I did a quick time check. It was eight PM. Only an hour had passed but it seemed like a lot more. I was fully relaxed in the “ringside” chair. My wife stood alone, in the center of the mat. Lady Bianca had gently extricated herself from June’s embrace. And, without saying a word, she went off somewhere into the dark. After a few minutes I sniffed a familiar fragrance in the air, over the incense.

The lady returned with some of that herbal tea she served the other night. We all partook of a cup. They sat on the mat with their legs folded. I was allowed to join them. We chatted lightly about the weather. The weather! Of all the lame things to discuss, after what had just transpired!

Tea time ended, and the lady cleared things away, once again vanishing into the darkness. I returned to my chair. June came to me, knelt alongside my chair and took my hand in hers. I looked at her quizzically.

“Are we done here?” I asked, foolishly. June smiled.

“Far from it.” She replied.

“How do you know?”

“I just know, hon.” she said, calmly. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s a “woman thing.”

“What happens next?” I asked, unable to shake the sensation of being a dork. June was patient with me.

“I’m not one hundred percent certain. But I think things are about to get very heated.”

“Meaning what, June?” My question went unanswered. June could sense the lady’s imminent return. She quickly caressed my hand and whispered softly to me.

“Whatever happens, don’t be freaked out by it and don’t interfere. Promise me?”

I nodded in tacit agreement. “Is this working for you, June?”

“She’s going to help me, Steve. I wasn’t sure at first, but I’m certain of that now. Please be patient and understanding, like you always are. For me, hon.”

Before I could respond, June rose to once again meet Lady Bianca in the center of the soft mat, or the “ring.” The two beauties once again faced each other, slowly moving into body contact. They did not embrace, but I could see their tits pressing together once again. It was a reunion that, somehow, I could not object to. Their eyes were locked. June had a look on her face that seemed to say, “Whatever is coming next, I’m down with it.” I was now, once again, out of the equation.

Lady Bianca then stepped away. She softly addressed my wife.

“June. You’re responding well so far. We’re one third of the way there. Are you ready to move to the next phase?”

“Yes, Lady Bianca. I’m ready.” My wife dutifully responded.

“Wonderful!” There was a pause, as though the lady was assessing June for signs of hesitation. She spoke.

“Now, lovely June. For this next phase, we must both remove our...”

And before she could finish her sentence, June was naked. Lady Bianca smiled in approval, and then she removed her negligee.

I was amazed at her incredible naked beauty. My wife was too. I could tell. You could now see both women’s chests heaving in anticipation. The two naked goddesses now moved slowly toward each other into the center of the mat. I was beside myself with excitement.

“For this part, sweet June, we must kiss. Is this OK with you?”

“I look forward to it, lady.” Said June.

Lady Bianca smiled and then stretched out on the mat, on her back. What a spectacular body! She then closed her eyes, held her outstretched arms with her palms up in what seemed to be a gesture of receiving, then softly muttered what I think was an invocation. It only took a few seconds. Then, with her eyes open, she moved both hands above her body from her knees to the top of her head, almost as though she was preparing her body for some ritual. She turned her gaze to June, and then nodded to her.

June knelt down beside her, waiting.

“Do you know what to do now, June?” She asked.

“I think so.” June replied, tentatively.

“To be clear, you must come to me once again. Only this time, nothing will be between us. Flesh against flesh, you must give all of your body to my body without reservation or hesitation. All the lust and desire and passion that’s in your beautiful body MUST be surrendered completely to mine. No holding back. Understand?”

June nodded in agreement. The lady continued. “If this happens as I have elucidated, your body will feel pleasure such as it’s never known before.”

I’m June’s husband. Normally, I’d be annoyed by a statement like that, as it could be considered an affront to my masculinity. But I have to say, judging from this woman’s body, that was probably a pretty accurate statement. She continued.

“This, pretty lady, will be pleasure so intense that you will have no choice but to release whatever is inside you that has held you back; whatever force it is that has suddenly caused these inexplicable inhibitions you’ve recently been experiencing.”

“I’m a bit frightened, Lady Bianca. But I am very eager for this to happen.”

“Then, let’s begin. And, by the way, it’s OK to be a bit frightened.” Lady Bianca said, gently mollifying my gorgeous, naked wife. I watched as June’s stunning breasts rose and fell on her chest as the result of a deep sigh. I don’t think I’d ever seen her looking as wondrous as she did at this exact moment in time. Then, as gracefully as I’d ever seen her move before, June stretched out and lowered her nude body directly on top of Lady Bianca’s naked form. She was welcomed in a full embrace. June’s amazing tits were now experiencing the full naked measure of Lady Bianca’s large, superb breasts. For that matter, the lady’s tits were getting the full measure of June’s extraordinary tits. It was the most titillating thing I’ve ever witnessed. Wordplay intended.

