WILD GIRLS by DeepOgre

Sexy Sasha Logan sat at the busy bar of a large, noisy nightclub, casting her deep, blue eyes about furtively. She sipped her Compari and soda casually. She was scoping out the social situation of the North shore Maui bar in Kahului. Sasha was there spending some time at her family’s home at the beach, and seeking some adventure, which to Sasha meant sexual fighting of almost any kind with a sexy rival. Sex is great; but fighting with sex was the pinnacle of sexual fulfillment for the fit, brunette beauty.

Sasha was five feet five inches tall, with full, athletic, D-cup breasts that filled her chest and stood out firm and broad. Her nipples alone belied her intense sexual capacities. They were fully and inch long when aroused and as thick as her thumbs. Sasha possessed thick, dark brown hair that had a glossy sheen and a slight curl. It was so thick that she could only wash and comb it. Her pubic bush, shaped neatly atop a broad, thrusting mons, was even denser and grew with a coarse quality that the hair of her head did not have. It was wiry and tangled and she loved to grind with it.

Beneath her protruding mons were thick, tough labia and a clit that was the envy of most of her lovers or rivals. In true, lesbian fashion she kept her fleshy labia bare, but maintained her massed, oval pubic bush for grinding sex, and to fight. Grinding her mons with other girls in rough, violent sexual battle was perhaps her favorite obsession. Sasha’s lovely, oval face had a delicate strength to it; a firm jaw, lush lips and a strong chin. Her deep-set, azure eyes seemed to glow with life and intense desires. One could read her incredible sexual capacities in her determined face. And her body, fit and athletic, could deliver her desires physically. She was sexually insatiable and loved rough, violent sexual confrontations with other willing beauties. She possessed an arrogance and confidence that had withstood numerous encounters with eager, sexy rivals and had always carried her to victory. Sasha was immensely proud of her thick pubic bush and had the utmost confidence in its physical capacity to withstand any rival in a brutal, grinding fight.

She had been talking with other sexy women since she arrived a few days prior. She knew the places where women come to meet and match. Though she had been in a number of conversations with one, two, or groups of other beauties, she had not found anyone willing and able to compare with her. Two nights of hot sex was the best she had found. Sasha appreciated sex, for sure. But she had an emotional urge to fight. This night was no different than the others. She made a few eye contacts, smiles and even some jealous glances, but no one would found their way through Sasha’s radar to her intimate desires.

But there were eager eyes feasting on the voluptuous brunette. Another beauty with Sasha’s own desires and arrogance was watching. And she was ready to take action, of a sort. A Hawaiian waitress named Lana, whom Sasha knew well, and who had given her some leads, approached her at the bar and put down a Compari and soda.

“I didn’t order this.” Sasha said to her.

“I know.” Lana answered. “Someone else did though. And she gave me a note for you.” She discreetly slipped a note to Sasha on the bar.

“Before you read it,” Lana said, pressing her hand on Sasha’s as she touched the note, “this girl is real; and I would say she’s who you have been searching for; maybe even more. I had not thought of her before, but I was talking with her tonight and you came up in the conversation. She was very, very interested in what I told her about you.”

“Why all the secrecy then?” Sasha queried.

“Her family is very rich Hawaiians and she can’t do anything out in public. But she’s a grinder like you; and I know she does it up on her property. The note is a challenge and directions to her private place where you can meet her.”

“That’s great!” Sasha exclaimed. “I’ll meet her.”

“One more thing, Sasha.” Lana warned. “She has never lost a fight. Never. I know that for a fact.”

“That makes it more exciting!” Sasha enthused. “Thanks, Lana. “What does she look like?”

She’s your height, busty like you, very fit like you. I think you’re an ideal match. She’s gorgeous, like you.” Lana smiled. “And she’s a fighter. I know lots of girls, Hawaiian and other who have fought her. A lot of European girls have fought her. They have come here looking for her a lot. I guess word of mouth and everything. So don’t say I didn’t warn you if it doesn’t go your way.”

“I wouldn’t blame you if she beat me, Lana.” Sasha smiled. “But I plan to beat her instead.”

“You’re going to accept then?” Lana asked. “Wow.”

