It was over, it seemed. Lady Bianca rolled off of my wife, legitimately spent. She then stretched out on her back alongside June.

June, still breathing somewhat heavily, seemed to be in a trance of sorts. She also seemed exhausted. Both of them looked incredibly hot and sweaty and naked and physically drained. But, side by side it was an almost indescribable site. Undoubtedly, the two most perfect female bodies I’d ever seen. June’s glistening tits looked amazing. So full and round as they gently heaved on her chest. Lady Bianca’s tits were equally impressive in the nearly perfect, seductive lighting. I thought back just a few minutes earlier, when the four perfectly matched beauties were locked in a battle of sexual pleasure. Recalling this sight caused me to smile, inwardly.

I could see the tracks of tears down the sides of both their beautiful faces. There had, apparently, been great emotion and tension in their passionate body encounter.

About five or six minutes passed, then they began to stir. The two naked ladies turned slowly into each other. They looked into each other’s eyes, to the exclusion of the outside world. June brought her left leg up and draped it over Lady Bianca’s right leg, the way lovers do when they’re basking in the afterglow. The lady then moved her tits softly into June’s breasts, as though reuniting long time friends. They caressed and touched each other softly, lovingly. Then the lady spoke softly to my wife.

“You were almost there.”

“I know.”

“But something held you back.”

“Yes.” June admitted, sheepishly.

“We have to finish this, June. You’re almost there. The final step is necessary.”

“I know. But I’m exhausted.”

“So am I my dear. And you should know something. No one has ever exhausted me before.”

“Really?” June smiled at her, and then kissed her full on the lips. When their mouths separated, Lady Bianca untangled herself from June. June sat up.

“Let’s bring this to a conclusion. Right here, right now, sweet June.” It was a gentle order to which June complied.

My wife seemed a bit uncertain, but Lady Bianca guided her. In seconds their smooth legs were scissored and their hairless, naked as the day they were born cunts squared off with each other. June sighed deeply when she came to understand what they were about to do.

“I’ve been told about this by lots of women.” June said.

Really? That’s news to me. I wonder why it never came up at home?

“What did they tell you, June?”

“They all say that it’s a wonderful thing for two women to do.” I think my wife was holding back some. Even I had heard that cunt to cunt encounters were nothing less than earth shattering experiences. Lady Bianca corroborated this.

“It is a slice of heaven, sweet June! Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. And for a woman in your circumstance, it can be a cathartic experience.” June nodded, still uncertain for my sake.

Then Lady Bianca sensed it mattered to June that I would be OK with this. She then made her only obeisance of the night to me. “Steve. Are you OK with this?”

What choice did I have? Really. I thought for a split second then responded. “Let the healing begin.” I said, trying to be casual about the fact that my gorgeous wife was about to wholeheartedly meet Lady Bianca woman to woman and pussy to pussy. It was a lot for me to absorb in such a short time. I felt that I was on sensory overload. But, in true manly fashion, I readied myself to view what would, no doubt, be the most amazing spectacle I would ever witness.

I mentioned earlier that I had occasionally fantasized about June and another hot woman together. And although, out of fear and prudishness, I never asked her, June herself had asked me once or twice if I would like to see “every man’s fantasy.” Now I understand why she brought it up. It was because of what those other women had told her. Each time, I would fumble for a nonchalant response, but she sensed I was more aroused by the thought than I was willing to admit. But because of my reticence, nothing of that nature ever materialized.

Now, in spite of the fact that we were here for a specific purpose, the fact remained that this would be the fulfillment of a long standing fantasy for, I believe, both of us. I could not wait to see my wife go cunt to cunt with another hot woman.

With my nod of approval, the two women moved into each other. Their fulsome, wet cunts faced each other. The similarities and differences were striking. June’s beautiful pussy was creamy skinned and dotted with occasional freckles, much like the rest of her body. Her thick, normally puffy labia were engorged by blood flow, to a fullness and splendor that I’d not seen in a long time. However, a quick scan of Lady Bianca’s cunt told me that my wife was in for it. In contrast, the dark haired beauty was wondrously bronze skinned. The lips of her naked tumescent cunt were as full as June’s. Her lovely olive flesh extended to her pussy. But her cunt was different, somehow.
I decided to abandon my chair and move right down on the floor next to them. The two women were so focused on each other and what they were about to do, that they really didn’t care that I was so close by.

The unmistakable fragrance of aroused pussy smacked me right in the face. I loved it, and the fact that my wife was once again giving off that sexy scent. I also noticed that the Lady’s pussy gave off a tantalizing fragrance. It was different, somehow. But very pleasing. And now, seeing this masterpiece of female anatomy up close, I realized why the lady’s pussy looked odd. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but her pussy was not just opulent and beautiful. It also appeared to be muscular.

I began to worry a bit for my wife. June’s cunt was every bit as lush and full as Lady Bianca’s cunt. But it was soft and feminine. By comparison, the lady’s cunt was unmistakably feminine, but strong looking. June may have been woman enough to take on the lady body to body, but I had to wonder if she was really up to this particular match up.

The look of concern on my face must have tipped her off. She briefly broke off her eye to eye connection with the gorgeous healer to send a word of comfort my way.

“Honey. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” She softly reassured me.

I looked at her with deep love. She touched my arm softly.

“I need this, honey.” She assured me. “I desperately need this.”

I nodded again. She returned her gaze to Lady Bianca. The two women now focused intensely on each other. A lesson in love and an intimate healing was about to unfold before my eyes in the form of two exquisite cunts locking up with each other.

My amazing wife! She was willing to plunge her lovely pussy into uncharted territory. She was willing to match her cunt against a cunt that was so formidable looking that it made me nervous (and aroused) just to look at it. She was about to make an ultimate sacrifice just for us. And I was to witness what would be a fuck for the ages.

God bless you June! And God Bless America!

To be continued