeled off her tight white blouse. She was wearing a demi-bra, which cupped and supported her heavy tits, even as her massive jugs strained to break their restraints. She slipped off her mini-skirt and stood before the teacher wearing thigh stockings and a thong. Her thong was already damp, as it had been most of the day. She unclasped the bra and let her beautiful golden tits bounce free. She could feel Ms. Jones’ hungry eyes fix on her swaying rack. She reached down and slid the thong off of her hips, sliding it down her powerful thighs and gracefully curved calves until it dropped at her feet. She stepped out of the thong and kicked it aside. Ms. Jones’ eyes moved to the thick, v-shaped thatch of golden pubic hair that blossomed between Donna’s legs.

The two beauties regarded each other, their mutual hunger burning in their fevered eyes. Each woman took in every inch of the other –their round, firm, thrusting tits, their hot, hairy twats, their smooth, well-muscled limbs and abdomens. Their navels were tight and deep, their torsos were well-defined, their hips flared.

“Come on, baby,” Ms. Jones breathed. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Oh, you’ll find out, honey,” Donna purred. “I’m going to ride your clit until you beg me to stop.”

The women exchanged hot, hungry grins, then stepped onto the mats and began to circle each other. They crouched, their hands extended, their legs slightly spread. Their heavy, matching tits swayed and jiggled enticingly. Their hard nipples throbbed and hardened, nearly doubling in size as each woman grew more enraged with lust. Their massive tits ached and pulsed, swelling with arousal. Moisture began to ooze from the thick lips concealed in the coarse fur between each woman’s legs, as their need to fight and fuck grew to a fever pitch. Donna and Ms. Jones panted furiously, the excitement and lust boiling in their bodies. Both women had spent the day in a state of bitch heat and sexual anticipation. Now, finally, the sex fight that Ms. Jones had wanted for so long, what she had been dreaming about the entire day, had arrived. Donna had not expected this particular fight, but now that she was facing the beautiful teacher she knew that the sexual release she had been craving for hours could finally be satisfied.

Donna acted first, reaching out for Ms. Jones’ hands. The teacher eagerly met her, and they locked palm to palm in a test of strength. Both women hissed with lust and grunted with effort as they fought to control each other. Their hearts pounded with excitement and growing exertion. The women struggled hand to hand, each trying to push the other back. Their beautiful bodies came closer, their thick tits rocked with each jerking movement. Donna and Ms. Jones struggled for control, but both also became more excited as their massive chests swayed closer. Their hard nipples pointed like spears.

With a sudden groan, Ms. Jones pushed their locked hands high over their heads. The teacher could not stand it anymore. The heat in her cunt was simply unbearable, the tension in her tits was driving her crazy. She needed flesh to flesh contact. She needed to lock her body with Donna’s and finally begin the process of learning which of them was the better woman. She had waited months for this moment and she could not stand to wait another second more. She lurched forward. Donna stepped forward to meet her. With a mutual groaning cry of joy, the two women’s massive, meaty tits crushed hard, nipple to nipple, and squashed into a single, quivering flesh.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!” Ms. Jones cried as a blast of pure, ecstatic pleasure reverberated from her yielding tits and piercing nipples and into every part of her burning sex. Her thick, taut titflesh squashed tight with Donna’s equally dense jugs, their nipples struggled and fused and their areola grated and scraped, sending electric sparks of pleasure into their swelling boobs.

“Oh, God, you Cunt!” Donna moaned, her body burning with sexual heat. The women pushed tighter, their arms now spread out to their sides, their hands locked, their arms trembling with effort and the sexual tension now flowing through their bodies. They used the power of their legs to crush together. They rested their heads on each other’s shoulder and, gasping curses into each other’s ear, began to rub tits. Back and forth, up and down, nipples flicking and spearing, pulsing and grinding, thick flesh mashing into a delicious throbbing mass. Their jugs battled for a few minutes, neither gaining any advantage, both women feeling the size and power of her opponent’s taut tits. Suddenly, Donna freed her hands and wrapped her arms around Ms. Jones’ naked back. The teacher returned the hold instantly and, as one, the women squeezed each other tight. Tits flattened even more, dense titflesh struggling to resist its compression, blasts of aching ecstasy rippling through both women as their tits mated and their rock-hard nipples melted together. Squeezing tight, crying into each other’s ear, cheek to cheek, the women worked their bodies together, they worked their nipples hard, drilling into each other, struggling to overwhelm each other with pleasure. They used their powerful pectoral muscles to thrust at each other, adding even more pressure to their warring tits.

They staggered back and forth on the mat, their smooth stockinged feet giving them little purchase on the vinyl-covered mats. Thick, nylon-covered thighs moved up into each woman’s wet, hairy cunt and both women found themselves riding the other’s thigh, pressing moist twat lips into the smooth nylon sheath. As their tits struggled, both women began to move up and down, sliding on each other’s leg, their hot, wet pussies starting to suck to the shiny nylon. They began to groan and gasp, and Ms. Jones began to feel her burning clit slowly fill with heat and power. Gasping with pleasure, she knew she had to break the delicious tension building in her cunt. Ms. Jones ran her hands up Donna’s back and buried her claws in the other woman’s golden blonde hair and pulled hard. Donna screamed out, the burning pleasure in her chest and cunt suddenly seasoned by the burning pain in her head. Instantly, she retaliated, sinking her fingers into the teacher’s black locks and yanking hard.

