The two pairs of perfect, spherical breasts lined up in opposition, nipples extended like artillery directly at each other, and Judy carefully positioned hers tip to tip with Kathi’s, gratified to see the four shafts line up perfectly. Kathi took a last glance into Judy’s eyes before lightly thrusting her boobs forward, nipples first, into Judy’s. The redhead shuddered at the blunt touch of the other girl’s pink rods, but she held her ground and carefully pressed back with her own chest. For the first time she attempted to judge the composition of her own nipples and gauge their stiffness compared to Kathi’s. The tickle of the blonde’s tips against hers was incredibly arousing, but at least the quarter inch or so of skin touching skin was less loaded with nerve endings than the inch and a quarter or more of stiff, pink shaft behind them. Judy had no doubt that she would have to put her nipples shaft against shaft with Kathi but for the moment she tried to concentrate on the delicate job of staying tip to tip with her without slipping past Kathi’s nipple points. She could see the girls’ long, stiff shafts bending elastically, like thick rubber erasers under pressure, and both girls maneuvered to maintain contact. It took far more effort than Judy had expected and she quickly found every muscle on her body put into use maintaining her balance and position against Kathi. Probingly each girl glanced from their meeting nipples into each other’s eyes and back again, looking for any sign of movement or anticipation from the other girl.

Judy groaned a little as she felt her tingling nipples bending back and upward slightly and she saw a look of triumph flicker across Kathi’s face at this little victory: the blonde’s nipples were still almost dead straight and were flexing very little under Judy’s assault. “I told you I was stiffer than you,” Kathi said tauntingly. Judy blinked angrily and tried to reposition her breasts and straighten out her pressurized nipples, and she was rewarded with a slight bend from Kathi’s shafts. She could see the skin of the blonde’s aureoles pucker on the left side as she began to bend the blonde’s nipples in that direction, but Kathi quickly countered.

There was definite, exquisite discomfort as her engorged nipples were bent, although Judy knew that so far the twisting of her pink rods had been very slight as both girls were being very careful to move slowly and minutely against each other. She applied a little more pressure and Kathi moved backwards a step; the girls broke contact briefly and Judy aggressively flicked the tips of her nipples sharply across the tips of Kathi’s, like four match heads striking together. Kathi gasped a little and bit her lip and then immediately danced in closer to Judy, obviously intent on returning the favor. Judy had to dodge without really running away and before she knew it Kathi had scratched her nipple tips wickedly across Judy’s taut nubs, goading a hiss of over stimulation from the redhead.

The girls’ eyes narrowed as they acknowledged each other’s skill in this intricate new game. Judy marveled at how her stiff, sensitive nipples could be used against her blonde rival, and she warily readied herself for continued assaults from Kathi’s own erect weapons. She wondered how long this new, silent duel would continue before they would find a new phase. All the fatigue and the beginnings of a hangover from drinking had evaporated under the rush of adrenaline and hormones that had kicked in the minute she found herself alone with Kathi finally. After all the weeks of gamesmanship and secret challenges she had thought they would just maul each other the second they got alone; that was one reason why she had invited the other girls, to bide her time and feel out her opponent before the final duel. But now she knew that each of them was committed to taking this conflict as far as they possibly could, exploring every possible way their two bodies could compete with each other.

The two girls brought their nipples together head on a second time and both girls glared at each other as they pressed expertly forward, each waiting to see who would bend away first. Judy winced a little as she felt herself beginning to curve upward slightly, the tips of her nipples reddening a bit at the pressure from Kathi’s. “What’s the matter, Judy?” Kathi said tauntingly. “Where’s all your talk from the dance class about how yours are bigger than mine?”

“They still are,” Judy insisted angrily, struggling to keep her points in position with Kathi’s.

“Don’t forget Christina measured us, honey,” Kathi said bitchily. “We’re exactly the same length.”

“So what? I’ll bet I’m still thicker through the nipple than you are,” Judy shot back.

“Then why are you bending so easily, slut?” Kathi retorted.

“You’re the one who’s bending, bitch,” Judy snorted. “And I’m certainly harder than you are.”

“That’s bull; I’m hurting you, Judy,” Kathi insisted. “I don’t think your nipples can take the pressure.”

“You’re full of it, Kathi,” Judy growled back, angrily breaking away and flicking her nipple tips across Kathi’s one more time. She was rewarded with another sharp intake of breath from her blonde rival but this time Kathi flicked right back, snapping her nipple tips viciously across Judy’s. The scrape was hard enough to actually produce a little whisper of sound in the dark room and Judy grunted at the sensation. “Now who’s stiffer, lady?”

Judy pursed her lips angrily and resisted the temptation to just jam her hard nipples right into Kathi’s breasts. For a second the image of Liz and Christina’s reddened, raw boobs shaking from their mutual impacts danced in front of her. It would be easy to take the fight into that arena now but she wasn’t sure she wanted to go there, at least not yet.

“Why don’t you put yours against mine length to length and let’s really find out who’s the hardest?” she challenged. Kathi licked her lips nervously. The jarring little jolts of sensation that resulted when they hit tip to tip were one thing, but the sustained electricity of placing their hard, swollen nipples shaft against shaft would be much more difficult to endure. She saw Kathi hesitate despite the fact that she had clearly come out on to when they’d matched bare breasts earlier. She glared into Kathi’s eyes and delivered the haymaker: “Come on, white trash.”

“You bring them over here,” Kathi said dangerously, “Now.”

Judy carefully moved forward, glancing upward in annoyance as Kathi blocked her and again pressed the tips of her nipples against Judy’s. She glared at Judy sullenly and then suddenly flicked her nipples sideways, allowing the redhead to press forward. Both girls let out a sharp little squeal as their nipples dragged across each other’s full lengths before embedding themselves in the puckered pink skin of their aureoles. Judy stared into Kathi’s eyes, breathing hard as the blonde girl held her nipple shafts against the redhead’s. Both girls tried to limit their movements as the slightest change of position sent a shockwave of sensation buzzing through their breasts, but the excitement of the contact forced both girl’s respiration to increase and just the rise and fall of their opposing chests made their nipples continue to grind together erotically.

“You like that, rich bitch?” Kathi growled, twisting sideways a little in order to press her nipples even harder against Judy’s. Judy flinched but immediately twisted in the opposite direction, pressing right back against the blonde.

“Keep it up, honey,” Judy snarled. The girls danced against each other on their toes, each using every skill of balance and movement they’d gleaned from months of dance and gymnastic rehearsals to maintain the delicate contact between them. Judy found that she could press forward with alternating breasts, using first one shoulder then the other to slide her nipples back and forth against Kathi’s. She watched the blonde girl’s eyes close briefly as she tried to control herself and gaining confidence she ground forward a little further until her nipples began to penetrate Kathi’s aureoles. Of course that meant the other girl’s pink shafts also began to press into her own soft skin and Judy had to ride the sensations that produced as she attempted to press her own assault on Kathi’s breasts. The swallowed as her back and neck tingled with erotic feelings produced by the skirmish, but maintained her hard stare into Kathi’s blue eyes.

Judy marveled at how strenuous this delicate duel was; she felt like she was getting a full workout even though they at times seemed to barely be touching one another. After several moments of shaft to shaft pressure Kathi broke away and repositioned her nipples on top of Judy’s, slowly forcing the redhead’s pink shafts downward until Judy’s forehead bumped against the blonde’s. “Just remember you’re the one who started this in dance class, Judy,” Kathi growled against her. “You’re the one who pressed those stiff things against me first.”

“Don’t pretend you didn’t want to fight me like this all along!” Judy retorted. “I’ve seen you looking at my boobs for a long time.”

“As a matter of fact I’ve wanted to compare our boobs for a long time because I’ve always known I would come out on top,” Kathi said back.

“Don’t make me laugh,” Judy said. “There’s no comparison between my nipples and yours or any other part of our bodies.”

“Well your rich girl attitude isn’t going to help you outdo me at anything tonight,” Kathi said hotly. “Just remember how you ran away from me when we rubbed boobs before.”

“I’m not running away from you now, Kathi,” Judy replied, glaring into her intensely nose to nose as they maneuvered around each other’s nipples. Kathi had hooked her nipples good and was forcing her downward awkwardly, and as Judy tried to twist out of the hold the other girl managed to lean in and corkscrew her nipples around Judy’s, knotting them together in a hold neither girl could easily break. Kathi grimaced against her, her teeth scraping Judy’s soft lips; Judy had to admit the blonde had her under control for the moment even though the nipple attack was clearly costing her almost as much as it was Judy. The feel of her nipples knotted around Kathi’s was almost unbearable, and she could feel a tingling warmth spreading out from her inflamed aureoles, bathing her breasts in heat, seeming to penetrate her chest and flush through her pelvis and her behind. The knowledge of the dirty contest the two had entered into appalled her and she felt a fury at the blonde girl for reducing her to this level. But at the same time she refused to believe that there was anything Kathi Hughes could do better than her.
Struggling against the intense sensations flaring from her nipples, she fought to keep them into play against Kathi’s, twisting and grinding them against the other girl’s rubbery pink shafts and straining at her shoulders to keep her firm breasts in perfect control against the blonde girl’s. There was still very little contact between her actual breasts and Kathi’s creamy globes, only the dull pain where their clamped-together knipples crushed into their softening aureoles. Judy was grateful for the respite from the blonde’s nipples scraping and plunging into her soft, extremely sensitive breast skin; even though the thick penetration of her aureoles was just as unnerving in its own way, at least it was localized instead of the unpredictable feel of Kathi’s nipple tips slashing and digging at her boobs.

“Still think yours are bigger, honey?” Kathi said as she pressed her attack forward.

“I’m glad yours are so long, Kathi; that makes them easier to twist,” Judy said spitefully as she placed her cheek against the blonde girl’s face. Kathi met her cheek to cheek and the two girls continued to taunt and insult each other as they nipple-fenced.

“I hope you like the way I’m twisting yours because I’ll be doing it all night,” Kathi assured her.

“Keep it up, bitch, because I plan on twisting yours off.”

“You don’t have what it takes to outtwist my nipples with yours, Judy, and you know it. Besides, didn’t you say you were going to suck on mine?”

Judy felt her back flush with dirty pleasure at that remark and she felt her crotch catching fire. “No, I told you that YOU could suck my nipples, you gutter trash,” Judy said, fighting a mix of humiliation and arousal. She was furious at Kathi for getting her so excited but she was just as determined to meet the blonde word for word and action for dirty action.

“No, you’re going to suck mine first, you stuck up rich bitch,” Kathi retorted, grinding back against Judy hard. Judy instinctively rubbed in the opposite direction, twisting her upper body to the right, and both girls gasped and squealed as their entangled nipples broke free of each other roughly. Judy saw Kathi’s nipples flick up into erect war flags in front of her and her own nipples rise alertly to face them as the girls’ breasts briefly separated. Kathi suddenly lunged forward and there was a light smack as their breasts collided full-on for the first time in this new wave of the battle. Judy hissed at the feel of soft, pale girl-flesh on flesh as Kathi’s boobs caressed hers, the contrast between stiff, piercing nipple shafts and silky, gliding breast skin driving her wild. Kathi managed to intersperse the erotic caress of skin on skin with a few sharp little smacks and Judy angrily returned the blows, giving the blonde two sharp slaps of her jiggling mammaries before both girls backed off slightly, their bare boobs alive with gooseflesh at this new stimulation. Judy looked piercingly into Kathi’s eyes as both girls paused, neither certain they wanted to take things to this new, spiteful level. The sounds and sights of Christina and Liz’s devastating titfight were still sharp in Judy’s memory, and she knew she was not ready to pursue Kathi onto this new battlefield. Her pulse quickened for a moment as she wondered whether the blonde would see the fear in her eyes and launch an all-out, breast-slapping assault on her; she steeled herself for the onslaught but was very uncertain that she could withstand that kind of attack. But even as she braced herself, her shoulder muscles, stomach and back tensing, she saw a flicker of hesitation in Judy’s eyes and the other girl backed up, flinching slightly. Judy wondered whether her own body’s tensing had made it look like she herself had been preparing to slam full-on into Kathi’s bosom. The two girls moved on balled feet in a dance of hesitation before Kathi angrily moved forward, hesitating just enough as she brought their bodies together to renew the sliding, sensual boob duel and avoid slapping into Judy’s bare breasts again.