“I wouldn’t miss this chance for anything.” Sasha assured her. She pressed a twenty dollar bill into Lana’s hand and smooched at her with her lips.

After Lana left, Sasha opened the note. It was indeed a challenge from someone named Loni, and it gave her directions for a meeting.

“You have been asking around for someone to grind with. I can be that woman if we are discrete. I love grinding just like you do. I have seen you and I would love to meet you to grind our humps. I do not want to pussyfight. I want to grind you face to face if that is acceptable. If you want to fight me meet me on my land tomorrow at noon. Drive out on 37 and turn left on 371. After you pass Haliimaile, about 2 tenths of a mile, you will see a gated road on the right. The gate will be open. After you enter it will close, but do not worry. Drive in until you see a covered clearing. I will meet you there and we will walk to where we can grind.”

The note was clear enough and Sasha decided to take a chance and go to meet Loni. The Lana’s recommendation, she felt that it was a real invitation. Sasha left the bar and went home to get a good sleep and be ready for an aggressive and violent grinding fight the next day. On the drive back to her house, Sasha remembered how Lana talked about the European girls fighting Loni. She had similar experiences. One of her best fights had been with a French beauty with thick, amber hair. They had ground their fat mons and ripped out hairs, for hours. They had fought each other to exhaustion, and Sasha had won only because she finally rubbed a hole in the girl’s bush and got to her skin. Her superior sexual pelage had won the fight for her; not mutual pain. She wondered how her dense bush would fare against Loni’s tomorrow. Who would win, and how?

Sasha left her house at 11:30 the next morning. The sky was clear, but rain is always an afternoon possibility. She wore purple shorts, a lavender Tee and sandals. Her thick hair was pulled up and tied at the top. There are no really distant places on Maui, but she had a little time to think as she drove inland. Sasha’s thoughts were mostly about the thrill she would have grinding with a beautiful stranger. She had to deal with her nerves and the knowledge that perhaps this latest rival would be one she could not beat. But those thoughts were suppressed behind the real thrill she felt in getting to fight naked and wild with a sexy rival who wanted to grind their hairy mons together as much as Sasha did. There were no doubts in her mind as to whether she should fight Loni; just a wild, even perverse desire to be naked with her in sexual violence. Sasha, deep inside, had a chronic need to reassure herself of her sexual superiority, and this was how she did it. She would meet Loni and grind with her in mindless, rough sex until one of them collapsed. Only them would the true cost of their mutual boldness come back to collect one of them into its debt.

Sasha passed Haliimaile just before noon. She found the gated road and drove in. Her stomach churned with anticipation and those pre-fight nerves that become visceral desires once she is with her rival. As she drove up a slight rise and topped it, she saw another car there. She turned into the covered clearing and pulled up on the right side of the car and saw that it was empty.

Sasha got out of her car and then spotted clothes draped over a fence rail that formed part of the fencing for the covered clearing. She went over and saw the red shorts, flowered, T-shirt and sandals, and a note. It read:

“Leave your clothes here and come down the path to join me.”

Sasha picked up the red shorts and sniffed the crotch. They were fresh but they had been worn by a woman, and she caught the scent. It aroused her. She knew Loni was waiting for her in the lush growth ahead. She stripped off her shorts and shirt, and draped them over Loni’s. She slipped out of her sandals, took a deep breath, and wiggled down the path. She did not know quite what to expect, but she went willingly, eagerly, to have her fateful meeting with her yet, unseen rival.

Sasha ambled slowly. She did not know if she was being watched, and she wanted to be at her sexiest. She really wanted to have this encounter with Loni; grind mons with her, body to body, sexing, struggling until one of them was completely crushed. As she wiggled down the dirt path though the trees, her heart beat rapidly in anticipation of Loni. As she rounded a little downhill curve, there stood the object of her desires and fears; a gorgeous, dark-skinned Hawaiian beauty, voluptuous and arrogant, with her hips askew, and one leg thrust out to the side. Sasha drank in the visage of her rival with her searching eyes. She stopped and struck her own pose of confidence.

