“I knew you’d pick that one,” Judy said a little shakily. She was still trying to maintain her usual dismissive, bitchy air, but the redhead had to admit to herself that she was feeling anything but confident. Her breasts still tingled from their brief, overwhelming contact with Kathi’s bare breasts and she knew that now nothing could prevent the two competitors from moving past even that forbidden threshold into something even darker and more illicit. She glanced around at the familiar trappings of her house and realized that even this comforting environment had now become a dark and uncertain arena for the two of them. Her plans for the evening had somehow gone awry even as they had fulfilled her most secret hopes. She had known about some of the little rivalries and ill will that had existed between Liz and Christina and had seen similar attitudes being exchanged among Rachel, Debbie and the other two girls. She had thought at first that she would simply use the bitchy environment as a perfect stage to call Kathi out and humiliate her in front of the older girls. She hadn't thought that other agendas would overshadow her own plans but they had. She had never expected the simmering feud between Christina and Liz to boil over in this way and the sheer ferocity and gutter language of their fight had both shocked her and awakened her to a whole new world of possibilities. The question was, was this a world in which she could operate?

She had intentionally dialed down the level of her confrontation with Kathi by suggesting this duel of seduction against seduction, but now she knew she was walking a tightrope between a genteel contest that might leave neither girl satisfied, and both of their awareness of just how down and dirty this kind of duel could get. Knowing how strong Kathi was and how the other girl’s body affected her, Judy wasn’t sure she could keep this battle from getting out of hand now, and she was equally uncertain about which route—the high road or the low road—would guarantee victory for her. And she would settle for nothing less.

She looked for nervousness in Kathi’s eyes and saw an equal mix of uncertainty and anticipation as the two girls posed in front of each other. It would have been easy for the blonde to parade her little tit victory around now, and maybe Kathi was thrusting her boobs out a little bit more proudly than she had before. Judy had felt in control of things ever since the kissfight, and she was proud of how she had secretly dominated Kathi in the dance rehearsal room and the school hallways. Yes, the blonde had fought back, but Judy still had those little victories to dwell on. She was still confident she could outkiss Kathi and if she could start this final war with the upper hand she might be able to keep Kathi’s body at bay until the final showdown.

She knew what that had to be and she felt herself wondering if she was ready for it. Just pressing her naked breasts against Kathi’s had made her feel almost faint with overstimulation. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like if Kathi rubbed against her exposed sex. She almost regretted trimming her coppery pubic hair so closely to fit into her tiny bikini thong now—at least the fur she’d sported earlier would have afforded her a little more protection from Kathi’s sleek vulva. She knew the other girl would be just as exposed as she was—that was the confounding thing about this whole contest, she thought. Every time she used her tongue or her breasts, any part of her body against Kathi’s, she felt the same waves of dizzying pleasure that she was trying to force on her blonde rival. She knew some girls who were totally disinterested in sex and she almost wished she was that way now so she could make Kathi submit without having to control herself. But especially during the last few weeks as she felt her body filling out, coursing with hormones and wild feelings, she felt more out of control than ever. She could only hope that Kathi was having the same feelings, the same uncontrollable desires, that she was.

Judy licked her thick, pouty lips—a nervous gesture at first, but as she saw it immediately get Kathi’s attention she dragged it out, tasting the sticky, sweet red lipstick and letting he pink, glistening tongue linger on her lower lip enticingly. Kathi pursed her own lips in response—probably tasting her own lipstick just to get herself ready, Kathi thought. She was very eager to rejoin the kissfight, knowing she had enjoyed clear superiority the last time they’d really been able to have it out with their tongues. She could see Kathi eyeing her warily and knew the blonde girl must be revisiting their kissfight herself, the fight she had started and lost.

“Seduction starts with kissing, doesn’t it, Kathi?” Judy asked boldly. “Didn’t you say you were going to outkiss me once?”

That produced the expected result: a flush of anger from Kathi. The blonde didn’t have Judy’s hair trigger temper but it was good to know that she still had buttons the redhead could push. “Maybe I wasn’t really ready to kiss with you then but I am now, Judy,” she said.

