By JB57

Teresa smiled. Then, she jumped off the bed and shimmied out of her tight cutoffs and her drenched thong. Martha glared helplessly as the teen bitch stood by the side of the bed, totally nude, her hands on her jutting hips. She thrust her clean-shaven cunt out at Martha, smiling as the teacher examined the smooth, thick genitalia which would soon be meshing and mating with her own.

“I’m going to ride you until I break you in, Martha, just like a horse,” Teresa grinned. “Don’t go away, now. I’m going to get some water, then I’ll be right back. We have a long night ahead of us.”

The nude girl traipsed out of the bedroom, her confidence overflowing, as she made her way to the kitchen. On the way out, she winked at Grant and Cynthia.

When she left, Martha began stroking her own tits in earnest, massaging them gently and seductively. At the same time, she lowered her right hand to the hot, wet slit between her legs and began to stroke. Soon, she was shuddering with erotic sensations.

Cynthia got up from her chair and moved towards the bed. “Are you OK?” she asked.

Martha groaned. “That little bitch is tough, she really got me good. But this isn’t over yet. My clit will destroy hers, I swear to God…” She continued her gentle kneading of her massive breasts, struggling to stimulate herself, struggling to restore her tits for the battle to come.

Teresa returned from the kitchen carrying a tall glass of iced water. She saw what Martha was doing.

“Ah, do your little titties hurt?” she asked sarcastically. “Don’t worry, whore, your cunt is going to be hamburger by the time I’m done with it. Then Grant will fuck you inside-out. You’ll have a matching set of cunt and tits!” The teen took a deep gulp of her water, then set it down on the nightstand. She stood beside the bed with her hands on her flaring hips. “Are you ready for round two, little girly tits?”

Martha had stopped fondling her breasts and her pussy, and readied herself for the next stage of the battle. Cynthia could see that the teacher’s hard nipples seemed to have recovered their toughness and were now, once again, jutting proudly out of the blonde’s round, heavy tits.

“Yeah, I’m ready little girl,” the beautiful teacher replied. She stretched her voluptuous body out on the bed, lying on her side. “I’ve saved you a spot right here.” She patted the bed beside her.

With a grin, Teresa climbed onto the bed and crawled seductively to the center of the huge mattress, her heavy tits swinging enticingly. She stretched her beautiful body next to Martha’s, aligning their tits and their cunts, touching her toes to those of her blonde opponent. Martha and Teresa hated each other passionately, their mutual animosity blazed in their glaring eyes. But, secretly, both admired and were aroused beyond all measure by the other’s beautiful face and sexy, taut, voluptuous body. The women shared the burning desire to merge their flesh with the other beautiful woman in the most intimate, erotic ways. They hungered for each other with the vicious desire to consume the other.

The woman warriors pushed close, until their rock hard nipples touched and quivered with erotic tension. They shuddered at the sexual electricity that flowed between them. Teresa noted that Martha’s burning tits seemed as strong as they ever had, but she dismissed this. She had broken the teacher’s tits once, she would easily do it again. For now, she was more intent on dominating and controlling the rest of the blonde beauty’s fantastic body. She could not wait to slide her massive clit against Martha’s hard sex, and she longed to discover how Martha’s clit compared to her own. She was determined to fuck this bitch until she cracked. Teresa thought that she should have changed the terms of the battle. It would have been great if she had demanded that Martha be her sex slave for the rest of the year, too. The teacher’s body was amazing, and Teresa would have enjoyed exploring and dominating the other woman’s voluptuous flesh and humiliating her on a regular basis whenever she wanted to. But she had not realized how much she would enjoy fuckfighting other women before this had started.

“OK,” Cynthia said. “This is the decisive round. Whoever can’t keep up with the other loses the bet. Whoever calls out “stop” or passes out is the loser. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” replied the two combatants, their eyes locked together, the hate and lust flowing between them like a living force.

Cynthia smiled, enjoying the palpable hatred and desire radiating from these two gorgeous women. “GO!”

Martha and Teresa moved against each other. Hard tits thrust and crushed, exquisitely sensitive nipples speared each other and fused, sending erotic heat vibrating into their loins, firing their cunts. Their long, powerful legs thrashed and intertwined as each tried to mount the other and take the dominant position. Their hips pressed and rocked. Each woman reached behind the other and grabbed her opponent’s powerful, flexing ass. They pulled each other as close as they could. Martha thrust her head forward and locked Teresa into a deep, licking kiss. The teenager gasped within their locked mouths, and suddenly found herself overwhelmed by the intense erotic energy. Martha’s powerful tongue lapped and skimmed along Teresa’s tongue like an electric probe, sending sexual sensations exploding all through the young woman’s voluptuous body. Teresa had never been kissed like this before, and erotic pleasure detonated deep in her cunt, shocking her aching clit, as Martha’s tongue pinned hers to the back of her throat. Heat and spit flowed and mixed within their sealed mouths. Teresa groaned deeply, struggling to regain her bearings as the sensations overpowered her, as Martha quickly and decisively dominated their delicious tongue to tongue duel. In those moments, unable to fight back, Teresa found herself rolled over onto her back, her mouth and tongue and lips lapping and biting and sucking furiously at Martha’s matching flesh, their kisses hard and unbearably sensual, their mouths shoved together and locked as tightly and completely as two mouths could be sealed. They exchanged hot spit and sweet breath, and both women closed their eyes and moaned with pleasure as the kissfight raged.

Martha pulled hard at Teresa’s beautiful ass and felt an answering tug on her own glorious butt. As their tongues fought, the blonde teacher began writhing on top of Teresa, twining her legs around Teresa’s matching limbs and slowly spreading the teen’s ripe thighs, rubbing their hard, muscled bellies together until the sensual friction raised a delicious sheen of sweat, until their deep, narrow navels sucked and released. More than anything, she rejoiced in the feel of their matching tits. Heavy, taut jugs crushed each other, and Martha raised herself up slightly and brought her wobbling, throbbing tits down hard on Teresa’s equally engorged boobs. Their nipples lined up and penetrated each other, sending a delicious charge of sexual energy down to their clits, and now Martha began working her whole body down onto and into Teresa’s voluptuous flesh. All the while, the women lay locked in a long, lustful, teasing, licking kiss that set them both on fire, a sexual fire now stoked to blazing, nova heat as the rest of their perfect bodies mated and merged.

Almost unconsciously, overcome by her desire, Teresa spread her legs, opening and exposing her tight, hot cunt slit to her blonde enemy. Martha felt the heat from Teresa’s hot, wet pussy warming her inner thighs and lower belly. She raised herself up, arched her back, and drove her own aching, burning slit down onto Teresa’s. The women bucked together in sheer ecstasy as their ravenous cunts met for the first time. Martha’s slick, wet cunt lips slid deliciously along Teresa’s equally hot, wet, hungry twat. Moist, steaming flesh kissed and caressed and sexual electricity of incredible intensity blazed through both lust-crazed women. They broke the kiss between their upper lips as the mouths and lips between their legs engaged the woman to woman battle.

Teresa threw back her head and moaned in sheer joy. “God, oh fuck, fuck…!” she groaned, lost in the delirious feeling of her hot sex sliding and rubbing with Martha’s smooth cunt. Cunt juice gushed as her vagina lubricated, her arousal aching in her crotch.

“Mmmmmm,” Martha moaned, smiling like a tiger, her eyes closed as she buried her face in Teresa’s neck, kissing and biting at the sensitive flesh, and worked her burning cunt down against that of her teenaged opponent. Teresa pulled harder at Martha’s ass, drawing the teacher down into her with even greater force. Martha happily obliged, thrusting her aching cunt down onto Teresa’s matching twat, delighting in the feel of soft, slick cunt lips kissing and sucking, sliding and burning. The lust-crazed women rubbed around and around, their soaking pussies smearing cunt juice all over the naked skin of their intersecting crotches, making the turgid flesh even hotter and wetter. Martha grabbed Teresa’s ass and pulled and the two struggling women smashed their pussies together, the sound of taut, slapping flesh echoing in the room, the erotic cries and moans of the raging combatants growing ever louder.

Martha moaned in pleasure, delighting in the feel of her heavy, throbbing tits grinding and rolling nipple to nipple into Teresa’s equally aroused orbs. The teacher loved the feeling of her taut titflesh merging and struggling, sliding and melting in hot sweat to Teresa’s magnificent golden orbs. Martha loved everything about this ongoing fuckfight. Her entire body was burning with sexual heat, and every inch of her flesh was slicked with sweat and sexual secretions and locked in delicious combat with every inch of Teresa’s lovely body. Martha pressed cheek to cheek with Teresa, enjoying the sound of their erotic moans mixing and harmonizing, their gasping breath a symphony of desire. Martha squeezed Teresa’s ass hard, eliciting a return squeeze from Teresa’s grasping hands, which were spread on Martha’s thrusting ass. Martha drove and squashed her burning cunt down on to Teresa’s twat. Martha ground herself around, forcing her flesh to open and spread as it opened and spread Teresa’s cunt mouth.

“Jesus Fuck, yes, yes…” Teresa moaned. Martha turned her face to Teresa, kissing and biting at the girl’s cheek. Teresa turned her face to Martha and found herself locked tight in another tongue-twisting, electrically erotic kiss. As Martha dominated their mouths, the war going on between the women’s legs entered a new stage of pleasure. Martha thrust hard, driving and sucking her powerful cunt to Teresa’s equally enflamed pussy. Teresa bucked up to meet her, and their engorged cunt lips flattened and sealed with an erotic hiss, sucking tight. As they merged, both women groaned within their locked mouths, cries of sheer erotic bliss. Their overheated cunts lubricated hard, and their wet heat flowed into their bodies, down their legs and up their rolling, rubbing bellies, cunt juice pooling in their sucking, kissing navels.

As Martha slid her enraged cunt onto and into Teresa’s twat, she felt her aching, burning clit unfurl and quickly swell up to its full, phenomenal size. Martha was particularly proud of her clit. She thought of it as her secret weapon, the essence of her womanhood condensed into a single, throbbing nerve-rich tongue of ecstasy, its size and hardness too much for most other women to bear in an all-out fuckfight. Now that she felt it emerge, she knew that she was ready for her next move. She slid her throbbing clit down into Teresa’s furnace-hot cunt, parting and teasing the girl’s soft, exquisitely sensitive labia, challenging her to match Martha’s burning clit with her own. Teresa moaned, and almost screamed within their locked mouths as she felt her cunt invaded by Martha’s monstrous sex. At the same time, Martha leaned her full weight forward on her tits, crushing down on Teresa’s matching mammaries even harder, feeling the thick flesh crush and strain, their nipples pierce and pulse. Releasing Teresa’s round ass, she reached behind her and grabbed Teresa’s hands, which were still gripping Martha’s ass. Martha pulled Teresa’s wrists up over their heads, twined her fingers together with those of the girl, then pinned Teresa’s body to the bed. Finally, she broke the vicious, delicious kiss that Teresa and she had been wrapped in for some time.

Half-open green eyes locked to blue. Nose to nose, lip to lip, panting breaths mixing, Martha’s golden hair falling as a curtain around their heads, the two women glared at each other with hate and blazing lust.

Martha smiled, panting hard. “Let’s see what you’ve got, little girl. Let me feel your little girl clit.”

Snarling, realizing her predicament, but excited out of her mind, Teresa could not help but smile with feverish lust. She worked her hips, and felt her own massive clit, already aching with heat and lust, swell up in her cunt and rise to meet Martha’s sexual nub. Teresa’s monstrous clit slid deliciously up into Martha’s nova-hot cunt, and the teacher shuddered with lust and surprise.

“I’m not the little girl, Martha,” Teresa whispered in rage, a savage smile playing on her face as she saw Martha’s shock as the teacher felt the size of the clit invading her twat.

Martha smiled again. Secretly, she was delighted that Teresa’s clit was so huge, a rival to her own incredible sexhorn. She was delighted that Teresa was proving to be such a formidable opponent. She intended to win this fuckfight, then spend the next year satisfying her insatiable lust on this girl’s body. The more powerful Teresa proved to be, the more enjoyment Martha would derive from her flesh, from dominating and controlling the teenage slut.

Wordlessly, the two women worked their hardened sex rods into position for the beginning of their most intimate and erotic confrontation.

“Let’s fuck, bitch,” Martha snarled. Then, she plunged her mouth down onto Teresa’s. As their mouths locked and tongues tangled into an erotic knot, Martha thrust her hips down and rammed her blazing clit to Teresa’s matching sexhorn. The teenager bucked up to meet her.

Their engorged, sex-charged clits slid together, two fleshy, erotic swords meeting in ultimate combat. Electricity flared through both women and a flash of pure, unbearable pleasure slammed through the warring beauties, blazing up from their clits to saturate every erogenous zone in their voluptuous bodies. Their clits, hard and thick and blazing with erotic sensitivity, licked hard then held, quivering, locked in stalemate, crushed exquisitely sensitive head to sensitive head within their trembling cunts. The women’s monstrous clits took each other’s measure, proved to be equally hard and massive, and exploded with coruscating waves of pure, unbearable ecstasy as they crushed and held. Screaming within their mouths, the battling women broke their kiss to shriek in joy and despair.

“Oh, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!” Teresa screamed, her body almost convulsing with the intensity of the sexual pleasure roaring out of her crotch, suffusing her sex-wracked flesh.

“Oh My FUCKING GOD!!” Martha roared, her body shuddering with the waves of ecstasy saturating her sex. The sensations were unbearable, Teresa’s clit was so good, so hard, so strong…she lubricated massively as her clit slid and pressed tight to the teen’s matching sexhorn, and she felt the hot gush of Teresa’s cunt juices flowing to meet hers.

The battling women shuddered and trembled with erotic pleasure. They paused for one moment to enjoy the terrible sensations roaring in their bodies. Their eyes locked together in mutual hate and lust, their tits fused into one straining mass, their nipples locked and pulsing in excruciating joy. Every inch of their burning flesh seemed pressed to its counterpart on the other woman’s body, and they felt as though they were merging and melting into one delicious form. Their breath came in gasps and tears of raw ecstasy trickled from their eyes. Their cunts, crushed tight and eating each other with ravenous hunger, lubricated again and again, their bodies ready for sexual warfare, both women wanting it desperately. Their bare bellies were crushed flat, their skin pressed into one. Their legs were twined and straining. Teresa ran a bare foot up Martha’s calf, but quickly locked her limbs with that of the teacher, the better to crush and writhe and grind into each other.

Holding Teresa down, their perfect bodies perfectly aligned, Martha began snapping her hips, driving her trembling clit along Teresa’s unyielding sexhorn, shuddering with delight and raw erotic electricity as she and Teresa struggled, clits fencing. She squeezed Teresa’s hands hard in her grip, and rubbed her tits furiously into Teresa’s boobs. She loved the way that Teresa felt, spread beneath her, the brunette’s incredible body open and giving, like a delectable tray of erotic delights. Martha was aware of her own intense arousal as she worked her throbbing clit and her luscious flesh against Teresa’s equally delicious body. Martha was so wet, her cunt was so hot and tense, the raw pleasure rippling in her clit as it struggled and stroked with Teresa’s clit, were all incredibly intense. But she still managed to maintain control, gritting her teeth and concentrating on beating more pleasure into Teresa’s body than the little bitch could stand. She snapped her hips rhythmically, driving hard and deep into Teresa, working up to a piston-like motion as she rammed and thrust her steaming clit hard into Teresa’s answering sexhorn, intensifying the fuck to a level that Teresa could not endure.

Teresa writhed and screamed, cursing and gasping as Martha rode her mercilessly, fucking her out of her mind. The teen felt sexual energy and raw, pulsing sensations rippling through her sex-crazed body. She was holding on to her control by only the tiniest thread. “Fuck, goddamn fucking Christ, Martha is good!” Teresa thought. She knew that the teacher was dominating her completely. Teresa knew that even her proud tits were slowly succumbing to Martha’s superior position and overwhelming skills.

She refused to surrender. She writhed and bucked, she rubbed every inch of her voluptuous flesh into every inch of Martha’s steaming body, sharing flesh and heat and sweat with her enemy, determined to keep fucking until one of them exploded in absolute bliss. Both women were hypersensitive, conscious of every iota of their flesh as it burned with sexual pleasure and delicious friction, as their bodies rubbed and slipped and merged into one exquisite mass of building pleasure.

The fuck went on and on, their animal cries of lust and joy building to a fever pitch, their grinding, writhing bodies moving as one heaving mass of muscled, sweat-lubricated, voluptuous flesh. Hot juices flowed and coated their flesh, their mouths and tongues twined and twisted, their hands remained locked and struggling as the rest of their bodies ground together relentlessly, struggling to dominate the other, struggling to merge and consume each other. To the observers watching on the sidelines, the relentless fucking that Teresa and Martha were administering to each other seemed almost inhuman in its intensity.

Teresa was grinding with Martha, almost delirious with sexual euphoria when, suddenly, her pussy seemed to explode like a nova. One moment, she was writhing in the agony of sexual bliss, struggling to hold back an impending orgasm of catastrophic proportions. The next, Martha’s throbbing clit was crushing her clit head to head, inflicting unbearable ecstasy on her raging body and, suddenly, the dam broke, and a searing heat erupted from her clit, then grew and spread like erotic lightning through every inch of her sex-saturated flesh, pooling in her tits, radiating from her loins.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCKING GOD!!!” Teresa shrieked, as she came in the most intense orgasm of her young life. Her cunt exploded with hot, thick cum, and she felt her insides emptying in a paroxysm of sexual ecstasy. Her juices jetted out, injecting up into Martha’s dominant body, spraying out to coat the women’s intersecting groins with heat and moisture. Teresa shuddered and trembled, her body thrashing and bucking furiously, but controlled and mastered by Martha, who locked her body to Teresa’s and moved the girl as she struggled. Martha continued rubbing their clits into one mass of pure sexual ecstasy. Martha held the writhing teen down and forced her to accept the reality of her sexual defeat.

“No, no, fuck you, FUCK!!!” Teresa shrieked, bucking her hips. Martha just smiled viciously, her eyes glowing feverishly, her hips moving with Teresa’s, her legs twined and straining with the teen’s legs, her breath coming in short, hard pants as she rode the beautiful teenage bitch into submission.

When Teresa stopped writhing, she lay panting, struggling for breath even as her magnificent chest was compressed under the full weight of Martha’s body. Their nipples pulsed together, their throbbing clits remained pressed and locked within their sealed cunts, trembling with unbearable pleasure. Martha was watching her, the blonde’s blue eyes shining with heat and lust and victory.

“Did you like that, little cunt?” the teacher gloated, panting with effort and sexual heat. “Did you like being fucked out of your mind, you cunt-eating slut? Do you want more?”

“Fuck you, Martha,” Teresa whispered hoarsely. “This isn’t over yet, whore. It’s just begun.”

Martha smiled. “Oh, you’re right about that, little cunt. I’m just starting to fuck you over.” The blonde began to rub and grind her clit against Teresa’s still-hard sexnub. Teresa gasped, throwing back her head to scream, then trembling and groaning with pleasure as she felt her body responding and submitting to the new attack. She knew that she could keep on cumming, that her hard clit could stay hard and sensitive and vulnerable to attack for a very long time. She knew that Martha could easily fuck her brains out, fuck her until she collapsed from exhaustion, and she could see that this was exactly what the teacher planned to do – which was exactly what Teresa would do, if the positions were reversed.

Martha closed her eyes, smiling smugly, her white teeth glinting in a predator’s grin as she rode Teresa’s beautiful cunt. She worked her massive clit into its equally formidable counterpart, enjoying the sheer erotic electricity that rippled through her body, delighting in Teresa’s moans and cries as the beautiful girl fought to free herself, fought to control her raging sex. She felt like all of her sex organs had fused inextricably to Teresa’s matching erogenous zones, and Martha was in control.

“That’s it, little girl,” Martha growled. “Take my clit, you little whore, take it! I’m going to clit fuck your little cunt until you beg me to stop!”

Teresa could only writhe in agony, her breath growing ever more ragged and rapid as she fought against another devastating orgasm. Martha opened her eyes and smiled wider, enjoying the sight of this alpha bitch whore slowly surrendering to her stronger sex.

“Call me ‘Mistress Martha’, Teresa,” Martha demanded. “Tell me that you are my slave… say it, little girl!!” Martha thrust her clit harder to Teresa’s engorged and trembling sex. Teresa screamed and writhed, desperate to fight back.

“Mistress Martha! Say it, you little whore! Say that you want to be my bitch! Say it!” Martha began riding Teresa with all her strength, ramming their cunts together with greater force, driving her cunt as deep into Teresa’s as she could, rolling her hips to grind their labia into one seething mass of pleasure, rubbing their electrified clits, before pulling back to thrust again. The room filled with the sound of their soaking wet pussies slapping and sucking together in ecstasy, as their beautiful bodies, slicked and lubricated by their sweat, rubbed and slid enticingly.

“Fuck you, fuck you, Martha…,” Teresa managed to gasp, tears of sheer ecstasy trickling from her eyes. Teresa knew that she was on the verge of total defeat. Martha was fucking her out of her mind, the pleasure was unbelievable, and she could feel her will crumbling. Another orgasm or two, and she would be begging Martha for release. She had to fight back, she had to find some way out of her predicament. She tried to remember her training, both with Cynthia and as a kickboxer. If she could just hold out long enough to lull Martha into a false sense of control, she might have a chance. She gritted her teeth and struggled to keep her oversexed cunt from succumbing to the fantastic sexual power of the bitch ravaging her body.

To be continued: