Christina and Liz fucked each other slowly but with increasing intensity, low, animalistic groans barely escaping their locked mouths. They pumped for a solid five minutes before both girls’ knees began getting shaky, their bodies swaying like skyscrapers. Kathi thought they might fall headlong but eventually Liz’s knees gave way and she began to sink to the carpet with Christina weighing down on her. She groaned under the force of the other girl but Kathi could see her hips still sawing away at Christina’s crotch. Christina finally joined her on her knees on the carpet; both girls strong thighs were spread wide, and Liz’s firm ass was spread wide in front of Kathi. Their mouths were still struggling against each other and Christina’s dark hair was crowning both girls as she bore down on Liz. In a final, desperate move Liz twisted her upper body against Christina’s, grinding her boobs against the other girl until Christina groaned and faltered; there was a violent skirmish of limbs and then Christina went back spread eagled with Liz on top of her. Liz’s legs split widely as she tried to maintain her dominating hold and now Kathi could see the auburn-haired girl’s slick vagina completely displayed to her with Christina’s beneath it, pressed tightly against it vulva to vulva. And between both girls’ firm sex lips she could see the thick tongues of their clits twisted against each other length to length. She had wondered what each secret flex of the girls’ pelvises had meant and now she saw that with each thrust the duelists were directing their clitorises into direct, intimate contact, their long, slick shafts measuring themselves against their counterparts. She could see the girls quiver and tremble with every intimate clit to clit lick and her imagination blazed with the thought of what sensations these two dueling sex horns were producing.

Christina finally flipped Liz over onto her back and furiously mounted her, her tanned buttocks quivering and clenching with female power as she drove her revenge into her female enemy, her own swollen clit now harassing Liz’s, licking and shoving against it while high-pitched moans erupted out of the auburn-haired girl. It took Christina four minutes of thrusting but eventually Liz cried out and her body shook with violent convulsions. Her reddened clit seemed to shrink, retreating into the folds of her abraded labia, and Christina’s buns expertly directed her large clit in pursuit as they penetrated a full inch of her rival’s vagina, then sled down the full, slick length of her labia, seeming to explore every fold and hidden valley for several minutes until Christina too shook with her own triumphant orgasm. She continued to grind at Liz for several more minutes then finally raised herself on her arms, doing a little pushup over Liz’s prostrate form and smacking her wet breasts a few times down on Liz’s defeated bosom. She leaned down and landed a spiteful little bite near each erect nipple of Liz’s and then sucked a mouthful of the other girl’s nipple and tit into her mouth and feasted on it, eyeing Liz contemptuously as she sucked her. Then she let the breast go with a popping noise and sank back on her haunches, eyeing her defeated rival sullenly.

“You wanted me to suck your tits, now I’ve sucked them,” Christina said lowly, her voice thick with exhausted satisfaction. She reached out and pinched one of Liz’s sagging nipples sadistically and Liz flinched away, rolling into a protective ball.

“Don’t think this is over, honey,” Liz said raggedly.

“You just call me whenever you want another tussle,” Christina said. She looked back as if suddenly remembering the other four girls. “Like that show?” she asked.

“Get out,” Judy said suddenly. “All of you better leave.” Christina looked briefly annoyed but then stood, cracking her abused muscles.

“Fine,” she said. Rachel and Debbie looked shell-shocked but after a moment they began searching for their clothes. Christina dressed quickly and was out the door before any of them. Rachel and Debbie followed a few minutes later, and by then Liz had sat up herself. Kathi glanced at her as she gathered her own clothes up; she had never seen the stuck up Liz ever look like this before. She looked infuriated, but also soundly defeated and utterly humiliated by the combat. Her body bore all the marks that Christina’s strangely identical body had inflicted on it, right down to the bite marks around her reddened, worn nipples. Her eyes glistened with tears but Kathi could tell she was not about to have a breakdown in front of them. She finally stood, unsteadily at first, then with increasing temper as she snatched up her clothes, shrugged into them, and stomped out the door.

Kathi looked uncertainly at Judy as she dressed but the redhead seemed oblivious to anyone else around her. She thought about putting her bikini top back on but her throbbing breasts rebelled at the very thought. Instead she stuffed the top into her purse and shrugged into the cotton top she’d arrived in. Even the soft feel of that familiar material was like sandpaper against her nipples. She shivered as she began to head toward the door. Her mind was still trying to wrap itself around what had transpired over the past few hours. She didn’t know whether she’d seen some twisted version of her inner thoughts or a vision of her own sordid future, but she knew somehow that nothing would ever be the same from now on.

As she pulled the large oaken door of Judy’s house open and stepped out into the cool autumn air she suddenly felt fingers clamp down on her wrist. She spun to stare into Judy’s face. The other girl studied her in silence for a moment. “Where are you going?” she demanded.