Loni was Sasha’s height, just as busty, with breasts that filled out her athletic chest. Her nipples were at least as big as Sasha’s and dark brown. Sasha was instantly jealous of them. She had curved thighs and full, round calves. Her feet did not have the splayed toes of so many islanders. Sasha’s toes were neat, curved and well-pedicured. Her long, glossy, black hair fell well below her shoulders, but was held back in a long, ponytail. Her dark eyes were big and round and gleamed with intense emotion. Her pubic bush was dense and all the coarse hairs grew towards the center and culminated in a thick tuft of hair that jutted out in a long wave. Sasha’s pubic hair was curly and evenly distributed over her mons; but Loni’s was longer.

She and Sasha were ideal rivals and partners for what they were about to do. Most likely, the only real difference in them was the way their pubic bushed grew, and whose hairy mons would survive the brutal grinding they were going to do. Whose hair would be tougher; or perhaps, who could take more pain from the mashing and scraping of their fat humps. Since neither of them had ever lost a grinding fight, this encounter would be the ultimate milestone for them both. Only one sexy beauty could leave this meeting intact, and they both knew it.

“Welcome. I’m Loni.” The exotic beauty said, smiling.

“I’m Sasha.” Her rival replied. “Thanks for inviting me up here to grind with you.”

“Now that I see you, I am sure we will have a wild afternoon, Sasha.” Loni said. “I want to grind with you, Sasha. I hope you want me as well.”

“That’s what I came for, Loni, to get rough. I want you totally; all the way.”

“I can promise you this will be rough.” Loni nodded.

“I can make you the same promise, Loni.” Sasha assured her.

Sasha deliberately advanced towards Loni, and the naked Hawaiian beauty wiggled towards her in return. They walked right into each other and kissed, pressing their firm bodies and arching in response to the arousal each woman felt surge up from within her. The kiss was lush. Their tongues slithered together and pressed; their hands stroked each others’ backs; their arched thighs pressed and mashed and then their bulging, hairy mons mashed together. Both women instinctively made a few, smooth undulations of their supple hips, to grind together for a moment. Then they stepped back to glare at each other. Knowing, confident smiles played across their lovely faces. Their eyes glittered with anticipation of what was coming. Both women knew everything that was going to happen today, except one thing: who would finally walk away with her ego intact. At least they thought they knew everything.

“I don’t meet many girls with nipples as big as mine, Sasha.” Loni said, almost as a distraction from the tension.

“We seem so much alike.” Sasha responded. “I think that is why we’re going to be perfect partners.”

“I can’t imagine that any two women could be more closely matched than us.” Loni agreed. “Are you ready to go all the way with me?”

“I’m ready for everything you’ve got, girl.” Sasha assured her. “I came here to grind with you; all the way.”

They stood for a moment, pressing and staring at each other. Their eager eyes focused on their forests of thick, coarse pubic hair that thrust out as wild and tangled as the dense jungle growth around them. They were going to grind those hairy humps together in brutal and bruising friction until one of them succumbed to the other. Both of them had sought it, and wanted to rub each other now, more than anything else.

Loni stepped into Sasha and they embraced. They kissed, long and wet; and their long tongues thrashed and slid together within their open mouths. Their breath came in gasps through their noses, pressed side to side. Their hands groped over each others’ flawless bodies. They pressed in with their hips and began to grind their hairy mons in slow circles. They were standing in the middle of a small clearing along the path, with lush, verdant jungle all around; and they eagerly ground their hips to rasp and scrub their thrusting mons and dense pubic bushes together. There was already urgency to their incipient sexual moves. Both women were aggressive and physical by nature. They would follow their natural desires together. This would be rough sex from the start. They plunged together, grinding hard, and listening to the dense hairs scratching against each other. They kissed and caressed and let their minds open to this comparison of themselves that they so desired. In doing so, their sexual arousal burst forth and they found themselves working each other towards orgasm at a fantastic rate; just what they wanted.

They thrust and ground their hips; they mashed their equally massy breasts; their firm bellies mashed and popped apart in urgent rhythm. Their arms wrapped around each others’ necks and held them tight, giving their agile hips free movement to grind their rasping mons tightly. Their protruding mons ground from side to side, up and down and in opposite circles, surmounting each other under bruising pressure, stroking their clits below within their genital folds. Their clits were taut and responding to every fleshy caress. They ground together, forcing each other towards orgasm for several minutes, without pause. Their pubic thrusts became perfectly rhythmic, and they rubbed in pulsing, up and down thrusts, reaching, and working together to climax.

