(a story) By ANONYMOUS

Little Doe and Desert Flower walked in silence through the still mountain woods. Each went over in her mind the events that had brought them to their current situation. They were going to a clearing deep in the woods were they would challenge each other in a woman to woman, body to body sexfight over which one of them would marry the chiefs son. It was the way of their tribe that when two squaws desired the same man, only a battle of the most intimate nature could settle their rivalry. The thing was, both girls had been close friends growing up and now they were ready to engage each other in a bitter sex battle over Running Elk. The girls hot young bodies were flowing with hormones that had replaced their earlier friendship with anger and jealously for one another.

As they reached the clearing, Little Doe went to one side while Desert Flower went to the other. They were both beautiful specimens of young Indian womanhood with deep brown skin, long black hair and firm, full breasts. They were so similar in appearance that they could have passed for twins. Slowly, the hot Indian Princesses began removing their clothing while staring at each other with expressionless faces.

They burned with jealously as they gazed on each others naked forms, each knowing that Running Elk desired the other with a burning passion that would not let him choose between them. They began walking towards each other, both sets of nipples hard and erect in the blowing wind, their cunts beginning to moisten as each hot young body anticipated the coming battle. They stopped with their nipples only millimeters away from each other, glaring into each others eyes with hatred and anger. They stepped into one another, their tits mushrooming out as each girl felt an electric jolt course through her body. They threw their arms around each other and squeezed their bodies tightly together as they began to rub their tits against each other violently.

The two girls gasped for breath as their tits compressed each other flat against their chests, making it difficult for them to breath. They locked their lips together and started to twirl their tongues against each other, each girls tongue trying to subdue the others. The girls moaned as their lush, naked brown skins rubbed raw against each other. They fell to the ground and started rubbing their horny young cunt mounds into each other. They squealed as each girl felt the others course, dark pubic hair become entangled with her own. The girls pubic hairs became so entangled that they started ripping each other out by the roots as their bodies bumped and ground together viciously.

Tears welled up in their eyes as they sex fought each other for the love of the same man. They grabbed handfuls of each others hair and began jerking each others head back and forth so hard that clumps of hair started coming loose from each of their heads. They squeezed each others legs tightly together as they continued to grind their crotches against each other, rubbing each other raw.

After about 15 minutes of hard fighting, the young squaws broke apart and stood to their feet. Their tits rose and fell dramatically as they struggled to catch their breath. All at once they rushed each other, their sweat soaked bodies slapping hard together as they sunk their claws into each others butt. They started slamming their hips and crotches forcefully into one another as the forest echoed with the sound of female flesh colliding with female flesh. Their upper bodies were locked together tit to tit as they fuck-fought their hips into each other, their hard nipples flicking and stabbing each other nastily. The girls nostrils were filled with the smell of each others body and sex odors and as they fell to the ground once more, they started rubbing and banging their noses together hard. They screamed and pushed each other away, neither could take that kind of pain.

Little Doe and Desert Flower sat facing each other, their legs bent up at the knees, their dripping snatches faced each other with their pussy lips engorged with blood. They scooted towards each other and interlocked their legs together, wrapping them around each others waists. They hissed and bit each others ear as their fat cunt lips met head on. Wet squishy sounds rose from their battling cunts as the two girls started to slap their cunt lips together hard. They sunk their claws into each others butt once again as they pumped their hips together raunchily. Both were bleeding from their lips and on various parts of their faces as they continued to bite each other as they lost all control in their vicious sexfight. Nasty farting sounds came from their interlocked cunts as they began to establish a suction between them. Each girls cunt tried to devour the other as they sucked on each other greedily.

Desert Flower began to swoon from this direct, undeniably erotic stimulation. She released her claws from Little Doe's butt as she came hard, spilling her cunt juice directly into her rivals pussy. She passed out from exhaustion as Little Doe came a split second later, forcing an even more powerful stream of girl-cum into her defeated rivals already cum soaked pussy. Little Doe continued to slam her cunt into Desert Flowers to make clear that she had established dominance and would get to wed the Chief's son. She rose and wiped the cum off her thighs as she began to put her clothes back on. She left her former girlhood friend lying passed out on the forest floor as she hurried back to camp to claim her man.