The two women exchanged glares of pure hatred as they circled each other. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Two hot, fit, leggy, sexy young women getting ready to fight for sole rights to my cock! While I watched!

Both had agreed to the rules I had set, which was even more amazing. They would fight clad only in high heels and nylons, pussy to pussy and tit to tit, until one of them could go no longer.

As they circled, Kayla told Claudia, "You know, your weak little cunt can't hold up to mine, bitch! Michael needs a real woman's sex to satisfy him!"

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch! My cunt is gonna eat yours alive and Michael's gonna be mine forever!!!"

With that, the two charged each other and collided with the loud smack of flesh on flesh. They sank their fingers into each other's hair and pulled as they rolled and mashed their firm tits together. The women squealed in pain as nipples stiffened, instantly fighting each other. At first, Kayla's nipples were stiffer, pushing Claudia's back into her soft tit flesh, but soon Claudia's fought back, stiffening to the point where Kayla was visibly distressed as she felt her rival's nipples inverting her own back into her pink aureole.

Kayla retaliated by sinking her sharpened nails into Claudia's butt, slamming into her crotch with her own. Claudia screamed from the pain of crotch to crotch fighting and the agony of her hated enemies nails digging deeply into her butt flesh. It pissed her off! She sank her own sharp talons into Kayla's butt as the women began thrusting wildly into each other, forcing cunt mounds to slam together with increasingly violent force.

Their normally cute, pretty faces were contorted in grimaces of hate and pain as they grunted with each rhythmic thrust of crotch against crotch, nylon covered thigh against nylon covered thigh. The constant clenching and re-clenching of ass and leg muscles had both sets of thighs pumped and hard as rocks! Above their stocking tops sweat began to form. Both women were equally hairy and they could feel each other's wiry pubic hair become entangled with each meeting of their cunts.

"...Ughh yoouuu fuckinggg bitch! I 'm gonna rip your cunt bald with my cunt!" screamed Kayla.

"...uh..uh..uhhh, I think you have it backwards bitch, my cunts gonna humiliate yours right in front of Michael!!"

The women's crotchless nylon covered legs tangled and they fell to the ground. Kayla threw herself on top of Claudia, slamming her full, ripe, thick body onto Claudia's equally endowed body. Their 38D tits continued to fight as their long sexy legs wrapped tightly together and began a fight of their own. My ears were filled with the sounds of their nylons swishing against each other as I got an eyeful of the incredibly horny sight of two sets of thick female legs and thighs pressed tightly together, each straining to subdue the other. I nearly came right then and there, but held it because I wanted to save it for the victress.

The women were still in high heels which made it all the more obscene. Two jealous women fighting in attire designed to show off their feminine attributes. Their calves and thighs flexed and quivered. Every slap of cunt into cunt caused their muscles from ass to ankles to shake. Release and tighten. They hammered into each other like athletes pumping their hairy twats and thighs, drenching each other with their free flowing sex juices.

"Ohhh, you fucking slut, get your sloppy wet cunt away from my thigh!!" Claudia hissed at Kayla.

Kayla gave an evil laugh and continued to grunt and purr as she fucked her rival. They yanked each others head back and forth viciously as they both sensed they had reached a stalemate. Both women were crying from the pain of their hair pulling match and they kicked their heels free and started to scratch at each others calves with their toenails, each using all her feminine tricks to get the other to give in. They glared into each others eyes issuing an unspoken, direct challenge. The time had come to meet clit to clit and lips against lips. Pussy-hole sucking pussy-hole.

They sneered and growled as they shifted their sweat drenched bodies into position. Each could smell the raunchy aroma that their sexfight was producing, a combined Claudia cum Kayla mix of body and pussy odors. The smell only increased their hate for each other and their desire to out-sex the other.

Claudia was on top of Kayla . She spread her legs wide open as Kayla wrapped her hot nylon covered legs around her back. Their engorged, wet and sticky pussy lips met head on as their hard and swollen clits started a wrestling match of their own.

"AHHHHH....OHHHH...UGGHHHH!!!" was the mutual exclamation that rose from each girl's lips as they began to slap their cunts together. The sexual stimulation was intense and, although each tried to avoid it, they both exploded in a mutual, earth-shaking series of orgasms, their horny cunts splashing in each other's love juice. They twitched and writhed together emotionally. The upper area of their nylons, around their interlocked inner thighs, became soaked with their combined flow. Their tits mashed flat as they struggled to recover from their mutual orgasm and continue their fight.

Both were embarrassed to the extreme that Michael had seen them give into each other like this and each set about the business of grinding her rival's cunt into oblivion so she could claim "her" man. Each downward thrust by Claudia was met by an equally violent upward thrust by Kayla and the two women started biting each other's ear lobe, shoulder and neck as they slapped their cunts together hard.

They shifted from slapping to grinding as each cunt tried to rub the other out. Their pussylips clung together in their mixture of feminine glue. Clits the size of thumbs stabbed each other, pushing aside the blood-gorged lips to dip an inch deep into each other's hole. Their nylons continued to slide and swish together as they ground their clits and cunt holes.

They stared into each other's eyes and gasped and hissed. They felt their cunts begin to suck each other pulling their lips inside. They cried out in pain and frustration as their cunts pressed hard together, mashing and rubbing each other into unnatural positions. Their hairy twat mounds were red where the rough grinding had ripped pubic hair out. Their sweat dripped down and mixed with the cum that lubricated their raunchy, obscene sexfight.

The room filled with the sounds and smells of two females letting go of all decorum and attacking each other like animals fighting for sex, which they were. Kayla sensed Claudia begin to weaken. She turned the tables and assumed the upper position as her cunt lips fully enveloped her hated rivals. Claudia felt her cunt being eaten by Kayla's madly pulsating twat. Kayla continued to pump hard into her beaten foe's cunt as her own cunt sucked Claudia's twat lips further and further into her own. Kayla shuddered and came with a sweet, rich, victorious flow as she expelled her rival's cunt from her own.

She proceeded to scratch up Claudia's tits and face until I was able to pull her off. Then we fucked each other long and hard, like there was no tomorrow. Claudia, about 15 minutes into our fuck-a-thon, began sobbing as she watched my cock sliding in and out of Kayla's cunt. She whimpered .."ohh Michael, Michael how could you?" but Kayla only laughed as her beaten rival slunk out the door, which was all she could do anyway. The better woman had truly won.