Squashed tit to tit, crying out with pain and continuing spasms of pleasure from their massive mashed boobs, Donna and Ms. Jones staggered around the mats, each trying to throw the other to the ground. Their bellies crushed tight and Donna felt the heat of the other woman’s body burning in her core. Their thick thighs fought for dominance, their abrading nylons hissed as they rubbed and, for a moment, both women tottered on the brink of falling to the ground. With a cry, Ms. Jones broke her grip on Donna’s hair and, shoving her hands between their locked bodies, placed her hands on the blonde’s massive tits and squeezed. Ms. Jones gritted her teeth with pleasure as her hands filled with Donna’s dense, yielding titflesh, as she felt the blonde’s thick, hard nipples drilling into the palms of her hands. Her hands could cover only a fraction of Donna’s mammoth jugs, and the teacher realized how much filling her hands with Donna’s tits was like filling her hands with her own, they were so close in size. Donna shrieked then, a moment later seized Ms. Jones’ huge boobs and begin squeezing and kneading in retaliation.

Squeezing each other’s tits, kneading hard, working the nipples and areola, pushing their enemy’s tits together, the two battling beauties attacked each other desperately. They leaned into each other, nose to nose, their eyes flashing with pain and pleasure as each sought to stimulate the other to a nipple orgasm.

“Bitch, you fucking bitch…,” Ms. Jones groaned, her sweet breath washing over Donna’s face, her wet lips brushing those of the blonde as she cursed.

“Slut, dirty slut…,” Donna moaned back. She tightened her grip on her enemy’s beautiful tits then, as Ms. Jones gasped, Donna’s tongue darted out and ran along the teacher’s moist lips. Ms. Jones’ tongue flashed out to meet its attacker. In a moment, overwhelmed by lust, the women locked into a deep, tongue thrusting kiss. They scoured the inside of each other’s mouth, they exchanged hot spit and deep moans of joy and lust as they tongue fought. Their mouths filled with saliva, but still they refused to separate, each determined to conquer the other. They swallowed back each other’s spit, but kept struggling tongue to tongue, all the while kneading and caressing and massaging the other’s aching tits. Finally, squeezing each other hard, they broke the kiss and pushed away from each other. The drooling liquid from their oozing pussies had soaked their bushes and now trickled down to moisten the tops of their black thigh stockings.

Gasping, the two beautiful women regarded each other from across the mat. Their tits heaved. Then, suddenly, Donna sprang forward. She grabbed Ms. Jones’ right arm and pulled the teacher into a side headlock, wrapping her own right arm around the black-haired beauty’s neck. Ms. Jones found her face pressed tightly into the side of Donna’s bountiful right tit. The women fought, bent over, their pussies wide and open, dripping hot juices to the mat below. Ms. Jones stretched her left arm across Donna’s back, to grab the blonde’s left hip. With her free right hand, she reached up and seized Donna’s massive left tit in a death grip.

Donna gasped and moaned, then threw herself back, flipping both sex warriors to the mat. They landed side by side, with Ms. Jones still held in Donna’s head lock. Donna rolled over onto her enemy, her massive jugs crushing down on Ms. Jones’ matching pair. Donna wanted to feel the other woman’s body writhing beneath her own, but she especially wanted to feel her tits mating and crushing with those of her rival. Their bellies slapped hard, their giant jugs ground together mercilessly, their nipples grating each other, releasing electric pleasure with each pulse. The women screamed and writhed, their thick pubic hair scraping and tangling. As Donna rubbed her tits into Ms. Jones’ pair, the teacher used her left hand to pull hard at Donna’s hair, even as she rocked her body from side to side, trying to throw Donna off. When that was not enough to force Donna back, Ms. Jones managed to slip her right hand down between their bodies and, seizing a handful of Donna’s pubic bush, yanked hard.

“AARRGGH!” Donna shrieked. “Fucker, dirty fucker…,” she moaned. “So you want to get nasty, you cunt…” Her face was twisted in a rage. She released the teacher’s head from her lock, grabbed the woman’s thick black hair with her left hand and sank her right hand into the teacher’s massive left tit. She squeezed, twisting and crushing the nipple between her forefinger and thumb.

It was Ms. Jones turn to hiss in agony. She grabbed Donna’s right tit and retaliated, rubbing and twisting the hard nipple. She continued to pull viciously at the blonde’s pussyhair. The women panted face to face, forehead to forehead, glaring hatefully, lustfully into each other’s eyes as they forced each other to higher and higher levels of pleasure and pain.

“You whore,” Ms. Jones gasped. “You’re as wet as a mop in your cunt. I’m going to rip out your dirty twat and feed it to you.” As she finished saying this, the teacher suddenly shrieked as Donna’s left hand found its way onto her cunt. The blonde seized the black-haired pussy fur and began ripping it out.

To be continued