The news story and the wine Donna was drinking must have triggered the dream she had that night. She dreamed she went to an LA studio to do an interview and they told her to wait in the "Green Room" until it was time to tape the show. As she sat, reading magazines, Jessica walked in. She stood in the middle of the room, hands on hips, looking down at Donna, with a look of superiority on her pretty face. Donna tossed the magazine on the table and slowly stood up, her eyes locked with Jessica's. They stood toe to toe, staring daggers at each other.

Jessica said in a catty hiss, "Well, well, if it isn't the 'Hart-stopper' herself! How much did the Republican Party pay you for that little escapade, sweetie?"

Donna's eyes blazed, she snapped, "I haven't got one dime from anything concerning Gary Hart. I'm not an ex-hooker like you! In fact, I don't think you're an ex-hooker, you're still getting money for screwing people!"

Jessica was livid! She hissed, "You lousy cunt!" and slapped Donna hard across the face!

Donna stumbled back a couple of steps rubbing her cheek. She had a wicked smile on her face as she said, "Oh yeah!" I was hoping
you'd feel that way. I can't wait to put you in your place bimbo!"

She lunged at Jessica, tangling her hands in her hair, driving her knee into her crotch. Jessica emitted a loud, startled shriek as Donna's knee made a painful contact. Her knees buckled and she gasped for breath. Donna yanked her by the hair forward to the floor. She straddled Jessica, rolling her on her back. She slapped her hard across the face with both forehand and backhand rights as Jessica's cheeks turned fiery red. Donna then unleashed her anger on the stunned beauty. Jessica blinked her tear filled eyes. She knew she had to get the Florida wildcat off her and she sank her nails into Donna's lush breasts.

Donna squealed in pain as the long, sharp, lacquered nails dug deep into her soft flesh. She pulled at Jessica's hands, slapped her face and tore at her hair, but Jessica wasn't fated. Donna quickly sank her nails into Jessica's breasts. At least she could inflict the same amount of pain she was receiving! They dug, pulled and clawed each other, shrieking, squealing and swearing. They tore each other's thin, expensive blouses to shreds in their fury. Jessica was slowly rolling Donna over as they struggled. She wanted to straddle her and turn her into a hamburger. They hissed and spit like jungle cats in heat and it was the survival of the fittest and each was sure she was the fittest!

Donna tangled her shapely legs tightly with Jessica's in an effort to keep her from getting top position. Jessica also squeezed and locked her legs around Donna's. This could work to either woman's advantage. They rocked back and forth, each trying to mount the other. Each woman could feel trickles of blood running down her breasts as they dug their sharp nails in deeper. They were shrieking and screaming at the top of their lungs, more from rage than pain. Their heat angered state had made them oblivious to the pain of the claw holds.

After a few minutes, they ripped the last few shreds of cloth from each other, leaving each bare to the waist. They wrapped their arms tightly around each other, mashing their bleeding, battered breasts together. They buried their hands in each other's hair, rolling slowly back and forth across the room. Their legs were tangled from their soft warm thighs to their ankles and their skirts had hiked up to their waists. Each woman gasped as her scratched, bleeding breasts mashed and rubbed into the other's. Trying to pin each other, they tore hair out by the roots, pulling at each other. They bit each other's shoulders and upper arms as they lost all control in their lusty catfight.

Donna was starting to control Jessica, she stopped the rolling momentum and pressed her body down on Jessica. Jessica squeezed her thighs into Donna's trying to start the roll again, but Donna squeezed back hissing, "you're not going anywhere slut! You're going to give up or leave bald! That's your choice!"

Jessica uttered a lusty grunt as she ripped a handful of Donna's sun streaked hair out. She spat, "You're the one who's leaving here bald! I don't care if you give up or not!"

Donna moved her leg lock up until her right thigh pressed into Jessica's pussy. She rubbed and bumped her lush thigh into the warm, moist mound. Jessica squealed and quivered. She was seething. "You dirty cow! I'11 show you who you're dealing with. Cunt!"

And she reamed her creamy thigh into Donna, making her squirm and shake. Donna emitted a sexy meow-like squeal as she pressed her thigh hard into Jessica. They licked and chewed their lips as they rubbed and bumped into each other. Both teasing hair and rubbing breasts against breasts. Their nipples were rock hard and tingling with arousal and Jessica hissed, "I should have expected that your only weapon is sex!"

Donna, in-between gasps and grunts hissed, "If you're not woman enough to handle it babe, just say so! "

Jessica snarled and spit as she began to grind her thigh back and forth across Donna's soaked panties. Donna increased her rubbing to match her. They sounded incredible, a sexy, lusty, mixture of passion, anger and uninhibited arousal, hissing, spitting, squealing and meowing as they rolled back and forth, lost in lust. Donna untangled her right hand from Jessica's hair and started ripping at her skirt. She tore the thin fabric easily as she went for Jessica's complete exposure. Jessica wasn't about to be the only one without a skirt, and she ripped Donna's off with one hard pull.

They were now clad in panties, garter belts, nylons and heels. It was an awesome sight to be sure! After twenty minutes of rolling, pulling hair and lusty thigh rubbing, Jessica hissed, "All right cunt, you want a sex fight? Let's go for it! Get those panties off!"

And she helped Donna out of her thin, sheer panties by grabbing the waistband and ripping them off. Donna helped Jessica out of hers in the same manner and they looked deep into each other's eyes, lips parted in a sensuous snarl, teeth clenched and slowly slid into each other.

Jessica was between Donna's thighs, and Donna wrapped her left leg around Jessica's waist and they met pussy to pussy! The instant clit met clit, they exploded in a mutual, multiple orgasm! They gasped and moaned, hugging each other as they shook and quaked. After the tremors stopped, they regained some composure and slowly started rubbing into each other. Their anger had been fueled by the huge orgasm and they were more determined than ever to find out just who the better woman was. Their juices splattered all over as they slowly increased the pace. Each woman still quivered from the orgasm, but the desire to fight outweighed all else! Jessica's face was less than an inch from Donna's, their eyes burned into each other's, spittle flew from their lips and ran down each other's cheeks. They pulled hair with lusty grunts, their arching breasts mashed flat against each other and each could feel the other's hard nipples deep in her own soft breasts. They were determined to test each other in every possible way, and they were both committed to the other's total defeat.

They fought the growing urge to come as they struggled in the tight, sweaty clench. Donna was sure she could make Jessica go off first if she used all of her sexual weaponry. She pulled the beauty close and kissed her full on the mouth. Jessica fought the kiss at first but soon she was moaning, losing control. She came as hard the second time as she had the first as her body shook with wave after wave of delicious sensations. Donna went off just seconds after Jessica had let go, in a teeth-rattling discharge. Her body went limp under Jessica's and they lay wrapped in each other, moaning and sobbing and that's the way the studio page found them when it was time for Donna's interview.