Their bodies seemed to take to each other immediately. It seemed as though the lady had the uncanny ability to fit her body perfectly to every subtle curve of my wife’s delicious anatomy. June’s pretty alabaster skin appeared to be fused with the silky olive flesh of Lady Bianca. The mutual heat was unbelievable!

The two women began to roll back and forth on the mat, grunting those sexy girl grunts as they took turns on top, like two chicks in a heated wrestling match. Only this match was far more sensual and had much deeper ramifications.

As I sat and watched this womanly encounter unfold, I recalled the few times I had contemplated asking my wife if she would be willing to engage in a sexy nude wrestle with another girl, for our mutual (as in mostly mine) pleasure. I never had the nerve to raise the question, however. Now I’m sorry I wimped out. This was so amazing to watch!

A few more sexy body rolls and the two began to engage in the most ardent kissing I had ever seen. My wife, it seems, was crazy with lust. She was giving her all to Lady Bianca, exactly as she had promised. It also now seemed that Lady Bianca was taken aback by my wife’s animal lust. But she kept up, reveling in the intensity, surrendering herself to June’s lust, as she had asked my wife to do. I thought to myself, however, if this was a fight, June would be kicking ass.

For the next twenty minutes or so, the two large breasted goddesses remained locked in this intense sexual encounter, with their voluptuous bodies moving rhythmically together. Speaking of which, the battle between their spectacular breasts alone was worth the price of admission. No matter who was on top, the four fleshy orbs were locked in their own personal duel that involved intimate rolling and rubbing and then crushing together. Tits were fused so tightly together I thought I was going to witness the bursting of fleshy balloons. Every once in a while, nipples became visible. But it was apparent that they too were engaged in their own private encounter. Sweat now glistened on both women’s bodies. The grunts, groans, moans and near screams were almost constant. The only silence came when they locked their hungry mouths together in a fervid kiss. The sweet sound of flesh slapping together was in the air. Bellies pressed and rubbed against each other, and smooth, hairless crotches were now locked in a slam contest. It was my sincere hope that June’s sweet pussy lips were making contact with the olive skinned beauty’s bare pussy lips.

Back and forth their undulating bodies rolled, arms wrapped around each other tightly. Their silky smooth legs were entwined. Then, June seemed to take control. Or, did Lady Bianca want her to finish matters? June slammed her crotch hard into Lady Bianca’s receptive pubes. The lady gave back. The bumps continued and noticeably intensified. June seemed ready to explode. Lady Bianca was right there with her, slam for slam, egging her on.

The kiss broke off. I could tell now that Lady Bianca was directing the proceedings. June was now slamming intensely into Lady Bianca’s receptive cunt. The two women were now groaning, and both were in tears as the pubic pounding and crotch grinding continued.

I could see beads of sweat on my wife’s gorgeous back. Her wondrous red hair was now matted and wet. Lady Bianca’s hair looked almost as bad. Certainly not coifs that two such elegant women would ever be seen in wearing in public. But it was so sexy and sweaty and passionate!

I could now tell that the lady was speaking to June. The louder she spoke; I could tell she was indeed giving June guidance. Eventually, her words became clear as my wife continued to grind crotch to crotch with her. I was now almost certain that the sweet lips of their pussies were engaged with each other. I had to wonder how that felt to June. But for now, I was focusing on the lady’s exhortations.

“Give it up June. Give it UP!!!” She seemed to challenge.

“Release June. RELEASE!!!” Her voice was now approaching loud.

June continued her assault. But through it all, she began to groan and started to cry. The lady then screamed at the top of her lungs, in order to get June to “release.”

“GIVE IT UP!!!” She screamed. “LET IT GO LOVE! RELEASE IT TO ME!!!” She loudly exhorted.

June then howled like I’d never heard her howl. At that split second, the lady skillfully flipped my wife on to her back. June bucked fiercely beneath her. Her strokes were met rhythmically by Lady Bianca, who repeated the word “release.”

Then, I saw something truly unbelievable. Something other worldly! As though it were orchestrated, the lighting in the room dimmed. I looked at the two women’s fused nude bodies and saw what appeared to be a soft white glow. I swear it appeared to be leaving June’s body and trying to enter Lady Bianca. And then, it vanished.

To be continued