By JB57

The bed sheet was now soaked with Martha and Teresa’s hot sweat and boiling cum and the large bedroom was permeated with the tantalizing scent of raw woman sex. From their seats at the foot of the bed, Grant and Cynthia watched the incredible battle, both of them deeply aroused.

Grant had watched the sexual conflict with unalloyed lust. He could not believe how horny he was. His cock was huge, bulging into his pants, feeling as hard as rock. His loins were tight, the sensation of intense arousal was pulsing in his belly. He could not believe that two women could fight with the kind of hatred and mutual lust that he was seeing now. “God,” he thought, “I hope Teresa wins. I really want to fuck Martha.” The idea of driving his shaft up into the blonde teacher’s hot pussy enflamed him with desire.

Cynthia watched the fight in silence, but her eyes burned with sexual hunger. So far, the battle between her star pupil and her personal sparring partner was proving to be every bit as enjoyable as she had dared hope. She did not know who would win, but she was confident that the winner would totally humiliate the loser. These young women hated each other intensely, but also lusted for each other with equal fervor. That volatile mix made for the best sexfights and the most enduring and enjoyable rivalries.

Teresa pushed herself towards Martha, apprehension fighting with lust deep in her aching cunt. Her body was alive, aroused and pulsing with erotic energy and raw desire, in a way that she had never experienced before. She wanted to mate with Martha, she wanted every inch of her hot flesh pressed and rubbing with that of the teacher, and she wanted to feel Martha’s cunt and tits surrendering to her own, melting into hers until her sex and lust overwhelmed that of the blonde beauty. Her eyes glowed, feverish with desire. At the same time, however, she was aware that, so far, she had experienced two devastating orgasms while Martha had only suffered through one, and she feared that her sexual power was depleting, giving way to physical and sexual exhaustion. She was angry at herself for not pulling off of Martha once the whore had been forced to orgasm, to being so desirous of her own climax that she kept fucking her enemy rather than pulling back. But she decided that she had needed the release. She told herself that if she had pulled back, she would have remained so aroused Martha would have had little difficulty getting her off in the next round.

Martha had no such doubts. As far as she was concerned, she was ahead in this vicious sexual struggle. She was stunned by the delicious intensity of the orgasm that Teresa had pulled from her. It had been one of the most pleasurable climaxes she had ever experienced, a remarkable achievement, given her long history of sexual combat. But this fact only made her more desirous of a final showdown with the brunette bitch. The girl had humiliated her in their titfight and had forced her to orgasm against her will. She was determined to master this teenage whore, to make the girl her fuckbitch, if it was the last thing she did. Her body burned with almost unbearable lust and her hot cunt lubricated with slick juices as she thought about what she wanted to do with Teresa.

Martha and Teresa pushed close, touching bare feet and toes, then letting long, tanned, muscled legs slide over and under each other, their free leg wrapping around the other woman’s rounded hip. Naked cunts came within an inch of kissing. Their fat, naked pussy lips were swollen with lust and clear lubricants trickled down from both women’s bare twats as they sat, glaring hatefully into the other’s eyes, feeling the heat radiating from their cunts onto their inner thighs and flat bellies. They pushed up until the tips of their engorged nipples gently touched. Sexual electricity burned into both women with the nipple contact, and they gasped in unison, then smiled at each other, two Alpha bitches in heat, now ready for their final conflict. Their hands were behind their bodies, bracing them up. Martha took her right hand and twined it around a few locks of Teresa’s chestnut brown hair. She pulled the teen a little closer, until they were nose to nose, both women’s vision filled with the beautiful, glowing eyes of the other. Their heavy, throbbing tits compressed harder, sending jolts of ecstasy through their bodies. Their drooling, aching cunts pulsed hotter, clits hardened, and fragrant juices gushed from their open sexholes, trickling down their spread thighs, moistening the sheet on the bed.

“Are you ready to fuck, little girl?” Martha murmured. “Are you really ready to take on my beautiful cunt and my fat, hard clit?” The women’s sweet breath mixed as they panted in the other’s face, lush lips touching.

Teresa sneered. “I’m ready for your little cunt, you bitch. You think that you’re so hot, Martha. I’m going to fuck your little clit with my clit until it pops out your ass. I’m going to fuck every inch of your body, you old slut.”

Martha smiled, then pulled Teresa in for an eager kiss. Their lush tongues slipped and tangled, and scoured the other’s mouth. They swallowed the other woman’s animal groans of lust, they exchanged hot spit and sweet breath. Sexual heat roared hotter in both women, warming their nipples, electrifying their areola, trickling down to feed the raging heat and hunger between their legs. Sucking and licking at each other, they slowly disengaged the kiss, then glared viciously into the other’s beautiful eyes, their noses and foreheads pressed tight.

“Let’s fuck, you whore,” Martha whispered. Martha leaned forward, compressing their tits even harder, and slipped her hands down and around Teresa’s smooth hips to grasp the teen’s sweaty, rounded ass. She sank her claws into the firm flesh. Teresa returned the grip, eagerly scratching at Martha’s ass. The women pulled hard, bringing their bodies together tightly. Then, in concert, they thrust their hips forward and pressed their aching, burning cunts together, fat, moist cunt lips pressing and softly yielding, wet, thick flesh melting into one. The women shuddered, then spread their legs even wider, allowing their cunts to mesh even tighter. Jerking their hips, pulling on the other’s ass, arching their pelvises forward, their open sex holes sucked and merged, heat and wet juices pouring out and mixing, coating their crotches, sealing their cunts in a wet suction. Their engorged, ultra-sensitive clits reached for each other and stroked hard, two sex-swords engaged in battle, once again.

“FUCK, you filthy whore!!,” Teresa gasped as her clit rippled and rubbed against Martha’s throbbing sexhorn.

“NNggh!! Dirty little CUNT!,” Martha groaned back, her teeth gritted in an agony of pure pleasure as the clit-fuck was joined again.

The battling Amazons jerked and rolled their hips and asses in unison, working together to rub and grind their boiling cunts into one mass of fused, nerve-rich flesh. They jerked and bucked, their tits rubbing and crushing, the intense sensations in their battling nipples fed by the heat and joy radiating out of their struggling clits, their dense boobs filling with the heat of friction and sexual arousal. Their bodies slid and rubbed, their shared sweat lubricating their movements, enhancing the intense sensations rippling on their skin. They locked into a deep, tongue-tied kiss, sucking at each other, their moans and cries of lust and joy slowly gaining in intensity even as they swallowed each other’s screams. They broke the kiss, the need for air overwhelming their desire to seal their mouths together and imitate the clit fight with their tongues. They rested cheek to cheek and continued to fuck hard, the raging heat between their legs and radiating in their tits continuing to grow to unbearable levels.

Martha felt herself completely joined to Teresa, her body so interlocked and sealed in the most primitive ways to the girl’s body that she did not know where her flesh ended and Teresa’s began. She knew from experience that this was the pinnacle of sexual warfare. Teresa was lost, too, in the burning flesh of her opponent. All of her will was directed towards enduring the incredible pleasure and holding back her body’s desire to give itself over to the sexual need burning in every cell. No, she swore to herself, I am going to fuck this bitch until she surrenders, I will feel my cunt eating hers! But the ecstasy continued to build and the animal cries of both women grew louder and wilder.

The struggle continued. Martha drove her right middle finger up Teresa’s tight, puckered anus. The girl jerked and cried out, then immediately did the same, enjoying it as Martha groaned in response. They bit and kissed at the other’s neck and cheeks, nibbled at ear lobes and ran questing hands up to the sides of the other’s breasts, stroking and stimulating, doing anything they could to force more pleasure on the other than she could bear. As they continued to grind, their bodies began to tremble with orgasmic tension.

Teresa released Martha’s flexing ass and leaned back slightly, realizing that she could grind harder and stronger at Martha from this different position. Martha immediately did the same. The women pulled back, bracing their writhing bodies with their arms, relieving pressure on their compressed tits, but still keeping their nipples in grinding contact, allowing them to grate deliciously as their tits bounced in unison. They began thrusting, penetrating and violating each other ever more deeply, their swollen clits sliding and grinding with even greater force and pleasure. As the fucking continued, Martha and Teresa leaned back even further, letting their massive tits separate and, opening to each other completely, used their intermeshed cunts to bisect each other. They pumped hard, raising their asses off the bed, holding each other in tension as they now threw all the power of their hips, legs and asses into fucking each other as hard as they could. Their swollen clits rubbed constantly, harder and harder. Their cunts leaked prodigious amounts of hot fluid. Their naked pussies worked into each other ever faster and harder, the fuckfight finally entering its most intense stage, each woman determined to grind the other until her foe came screaming like a banshee.

Their majestic tits bounced furiously, hot sweat spraying with each delicious jerk, their golden orbs and their aching nipples glistening with perspiration and cunt juice. Their muscled bellies rippled with effort as they used every part of their bodies to ram and thrust as deep and hard as they could into each other’s womanly core. Their pussies were completely merged, naked cunt lips flattened against each other, sucked and sealed, fused tight. Within this hot, wet arena, their engorged clits fused into one, struggling to master the other, struggling to crush the other and prove who had the stronger sex.

Martha and Teresa threw back their heads and screamed with joy and hate, their sweat-soaked hair thrashing wildly, the agony of the pure pleasure they were inflicting on each other too much to bear.

“FUCK, FUCK YOU MARTHA!!,” Teresa screamed. “BREAK, you whore, BREAK!!”

“NEVER, you little cunt!!,” Martha screamed back. “RIDE MY CLIT, you bitch!! Feel me crushing you!”

“No, NO!!,” Teresa shrieked. “You’re mine, bitch!!”

Their howls of rage and hate dissolved into incoherent growls and screams as they kept pounding, writhing, driving their bodies as deeply into the other’s cunt as they could. They were leaning far back now, their bodies completely scissor-locked, each woman trapped between the other woman’s thighs, the only way out through the other woman’s cunt. Their toes curled as they each fought back an incredible orgasm. The bed rocked and jolted as the power of their mutual fucking exploded in a final, desperate effort by each woman to fuck her foe into submission.

In exhaustion, the women’s asses fell to the bed, but they continued to grind and thrust, and they were soon rotating their asses and hips again in hard, jerking circles as they struggled to drill their cunts all the way into each other. Martha squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her own, her cunt lips compressing with all her strength. Teresa squeezed back just as hard. Tears glittered in their eyes as they fucked, their breath came in pounding gasps, the heat and tension between their legs built to nova-hot levels, their bouncing tits sent pulses of pleasure straight to their battling clits with each erotic jolt.

Teresa forced her eyes open and found herself looking down Martha’s jerking, writhing body as the beautiful teacher, her head thrown back, fucked Teresa with all her strength. Teresa admired the other woman’s massive, jerking tits, her rippling belly, her thrusting hips. Teresa knew that she had to beat Martha, she had to defeat this beauty, she had to possess the magnificent flesh thrusting and undulating against her own. Teresa wanted to feel Martha’s deepest womanhood all the way inside of her. Her desire to consume and devour her enemy was never greater. But, she knew that she was on the verge of her own orgasmic release. The pleasure was just too great and she knew she could not hold out much longer. She wanted to reach out and seize one of Martha’s beautiful, bouncing jugs, to squeeze the nipple and suck and bite the taut, salty flesh. But she knew she could not risk it. She needed both her hands to hold her up, to brace her against Martha’s assault and to anchor her as her sex wrestled and fused to Martha’s driving cunt.

Martha opened her eyes and caught Teresa staring at her. The women locked eyes, their mutual fury, hatred and raw lust meshing. Their open, panting mouths, twisted into smiles of hate and unendurable desire, then turned again to animal snarls of sexual fury. They wanted each other desperately, but they both wanted to fuck the other into submissive oblivion, no matter the cost.

Martha suddenly gritted her teeth, closed her eyes tight, and moaned. Her pumping hips redoubled their assault. Teresa met her thrust for thrust, her own face a mask of concentration and agony as she struggled to hold back her orgasm, as she struggled to fight back the unbelievable pleasure burning in every inch of her over-sexed body, but concentrated in her tits and cunt. Martha suddenly grasped Teresa’s thigh, to anchor herself as she drove her cunt into the teen’s pussy. Teresa seized Martha’s straining thigh and anchored herself as she fucked back.

“Come, you little fuck, COME!!,” Martha screeched. She just could not stand any more pleasure.

“You come for me, Martha, you be my bitch!” Teresa snarled through gritted teeth.

Martha exploded, her clit suddenly going nova hot, the pleasure and tension in her aching cunt violently erupting and spreading to every inch of her voluptuous body. Her twitching, convulsing clit proved just too much for Teresa’s overtaxed clit to withstand. An instant later, Teresa erupted in the most intense and delicious orgasm of her young life.

The women shrieked in unison. They fell flat on their backs, but they thrust their hips and asses high in the air, driving their clits deep into each other, holding each other in tension as their mutual orgasms rippled through every inch of their straining bodies.

“FFUUUCCKK!!!,” Martha screamed, “Oh God, oh Fuck, oh FUCK!!, “ she sobbed as she squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her cunt, as incredible energy exploded out of her snatch.

“God, oh God, Oh FUCKING GOD!!,” Teresa sobbed, as her body rode out the incredible sensations burning through it.

The women held each other high, their bodies convulsing and rippling in waves. Their toes curled tight. Their pussies exploded and began pumping hot cum. They injected the sex juice into each other, but they were soon overflowing and found themselves coated with cum as it trickled down their trembling bellies, pooled in their deep navels, and flowed around and over their massive, quivering tits, onto the tips of their jutting nipples, then down to their faces. The women were too delirious to know what was happening. Pleasure broke over them in blinding waves, and they could only endure the sheer ecstasy as it roared within them. Finally, after several hiking jerks of their locked bodies, Teresa and Martha collapsed to the bed, panting hard, their bodies interlocked and soaked with sex juices, and lay gasping, struggling to regain their bearings. Their majestic tits heaved and shook in concert. They had succeeded in fucking each other senseless and now they lay together in a stupor, joined sex to sex, the battle still undecided.

To be continued: