By JB57

Ms. Jones sucked hungrily and spitefully at Donna’s swollen clit, she rubbed her nose and face viciously into her enemy’s wet, fragrant cunt, abrading her cheeks on Donna’s cunt hair. The teacher was angry and chastened. Being forced to suck another woman’s clit was the ultimate expression of humiliation for the loser in a fuckfight and the ultimate expression of domination for the winner. Ms. Jones was not often in this position. Usually, she was the one lying back and enjoying both the pleasure of having her cunt eaten and the joy of knowing that she had mastered another magnificent woman’s body with her superior sex. But, as far as the teacher was concerned, this battle was not yet over. She would acknowledge her defeat by eating Donna’s cunt, and eating it with all of her skill, but she had no intention of letting the other woman walk away from this battle so easily.

Donna smiled with delight, a smirk of absolute satisfaction. She moaned with pleasure. She lay back on the wet mat, her hips bucking gently, her arms extended over her head, enjoying the sheer bliss of having her clit licked and sucked. Ms. Jones was working her tits expertly, and Donna lowered her hands to cover the teacher’s hands as they kneaded and caressed her over-stimulated boobs, as they rubbed and squeezed her hard, throbbing nipples. As the intensity built, Donna’s moans became louder and more insistent. She buried her hands in Ms. Jones’ raven-black hair and pushed the other woman’s face deeper into her overflowing cunt. Donna’s clit burned and throbbed ecstatically. Her hips bucked harder and harder as she felt the impending orgasm build in her core. She knew that Ms. Jones could be almost suffocating in her soft, yielding pussy, but she did not care. All that mattered was reaching the pinnacle of pleasure and victory that she was on the verge of attaining.

“Yes, yes, yes, you whore, you fucking bitch, that’s it, suck me, eat me you cunt, you fucker, fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” Donna snarled with passion. Ms. Jones squeezed Donna’s nipples as hard as she could in response, even as she redoubled her efforts to devour Donna’s delicious twat.

“Oh, yes, Yes, FUUUCCCK!!” Donna howled as an excruciating orgasm burned out of her core. Her clit detonated, spreading sheer ecstasy through every muscle in her body. She arched her back high off the mat, her spine curved in raw pleasure, her toes curled, her limbs stiffened as the pure sexual joy burned through her. Ms. Jones continued to maul her tits, to suck hard at the blonde’s engorged, pulsing clit. Donna continued to push the teacher’s head even further into her cunt, but now she also worked her hips around and around, grinding her pussy into Ms. Jones’ beautiful face, claiming her victory, asserting her dominance over the teacher. Donna’s pussy exploded, squirting with vaginal fluids. Ms. Jones’ face was immediately soaked, the thick liquids spread into her hair. But she did not mind. She swallowed as much of the hot cum as she could, even as Donna’s grinding cunt smeared the juice into her face. The teacher accepted the humiliation, but she was looking forward to the time when she would repay Donna in kind.

Donna finally collapsed to the mat, panting with heat and joy. Ms. Jones squeezed her enemy’s tits a final time, her fingers sinking into the spongy flesh, rubbed her face into the other woman’s hot, hairy cunt one more time, and then rolled away from Donna’s body, onto her back. Ms. Jones licked her lips, and ran her hands over her face, wiping away some of the wet. She panted, trying to catch her breath. Her massive tits jiggled, weighing slightly to her sides, still swollen with arousal, nipples hard with passion. Cunt juice trickled away from the hungry maw between her legs, and she felt the tension pulsing in her pussy.

For several minutes, the women lay flat on their backs on the mats, their bodies sprawled out, the sweat and cunt juice cooling on their voluptuous forms. The only sounds in the room were the husky panting of the two sex warriors.

Donna smiled, her body awash in the afterglow. She stretched herself, enjoying the relief as the tensions melted out of her sexually invigorated muscles. Despite the delicious cunt-eating she had just experienced, she was surprised and delighted to find that there was still an aching heat between her legs. It seemed that her body wanted even more from the other woman.

Donna looked down her voluptuous form at Ms. Jones, whose body was resting down around Donna’s legs. Donna examined the teacher’s heaving tits, rising from the woman’s chest, wobbling seductively as the dark-haired woman panted. Donna was consumed by the sudden need to eat and suck Ms. Jones’ hard brown nipples, to chew and lick at the teacher’s dense tits, to feel those massive feminine glands crushed beneath her own massive rack, titflesh to titflesh. The heat in her crotch spiked as she thought about that delicious sensation.

Gathering herself, Donna slid down the mat so that she was directly beside Ms. Jones. The teacher’s eyes were closed as she panted and she seemed, for the moment, unaware of Donna’s move. Donna stretched out beside the teacher, pausing for a moment to savor the delectable flesh before her. Then, she descended on the other woman. Her right hand grasped Ms. Jones’ massive left tit and squeezed hard. Her lips and teeth wrapped around the teacher’s right nipple and areola, and sucked hungrily. Donna drew the whole nipple into her mouth and chewed vigorously. She ran her tongue around the dense, pebbled areola, then opened her mouth wider and enveloped as much of Ms. Jones’ jutting tit as she could, biting and sucking with all her strength at the thick, salty flesh.

Ms. Jones reacted instantly, groaning and writhing, her body squirming in delight on the wet mat. Her right thigh thrust up between Donna’s thighs, rubbing her soaked and ragged nylon into Donna’s gaping pussy. The blonde groaned, then bit Ms. Jones’ nipple harder. The teacher cried out, her right hand seizing Donna’s golden locks and yanking. Her left hand dug into the mat, her body twisting and bucking. Donna drove her right thigh up into Ms. Jone’s cunt, retaliating for the teacher’s assault on her own pussy. Their legs looped and twined. The two women found their hips jerking, their rounded asses flexing as each rubbed her burning cunt up and down the other’s hard thigh. Hungry cunts squelched with wetness as they sucked and slid along both women’s soaked black nylons.

Donna shifted her head and began feasting on the teacher’s left tit, while seizing and crushing Ms. Jones’ sensitive right tit with her left hand.

“No, no, fucking whore…,” the teacher gasped. She pulled on Donna’s blonde locks, trying to gain herself some relief from the constant attack. But Donna increased her efforts, doing her best to devour the teacher’s beautiful titflesh. The women humped rhythmically. Their bodies twisted into a knot of beautiful writhing, jerking flesh as they rode the other’s thigh, as Donna feasted on Ms. Jones’ throbbing tit. The teacher buried both her hands in Donna’s hair. With a gasping effort, she finally succeeded in pulling Donna’s face away from her aching tit. Donna reluctantly released the ripe flesh, chewing at Ms. Jones’ rock-hard nipple vigorously, before releasing it and letting the dense tit bounce. The women glared at each other, panting hard, ripe, luscious mouth to mouth, nose crushed to nose. Their eyes locked in hate, blue to green.

“You’re my fuckbitch, whore,” Donna snarled at her foe. “I’m going to take you for a nice, long ride.”

“Dirty sow, you’re going to eat my cunt, you filthy fuck,” Ms. Jones gasped in reply.

Donna squeezed the teacher’s nipples tight then, as the other woman reacted with a cry of shocked pleasure, she slipped her hands away from the teacher’s tits and up the other woman’s back, until she seized Ms. Jones’ thick black hair and yanked viciously. The teacher responded in kind as Donna shifted her weight, reared up, and then dropped her massive tits down on top of Ms. Jones’ matching pair. The women groaned in ecstasy as their tits squashed and flattened each other, dense, aroused flesh throbbing with the pressure. Their thighs drove ever higher and harder into their wet, gaping cunts. The women locked their mouths together, tongues licking and twisting into an erotic knot, hot spit flowing. Their bodies writhed desperately, rubbing and grinding, slick, hot flesh to slick, hot flesh.

For long, luscious minutes they fought furiously, rolling around on the mat, stimulating each other into a sexual frenzy, their fantastic bodies rubbing, sliding and slithering against each other, squashing tits, spearing nipples and exchanging hot spit and probing tongues. Their overheated twats continued sliding on their smooth thighs, thick pussy lips fastened ravenously to the other woman’s abrasive nylon stocking. They pulled viciously at the other’s hair, they scratched at their enemy’s back and ass, leaving long claw marks. The two locked, battling Amazons rolled and thrashed, a churning, intertwined ball of female fury, each trying to overwhelm the other, the heat between their legs growing and flaring as they struggled, the wet from their aroused pussies leaking out to moisten their struggling legs.