“You—you said we should leave,” Kathi said. Judy stared at her for a moment, still seemingly in another world, then said “Them. Not you.”

She shut the door behind Kathi and the two girls stood in silence for a moment. Judy twisted the deadbolt, sealing it with a loud click that echoed in the now empty house. The hair on the back of Kathi’s neck raised at the sound as she realized that for the first time she and Judy were totally alone. Even out behind the gym there was room to run and escape. Now she was trapped here with the girl who had become her most intense rival. After the shock of seeing Judy topless there was almost something incongruous about seeing the redhead stand in the light robe she’d donned while escorting the other girls out of the house. Kathi’s heart fluttered and she kept a wide-legged stance, wondering what Judy planned to do now.

Judy stared back at her, her eyes flicking up and down Kathi’s body even though not much was revealed by the blonde’s attire now. She seemed to be measuring Kathi more as a person than as a rival body. When she spoke her voice was hoarse and uncertain.

“Do you think we should fight like that?” she asked. Kathi’s mind reeled at the violence and emotional intensity of the encounter they’d just witnessed. All the dirty things Liz and Christina had snarled to each other suddenly flooded back into her ears. Even in her few, secret phone conversations with Judy she had never used language that filthy, yet somewhere deep inside her she knew there was enough emotion welling between her and Judy that there might be currents of hate running between them that were just as black and scalding as the ones that ran between Liz and Christina.

“Do you want to fight like that?” Kathi said, turning the question back on the redhead. There were no witnesses and nothing to hide now, yet Kathi still felt unwilling to open herself up completely to her rival.

Judy stepped forward impatiently until their noses were only an inch or so apart. “I want to know why you challenged me to fight the way we did that night behind the gym,” she demanded curtly. “Just what were you trying to prove?”

Kathi’s thoughts turned back to the kissing fight. “What do you think?” she shot back, refusing to give any ground to the redhead.

“I think maybe you just wanted to tongue kiss me and you got more than you bargained for,” Judy said. Her tone was smug but there was still uncertainty behind it.

“Well you’re kidding yourself,” Kathi said more spitefully than she felt. “The fact is I’ve always been sick of how cute and pretty you think you are and I planned on showing you you’re not the best girl on the block.”

“Let’s not forget that you’re the one who ran away, honey!” Judy said sharply.

“Maybe I just didn’t like your gross, dirty kissing!” Kathi shot back immediately, wanting to hurt Judy as much as she could.

“You’re the one who wanted to kiss dirty and you know it,” Judy retorted. “You just couldn’t take it.”
Kathi had felt drained, a mix of nausea at the violence of the fight they’d witnessed and the fading buzz of the beer she’d been drinking. It was well past midnight and her body was starting to tire. But Judy’s taunts rekindled the same old flame of competitiveness, fear and excitement that had been waxing and waning inside of her ever since she had first decided to confront the redhead. She moved forward slightly until her nose brushed Judy’s.

“Who was the one who couldn’t take it a few minutes ago when we were touching tits, Judy?” she said evenly. Just the feel of the word ‘tit’ rolling off her tongue added even more adrenaline to the feeling of building confrontation she was experiencing. She saw fury flickering in Judy’s eyes as the other girl was obviously replaying their brief, bare-breasted skirmish in the back room in her own mind.

“I’ll touch any part of my body against any part of yours, any day or night of the week,” Judy said purposefully. She put her hands on her hips and eyed Kathi appraisingly. “We obviously have all the time we need to settle this and I can guarantee you we won’t be interrupted.”

“Fine,” Kathi said snottily. “I’ve been wanting to get all alone with you for a very long time, Judy.”

Judy nodded. “I’ve felt exactly the way about you. And I’ll have you know I’ve felt that way since way before you ever challenged me. You’ve always strutted around in front of me like you’re better than me and you’re always putting that body of yours in my way.”

“I have wanted to confront you for a long time too, Judy,” Kathi agreed. “I know you think you’re better than me. You think you’re so cute and sexy—“

“You’ve always acted like you think you’re sexier than me,” Judy argued.

“Maybe you should just admit you DO think I’m sexy, Kathi,” Judy said bluntly. Kathi felt a little tremor run through her body as she wondered whether the redhead had any idea about her collection of sketches and photos, of all the time and fantasizing she’d devoted to Judy. She could just feel the swell of Judy’s stiff breasts brushing against hers through the material of their tops.

“Maybe I’ll admit it if you admit you’ve been checking me out too,” Kathi said quietly.

“I don’t see anything to check out,” Judy said spitefully, but Kathi wasn’t about to let her get away with that. She pushed forward until she felt their stiff nipples collide once again.

“Then why are you so damned hard, girlfriend?” Kathi said. “Feels like your little boobs really want to get up against mine again.” Judy’s eyes flicked down to where their bosoms met, then she stared back at Kathi grudgingly.

“I’ll admit I’ve been checking out your body but I’m still sexier than you,” Judy said flatly. The admission clearly cost her but she now stared even more defiantly into Kathi’s eyes.

“I don’t think so, Judy,” Kathi came back at her. “I think I’m sexier than you and I think I turn you on more than you’re admitting.”

“I think you’re full of it and YOU are the one who’s turned on by me, Kathi,” Judy replied coolly.
Kathi was feeling more and more bold, flushed with Judy’s admission that she found Kathi sexy. She marveled at this bizarre war that they were in, both irresistably drawn to each other yet determined to prove that their rival was more overpowered by girlish desire than she was. Her mind kept rocketing back to the conclusion of the terrible duel between Christina and Liz. They too had admitted to the same kind of obsession, even though they’d couched it in far dirtier, more hateful language. She wondered if the final, brutal showdown between them was the only way she and Judy could ever settle their differences. Was she going to have to prove that Judy’s pull over her wasn’t enough to make her surrender to the redhead’s body? Or would she have to make Judy submit to her and be spent under her before the redhead would admit that she really wanted Kathi more than Kathi wanted her?

“Then why don’t you prove to me that you can seduce me,” Kathi said. She knew that this was what their conflict had finally boiled down to and she could see Judy’s face thicken with excitement at the idea.

“I could easily seduce you, Kathi,” Judy said.

“I doubt it, because I would seduce you way before you seduced me.”

Judy stared at her probingly for what seemed like several minutes. The gauntlet had clearly been thrown down but even Kathi wasn’t sure exactly what the two girls were getting into. But Judy finally nodded slowly as if she’d figured it out. “Then that’s just how we should settle things,” she said. “Let’s have a seduction contest. Come with me,” she said, and led Kathi through the house until they’d gotten to Judy’s bedroom. Judy had her own bathroom and as she showed Kathi around she revealed a huge walk-in closet full of clothes.

“I’ll give you twenty minutes to get ready,” Judy said, pointing at the rack of clothes. “I’m sure you can fit into anything in this closet so you have your pick—let’s see how glammed up you can get.”

“Then what?” Kathi demanded.

“Then you go back to the foyer and wait for me. I get twenty minutes to get ready too.”

“Then what are the rules?” Kathi asked.

“The rules are I do whatever I want to seduce you, Kathi,” Judy said as if it were obvious.

“And how do we tell who wins?” Kathi said, a little uncertainly.

“That’s easy,” Judy said. “You beg me to stop.”

Kathi had just about had it with Judy’s attitude. Once more she stepped into the redheaded girl’s face and stared her down intently. “You’re going to beg me, Judy.”

“I doubt it,” Judy snorted.

“You’re not as sexy as you think,” Kathi said.

“Neither are you,” Judy replied.

Kathi wanted to slap the redhead but instead she simply said “Get out of here and meet me in forty minutes.”

Judy hesitated for a moment then pulled a cold beer bottle out from within her robe and slammed it down on the top of her dresser. “Drink up because you’re going to need it,” she said before walking out of the room.

Kathi bitterly cracked open the beer and drained some of it before beginning her tour of Kathi’s closet. She had always been jealous of the other girl’s outfits and she was actually excited to try some of them on. She spent almost ten minutes modeling some of her favorites, clothes she always looked forward to seeing Judy’s body in, and she marveled at how perfectly they fit her. She told herself she looked just as sexy in these clothes as the redhead did. She finally settled on one daring outfit and even found a pair of Judy’s shoes that fit her before stepping into the bathroom. She looked haggard from the wear and tear of the day but there was enough makeup, perfume and hair care products in the bathroom to restore her to the height of glamour that she’d first displayed when she’d arrived at the house.

She walked out to the foyer, the heels of her patent leather shoes clicking loudly, like gunshots, on the expensive tile floor. She eyed herself in the mirror approvingly. She’d chosen a small black party dress with spaghetti straps; she hadn’t worn a bra and she’d found a pair of stretchy, high-riding cotton panties to wear. She had applied makeup to overaccentuate her cheekbones and lots of mascara, and found the exact shade of blood red lipstick Judy had worn to their first kissing fight so many weeks ago. Even she had to admit she looked devastatingly hot, and she was careful to swig down the rest of the beer without messing up her lipstick. She felt sexy and ready for anything as she heard the sound of clicking heels approaching down the long hallway to Judy’s bedroom.

The foyer was nearly dark, lit by only a few small pools of light, and she didn’t see Judy until the redheaded girl had fully entered the room. She stood in front of Kathi and struck an appropriately seductive pose, and Kathi saw that she was wearing almost the exact same black party dress and shoes she was.

To be continued