“Then let’s kiss, bitch,” Judy said, standing nose to nose with Kathi.

They stood, breathing silently, drinking in the slutty perfume each of them had put on, before Kathi suddenly twisted her head and grabbed Judy’s soft red hair from the back. Judy immediately opened her mouth wide and her teeth clicked against Kathi’s as she dragged her incisors against their counterparts in Kathi’s mouth like the clicking of some primitive war rattle. She expected the blonde’s tongue to come snaking into her; she almost invited it. But instead Kathi’s warm, moist lips closed softly over hers as the blonde slowly twisted against her. She compressed her own slick mouth and ground back against Kathi; their sticky, sweet lips slid across each other like wet snails and Judy gently put her hand on the back of Kathi’s neck, sliding her fingers upward to caress the blonde’s ears and jaw as they maneuvered delicately against one another. Kathi gradually gathered her in with her well-muscled arms and Judy hugged the blonde softly against herself in response, taking in the exquisite contours of the other girl’s body playing against her own curves and swells. The light silk dresses did very little to obscure the feelings being exchanged between their bodies, and Judy shuddered as she already felt Kathi’s nipples flicking across her own, catching stiffly before springing away and dragging across her stiffening breasts.

She twisted even deeper into the kiss, groaning a little as Kathi sucked at her mouth a little bit, drawing her big lips deeper inside her, and Judy felt the other girl’s firm mouth grip her, sliding its sticky wetness past her lips and onto the porcelain skin of her face. She ached to tongue the blonde girl but Kathi had established some kind of ground rules and she didn’t want to be the first to escalate things to the next level. She twisted more until she managed to pull her lips free of Kathi’s and then sucked the other girl’s sweet mouth into her own, applying her teeth a little bit to the soft skin just above Kathi’s upper lip and below her lower one. Kathi stiffened against the bite and a few seconds later managed to return it, all without allowing either girl to really break the full mouth on mouth contact. Both girls groaned quietly into each other’s open mouths. Judy realized that neither young woman was yet giving herself over fully to the innate privacy they had finally achieved—they were moving as carefully and as quietly as if someone might hear them in the next room at any second.

Judy let her hands roam around Kathi’s body, feeling her muscular back and shoulders, tracing her arms, the small of her back, finally petting her firm, round buns before slipping past the short skirt hem and touching the firm flesh of Kathi’s strong thighs. She felt Kathi exploring her, too—always with a gentle, hair-raising touch that made Judy shiver rather than with a rough, violating hand. This really WAS seduction, she thought; neither girl was yet forcing herself on the other, but drawing her opponent in with pure, soft pleasure and gentle teasing. Despite the sucking and tender biting Kathi’s mouth was still astonishingly soft and yielding as it caressed Judy’s, and the redhead made certain to reciprocate by loosening her own lips and fluttering them slowly over Kathi’s, exploring every tingling fold and contour of the blonde’s supple mouth. Kathi seemed fully in control of herself, trembling here and there at Judy’s touch but more than holding her own against the redhead’s kissing. Of course Judy hadn’t expected to overwhelm the blonde right away but she was annoyed that she didn’t yet have a clear advantage in this new love duel.

The open-mouthed kiss dragged on into three minutes, then four. Slowly each girl gave and took, their heads moving back and forth like slow-motion flywheels as a barely perceptible advantage moved from girl to girl. Judy felt Kathi’s hands slide up her side and caress the side of her breast through the dress material, and she quickly countered and did the same thing to Kathi. The girls gently twisted strands of soft hair around each other’s fingers, tugging lightly at it or just playing with it to add stimulation. Judy could feel warmth spreading through her back and settling deep in her pelvis and stomach as she felt Kathi’s body undulate against her. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment and rode the waves of pleasure, mere ripples that she knew would seem insignificant compared to the tsunamis of sexual force that would have to be unleashed before this contest was ended. She had to admit that even in this duel, which she had been certain she would win at, Kathi was getting to her. When this whole thing had started she had dismissed the blonde as some weird little groupie of hers that she would have to teach a lesson, but now she knew that she had somehow had deep feelings of desire for Kathi all along, that the sight of the blonde girl in her classes had always aroused her interest—she just hadn’t been able to admit it to herself.

“Wait just a minute,” Debbie said. “Somebody still has her top on.”

Everyone still seemed fixated on the comparison between Kathi’s breasts and Judy’s, but after a moment heads turned to where Christina stood. The brown-skinned girl put the ruler down on a counter with a little click. “You really want to see my tits?” she said, turning back to face them all. She eyed them defiantly for a moment before centering her gaze on Liz. “You want to see my naked tits, Liz?”

Liz slipped her hands off Judy’s arms and put her hands on her hips slowly, turning to point her own bare, supple breasts in Christina’s direction. “Yeah,” she said simply. Christina didn’t take her eyes off the auburn-haired girl as she undid her top, slipped it off and tossed it on the floor. Kathi held her breath as she took in the sight of Christina’s incredibly sexy, tan-lined boobs, finally bare to the world. She was more tan than Liz but otherwise their bodies were amazingly similar, from the little moles and freckles sexily decorating their skin to their soft, shoulder-length hair and hazel eyes. Liz’s face was slightly longer, giving her a haughty, superior expression, while Christina’s strong eyebrows and slight smirk added their own arrogant cast to her features.

No one was looking at Christina’s face, however. They all looked at her sharp little brown nipples, exactly the same size and shape as Liz’s. Christina tugged idly at the straps of her bikini bottoms, adjusting the slender strands to sit a little higher on her sleek, muscular hips. Liz was looking at her bitterly, a little bit of her jovial smugness suddenly dissipating.

“I want to see if Debbie’s targets are bigger than mine,” Rachel said, suddenly deflecting attention away from this new confrontation. She cradled her boobs and displayed her large aureoles to the raven-haired girl, who blushed a little at the idea of comparing her breasts to the blonde’s. “Oh I forgot, you’re the one who’s never been in a titfight before.”

“I didn’t say that,” Debbie protested.

“Then why don’t you put up your tits, honey?” Rachel said, stepping closer to her. Debbie cradled her beer bottle a few seconds longer and then drained the remaining three quarters of a bottle in one gulp.

“Okay, let’s do it,” she said gamely. Kathi watched as the two girls stepped closer to each other, both grinning wildly. There was certainly a kind of tension between them but Kathi sensed no real hostility, only the electricity of playful sex games. She studied the two pairs of intimidatingly large aureoles as they approached one another, lining up like brown saucers. The two girls kept their eyes on their meeting breasts as they arranged them perfectly aureole to aureole and then pressed them together.

Kathi could see a shudder move through each girl’s body but neither girl gasped or jumped the way she had during her first breast contact with Judy; maybe both of them HAD done this before, she thought. Soon the four aureoles were pressed flat against each other and Debbie and Rachel looked up to stare into each other’s eyes as they maneuvered slowly around each other. Rachel put her hands on her hips and tried to assume a superior, bullying pose but her shit-eating grin belied her intimidating posture. Debbie imitated her and the two girls leaned in a little closer, flattening out their tit flesh until they were nose to nose.

“Come on, honey, is that the best you’ve got?” Rachel taunted playfully.

“No, I’ve got plenty more in fact,” Debbie said, grunting into the blonde a little. In a few more seconds the girls were grinding boobs fairly hard and pushing each other’s tall bodies around the center of the room. Kathi was so mesmerized by the action that she barely noticed Judy walking over to stand closer to her. She wondered what those big, puckering aureoles felt like pressed together like that. She could feel adrenaline coursing through her body and she was afraid the red silk of her panty crotch was going to get soaked from watching this. But even as she fairly swooned at the spectacle of the blonde and brunette girls’ bodies pressing together she knew that there was something missing.

To be continued