Five to ten minutes or so had passed. I stood alone in Lady Bianca’s living room. Once again, the room lighting had changed to a normal brightness level. Music and incense were still in the air, but my wife was missing.

Five minutes later, Lady Bianca and June reappeared, wet haired and fully clothed. I was almost disappointed. Obviously, a mutual shower had taken place. That would have been nice to see. But they apparently needed some private “girl time” together. I wondered if they were locked in a soapy embrace in the shower. Guess I’ll never know.

The three of us then silently moved to the foyer. The next step was out the door, but there were some final steps. Fully clothed, June gave Lady Bianca a full, open mouthed kiss that seemed both passionate and appreciative. It was easy to tell that their breasts were having one final loving encounter; saying goodbye, if you will.

Then when they broke off, for the first time that night Lady Bianca came to me and gave me a full body embrace which lasted longer than June was comfortable with. She was braless and her tits felt incredible! June, of course, knew this fact quite well. My wife’s breasts were spectacular. But, there was something truly remarkable about the lady’s tits; something warm and welcoming. No wonder June surrendered her breasts so eagerly to these wondrous appendages. In the back of my mind, I wondered if June’s tits would ever meet up with these beauties again. One could only hope.

She then released me and addressed both of us.

“June and Steve. May your love for each other remain strong. Thank you for coming to see me tonight.” Said the lady.

“We thank you, too, sweet Lady Bianca.” June replied.

“Both of us.” I chimed in. Then we left.

To be continued