I was reassigned to a very comfortable chair on the perimeter of the mat. The lighting in the room had been softened to a pleasant level. The delicate smell of incense and the narcoleptic sounds of new age music were in the air. The whole thing had the aura of a B movie script. I was told to wait while the two women went off somewhere. I was puzzled by this. But then, a few moments later...

Off from the distance both women reappeared. They moved to the center of the mat and faced each other. Somehow, Lady Bianca had convinced my wife to change into one of those nearly see through negligees. Or, perhaps no convincing was needed. The garment was a very light powder blue color. June looked incredibly hot in it! Underneath it, to my amazement, June was completely naked. Wow!

Now facing my wife, with only inches separating them, the Lady herself was adorned in a negligee similar to the one she wore when we first met. Only this time she wasn’t concealing anything. Her wondrous private parts were available for scrutiny, so I scrutinized. Her body was magnificent, but so was June’s. Her large breasts stood proudly on her chest. So did June’s. Both sets of breasts were equally large, firm and shapely. I wondered if, during the process of changing, they took the time to compare. My guess is that they did. One would hope they did.

From my vantage point I could see the four magnificent breasts as the pointed directly at each other. There was no mistaking the fact that all four nipples were erect. What sexy images this brought to mind!

Underneath the flimsy, see through fabric were two shapely, nude bodies. Both women equally buxom, with smooth firm stomachs, curvaceous legs and asses. But, I might add, the most delectable part was that both pussies were clean shaven. Where was this going, I wondered?

“Steve, my love.” June’s voice came softly to me, while her eyes remained locked with Lady Bianca’s eyes. She did not wait for a response. The two women clasped hands and moved closer together, though still not touching.

“I’m in good hands here, darling. Please do not be put off by what you might see here tonight. Lady Bianca is going to help me. I trust her implicitly.”

Both women turned to look at me. I nodded to them both, approvingly. But I knew that my sometimes provincial attitudes would have to be put on hold this evening.

Both women sent a loving smile in my direction, and then turned into each other. And, from that point on, I knew that I was nothing more than an asterisk in tonight’s proceedings.

Like June trusted Lady Bianca, I trusted my wife implicitly. Did I trust Lady Bianca implicitly? Hard to say. What I did know is that I saw a level of eroticism in June that I had not seen in a long time. This made me willing to stick with whatever was going to transpire, before my eyes, in this strange yet comfortable setting.

The lady spoke directly to my wife.

“You must release, June.”


“Come to me.” Lady Bianca opened her arms, inviting June into her full embrace.

“Come to me, June. Body to body.”

Whoa! Did I hear that right? Incredibly, June did not hesitate. Right before my eyes, in nothing more than the thin fabric of the negligees, my wife was in a full on body embrace with Lady Bianca. She seemed to surrender her body fully to Lady Bianca’s exquisite body. The Lady’s arms were around my wife’s waist. June’s arms were around her shoulders. It was easy to see my wife’s amazing tits now fully engaged with Lady Bianca’s spectacular tits. I’d never seen anything so sexy! The dark haired beauty was slowly rubbing her tits against June’s, and June was responding, rolling her two massive breasts fully into the lady’s impressive tits. Eagerly, I might add. They were cheek to cheek, and I could tell Lady Bianca was whispering something into June’s ear. I moved to the edge of the chair, carefully, so as not to distract them. I wanted to hear what was being said to June. I could hear the lady’s dusky voice...whispering.

“Surrender June. Surrender completely to me. Give your body unconditionally to my body June...RELEASE!!!” She was telling my wife, with considerable emphasis on the “release” part.

June seemed eager to comply. Indeed, it did actually seem like she was trying to release something. I watched, mesmerized and quite turned on. Their bodies were locked together. I mean seriously interlocked female anatomy! Even in this standing position, both gorgeous women intertwined anatomically in a deliciously prurient body on body lockup. What a sight to behold! Breast to breast, belly to smooth belly, rubbing together. Next, Lady Bianca angled her crotch and ground her hairless pubes squarely into June’s. Shocked but delighted, June responded in kind. They began to slowly grind, pelvis into pelvis, crotch into crotch, woman into woman. This went on for a while, as both women grunted and moaned.

But the night was just beginning.

To be continued