Finally, lying locked together side by side, their limbs twined and their flesh crushed tight, their hands fixed to the other woman’s big, muscular ass, their bodies sweating and heaving with exertion, the women stopped, momentarily exhausted.

“This won’t solve anything,” Ms. Jones moaned at Donna, nose to nose and hot breath mingling. “Let’s try another kind of contest.”

“What do you have in mind?” Donna asked, panting in heat.

“A 69 contest,” the teacher replied. “We eat each other’s pussy. Whoever comes first has to submit.”

Donna grinned. “You’re on, you whore. I’m going to suck your clit out of your weak little twat.”

Ms. Jones did not bother to reply. The women released each other, and then rolled apart. Ms. Jones rolled on to her back, then, pointing her powerful legs straight into the air, quickly stripped her sheer black nylons off. She balled up the wet, ragged stockings and threw them away, towards the wastebasket next to her desk. Donna locked eyes with the other woman. Leaning back, she peeled off her own stockings and threw them in the direction of the garbage can. Now, completely naked, the two beautiful women crawled towards each other on their hands and knees, their majestic tits swaying as they moved. Face to face, they stopped, breathing in the other’s breath, wet lips brushing, and noses touching. Their massive tits hung down from their chests and their tight, pebbled nipples touched lightly, sending electricity flaring into their jugs.

“I’m going to eat that delicious little twat, fuckwhore,” Ms. Jones breathed. “I’m going to make you beg like the slut you are.”

Donna just smiled, and then thrust her tongue between Ms. Jones’ parted lips. The women locked into a biting kiss, which grew in passion as they licked and chewed at each other. Kissing ravenously, they rose up on their knees, their arms wrapping around the other’s naked back, hands creeping to the back of the other’s head, their heavy tits crushing and compressing, nipples piercing and twisting together. Wet, hot juice dripped from their boiling pussies. After a minute of passionate, furious kissing, they broke off. Licking at their enemy’s lips, panting with lust, they pulled apart, both ready to begin the next contest.

The women dropped to their sides on the mat, their bodies pointed in opposite directions. They eagerly spread their legs, and each woman dived into the other’s hot, hairy cunt with unrestrained lust. The women locked their muscular thighs around the other’s head; their hands looped around the other’s wide hips and spread over their enemy’s hard, round, smooth ass. Their mouths sealed over their enemy’s pulsing cunt and, in moments, the women were devouring each other hungrily.

Donna drove her powerful tongue deep into Ms. Jones’ vagina, licking and nibbling at the soft, yielding labial flesh. She licked around Ms. Jones’ engorged clit, teasing the thick, wet button, but held off attacking the swollen sexnub directly, hoping to tantalize and torture her foe. With her left hand, Donna thrust one finger up Ms. Jones’ tight asshole. With her right hand, she began to finger-fuck her foe’s pussy, driving two fingers deep into the teacher’s welcoming twat. Sex juice began to flow from the teacher’s enraged pussy.

Ms. Jones ran her tongue around and around Donna’s slick labia, licking and kissing, tantalizing and teasing, devouring every inch of her enemy’s sweet pussy. Finally, she plunged her tongue deep into Donna’s sexhole, going in as far as she could, and then wrapped her soft lips around Donna’s engorged clit and began sucking powerfully, letting her tongue caress and probe at the throbbing, excruciatingly sensitive nub even as she sucked. Donna’s cunt was blazing with heat and now began leaking uncontrollably. Ms. Jones rammed two of her left fingers up Donna’s ass, and then used the fingers of her right hand to gently, tortuously, stroke Donna’s burning clit.

With muffled grunts and cries, the women rolled their fevered bodies back and forth several times, but they ended with Donna on top, Ms. Jones below, with their thighs spread around their heads. The women moaned into each other’s pussy, their bodies aching with the incredible pleasure burning out from their cunts in rippling waves to all parts of their ripe forms. The women licked and sucked at their enemy’s clit, feeling their enemy’s thick sexhorn grow ever harder, pulsating with raw pleasure. They moaned and groaned, using their fingers to rub and stroke at the other’s clit, to pierce vulnerable asses and caress sensitive inner thighs. Donna and Ms. Jones attacked the other woman’s sex with all of their skill and lust. Donna felt the teacher’s hand sliding up her back, moving up her delectably curved spine, grasping at her golden hair. She sucked harder at the thick, pulsing clit of her gorgeous foe.

The women cried out and sobbed with the indescribable sensations they were inflicting on each other. Their bodies quivered with barely contained erotic power, their muscles burned with sexual energy, their nerves pulsed with electricity and lust. Still they continued eating each other, each woman desperate to force the other to surrender, both on the verge of a devastating orgasm. Donna felt the other woman’s grip on her hair tighten as Ms. Jones neared the final stage, mere moments away from orgasm. But still, her tongue and lips worked hungrily between Donna’s legs. Donna found her own body thrashing and shuddering with pleasure, her cunt leaking prodigious amounts of fluid, her sex throbbing with overwhelming heat and tension. She knew that she could not take any more agonizing pleasure.

Crying out, Donna pulled herself away from the battle, desperate to escape Ms. Jones tortuous tongue and nimble fingers. She slapped the other woman’s hands aside and crawled out of range of the teacher’s tongue, gasping with relief, the heat in her pussy burning in her veins.

Suddenly, Donna felt her head jerked back painfully by her hair. Ms. Jones had sat up and was grasping Donna’s right thigh with her remaining hand.

“Where do you think you’re going, cuntfucker?” the teacher growled. “We’re not done with each other yet, bitch.”

Donna snarled, and twisted her body around so that she could reach out and grab Ms. Jones’ black mane with her left hand and return the painful hair pull. At the same time, she threw her leg over the other woman’s hip and opened her thighs, presenting her dripping, raging pussy to her foe. Her cunt was burning with pleasure and aching with need. She would not allow herself to be humiliated. Ms. Jones may have succeeded in defeating Donna in the 69 fight but the blonde was not beaten yet. Ms. Jones saw what Donna was doing. Eagerly, she accepted Donna’s challenge. She spread her own legs and readied herself to receive her enemy’s body. Donna scissor-locked with Ms. Jones and both women gasped as they bisected each other, as they slid their powerful legs around each other’s beautiful body like interlocked clothespins. Their hot, hungry, hairy cunts came crushing together with a wet, hard slap.

Rough pubic hair crunched and twined, soft, thick pussy lips crushed and yielded, and then melted together into one burning, juicy mass of sucking cuntflesh. The women screamed and moaned as their genitals meshed and mated, as hot cunt juice gushed in celebration of their joining. They worked their womanly hips and pumped their powerful asses and spread each other’s twats apart. Their muscled bellies rippled with effort. Soft labia melted and fused and the women’s enflamed clits finally met, licking head to head, then held in a quivering stalemate.

The women shrieked in harmony, howling like banshees.

“Fuck, fuck, oh FUUCCCKK!” Donna screamed, the sheer pleasure just too much to stand. She pulled viciously at her enemy’s raven hair. She gritted her teeth and threw back her head, in an agony of ecstasy.

“Whore! Slut!! Fucking CUNT!!” Ms. Jones shrieked, her body convulsing with the shock of pure erotic electricity that ripped through her body and pooled in her cunt and tits. She wrenched at Donna’s golden hair in reply.

Growling, snarling, the two women began smashing their clits together as hard as they could with all of their strength. Each woman was determined to grind the other down, to force the other to submit, to prove, once and for all, which of them was the better woman, which of them had the stronger cunt. They pounded together mercilessly, each woman supporting her bucking, writhing body with one arm behind her, the other hand anchored deep in her enemy’s hair. Their massive tits jolted violently with each powerful thrust of their jerking hips and bucking asses. Each woman was eager to penetrate and violate her enemy’s body as deeply as she could, both vixens seeking the pinnacle of the indescribable pleasure that their magnificent bodies were inflicting on each other. Each woman was determined to feel the other woman’s cunt surrender to her own. They snarled and growled, they cursed each other viciously as they attacked each other with all of the fury they contained. They spread their legs wide, then released each other’s hair so that they could brace their bodies with both of their arms and drive their twats at each other with even more force and animal rage.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, you little fuck…,” Donna groaned, her head thrown back, her arms shaking with effort, her ass and hips grinding furiously, as she tried to drive herself deep, deep into Ms. Jones open, drooling cunt.

“Whore, tramp, fucking bitch…,” Ms. Jones sobbed in reply. Her position mirrored Donna’s and she moved her hips and ass in the opposite direction, drilling her cunt into Donna’s gaping pussy with all of her strength. Their wet, thick bushes of pubic hair grew ever more matted and tangled as the women fucked harder and harder, blonde and black pussy fur twined into a dense mass.

The women’s bodies rotated around their locked clits, which were crushed head to head, swollen, equally huge, and trembling with effort and terrible pleasure. The power and ecstasy of the clit to clit fuck radiated out to the Amazons’ locked, battling bodies. Sweat flew as their tits bounced, hot pussy juice trickled out from their sealed cunts to coat their thighs and dribble down to the mat. Their moans and cries of sheer erotic bliss grew louder and more insistent. Their perfect bodies shuddered with sexual power.

They rubbed their clits together over and over, each woman desperate to crush the other’s sex, to feel her womanhood prove its superiority. Both women grunted and groaned with effort as they tried to push back the other’s clit, to crush the opposing sexhorn into submission. Their beautiful eyes locked in hatred and they growled at each other like wild bitches in heat.

“Ride my clit, you SLUT!” Ms. Jones shrieked at Donna. “Feel it!! Feel my clit!!”

“BITCH!!” Donna screamed back. “Fuck me, you cunt! Fuck me hard!!”

Their engorged clits rubbed and licked and ground against each other, but never separated. The women rammed together again and again, nuclear explosions of pleasure reverberating through their flawless bodies with every delicious thrust of their powerful hips. Still their nova-hot clits, pulsing with tension and swollen with pleasure, held each other in trembling stalemate. Donna and Ms. Jones locked hate-filled eyes. Sobbing, groaning with sexual joy, they gritted their teeth and threw all of their power into one, final devastating attack on the other’s throbbing, rock-hard clit. Their hips and asses strained with effort. One powerful push from both women at once and their massive clits slowly, agonizingly, crushed and then bent each other back. The thick, turgid flesh of both clits seemed to fuse and melt together like hot wax. An explosion of pure, raging ecstasy coursed through both women simultaneously.

The women screamed as one, their fused clits vibrating in their locked bodies, raw heat pouring through every cell. Steaming cunt juice gushed from both battling Amazons, jetting into both women, saturating their vaginal canals, filling them with steaming cum, their juices mixing, and then leaking out on all sides of their merged cunts. Their thighs, asses and bellies were soon slick with the escaping cunt juice, their pussy hair was drenched, yet there seemed no end to the orgasms that chained through their battling bodies. Their cunts were joined together in an unbreakable seal, and they squeezed and wrestled each other pussy to pussy, as they struggled passionately. Donna and Ms. Jones fell flat on their backs, still locked cunt to cunt, pumping hot cum out into each other as orgasm after orgasm peeled through their sealed bodies. They screamed and bucked, their bodies rising and falling in unison, slapping the mat before arching up and holding each other taut as yet another simultaneous orgasm coursed through them. An orgasmic dam had broken in both women, and now they could only ride out the incredible pleasure together.

“Don’t stop, oh Fuck, don’t stop!” Ms. Jones screamed at her foe. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!” She grabbed Donna’s thighs and sank her claws in, holding the blonde in place, trying to pull Donna as deeply into her own body as she could. Donna immediately returned the grip.

“No, no, I’m going to ride you, I’m going to fuck your cunt off, Oh God, God, FUCKING GOD!!” Donna howled as another devastating orgasm roared through her body.

The women finally collapsed, their bodies soaked with sweat and the hot cum that they had released in inhuman quantities into and on each other. Donna lay staring at the ceiling, the power of the incredible orgasmic battle she had just fought still reverberating in her sex and her tits. Her nipples burned with sensitivity. Her eyes were glazed, and she hovered on the edge of unconsciousness, her incredible body vibrating with sexual pleasure. She had been fucked out of her mind.

In a haze, Donna felt Ms. Jones separate from her, she felt the tearing as intermeshed pussy hair pulled free, and she heard the groan of pain and exhaustion from the other woman. Ms. Jones appeared beside Donna. The teacher looked completely spent, her face was dripping with sweat and her hair was bedraggled, but she still managed a smug smile. She pulled herself up over Donna’s body, and then dropped into a kneeling position over Donna’s face. Donna’s head was trapped between Ms. Jones’ thighs and the teacher’s rounded ass rested on Donna’s chest, the weight of her body leaning just far enough forward to keep from completely crushing the blonde’s delicious tits, but settled on Donna’s shoulders firmly enough to keep her from using her arms. Ms. Jones legs were curled up, her feet pressed to either side of Donna’s torso. Ms. Jones’ thick-lipped, black-haired pussy crushed down on to Donna’s face.

“Eat me, bitch,” the teacher snarled. “You lost the 69. Now, lick my pussy. Suck my clit. Do it!”

Defiantly, Donna raised her head to the task, licking and sucking at Ms. Jones’ brimming cunt, feasting on the teacher’s aching clit. Ms. Jones smiled and moaned, playing with her own ripe tits, squeezing and kneading the slick, dense flesh and the hard, sharp nipples, before reaching back and down to crush and maul Donna’s massive rack, twisting the blonde’s nipples between her fingers. Donna groaned, but she could not move her arms to retaliate. The black-haired woman gasped and groaned, working her hips gently, stroking and running her hands through her thick, lush mane, arching her back in her ecstasy.

“Mmmm, mmmm, yes, that’s good, that’s it,” she moaned. “Suck me, girl, suck me hard…mmmm.”

Ms. Jones’ cries continued to build until, finally, the teacher stiffened, threw her head back, and screamed in pleasure even as she squeezed her own nipples hard, and exploded in victory all over Donna’s beautiful face. Donna swallowed as much cum as she could, but the teacher lowered her pussy onto Donna’s face and rubbed her slick, hot, gushing sex around and around into Donna’s mouth, nose and cheeks, smearing her cunt juice into the other woman’s face.

“That’s it, whore, take it, take it,” the teacher smiled viciously, elated at her victory, her eyes glowing with malice and triumph as she forced her enemy to eat her cunt, to accept the humiliation of sexual defeat.

Choking, gasping for breath, Donna finally had to turn her face away from the invading pussy, and suck in air. Satisfied, Ms. Jones pulled herself up, off of Donna. But she did not go far. She stretched her body the length of Donna’s body, holding herself over the blonde’s prone form with her arms. Lining up her hard nipples with Donna’s matching pair, the teacher dropped her body onto Donna’s. Their massive, equally engorged tits crushed deliciously and both women cried out in pain and exquisite pleasure as their massive racks met and merged. Their hard bellies slapped, their pubic hair twined. Their long, muscular legs tangled and locked. Donna wrapped her arms around Ms. Jones’ back and squeezed. Ms. Jones slipped her arms under and around Donna and returned the squeeze. They groaned in unison as their pulsing nipples eclipsed each other and penetrated even harder, as their hard tits pancaked each other and throbbed with tension.

For some time, they lay twined together, cheek to wet cheek, panting, sharing their intense body heat, dripping in their shared sweat and other juices, basking in the scent of steaming hot pussy. Donna and Ms. Jones could both feel the other woman’s heart pounding behind her massive jugs. After some time, Ms. Jones turned her head to look down at Donna. Donna turned her head to return the teacher’s gaze. Their noses touched, their wet lips rested against each other. Their angry eyes locked.

“You’re mine, you blonde cunt,” the teacher breathed, her green gaze flashing with triumph.

“No, your pussy belongs to me, whore,” Donna replied.

“Like fuck!” Ms. Jones growled. “I sucked your clit off, you lost. I had you running away like a little girl. You have to submit.”

“That’s not how I see it,” Donna responded. “You got your victory suck from me a few minutes ago. Now, the clock starts again.”

Ms. Jones smiled tightly. “If that’s what it takes. I’ll break that fucking cunt of yours, but you’re going to admit that I’m the better woman before you get out of this room.”

Donna said nothing. She pulled Ms. Jones’ face to her own and drove her tongue into the teacher’s welcoming mouth. The teacher replied and their tongues looped and locked as they battled, sharing hot spit and moist breath, groaning with pleasure and anger. They kissed passionately for a while longer, their hot bodies slowly writhing and grinding against each other, their limbs twined and straining. Then, slowly, the women eased off. Too tired to keep fighting, they slowly relaxed, exchanged a few final tongue to tongue licks, then fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms, their voluptuous bodies slick with sweat and pussy juice, their tits and pussies crushed tight.

To be continued