Judy took the erotic assault with a groan, relieved that they would not yet batter breast to breast but still fighting waves of sensation forced on her breasts by her blonde enemy. She suddenly felt her back strike a cold wall as Kathi’s supple body forced itself on her; her boobs compressed as the blonde’s round globes ground directly into hers. This contact was even harder than the brief squeeze they had exchanged in the other room earlier and for the first time Judy was able to take the full firmness of the blonde’s two aroused, overheated boobs and contrast them with her own as they flattened out into thick disks of tissue, kneading each other like competing mounds of soft dough. Kathi’s nose slid past hers and the other girl’s eyes blazed so close to hers now that her left eye’s eyelashes fluttered against the lashes on Kathi’s right eye as they stared each other down.

“If you want to suck on something suck on this,” Kathi growled quietly. Before Judy could reply the blonde girl thrust her hot mouth over the redhead’s lips and slowly, purposefully drilled her long tongue deep into Judy’s mouth. Judy fought against the enemy tongue and attempted to force her way past it with her own slippery, pink muscle, scraping it across Kathi’s teeth before entering the other girl’s deep, wet mouth. The girls pounded at each other hotly inside their locked-together mouths, struggling for an advantage. As Kathi wrapped her long tongue around Judy’s competing one the redhead felt the blonde drag her nipples upward along the bottom of Judy’s breasts until their bent, raw nipples came into full contact again. Judy tried to twist around the two invading shafts, determined that this time it would be her who would tie Kathi’s nipples in painful knots, and despite the incredible, dizzying mix of pain and pleasure that radiated from where her nipples attacked Kathi’s she pressed home the attack, forcing Kathi back a little from the wall as she tried to dodge away from Judy’s advancing nipples while maintaining her assault on Judy’s tongue. Both girls growled and groaned into each other’s mouths unintelligably but neither girl would break the death kiss they had begun. Judy sucked air into her lungs through flaring nostrils and knew that the way they were wrestling against each other they would have to break the kiss before one of them passed out.

The feeling of her tender breasts pancaking on her chest against Kathi’s was overwhelming Judy, and she briefly closed her eyes against the onrush of dirty feelings flooding through her. She refused to accept that Kathi was going to be able to outdo her in this phase of the contest for a second time, and she bravely put her firm breasts on the line, grinding them into even closer contact with Kathi’s. She felt the blonde groan against her mouth and she forced herself to go back to their very first struggle behind the gym when she had turned the tables on the blonde girl with her hot kisses. She tried to force her mouth into even deeper contact with Kathi’s even as her blonde rival slashed her steaming tongue around inside Judy’s mouth like an eel thrashing against its cage. The redhead squeezed her eyes shut and tried to block out all the confusing sensations rioting around her body; she tried to focus all her attention on her own tongue and on Kathi’s reactions to her every touch. Now that the girls were locked together close she slid her fingers down off of the blonde’s strong upper arms and placed them on her rival’s back, first just above the swell of he womanly hips at the small of her back, which was already moist and warm with sweat from their struggle. Then she traced her fingers up Kathi’s back, feeling the other girl shiver at her touch, until she was caressing the blonde’s shoulder blades and finally the nape of her neck just beneath her tangle of soft, warm blonde hair. As she began to trace her fingers around Kathi’s earlobes and under her jaw she began to probe slowly, rhythmically, deeper and deeper into Kathi’s waiting mouth with her tongue.

