Debbie and Rachel pushed and grunted at each other and all eyes focused on their mock struggle. Finally Debbie’s slightly more muscular body pushed the blonde back against the padded bar at the other end of the room and Rachel had to press her hands into the brunette’s sculpted, tawny back to maintain her balance and fight back. Kathi saw Rachel’s eyes close for a moment as Debbie pressed down harder against her chest causing their four breasts to balloon out to their sides and she heard the blonde moan quietly and then heard an answering moan from Debbie. When Rachel pivoted herself out of the corner and displayed her now-sweaty back to Kathi she saw Debbie’s eyes also squeezed shut as her own breasts were ground down by the blonde’s.

“Oh, you little bitch!” Rachel said throatily, wiggling back against Debbie, and both girls giggled nervously as the fight continued.

Finally Debbie laughed and threw a wrestling hold around Rachel and both big girls went down on the rug, straining against each other and exchanging crushing arm and leg holds. Kathi was still fascinated by watching the two tall bodies in opposition but it was clear that there was no real animosity between the two girls, just friendly competition.

She tore herself away from the spectacle to see Judy staring at her intently. She returned the glare bravely, glaring back into the redhead’s sea-blue eyes. Judy took a gulp from her beer and finished the bottle off and then put another full, cold bottle in Kathi’s hand. “Drink it all,” she said. “Right now.”

Kathi stared at her curiously but then twisted off the bottle cap and gulped down the bitter brew, maintaining her eye contact with Judy. She noticed that Liz, who had been so full of herself and eager to bait all of them, had been completely silent and rather sullen ever since Christina had bared her breasts. The two girls stood at opposite ends of the room, both watching the ongoing wrestling match while frequently eyeing each other.

Kathi’s head pounded as she sucked down the beer and drained the last few drops. Judy looked flushed from the alcohol as she continued to stare down Kathi and when the blonde dropped the bottle away from her mouth Judy immediately took it out of her hand and set it down before grabbing Kathi’s hand.

“I need to talk to Kathi about something; we’ll be right back,” Judy announced. There were vague acknowledgements from the other girls but Judy didn’t wait for permission—she yanked at Kathi’s arm and dragged her out of the room.

The rest of the house was large and dark, full of varying levels and rooms, and Kathi was lost by the time Judy stopped her. They weren’t in complete darkness but the only illumination here was outdoor lights filtering in through windows. There was a plush carpet under her bare feet and she could see the milky contours of Judy’s body in front of her, crisscrossed with shadows from the window frames next to her. The noise of the other girls was completely lost in the background now and it was eerily silent as Kathi faced Judy alone. The other girl’s nipples were just as long and erect as ever and they seemed to jab defiantly at Kathi from the short distance between them and Kathi’s erect breasts.

“I want to know if you’ve ever been in a titfight with anyone,” Judy said abruptly. Her voice was hoarse with drunkenness and flinty anger.

“You tell me if you’ve been in one first,” Kathi countered. Judy looked infuriated but also somehow open and vulnerable, searching for some kind of understanding in Kathi’s eyes.

“I’ve never done it,” she said suddenly.

“Neither have I,” Kathi said, clearing the air.

“Do you want to do it in front of them?” Judy asked.

“I don’t know,” Kathi said honestly.

“Did you like watching them do it?” Judy asked.

Kathi thought about it for a minute and then said something even more honest. “They don’t hate each other like I hate you.”

Judy stepped a little bit closer but still kept her nipples free and clear of Kathi’s. “You think we should fight just for each other, don’t you,” she said quietly.

“Yeah,” Kathi said. “We shouldn’t fight all the way for them.”

“Are we going to fight all the way?” Judy asked pointedly. Kathi just nodded her head slowly.

Judy purposefully brought her hands up and slid her fingers into Kathi’s soft blonde hair. Kathi shuddered and immediately brought her hands up to curl her own fingers into Judy’s delicate, short red locks. Her elbows dug into Judy’s shoulders and she felt the muscles of the redhead’s forearms touching her shoulders too. Judy yanked her head closer and both girls’ breaths came in shuddering, ragged gasps. Judy’s mouth opened and she dragged Kathi in until her own gasping mouth was barely an inch from Judy’s. The girls breathed hard, sucking in the strange mix of perfume, body oils, girl sweat and musk, and alcohol that swirled around them. Kathi felt dizzy and Judy’s breath was sharp with booze. She knew they were drunk and she knew that probably gave her the license to say or do anything.

Judy’s tongue shot across her mouth and Kathi immediately bit at it, her teeth clicking loudly in the silence of the darkened room. She lashed her tongue out at Judy and the redhead snapped her own teeth at Kathi before she dove in and landed a quick, sharp bite on Kathi’s lower lip. Kathi thrashed out of the bite and muscled Judy’s head closer so she could take a vengeful mouthful of the blonde’s lower lip and tongue. She sank her teeth in slowly while Judy shook against her, dragging the bite out with as much meanness and spite as she could. Then she let Judy break away and the two girls let their tongues violently tangle and lick at each other. She slashed her teeth across Judy’s chin, her upper lip, and her soft cheeks and face while Judy did the same to her until her face tingled with wetness. She arched her back and thrust out her breasts at Judy but the other girl instantly locked her elbows against Kathi’s shoulders, forcing her back. She kept up her oral assault on the blonde and tugged ferociously at her hair, and Kathi retaliated as best she could, licking back at the redhead’s flashing tongue viciously. Her emotions were on edge and suddenly she felt like she was back behind the gym all over again, trying to out-violate the redhead with her own tongue while Judy launched attack after attack on her soft mouth. Judy finally dragged her in until her soft lips collided with the blonde’s and they swallowed each other up, continuing to thrash tongue to tongue but now locked inside the hot, slick arena of their interlocked mouths. Judy groaned against her tongue and she let a high-pitched, gutteral moan escape from her as she struggled against Judy’s mouth.

Finally the girls broke away with an audible smack that echoed in the room, joining their exhausted breathing as they glared at each other. Judy finally shoved her away with a rough tug at her short hair and she returned the favor until the two separated slightly, arms still raised warily.

“Do you want to titfight with me or not?” Kathi demanded.

“I want to titfight with you all right,” Judy said hotly, but there seemed to be a new hesitation and uncertainty in her brightly flashing eyes. Kathi gingerly took up the pose she’d seen from all the other girls this evening, that hands-on-hips, back arched, defiant stance that invited dueling breasts. Judy responded and the two girls circled each other nervously. Kathi could not stand the frustration any longer.

“If you invited those sluts here to protect you from me you made a big mistake,” she said hungrily.

“I don’t need any protection from you, priss,” Judy hissed.

“Then come on and let’s fight once and for all the way you wanted to,” Kathi said defiantly. She could still feel the two impact points where Judy’s long nipples had touched her breasts. She thrust her boobs out angrily, breathing hard, and Judy took up a similar stance until both girls nipples were pointing up almost toward each other’s faces.

Kathi danced forward, leading with her breasts, and Judy dodged for a moment before they finally came together in a flash of jiggling, stiffening flesh. There was no smack of colliding breasts, only a whisper of soft skin on skin as each girl maneuvered for position. Kathi wanted to plunge her nipples deep into Judy’s soft boobs but the other girl parried her until both girls long nipple shafts bent into the collision, twisting painfully against their rival’s firm bosom. Kathi lead with alternating shoulders as she tried to free each nipple and stab it into Judy’s breast or aureole, but the redhead desperately continued to block every move from the blonde. Kathi felt like they were only skirmishing, still not really meeting head on, but despite that the sensation was astonishing as Judy’s soft, smooth breasts kissed hers and her rival’s stiff nipples occasionally slashed and cut across her aureoles or, electrically, collided with her own erect prongs.

Judy’s face was almost twisted with desperation as she dodged around Kathi’s attacking boobs and her breath came in sharp gasps as the two girls danced around each other. Suddenly Kathi jammed forward and their four boobs impacted into a wobbling, compressed mountain of girl flesh. Kathi felt Judy’s breath on her neck as the girls closed into close, intimate contact for the first time, and the other girl’s body thrashed wildly against her. Her bare breasts felt like they would burst apart under the pressure and at the same time they fairly exploded with erotic sensation at the caress of Judy’s naked breasts against hers.

Just as suddenly as the battle had been joined it ended with Judy whipping her body away from Kathi’s. Her eyes were filled with tears and as Kathi advanced one more time Judy retreated fearfully, smacking the blonde’s arms away in a gesture of rejection.

“Get away from me!” she said hoarsely. Kathi stared at her, uncomprehending for a moment, and then realized that somehow the positions had reversed—she had overwhelmed Judy with her bare breasts the same way Judy had overwhelmed her with her tongue during that first fight behind the gym. The realization staggered her. Finally the twisted dream of vanquishing this beautiful girl and destroying the control Judy had always held over her seemed within sight.

“Are you afraid of my boobs, Judy?” she demanded.

“I’m not afraid of anything!” the redhead shot back furiously.

“Then let’s fight!” Kathi hissed.

“Fuck you!” Judy said and stomped away from her, marching back toward the other side of the house.

Kathi angrily followed her, refusing to believe the redhead was going to leave it at this. As they approached the lit room where the other girls were they heard two familiar voices slightly raised in anger. They entered to find Liz and Christina facing each other, and Kathi stopped short, her pursuit of Judy momentarily forgotten. The atmosphere in the living room had dramatically altered from one of playful competition to deadly hate. The smell of Rachel and Debbie’s wrestling sweat still hung in the air but it was also thick with the animosity now enflaming between Christina and Liz.

“You wanted to see my tits, Liz, so if you can’t deal with them that’s tough.” Christina said dangerously.

“I think you planned this whole thing just so you could show those fat things off,” Liz said. All the playfulness and attitude the other girl had paraded earlier was gone. “Well I’m not impressed.”

“I’m not impressed with yours either, so fuck off,” Christina replied.

“You can suck me, honey,” Liz shot back. “You’ve been wanting to anyway.”

The two girls were totally in each other’s faces now, their soft, fluffy hair almost curtaining off their expressions from view as they stood nose to nose. But Kathi could see that while they locked stares they both glanced down frequently at their nearly identical breasts, their sharp, threateningly dark little nipples pointing at each other dangerously, almost touching each other.

“You can suck me first, bitch, because you’ve had your eye on my ass for a long time,” Christina snarled.

“You better hope I DON’T get my mouth on your tits because I would suck your tits dry,” Liz threatened.

“Well maybe I’ll let you but you’ll have to beat my tits first, woman,” Christina said.

“If you start a titfight with me you better be ready to take it to the finish you big whore,” Liz declared.

Christina put her hands on her hips provocatively. “I am SO ready to beat tits with you, baby,” she said. “You’ve been asking for it for a long time.”

“You’re the one who’s been asking for it,” Liz said, circling her with her heavy boobs thrust out. “You want to pound knockers with me, let’s do it.”

She began to plunge her tongue inside Kathi like a long piston, thrusting the other girl’s tongue aside and plummeting deeper and deeper into her. Her pounding breasts were forgotten as she pounded her slick pinkness into her blonde enemy and made her moan in dirty pleasure. She felt Kathi’s muscular arms gripping her, her strong fingers tugging at Judy’s soft red hair briefly, then trying to caress and tease her neck and face the same way Judy was expertly playing on all the ticklish, sensitive spots on Kathi. The redhead felt another flush of hot tingling race down her back and thighs, but she squeezed her eyes shut even tighter and rode out the storm of sensation, redoubling her sexual attack on Kathi. A long, unbearable groan shook the blonde as she tongue wrestled with her hated redheaded obsession, and the blonde’s head twisted and bobbed with Judy’s as she tried to lip-rub the redhead into submission. Judy shook her head in negation, grinding back into Kathi, and continued to slam her tongue into the blonde’s mouth, forcing more groans of submission from Kathi. Finally the other girl wriggled out of the kiss, smacking away until she was only forehead to forehead with the redhead. Both girls gasped, desperately sucking in air after the suffocating kiss fight, and for a second Kathi twisted forward and snaked her tongue inside Judy for another bout; but Judy easily whipped the blonde’s tongue away with her own and performed two quick, devastating penetrations of Kathi’s gaping mouth before the other girl could withdraw.

"You bitch," Kathi said exhaustedly, turning one cheek to Judy. The redhead nipped at the soft, sweating flesh with a mix of playfulness and viciousness, exulting in this new victory. Kathi’s breasts were still pressed against hers, but the other girl seemed to be flinching from her now even in that contested area. Judy realized the kisses must have overstimulated the blonde enough that even her supposedly superior boobs were now sensitized to the touch of Judy’s firm globes, and she suggestively ground her own breasts back against the blonde girl’s, noting a sticky, slick coating of sweat now lubricating her nipples as they slid across Kathi’s hot breast skin.

"You didn’t think I was going to let you beat my boobs again, did you?" Judy asked. She grabbed a handful of Kathi’s soft blonde hair and twisted the other girl’s face back within reach, then landed a hungry, tough kiss on the blonde’s hot lips. By now their lipstick had smeared to a faint pink film spread out from their abraded lips; any redness remaining on their mouths was the result of friction and blood flow, not makeup. Kathi kissed back for a moment and then twisted away, dropping her head to Judy’s shoulder.

"Just remember that you started this fight, Kathi," Judy said, her lips brushing the blonde’s delicate ear. The blonde’s body was sagging against her, but it was Judy who was pinned against the wall, and she could still feel the schoolgirl muscle in the blonde’s gymnast-trained body pressing against her. "If you thought you could beat me by dragging me into the gutter you’re wrong."

"I should have known you’d be a big slut in spite of all your rich girl attitude, Judy," Kathi snarled, her half-whispering voice loud in Judy’s own ear. "I’m glad you like fighting dirty like this because we’re not finished by a long shot."

"We won’t be finished until I get you down and suck these hot boobs of yours dry," Judy said hoarsely. She felt Kathi’s breath quicken at that threat and the other girl pressed against her hard. For the first time the blonde pressed her cotton-pantied crotch up between Judy’s legs, and she shivered herself as she felt the smooth, cleft groin of her enemy push up hotly right against her own crotch.

"Is that what you’re going to do, suck my tits off?" Kathi growled. "Just because your little boobs are too weak to milk mine themselves?" With that the blonde renewed their breast duel, this time from their new, closer quarters. Judy moaned as she felt her boobs compress under Kathi’s, but she instantly took the fight back to the blonde, using all her strength to grind back against the other girl’s erect boobs.

"If you want me to press the milk out of you this way I’ll be happy to do it!" Judy snarled against Kathi. "Maybe you’ll get off on it the way you’re pressing that little puss of yours against me!" At that Kathi redoubled her pelvic grinding, and Judy felt their pubic bones collide roughly and even heard a whisper of crackling fur over the sound of their struggling bodies and gutter talk.

"Why don’t you fight back down there if you don’t like it, girl?" Kathi challenged, continuing to pound at her nether regions aggressively.

Judy flexed her two firm round buns, twitching them into action as she and the blonde exchanged a flurry of rough, spiteful jabs at each other with their strong young hips. Her hands left Kathi’s hair and slipped down to wrap around the other girl’s waist, and Kathi too hugged her closer as their bodies fought against each other. Kathi’s breasts were hot and slippery against hers now and she could feel sweat slickening the place where their two flat bellies met; she even thought she could feel the soft inlet of her navel sucking against Kathi’s as their bellies pressed together tightly and slid across one another. She moved to pull Kathi into another kiss and was stunned when the blonde beat her to the move, grabbing her head roughly and forcing her burning lips on top of Judy’s. The girls tongue fought aggressively, neither able to confine the duel to the interior of their mouths as they danced around each other, licking viciously at each other’s lips and faces, taking opportunistic bites whenever the other girl’s chin, lips or earlobes would come into range of their snapping, hungry mouths.

Judy ground back against Kathi’s breasts and crotch as hard as she could, refusing to be subdued by the attacking blonde, but her position against the wall wasn’t helping her efforts. She looked across the room and saw Kathi’s firm body wriggling against hers in the mirror, her sweaty white panties plastered to her flexing, jiggling ass cheeks as her pelvis plunged roughly against Judy’s. Judy suddenly reached down and twisted a handful of the soft, hot cotton around he fingers and dragged them up between Kathi’s strong buns, forcing a grunt of outrage and discomfort from the blonde.

"That feel good up against those hot little buns of yours, Kathi?" she demanded, snarling into the other girl’s face.

"I’ll do the same thing to your cute ass, cunt!" Kathi said suddenly, her fingers digging behind Judy’s gyrating hips. Judy felt a sudden flash of fury at the blonde’s use of the c-word. Even though they’d both heard that word and worse coming out of Christina and Liz during their fight, there was something different about hearing her rival use the ultimate word on her.

"Don’t you call me a cunt you cheap gutter whore!" Judy said, suddenly battering wildly against Kathi and forcing her back away from the mirrored wall. She smacked her body against the blonde girl’s full on, again and again, smashing wildly jiggling breasts, flexing abdominal muscles and pivoting round hips against each other. Kathi was put back on her heels briefly before she gained her footing and smacked back right into Judy.

"I’ll call you every dirty name I can think of, bitch!" Kathi snarled into Judy’s face. "You’ve been strutting that bitch body of yours in front of me since we started high school!"

"Don’t think I haven’t watched you shaking it in my face too, slut!" Judy bellowed as she hugged Kathi into her burning body and reclaimed her wedge-hold on the other girl’s panties. "It’s going to feel good teaching your tight little bod a lesson!"

"Bring it on, you mean little pussy!" Kathi growled. Judy suddenly felt hot, abrading cotton snaking up between her ass cheeks and twisting up even further as Kathi pulled at her panties from behind. She felt an appalling pressure on her crotch and then something unspeakable and violating as the cotton bisected her vulva and sneaked deep into her intimate cleft, grinding against her labia and the hidden regions between her crotch and buns. She groaned against Kathi’s shoulder and glanced to her side where she could see Kathi plastered against her chest to chest, shoulders touching hers as their tender, pale breasts bulged out beneath their meeting rib cages. Kathi’s beautiful face was hidden behind hers, but she could see the other girl’s muscular abdomen flexing out away from hers and she saw the rippling, sleek curves of both girls’ pelvises cocked back away from their meeting bodies as each fighter yanked at the other’s tough panties. Judy winced at the hot sensation of cotton invading her and compressing her vulva at the same time; she tugged angrily and could only hope she was doing the exact same thing to Kathi’s sensitive sex that the blonde was doing to hers.

"You’re the pussy, you blonde bitch," Judy snarled. "I hope you like that hot wedgie up your ass!"

"I hope YOU like it up your big hairy cunt, priss!" Kathi replied, sawing at her pelvis.

The girls pivoted until Judy could see Kathi’s full back again, and she noted with satisfaction that the back of Kathi’s panties had practically disappeared between her two pale, flexing buttocks. Both girls powerful thighs braced against each other in opposition, the fight seesawing across the basement floor. "You’re just doing this because you’re afraid of my boobs and you know it."

"I’m not afraid of your stiff nips, honey," Judy responded angrily. "You’re the one who can’t even make it in a kiss fight."

"I can kiss with you as long as you want, bitch," Kathi hissed. "Why don’t you just admit you’re afraid to fight the way those girls did tonight?"

That stopped Judy dead in her tracks. She wrestled silently against Kathi for a moment before she said "I showed you I can smack boobs with you already but if you want to fight like that some more we can do it," she said threateningly.

Both girls suddenly drew each other in, relaxing their holds on each other’s panties and allowing their bodies to meet in a confrontation that was far more controlled and static than the last few minutes of twisting, violent movement. They held each other by each other’s waistbands now, tugging against each other’s panties in little, goading movements just to produce enough pressure on each other’s burning crotches and sweating ass cleavage to remind the other girl that there was a fight on. Judy held her abraded, erect breasts against Kathi'’s and shivered slightly at the blonde’s still-stiff touch on her own boobs.

"Is that what you meant, bitch?" Judy asked defiantly as she stared down the blonde nose to nose.

In reply Kathi only tugged against her, pressing body to body. As she pressed in closer Judy felt the other girl’s warm cotton crotch press in against hers. Kathi glared at her intently and then slowly pressed her pubic area up against Judy’s. Judy met her, refusing to be intimidated, and as Kathi stared at her the blonde girl slowly rubbed her pubic mound into Judy’s: up, then down, like the slow scrubbing of a wire brush. Judy’s nostrils flared and she trembled with a mix of utter fury and excitement at this silent challenge.

"You know what I meant you little redheaded pussy, and you saw exactly the same thing I saw tonight.," Kathi said slowly. "Don’t you remember when I asked you how big you were down there?"

After a full evening of voyeurism, dirty fighting and dirty talk, Judy flushed beet red in the dimly lit room. Somehow she had managed to fool herself into thinking that it wasn’t all really leading up to this. "All I remember is you lying about how big YOU were," she said flatly.

Kathi purposefully reached between them and tugged upward at Judy’s panty crotch, twisting the material into her pussy. Judy glanced down and saw her fiery red pubic hair wrapping around the white cotton as Kathi revealed her swollen, creamy pale vulva. She immediately returned the favor, tugging Kathi’s panty crotch up into her pussy, and looked down to see the golden fur peeking out from around the twisted column of cotton.

"You are definitely not girl enough to fight with me down there, Judy," Kathi said smugly, eyeing her daringly.

"Why don’t you take off those fucking panties and find out, Kathi," Judy shot back.

"You take off YOUR panties, Judy," Kathi said, her eyes shining brightly. "Go ahead. I DARE you."

Judy stared her rival down, both girls eyeing each other in brazen silence, their bodies still pressed together hotly. Judy studied Kathi’s face: the same shy face of the little loser she’d always thought so little of but had always been drawn to, her sexy little face now misted with sweat, blonde hair plastered against her forehead and temples like dark brown straw, the garish makeup each girl had put on now running and smeared. She looked vicious and wild, like an animal girl turned loose on the world. And Judy could see past her to the mirror that showed her herself: her proud features now twisted with hate and every dirty, forbidden feeling she’d ever experienced.

The smell of sweat, makeup, and chlorine and perfume hung over both girls like a moving swamp of sex: it got more intense with every centimeter closer Kathi got to her. It was like a pit that she could not help falling into. And she hated Kathi for pulling her down off her high horse and reducing her to this dirty, sexual, animal state. The twisted cotton panties, now barely any larger than the thong bikini bottoms she had worn earlier, were now her last, tenuous connection to the civilized world of class that she’d always fancied herself part of. Other than a few folds of labia and a few tufts of pubic fur that twist of cotton hid only one thing from Kathi, and she knew that only one part of Kathi’s body was still hidden from her. Once those panties slipped off there would be no turning back. She would have done something inexcusable, unforgivable—something only cheap tramps like Kathi did.

"I hate you, Kathi," she said, slowly peeling the hot, damp panty fabric out of the folds of her labia, tugging it out from between her two sweating, taut-muscled and quivering ass cheeks and down across her rippling thighs as she stepped out of them. She crumpled up the steaming fabric and flung them across the room while Kathi watched.

"I hate you too, Judy," Kathi said, her eyes never leaving the redhead as she peeled her burning, damp cotton panties away from her glistening blonde thatch and out from between her two flexing buttocks. It was darker in the room than she would have liked but she could tell by Judy’s rapt expression that the other girl was as focused on her slow striptease as she had been when Judy had stripped her cotton panties off with agonizing slowness. She was trembling as she stared into Judy’s sparkling, tear-brightened eyes, knowing that she was now about to utterly reveal herself to her hated rival, and to the girl whose opinion of her, of her body, of her sexuality, mattered more to her than that of anyone else on Earth.

She let the cotton panties drop to the floor and straightened slowly, thrusting out her high, firm breasts with an angry pride and placing her hands directly on her hips, flanking the furred golden triangle that was now displayed to the redhead. She circled Judy and put a little distance between them just as the redhead straightened and took on a very similar pose, letting her own perfect boobs jut out defiantly at Kathi’s. Kathi looked tremblingly down between Judy’s beautiful thighs at the dark, raw orange patch of fur wisping between the thick swells of her vulval pair, the sleek crotch she had seen pressed against blue jeans, bikini bottoms and leotard crotches, now utterly naked but for the briefest display of pubic curls. She knew her own tuft of golden fur didn’t cover much more of her vulva than Judy’s did. They were practically defenseless, she thought.

"Now there’s nowhere for you to hide, Judy," Kathi said quietly. "We are really going to see who’s the best between us."

“I’ve wanted to settle that for a long time, “Judy nodded grimly. “After I teach you a lesson you’re going to stay away from me for good.”

Kathi’s lips suddenly began to press against her with more insistence and she daringly pressed back into the other girl, feeling the pressure between their two meeting bosoms begin to increase, the muscles in Kathi’s arms hardening as she held Judy tighter. The girls grunted into each other as they slowly smashed their gaping mouths deeply into each other, still keeping their tingling tongues sheathed and as distant from each other as possible, even though Judy was aching to taste the other girl against her. The quiet little groans now deepened into lustful bellows; Judy felt her face vibrate with the low sound of Kathi’s voice inside her. Her face felt like it was on fire and she could feel the flame of desire flaring in her pelvis—she even felt an answering heat in Kathi’s groin as the smooth triangle of flesh pressed through its skirt against her own heated sex.

Finally Kathi’s mouth popped away from hers with a wet smack and the girls drew deep, ragged breaths. “You still think you kiss better than me?” Kathi demanded after a few seconds of recovery.

“You pulled away from ME,” Judy retorted, even though she had to admit she couldn’t tell just who had broken the kiss first.

“Bullshit; I was ready to kiss the life out of you!” Kathi argued.

“If you want to try than come and get some more!” Judy snapped. She pulled Kathi closer, hugging her with a ferocity she didn’t quite feel yet. She saw equal uncertainty in Kathi’s eyes but neither girl was going to back down from this confrontation. Kathi opened her mouth and this time Judy decided to take the initiative: she started to plunge her tongue into Kathi’s mouth and was immediately deflected by Kathi’s own hot, wet tongue. The girls stood off for a second, eyeing each other warily, then Kathi licked out at Judy and Judy met her tongue to tongue. The two long tentacles of flesh slashed at each other and Judy put all her efforts into out-licking Kathi, fluttering her tongue energetically all over the blonde’s pink probe. The girls groaned as they began to thrust tongue to tongue, and they twisted their heads downward until they were almost kissing each other upside down so that each girl could lick the more sensitive top of her tongue against the top of her rival’s, tasting each other and sending a riot of stimuli across the hypersensitive nerves of each organ. Judy felt like she was being electrocuted with pleasure and little convulsions racked her body as she engaged Kathi in the hottest tongue kissing they had exchanged since their first encounter. Judy had comforted herself by thinking that Kathi was doing so well just because they hadn’t touched tongues yet, but the blonde seemed just as in control of herself now as she had when they were only matching mouths.

Angrily, Judy gathered Kathi in and closed her mouth over the other girl’s wetly, then she slowly, purposefully extended her tongue, forcing it inch by inch deep into Kathi’s waiting mouth. The other girl moaned in violation before pressing her own tongue past Judy’s defenses and equally deep into her trembling mouth. Judy twisted against the other girl’s tongue, avoiding the overpowering urge to take advantage by biting the blonde. She squealed lightly as Kathi’s tongue burrowed into her and she tried with all her might to lick the blonde’s tongue into submission, but Kathi’s licks kept her own tongue so electrified with pleasure that she had to keep twisting away every time she thought she was gaining an advantage.

Finally the girls pulled away from each other, slipping out of each other’s mouths, and stood forehead to forehead in each other’s arms, eyes closed. Briefly each girl tried to launch another sexual offensive, flashing their tongues into each other, before breaking apart again.

“You think you’re so hot with that tongue but you’re not,” Kathi breathed heavily.

“I’m hotter than you are, that’s for sure,” Judy retorted. “You couldn’t take it before and you can’t take it now.”

“I can take it just fine; I’ll kiss all night with you if that’s what you want,” Kathi said. She held Judy tightly and looked down between them to where her pale, creamy cleavage was already at war with Judy’s. “We’re going to do a lot more than kiss, though,” she said.

“I’m ready to do whatever you want,” Judy said. She knew Kathi would want to renew their little boob war and she was already mentally steeling herself for the encounter. If Kathi could hold her own against Judy’s kisses she could certainly get back into a breast fight with the blonde.

“Then let’s take off our dresses,” Kathi said. Judy swallowed but she was not about to allow herself to be railroaded by Kathi this late in the game. She reached back behind her back for the zipper of her minidress and Kathi did the same. She watched the blonde, marveling at the smooth, sculpted contours of her triceps muscles and the way they folded into her shoulders. With her arms pulled back her breasts were tugged upwards and they now jutted even more arrogantly toward Judy's chest. She could tell by the way Kathi was looking at her that she must present an equally appealing picture to the blonde girl, and she intentionally dragged out her search for the zipper, posing suggestively in front of Kathi, flashing her long, pale legs for the other girl’s study.

“Wait a minute,” she said, suddenly struck by an idea. “I want to go into another room.” She took Kathi’s hand and led her down the hall to the door to the house’s basement. The girls’ heels clicked loudly down the tile hall and made a slow clatter as they walked carefully down the stairs to the basement. The basement floor was carpeted with a thick pile so the footsteps dissolved into silence the second they hit the floor. Judy turned on a couple of the room’s lamps but left the overhead lights off. She saw Kathi look around the room’s walls. Judy’s mother had put mirrors all along the basement walls to make it look bigger and now there seemed to be an infinity of Judys and Kathis facing each other in the center of a thousand rooms.

“Look familiar?” Judy asked. The similarity to the dance practice room was striking; Judy often came down here to work out. “Now when we strip I’m going to see every inch of you,” she said smugly.

Kathi finished looking around and turned back to her. “Good,” she said. “I can’t wait to look at that cute ass of yours when I get my fingers in it.”

Judy fumed silently at that, thinking that Kathi was jumping ahead of things and disappointed that she still hadn’t put the other girl off balance. The girls struck their undressing pose again and Kathi whipped her dress off with surprising speed before flinging it across the room. Judy eyed her sullenly and took care to strip her own dress off more slowly and sexily. In spite of the fact that they had already seen each other topless the sight of Kathi’s perfect breasts and long pink nipples stabbing out at her caused Judy to catch her breath. She wiggled her own boobs out of the dress and stared threateningly at Kathi as she bent to slip the dress down over her hips, showing Kathi the full length of her own erect nipples as they briefly pointed straight at the floor. When she straightened she arched her back slightly, flexing her belly muscles tautly and stretching her perfect, creamy globes out on her chest. She knew Kathi would think she had this next battle already won and she was determined not to show the slightest hint of intimidation or fear. She eyed Kathi’s white cotton panties, thankful that they had both chosen this more protective underwear for their final duel. As much as her crotch was blazing she knew the relatively thick cotton would provide some protection from Kathi’s sex. She couldn’t even think about that part of the fight right now; other than the vague reference to Christina and Liz’s showdown, there had been no explicit discussion of just how far this contest was going to go. Maybe if she reasserted her superiority when they matched breasts Kathi would give up once and for all and admit she was the better girl. But she didn’t really believe that would happen.

“I didn’t think you had the guts to do this again after the way you ran away from me tonight,” Kathi said, immediately taking the fight to Judy.

“Yes, we each chickened out on each other once, Kathi,” Judy said hotly. “But I won’t turn my back on you again.”

“Good; I want to see your face when I beat you,” Kathi replied.

“Don’t be too conceited about your big boobs, Kathi,” Judy warned her. “Mine are just as big as yours.”

“Maybe they are but your boobs are a little sensitive, aren’t they?” Kathi taunted. “Anyway, I would much rather compare nipples with you right now.”

“If you want to compare nipples that’s fine with me, but we already did that once tonight,” Judy argued.

“Yeah, we compared length,” Kathi replied. “I want to see whose are harder and stronger because I don’t think it’s going to be yours.”

“If you want a nipple contest then bring it on, Kathi,” Judy said evenly, her chest rising and falling as she drew in a deep breath. She was not worried about her own nipples’ stiffness—she had never felt more aroused in her life and her breasts felt as tight and hard as rocks, her goosefleshed skin stretched to its limits. What did worry her was how Kathi’s own erect nipples were going to feel rubbing against hers. She had almost passed out at the feel of the other girl’s silky breast skin gliding across her nipples, and the thought of Kathi’s stiff, aroused nipples grazing her own made her giddy. Her little heart pounded against her chest as Kathi stepped forward at the challenge and put her hands on her powerful hips, thrusting her breasts out defiantly at Judy. Judy mirrored the pose and tried to put as much attitude into her stance as she could, staring at Kathi sullenly. The girls eyed each other’s nipples warily and carefully lined them up so that they were pointing directly at each other. Neither girl even thought about using her hands to steady or direct her own breasts at her opponent; it would have been an admission that their boobs weren’t hard enough to be directed by their chests alone, and Judy knew her own breasts were so hard and inflamed that they could barely move at all without a good firm jolt hitting them.

She could see Kathi’s body from behind in the mirror and looked drunkenly at the other girl’s beautifully sculpted back muscles, trim, strong waist and firm, toned buns and thighs as the other girl positioned herself in opposition to the redhead. As she glanced back into Kathi’s eyes she saw that the other girl was also checking out the redhead’s reflection, gauging her own body against her rival’s. Judy thought for a moment that Kathi was going to put her nipples length to length against hers but as she approached it became clear that she intended to touch her nipples to Judy’s head on, tip to tip. Judy held her breath and braced herself, her eyes flicking from Kathi’s to the other girl’s nipples as both young women moved into position. Even in their brief breast skirmish they hadn’t touched like this and Judy wasn’t sure what to expect.

To be continued