Abruptly the moment arrived, and both thrashing strangers erupted in shuddering, squealing orgasms together. They kept grinding their hips through the violent jerks that wracked their tightly-pressed bodies. They flailed their lovely heads and pressed cheek to cheek as they spasmed together. A thick strand of combined sex juices dripped heavily between their legs, to the ground. It was visibly twirled with Sasha’s white, and Loni’s yellowish sex juices, mingling but not melding, as their hairy bushes would also do throughout their sexual fight.

For a full minute the two eager jungle nymphs milked and stretched their orgasm until it finally subsided. They pressed limp and spent; gasping for breath and moaning with pleasure. Their foreheads pressed and both women realized they were with a sexual and physical partner that was possibly an equal; or even superior.

“Come with me. I have a place for us.” Loni said. She took Sasha’s hand and led her along the path to a small, grassy clearing. There were several trees that grew with gnarled branches that crossed and created a small nook. Lori had some blankets over a thick bed of leaves. To the left, Sasha noticed that the land dropped into a long, shallow hill about fifty feet long, ending in a narrow culvert where the grass grew longer and thicker. Unlike the shaded bower they would be rubbing in, it was in the open.

“This is soft and natural.” Loni said. “I’ve used it many times.”

“Oh I love fucking outside.” Sasha assured her. “This will be so hot.”

“Sasha, we could fuck all day.” Loni said. “I know that. I want to fight.”

“So let’s fight.” Sasha agreed. “Let’s get rough.”

Loni nodded, and pulled Sasha down into the blankets and immediately rolled onto her. Sasha gasped but there was nothing she could do. Loni spread her legs and then thrust her hips down into Sasha’s and began to grind her hard. Sasha pulled the Hawaiian beauty down to her and they kissed while they ground their rasping mons, hard and fast. They were not seeking merely sex now. They were engaging in rough, violent sex, already thinking of hurting each other and making their pubic fight start to take shape. They eagerly ground their hips up and down, scratching their dense pubic bushes together as hard as they could.

Sasha felt her hairs tangling and tugging at Loni’s. She felt the two pubic nests flatten and for dense mats that ground into each other audibly. They rubbed their mons right on each other, hump to hump, creating the maximum pressure they could. The protruding hills mashed and ground hard. Sasha felt that her hair was as dense as Loni’s and she was confident in grinding in tight with her. She felt Loni’s firm breasts mashing hers; she heard their firm bellies popping apart as they writhed; she felt their smooth thighs pressing. She hooked her calves around Loni’s knees and held on tight so she could thrust hard. She did not like Loni’s trick of getting onto her, but she was reveling in the fight with the Hawaiian nymph and enjoying the rough, grinding pressure of their fat, hairy humps.

Loni pushed down into Sasha with her hips. Her firm butt flexed and relaxed with every stroke she made. She and Sasha held each other tightly around their necks, pressing their lovely faces cheek to cheek. Their delicate ears were pressed and they could hear each others’ grunts and moans magnified, as well as the roaring of their hot blood coursing through their undulating bodies. She felt Sasha’s firm breasts resisting hers equally, and their taut, distended nipples mashing and throbbing with arousal. There was something special, irresistible, about their thick nipples pressing and rubbing. It urged them on to greater violence together. Loni felt Sasha’s furry mons tangling with hers. She knew they were well matched and they would have to grind hard and long for one of them to be damaged enough to surrender. Loni had no qualms about grinding Sasha. She knew from experience that she would prevail.

There was no moment of contact between those silky, firm-muscled bodies that the two women did not experience to its fullest. They felt every inch of their bodies mingling and pressing. They ground together with ferocious desires. They were not seeking mere orgasms now, but that is what they got. Another rippling, squealing orgasm erupted between them; almost simultaneously. They bucked and writhed and emitted guttural screams, kissed and shuddered until Loni lay still on Sasha. With just a little shove from her rival, Loni rolled off, and for a minute, they lay side by side, gasping and recovering their senses. But there was more on their minds, and Sasha rolled up onto Loni to take her turn in the aggressor’s position. Loni wrapped around her and they began to thrust and writhe again. Sasha ground down into Loni in circles, and the exotic beauty ground back in opposite circles. Their rasping mons scratched and rubbed all over each other. Their peaks passed and mashed hard, evoking groans from both women. Then the pressed side to side and slid around to complete the circle with one mons over the other. Pain was building as they thrust into each other with bruising pressure. But the pain still felt good, and another orgasm slowly grew within their responsive bodies. It took time; more time now. They worked on each other hard, grinding and coursing together, hump to hump. Each beauty could feel hairs being torn off as they raked their hairy humps through each other. They could feel the pressure causing more pain and discomfort all within their crotches. But they were together to fight, compare and wreck each other and that was their intent.

Sasha and Loni writhed together in constant, pubic friction for well over five minutes before another orgasm spewed from them pungent cunts. It boiled up with in them and they thrashed together violently, seeking to prolong it, and drain each other sexually. They milked it for over a minute, kissing and gripping each other with frantic fury. Muffled squeals of delight erupted from their inosculated mouths. The jerking, writhing spasms between them gradually subsided and they lay together, still kissing and caressing, until with one final exhalation, Sasha rolled of her rival and lay gasping beside her. She knew that Loni would now take her next turn on top and they would grind harder and more intensely.

Loni did roll up onto a willing Sasha and began to grind down into her. Sasha gripped Loni around her neck and hooked her calves over Loni's knees and the two naked beauties once more ground their hairy crotches up and down, rasping off copious pubic hairs. Their dense pubic bushes meshed, tangled and ground hard. The hairs scraped through each other, cutting and chopping each other off as they ground together. It was a physical battle, using sexual means, and it was having the intended effect on both women's mons.

Just as the writhing, naked women were getting into another rhythm, there was a distant roll of thunder, and the first drops of a drenching, summer rain began to patter on the leaves around them. At first they ignored it; grinding into each other violently. They were absorbed in their vicious battle of mons, and only when the warm rain began to strike them directly did they pause.

"I suppose you will want to stop because of the rain." Loni grunted.

"No way!" Sasha interjected. "Just keep grinding."

Loni happily complied. The rain did not worry her at all. The succulent women writhed together in mutual friction, abrading each others' hairy humps with vicious strokes while the increasing rain fell on them and all about them. It did not relieve the sultry heat of the day; it merely caused more humidity. The two women sweated profusely as they squirmed together. The rain merely washed off the sweat as it poured onto the skin. They ignored the heat and the sweat, and eagerly ripped and gouged their furry mounds with unabated violence. Mons ground into mons and the hairs rasped in audible grating sounds. Genital depilation was their mutual goal, and one of them would most likely achieve it before the fight was over.

As Loni and Sasha thrashed and wiggled together in their naked, grinding violence, water began to pour into their expansive depression and Sasha was splashing in it with her thrusts and humping.

"This is too much." she complained. "Let's get out of this hole."

Loni grunted her assent, gripped Sasha tightly and they rolled up out of the covered depression out into the full torrent of the warm rain. They rolled twice until they were clear, then locked up again and resumed grinding their soaked, woolly mons together in the soft, deep grass. They ground together viciously, thrashing wildly together and humping each other with powerful thrusts. The rain seemed to make them fight harder. Sasha was still, willingly on the bottom, thrusting up at Loni as their furry mounds tore through each other. They were no longer kissing; merely pressing their faces in their brutal exertions. The tepid rain spattered onto their naked bodies and soaked their dark hair. Water flowed down their lovely faces, pressed so tightly cheek to cheek. The writhing beauties grimaced and grunted as they fought viciously in the steaming downpour. They were on the slight downhill grade that Sasha had noticed earlier. It was not steep enough to cause them to roll, but it made rolling easy; and as Loni tired, Sasha immediately mounted her and started humping hard. Loni groaned and wrapped around Sasha with her legs and arms, and thrust hard with her hips. She met Sasha with equal strokes and their tightly mashed mons grated together with increasingly damaging friction. The still eager beauties moaned from the burning pain in their hairy mons, and writhed in growing discomfort as the heavy rain teemed down into the field where they squirmed together, naked and wild. They crushed their fat, furry humps together and ground them with brutal force, evoking squeals of anger and pain from each other. They fought without reason or thought. Their minds were focused on the complex sensations of their bodies writhing together, and the pain in their crotches. They did not pause to ponder the situation or why they were both perfectly willing to go on fighting in the teeming rain; dirty and muddy and naked to the sky above. They merely fought, because that was what each perverse beauty desired.

They rolled into a flat area and sat up together. Dirty and soaked, they wrapped their firm legs around each others' butts. They embraced fiercely and drove their mons together in brutal, mashing friction. They humped and thrust, nose to nose, plump breasts tightly mashed and nipples still tingling each other with mutual pressure. They flailed their heads in pain as they thrust their swollen mons into each other hard, and then rasped them together with wicked thrusts of their squirming hips. Sasha looked into Loni's dark eyes and saw spite, anger, jealousy and pain. Loni saw in Sasha's brown eyes, similar emotions, and both women realized that this fight had become serious in its level of violence. They were genuinely hurting and damaging each other with their bruising, grinding thrusts. Their mons were scraping each other bare, and crushing together in agonizing compression. That was what each intended for the other, and so each vicious beauty tried her best to hurt her writhing partner.

Slowly, with time, the ferocious beauties rolled down the hill in stages, as one and then the other flopped onto her rival. They writhed and rolled almost fifty yards as they fought. They writhed and wiggled with such intensity that they found themselves head down on the hill, bouncing their butts up and down on each other with pounding impacts. They squealed in pain and gripped each others' sopping hair with desperate fingers. Their lovely faces mashed and their cheeks pressed and distorted as they grimaced in pain and exertion. The battle seemed drawn, and almost impossible to resolve.

Over two hours passed as the naked, humping, grinding women worked their way down the long hill in their ceaseless friction; mons brutalizing mons. The rain did not cease until they were almost in the depression at the bottom. The grass was deeper there and the two, thrashing sexfighters almost buried themselves in the muddy morass. They were covered with dirt, grass and mud. They wallowed together in naked abandon, grinding their chafing mons. There were no visible hairs lying about as there would be in a bed. But hundreds of crisp, dark hairs had been chopped off in the brutal grinding. The question that both women wanted to answer was who was losing more? Their pain told each of them that she was getting damaged from the brutal grinding. But they could not tell who was being damaged more. Although they were worried about that, they were still in a vicious mode of sexual battle, casting all caution aside to fight and hurt each other, grinding mons. They rubbed and thrashed together with mindless fury, raking their tightly mashed pubic humps into each other. Until one of them crumpled against the other, they would keep grinding their swollen mons.

Loni was on top when they eventually reached the bottom of the hill. She thrashed and pumped down onto Sasha for several minutes before she collapsed in exhaustion. Sasha was tired too by now, from hours of grinding, and she could only at first, roll Loni off her and lock up side by side and grind. They both lifted their free legs and pounded their aching humps together with brutal blows. They hit them several times, and then ground them hard before falling back. They repeated those brutal flurries for long pain-wracked minutes, floundering in the mud and thrashing down grass all around them as they smashed and ripped their hairy crotches together. Both girls got brief glimpses of their rivals' damaged mons as they drew back to pound them. Each saw that her hated enemy had lost a great deal of pubic hair from her mons. Each was in danger of being rubbed bald, and then being rubbed raw. But the sight was encouraging to each beauty, as she declined to consider that her own hairy hump was probably as seriously damaged. The sight propelled them to greater efforts as they pounded their pussies together in the mud.

Loni made an effort to get on top again, but Sasha had a slight angle in her favor and was able to throw her right leg up and roll onto the Hawaiian beauty. Loni grunted as Sasha's weight fell upon her, but she did not hesitate to start grinding her mons up and down against Sasha's. Both naked women were so muddy and wet that their mutual undulations smeared mud all over their exposed bodies. Their bellies were even slippery with mud, and their navels popped apart with wet, sucking slurps as they undulated their hips. They groaned and shouted guttural screams as their chafing mons damaged each other more with each, brutal rasp. Sasha tried to hurt Loni and overwhelm her, but the exotic beauty resisted and held on until Sasha tired and her hips ceased to thrust, and she collapsed on Loni in an exhausted heap.

The naked, writhing confrontation became a series of short, vicious flurries on the part of determined women, changing the top position frequently, writhing in the oozing mud and clinging grass. They were frantic in the level of violence hey committed on each other. Loni took the top, and she anchored her upper body by wrapping her arms around Sasha's neck and plunging her hips hard, up and down into Sasha's upward thrusting mons. The bulging humps grated through each other and the thrashing beauties screamed in agony. Sasha gripped Loni with equal ferocity, holding her upper body tight, mashing their breasts together, while their slapping hips played a violent, mutual tattoo on each other. Loni smashed her hips down onto Sasha's thrusting mons until she lay exhausted, stunned and gasping for breath. The pain was becoming enormous for both desperate women. Sasha rolled onto Loni and took her turn trying to physically overwhelm the Hawaiian beauty with the violence of her pounding, ripping lunges. Their damaged mons rasped loudly as they writhed in the tall grass and mud. They were caked with thick, sticky dirt and fragments of grass. Their wet hair was smeared with dirt and still dripping from the rain.

Back and forth, the two seemingly-equal sexfighters flopped onto each other and plunged together with their agile hips. Their mashed mons scraped each other, tore off hair and abraded skin. They did not always grind point to point on each other. Often they were rubbing the sides of their thrusting humps. So there was skin on skin contact, as well as hair and skin grinding together. The writhing beauties sought to hurt each others' sex as much as possible, and each beauty opened her legs to allow it. They sought to damage each others' hairy mounds and force humiliating surrender. So far, neither woman could make the other yield at all. Fear of collapse was rising in both women though. Each could feel her limits approaching and frantically sought to hurt her naked rival as much as possible before she reached them herself. They changed top to bottom repeatedly, as one collapsed and the other desperately sought her next chance to get on top and aggressively damage her rival with vicious grinding of their bruised and burning mons. They sought every angle to rub together. The pain was almost overwhelming for both women but they thought only of fighting each other, hump against hump. Although they could not actually grind their clits together in that position, they could and did grind their fleshy clitoral hoods, and those thick, nubs were red and raw as well.

The naked beauties cried and thrashed their lovely heads as they rubbed. They arched, quivered, shuddered and squealed as they ground together. Their big, plump breasts were almost numb from being crushed together for so long. Their nipples were still distended, but only from the intense, contact and the emotions they evoked in the struggling beauties' minds. Sasha, on the bottom, thrust up in fanatical fury to meet Loni's pounding blows. Loni, when on the bottom slammed her ample hips up to meet Sasha's downward impacts. Some of their wild flurries consisted of pounding their hairy humps together as hard as they could. Some of them were grinding thrusts; some were still in slow, hard circles, to inflict pain on each other. So far, each impetuous beauty was meeting the other's most violent impacts and friction with equal violence.

Several times they lay on their sides and pounded their crotches together with mutual thrusts of their supple hips, slopping loudly in the thick mud and grass. They met each others' brutal impacts in frantic rhythm, and the wet, slaps of their bellies and mons resounded in the little hollow where they lay. Then one, or the other, would get some slight advantage from the pounding and mount her rival to aggress with her damaged mons, and attempt to stun and hurt her rival into submission; always without success.

Sasha was swooning, failing in the grass and mud as she tried to keep up with Loni's violent grinding. She was fighting almost mechanically, thrusting, grinding into Loni, whether she was on the top or bottom. She had never been this far into the pain and agony of grinding before. She was fearful that she had met her match and would crumple against this exotic, determined Hawaiian.

Loni was worried too. She was fighting someone who just kept coming no matter how hard she tried to hurt her. She had never fought anyone so determined and violent. Sasha's pounding, ripping blows were beginning to tell on her, and Loni steeled herself to accept more pain than she had ever experienced in a grinding battle. This brutal, confrontation of bodies and cunt hair was still completely undecided. But whatever was going to happen, it was not far off. Both perverse beauties had sought this moment and now it was upon them.

The sobbing, frightened females writhed in the thick mud, and suddenly the rain returned in its torrents. It fell into the steamy grass in great, streaming gobbets, and engulfed the two oblivious sex fighters. Loni was on top, and she ripped her mons against Sasha's with all the violence she had left in her failing frame. She tried with all her remaining endurance to pound and rip Sasha into submission, but her powers failed before she could take the squealing beauty to her limits. The pain was blurring Loni's vision, and she began to falter on top. Sasha was thrusting up hard and suddenly felt Loni's blows lessen in power. Suddenly the legendary sex fighter collapsed on Sasha, moaning and shuddering. Sasha sensed that Loni had failed from sheer pain. She sensed a moment that she could use for one, final effort to wreck Loni's hairy hump and her will to fight. She rolled the island beauty off, and forced herself to mount her. She trembled in agony as she pressed her naked form down on Loni and began to rip her mons violently down. At first, Loni replied with equal violence, and they thrashed, screaming and cursing, as they plunged their damaged, hairy humps through each other.

“You fucking Haoli!” Loni shrieked, thrusting desperately into Sasha.

“You stupid, ugly bitch!” Sasha shouted hoarsely, ripping her mons down into Loni's with all her strength.

For more than a full minute they thrust and rasped their hairy mons with such violence that their scratching and scraping could be heard above the sheets of rain that engulfed them. Without warning, Loni thrust her hips up and held them there; paralyzed with pain and trying not to faint. Sasha was swooning from the pain herself, but she sensed that fateful moment and she ripped her burning mons against Loni's immobile hump, using it as a target for her brutal, gouging impacts. She spent her final conscious effort to rip and tear into Loni's damaged mons. She counted her strokes; five, sex seven eight, nine; and Loni collapsed. She crumpled beneath Sasha and clamped her legs shut. She fought to turn away so that Sasha could not grind into her any more.

“No, no, no” she squealed. “No more.” She utterly broke and began to sob.

Sasha was swooning with pain, still mechanically thrusting and pounding; but she finally realized she had won. She had beaten Loni at the last minute; with her final effort. She rolled off the sobbing Hawaiian and sat up to keep herself from total collapse. She leaned back on the hill for support. The heavy downpour ran off her face and body, but now it felt good. It revived her. She looked down at Loni, who lay supine, legs open and hands covering her face. She saw the bald patch on the defeated beauty's mons. It was substantial and centered just where that dense wave of hair that she had feared, had crested. Sasha looked down at her own, damaged mons, but she saw that she still had some hair where she had rubbed Loni the most; right on the top. Her mons had beaten Loni's; ground off her hair and seared her skin until the exotic beauty had collapsed from pain and damage. That was just what both women had tried to do to each other in this vicious battle of friction and pubic hair; and Sasha had succeeded. That was the only way this vicious struggle could have ended. Neither fit, athletic, determined woman would have surrendered until she was too damaged by her rival to continue fighting. The better pussy had won this epic encounter. Sasha laughed and raised her arms weakly in victory as the rain splattered on her superb body, cleansing it of sweat, mud and sex juices. She suddenly felt incredibly powerful. She leapt to her feet, straddled the crumpled Hawaiian beauty, thrust her arms up, raised her face to the raining sky, and shrieked in victory as Loni sobbed beneath her; broken and humiliated.

Sasha was exhausted. She knew she did not want to stay here in the rain. She had to get back up the hill and to her car. Suddenly, Loni was distant in her mind. She was the past. Sasha turned away from the supine, defeated beauty, because she simply did not matter any more. She staggered up the hill, and took the path back to her car. The teeming rains laved her body of much of the mud; but her hair was caked with dirt. She could not drive naked, so she donned her shorts and T shirt and drove home to bathe and revel in the memories of this most violent and satisfying encounter with the best grinder she had ever met. Sasha lay back in her big tub, carefully cleaning her body. She could still feel echoes of Loni writhing against her, grinding her and pounding her. But Sasha knew that she was better than Loni. And she totally believed that she would be better than the next gorgeous stranger who dared embrace her and grind mons with her to the finish; in bed or in the mud. That moment would certainly come.