Kathi met the purposeful assault head on with her own tongue almost immediately, sensing a new direction in their secret combat, and for several moments she plunged her hot tongue directly against Judy’s as both girls tried to lengthen and stiffen their taste organs to shove the other’s out of the way. It was almost like their first nipple contest, but in this sort of slick collision there was no purchase to hold each tongue tip to tip. Instead they slipped past and drilled deep into each other’s mouths, and the battle was decided by who could absorb and control the other girl’s surging tongue once it entered her rival’s mouth, who could control their own sensual reactions to the flicking lick of her enemy’s tongue exploring her mouth or coursing against her own pink probe. Kathi’s tongue was delicious, tart and sweet at the same time, alive and ravenous inside her mouth, but Judy was still confident that the blonde girl was no match for her in this kind of fight. And just as she’d hoped, little groans of wicked pleasure began issuing from her rival, low, gutteral vibrations that sang against Judy’s pale body.

“I don’t think you can keep your hands off ME, Judy,” Kathi said, her breath quickening. “I can tell just by the way you look at me you think I’m sexy. You do and you know it.”

Judy looked her slowly up and down and despite her total nakedness Kathi felt like she was being stripped all over again for the first time. “Maybe I do think your hot little body is sexy but it’s no better than mine, Kathi,” Judy said dangerously. “Besides, I know you’ve been watching my body too.”

Kathi looked intently at Judy, studying the creamy curves and bulges of her body, then eyed their reflections opposing each other on every wall of the room. She was suddenly stunned by how similar they were: if not for their differing hair color they might have been twins. Every curve on her body, every little ripple of muscle, was matched by one on Judy. Their short hair, their rounded, soft faces and blue eyes reflected each other perfectly.

“I like your body because it’s just like mine, Judy,” Kathi said finally. “The only difference is I know how to use my body and you don’t.”

Judy stepped forward and again the two girls’ erect nipples opposed each other stiffly. “Not only is my body better than yours,” Judy said, “But I certainly know how to make your body submit to mine.”

“Well we have put our tongues together and our boobs together so there’s only one part of our bodies that we haven’t matched up yet,” Kathi said expectantly. She had taken their breast battle to Judy and now there was a silent understanding that the next stage, the final stage, was up to the redhead.

After a momentary staredown Judy stepped forward, crossing her nipples past Kathi’s until their breasts pressed tautly together once more. They felt each other’s chests rise and fall against each other as they breathed silently. Then Judy said “So you think you have a big strong pussy, Kathi?”

Kathi glared at her, trembling against the redhead’s body. “Yes,” she said hoarsely. “And I think my pussy is bigger and stronger and hairier than yours.”

“You are a dirty, cheap little slut, Kathi,” Judy said slowly. “And my pussy is just as big and just as strong and just as hairy as yours is.”

“Why don’t you press your pussy against mine and prove it then?” Kathi replied coolly. “Or are you afraid I’d rub your little bush bald with my blonde fur?” Both girls maintained their hands-on-hips stance although Kathi was consumed with the desire to drag Judy’s body into hers.

Judy shook her head slowly. “That soft yellow hair of yours won’t stand a chance when I rub my hot red bush into it, honey,” she challenged.

“You are full of cheap talk but I don’t think you have the guts to rub pussy to pussy with me,” Kathi said.

“And you’ve been afraid of my pussy for a long time,” Judy said, brushing past Kathi’s nose until the blonde girl felt the redhead’s soft lips caressing hers, fluttering across her mouth delicately with each dirty word.

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Judy growled, and with that she met Kathi head on and the blonde felt the other girl’s burning hot, furry crotch rub directly into hers. She felt the hot tangle of their meeting pubic fur grind and knot together as Judy’s strong, pale arms encircled her waist and she rushed to place her own hold on the other girl’s slender body. Judy held her gaping, open mouth against Kathi’s, daring her to try anything with her tongue, and Kathi too placed her yawning mouth lip to lip against the redhead’s mouth. Their teeth clicked as they wrestled against each other but both girls held off from licking one another; they both knew they were saving that for something else.

To be continued