When we got home that night, June passed out.

I went into work on Saturday morning for a few hours, as was my custom, just to catch up with the paper work. I kissed her goodbye on her forehead, but she didn’t stir. So, I left my energy drained wife still blissfully asleep.

At about one PM, when I returned home, I found her still sleeping peacefully in our bed. Indeed, she slept through another night and into the following day. I wondered if something went wrong, but it seems her session with Lady Bianca had physically depleted her. She was completely exhausted.

On the third day, Monday, she finally woke up and joined me for a quick breakfast. I could see her energy level starting to return. Then again, I was off to work. Only this time, with a warm hug and a rather heated kiss.

That same night, what Lady Bianca had predicted came true. The passion returned. As Andy would say, in spades.

After dinner, then a movie, June took me upstairs to bed and ravaged me. We fucked with pure hedonism, like we used to do. Like we hadn’t done in months. Oh my god, she and the sex were amazing! Our emotional and physical connection and love was back! It was almost like we were newlyweds again. Thank you, Lady Bianca!!!

My life with my beautiful wife had returned to wonderful, once again. Of course, when Andy returned from his out of town job, several after work rounds were on me. Three glorious months of this joyfulness passed.

Then, one night at dinner, June told me that she ran into Lady Bianca in an upscale coffee shop earlier that afternoon. She said they sat for a long while and engaged in a lovely conversation.

“Anyway, hon. We both came to a conclusion.” She continued, with a bit of hesitance in her voice. I was wary.

“And that conclusion was?”

“That we should meet again for a private session. Just the two of us. And I really would like to go back and spend some time with her, woman to woman.” June stated, getting closer to the point.

“She’s a mesmerizing woman June. Are you sure she didn’t talk you into it?”

“No. We mutually agreed that we wanted to meet again. You know. Girl talk.” June said, in an attempt to mollify me.

“I see. Girl talk.” I said, disbelieving.

“And after that, the two of you strip naked and get your hot bodies together once again?” I asked.

“Tits to tits and belly to belly. That’s the idea.” June said.

“And then, pussy to pussy once again? In a scissor lock?” I wanted to know.

“Exactly Steve. My pussy needs to chat with hers again, just for a few hours.”

“Well, there’s no denying that her pussy is truly wise.” I admitted.

“My pussy learned so much about love and letting go, when we locked up three months ago.”

“Humm...” I was still skeptical. But I couldn’t doubt that June was a wild woman in bed after the first encounter with the dark haired healer.

“Well, she has helped you, and made our life much happier.” I said, still contemplating whether or not this was a good idea.

“But I feel like I have so much more to learn from her.”

I was silent, pensive. I was unsure.

“Please, honey?” She implored. I caved. I couldn’t expunge the image in my mind of their bare breasts fully engaged and their swollen labia sucking together. What I saw three months ago, my beautiful wife cunt to cunt with Lady Bianca had never left me. And so…

“Oh hell. Who am I to stand in the way of continued education and ongoing healing?” I relented.

“Oh thank you, Steve!” June then leaned into me to plant a kiss on me. It was a kiss of desire, and foretold of the passion that would come later that night.

“So, when are you going to meet with her, June?”

“I thought I might drop in on her on Wednesday at around five PM. That’s your long day at work anyway. And then, afterwards, you usually go for beers with the guys, right?” June said.

She was right. I hardly ever got home before ten PM on Wednesdays.

“So, did you call her and let her know that you’ll be stopping by on Wednesday?” I asked, foolishly.

“I don’t have to call her. She knows.” June replied.