By JB57

Martha rode Teresa mercilessly, her grinding, throbbing clit a sex-sword that she used to ram and stab and completely penetrate the wet, raging cunt of her brunette adversary. Martha threw back her head and smiled with joy, lost in the sheer erotic pleasure of fucking this little whore. She was avenging herself on Teresa’s body, making the little bitch pay for humiliating her earlier. Teresa was moaning and trembling, gasping and crying out. Her body wriggled and writhed delightfully, but she still kept answering Martha’s powerful thrusts with ones of her own. The women’s hard clits continued to fence, sending excruciating pleasure vibrating through both women’s perfect bodies.

As the delicious fuck went on, Martha realized how incredibly aroused she was. Her snatch was soaking wet, her clit was throbbing with pleasure, her breasts were swollen with arousal, her nipples pulsing with tension and as hard as steel rods. Her entire body was burning with sensitivity, and being constantly stimulated as she rubbed and writhed and ground her smooth, succulent, sweat-slick flesh into its matching counterparts on Teresa’s equally wet and voluptuous body. She had not yet come and she knew that the pleasure building in her body was rapidly growing to the point of release. She redoubled her efforts, hoping to force another orgasm out of Teresa before she needed to relieve her own need.

Martha squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her own twat, trying to eat Teresa’s pussy with her snatch. Teresa cried out, then squeezed back, equally strong and hungry. The women moaned in unison as they crushed each other’s clits between their strong vaginal lips, then they resumed sawing clit to clit, stroking and stimulating each other.

“Say it,” Martha began to chant again, as she increased the rate and force of her thrusts. “Say it, whore, say that you’re my bitch, say it, call me Mistress Martha…”

Their bodies slapped harder, their tits rolled on each other with greater friction and force, crushing taut flesh, sweat mixing and pooling as their cleavages melted and fused into one. Teresa struggled to free her hands, but Martha held her firmly, sweaty hands locked palm to palm, fingers twined. Tears streamed from Teresa’s eyes as she felt herself being fucked to another orgasm. Her clit was torturing her with pleasure, but she kept driving it at Martha’s clit, wanting more and more ecstasy. “Oh Christ,” she moaned, in her mind. “I can’t take much more of this, it’s so good, it’s so fucking, fucking good… I’m being fucked senseless.” But she could not stand the idea of losing to Martha. Through half open eyes, she looked up at Martha’s beautiful face, at the teacher’s expression of sexual rapture and arrogance, and she felt the swell of hate and lust.

Suddenly, Martha let out a tortuous groan and stopped thrusting, stopped slapping her steaming wet cunt to Teresa’s answering twat, stopped driving her burning clit to Teresa’s sexhorn. Teresa looked up at the teacher’s beautiful face and, through the haze of her own ecstasy, saw the expression of sexual agony on the blonde beauty’s visage. Martha shuddered, struggling to bring her sex under control, clearly fighting back an intense orgasm.

Teresa was balancing on the edge of her own orgasmic explosion, her body trembling with tension, but she saw her only opportunity. With a cry, she untwined her legs from Martha’s powerful limbs, braced her heels to the bed and bridged her back, trying to throw Martha off. At the same time, she struggled to free her hands. Martha cried out, and re-twined her legs through Teresa’s, holding herself in place. However, she was forced to release Teresa’s hands, which were already slippery with sweat. The women crashed back to the mattress, but Teresa instantly wrapped her arms around her beautiful enemy’s naked back and began to force a roll, aiming to take the dominant position in their mutual fuck. Martha resisted and, for a few intense moments, the beautiful women thrashed and struggled on their sides, their bodies pressed tight, their breasts squashed, their nipples grinding and spearing, their arms searching for purchase on the other’s smooth, wet flesh. But Martha was hampered by her need to restrain the devastating orgasm building in her core. With a cry of final effort, Teresa succeeded in forcing Martha onto her back.

“Yes, oh yes, you bitch, you cunt, now I’ve got you, now I’ll fuck you…,” Teresa chanted as she struggled to take the dominant position. Martha was too preoccupied with fighting back the orgasmic tension in her cunt to respond.

Teresa mounted her enemy, raising herself up and dropping her tits down hard on to Martha’s matching boobs, their bellies slapping hard. She slid her naked, sex-slimed twat into place on Martha’s equally nude, slick cunt. The battling women moaned together in ecstasy, as their raging cunts kissed and sucked wetly and united once again in intimate combat. Teresa began to thrust and grind, working her raging cunt into Martha’s welcoming twat. Both women worked their hips hard, both eager to resume the clit to clit fuck, to regain the ecstasy of their mutual violation.

“NNNGGGH!!,” Martha screamed.

“JESUS FUCK!!,” Teresa howled, as their slick, throbbing clits met again in erotic battle.

Raw pleasure and raging heat burned through the sex-crazed beauties. Martha wrapped her powerful thighs around Teresa’s waist, crossing her ankles below Teresa’s bucking ass; she wrapped her arms around the teen’s rippling back, and crushed the brunette’s body to her own with all of her strength. Teresa locked her arms around Martha’s back and squeezed hard, rejoicing in the feeling of their tits compressing and throbbing with heat and electricity, their rock-hard nipples tangled and twisted into one.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, panting like the bitches in heat that they were, teacher and student fucked desperately, ecstatically. Pleasure rolled through their bucking, writhing bodies in waves, and both women trembled and sobbed with pre-orgasmic ecstasy, struggling to keep from giving in to the terrible erotic sensations suffusing every inch of their burning flesh. They fucked desperately, each knowing that she was only moments from defeat or victory.

Teresa drove her tongue deep into Martha’s mouth, and the blonde accepted it eagerly. As they locked into a luscious kiss, Teresa began to snap her hips, just as Martha had done earlier, driving her enflamed clit the entire length of Martha’s equally engorged and sensitive sexhorn. The blonde screamed within their locked mouths, but she jerked her hips in reply and continued to move with Teresa’s bucking, thrusting body. Their clits stayed glued together, grinding mercilessly, feeding limitless erotic electricity to every inch of their bodies. Their drooling cunts, soaked with heat and pussy juice, sucked and sealed, fusing the women twat to twat, before sucking apart in a spray of cunt juice, only to ram and thrust and melt together again..

The women broke their kiss, both sobbing savagely. They cursed viciously as they continued to ride each other. Teresa redoubled the piston-like jerks of her hips, ramming her clit high and hard to Martha’s matching sex. The women screamed together. Teresa knew that she had to find some way to force additional pleasure on Martha, to somehow gain an erotic advantage over her sexually voracious enemy. Martha’s hands moved down to Teresa’s pumping ass and her fingernails sank into the taut, flexing flesh. She pulled Teresa’s body even harder into her own, even as she whimpered with erotic bliss, even as she moved in delicious rhythm with Teresa’s savage thrusts.

Teresa suddenly pulled herself up, raising her torso as high off of Martha’s as she could, and arched her back. Their glorious tits were too big to separate, but for one moment the tight pressure between their meaty racks lessened. Their throbbing tits were red with friction, their enflamed nipples pulsing with sensation. Teresa saw her opportunity. Supporting her body with her left hand, leaning so that her left tit crushed harder into Martha’s right, forcing the blonde’s right tit to accept most of her upper body weight, Teresa quickly licked her right hand fingers, then shoved her hand between her right tit and Martha’s left, and gripped Martha’s aching left nipple. Teresa squeezed the sensitive fleshy shaft as hard as she could. She smoothed and massaged the thick nub with her thumb and forefinger, twisting the sensitive flesh with a vicious jerk.

