Potent sexual tension was mounting. The room fell almost silent. The new age soundtrack now seemed to be emanating from the darkened portion of the room. Incense and womanly fragrances dueled for control of the air. Womanly fragrances were winning. The spectacular, dark haired and olive skinned Lady Bianca was about to match cunts with the pale skinned, redheaded goddess I’m proud to call my soul mate. June’s phenomenal pussy was about to get a lengthy lesson in sensuality. Lady Bianca’s cunt would be the teacher.

There was no longer any doubt in my mind. June was totally into this. When the lady signaled her with a warm smile and a nod, June made the initial advance. She slowly scooted her butt along the mat until her pussy lips were the width of a pubic hair away from Lady Bianca’s sweet labia. The two smooth, full lipped and hairless pussies were just that close to each other! I was thrilled by the sight of my wife’s naked cunt, so wet and willing to meet and meat with Lady Bianca’s magnificent cunt. This womanly coalescence was about to begin.

Lady Bianca closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and then exhaled. When her black eyes opened, they locked with my wife’s green beauties.

“NOW, June!” She commanded. And with that, June slowly sealed off Lady Bianca’s cunt lips with her own. My eyes were fixed on the two pussies. Nothing could have averted my stare. A split second before they made contact, the lady’s outer lips parted slightly, welcoming my wife’s sweet cunt into their warm loving softness. June’s entire body trembled at first contact. Lady Bianca softly moaned. She was obviously impressed with the first full on encounter of their swollen labia.

“Your pussy is truly amazing, June.”

“You flatter me, Lady Bianca. But it is your pussy that is so lush and so wondrous. I’ve never felt anything like this before.” June seemed overwhelmed by the sensations she was experiencing for the first time.

“And now I want you to relax and release, sweet June. Surrender your pussy to my pussy, and together we will vanquish those inhibitions of yours, cunt to cunt.”

“I’m yours, Lady Bianca. Woman to woman, pussy to pussy.” June moaned, as her body relaxed and her pelvis rhythmically danced with Lady Bianca’s professorial pelvis.

The two intimately connected women slowly worked their juicy cunts into each other. From my ringside seat I could see how well matched they were. Although Lady Bianca’s cunt was clearly the sensei here.

I watched in utter fascination as my wife’s sweet creamy pussy became lost in the loving, sensual embrace of the lady’s exquisite, tawny pussy. Two gorgeous cunts were locked together. A lesson in love was being given. Lady Bianca, the skilled teacher. June, the eager student. In a matter of minutes, June’s pussy was nicely lubricated with Lady Bianca’s pungent, yet pleasant smelling love juices. I know my wife’s fragrance. This was not hers.

But it only took a couple more minutes and I began to notice that June was getting really wet, and her womanly scent was now battling for air space with the lady’s fragrance. My olfactory nerves were reveling in this airborne, erotic duel of sex infused aromas. And it was thrilling to once again see my wife’s pussy so juiced.

My sense of sight and my sense of smell were being bombarded with pleasure. Next, my sense of hearing was treated to the sounds that come from two juicy cunts engaged in fucking. And what delicious noises they were! Lady Bianca’s cunt was squishing, slurping and smacking all of its skilled loving techniques into my wife’s willing cunt.

For the next stretch of time (really, I have no idea how long) I watched, enthralled, as June’s thick labia folded together with, then sunk into the soft tan folds of the lady’s cunt. They would disappear, and then reappear. And then the succulent process would repeat itself. Both sets of labia on both women, the large outer lips and the soft, smaller inner lips were completely engaged in this juicy sucking together of pussies. It was as though my wife’s perfect anatomy was being surrounded completely in the fleshy perfection of the lady’s sweet pussy meat. June’s pussy was “on fire.” June herself, was on another plane. I could see that now.

I mentioned before what I perceived as the muscularity of Lady Bianca’s pussy. I was right. This masterpiece of female anatomy seemed to be locking my wife’s formidable cunt in its firmly loving grip, allowing June just enough freedom of movement to respond and luxuriate in this fully locked-together fleshly fusion. My wife was crazed with sensual pleasure.

This soft, full on rubbing together of the two naked cunts was breathtaking to watch. But it also seemed to have a real purpose. With every labia on labia stroking, and with each hot plunge my June’s cunt took into the depths of Lady Bianca’s mentoring, lavish cunt, I could sense my sweet wife slowly letting go of something.

Inhibitions? Fears? Months of some sort of pent up frustration? Months of some kind of stress? Whatever the case, it was becoming apparent that June’s cunt needed whatever Lady Bianca’s cunt was giving it, whatever it is that only two women in a thigh to thigh scissor lock can give to each other.

I was now completely convinced of this. Andy was right! I was watching my wife’s body move in ways that I had not seen it move in months. It was thrilling!

Once again I have to say that, with the exception of the last few months, my wife was incredibly hot in bed. I loved fucking her. She drained me with her enthusiasm and wild abandon. I believe now that I was witnessing the return of my love. But, the lesson was not quite finished. I had a really sexy feeling about what was coming next.

Both women were now propped up on their elbows, looking squarely into each other’s eyes. And, with her dark eyes, I could tell that Lady Bianca was silently coaching June, challenging her to take it to the next level. The two gently battling cunts were squared off fully, front to front. Pelvises were grinding. Maximum contact had been established, and apparently it was mind blowing to both women. Lady Bianca licked her lips. I could tell that June was pleasuring her deeply. She seemed very pleasantly surprised with June’s abilities.

“You move well June. Very well, cunt to cunt.”

“I’m fortunate to have a great teacher, Lady Bianca.” June responded.

“Now June, you must bring forth that strong, lovely female tool of yours. You must be willing to meet with me, clitoris against clitoris. This will be the ultimate test, my sweet.”

“I’m ready and willing, Lady Bianca.” June responded.

“Then, let us begin!” Exclaimed Lady Bianca.

Oh man! This was IT!!!

To be continued