The flash of erotic ecstasy that suddenly blazed through Martha’s bouncing tit and into her erogenous zones was too much additional pleasure for the blonde teacher to take. Teresa fell back onto Martha, her hand still kneading and probing at the teacher’s tit, now trapped between the two women’s dense breast flesh. She squeezed as much of the massive tit as she could.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!,” Martha howled. Her hips bucked high, her powerful legs went rigid, she bridged her back in sheer pleasure and her cunt exploded in an incredibly intense orgasm. She erupted like a volcano, her insides convulsing and shooting hot, steaming cum directly up into Teresa’s invading cunt, the thick sex fluids gushing out to soak the intersection of the women’s writhing bodies. “NNOOO!!,” Martha shrieked, her body quaking with the power of her release.

Teresa continued to slide and ram her hard clit to Martha’s matching sex, even as she rejoiced in her mind at the teacher’s defeat. But Teresa continued to fuck her foe desperately, wanting and needing an intense sexual release of her own. Her face was a mask of sexual agony, her teeth gritted against the tremendous orgasm building in her core. Once she knew that Martha had erupted first, once she felt the delicious sensation of Martha’s steaming cum jetting into her own body and soaking her thighs and belly, she finally let herself go.

“Oh, FFFUCCCCKKK!!!,” Teresa shrieked. Her clit exploded like a bomb, the hot juices locked in her pussy mixed and combined with the cum Martha had injected into her. With a scream, Teresa felt herself jetting, pumping those fragrant liquids back down into Martha’s welcoming cunt.

Ramming their hard clits, screaming at each other, clawing at the other’s flesh, biting and finally locking into a savage, tongue-twisting kiss, Teresa and Martha fucked furiously, grinding their bodies into one, as they rode out their tremendous orgasms. Straining, their muscles twined, locked and trembling, they ground their bodies relentlessly as they sought to merge into one shuddering mass of sex-saturated flesh. They rode each other hard, their asses rising slowly together, quivering with effort, as Martha drove up, their asses descending powerfully as Teresa thrust back, slamming their locked bodies to the mattress, shaking the bed. They struggled and ground together so hard that it almost seemed they had to either break each other or melt into one voluptuous body. Their hands tightly gripped the other’s round, quivering butt, their lips locked, hot spit flowing, tongues tied into one, desperate moans and gasps escaping from their inosculated lips until, finally, with a mutual shuddering sigh, the two beautiful women broke their kiss and collapsed in each other’s arms. Panting, gasping, weak from the intensity of their shared orgasms, Martha and Teresa lay together for a few minutes, cheek to cheek, struggling to regain their strength, too weak to separate. Their tits crushed tight, their nipples and clits pulsed and quivered together.

Finally, Teresa untangled her limbs from Martha’s and rolled herself off of her enemy, and then rolled a few feet away. Slowly, she rose to a sitting position. Martha pushed herself up, and then rose to sit facing Teresa. Both women’s legs were spread wide, and their naked cunts, reddened from the friction, soaking and wet from their mutual arousal and shared sexual secretions, dripping with strings of hot cum, confronted each other from across the bed.

The women examined each other. Their hair was wild and they both seemed exhausted. They panted, their tits rising and falling in unison. Their bodies were shining with hot sweat and slicked with vaginal secretions. They were red with heat, their equally matched tits were taut and enflamed with sexual arousal. Just looking at each other, Teresa and Martha both felt their mutual lust and hate growing. The need to subjugate the other, to fuck the other woman until one of them emerged as the Alpha Bitch was overwhelming, and now gave both women the energy and stamina to continue to the next round of sexual combat.

“All night long, you filthy slut,” Teresa murmured, jerking her hips, thrusting her naked cunt at her foe.

“As long as it takes, baby bitch,” Martha replied. She reached down and rubbed her swollen cunt lips, then spread her labia to reveal her enflamed and expanding clit.

Teresa smiled. She reached down and pulled apart her labia, exposing her own growing clit. Hot juices gushed from her open pussy, as her cunt lubricated in preparation for the battle to come.

Eyes locked with hate and lust, the two beautiful combatants pushed themselves across the bed on their hard, round asses, and prepared for the final fuck.

To be continued: